Spencer tells Gina she will go up with McCrae. Gina says I know I used you as a dirty sl*t before.

POV Holder: Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda
Have Nots


2:10pm Spencer asks Andy so if McCrae doesn’t win the veto should we just tell him about our alliance or do we not just in case there is a power in the house. Andy says he doesn’t think there would be a power this late in the game for final 5, that would be so unfair. Andy says if it comes down to it and we get to decide we should keep Judd because we could beat him. Spencer says that sounds good to me. Spencer says he is worried everyone will think he has been a floater. Andy tells him that in the end he can explain all the reasons why he wasn’t a floater. Spencer and Andy comment on how they got to this point in the game. He says he wanted one person to strategize with, which he and Andy didn’t until late in the game. He says he wanted to get in good with the girls which didn’t happen and wanted to be likeable. McCrae gets called to the diary room. Andy tells Spencer he should take this opportunity to talk to Gina now about nominations while he can. Spencer tells Andy he will not go up on the block. Andy says unless Gina wins veto. Andy says although with me off the block you know 100% what you want to accomplish will happen. Spencer says he will tell Gina .. he says when she put me up she said she would owe me a favor so I will tell her I want to cash in on that. Andy comments that if Spencer had to decide between me and Judd we could do a number guess and you could just tell me before hand what number it was. Spencer says if that did happen my number would be 77 for day 77. Andy says okay. They both head down to talk to GInamarie.

CBS Interactive Inc.


CBS Interactive Inc.

2:35pm – 2:40pm Spencer tells Gina that the best move for the exterminators is to put up her and McCrae. Gina says that she would much rather go up as the replacement. Spencer says Andy is the vote and I am HOH, you aren’t going anywhere. Spencer says if Andy or Judd went up, McCrae could smell a rat. Gina says I am just worried about being up against Judd. Spencer tells her that he has been loyal to her and that she isn’t going anywhere. Andy explains that we are going to tell McCrae we have a guys alliance so that he doesn’t fight for his life for the veto. Spencer tells Gina to not even pack if she is up against McCrae. Andy tells Gina that if McCrae doesn’t win the veto we are going to tell him about the exterminator’s alliance. Gina says I know I used you as a dirty sl*t before, I understand. Spencer says one thing we will need is for you to go into the diary room so that we can talk to McCrae. Go in there and talk to them about your period. Gina says she has to go to the bathroom. Spencer asks the camera to nod if he can take her to the bathroom, she needs to sh*t real bad. The cameras don’t move when he asks all of them. Spencer tells Gina that her going up is her part, he tells her that she is safe and shakes her hand.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


2:45pm – 3pm Gina picks up the phone in the living room and pretends to talk to Elissa – “So your husband took you to the Bahamas! You’re so lucky! Psych BYE BIT*H!” She then slams that phone down. The nomination screen is up on the living room tv. Andy tells McCrae that he wishes he had gotten the chance to fart on Elissa’s head. Andy, McCrae and Gina sit in the living room and talk about random things until Spencer comes back out of the diary room.


3:20pm Spencer and Andy join Judd in the rainbow room. Spencer tells Judd that he told Ginamarie that she is going up on the block and she is fine with it. Spencer tells them that we just need to keep it up with McCrae that we are in a guys alliance trying to get Gina out so that he won’t play hard in the veto. The whistle blows and tells Judd to do 30 squats. “You are a pitiful excuse for a house guest.” Up in the HOH room – Andy and Spencer discuss what Spencer can tell Gina. He says I can tell her that it was hard for me to put her but because she was a vote to keep me here.


3:25pm Gina and McCrae come up to talk to Spencer with each other on the other side of the door to have privacy talking to Spencer. Gina tells Spencer that he really needs to push to McCrae that he is safe so that he won’t try so hard. Gina and Spencer waste time to make it look like they are talking.


McCrae goes in next. Spencer tells McCrae that he is putting up Gina and that he will put up McCrae next to her. Spencer says I need to put you up to make it look like we aren’t close. You are an easy scapegoat because of last week. No one knows how close we are. Spencer say she understands how scary it is to go up on the block. Spencer tells McCrae he is good and will be in the final four. McCrae says I hope so. Spencer lies and tells McCrae that they will get Gina out and it will be the four of us guys. Spencer tells McCrae to come talk to me once you get the bracelet off. McCrae says okay and leaves. Gina and McCrae head downstairs. Andy joins Spencer and asks how McCrae took it. Spencer says it went well and says we will reiterate it to him once the bracelet comes off.


3:40pm In the rainbow room – Gina talks to McCrae about being worried about there being a guys alliance since she is the only girl left. McCrae says that if I come down I will be a vote to keep you. Gina tells him she would vote to keep him too if she comes down. McCrae comments that Andy and Spencer seem pretty close. Gina agrees and says especially after Spencer gave him the money reward. Big Brother calls Gina to the diary room.


3:42pm – 3:55pm The whistle blows and Judd is told to do sit ups. Judd takes a shower. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Spencer listens to his CD. Andy comes out from shower in the HOH bathroom. Spencer says sorry he didn’t win more money. Andy says it’s okay it just sucks. He says he f**ked it up. Andy says his family would be obsessed with Spencer. He would be their favorite.


