“Dude I’m telling you she’s a scooby doo bad guy” -McCrae

POV Holder: Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 12th
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


8:52pm Everyone Kitchen
Drill sergeant yells out for JUDD to do 57 Lunges.
JUDD – “57!”
GM – “Go easy or you’re going to vomit”
JUDD starts doing his lunges. Andy – ‘JUDD’s lunges are my favorite’
Drill sergeant – “hey JUDD I heard you like to party…”
Drill sergeant – “party Daugherty”
Drill sergeant – “Hey JUDD Uncle sam Just called and he doesn’t want you”
GM – “Pay your taxes JUDD”
Drill sergeant says after he’s done with JUDD he’s going to lose that J-U-Double Chin
GM – “Drill sergeant is on a roll”
Drill sergeant “You better pick up the pace son what do you think this is Big Brother Canada”
JUDD finishes Drill sergeant “Well done soldier”

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:06pm kitchen Everyone

Andy – “JUDD do you wish your showmance JEssie”
Spencer – “When are they going to announce Have nots are over”
Andy thinks they can all just assume.

Spencer thinks in the past they told the house guests Have nots are over. You could always tell by the “Jubilation”

Spencer sings “Jubilation no frowning”
Andy -’It really is true that Elissa’s eyes follow you wherever you look”
McCrae – “Dude I’m telling you she’s a scooby doo bad guy”
Spencer – “100% dude”
MC – “Even the way that she acted.. not just that picture.. that picture seals the deal” (Memory wall picture)
MC – “She’s a f*** groundskeeper for the Big Brother house that could never play the game because you f*** you can’t play the game.. if you are affiliated with the game.. So she game in with a fake f*** weird mask.. A plastic filled mask that look really weird ”
Andy – “A terrifying mask”
MC – “ Ya”
Spencer- “Ya exactly”


9:27pm Everyone but McCrae
Andy – “You guys.. he cannot win the veto”
JUDD – “I know”
Spencer – “Hopefully it’s something where your toe doesn’t matter.. even if it does you gotta bust your a$$”
GM – “I just need to tape it up… thats why I wanted to rest today I had to walk around all day with him”
Spencer – “I’ll tape it up good tomorrow.. so it’s tight”

GM tells them McCrae thinks Spencer and Andy are working together and he was asking her if she has made any deals.

GM says she hasn’t been feeling well today. Spencer suggests that JUDD and GM take their Advil tonight and tomorrow so they are not sore for the competition they have to win it.

JUDD asks them to remind him to take his allergy pill because if he doesn’t the phlegm will build up and he won’t be able to breath.
Gm tells them how much her foot has been hurting today. Spencer – “We’re a rag tag bunch.. we gotta pull it together”

Andy asks GM why MC thinks him and Spencer are working together. (Right after Andy says this the door opens and McCrae walks out from the Diary Room)
After some chit chat McCrae and GM leave. Andy whispers to them he thinks MC heard him.


9:32pm HOH the boys of the exterminators

Andy – ‘It’s weird that he would tell Ginamarie he thinks we’re working together when he knows we are “
Spence r- ‘Ya”
A – you know
J – He’s trying to get her
S – Thats all he’s doing bro.. he’s just trying to recruit and spread poison

JUDD says he’ll let them know if McCrae approaches him after they get unchained. He doesn’t plan on approaching McCrae he’ll let McCrae approach him

JUDD – ‘he don’t seem too upset no that Amanda’s gone.. seems kinda weird to me”
Spencer – “I don’t expect to see him lay on his bed crying.. yo know what I mean”
Andy – ‘He’s chained to GM”
JUDD says MC was sad for 5 minutes then he was done.
They agree GM is talking mad sh!t about Amanda all day.
Andy says GM told them all Amanda has had all these c*cks then right away she tells MC no offense you’re a cool guy.
Andy says Amanda started crying as soon as they all started laughing. Andy blames it on Spencer becuase he laughed first. They go over some of the more choice phrases that GM has uttered about Amanda since she’s been evicted. “You’re F** the Oscar myer wiener guy” Spencer says he couldn’t hold it in he had to laugh.. He mentions how GM said to them she was building her masterpiece out of Jenga blocks while she fought with Amanda.

Andy – “As soon as you started laughing about that I couldn’t handle it”
JUDD – “She was mostly mad at you” (andy)
JUDD – “What was she thinking stepping up to GM like that”
Spencer says Amanda met her match when she went against Ginamarie.

9:40pm Kitchen McCrae and GM
McCrae says there is a boys alliance that doesn’t include him. MC points out that the boys are up in the HOH right now”They must be up to something”
GM just shrugs it off says someone will have to go.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


10:06pm HOH Everyone.

GM asks McCrae – “do you honestly think if you didn’t win HOH that first week she would still be on your nuts”
MC says he’s thought about that but she stuck with him when he really wasn’t winning comps and wasn’t the best game player so there must have been something there.

