Andy gets his chance to win between $1 – $5000 and ends up WINNING ONLY $94!

POV Holder: Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda
Have Nots



11:15am – 12:50pm The Big Brother 15 live feeds switch to TRIVIA while the house guests are on a HOH lock down. When the feeds return – Judd, Andy, Ginamarie, Spencer and McCrae are still up in the HOH room. Gina and McCrae head down to take a nap. Gina asks Spencer to wake her up if the Nomination screen comes up on the living room tv so that she can come up and talk to him. Gina and McCrae head down stairs to go back to bed. Judd and Spencer talk. Judd says man that sucks for Andy. Spencer agrees and says that Ginamarie must feel better. Spencer says that he picked two suitcaes that had nothing in them (Andy opened 3 suit cases 2 with nothing and 1 with $94). Spencer comments that Ginamarie opened up his big bottle of tea and drank it straight from the bottle. Spencer says I would never do that here being on tv and the fact that others will drink it. Spencer says I am going to put up McCrae and Gina. I will tell McCrae that I am putting him up to make others think that he and him aren’t that close. Spencer says he will tell Gina that she is safe, don’t worry. Spencer says that we need to win the veto because I do not want to have to send one of us home due to limited options. Judd comments that it will be hard to talk to Gina and McCrae while they’re chained together. Spencer says that he will have one stand right outside the door and whisper to the other. Andy, Judd and Spencer talk about how perfectly last night worked out. Andy says we got McCrae to do what we want. Andy says I can’t believe I only got $94 today!! Spencer says yeah I am sorry but it did make Gina feel better. They talk about how messy McCrae and Amanda are in the house. Spencer says he can’t wait to see how Amanda and McCrae are outside the house. Andy comments that McCrae cried more when Judd left than when Amanda left. Spencer says that he thinks McCrae is just happy to be able to play without her. Spencer says that he is just a little bit worried that Ginamarie will say something stupid to McCrae. Andy says we just have to make him feel safe so that he doesn’t fight for his life in the veto.

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Spencer grabbing his junk again:

1pm Spencer, Andy and Judd talk about Amanda and McCrae’s relationship. Spencer says that their relationship will be just like it is inside the house as it will be on the outside. He says that Amanda will let him know every day that she makes more money that he does. Spencer says he is worried for McCrae giving up all his friends and family to move to be with Amanda. Andy says that he thinks Amanda will be the most hated person of the season.

1:10pm The whistle blows and Judd is told to do 25 lunges.

Photo of Spencer’s girlfriend Marilyn:

1:20pm – 1:30pm In the rainbow room – Ginamarie and McCrae are napping. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Andy, Judd and Spencer talk about random things like cheating in school. Andy says that he cheated once in high school for a math test and got caught plagiarising a story for a new paper story. They continue to talk about random things. Judd heads downstairs to take a nap and asks if they will wake him up in an hour. Judd goes to the kitchen and motions to the camera to tell Andy what time it is. The whistle then blows and tells Judd to do 25 sit ups. The voice says my 90 year old grandma could do better than that.

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1:35pm- 2pm Andy talks to Spencer about what works best moving forward. He talks about whether or not it is better to keep Ginamarie or Judd after getting McCrae out. Spencer thinks that Gina would take Andy over him to the final two. Spencer asks who do we want to go into that final endurance against. Andy and Spencer aren’t sure who would be better to take. Andy is worried about comp master Ginamarie winning the comps in the end. Andy says if McCrae goes this week… I just don’t know what Judd would do next week. We need to solidify things with Ginamarie. Andy says I think its a good thing that I didn’t win much money. Spencer agrees. Spencer says we just have to make sure Gina and Judd don’t compare stories. Spencer says if I put you up as the replacement it would be a good strategic move because it would make them think we aren’t as close. Andy says it could work if Gina won the veto but not if McCrae won it. I don’t want my fate to be in Judd’s hands. Spencer laughs that Gina says if she won the veto she wouldn’t even use it on herself. That’s loyalty. Andy agrees. Andy says I don’t want her to win that final HOH because I want to be in the final two with you. Spencer says that Gina wants to talk to me about the noms .. but what do I tell her. I think I just need to tell her that McCrae needs to think that there is a boys alliance and that’s why she needs to go up. Andy and Spencer talk about if they decide to get rid of Judd he will need to be blindsided. Spencer says at this point I am not even worried about Gina because of her injuries. Spencer says if I had to do it all over I would have handcuffed you to McCrae but I wanted to give you a chance to win money. I hope that proves were my loyalties lie. Andy says it does. Spencer says I almost don’t want you to win HOH next week so that you are the one to keep me. Andy explains that its the veto holder that decides so even if I win HOH that just means I am safe but I will play hard for the veto to keep you. Spencer says that he is worried about getting out and reading on blogs that he played the sh*ttiest game. Andy says there’s no way that would happen and says he played a good game. Andy says he doesn’t think McCrae or Judd would keep us, whereas I feel 100% positive that Ginamarie would. Andy says at the same time I feel like I could beat Judd in the final comps. Spencer tells Andy I know I can’t beat you in the final two. Andy disagrees. Spencer says that $50,000 would change my life and I think you deserve to win over anybody. Both agree they will take each other to the final two.

New drinking game – Take a drink every time Spencer sticks his hand down his pants:

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247 thoughts on “Andy gets his chance to win between $1 – $5000 and ends up WINNING ONLY $94!

      1. Yes andy is a rat and is super annoying but he has played as close to a flawless game as possible. yes he floated to power but he also played both sides very well

        1. Gina and Spencer for Final 2 !! seriously I hope Spencer and the others are not serious about taking Andy to Final 2…..he will beat anybody Gina and Spencer have to take each other to have a chance to win

          1. Andy won’t have the votes! Amanda and Elissa have talked
            in jury, and Andy is cooked!! Spencer is a back-stabber and
            wants all the $$$, for his perverted ass!! He does not care
            about anyone or anthing, but his lil’ teenie weenie. He plays
            with it every chance he gets!! He eats chips, puts his hand
            in his pants, and then back in the chip bag! Yuck!
            What a jerk-off!! OMG STFU LMFAO

      2. Why is he disgusting and a rat? Honest question. I just can’t fathom someone calling another human being “disgusting” ever, so I am genuinely interested in why you think that.

        Is it because he’s playing both sides of the house? I sure hope not, because if that’s the only reason, then you entirely miss the point of the TV show you’re watching.