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Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…..it’s probably a duck. YES SPENCER…..YOU ARE A FLOATER!




BB15 White trash edition

Thumbs up if andy's a rat

What’s with all the hate coming from Andy to Elissa. She never did anything to him and he’s spazzing the fuck out. WTF?
At this point none of them deserve to be here and I’d rather have Jeremy here than all of these miserable excuses of contestants except for Judd.


You forgot how absolutely COOL Andy is!!! Saying how he wishes he had had the chance to fart on Elissa’s head? Andy is just the COOLEST guy ever! NOT!!!

Name The Duck Floater

So true! Your comment about being a “duck” reminds me of that chlorinating duck that floats around in the Big Brother pool. Spencer and Andy both think they are so cool (the sunglasses), but they are nothing but floating ducks. The Big Brother production people should name that duck Spencer or Andy since they are both the biggest floaters in Big Brother history.

I think Andy Duck has a nice ring to it myself. Name the pool floater Andy Duck!

Wound't It Be Fun To Watch?

Andy’s biggest fear is being called a floater. So don’t call Andy a floater–call the duck floater Andy! That’s perfect actually: Andy Duck. Zing!

Maybe the Big Brother production crew could get busy putting together a competition where there are a whole bunch of little floating rubber duckies that have each of the remaining players’ names on them. I would love to see a pool full of little floating Andy Ducks. Let’s go Big Brother Production people. Make that floating duck competition happen.

Robert Lloyd

Andy is a real floater, you know the kind that you just can’t seem to flush away!


Still can’t believe how close Andy and Spencer are. Spencer has said a few derogatory gay remarks to Andy with others present and Andy just takes it. What a fool Andy has been!
He lies, cries, lies, makes ignorant comments, and did I say LIES!!!!
Andy will also lose his job at the university in Chicago and will move in with Spencer in Arkansas and they will live happily ever after. Now that a real FAIRY tale.


Andy teaches at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL, not the University of Chicago. Knowing the instructors at COD I doubt he will lose his job. My sons go to COD for honors classes and I haven’t been impressed with most of their teachers so far. I think it is a good place for wanna be’s.

Those Who Can't Do

Well, the fact that the little ginger rat is a teacher makes perfect sense. Those that can’t do TEACH. In the Big Brother House, those that can’t do FLOAT.

What does he teach, underwater basket weaving? No wait. How could a floater teach underwater basket weaving? He’d have to be able to stop floating and actually swim into the water, which Andy Duck can’t do, which is why he does nothing but float from one side to the other.

Andy is nothing but a wanna be. He’s psychotic and fixated on Elissa. I believe he’s actually fixated on Elissa because she was the one person in the house who saw through his crap, either that or he wants to BE her. Maybe both actually.

Big Sister

I knew it was a college I’d never heard of. Is it a 2- or 4-year school? I can’t imagine he’d be welcomed back with open arms. I want him sent to jury so the women can TEAR HIM TO SHREDS!!!!

Floaters Gonna Float

I actually have one of these same floating duck chlorinators in my pool, and it will henceforth be referred to as Andy. Now if there was only some object I could think of to represent Spencer…… Hmm……. Now what would be a good representation of Spencer?

I know!!!

I wonder if I could find a floating dildo that I could toss in the pool with Andy?

Andy Duck and Spencer D**k.


They are ALL floaters. A BB first where the final five are total pieces of shit. All combined they aren’t worth Andy’s $94. I’m glad that rat turd didn’t win anything more.


Aren’t they all floaters? What is the definition of a “floater”? Someone who is not in an alliance, or moves from alliance to alliance?


If Spencer Doesn’t Get Andy Out This Week, He Will Win Next To AnyOne Left.


I hate spencer. I wish the little rat would screw him over just like he has everyone else. No one in this house deserves to win. There wasn’t a lot of great players this season but there were many other players that were worthy.


Andy is going to take Spencer to the Jury. Andy will win against Spencer. Andy has been the best gameplayer, probably one of the top 5 all time in BB history. After McCrae or GM go this week, Judd will soon follow.

Andy has earned it!


Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Dan, Dick, Jun, Andy, Janelle, Rachel.

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things is just a sniveling little rat that doesn’t belong in the same galaxy with those other names.

Beef Jerky Jerky

Two choices, huh!
Spencer the hillbilly…..pervert?
Andy the…..queen?
Andy…..hate the rat!
Plz! NO pervert winner of the $$$!!
Sorry, Marilyn … NO new trailer home, this year!!


Andy goes into a doctor’s surgery convinced that he is pregnant.
“How could you possibly be pregnant?” asked the doctor, “Who is the father?”
“What do you think I have?” asked Andy, “Eyes in the back of my head?”


I’ve been subjected to some pretty mean spirited gay jokes in my day-being gay myself. Even so, I can always give credit when one is clever.

Yours is not.


Picture this: Andy on a float at Chicago Gay Pride Parade. He is wearing all pink from boa to ping flip flops. He is wearing a tiara and waving to bystanders.

