Judd asks Andy – “Do you think if we drink a beer, it would help us in the comp?”

POV Holder: Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: McCrae and Ginamarie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


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8:45am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Judd and Ginamarie are awake. Judd tells Gina that he got a goodnight sleep. Gina comments that he foot feels a bit better but that it still hurts. She says she’s going to go do her makeup in bed and then lay down. Judd goes and talks with McCrae. Judd says he’s got this one. McCrae says he wants to win this one so bad. Gina and McCrae go back to sleep. Judd comes through and yells “Ya’ll gonna learn today! Pipsqueaks!” Judd goes into the rainbow room and tells her his back is sore but doesn’t think it will affect anything. Judd wonders why Spencer needs to be in the diary room so long. Judd tells Andy that Spencer’s in the diary room. Andy says I’ll get up when I need to get up. Judd starts stretching. Judd asks Andy do you think if we drink a beer, it would help us in the comp? Andy says I’m not going to. Judd says they probably wouldn’t like that would they. Judd leaves the room and paces back and forth from the bedroom to the kitchen. Judd goes back into the rainbow room and tells Andy – I think they’re cleaning up outside.

CBS Interactive Inc.
10:15am – 10:50am Judd heads up to the HOH room and says Spencer I thought you were in the diary room this whole time. Spencer says no. Judd says I’ve been waiting for you outside the door the whole time. Judd says I am just trying to get pumped up. Spencer says don’t get too pumped up. Judd asks what do you mean? Spencer says don’t get too pumped up like I did that one comp. Get pumped up like a ninja killer. Judd says he keeps thinking through scenarios. If McCrae does win, is her trying to get me out? Spencer says I don’t know he is down with a guys alliance. He would be happy getting Ginamarie out. He has mentioned your name though. Spencer tells Judd straight up I don’t want you going anywhere. Lets just wait and see what happens. Judd says I am just scared of going home, or to jury. Spencer says Ginamarie is all busted up for running around like a dumba$$ in the house. Judd says this veto will be up to you, me and Andy to win it. Judd wonders do you think it will be a outside hosted comp? Spencer says yeah. Judd hopes it’s Frank or another returning house guest. Spencer says we just need to kill it today. Judd ask if McCrae stayed up late last night with Spencer? Spencer says McCrae was just more apologetic for trying to screw me over last week. Spencer says I am a grown a$$ man with bills, $50,000 would change my life. I am happy with second place. Judd says it would change my life too, I’ve never had more than $1000 in my bank account. They talk about how if McCrae won it. It would all be gone in less than two years. Judd says man I just want to get this over with you know! Spencer says more than you know dude, more than you know. Judd says he bets the girls in the jury house were stoked to see Amanda walk through the door. Judd says we need to make an exterminators shirt. Judd says I’m scared to go back to reality. Spencer says we need to kill it today. Judd says I really don’t want to hear McCrae yell Attack! Spencer says they are building a huge set out there. Judd says maybe this is Andy’s comp. Spencer says yeah or mine just as long as McCrae doesn’t win it. Spencer says I just don’t want him to win it because then we will need to start cannibalizing our crew. If it was me, you and Andy in the final three that would be the best.


10:55am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for the Power of Veto Competition..

12:20pm Still TRIVIA..

12:50pm TRIVIA..

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BB15 White Trash Edition


“BB15 White Trash Edition”
Can you stop saying that in almost every single post just to get thumbs up?


Britt you never could play this game well. Why do players that win comps and have social game listen to the Britt, Amanda, and Helen’s of the world. Britt lashed onto Shane and controlled his nominations in BB14. Just like Amanda, Britt kept her hands clean while her underling did all her dirty work. Aaryn didn’t need Amanda, Amanda needed Aaryn. Shane didn’t need Brit, Brit needed Shane. Elissa who was a stronger player and had a better feel of the game, definitely didn’t need Helen.

Each of these players would of been better off if they had played their own game instead of letting the person with the biggest mouth call the shots.