        1. As for calling Andy a rat, he was talking with an HG once and he was telling them something after the fact. He had started to say that’s why he “ratted” on someone or something, caught himself and said he just wanted to “confirm” something. I have noticed many times during this game that he has almost slipped and had to catch himself. Like this “Andy says he has already slipped up a bit commenting to McCrae that Amanda will be pissed at me”

        2. If Andy feels Elissa is such a b!tch and horrible person and that he “hates” her so much then why would he ask her to cut his hair for him. If he was so repulsed by her, why didn’t he shave his head, have someone else cut it, or just let it grow out for one more month. Why ask someone you have no respect and despise so much? That is a personal request that goes beyond game play. He used her for personal reasons and that is pretty trashy!

        3. Andy hates Elissa because she put him up on the block. Plain and simple. He is a Scorpio and one of the things they do best is sting. “Beware the Scorpio who feels crossed! These folks can turn vindictive in no time flat.”

          He has friends in everyone there because:

          “They do, however, make excellent friends, provided that their companions do nothing to impugn the honor of which Scorpios are very jealous. Part of the negative side of the Scorpio nature is a tendency to discard friends once they cease to be useful, but the decent native is aware of, and fights this”

          1. Who is Andy the scorpion stinging? You actually have to have the body you intend to sting present right in front of you if you plan to sting someone. If there was another sign in the horoscope then it would have to be weasel because Andy has no problem slamming people when they are out of his sight, but never has the courage to call someone out in person.

        4. “Vile” is another all-time favorite bandied about around here. Some seem to legitimately get off on incessantly proclaiming how horrible the houseguests are and wishing ill for their futures after the game. In my opinion, the witch hunters are far worse than the witches.

      3. And what a bizarre time we’re in, when a judge will say to little children that you can’t say the pledge of allegiance, but you must learn that homosexuality is normal and you should try it. Andy should be thrown off this show. She doesn’t deserve to win a dollar.

    1. this season needs to just end and end quick. production should teach these idiots a lesson and not give them a pandora’s box. an opportunity for a pandora’s box should be given to a player who earned their position by calculating game moves. a panodora’s box will be another cheap gimmick for this horrible season and production already have some explaining to do for the stupid decision to have an MVP this season, and Judd coming back in the house without being sequestered. Andy has been the most annoying, personal and jealous individual since he walked in the house. he has been envying each and every single woman that has been in the game. it’s disturbing the lengths that Andy goes to always bringing up Candice and Elissa’s name from the start of the day to the end of the night. the ironic thing for the players that are left in the game, GM has more balls than Andy, JUDD, MC and Spencer put together.

      1. I really don’t think there will be a pandora’s box this season. It is already too late for it. They wll have a specal eviction on wednsday and then a regular eviction on Thursday so they will be in the final 3 after next week.

      2. At this point I would want Spencer and GM at final two. Everyone else left is BS! It’s Production’s fault this season sucked. After seeing so many things on the net about possible rigging by production it has made this game not fun anymore!! Production’s biggest error was choice in cast. Too much adderral and skanks, lol. The cast wasn’t divers enough. Spencer is a little icky but stayed under the radar. So much that he survived 7 noms. That says something. GM has balls….I don’t believe she shined much anyway else. Andy’s attitude just pisses me off…. there is not enough good in him to say he deserves to win.

    2. Dawg,

      Great shot of Spencer prepping his junk. I would suggest the house guests stay away from any of Spencer’s socks.

        1. This is the same guy who was SO appalled that GM drank his tea straight from the bottle. However, he did say he wouldn’t do that on TV (implying he would if no one was watching).

    3. You know you have played a strong game when you can combine Andy’s and Spencer’s votes for favorite HG and they still are behind Candice. Feel that love losers.

      1. mr president hope it spencer and gm in the finals and with a 5-4 vote gm wins Julie tries to talk to gm and gm says hush btch up the check I got sht to do boom

        1. Valid choices, I see where you’re coming from, but you totally forgot about :
          they were the best and totally deserved to win!

      1. Plz! How dumb do you think we are ?!?
        That perv is playing…..pocket-pool!!
        You know it, we all know it!
        The house has (65) fuc*~n……cameras!!!
        HE is a sick fu*#in perverted S O B!!
        He makes my skin CRAWL!!!!!!!!!!STFU!

    4. It’s ok Andy. Your here for the 500K!!!!!

      Keep dominating this game like you have……………McCrae still believes you. Hahaha. Great Job!!!!!

    5. Maybe Andy can use the 94 dollars to buy Spencer some lubricant and gloves and a hands free nose picker. He is GROSS. Really Marilyn. This is the best you can do

    1. I know. Seriously, just because she put you up and saw you for the rat turd you are? Quit crying like a little bitch already.

    1. Unless he Andy wins HOH or the Veto next week, he’ll be going home, because Spencer can’t play, and Judd, GM, or McCrae will be going home, but the two that stay, if they win HOH will nominate Andy, because they don’t want to take Andy to final three. Judd, and McCrae would rather take Spencer and GM, and GM would rather take Spencer or Judd.

      1. Mcrae is going home next week. Worst player ever. He shot himself in the foot when he nom Elissa, he should have listened to his instinct a few days ago he was doubting Andy, what changed??

        1. What changed? Either he fell in love like never before or he was dead scared of Amanda, because Amanda is who changed his mind. Every time he dais he wasn’t sure about Andy it was only to Amanda, and she kept shutting him down saying Andy was loyal. And the crazy thing about it, now that Amanda is gone he now believes Andy is loyal to him. For him to be a BB fan he’s going to kick himself in the butt when he gets home and watches the show back or listen to his family and friends tell him about how he played. GM was right when she told him he lost his fire, and I don’t know if he became to dependent on Amanda or if he’s just that gullible.

      2. Mcrae is going home next week. Worst player ever. He shot himself in the foot when he nom Elissa, he should have listened to his instinct a few days ago he was doubting Andy, what changed??

      1. “The whistle then blows and tells Judd to do 25 sit ups. The voice says my 90 year old grandma could do better than that.” Even production knows this bunch isn’t entertaining.

  1. Can I just say karma Andy? It is a biatch! Spencer is so disgusting I about want to barf every time I see his ugly mug with his hand down his pants. Can’t he at least do that stuff what privacy he can get, maybe under the covers? Geez.

    1. Did you read where he said who would drink out of someone’s tea bottle on TV where everyone can see it? So he knows we are all watching him play pocket pool all day, every day, and wants us to see it?? lol I read that Marilyn gave him a hall pass while he is in the house. Probably because she knows he is a nasty pig and no other woman would want him. I have no respect for his gal because she dates him.