Italian Princess

Now THAT’S funny!

Spencer's nose

Spencer, you’re an even bigger bully than Amanda! You’ve been picking on me since day one!

The brain of spencer

You better be quiet spencer nose before I call my future wife Marilyn on you.

Gina you are a fool

Gina was that joke suppose to be funny of course ELISSAs husband can take her to the Bahamas. You better hope you win the 500K Gina Marie because your comments all season have dug you into a big hole.

GM will be desperate after this

GM can only hope to win because she is an unemployed STUPID ignorant ugly asshole whose prospects of finding a job or a man after this are virtually impossible.



Really Andy

Andy you are a teacher and you are talking about you wished you would have farted on Elissa’s head wtf.


he talks like a nine year old boy.


He dresses like a nine year old boy,,,,,,,,,,,,,Garanimals

I would never allow Andy to teach my children

Stunned Granny

I have grandkids 8, 6, 4. They love bathroom humor. And Andy teaches what? Very, very scarey. No wonder our educational system is so bad.

Big Sister

Please don’t blame educators for Andy’s bad behavior. We do not claim him as one of our own.


What is really disgusting is that after he picks his nose he waits a second and when he thinks no one is watching he wipes that finger on the couch or a pillow. EWWWWWW! At least you can see Amanda’s blood stains but Spencers snots are almost invisible


Someone commented he had just picked his nose, went over to make a sandwich, tore off pieces of the roast beef and put some of it back. UGGHH, the thought of that makes me want to puke.


Where Spencer comes from a booger sandwich is a delicacy!


In Conway, Arkansas They have a big “Spencer Party: at TGIF to watch BB. Imagine a bunch of Spencers sitting there drjnking Bud Light, eating Beef Jerky and masturbating. Yup! That’s a Spencer Party.

Beef Jerky Jerky

NO! That is Arkansas, my friend!
Granny & Gramps retired, in a
community around this area,I know!


Gina- What’s that old moldy cheesy smell
McCrae- Oh, that’s my feet. I stop washing to get Amanda off me, but she takes it anyways. I can’t even talk game without her on top of me all the time.
Gina- No, it’s a new smell
Spencer- Oh, thats you got something on your hand. Remember I was scratching my balls before I shook your hand.
Gina-Noo, that’s not it.
Andy- It’s me. The fart I was suppose to give Ellissa on top of head, but was too constipated from eating too much cheese.


Hey Andy…how’s karma!! Oh wait your 94 dollars.

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

1. Even if karma were real, that’s not at all how it works.

2. Even if karma did work that way…by that same logic, elissa was evicted for her bad karma last night.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too, man.

Floaters grab a ......

It’s final 5 and the exterminators has everyone at the edge of their seats (Sarcasm). Now I understand why Rachel hated floaters.


Rachel sucked at the game and WAS a floater. Just because production rigged it for her doesn’t make her a good player.


And you suck at commenting, what’s your point?

Shiny Happy People

Typical Brenchel fan.

Someone criticizes Rachel’s gameplay, so the Brenchel JERK attacks that person. Very mature!


Idon’t like Rachel or Elissa and you suck!


Oh no C! I’ll be losing so much sleep over that 🙁


This is my first season of bb so I’m not in any army, Brenchel or otherwise. I’m just sick of rude ass people.


Rachel was far from a floater. She had to win comps in order to stay in the house. Andy is a floater. Spencer is a floater. Judd is a floater. Mccrea isnt really a floater…he just sleeps all day. Gm is a nutcase.


No one should watch BB this week to show CBS what we think of this season! I know I am not watching until finale, and I might not even watch that if Andy or Spencer are in the final 2. Can you imagine how full of themselves they would be. Andy- “I played the whole house, I formed the exterminators alliance, I floated and I am the best player of the season” Spencer- “I survived being on the block 7 times! oh and I played with my junk almost everyday without you knowing! Thats hard to do in this house so vote for me to win” :/ No twist can save this train wreck. i thought spencer was a conductor? Oh thats right he was to busy playing with himself.


Whoops….this was supposed to be its own comment 😛


People need to quit it with the comments about Production rigging shit for people to win. Everyone said they were rigging it for Amanda and where is she now? Oh that’s right in Jury. Idiot. Rachel was a damn good player, hence the reason why she won!


Ha! Last night Rachael tweeted about the final 5 , “Aren’t enough life vest to hold these floaters, they need a tug boat.” LOLLOLOL

Shiny Happy People

How is that funny, clever, or original?

That joke took literally no effort, and sounds like it was fed to her from the diary room staff.


I thought it was GREAT! Loved that episode of Rachael.


I’m pretty sure she wasn’t “joking” when she said that….

Shiny Happy People

Call it what you want…it’s not clever.

1. Why would any of the floaters need life vests, let alone a tugboat(?) if everyone left in the house is a floater? Who’s going to take them out? It isn’t funny or original. It took her two seconds to come up with a form of transportation that can be utilized in water. You all just eat it up though because Rachel said it. I bet you all watch CBS comedies too…


Are you Judd’s mom?

Shiny Happy People

I’m a guy.