Britney sucked

Other than this season’s losers, Britney ranks in my top three of pieces of shit to ever play BB. Jase and that asshole who jumps out of Pandora’s Box every year and flexes his muscles (Jessie). Britney was a whiny twat who floated her entire game, and the expression on her face when the Brigade told her she had been played by them was priceless. Just like it will be with that ugly ignoramus GM next week (or this, if McCrae wins POV). Ha ha. Can’t wait until the exterminators start cannibalizing each other. Hope Rat turd is soon.


You do realize that EVERYTHING will be soon now don’t you? There are only 11 days left of Big Brother…..It will be final 3 after Thursday. I don’t see Andy winning the competitions to be able to stay now. Social game is of lesser importance now, it’s all about these next 2 vetos. The 2nd one especially because the holder of the pov decides who is evicted.

Say What

I wonder if Dudd had his beers before the comp. Seems like he misfired again. He misfired with Jessie and Aaryn. Oh Well, I guess its back to the mountain goats after BB.


It’s my job.


Yes Judd, please drink a beer before a comp. Please don’t stop at one beer, drink several beers before the POV comp. In fact all the house guests should drink before the comp. We can call it the hick Olympics.


So, if it was, Candice, Helen, and Howard would you call it the hood Olympics?

Think about that for a moment.


Hello, Mrs. Herren.

Name is as Name Does

Hey whatever your Name is, do you think saying that makes you better then Joker? You’re showing your own true color’s.

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

I drink beers all the time when I am dreaming of Elissa. She is my #1 spank bank chick.

Mean Girls

Never thought I would say it, but seeing Spencer getting out of bed in his underwear is not a pleasant sight. It almost makes the good old days of watching Amanda parade in her panties bearable in comparison.


Why don’t they create a new comp. The person that says the most vile things before the finale wins. Gina is in the lead but Spencer is a close second with Judd locking third place down.



Why the pass for rat boy? He is just as bad.


Simon, Dawg – I just send you a PayPal donation and I want to thank you for providing BB fans a place to comment and vent (lots of venting) on the BB show. It can’t be easy managing everything and you guys do a GREAT job. This is the best of the best sites. Thanks again!


Hasn’t anyone else stopped watching the feeds since Amanda and Elissa got evicted? I have, I’m hate everyone that’s left in the BB house. McRae for the win at this point. How the hell did Spencer and GM make it to final 5! What a travesty!!!!

the last word

No way he needs to go, for playing personal instead of playing the game, the dude is an idiot he goes and wastes his HOH on the two weakest players left instead of choosing 2 of the 3 guys [WHAT AN IDIOT MOVE] and for not realizing by now that andy played his ass- I mean it was so obvious what andy was trying to do. I’m rooting for Spencer or Judd.

the last word

McCrea and Andy need to be booted out next !!!!


BB15 is boring, I will watch, if McCrae flips the house. For a BB fan, he is mighty stupid. Soon, everyone will remember how bad his feet smells and forget all about me.

Dawg, everytime I see a picture of Spencer diggin in his junk it makes me want to throw up. Keep adding them pictures to the board. I will soon be a faint memory in the wind, LOL…

BB AllStars Baby or BB Celebrity Baby!

Not a PHD Student

Never needed to watych the live feeds because my fellow country men Simon and Dawg do a fantastic job writing about it here. Enough of the blah blah blah it’s boring now. It is always boring when it gets to the end every year.

I wish BB would not tell the HG that it is a double eviction on the days they have them. They should play the HOH then go to commerical come back have Julie call them to the living room and then tell who ever won the HOH they have to make the nomination right now. That way everyone is blindsided and no one has time to scramble. In my opinion that would spice things up


With Amanda gone, there is no reason to watch this show anymore. I have polled over 200 people I know who watch and we all think the same. Our BB is now dead to us. If any of us wanted to watch a bunch of FLOATERS win, then this is the show for them. When we want to watch a bunch of thirty-somethings, we watch the Challenge II and Road Rules and MTV. It is so sad that they had on these uninteresting and racist people and they were able to get out the only person who really played the game. AMANDA. WHY BB showed her as a villain is beyond me. I did not see anything that was that terrible. She told things like it is and she was turned on by BB producers. This has been the most boring BB ever. All because they started with having an MVP just to keep Elissa in the house. The BB people should wonder why their audience, of over 50 something is done with the show. I ask everyone to please quit recording or watching the BBAD. We did and so did most of my 200 people. The worst move ever was moving it to a non-cable station. We never got the time allotted as there were over 15 minutes of commercials. Age wise, pathetic. BB Your biggest supporters were baby boomers. Now no more.