      1. Do you think she will stay with him after all the things he has said about women in the house. At the very least, this will re-enforce why her parent don’t like him. And they will be bringing these things up to her.

        1. I think she will stay with him. If her family never liked him its a reason, and whatever that reason is she (Marilyn) chose to ignore it. So maybe Spencer is the same way at home. I don’t think he only acts that way in the house. I think he’s always been this way. I think all of them act the same in the house that they do at home, because they know the cameras are there. They are aware of what time After Dark comes on and everything, and all have made reference to wondering what people think of them from watching the live feeds, and they still don’t care what they say or do. I really hope Julie press Andy, and Spencer at the finale about their hatred of Elisa because I would really like to know what that’s about. It almost sounds as if Andy is jealous and Spencer goes along to get along with Andy. Spencer agrees with everything Andy says as if he’s so glad to have someone to talk to and call friend, he’s just as gullible as McCrae. Andy has Spencer snowed just like Amanda had McCrae snowed, but at least Amanda genially had McCrae’s best interest in the game at heart, Andy is simply a user, and will do anything for money. He’s desperate.

      2. I think it’s so pathetic that this asshole Spencer who comes from a prominent family, whose Father is an esteemed Judge, would go on a two bit reality show like BB. I mean the dregs of society show up here, it’s not like it’s AR . Takes a whole lot of selfish, entitlement to do this to your family. No, I don’t think this fool in the picture is a real girlfriend, I think Spencer is a self loathing bear.

        1. two bit reality show like BB?? So why are you even watching, much less commenting about it? If you feel that way, you have no business to even comment. Although I do agree with you that Spencer is a self loathing bear.

      3. I still think Marilyn is a figment of his imagination. The girl in the picture looks like a teenager. I wonder if she is the asshole’s relative or maybe an ex-girlfriend from high school. I mean how can can any woman with an ounce of self respect be associated with this perverted creep? Nobody will ever take her seriously again knowing what a sicko he is. If she is smart she should have him served with a certified letter on finale night not to have any contact with her or her family. Indeed, now that we know the red-haired piece of shit has no morals, ethics, or conscience, any woman who ever is seen with him will have her credibility questioned. Why hasn’t his employer found a clause in this chode’s employment contract giving it justification to terminate him? He’s mentioned the railroad several times. How embarrassing it must be for them to claim him as their employee.

  2. Spencer won’t drink tea straight from the bottle because he is on TV but yet he keeps his hand down his pants while on TV? Is he crazy?

    1. Remember that night Aaryn won HOH and everyone was sitting in her room talking? Spencer kept picking his nose, like literally for an hour on live TV, and would wipe the boogers on his jean shorts. Then he would put his hand down his pants and play pocket pool for a couple minutes. Then he would take that same hand and put it into a box of crackers she had and eat them. Then back to picking his nose. And all this in front of 8 HGs who apparently didn’t have a problem with it because nobody said anything. He is absolutely the most disgusting couthless ignorant sociopath I have ever seen in 42 years. And he does this same routine every night on BBAD. Sickening to watch.

    1. Andy is playing for 2nd, because I don’t think he would win against anyone not even Spencer. He is really serious about his final 2 with Spencer because he thinks he can only beat Spencer in the end, but Spencer will win simply for surviving the block 7 times. Andy would lose against Judd, because he came back into the house and everyone would think it is great game play to get evicted come back and make it to final two. Andy would lose against GM because if nothing else GM never lied to anyone like Andy did by making friends with them then stabbing them in the back. And besides GM won when she needed to. And poor McCrae, if Amanda has the jury member’s just as scared of her as she did in the house she will see to it that they vote for McCrae.

      1. i agree. the 94 bucks may be the biggest prize andy ends up with at this rate!
        he may be a brilliant floater, but he is a floater. he is almost a sociopathic con

        1. i think he is almost a sociopathic con artist
          who never is honest with others, he always
          holds himself aloof and has many facades.

      2. I hate to say it because I dont like Andy….but if he makes final 2, he will win. People like him, people in the house anyway. And they will see his moves as good game moves and I think they will respect that given the fact that as a person they all really like him. I liked him….up until he started being a mean girl too. Talking about the people that have left the house they way he does, not very classy. He doesn’t need to do that for people to like him.

        And if Spencer doesn’t get his damn hands out of his nasty jean shorts, I am going to barf! Seriously, my 70 year old Dad wears jean shorts, no one else. Spencer, his itchy balls and his tacky jean shorts have got to go!!! Please HGs, if you care at all about the viewers, get rid of itchy balls!!!

        1. I would have agreed with you until his goodbye message to Amanda where he spilled it all. There is no way she’s going to keep that quiet in the jury house which may get the others thinking (notice I said may). These folks have played it personal all the way along. I don’t expect that to change when they vote.

          1. Helen, Elissa and Amanda will NOT vote for Andy and if Mc Crae is in Jury I don’t think he will either. So that leaves Candace, Jessie, and Aaryn so far. If damanda tells Aaryn that Andy betrayed her, she (Aaryn) might vote for the red rat bastard. I don’t know and I really don’t care who wins the $500K. Just hope Elissa wins America’s Favorite.

            1. I only say Andy will get the jury votes because look who is left….Spencer….heck no. No one liked him personally and no one has respect for his (lack of) game play. McCrae slept all season long and he will most likely go to jury on Thurs. GM….maybe because she is a girl. Judd….maybe because he isn’t a racist bastard. But they all like Andy even if they dont like his game play. It’s the same thing that happened with Dan. He backstabbed his way to the final 2 and won. They still voted for him because his game play was good….even though his morals sucked. I think the houseguests would be foolish to keep Andy. They will keep nose pick/ball itcher Spencer. And my prediction, Marilyn will dump him. She looks way too normal!!

  3. Oh no, he did NOT say he wouldn’t drink out of that tea jar on TV because others might want to drink too?…and there he sits, hands down his pants doing who knows what?… The others need to wrap a towel around anything they touch that he has touched before.

    1. Like how last night he was making a sandwich and was tearing pieces of the roast beef and put some back in the bag, then every time the camera was on him he was picking at his nose. Nasty.

      1. Spencer is repulsive! I know 3 yo’s with better
        manners and much better hygiene!!
        Spencer aka Porky the Pig!!

  4. Spencer really! He wouldn’t drink from a bottle that has to be shared knowing people are watching on TV, but he will talk about children in a bad way, and disrespect women. I mean really which does he really think is worse?