GM says him hooking up week one looked a little bad
MC knows it did
MC brings up that JUDD said it best when he said Jessie was using him but he was also using Jessie and it was going to be fun also.
Spencer thinks week one hooking up was a dangerous game plan because it could come back and bite you week 2.
MC – “I’m final 5 right now.. who did it work out for better”
GM – “Because you’re a better person and she is a f***ing mutant.. nobody liked her”
JUDD – “everybody likes you”
Andy starts laughing says ‘GM mCCrae really likes her… you can’t say that.. you called her a mutant”

GM – ‘sorry i’m just saying for future wise.. shut up stop laughing.. ”

GM tells him to have a backup plan before he moves down to Florida. She points out that their lives in the house are very different than their lives outside. Who knows what people are into outside. “You don’t know her friends, you don’t know her family, you don’t know her work schedule.
GM – ‘Make sure you got backup kid.. it could slap you in the face”

Spencer- ‘Backup is important’
Spencer says he was with Jessica and she left him when he was in rehab.. “It was tough dude”


Sit ups slime ball

10:37pm HOH Everyone
McCrae says GM is the Keisha of their season.
McCrae – “Jessie is the Stephen of this season.. because she’s going to do porn”
GM tells them the one thing they are not supposed to do after this is p*rno
McCrae says he’ll do one.
GM thinks McCrae and Amanda already have some on the internets.
GM says that Amanda told her she was going to f*** mcCrae in her bed all night. GM – “I said OK you nasty b!tch i’m going to turn the lights on and pull the f** covers off”
GM – “And it was revealed that Amanda had a d!@ck
Andy – “Oh my god Ginamarie”
McCrae – I know she didn’t have a pen!s”
JUDD – ‘how you know.. did you have s$x with her”
McCrae – “no.. we showered.. she showed me”
JUDD – “She showed you where she p$$d from”
GM – “Ehhhh JUDD thats disgusting”
JUDD – “That’s what he told me one night.. he said Amanda touch me where I p$$ from.. it was the second day before the photo shoot”
MC – “I never said that.. no way”
JUDD – “I’m just kidding”


10:52pm HOH Everyone but GM and MC
Drill sergeant “give me 24 squats butt head”


11:02pm HOH the boys of the exterminators
Spencer instructs Andy on how to count 10 minutes in his head (For competitions.. don’t know why) . Spencer – “Count to 600 6 times and don’t lose count”
Spencer says if he can’t keep count he bites the skin on his fingers.
Spencer thinks it’s kinda weird but it will work.

Spencer wants Andy and himself to chat with McCrae at midnight when they get unchained. They want McCrae to knnow that JUDD is the low man on the totem pole and if GM goes down JUDD will go up.

Spencer adds that McCrae will ask them what happens if GM comes down and the answer Spencer will give is JUDD, “It’s total bullsh!t”

Andy – “Oh my god ELissa was the most obvious person ever”
Spencer – “she’s was such a ding bat”


11:39pm Thinking up lies waiting for GM and McCrae to be unchained



Drill sergeant tells him 75 sit ups, “I feel like i’m on the biggest loser” -JUDD


12:03 GM shows McCrae all the mildew in the bathroom. She blames it on Aaryn who she says took 45 minute showers which ended up flooding everything.


12:16am JUDD doing some play dough modelling

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Andy: The ants are all over the house. Each one reminds me of Elissa and I hate them all.

Judd: I’ve hated ants for years. I bought an Ant Farm once. They didn’t grow shit. I said “How about some celery! You fuckers don’t farm. You’re more useless than a pair of tits on a nun.


I’ll Say It Again, If Spencer Is Smart He Will Get Andy Out. All Spencer Has To Do Is Listen To Andy Brag About The Moves He Has Made To Realize Andy Is The Last Manipulator Of The Game.Stupid Is As Stupid Arrogant Boys Do.


Spencer’s playing for 50K which is better than nothing. He knows Andy’s the only one who will take him to F2, he’ll never target him. You have to hand it to Spencer: he figured out very early in the game that he’ll never win the 500K, so he has already made his peace about being a potential runner-up. The others are so fixated on the big prize that they keep forgetting that 50K’s better than nothing.


so Stupid, No Way He Gets 2ND Place. He Can’t Get Past 4Th Place Keeping Andy. We Will c

Just sayin'

Judd: “I feel like I’m on the Biggest Loser.” Maybe because you ARE one. And everyone left in the house is, too. You stupid cocky asshole. If you somehow are lucky enough to win a prize at the end, take the money and go get some speech therapy you shady turd. Maybe re-take grades 1-5, too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grown man your age who is so dumb, lazy, and gutteral with their speech.

Bored Viewer

And the 25K America’s Choice, which I think all of the final 5 have forgotten about.


They have not forgotten about the $25,000 they just realize that a huge number of morons will likely vote that to the Joker Face.