Thank you Simon for keeping the site going.


I can’t believe you know that many people who watch Big Brother! I have watched for several years & am always asking my friends or new acquaintances if they watch & no one does. In fact, I usually get laughed at for watching this show! lol. I never understood why until this season.


Like him or not, McCrae isn’t exactly a floater…2 hoh’s and 3 pov’s if I am not mistaken now!


Like him or not, McCrae isn’t exactly a floater…2 hoh’s and 3 pov’s if I am not mistaken now!


I didn’t like amanda, but at least she deserved to win if she got to the end. I feel the same about Elissa, people think she played a bad game, but I think she made some of the biggest moves. the house would still be voting the way “the house wanted” if it weren’t for her.. None of the people left deserve to win. THis season was just awful. CANT STAND ANDY, or Spencer.


Manda played hard but was only successful when Andy was giving her intel from those outside her cabal. And she was such a bitch it was only a matter of time.
Elissas only “moves” were fed to her by production. Her exit interview showed just how truly dim she really is.


i gave up on BBAD after Elissa was voted out. I can’t take Andy and Spencer talking about how awesome they are.

Teri B

Same here. I canceled the DVR series for both BBAD and the regular shows. I only read here now. It’s just such a yawnfest with minimal game play, and the only players left are floaters or Mcpussies. UGH


I didn’t get the feed this year. Being on the east coast it made no sense. These lazy a$$ people didn’t even get out of bed until around 5pm their time so 8pm here. Then they spent like 2 hours waking up before anything good even began to happen. I wasn’t going to pay to watch these people sleep the summer away.

Hopefully next season–if there is one–there will be some new rules. Something like assigned daily cleaning chores that must be completed by THAT person before a certain time and no one gets to lay down until they are all completed. That would keep the house clean and get them up and moving. Also, if a HG refuses to do their assignment the whole house is on slop for 24 hours.

Now that’s what I call motivation.

Teri B

Jackie: I love the way you think. They could also use with some “tasks” ala BBUK, where they actually have to work to get food.

Can this happen?

If Judd wins and takes McRae down, then no choice but to put Andy up……rat problem solved


So you’re assuming that Judd and Mc are ready to start a F4 alliance? It’s a good idea, and if Judd were smart (and won POV) he should definitely do that. He should be able to see that Sp and An are tight, so it’s either he or GM that those two will be willing to sacrifice. he shouldn’t wait around to find out, but strike out on his own – he’d be in a stronger position. Then Sp/An and Mc/Jd would have to try to get GM on their side. I would hope that GM would remember the misogynistic crap spouted constantly by Sp/An and see which way the wind was blowing (even though she took part in it herself, and so did Mc/Jd. Clearly Sp/An have been the worst offenders for this particular aspect of the game. I would love to see this scenario play out, followed, ofc, by Andy’s eviction asap!

Another Liberal Loser

Good post Seriously. It sure would add some element of surprise to this game.


Andy would melt down which would be very good television.


Hope GM wins POV.


The best way to add any type if excitement now would be for Judd to win POV and that would mean Andy is the only one that could go up as replacement so Judd and Mc team up to blindside Andy and vote him out. Only 2 votes ate needed now

Can this happen?

LOL I said that four minutes before you……seriously McRae has been told Judd is at the bottom of totem pole, so they should stratigize to get the rat out and leave spence out of top three….as the girls in jury will prop vote for Andy .


If Judd wins he will keep nominations the same cuz they are going after MC.


If he doesn’t want to be the next victim of Sp/An, he’ll rethink this commitment.


It’s obvious to US that Andy voted out Amanda, but MC still thinks it was Elissa because Andy told MC right away that Elissa screwed them both and set Andy up to take the fall and Elissa was told MC voted Amanda out….Andy, GM, Spencer and Judd had it all planned so that MC would think it was Elissa who voted Amanda out. That’s one of the reason that Andy has been trashing Elissa since the eviction, he’s even been saying ….That Bitch was planning for a week to set me up! So,No, it’s NOT obvious to MC cuz the Exterminators had it all planned so that it wouldn’t be. Where have you been?