    1. Spencer the pig is always picking his nose, grabbing his privates and does not wash his hands after going to the restroom. He is disgusting.

  5. Spencers worried about Gina Marie drinking tea straight from his bottle and doing it on tv?!?!?!?! that’s friggin hilarious. Yet he’s not worried about everyone seeing him shove his hand down his pants, grabbing his junk and then eating with the same hand. And to add to that all the vile, disgusting stuff he has said about people since being in the house. Good one Spencer, don’t worry about all the gross stuff you’ve done on tv to embarrass your family and gf!!!!

    1. I went to asked the same question and quite a few more, also told them what total crap the cast was and what BB has become (lowest common denominator)

      1. I wonder if julie didn’t grill amanda because of how unstable she is….might have been too much of a risk and too much liability….just a hunch. It was live and still had to do double eviction….so if amanda flipped out there wouldn’t be a good way to handle it on live tv.

    2. Probably because it was a double eviction night – no time for a good grilling. Even Aaryn might have gotten away on a DE night.

      1. I think there will be more talk about the racism on the show during the season finale when all the house guests are together. How can they not when Candice will be on the show as well as Helen and Elissa, and we all know that Elissa thought they were “disgusting.”

    3. Amanda Got Off Easy-that’s exactly what I’ve been saying. Even GM is much worse than Aaryn, but I guess they picked on her because she is prettier than the others and because Aaryn was the one that made the comment about Helen “Shut up and go make some rice.” Since Julie is Asian she got beef with Aaryn. But what about the Puerto Ricans and blacks Amanda insulted? I guess to Julie they are not good enough to be defended.

  6. LMFAO at the dirty rat bastard, ha fucking ha you pussy…you’ll be remembered as BB worst wussy rat bastard player EVER!

    1. I dunno….I think it is a close race between Andy and Ronnie. They both earned the rat moniker and had very similar game play….if you can call it game play.

  7. Hey Andy…..Did Brenchel Army come down and screw you over with $94.00. Go buy some cheese and out to the jury house.

  8. Someone should check spencer out for fleas. Can’t wait for the day when I don’t have see him this his finger jammed up his nose or grabbing his junk. GROSS!

    1. He has bed bugs, lice, crabs and fleas?
      Funny! McCrae is the one, that should be
      digging his crotch!! Was there a threesome
      that the cameras……..missed?
      Spencer told the others, his Marilyn, gave him a pass!

      1. Because the BB game is about lying, defrauding, and back-stabbing, and Andy has done this better than anybody. He has carefully manipulated the others to get to where he is. Personally, I find him reprehensible and repulsive.

    1. I agree. If no one catches on to Andy after all of the clues and being told over and over again, that he is a rat then he deserves the win. That being said. I DON’T LIKE ANDY AND HIS DIRTY MOUTH! But Stupid, dumb, dumber, dumbest let him get away with it.

      1. I hate to admit it, but you make a valid point. It’;s not like he’s played a super stealth game. He left so many footprints and nobody picked up on it. These people are dumber than a bag of hammers.

  9. Well good night and good riddance to all of CBS. CBS is officially “off the menu” at my house, removed from the tv menus, on all options.
    They should be ASHAMED for showing such perversions, live and in prime time!
    Will not even watch my local CBS news simply upon principle for the fiasco and filth of BB15.
    NO more BB, no more comments either. Sorry guys that CBS has ruined things for you too it would appear.
    So many of us are cancelling feeds and not wanting to see or read anything more about this disgusting crew, I will say ‘thank you’ for you efforts,
    but good bye.

  10. Well I only been watching big brother for 3 years now nd I agree this season is terrible but I saw someone say that there used to have America either vote the people on the block off or vote for the winner so can someone tell me which one America could do nd why they stopped it for these stepsons please.

  11. MUAHAHAHAHA! Lmao! Only $94.00 Andy???? Hope that’s all you get for the rest of the season, cry baby! hahahaha

    ***Spencer you are so Grosse…you probably don’t even wash your hands after touching down there… YUCK!!!***

  12. What’s HILARIOUS about this season is all of these idiots thinking America must love them. I think they each believe they will have a claim to fame now. They are nasty losers.

  13. i did not like amanda but never would i wish her to drop dead i would not wish that on nobody .like some people have andy & spencer.amanda & elissa just got out played it happens ever season it will again next season.favorites just dont win all the time.least we know now that the game was not rigged for amanda so that is a thumbs up.

  14. I’ve always told my children that people who treat others badly will get their just due in the end! Andy got what he deserved!

  15. I am SO gonna DONATE to Dawg/Simon
    But I am DONE with this season :/ These people don’t deserve to win cause at the end of the day they are Horrible people >:(

  16. That picture of ‘Marilyn’ is from Spencer’s basement. She’s been locked in that guillotine for a while now. If anyone recognizes her as a missing person, call 9-1-1 immediately.

    1. it looks like a pair of stocks like the ones the Puritans had on their town commons.
      during the French Revolution, aristocrats had their hands tied behind their backs
      before they were to be beheaded. its a pair of stocks!!! the idea is sorta similar…

  17. Maybe if that little twerp didn’t have so much I hate Elissa bullshit on the brain, he might of had more brainpower to choose right and win more money. You know the CBS crew has been counting down the days since around the 23rd day to end this debacle.

  18. Oh, exterminators you are so dumb. You know Andy doesn’t want McCrea to know he voted out Amanda so you go along with it. You do realize that he is doing it for votes and you are helping him get them. Where you all dropped on your heads numerous times as a kid?

  19. Of the $500k– $375,000 is what the feds take off the top and then if your state taxes winnings they take their share. Rat Dog lives in Chicago. He won’t be able to buy himself a nice dinner with that $94 comp money he just won. Well he might buy HIMSELF a nice dinner then stiff the waitstaff because that’s the kind of thing Rat Dog’s do.

    1. The fed does NOT take 75% off of the top. If you’re going to post something with numbers, please try to be at least CLOSE to accurate!! Wtf

      1. Whatever is left will pay for your new Obamacare taxes and for Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda, GinaMarie and Andy’s soon to be unemployment.

    1. She was extremely annoying and laid in bed all day throwing a pity party instead of playing the game.

    2. As a member of the floater’s club, she no longer has Elissa there it temper her comments. She is with these guys who egg her on so she buys into it. She will regret reverting back to her old ways. For a short moment she was redeeming herself. At this point, no hope now.

  20. Please BB if you do interfere with this “game” please figure out a way to get rid of Spencer not GM.
    GM for the win! Only because the options suck.