And you’ve got quite the ego problem if you automatically assume that someone who disagrees with you, and defends a player that you don’t like, must somehow be related to that player.

A much simpler and obvious answer is I’m just another viewer that doesn’t agree with you. Deal with it.


Aww, don’t be dull and grumpy!


hate to say it but everyone else talking about who was the biggest tartget and took each other out seems like the smartest move was to do what they did apparently im right as we see it is was it is like it or not like I said over 3 weeks ago winner will be someone you never thought


YAWN!!!!!!! Go JUDD……. I guess…..


I don’t think any of the remaining houseguests deserve to win. Elissa is gone and they are still bashing her. Jealous much? This sucks. I guess the only person to root for is the best one of a bunch of assholes. So I guess I’ll root for judd. They are all dispicable people. Sorry elissa, I was hoping you would won but no. bad season. Bad people…


Please take it from someone that actually studied human behavior for 7 years. Dislike of a person is not always rooted in jealousy. Maybe one or two people in that house are jealous of Elissa, but not all of them, and certainly not the vast majority of BB fans who dislike her and Rachel.

For me personally, I just don’t like Elissa’s “i’m better than you attitude” Yes, she had more class than many of the people in that house, but no one is above apologizing when they make a mistake, and several times when people apologized to her for their wrongful actions, she never offered one back for her own missteps. I lost all respect for her at that point.

Also, the nonsense about her having production in her back pocket, and her comment about her contract guaranteeing her 3rd place was totally classless. She bent the spirit of the game and ticked a lot of people off in the process.

Jealous much

There are lots of comments saying this person or that person are floaters and don’t deserve to win. Seriously??? Obviously the word “floater” in this game is actually a great strategy since all the so called power players are either home or at the jury house. And as a man why are all the male players so intimidated by the females. Win or lose if much rather be in the house with Aaryn, kaitlin, Elissa and the rest over spencer, mc, Judd and Andy!?! C’mon dudes!!


floater is a solid strategy … Flip flopper now that’s being a douche 😉

Jealous much

I totally agree Simon but I’m just stating the obvious. The floaters and flip floppers are still competing while our favorites (if you can dare to choose one) aren’t. This is the most pathetic final 5 and or cast ever. My vote goes to the fish for America’s player!!


A possible response from Elissa
“MMMM at least I have a husband who can afford a trip to the Bahamas… all you have is a blue hat and a restraining order..mmm sooo disgusting.”

God I hope MC wins the veto.
I want to see Spencer sweat it out when he has to nominate Andy or Judd.
Either way to win MC Vote the Exterminators will be exposed by either GM, Andy or Judd.

I just really want to see those 4 turn on each other like rabid dogs while MC takes a nap.

McFILTHY is a Trailor Trash Wife

Amanda is a sociopath.

McFILTHY would have been the BIGGEST FLOATER without a sociopath to hide behind.

Vote for Elissa

continue, the more you talk shit the more elissa has a chance,idc who wins this is the worst final five evveeeerrr,i hope elissa wins americas player so i could see the rat,pervert,racist,anddumbass to crap on the stage.


Andy never seems to cease in lacking class…farting on Elissa’s head was his wish???!!?? Maybe when he is evicted, Julie Chen will call him out, unlike she did to Amanda, but more like she did to Aaryn! I hope he doesn’t win this game!


worse thing is ive heard much worse at work for the last 30 years and a lot of the guys are millionaires


LOL at all the haters. The Exterminators are on the level of Chilltown and the Brigade.


The exterminators are nowhere nearly as good as Chilltown or the Brigade. Dr. Will and Boogie were the puppet masters. The exterminators are a bunch of the weakest players who by happenstance and a little luck, are final five. Spencer did nothing to advance his position. There were just always bigger targets. He completely lucked out. Andy did play the game some but his gameplay often sucked. GM? She made some big moves in the end but not until the very end. Judd? Likeable enough but not a huge factor in the game.

The players this season, especially final five….ugh.

Roisin Dubh

Wow, you are on some serious drugs. Chilltown and the Brigade started at the beginning of the season and held tight. Exterminators started at the end to get rid of three people and two of them sucked at comps.


This is white trash year on BB … N i talked some friends into watching this season…who had never watched b4…. Thanks alot CBS…


As tough as a broad like me, I still cringe every time that Staten Island TROLL says, I gotta take a shit!!!!!!!

Is it true that Nick is now living in Costa Rica?

Season over

Ok. Since we now have no one worthy winning, Can we just disqualify the rest of them and end the season on a high note? lol


Agree. Cancel rest of the season due to lack of interest.

CBS can start SURVIVOR one week earlier.


Mccrae voting out Elissa is a top 5 worst bb move of all time, it goes up there with Danielle putting up Shane last year for Dan and former bb fav Kayser moves.


When McCrusty gets to the jury house, Amanduh will make his life a misery for nominating Elissa. She will rag on him endlessly before begging for sex.


Why!!!!! Keep Elissa’s name out of your mouths. Andy claims to hate her so much yet can’t drop it. Jeez everyone in this house keeps bad mouthing her and talking about some really violent treatment towards her. At least Amanda told her what she thought of her to her face. All these little rats can’t fend for themselves something Elissa had to do since day one!