I kinda think if Andy and Spencer make it to the Final 2…Spencer will take it…Andy did a dumb move by telling Amanda that he was the one who voted her out…now she has this info that she’ll take to Jury. They are all gonna be so angry with him…Spencer did float under the radar, but he didn’t piss anyone off in Jury. Let’s see what happens the next couple of day before Final…I just laugh that the only way Spencer could win an HOH is for them to get all the competitors out of the house…he couldn’t even beat the girls…

The Thought Police

It was strange that CBS aired Andy’s statement to Amanda – jury members are never given any additional gameplay info yet she was. Once again CBS is breaking its own rules. So once again I’ll repeat my BB 15 slogan: Shame on CBS.


I don’t think so. HGs have often blabbed to an evicted HG that they helped evict them. Helen did it to Jeremy, bragging that she ” played a big part in getting you out.” Some HGs are so full of themselves that they can’t resist bragging like that. When its a goodbye message to someone on their way to JH. Its particularly stupid! I’ve seen it every season.

Suzi Q

Spencer is not going to be happy with $50K!
He is going to backdoor Andy, for the whole enchilada!! $500K IS THE ONLY AMOUNT- SPENCER IS HERE FOR!!
He doesn’t give a sh!#-about Andy! He is going for it ALL!


…if Spencer was smart…..?? If he was smart he wouldn’t have shared with America that he was in rehab!!! We all know he has some faults!! haha
Will all these HG have to return to the psyche ward upon completion of BB?

Slutty Chicken

Thanks Lurker! 🙂 LOL


Spencer and Andy kinda remind me of the grown up version of winnie the pooh and piglet.


McCrae would be Eeyore


ya yup


I might have known… 🙁


Nice to see McRae being taken out for a walk by GM.
Dogs need exercise.


You wrote that wrong because it’s nice to see McCrea taking that nasty BITCH GM out for a walk




Marilyn and I were out for an anniversary meal.

“Eurgh. Did you just pick your nose and wipe it under the table?” she asked.

“Errrrrr. How did you know?”

“It’s a glass table”.


Men are like parking spaces. Sometimes, all the good ones are taken, so when no one’s looking, you have to stick it into a handicaped one.


Kelli Jo

I like seeing McCrae actually talk for once. Socialize and all.


my god McRae’s being such a good sport you can tell he wants to tell GM to eat a dick so badly but he can’t because he is on the block and in the back of his mind he knows all 4 of them are in on it together

Bored Viewer

if that is the case, then great. He can finally see that nominating Elissa instead of Andy was a huge mistake… Elissa won stuff, and was willing to work with him, and vote to keep his girlfriend in spite of Amanda’s behavior. It may still be too late though, but at least he may have a clearer picture now to influence his vote for final two if he doesn’t make it.

On a side note, am I the only one who thinks that Amanda killed the final POV she was in? They each picked her and she spun around and then knocked down all of the pins… she ended up losing to McCrae by a split second. For some reason, I think her behavior in the house was not really representative of who she was… just a “character’ strategy… that tattoo on her back seems to sum it up. She was an actress who could cry on cue (not a CBS planted actress; I am not a conspiracy theorist), and bring the drama. I still think some of her behavior was deplorable, but I don’t think that is who she really is as opposed to Andy and Aaryn.


I will give it to Amanda she did a good job in that POV comp but sorry Im not buying it was all an act at if that’s the case Aayrin and GM are not really racist and Spencer isn’t at all the person he is inside the house!!!!

Hermione Cumberbatch

Dearest Simon and Dawg,

As a longtime BB fan and Online BB user I just wanted to let you know I have donated tonight. I figured with the crappy players left, you might not see the amount of traffic you had recently. I canceled me feeds and am not watching anymore, but I still check in here. I’ve appreciated you and Dawg working so hard over the years. You have a great site here. I’ve posted as The Judger, Poopy, FFS, and probably one or two more I can’t remember.

It was your marinara sauce spoiler that finally got me!

Take care all..till next Summer.. <3




What a great name!


Say what you want about being unwashed and lazy but I find McCrae to be the least offensive of the pond scum left (sorry pond scum for insulting you). I hope he wins veto and goes on to win the game. The rest of them are truly despicable, piss-poor excuses for human beings!


If it weren’t for Amanda getting her hands on that money, I’d be on board with you.

mc looks clean

Wow. MC is wearing clean looking jeans and a nice some what wrinkle free looking clean shirt. His hair even looks as though it may have been washed! I think GM is a better influence on him than Amanda. Scary.


I was JUST thinking that Amanda leaving certainly agrees with him. I quite enjoy hearing from him now.

Beef Jerky Jerky

The longest fu+!in bbad tonight ever!! They are on bb, and
talking filthy! They are scum bags!!! They are worse than male jail-inmates OR fu*~in drunken sailors!!
DO these assho!+s, NOT have a – mother – sister – aunt – grandmother – platonic (girl) friend – sister-in-law???
OMG!! As a proud PARENT, I would be painfully ashamed, excruciatingly embarrassed, to admit that I had anything
to – do with the raising , of these individuals!!
I would never want the pain involved, in the admittance,
that any one of these misfits, was a child of mine!!