My comment, above, was in response to the last word says: September 7, 2013 at 10:34 am


Well said.


No way should McRae win, he has not played the game til now. I cannot stand any of the guys due to the way they talk about and talk to women, so disrespectful, Spencer saying he would not f$&@ Elissa, as if he had a chance in hell!!!!!!!!!

You So Funny

Tru Dat!


Ellissa and Amanda have BOTH said horrible, disrespectful thing about the guys so by your “logic: they didnt deserve to win either.


You’re really reaching, person 1, shiny happy people


Andy is probably having nightmares that Rachel is coming in to big brother house on Wednesday. Uh poor Andy!! You probably keep your mouth shut about bashing Elissa.


They are all losers left in the house. Based on game play Spencer has no chance of winning. Judd probably could win against any of them. GM probably would only win against Spencer. McCrea probably can’t win bcuz ppl can’t stand Amanda so his best chance would be to take Spencer. Andy is wild card bcuz he’s so two faced but ppl might respect his ability to play both sides and he did win comps. At this point I don’t want to see Spencer, GM, or Andy win shit. Judd for the win and mccrae for second. McCrea is gross but most 23 yr old pizza boys would have been sexing all over the house if given the opportunity. Amanda hurt his game socially.

It's Over

I’d give it to GM just for giving Amanda hell on her last few days…..either way there all losers!


It’s Over – GM is just as bad as the guys, but I would rather her win instead of the poor selection of guys that are left. They all have been pretty vile in what they’ve said, but I think GM is just ignorant rather than malicious. GM’s education is questionable (she went to college for a few days to see what it was like?) and I wonder if she even graduated high school. She is very street smart, but it seems no one taught her any manners or social graces. What you see is what you get.

The guys continually disrespect women. Andy is a communications professor (such as it is) and has become more offensive as the weeks go by. Spencer works with the public (well, maybe he’ll have a job after this) as does Judd. Spencer with the continual sexual innuendos is just sickening. McCrae supposedly has a degree, and seems fairly intelligent. McCrae could do much better in the game, he just appears to be a lazy kind of guy. Point is that the guys should know better.

So I guess GM for the win, rather than the lying two faced Andy, Judd the zoned out mumbler, Spencer the perv or McCrae, the day-late-and-a-dollar-short any day. It’s like choosing the least most awful player.


I was just thinking that! I know it won’t happen but to have Andy evicted on Spencer’s HOH would be priceless! How can no one see Spencer and Andy have a final 2 deal? Someone please make a move against the Rat! McCrae, Judd and GM you are all sitting ducks. Wake up and make a move maybe we won’t be so discussed over who is left. Stop being Andy and Spencer’s puppets!


It is going to be very boring in the house with so few HG left. Happens every year. I wish the Jury house members could watch the live feeds like us and see everything they are saying about them. It would make for a very interesting finale.


It would be interesting if the producers told the hgs that the jh was watching live feed of them now, even if they weren’t. Andy’s panicked back-tracking would be priceless to watch!

It's Over

It’s funny how they talk about the evicted house guests, while in reality they are trying to figure out who they there going to back stab. Live Feeds are boring especialy seeing fat ass pedi Spencer laying around in the HOH room. Even the after dark show is boring….they need to let the jury snoop in!


If Spencer wanted to make a big move he would win veto, take Macrae off the block, put up Andy next to GM, and vote out Andy.


Let’s wish that. It would be a great move. But I guess he has to also get rid of McCrae. Maybe Spencer thinks he has more chance of winning with Andy than with McCrae. I think the girls will vote for Andy.

You So Funny

They need an “After BB Show” following Aaryn, GM, Amanda and Spencer’s quests trying to find a job.

Another Liberal Loser

I’m sure they will all get government jobs.

Amanda is a sociopath

Another Liberal Loser, that is one FUNNY comment LOL

Goodbye Message

On previous posts people have asked why Andy was allowed to give game information in his goodbye message.
It’s been done before, didn’t Ian tell Boogie that he was the mastermind behind the eviction.