People talk about how Elissa had no game, she actually did because no one else in this house had a bigger x on their back than she did. She didn’t even get a chance to fairley because people in the house hated her for no apparent reason! It’s some really immature stuff being said…slap her face with my d**k, fart on her head? Are these people okay?! So discusting they are not being called out for their behavior.

Linda S.

I can’t even begin to describe how disgusted I am with all of the remaining houseguests, especially Spencer. There have been many times Spencer has done something so vile and disgusting and no one in the house reacted to it. Made me want to vomit. Let’s see, he has his hand down his pants scratching who knows what (appendage or orifice or maybe both) and then immediately goes to pick his nose with that same finger and then flick the booger on the bed or couch. If this is what he usually does in every day life, RUN MARILYN RUN.

Beef Jerky Jerky

Watching bbad is sickening! Spencer says to Andy
“do you believe I won hoh,dude”??? Andy ” no I can’t”!
Spencer orders people around, like a dumb f*~k!
Omg! You didn’t get elected to a political office, fu*~ head!!
You are playing a game! And you will NOT win the $$$!!
GO HOME to HOGville!!

howerds BBC

Houseguest who are gonna get my BBC after the show: Aryan your first, I know you want a taste of the dark side , Jessie your second and I’m going to take my time with you sweetheart, and last but not LEAST Andy my rat “bastard” your gonna get the best 8==D~~ you have ever gotten in your entire life!!!


Your either bragging or lying…..I somehow think its the latter…as i doubt you’ve ever seen 8″ and your comments are right there along with the immature little HG and their diarrhea mouths.


Spencer has two big problems waiting for him back home. 1. Marilyn lit a match in the bathroom and your house exploded right off its wheels. 2. Even though the Halloween pumpkin on your front porch has more teeth than Marilyn there is still that crazy law that says you can’t marry a goat.

Jealous much

And you’re just as classy!!

Pinocchio Obama

So are we in agreement that this is the weakest final five in Big Brother history?

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

The Elissa fans are in agreement.

The rest of us are still happy, enjoying the season, and sick of the lot of you.

Pinocchio Obama

@ Andy vs Judd

Speaking of enjoing I hope you love Elissa winning her $25,000 for Favorite HG. Face.

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

Not as much as I’ll enjoy watching a player who wasn’t production’s pet win half a million dollars. Icing on the cake is knowing all these people who take the show too seriously will be fuming the entire time.

so confused

SO…first y’all want the exterminators to take out amanda. Okay, DONE. Now they run the house and you hate them. Make up your mind.

Stunned Granny

It’s not about who’s left in the game, it’s no fun to watch poor sportsmanship, lack of intelligence and just downright meanness. We have watched from year one, there have been many of my favs voted out. I reset and continued enjoying the game. This is painful to watch. Is this a sad commentary of our society?

Stunned Granny

By the by, even many of the commenters on this site are also mean. What gives?

Roisin Dubh

Jun wrote a great article talking about how big brother and it’s fans have changed over the years and how the nastiness on both ends is now the norm. She said she would never go back on the show again because the harassment from the fans isn’t worth it. I admit I make fun of the houseguest, I;m not above it, but I don’t write about hoping they get in a car crash or sign some dumb petition that isn’t gonna do jack. That’s just over the top. Oh and the only reason why they jumped Aaryn and gave everyone else a pass is because she made Asian jokes, see if Asians were never mentioned, Jul;ie would’ve given her the kid gloves also. The really bizzare part is that the HG’s were pretty much saying I’m an asshole America do something about it with their actions and behavior. But like the Real World on MTV, BB has finally morphed into shock value entertainment. This season made the transformation complete. So, if you like this season, you’re a youngin. If you hate this season, you were born as late as the 70’s and we’re just old farts that have no use anymore.


do you a link to the article?

Roisin Dubh

I’m terrible at computers, but it’s on her website Jun dishes.

Roisin Dubh

The name it’s under is BB alum. It was written on 8/28


I think this is the one: Big Brother Hiatus (?)



I read the same article-she made some valid points.



: “do you have a link to the article?”

I think this is the article Roisin Dubh was speaking of (September 6, 2013 at 5:25 pm) — “Jun wrote a great article talking about how big brother and it’s fans have changed over the years and how the nastiness on both ends is now the norm…”


Stinking Floaters

I actually have one of these same floating duck chlorinators in my pool, and it will henceforth be referred to as Andy. Now if there was only some object I could think of to represent Spencer…… Hmm…….

I know! I wonder if I could find a floating dildo that I could toss in the pool with Andy?

Andy Duck and Spencer D**k.

Elissa's Fellowship

The Elissa Fellowship saw some potential to the game while she was still in it. She started the show as a target, and like it or not was viewed as the underdog early on. And, many people became a fan of Elissa for being able to sustain her place in this game for as long as she did and for being able to avoid lowering herself by taking part in the vulgarities, racist remarks and personal attacks. She had her character flaws but they paled in comparison to many of the other house guests on this show. Elissa may have had help from her sisters fan base initially, but she developed her own following the longer she stayed in the game.