I do agree with you, but like others, Amanda will use him until it’s spent. She’ll dominate him on the outside world too. HIs family needs to intervene!


It will be sweet justice when all these people are back out in the “real” world. Three have been said to have lost their jobs already. Spencers is iffy from what I’ve read. Then there is “RatBoy”….OMG! I do hope some of the college higher ups watched the live feeds exposing him for what he truly is and “exterminate” him from his teaching job! I know the tenure thing may cause a problem with that, but only if he has it.
Then when they all talk about this being the best BB ever??? Yes Julie told them they made history by being the 500th live show, but they have not a clue they’ve made history for being the worst cast ever.
I would love to be a fly on each and everyone of their walls when they find out the truth.
Pathetic bunch for the most part. A few times you like one, then something happens and they go back to the bottom of the totem pole. No one in here is worthy of winning at this point and it’s a shame that one of them will for they are going to be the most arrogant person that ever walked from this show thinking they were the best and with their mentality, no one will be able to convince them otherwise.
Even when they watch the entire show, they’ll not see it.
Stupid is stupid does.


Those guys should be ashamed of themselves talking about a woman like that. They’re worse than all the girls this season! Gossiping, talking more smack than the women! I can’t believe this is who’s left in this house! I don’t like GM but it would be a slap in the face to those guys if she beat them, I mean she has won more than them and made a huge move!!!! Andy is the bigget bitch of them all!!!!


I’m sure you weren’t trying to be funny, but I think this was the funniest comment I’ve ever read on this website.

“Those guys should be ashamed of themselves talking about a woman like that.”

Why “talking about a woman like that”? So, they can talk about men any way they please, but how DARE they talk about a woman a derogatory manner? Because women are such delicate flowers, right?

“They’re worse than all the girls this season! Gossiping, talking more smack than the women!”

Yes; as we all know, every woman on the planet is a vapid, gossiping bitch.

Well done. People like you are the ones that make this website hilarious. Feminist one sentence, misogynist the next.

Beef Jerky Jerky

Andy definitely is the BIGGEST bitch, of bb history!!
He actually thinks HE is the “REASON”, we watched
BB15, this year! He and Spencer ruined this entire
season, in my personal opinion!! I have LOVED watching
numerous seasons of BB, but these players were PITIFUL!
Waiting for the FINALE, to finally – END THIS CREEP SHOW!


I couldn’t agree more. I was so excited when BB started and then, each week, I felt more and more disappointed.

Embrace the green stuff

He should have told her to eat a dick just like in the league

Roisin Dubh

Wow, the Shaggy wannabe reject calling El a Scooby-Doo bad guy mask. Unbelievable. GM being the dumbass that she is can’t see that she’s the odd man (no pun intended) out on the exterminator alliance while MC trying to give her a clue. They all keep bashing his woman and he takes it like a Bitch. Any other HG that had a showmance would’ve beat the shit out of all these guys if it were directed to them. I have a strange feeling that these people are gonna be the outcasts of the BB family. I wouldn’t want anything to do with these people, would you? Not only are they an embarrassment, but they gladly play into the stereotypes with full vigor.


Like he’s been telling Amanda, McCrae’s there to play a game but I think he’s one to serve his revenge frozen, Elissa got a glimpse of it. The guy isn’t passive-aggressive like Judd however he’s some still water, I do think he’s a little bit of a coward though but I feel like his hands are tied. He’s fully aware of what’s going on but he’s alone so I guess he’s laying low.

Bored Viewer

You make a good point, but McCrae’s desire for revenge may very well be his ticket to the jury house. Elissa was able to see that she was going to be the new target no matter what, so why not align with Amanda in order to stay in the game (even though it didn’t work). McCrae went the revenge route and nominated Elissa next to GM… Elissa would have worked with him. He has to win POV this week, and HOH or POV next week, and so on. Unless of course, whoever is in power decides to no longer target him. Revenge is one thing, but in a game like BB, the “bigger picture” (i.e. final 2, and America’s favorite) should be the focus. In the season that Ian won, Dan was rather brilliant in his game play without being a d-bag, and he still only got second place… house guests this season were too caught up in personal vendettas and blind hatred. Toward the end of her time in the house Elissa said that the only person on Jury who might vote for her is Helen… the house guests still continued to target and disrespect her in the foulest of ways. Whatever happened to strategic game play?