AAndy even the he’s a rat has played the best game if you look at the big picture…i don’t think judd us as dumb as everyone gives him credit for…lmao love the playdoh voodoo he did of andy….judd knows! I hope he takes Andy down and wins!!! Should be him and mc final two.


Andy & spencer are going to star in the ITCHY & SCRATCHY remake


bbflyonthewall, I agree.

The anti “floater” thing is ridiculous in a “social” game.

Andy is not always pc but he cracks me up!

bbflyonthewall, I agree.

The “anti-floater” thing is ridiculous in a “social” game.


Just wondering how one would get tickets to the finale? I know it is too late for this year but if BB returns next season, and I am sure it will, I think everyone using this site should find out how we could get tickets for SIMON AND DAWG. I would then suggest that we make enough donations to cover their fare to L/A.
These two fellows have worked very, very hard on our behalf and have made a dreadful season tolerable. Suggestions and feedback would be appreciated.

Delilah Jones

I think this is a fabulous idea!


Andy got a job offer to be in D CON commercials.


His pitch could be “Do you want want rats or vermin in your house like me, call D Con and you’ll never have to see a red headed rat again.”


He will be the scared rat ,hiding from the D CON guy.

Botox Pelosi

I just hope he demos the product.


all the housemates left are pathetic, you have:
Andy the awkward looking rat
Spencer the perverted disgusting pig
McCrae who’s been stuck up a girls butthole during the entire season
GinaMarie who is a 30 year old racist lunatic that can’t stop obsessing over a guy that had no feelings towards her
and Judd who is just the most boring housemate ever
but out of all of them i would prefer Judd winning it


It would be better if Kaitlin, Helen, Jessie, Elissa, nick were the final five

Brencher Army Refugee

Oreilly sisters suck at everything


You would know.


Spencer is definitely the nastiest, sickest piece of scumbag Reality TV has ever shown. Guys like these usually LIE a lot in order to get on Reality Television.
If Spencer had real balls, unlike the red pinto beans he has, he would put up Andy. A few weeks ago Spencer looked into one of the cameras and said he would ruin Andy for trying to befriend him and use him as a pawn. Here is his chance.


All of you sad lonely women are just jealous that Spencer wouldnt fuck you with Andys dick!!!!
Talk about haters……..


Spencer’s Mom! Such language!


Its been such a awful season i am so broken hearted over the cast this season there was some good people such as Candice Howard Jessie Elissa and Helen at this point though I would love for pizza boy to get the money but if he doesn’t its cause he took out Elissa the only person who had his back people can say what they want but Andy is playing for second so he will not win I feel so bad the way Elissa has been treated this season she without a doubt is a beautiful woman with a great body a cute laugh fashionable artistic she can cook clean she has stuck up for houseguests numerous times and I have watched from the beginning as she has been bashed even to this day these remaining houseguest bash her family her 8 year old boy her stepkids it wouldn’t of mattered whether Elissa voted out Amanda they hated her from day one because of jealousy that’s why she is getting Americas favorite player vote from me I really hope we see Elissa back next season with some friends to go in the house with her like Rachel or Brendon I know that may sound stupid to some of you but not one single houseguest this year would stick up for her we know Jeff would of stuck up for people I wished Jeremy could of been that guy this year I think Kaitlin nick and Jeremy would of been great if they changed their game and I seriously think this would of been a better game if Kaitlin stayed instead of aaryn but no thanks to Judd we now have the worst season in big brother history im really disappointed how cbs and big brother production has handled this im disgusted how they let the guys treat Elissas stuff im disgusted that production wont tell them to stop bashing people it doesn’t have to be personal it should be all about game I don’t see any of the final five ever making it to all stars and that if one of them did they would be the first one gone .GOD BLESS YOU ELISSA WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN .I would also like to thank DAWG and SIMON for their hard work and dedication to this website ive been reading it for years you guys do a great job hopefully we will be reading this next year with all stars and people who have been robbed from the game .THANK YOU ALL


Well you got one-and-a-half correct. Howard was a good person and Jessie had her moments, but the others….. LMAO Scum, just like the rest.