    1. I can’t root for that foul mouth gutter rat to win. I was beginning to feel sorry for her when Elissa was HoH and she was bringing out the possibility that GM could grow and change. But the gutter rat came back out with more Candice talk and talking about Elissa’s son looking Puerto Rican–dirt, etc. I’m glad she lost her job and from what I hear Nick is a publicity whore so he’ll use her then dump her…what goes around comes back and lands on your head.

  21. Regarding the framed photo of a woman in Spencer’s HOH room:

    For all we know, that picture could have come in the frame when he bought it. I don’t believe that Spencer has a girlfriend, and I don’t believe that the framed picture in his HOH room is of someone he knows…or of someone he’s dating for that matter. Not buying it, for a second!

  22. I can’t believe Spencer would wear clothing that said he was from Conway, Arkansas. I am from Arkansas and I can tell you………..True Hog fans, do not go around with their hands in their pants. Spencer is a wanna be HOG FAN

  23. Photo of Spencer’s girlfriend Marilyn:

    That explains a lot. Spencer keeps her locked up in the stocks so that she can’t get away from him.

    1. I hope so, but I don’t think they are smart enough. GM was even going along with the lie that Andy voted Amanda out. All she is thinking about is the exterminators making final four. She is not thinking of her end game. The funny thing is they know that Andy is a liar, but they don’t think he will lie to them.

    2. Let’s hope. Although I doubt Spencer would put Andy up, so it looks like either Judd or GM (whichever one is not on the block) would have to win to even consider taking Andy out.

  24. That’s not a picture of Spencer’s imaginary girlfriend Marilyn. That’s a postcard that they sell at Knott’s Berry Farm Amusement Park! I have one just like it.

  25. Elissa is very ugly and stuckup. Rachel was way more entertaining.
    Rachel was great in comps. Elissa not so much lol. Elissa cruised her way and was booooorrring.
    Those WHO support her are only doing so because she is rachels sister.
    Yes she was the most mature. Helloooo…she is 40!!!!

  26. Did the Rathole only win $94.00 or is that another one of his lies? Hey Dawg we don’t need any more pics of PaPa smurf playing with his nuts we already know he is nasty ass man

  27. I am not sure why everyone is saying Amanda is fat. You do realize the average size of an American women is a size 14. Sorry to tell you Amanda is smaller then that.

  28. see this isn’t fair. elisa gets her big stipend, and andy plays this game and only gets 94 dollars. he DESERVES more than that!

    -a glimpse inside the head of andy.

    1. I am a loser trying to get attention, can you help me by biting some of my trolling remarks? I have no life and get my jollies here thinking of Spender putting his hands down my pants while Andy whispers lies into my ears.

      1. Remember when the Exterminators evicted the Botox Bitch? One of the greatest moments in BB history!

  29. It has turned into a losers game, – I believe that Judd can get out Andy (if all my soul), he needs to keep McCrae. For
    and fire GM make them see the problems with keeping ANDY. Let some good come this way COME ON, Judd needs to get Judd back and fake it with Andy and work on GM.

  30. Oh lord Simon and Dawg, that is a PRICELE$$ pic of Andy crying or whatever theatrical comic babysh!t routine he is pulling at the moment. Andy, ffs, NOW why are you crying? Ugh, it’s impossible to like you even the least little bit!

  31. I know the real reason everyone hates Andy so much. its called homophobia,look it up. Before Andy, no one ever lied,back stabbed or said a nasty thing about anyone. Not!! Doctor Will,Boogie, evil Dick and a whole host of other HGs did the same thing,but they were all praised for there game play. The only difference is they were straight.

    1. Ya, he’s never said a bad word about anyone except for constantly talking about how much he hates Elissa.

    2. No, it’s the personal attacks that I don’t like about Andy. I felt the same ways about all the houseguests that went beyond the game and made it personal. When you do it on national TV it magnifies bullying even more. And the fact that Andy was faking being scared because he thought he was being bullied by Helen and Elissa is laughable and is spitting in the face of those who are truly bullied.

      1. Are you saying Andy engaged in any personal attacks, or is your criticism limited to the fact that he lied about being/feeling bullied?

        If it’s the latter, I’m going to have to strongly disagree with you. He’s playing a game in which deception can be very important, and in that context, pretending to be bullied is not crossing any boundary of good taste. And while Amanda is despicable, her bullying of Elissa is not comparable to situations like those where teenagers commit suicide because 300 schoolmates called her a slut on her FB wall. When you agree to be on a show like BB, you are implicitly accepting the possibility of being subjected to basically anything short of physical violence. BB has already pretty clearly established that.

    3. Okay, I just realized I misread your message, so ignore my first reply.

      I love gay people. I have a gay uncle and a gay aunt. The best boss I’ve ever had is gay. I live in a city with the second largest gay population in the world, and I’m proud of that fact. A person’s sexual orientation plays absolutely no role in my assessment of that person. If anything, I look at them in a better light if they are gay. My former boss is a proud, out, gay man who is the head prosecutor in his office. He has to deal with police every day, and cops are traditionally not too open minded when it comes to stuff like that. And you know what? He gets treated with absolute respect and if he tells a cop to bow down, the cop bows the fuck down. And he is able to command that respect despite knowing that some of these guys are probably talking shit behind his back. But they will never do it to his face.

      Having said that, I fucking hate Andy. And lots of other people hate him because he comes off as FAKE, not because he’s gay. People frequently have negative responses to people they perceive as being fake. It may be unfair to do it with Andy because he’s playing a game where his fakeness is strategic. He might be the most sincere person in the world in real life. But I still can’t stop myself for hating his fakeness.

    4. Umm no, I don’t hate Andy because he’s gay. I’m gay too. Really, do you think all gay guys act like that? Maybe if I was a super ultra sensitve person looking for a reason to accuse anybody of discrimination at any moment, I’d accuse you of stereotyping Andy with your last comment. But, since I’m not rallying troops for the uber PC bandwagon perhaps like you are, I won’t bother. Certainly, I don’t dislike Andy AT ALL for being gay. I DO dislike the way he behaves. Not the lying and gameplay stuff. I just don’t care for the super dramatic constant crying regardless of sexual preference and gender.

    5. I don’t like Andy, but based on pure game play, he deserves to win more than anyone else still there and it’s not even close.

      Having said that, I hope Judd wins.