There were others that we would have liked to have seen remain in the game, but unfortunately the floaters, racists, and perverts prevailed. That is why people are no longer interested. This season was so boring because there were no real strategies, no power struggles, there were only floaters hiding behind the bully. Now because the floaters have to start talking game and actually playing, that they think they have earned the title. Who ever wins gets the title by default, not because they earned it.


Its funny, everyone was bashing Amanda and Elissa, but now everyone is saying how boring it is now that they’re gone.. the one person who played this game, amanda, lost to a bunch of ducks…


I was just saying today that I can’t believe I disliked someone as much as I disliked Amanda, and now wish she had stayed. LOL That tells you how sad this season is…


Amanda did play the game but it went to her head and she turned psycho. She was too big on herself and that made her turn ugly, especially when she started bullying people to get her way or for revenge, and going so far as to attack someones family. She lost sight of the game and started driving everyone crazy, inside the house and out. She cried and stomped her feet when McCrae wouldn’t defend her against Gina. No game play there and by no means something to be proud of, just someone who lost control of her game and showed her personal side. (How attractive.)


I think I am going to re-name this season to Big Brother: Elissa Edition. Considering the fact, that these dunderheads cannot, and will not, SHUT UP about Elissa.



If Elissa were still in the house, they probably would still be ragging on Candice. Can’t see that it makes much difference to them what name de jour they use. Its the same ugliness. They are just plain mean spirited and nasty.



I think Spencer tried to align several times and also did a great great job of going up and being seen as a non target enough to get by. After the moving company broke it was amazing he has survived. Spencer weather you guys like it or not is a GREAT player in my opinion.

Andy has played his game rather well too. If he gets to the final two how can you fault him. He has played all sides GREAT.

GM is just fun….she has gotten a little lucky but still won some huge comps and got out the villain of the season when no one else did. She has toughness and is stubborn (and sometimes dumb) as a mule but people trust her. There is something to be said about that. Also being on the block vs Elissa in the double helped her jury wise. Will explain if needed. I think she can really win.

Mccrae – Well jury still out on that. I think he may be a little weaker – we will see.

Judd even though I love him he is a bit overrated as a player in my opinion.


Told you guys it would suck once Amanda left. Many of you got what you deserved. A BORING FREAKING GAME! I literally don’t care to watch until the POV competition. That is literally all that counts right now as these people are just bores. Spencer is an idiot for agreeing to get McCrae out. McCrae is literally the ONLY person he could make an argument against and win. He would have a shot too because so many people hate Amanda on that jury, that they would see giving the money to McCrae would be like giving it to her. For Spencer not to be secretly working with McCrae this week just shows he HAS NO GAME.


You forgot one thing, everyone on Jury likes McCrae more than anyone else in the game, so taking him out IS in fact a smart choice. Him possibly being with Amanda after the show is a poor argument, because they don’t know that for sure, you saw how overtly annoyed he was of her, very doubtful that he would want to deal with that delusional bitch on the outside, when there’s so many nicer and sane women out there. He stayed with her in the house for easy pussy and a shield becasue of her triads.


This season has been dreadfully boring – only a handful of them were really playing, the rest were just along for the ride. Almost every eviction was 100% to evict someone. *yawn* I guess one of them has to win….and Judd is the one I dislike the least that is left.


hopefully one of the floaters that ends up winning says up my check and let me float on outta here btches boom


As an adjunct professor, Andy is probably on a sessional contract. After his despicable behavior on Big Brother, it is unlikely he’ll ever be rehired.. there or anywhere. What eductional institution would risk sullying their reputation by hiring him.. ever.

Shiny Happy People

Oh please.

I have two college degrees, including a masters, and I work closely with my alma mater.

Real institutions of academia so don’t care about any of this. Only the ones who’s reputations are already abysmal would worry about Andy’s presence affecting them in any way.


I don’t know. If my daughter attended an “institution of academia” where Andy was a lecturer, I might be concerned about some of the vulgar language he used to describe the women in BB and I sure don’t have an “abysmal” reputation.

Shiny Happy People

Apologies-I meant the university’s reputation, not the student or their parents.

and frankly (not being rude-I just deal in reality), the university wouldn’t care either if you didn’t want your kid attending their college. When’s the last time a college “went out of business”? They’ll do just fine without your money.

Also, Andy noted before going into the house that one of his proudest achievements is having a “wall of admiration” on the 1st floor girl’s bathroom in the building he teaches at. Girls apparently love him back home, and I doubt that’s going to change over a television show-especially when most of his students probably know andy way better than any of us do.


Bet that wall of admiration has been painted over by now


“Real institutions of academia so don’t care about any of this.”

Well that’s kind of sad. Considering that a college/university is the first “real” step into adulthood. Or that’s what I understand of it, as evidenced by parents who recognize their baby is growing etc on commercials and in movies.

Oh, wait, of course they don’t care! They allow those frosh parties and pledging and drink til you die keggers.

Shiny Happy People

Sad but true.

Then again, the world might be a better place, and our kids might have better role models, if parents weren’t so obsessed with tearing down a reality game show and the players still playing it.