What planet are you on? Lots of people stood up for Elissa. For example, Amanda kept her in the game or she would have been gone week one,and she patted her on the head whenever Elissa would wah, wah, wah, I’m going home. Helen went overboard sticking up for her, and Elissa just shit on her in the end, telling Helen she’s been playing on her own. Then you say Jeremy should have stayed in the game, the same Jeremy who wiped your precious Elissa’s hat on his bare ass! Elissa was no angel, she was a mean girl with her snooty attitude and snide comments, she just was more subtle than other houseguests. Yes, she put up with crap from some people, but she also gave out a lot of crap too. I can only guess that you don’t watch the live feeds, but if you are reading the online blogs, that should give you a clue about your not so perfect Elissa. Get real…..altho why am I even wasting my time writing this, Elissa fans are very selective in what they hear and see.


Jesus, dude. One giant, 15 line run-on sentence in support of Elissa? Look up the words “period” and “paragraph” in the dictionary.

You’re right about one thing though – it ultimately did not matter whether Elissa voted to keep or evict Amanda since everyone in the house hated her regardless. But you’re wrong that Elissa could potentially fair better in a different season, because her people skills flat out suck. Insert her into any group and, after some time, the majority will come to dislike her. There’d be some hope if she’d lose the hyper-judgmental, “holier than thou” attitude, but it seems like that way of thinking is deeply ingrained into her being.

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

Elissa drones = sore losers.



feeds will probably be down for much of tues/wednesday because of the fast forward. Simon/Dawg please remind people of this so they don’t keep posting questions of why the feeds are down….thanks


What is the fast forward?


A button on your remote control


The only hope for any remaining excitement for the last 12day is for mccrae to win today. if not its w Rap City and a complete foregone conclusion._

But then again...

The Perv has already stated the he is playing for 2nd place. Even his feeble brain can make the connection between his useless “professional pawn” game and no chance of jury votes. He will ride the Rat’s conniving all the way to final two. As someone else already stated, if that low wattage lite bulb would briefly light up in Dudd’s head, he (if he wins) would take McPussy off the block and the Rat would go up and out. Pave the way for McPussy/Dudd final two. If only there was a modicum of intelligence in this remaining cast of floaters. Guttermouth maybe not so much a floater but too gross to imagine winning it all.


Another sad, lonely, hater.

$TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

I’m tingling just thinking about our first gay Big Brother champion. I love you Andy.


It seems as though the recent HOH’s have all made the wrong evictions which resulted in their demise not long after.


Wait! Why do the guys get pictures of Elissa and we SPENCER??? Ewww! That underwear picture…. barf!


The only guy in the house I don’t mind getting pictures of is Judd. The rest, no thank you!


You know you love it and want him. Me thinks the “ladies” doth protest too much.


Like it or not, these are the 5 that are left. How did they get here? Well, for at least 4 of them they weren’t voted out. I think Andy was on the block only once. Mc only once before until now. And both GM and Spencer multiple times with Spencer being the most. Judd won the opportunity to return to the game and hasn’t been OTB since his return. They all managed to do so in a variety of ways, keeping in mind the other HGs voted out other players that we as the audience were probably rooting for. I’m not crazy about any of these for 5 different and ununique reasons. So I’ll sit back, watch the rest of the game and wait for next summer with hopefully a better cast. However I will say that BB the game itself has become rather boring. It just doesn’t bring out the best in people, does it? Maybe a huge revamping of the game itself is in order. There’s way too much downtown!!! Oh, but the two people we all root for and love are Simon and Dawg! Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys do!!!!


Is the Rainbow Room named after Andy?


Another nasty of Spencer??!!! Back later while I go barf!

Concerned watcher

Well Well Well…..Look what I found on google:

Spencer Clawson: His father is Judge Charles Edward Clawson ( up for reelection), his brother is a candidate hopeful for City Attorney (S told Judd this morning his brother was a lawyer), Charles Edward Clawson III and I believe his mother, Donna Clawson , was/is a teacher at the middle school. They also own a mediation company. His mother states: “Big Brother” star Spencer Clawson is not a Hitler-loving bigot — he’s just saying terrible things so his racist friends in the house will like him … so says Spencer’s mother.

TMZ spoke with Donna Clawson … who insists her son wasn’t showing his true colors when “BB” cameras caught him praising Hitler and referring to a gay housemate as “Kermit the f**.”