    6. It is not Homophobia. I know I am gay. Andy is just a bit of a weasel and all of the people you named did not get elevated to excellent game player status until after their respected seasons where over. At the time the shows aired each and every one of them them was despised and hated. They had just the same amount of bile spewed at them as any other player ever has.
      I am gay, I do not respect Andy’s game play. He is a manipulator and a snake. He has back stabbed everyone he has been allied to. the ironic part about Andy it that his friends started a fund as part of the Trevor Project that combats Racism and Homophobia and when all is said and done Andy has allied himself with the Racist and the Homophobes. I do not respect Andy as a gay man, the only thing he is truly shown on this show is he has absolutely no core values. He lacks integrity. That is why I dislike Andy. He has NO Integrity.

      1. Also, two of the three people she mentioned – Mike Boogie and Evel Dick, are hated by LOTS of people, if not most of them. Boogie for being a d-bag and Dick for being an asshole.

        As for Dr. Will, it is physically impossible to hate him. He is by far the most awesome person ever to appear on a reality competition show.

    7. Oh no, I am an equal opportunity hater. I couldn’t care less what his sexual orientation is. NO ONE that is left in the house is worthy of winning the prize money. They are all hateful, worthless human beings. The things they have said about other houseguests, the frequent use of the “c” word (which I believe is the ultimate in offensive words you can use about a woman), along with just plain sub human behavior is why we hate them.

    8. Name, no name, whatever your name is, no one’s homophobic toward’s gay Andy, on the other hand Andy is a misogynist.

  32. Spencer should nominate himself for eviction so he can extend his record for most nominations in a season. Then he should win the veto and take down the OTHER nominee and refuse to put up a replacement. That would be so baller. He would win the game for sure if he did that.

  33. I can’t wait for Andy to get back to the real world and see how loved Elissa is and how hated he is. Im so disappointed in this season,I look forward to BB ever year and this season just blows!!

    BTW- Andy is a professor, what did Elissa do for all that hate!! It makes me sick to watch Andy what a loser! If I was attending his college i would ask for a different professor or drop the class just saying… I know its just a game but his behavior is definitely questionable.

    IMO-Elissa was dealt with a bad hand from the start ( not her fault she is Rachel sister! best competitor on BB IMO)
    ELISSA FOR AMERICAS FAVORITE !!!! She is the only one that deserves that prize even if she doesn’t need it!!

  34. REALLY!!!! Nasty asz wouldn’t drink out of a bottle on camera but he picks his nose, flicks his boogers and plays with himself in front of the camera’s. Not to mention the way he talks about past women in the house. Great guy you got there Marilyn can see why your family thinks so highly of him. Oh wait for it……This had to be the very worst of choices they had for this season contestants and BB is going to award some lucky BB fan the money for actually watching this whole season.Text the name of your choice to BBWhatabigjoke.

  35. If either nominee wins POV, Andy needs to go up as the replacement this week. Spencer mentioned this to Andy around 1:45 today.

    These are reasons I think it is a good move for everyone involved:

    1. It will throw everyone off the trail of the “Ginger Alliance” at least for this week — Spencer & Andy. <— Smart for those two.

    2. Andy will be on the block, thus there IS A CHANCE he could be voted out — I want him gone now/yesterday… so this is the option I so wanna happen.

    3. It would shore up loyalty between Judd, GM, and Andy for the Exterminator fans. I think Spencer is really good with everyone left in the house.

    I'm wanting McCrae to win this thing. I think he needs to be a comp. king from this point forward, but IF he can, then his early play will be looked at as smart (using Amanda as a shield) AND his latter game seen as a beastly comp dude. He has to win some more comps though. That would prolly get him the 500K in my opinion.

    1. I don’t know if McCrae has a chance even if he becomes a comp champ. Sending Elissa packing and doing the Exterminators dirty work was his worst move. Even if he wins PoV and takes himself off the block, he doesn’t have any allies in the house right now to align with to send Andy packing if he’s up on the block. You need two votes to go home this week so I’m not sure there’s an option where GM or Judd plus McCrae’s vote would send Andy home after a McCrae PoV win. It’s more likely that Spencer keeps Andy off the block to preserve his Ginger Alliance and tell him how to vote and he can still pretend to be working with McCrae. They can vote together to vote out either Judd or GM. As of right now, it sounds like they’ll vote out Judd since the Gingers think she’ll take them to the Final 3. If McCrae doesn’t win the PoV, his goose is cooked and he should start preparing a really long apology to Elissa.

  36. Is $94 enough to get Andy a face transplant? How dare Spencer criticize the looks of any of the girl’s in the house, his girlfriend( if it’s not really his sister) looks like a cow, not to mention he looks like a big fat soiled pig.

  37. Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it! The Exterminators are a top 5 alliance in Big Brother history, overcoming Grodner’s rigging to get Demanda and Elissa out on the same night! Stop hating and recognize game.


  38. Mc: Are you planning on having a family with Nick

    GM: I don’t know if I really want kids but I can’t wait till I can have Nick’s abortion

  39. I’m so tired of Andy’s crying, aparently Elissa made quite an impact on his life for him to still be talking about her. I’m sick of seeing him pick his nose and stuffing his face with way more chips than his mouth can handle. He and Spencer are both nasty nose picking scum!

    1. I hope the producers are taking note.


      When you do, you get these idiot, rabid fans that throw a fit when they don’t get their way. I think the rest of us can agree, there is no group of fans quite so obnoxious in the BB universe. What a pain to listen to.

  40. If CBS is so upset with the racist,filthy comments against women, and all of the trash(people) in the house, they should show the jury each of the comments the final two said and give them the option not to vote. If the jury all refuses to vote a majority, the money is given to St. Jude’s . At least something good would come out of this season and might make people want to watch next year. People need to understand that there are consiquences for their actions and WORDS.

  41. Does he touch himself (Spencer)only when Andy is around ? Or when everyone is there? He’s A Disgusting pervert!!! He should be a character on Family Guy.

  42. Lets hope Spencer’s boss finds a way to fire him. I wouldn’t want to be on a train he is conducting. You know he isn’t concentrating. He is to busy with his hand up his nose, down his pants or both. I am surprised he hasn’t already derailed a train.