Bored Viewer

And… if McCrae really wanted revenge, he would have put up Andy next to GM. That would have been a combination of good game strategy and revenge since his trust in Andy was wavering (and Andy betrayed 3AM not Elissa). Andy could have voted to save Amanda (BuffaloBill’s Jewish Queen), and align with Elissa (BuffaloBill’s Christian Queen), but he decided to jump ship instead and continue to bash Elissa and Candice with the Exterminators… I wonder how that will work out for him (yes, I know, he is BuffaloBill’s Rainbow Warrior, but in reality he is the most vile of all the house guests). LOL! I cannot wait to hear/read about the ramifications the current house guests suffer as a result of their vile behavior in the BB house. There is strategy (i.e. Dan’s fake funeral, and blindside of Shane at the expense of Danielle), and then there is vile filth (i.e. Andy).


McCrae has wanted Amanda out for a while but could not come out and say it to others since the psycho would have done something dangerous. Just watch his body language and how he calls her on her BS…hence why he did not stand up for her. She’s big enough to trash talk with her big mouth, then she shouldn’t expect him to jump to her defence when she is wrong. McCrae is neither lazy nor a pussy. He slept all day…OMG, all of them did because they have nothing else to do! He doesn’t shower…ya, many 23 yr olds (no, not all) are like that. Keep in mind the gossipy, mean a$$es who are saying it. They’d throw their own under the bus and not bat an eye, where as McCrae was loyal to those he really trusted (McCranda’s showmance began dying when she chose to send Judd home).On the feeds, McCrae was always convincing her to not put up the ones left now. He had more power in the moves than anyone gives him credit for. Crossing my fingers that he gets to Veto…the others do not deserve the money. They epitomised what’s wrong with the world. #Team McCrae


BB is a small sample of real life. This bunch is “have-nots” for life.

Bb fan

Vote Andy for America favorite sissy!


Spencer everyone in Arkansas who watches Big Brother is begging for you to stop wearing Razorbacks & Conway t-shirts!!!

Beef Jerky Jerky



I actually hope McCrae can win veto Andy and Spencer need to go!

Beef Jerky Jerky

Spencer needs to GO!
BTW Spencer remarked that “when he was in REHAB”;
his girl Jessica, left him! I either forgot, or didn’t hear,
him talk about being, in rehab? Anyone remember this?


I really despise all of these cast members that are left in the game. This is the worse season. Wait until these idiots realize america hates them, and Elyssa wins america’s player! Zing!


Hey Simon and Dawg, got a new idea for a drinking game–we take a drink every time someone posts
1) this is the worst season ever
2) these are the worst HGs ever
3 )I’m not watching anymore
4 ) Wait til these idiots see how much America hates them
What do you think? BTW, thanks for doing all you do, especially when this is the worst season ever. OOPS! DRINK . . . .

Roisin Dubh

I’m watching the feeds and these guys just don’t stop with the bashing. Like I said before, I don’t care who wins it because I think none are deserving, but I wish that I was the one who would get to hand them the check. Dude, I would eat a Tommy’s double chili cheese burger, drink two glasses of homogenized milk, take a dump and use that check for the first wipe and then give it to the winner and say congratulations on being the winner of BB15. You shit on us, we just shit on your prize, now go away.


Ya, Yup,…………….yup……………………yup……………..


I really tried to watch BBAD, I do believe I would rather have a root canal!!!!! Thanks BB you really made my summer {not}


They are all bashing Elissa because they ( namely Andy ie; professor trash mouth) are trying to influence America not to elect her “America’s favorite player ” They (Andy’s Idiots) actually think they can manipulate everyone !

Maid Service

What’s with Ginamarie cooking the guys dinner while she has a broken foot and is tied to Mccrea…. and then, after dinner.. none of this lazy bunch gets up to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Unreal.


Why would any college employ a professor of communications that refers to women (Elissa) as a c___ ?


Andy has pussy and teat envy which still doesn’t give professor rodent any excuse for his hatred and other disgusting obsessive remarks.


I was really surprised to hear the guys bashing Elissa as much as they did on BBAD last night. Especially Andy, who gave me the impression he really had a connection with her, despite his allegiance to McCranda.

I wonder if his employer (the community college) will take the same stance as the other HG’s employers who fired them. Andy is supposedly teaching communications/speech and although this is a game, he sure doesn’t represent someone who practices what he preaches.

He’s particularly vicious regarding Elissa, and he just can’t stop slamming her and her husband and child. Not exactly a good role model for college students.

Bored Viewer

As I’ve said before, I am not a conspiracy theorist (all reality TV game shows have a statement in the credits about final decisions being discussed with producers), but how funny would it be if Judd is being “exercised” because he refused to follow the “ghosts” instructions?!? LMAO! If the conspiracy theorists are correct and this game is rigged, I hope production brings back Elissa and Amanda so that there will be someone to root for, and someone to “liven” up the house with their acting skills. There would also be two people to expose Andy and take control of the game away from the Exterminators… the things I come up with in my imagination LOL! These final 5 are so unworthy, but it’s like a train wreck… I just have to take a look. It is a travesty that they all suck so much, and that my pick for final two is Judd and McCrae. ALL of the remaining house guests continue to make jackasses of themselves, but these two aren’t as bad as the others, especially Andy (he is disgusting… even GM comes across as less vile than Andy). [Maybe it’s because without the BBAD and Live feeds, GM could pass for semi-normal (in need of prescription medication intervention, but still semi-normal) and with the CBS episodes alone, Andy is transparent and vile and disgusting]. How disgusting is it that this season has come down to which players aren’t as bad as the others? They all suck! Production needs to intervene… the conspiracy theorists will have satisfaction, and the viewers in agreement with me will have satisfaction that none of the final 5 won 500K of 50K or 25K.