“Spencer really is a great guy,” she tells us … “This is not a guy that’s a bigot or a racist. And he’s not that way at home. He’s a great guy.”

So why would Spencer say such horrible things? Mama Clawson says her son is just trying to fit in with the racist, homophobic people in the house … because it’s the only way he can win the reality show.

“If you’re in a group, you go along with the group talk and that is what is happening with him.”

She adds, “This is a reality show. The purpose of the show is scheming behind each other’s backs.”

“Spencer might not be perfect but he’s my son. All those kids are somebody’s child. He’s a good guy.”

Ians Beer

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww That pic of Pervie getting out of bed. Thanks Simon and Dawg…off to bleach my eyeballs out and gargle a bit for good measure..ugh!

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

Am I the only one who thinks Spencer is hot?




i wish they had live feeds for the jury house


I got this from another website:

Andy “do you think we provoked any death threats?” McC “I’d take it as a badge of honor”. GM wants a stalker

These people are disgusting and nuts!


My company makes and installs crematoriums worldwide, including a facility in South Korea.. But now the Dyslexic Muslim Association is issuing us with death threats for burning a Korean.


Andy and Spencer are the new Amanda and McCrae. They think they have everything under control.


In my opinion the two players who deserve to go to finals are Judd and Spencer.


I don’t know how BB treats medical conditions. But I’ve been reading that GM was up really early crying in pain. Even though I don’t like her much, she deserves to get treatment for that foot.


When a horse breaks a leg you put them down. But they should not show that on the feeds.


Someone needs to treat you like a horse.


Put a saddle on her?


I was a way for a bit. I can’t believe there are only 5 left. What ever happened to Elissa, Jeremy, Helen and Amanda? I was rooting for Elissa from the start


NAME THATS THE BEST COMMENT YOUVE MADE ALL SEASON LOL i wish they had live feeds for the jury house

Pinocchio Obama


You owe us one last shot of Elissa to make up for the retina damage you caused by posting that picture of Spencer getting out of bed.

Pinocchio Obama


How do I put this…..NO!


Bb attracts Rachael/Ellisa bc they have severe emotional deficits, conflicts and interpersonal issues. Contestants like these attract reality TV watchers bc they’re such train wrecks. Both these sisters were outcastes in the house bc they had such vile, ugly personalities. You can tell that Ellisa is a therapy junkie just by the jargon she uses and that Rachael is in denial about her problems. Most Bb strategists agreed that Elissa response about McCrae voting out Amanda showed how clueless Elissa was. This is just a stepping stone for Elissa into the fame stratosphere as she will market herself to fullest to all the opportunity iTunes that have come Rachel’s way. Why does reality TV sucks sometimes? Bc non talented ppl such as E/R get all the plastic surgery to look TV ready and make total fools out of themselves despite having no acting talent. It’s disgusting and bad for TV in general.


But they will be laughing all the way to the bank!

Jody H.

Here is my problem. Taken by itself, Andy had the best game. Everyone (except Elissa) trusted him. He pretty much controlled votes without being in power. HOWEVER, especially talking about being gay and not appreciating bullying/discrimination, his comments concerning Elissa and her FAMILY are completely appalling. Of all people he should know that love makes you see beauty where others may not.

As nasty as some other BB players have been, I can’t remember it being this vicious. Especially not after an hg had left, every flipping conversation. I don’t understand how people can tolerate such hate.

Another Liberal Loser

Well at least all the house guests who lose their jobs will be covered by Obamacare.

You Got The Loser Part Right

Ugh. Really? Shut up. This is a game show, not a political site.


Cannot believe the floaters alliance is going to be the final four… The only one that deserves to win is Andy, as much as I HATE him he has played an incredible game!


I am glad both Elissa and Amanda are gone. The reason is at least we know it wasn’t rigged for Amanda to win. Now I can watch the show and not think fixed all the time. I don’t care who wins but glad it’s not fixed. Britney will be there today. She will add some laughs to the show.


GM: I really think I got a shot to win this whole thing. I’ve been thinking that 500K is a lot of money and I want to use it to better the world. So I’m going to use it all to buy Christmas trees for the homeless.


Solution to 2 of the worlds major problems: Feed the homeless to the hungry…