    1. He’s part of a union, so there’s probably a complicated formal process they have to go through in order to fire him, and then he will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

      1. Fuc*k…….was hoping he would get canned right away like ” Rode hard, put away wet” Ginamarie & her KKK sister

  43. JU DOUBLE D PARTY DAUGHTERY FTW !!!! I wonder if Aaryns parents had their lawyer watch last nights episode to see if Julie called Amanda out on all her crap she’s spouted off all summer…I guess if you say you screwed a person of that race and/or say “I’m kidding” then all is right with the cbs world….I could almost hear Helen last night say “Amanda, what are you doing here? It’s too early!”…….I also have to take back my words I said earlier, a bunch of times I said it, about Andy being Amandas friend outside the game & his job was to work with her til the end….I honestly thought he would stick by her trying for them to be the F2, I was wrong…..And Spencer please! Fussing about GM drinking out of a bottle of tea & you can’t keep your hand off your pecker or your fingers out of your nose AND all that while you are touching FOOD that everybody is about to eat! yuk!….

    1. That was bullshit that Aaryn got called out but Amanda didn’t. Either you don’t call people out or you do it to everyone. The people who follow the live feeds are probably only a fraction of those who watch the television broadcasts. So Aaryn possibly has her life destroyed and is definitely worried that her life is destroyed the whole time she’s in the jury house, and Amanda skates. It’s bullshit. I think Aaryn’s conduct was reprehensible, but she is getting fucked over by CBS. They needed a hunk of flesh to appease all the people who were complaining, and they took it out of Aaryn, and people who were as bad or worse have no consequences. You think Julie will say anything to GM or Spencer? I highly doubt it. I don’t think a single one of Spencer’s horrible comments have made the broadcasts.

  44. Is that little wormtail crying again? It seems like that is all he does. The only thing that would have made this better, is if he had won a dollar. His reaction would have made my afternoon!

    I find it hilarious, that Judd and Spencer, believe Andy winning 94 dollars sucks. Especially considering the fact, that if these fools get him anywhere near final three, he will beat them.

    Additionally, GM better watch her back. Because if they get rid of MC I can almost guarantee she will be their next target, unless Judd or GM wins the next HOH.

  45. I’m not a fan of Andy. I wanted elissa to win. In 15 seasons,a openly gay man has never won and a openly gay man will never win BB.

    1. Why would you say that? An openly gay man won the first Survivor ever. I think Andy would win over anyone left except possibly Judd.

  46. in recent years there have been poor choices for winning.

    Jor-DUMB and Ian Terry. Ian was super useless like Andy and only won because everyone was so mad at Dan who I consider the best player ever.

    In some ways another useless idiot is going to win. Take your pick America.

    In Survivor, I can’t remember her name but the bitch that beat Russel Hantz was worse then both Jor-DUMB and Ian Terry. She was absolutely useless at everything but since Russell was so hated by everyone, the useless bitch won then had to nerve to say she was a worthy champion. Bullshit!

  47. I rather have McCrae win, since he only bites his nails, than Spencer since he’s always touching his private parts, and picking his nose.

  48. lmao @ the rat only winning enough to take him and the other ” Grossinators” out to dinner at Applebees……….here’s hoping Spencer the Slob has 2 federal marshals waiting for him finale nite as he’s taking a dump on stage **clink**

  49. Blah blah blah, Spencer sticks hand down pants, yada yada yada Spencer sticks hand down pants. BREAKING NEWS… McCrae takes another nap.

  50. I don’t like the people left, but if I had to vote for one to win it would be McCrae. But unless he wins veto, he’s out. They want him out because he could win against any of them.

  51. No matter whom he’s with in F2, Spencer knows he’s playing for 50K. Therefore anyone in that house, except maybe Judd, should take him to the final to be sure of winning 500K. If these ppl were smart for a bit, they’d have noticed that their biggest competition is Andy. So far, he has a better chance of earning 500K than anyone. I cannot believe ppl find him harmless; how harmless is someone who talks shit behind everyone’s back, stirs up shit by throwing ppl’s names into conversation and above all who seems to be liked by everyone? I’ve never seen so many gullible people.

  52. Okay, so our choices are:
    (1) a red-headed disgusting pervert who plays with himself all day;
    (2) a red-headed rat a/k/a Gollum who couldn’t tell the truth if faced with death;
    (3) a filthy-mouthed person who mumbles so much that you can’t understand a word he says and who should never have been let back in the game;
    (4) a foul-mouthed psycho biatch who downgrades every ethnic race known to man and who thinks her boyfriend is named Nick; and
    (5) a lazy pizza-boy who hid behind his girlfriend for 3 months…

    I say give the money to charity (donated in the “winner’s” name, of course),

    I’ve watched BB since Season 1 and have NEVER seen a cast of characters like this and the final 5 do NOT deserve to be there. This year, the floaters rose to the top. Too bad.

    Thanks Simon and Dawg. I may not watch even the show and BBAD is off the DVR … I’ll just read about it here and save myself a few hours a day!

  53. I hope Elissa, Amanda, and Helen don’t vote for Andy if he’s final 2. Out of the 3 of them Helen will probably believe that Andy is a saint. He was really bad to her and Elissa.
    I bet you the jurors might have regrets about who they voted to win, when they go home and look at all the videos. Especially the women when they see all the disgusting things that were said about them by the men and some of the other women.

  54. Get used to coming CLOSE to the big money Andy and ending up disappointed! The dumbinators might be too stupid to reveal your lies thus making themselves a bigger target if MC goes on a comp winning spree, but if you get him out and he joins Amanda, Helen and Elissa in jury they will have plenty of time to compare notes.

    1. I wish all the jury members would walk, just to show CBS what they think of these bigoted, perverted, nasty people. Of course, some of the jury are the same, so I guess that’ll never happen.

  55. What do you people expect a man like Spencer who have no have sex in a couple months you can’t blame him for jerking off we all have sexuals needs.

  56. Trying to get a better understanding of Spencer… I stuck my hand down my pants a few hours ago ..(sorry it’s hard to type with one hand)

    This shit is as addictive as crack cocaine ..if I had tried this years ago.. I’d have never gotten married..

    Don’t try this at home ..I’m a professional..

  57. This season has sucked so much! There is no one who has actually excelled at game play remaining – there could be an argument for GM, but she is too offensive to deserve fan support. My decision is that the only appropriate “winner” at this point is J U double D. So, I am rooting for him. Why? Because he already LOST!!! In no prior year would he still be in the house. He was evicted! Do they not get the game? The perfect ending to BB15? Have a loser win.

  58. Why is everyone bitching about floaters?

    Season started with a “partial” floater alliance called Moving Company, then most of the season got control by another “partial” floater alliance called SuperFriends/Goof Troop/3am/whatever(every single member), and is now being controlled by another floater alliance Exterminators. Need another Hint? Thanks to the bullshit clearly rigged MVP twist, this entire season was built heavily for FLOATERS, all had to do was lay low , make as little waves as possible and float on through.