Here’s another theory. Production could also be “training” Judd to be in shape for next comp…so he wins…?

Delilah Jones

So Gina Marie told McCrae that his hooking up with Amanda the first week of being in the house does not look good. I find this hilarious, considering her delusions of thinking she will marry Nick!

Speaking of McCrae, while it is true his judgement has been rather clouded as of late, I think he has finally caught on that not one person left in the house is loyal to him whatsoever. With that being said, my hope at the very least is that he wins POV on Saturday. If he wins POV, Gina Marie will be evicted regardless of who is put up in her place. The best that McCrae can hope for at that point, is that one of the exterminators realize the other two exterminators have a final two deal, and that person will try to work with McCrae. I have not watched the feeds in a while, so I am not sure which two are the most loyal, but my guess is that it is Andy and Spencer. Of course Judd is still pretty upset with McCrae after the blind side during the last DE, so he may not be willing to work with McCrae at all.

It is beyond obvious that if he does not win POV, McCrae will be the first male to enter the jury house. He has a very slim chance of making it to final three, even if he does win veto on Saturday, but I hope to goodness he does win.

McCrae was my pick to win way back on day one when he won HOH and although that changed over the course of the game, he is once again the one I want to see win. He has made some huge mistakes, but he has also proven that he can win comps, and contrary to what most think, I believe he had a decent social game.

who cares

I think all of us only want judd or mccrae to win because of less of evils, but they too have done their fair share of evil things and this year BB should not award a winner. Give it to charity.


I too donated! Thanks for all you do. This year has been the pits so I feel for you!!


Andy needs to just shut the hell up already. He is still ranting about Elissa, who did nothing to his gay, dumbo eared, crying sissy, ass!!! Get over it you a$$hole!!!! Shut the f***k up already!!!


He’s OBSESSED with her. I think we should start counting how many times he says her name in a day. Ok, no, that would mean I would have to watch this show…..no thanks.

Delilah Jones

For the most part, I thought Andy was playing a fairly good game. Not only did he convince McCrae that Elissa voted Amanda out, but he managed to convince Elissa that McCrae had turned against Amanda. As much as I hate to admit to it, these were brilliant moves by Andy.

I am baffled that the exterminators do not see he is capable of betraying someone he has been completely loyal to the entire game up until now, and that they could be next on his betrayal list!

I also see his game foundation starting to form cracks. As far as I can tell, he has pretty much stopped talking game with McCrae, and that alone should have McCrae realizing he has nobody left on his side.

I think Andy has become arrogant, and that disappoints me. Ever since Zing Bot called him a floater, he has tuned into someone other than the Andy I once found kind of endearing.


FYI: A communications professor who constantly says “OMG, like, and refers to any woman ( in this case Elissa, who has behaved like a lady) as a c___ , is absolutely NOT brilliant ! He is a disgrace and should be fired ! Bad karma would come from allowing such an despicable person to teach young people to communicate !

Andy's sick obsession with Elissa

Andy is such a shallow and insecure person. For someone who claims to have hated Elissa he sure obsesses over her. He has said something nasty about her everyday since she has gone, it’s creepy. I don’t want anyone of those lowlifes to win but Andy the rainbow rat is on top of my list to not be in the final two and then spencer. All of those dirtbag losers are in for a rude awakening when they leave big brother…….karma is a bitch…..


Chaining GM to MC might backfire on Spencer. Listening to all that nasty trash talk from her is probably getting him fired up for the veto. And if Andy and Spencer keep going (well not if but when) he might get HOH. God I want to see those two squirm on the block and campaign against each other! Drill Sargent needs to tell them to STFU!!

World Traveller

I’ve been to Arkansas and it is not uncommon for one to marry their sister, a first date consists of sitting together in a tree hunting squirrels and a guys first experience with oral sex is his mom stroking his pee pee. So as disgusting as Spencer is he is just a product of his environment.. Any money he winds will go to beer , pizza and shot gun shells for him and his sister ummm I mean wife..

Jeremy's Boat

What was so entertaining about Elissa anyway? Yoga?

The Yoga Mat

Yep, especially when she did it during house meetings….


I think Judd should get favorite player. Elissa is already loaded. I’m sure Judd could use the money.


Judd??? What has he done to deserve America’s favorite?? I’m not saying I want Elissa to get it, but Judd came back and aligned himself with Andy of all people. He was warned about Andy by several people and he still aligned with him. I hope he gets blindsided again.