Get Real

I think that all universities care about in their professors is their knowledge and ability to teach. You can’t fire them for saying things like they want to fart on someone’s head etc, as despicable as that may be. Thinking back to all of my college professors, I didnt know a thing about any of their personal lives or how they acted and talked outside of the classroom. Do you guys really think all teachers are saints?


Helen told Elissa not to trust Andy. But, she did thinking he would vote to keep Amanda. So much so Elissa wondered if McCrea voted against Amanda.


Do these people honestly think they can keep MC from playing hard for the veto? Like how often does that work? Even spencer wasn’t dumb enough to not play for the veto.


This is a painful season! They are absolutely undeserving of $500,000. YUCK!!!! The guessing the number”77″ thing between Andy and Spencer is so ludicrous. I hope GM and JUDD are the F2. Even though I don’t care for any of these people. CBS>>>> PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

Spencer stop playing with your penis

Why does the rat bastard have such a sick obsession with Elissa…….he sure is a big tough rainbow rat behind her back…..I hope someone in her family confronts that vile slob…..And to think that obsessed rat is a professor. As far as the racist hood rat GM she isn’t going to be laughing when she gets home and karma the bitch is there to greet her…….it’s gonna be great

Get Real

Funny that we (viewers as a whole) are disgusted with the awful things the HG’s have said this season… And then go online and say equally as vile things about the HGs. Stop the hate. Thumbs up if you don’t like the Final 5 but don’t need to stoop to their gross name calling, racist, mean-spirited level to make your point. Thumbs down if you are a coward who hides behind their keyboard to bring others down.


I’m going to be mad if this show gets cancelled because of the remaining people. As much as everyone hates Elissa and Amanda, at least they provided entertainment.


theyre worried about being thought of as floaters because they know they are floaters…the fact that they have the discuss reasons why they arent floaters only proves my point.


There is not a single one of these five that deserve to be in the final 5! Spencer says he’s worried that jury will think he was a floater….well nose picker…you ARE a floater!!! The only difference between him and his little gal…whoops…guy pal Andy…is that Rat Boy lied his redheaded ass off to everyone while floating thru the house…hands in pockets and walking around like he was in a daze…and of course following everyone like a bad odor!! He always looks like a little scared girl when he thinks somebody might be somewhere talking game and always makes sure is is there too! As bad as I hated Amanda and Elissa too at times…both of them added an excitement that none of these shit for brains five can ever enlist in the BB house or its fans.


Now that they are down to 5 HGs Rat Dog is letting his real self come out. He is as vile as the rest of them even starting with comments about biracial(Candice) in the jury. And just talking lalala about plagiarizing and cheating on tests. I so hope that community college he taught at doesn’t renew his contract. The students deserve better.


I don’t care what CBS says, I wish every one of the Jurrors would just walk out. The pay they get just isn’t worth giving 500k TO ANYONE LEFT IN THIS HOUSE.
Sorry Simon and Dogg. There is always something else you can use your talent on. This show should be canceled for something better.


Watched the live feed just now for at most a minute….. B O R I N G

Judd just did 20 sit-ups and Spencer is laying in bed listening to music, looking at a picture he’s holding in his hand (probably of his right “love” hand) and breathing so heavily that medics should be called to see if he has a problem and is in the final stages of expiration…..

Did I mention it is B O R I N G ????

Flip a Coin

I guess because MC (aka bandanna boy) is odd man out, I’m reluctantly rooting for him.


BB gives them small gifts to keep them entertained but Andy refuses to use his gifts because he thinks he can sell them after the game is over. Is he really that desperate where $50 might change his life? What a pathetic loser.

Shiny Happy People

Oh, yeah, but the person spending time on an internet forum bashing a BB houseguest they’ve never met under an anonymous name…that’s not pathetic AT ALL.


Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Shiny Happy People

In addition to that being a completely cliche and unoriginal one-liner comeback, you do realize that it doesn’t fit, at all, with my above comment, right?

Oh well, enjoy the thumbs-up from the Brenchel Army.


Hello person1


Why do so many HG trust Andy so much.
First, he’s a good liar. An impressive con man..
Second, he spends lots of time and energy causing problems between HG. Putting one against the other.
Third, he’s been a fly on the wall. Slipping in and out of conversations un-noticed. Then using the information to create chaos..
So is this great game play? … Yes if he’s not like this outside the BB house. No if he’s just behaving like himself…
Seems he takes great pleasure in scheming and ploting against others. Like to put people down. Insult them.. I wonder how much of Andy’s influence motivated Amanda anger against Elissa and others.. ??


I would a LOT that Andy is a well practised liar outside of Big Brother House as well. That is a cultivated talent. But because he’s such a great liar and because there are no 24/7 cameras in his real life to catch in the act, most people probably don’t suspect him, till way after the fact. But now, we all know!


He says he IS a good liar. He claims it comes from doing improv.