    While it wasn’t intentional at 1st, but Big Brother 15 = Floaters Welcome.

  59. I have been so focused on hoping that Amanda got voted out that I just didn’t realize what a crop of losers we have left. Am I going to be pulling for GinaMarie? I really can’t be happy with any of the people left winning.

  60. I have been on this site numerous times for updates, I just want to say to Simon and Dawg, Thank you! This is the best site for a very detailed breakdown of what’s going on. You both have a great weekend.

  61. So did Andy really only win 94.00 or is he lying about that too? He lies about everything so why even trust him. Out of the guest still in the house I would love to see GM win the whole thing.
    Spence get your damn hand out of your pants, didn’t your mama ever tell you, if you keep playing with it, it will fall off? Well maybe that is what should happen.
    You are an embarrassment to your family and I hope Marilyn breaks up with you after she sees what a pig you really are.
    Oh yeah… Good luck at your job when your return, oh that’s if you even have one…
    Andy, if I were your employer, you would be fired too. You are a rat face liar and I would not trust you at all.
    McCrea, go back you yours house, continue to take drugs and deliver pizza.
    Judd… Go back to your little town and party your life away…
    This season has been full of bullies, liars and potty mouth people. I honestly thought I was watching the Real World on MTV.

  62. To everyone knocking Spencer for tugging his little choo choo, remember Karen (sorry I forget the season)? She took care of herself several times a day – loudly. Spencer is awful, but if he wants to diddle his piddle on camera to feel more satisfied with his poor life, he’s not the first.

  63. Andy hates Elissa because she put him up on the block. Plain and simple. He is a Scorpio and one of the things they do best is sting. “Beware the Scorpio who feels crossed! These folks can turn vindictive in no time flat.”

    He has friends in everyone there because:

    “They do, however, make excellent friends, provided that their companions do nothing to impugn the honor of which Scorpios are very jealous. Part of the negative side of the Scorpio nature is a tendency to discard friends once they cease to be useful, but the decent native is aware of, and fights this”

  64. Hey, Marilyn is real, and she’s actually cute in a sophisticated-comic-con kind of way.

    Good for you Spencer. I hope you get a good laugh at all these jerks WHO DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU

  65. Would like to see CBS give 4 RANDOM audience members on finale night get to ask questions of the finalists in order to give the jury a little more insight before making their decision. Would love for someone to ask Spervert why he always has his hand down his pants. Only a dream but I can hope. It would be one way of CBS redeeming this season.

  66. IM really hoping that Judd goes to McCrae to get a F2 deal and then bring GM into it, hiand I think that Judd is reallytthinking about, hard He knows that SP and AN have a F2 and thnks ANDY has one with everyone. It will be GM/Judd/McGrae they all have said a thousand times they can not win against ANDY so take him out now.Ihave a strong feeling that McGrae is going to find a way and fast He can do it. Spencer and Andy floader and told onn everyone DO NOT DESIRE to win anyti hing but a package of sliced cheese and Spence to distance himself from his dick I think that is pet

  67. McCrae played he knows it should have donein it alone but it is what it so buckle up now McCrae and get that jumbo spray out for trhose losers get there for NOTHING. Judd / McGrae you go pony boy He is a nice person and Amanda helped me just like he helped her. Outside of the house they would not date, he has had enough of her. I counted 6 sixes when he said “NO’ to her about sex and he got her rocks off – Inr some country’s its called RAPE, RUN MCCRAE run those Brother. It B,reaks my heart to see that and now they are think they are all bad asses, and it craxy and come on McCrae now let production stand up and helpif you pick and pig, racist, rat THEN YOU ARE THE SICK ONES CBS. Its just my feeling about it

  68. If Judd got really drunk, would he speak like a sober man?
    If gm had her lips sewn shut, would she be cute?
    If Andy had long hair….would he look like a rat princess?
    If Amanda dumps McCrae…will she give his balls back?
    If Spencer shaved his head….would he look more like the stooge he is….( Curly)?

  69. Why does Andy hate Ellissa so much? Is it because he feels she will win America’s vote & is trying to sway public opinion with his foul mouth and words? Also, I hope it makes Judd think about Andy’s statement that McRae cried more when Judd left then he did when Amanda left. Andy is so sickening the way he continually trashes the women that were in the house – and if Spensless came from such an esteemed family, why didn’t they teach him anything.

    1. I think Andy bad mouths Ellisa so much, because, in the house, she is very disliked. (Due to jealousy ). I think he believes that America feels the same as the house guests, so he is actually trying to endear himself to the masses. He really believes he is America’s favorite player.

  70. Elissa and her husband are billionaires. She said las week that they just bought a hockey rink that seats over 5,000 people.
    She says if she wins any money she will give it to charity. So vote for anyone else that actually needs the money.

    1. I don’t think they are billionaires. And that hockey rink seats, according to Elissa “5,000. no maybe 2,000 people. I don’t know”

      And they live in Saskatchewan. Things are not overly expensive there. Regina, my mom had a 3 bdrm that cost just over 70,000$. . I mean Saskatchewan is not heavily populated. About 5 years ago, to increase the population, the province offered people to come and live there for 7 years and at the end of that 7 years they would receive 7,000$.

      So it’s all relative. I bet they couldn’t afford to live in Vancouver.

  71. I think Spencer’s new name should be Chuck (SoA) He needs to look in the mirror thinking that Gina drinking from the tea jug in front of the cameras is disgusting…

  72. Wrong, Andy, u are the most hated person this season, not Amanda. U double-crossing, annoying, weisel. I wish you would just disappear so BB fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief that ‘Ding dong, the rat’s finally gone with only $94 to his name’.

  73. Andy is truly repulsive; ugly on the inside and out. The hatred he has towards Elissa is actually pretty pathetic and sad and very telling of his character. I think he’s lonely in the real world ( I mean ew, who would want to date that?) and is filled with so much self hatred and jealousy that he has to bash Elissa (for NO clear reason) to feel better about himself. I wonder what his students and colleagues think of him now? He should seek help to deal with his emotional issues when he leaves the house. I have a feeling he’s in for a rude awakening.

  74. These remaining HG’s are soooo boring. I rather watch the fights going on in the Jury House. Bet it’s more exciting than watching these pathetic gross HG’s.

  75. please stop posting disgusting pictures of spencer. its bad enough he is still in the house. post more of mccrae! im so glad he is still in the running!!

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