GM's Baby Daddy Nick

How do you expect these people to act when you have a bunch of druggies (Mccrae, Judd, Spencer- who’s admitted he’s been in rehab before) and a simple minded racist ( GM) & a bunch of misogynist ( Andy, Spencer and Judd). BB really need to step up there game next season.

Andy the Bitch

I can’t stand Andy’s obsession with talking about Elissa. Never in my life have I seen a man, let alone a woman, talk so much about a another woman and for no good reason! I hope that Andy gets put out in the final 3 so that he lingers in there just before the big winner finale, and then GONE. So that all that idiots schemes and lies go down the toilet with him.

GM's Busted Face

Are Spencer and Andy officially the new showmance in the house? I think Andy has a major crush on Spencer and he’s the only one that Annie , oop’s I mean Andy will stay true to until the end. I also think that at this point it wouldn’t take much for that horny #ss Spencer to cross over.

Lisa Hadley

Boycott Andy Herren and his filthy trashy mouth. Contact DuPage College administration and let them know how you feel about their employee and let them know you don’t condone bullying. Andy is a communications teacher and the words that fly out of his mouth are filth. Someone needs to put him in his place. I’ve already sent a letter to DuPage outlining the reasons why I feel our next generation should not be taught by someone who is so disgusting. DuPage College needs to set an example and follow the other employers who axed their employees. Game or no game, he of all
people should know better! BOYCOTT ANDY HERREN – go to DuPage College website and email the Board of Directors, Administration and anyone else in authority and let them know!!!


Yeah, I don’t care for Andy at all.I despise people who come on these sites and try to rally support to get them fired from their jobs though, Fuck You LISA HADLEY! Go feed your cats and change the channel!

Fresh Step

Sounds like your litter box needs cleaning.


It’s the College of DuPage, or COD. They are a small but growing community college, and I’d bet they don’t give a rats ass what you or I think about a teacher who’s on a “reality” show. Especially a show that its main components are lying and backstabbing. My guess is someone is laughing at and then passing around any and all emails they get from “Big Brother weirdos”.


Small, growing businesses care more than any others about consumers and their reputation. Andy is nothing more than an adjunct at best, as to be a full professor (or even an assoc. or assistant prof.) requires a PhD, and he just has a masters. No way does he have tenure – he’s too young, and even senior profs often don’t get tenure these days. He’s a dime a dozen instructor/lecturer, not a professor, and only someone attached to a Jr. or Community college would dare call themselves a ‘professor’ with his sorely lacking credentials. This growing community college (if they indeed are) will certainly care about the reputation of its instructors, and the effect on their brand. And since instructors like Andy are a dime a dozen, I won’t be surprised at all that when his contract expires, it won’t be renewed.

I couldn’t care less what you think of people who take a tv show so seriously. Scum as low as Andy took their chances when they a) went on a stupid reality show, and b) showed their vile, true colors for the world to see. They get what they deserve, and Andy deserves nothing good. At all. He better hope he wins some cash, because when he gets out, his friends, family, students and co-workers will always wonder what he’s saying about them behind their backs. He’s lost all credibility and unfortunately educators need that more than most.


The best thing for DuPage College is to part ways with this clown. After all he is a representative of this institution.
What type of high institution of learning is this that they would hire someone of his character.

Delilah Jones

To actively and purposely attempt to get someone fired from their job is not only despicable, but bad, bad karma. Regardless of what he has said in the house, I can not comprehend how anyone would want to hurt someone in that manner.


Srsly? Srsly?! The progenitor of bad karma is Andy himself. He’s simply reaping what he sowed by his actions. Karma is indeed a bitch.


As I am a little pressed for time this a.m., thought I would skim through the blogs and pick out what appears to be the highlights of the feeds. From what I am reading I can determine that the following events happened during the night….

scratch, scratch, fondle, pick, curse, cry, cry, chew, mumble, mumble, rant, curse, scratch, fart, fart, chew, chew, curse, curse, rant, rant, fondle.
How exciting. How many more weeks of this?


Andy should be the next person canned from his RL job as a result of his vile and disgusting comments. He is the classic 80’s movie over-the-top d-bag, but far more despicable than a movie could produce.


Andy overcompensating trying to be one of the guys, GM is a guy.

Amanda the Stupid

Amanda messed up Mccrae’s game because when she was evicted and told Andy she thought she could trust him that was her signal to Mccrae to go after Elissa ( she had already told him the night before that’s what she would do if she didn’t believe Elissa). That’s why she was so shocked at Andy’s goodbye message because she thought Elissa had really voted her out. Mccrae had shared with her the night before the eviction his doubt’s about Andy, Amanda wasn’t the great player she thought she was. She not only ruined her game and Elissa’s but Mccrae’ also. If Amanda had not told him to trust Andy only, Mccrae could have worked with Elissa & they could have easily convinced GM to team up with them also, and on Mccrae’s HOH they could have got rid of Andy in the DE, so it all goes back to Amanda she did not play this game with her head she played to emotionally.