You’re right on all counts… that said, if Andy wins I’m gonna stab someone. (He is 2nd place for least aware of how he comes across to the audience… he thinks his clothes are “too cute to leave at home,” he thinks he made a lot of BIG MOVES, and he has said that he is “pretty adorable” in the diary room so he is pretty sure America loves him (BARF, he is the worst in the diary room– it is painful to hear him plan what he is going to say on the live feeds then say the exact same thing thinking he is so clever)

Season 15

Andy definitely likes to stir the pot and instigate things. Tho, Amanda was pretty easy to rile up. Elissa wasn’t so easy. Andy had Mc to help mellow Amanda.


Mooning says about Andy….”So, is this great game play…Yes, if he’s not like this outside the house”. I tend to believe that his lying, sneaking approach, might be considered great game play be some, however, I think it would be hard for ANYONE to behave such as Rat Boy does….and do it that well…without that behavior being part of their social and psychological make up. Good point mooning.

Just Saying

Congratulations CBS! for being able to gather the 5 worst SCUMBAGS on Earth, put them in the BB House for one of them to win Half A Million Dollars! Good Job! My disappointment is huge, don’t care for the TV show but I will continue to check every now and then (out of curiosity) which of the scumbag won. No more BBAD, I already know how much the Rat and the Pervert hate Elissa Don’t think future BBs will get better, CBS hit a new low and sadly they will continue to go that way


“I feel like I have no one on my side.” – McCrae

You don’t. That’s what happens when you evict the only person on your side, stupid.

Snooze fest

This is the first season that I watched BB religiously, and it’s been AWFUL… I really hope CBS comes up with a twist or Pandora’s box shows up and brings some excitement to the table. Either way, I could care less about who wins…but if I HAVE to choose, I say GM…only because she’s been the most loyal in the game (while she floated around for a bit, other than her 1st HOH). Now Judd, I loved him, but he’s just everywhere and you never know what he’s thinking. I hope Andy and Spencer both get evicted…both too dirty for me.


Andy tells McCrae that he wishes he had gotten the chance to fart on Elissa’s head.


Elissa has been gone for about 18 hours now and the piece of upright shit we refer to as Andy is still laying it on. How that could be good for his game at this point in the game is very, very questionable.

SO…. it’s rather obvious then that he is as despicable and warped as he’s portraying himself to be……. Yes, his friends need to look back at time spent with him to determine if they’ve been the victims of his thoroughly offensive behaviour.

And to think this guy teaches human beings whatever he’s professing to know.

F’king degenerate !

Andy, the bitch of bitches!

Andy is probably the worst person I’ve seen play this game. Between all his crying and wiping his pussy clean, I’m surprised he can lift his arm with all the back stabbing he’s been doing. I literally have stopped watching the show now because these last 5 are the scum of big brother history. It is an absolute shame that one of these waste of skins will have their name beside people like Dan, Mike Boogie, or Jordan. Each one of these people won a ton of comps or in Jordan’s case, was extremely kind to everyone. This crew of shit heads has won a total of 5 HOH. Or POVs. What a group of losers. CBS should be ashamed!!


I hope JUDD does win. Helen & Amanda bragged about controlling all the HOHs but they didn’t control Judds & that’s why they hated him. I remember Helen claiming she was scared for her life cause Judd was gonna come to her house & shoot her, bitch please. I do think it’s funny that the self proclaimed masterminds, the people “America loved” ( in their minds,helen & amanda ), the “good people” the “superfriends” got voted out before this bunch….It’s just funny…I’m glad Judd got to come back cause Amandas paranoid delusions of him being MVP was the reason he went out. That & the fact they couldn’t control his HOH…. Judd just seems like an all around good dude & I know he needs the money. He’s a die hard BB fan & unlike McCrae he has very much appreciated the experience. McCrae is gonna look back & see himself doing nothing but sleeping & “Yup, yeah, yeah, I know” & following Amanda around listening to her tell everyone all the different ways she’s had a goober… she reminds me of the old saying about the porcupine…Anyway, JUDD FTW !!!


They could change to name of the show to “Big Brother Charity” then. Just give to the person who seems they need it the most.


Spencer just told Andy (who is going to DR) “you look super cute”

Spencer should have been flirting with Andy ALL season, then he might be the one who ran the show. I bet Andy would have slightly fallen for it.


I’m ok with anyone winning just so it wasn’t Amanda. Her ability to dish it out but couldn’t take it , got old quite quickly.


Lets all cross our fingers that production held off on a Pandora’s box incase something like this happened- nothing but lameness! Lets hope Soencer gets one and someone entertaining from jury comes back!


When will I finnaly get a shower????????


GO Exterminators !!!!


HAHA! YES! So happy that they pulled it off last night!


Congrats, Simon. You got what you wanted. Got your beef jerky, bud light & lotion?


LOL I just recently started cheering for the exterminators. Frankly a week ago I didn’t care who made it to final 4


I was on the side of the Exterminators. Cuz they were going to take out the trash. But when the spotlight went back on Elissa and Amanda, the stars, it was a confusing mess. It distracted me long enough to watch GM again being as ignorant as ever and it made me realize that I don’t care for any of these people

Maybe if I hadn’t watched the LiveFeeds, things would be different.


trying to make vodka outta potatoes 😉