In the name of decency and yes we know there are decent people out there, CBS owes it to their viewing audience who don’t get feeds or read spoilers or watch BBAD that the cast is a despicable group even beyond their racism so they know who these people really are when they get baclk into the real world. The decent need to know Stay Away From Them. CBS needs to send out a press release to the entertainment shows to make a public announcement warning.There are decent families with children watching who are unaware of the cast’s depth of indecency.


If MC gets veto today and Judd goes up ( I hate to say it because I really at this point want Judd in final 2/lesser of evils thing) he might be the one going to jury not GM. That way if MC does win HOH the nasty ginger twins could see that after being chained to a nonstop Amanda bashing GM, she- not them would be MC’s target. After all she is the one that told Amanda to “get stepping”. In this case I hope Andy and Spencer’s misogyny works against them and GM “gets to stepping”.


Andy get over it we get it elissa is everything u wish u were…. a woman with a vagina who has a rich husband playing a game for the fun of it. You have no man much less a rich one n u r playing the game bcuz u r broke and seriously need the money…. envy this show alows me to see y its a deadly sin. Cud be also tht tho u think she is dumb she was smart enough to know she cud not trust u


Unfortunately the $500,000 winner from The Exterminator garbage group will not give a damn whether they lose their job or what people think of them. They’ll have the money, that’s all they’ll care about.


$500K is a good chunk of change, but it’s not enough to live out 4-6 decades. These folks are young enough not to have put too much into social security, and not to have saved much on their own (with obvious exceptions like El and Am). I work for a big corporation, and I and all my friends are targeting $1.5-2.0 million in 401K to live comfortably after retirement. $500K with an annual ROI of ~15% gives them $75K annually (pre-tax) to live on, which is not rich by any means, esp. if you eventually want to buy a house and raise a family. Sure, to Mc, the pizza boy, it might seem like wealth, but it’s really not. It’s a nice nest egg, but not much more than that.


“A Fool and his money are soon parted.” These are all fools on a holiday.


These people would have nothing to talk about if it was not for Elissa. Let’s see what they have to say after she wins the $25,000 for Favorite House Guest.


I can’t wait to see their faces when that happens – especially Andy. He thinks constantly berating her now will influence America not to vote for her, when he’s accomplishing the exact opposite. It’s funny that for someone so good at reading people and deceiving them, he’s so far off base on this one. Can’t wait to see real tears on his rat/bat face.


I can’t wait to see the looks on their face when they announce her.

Disgusting HG's

I think it is amazing that Simon and Dawg were able to get a stream of conversations that didn’t include the bashing of Elissa!
Every time I tuned into the live feeds or BBAD that was all Andy and Spencer were doing. I just keep wondering why the hell they HATE her soooooooooo much! It just doesn’t make sense to me. I guess they just down right hated her as a person in general, it’s pretty disgusting and pointless on their part.
It drives me crazy that Andy thinks so highly of himself. I wish I could see his reaction to how he barely has any fans what-so-ever and America thinks he is the Rat and he is nowhere close to getting America’s favorite!! lol
WORST F5 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was one funny thing I heard last night-Spencer said that McCrae is probably starting to smell the rat! lol


Spencer is the closest to Andy, and a filthy POS shit himself (takes one to know one, I guess), but I hope hope hope it’s Spencer who finally takes Andy out of the game, just for the fun of seeing Andy get his comupance from someone he thought he was manipulating instead.

who cares

Who cares who wins? They are all disgusting. Ive quit watching live feeds because its a rerun every week. Feeds went to the dogs super early this year! If I were in the house I would take Spencer to f2 over anyone else if I wanted to win, and if they are smart they will too.


I just signed up for the live feeds two weeks ago and already cancelled last night. There is know way I am going to put myself through the humiliation and boredom of watching this house of derelicts talk such filth about others where there is no warrant, especially Elissa. Except to say they are a bunch of morons, with very little morals, scruples, self respect, or compassion for others. they are truly revolting and the language they use is beyond even trying to comprehend. Watching them lie around like a bunch of lazy idiots. I honestly wonder how much CBS spends in trying to keep the cupboards full to feed these slobs? All they do is lay around and eat all the time. I’ve NEVER seen Spencer lift a finger to cook, clean, exercise, or even shower. He’s always laying around or sitting around doing basically nothing. I wonder if those photos of his girlfriend aren’t older photos of himself and an old girlfriend from years past? Cause honestly I couldn’t stand having this lazy, male chauvinist pig for a boyfriend.


Amanda must regret picking to save Andy over Aaryn. It’s funny how McCrae convinced Amanda to save Andy and now he straight up backstabbed them. If they had saved Aaryn, they would also get GM on their side. Those four would have made it to final four.


Simon and Dawg, I donated to thank you for your all efforts in keeping us updated on BB.