Final 5 Nomination Results “If McCrae goes home this week you know how Mad Amanda will be”

POV Holder: Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 12th
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


McCrae and Gm nominated

5:29pm Feeds back
Speccner apologizing for nominating them for Eviction he says if he could keep everyone in the game he would. GM says she understands she knows he has to put two people up, “It’s a dificult situation to be in”. GM adds that when winning the HOH there is always a plus and a minus. McCrae says yup. Specner invites them to come up to the HOH room.


5:40pm Kitchen JUDD and Andy
JUDD – “If McCrae goes home this week you know how Mad Amanda will be”
Andy – “Ohh my god”
Andy says he never wanted something more in his entire life they have to win the veto

JUDD says that Amanda told him the worst day in her life was when Elissa won HOH and JUDD came back. JUDD – ‘since I’ve been back I Haven’t t been nominated once and your a$$ is went home’


5:47pm HOH
The drill sergeant calls 20 sit ups
JUDD – “sit ups are the worst because of my back”


5:52pm HOH Everyone
Drill sergeant : “Dirtbag give be 20 push ups”
JUDD – ‘I’m going to be sore tomorrow”


5:51pm Everyone

Andy asks them what they would do if they saw Elissa doing joya downstairs.
Spencer – “I would take this table and throw it over the edge try and hit her’
Andy – “I feel it would hit her and bounce off her.. and I feel her back would be facing you and she would turn around and be .. (See Image)

JUDD, Spencer and McCrae are talking about how awesome it will be to get some “Candy”
Spencer says it would be awesome to find a big bowl in the storage room.
Andy says he thought they were talking about real candy. (They are talking about weed)
Spencer says he’s looking forward to being able to chill.
McCrae – ‘F** Las Vegas I want to go home’

6:40pm HOH Everyone

JUDD says either than Frank, Ian and Dan JOJO was teh star of the season. (LOL
Andy – “She left after 12 days”
JUDD – “mmmhmhhmhmhm at least 21… such a impact on the season after 21 days.. She did.. I’m a fan.. She’s GM’s role model”

Andy tells them about JOE from BB8 how he knew him in highschool and they were in school clubs together. Andy felt that Joe really played up his character during the season.
JUDD – “was the gonorrhea thing funnny”
Andy – “No… I see his ex once and awhile in Chicago’
JUDD – “mmhmhmhmmmmmm umm mmm”
Andy – “I think he got third.. no I’m just joking”

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148 thoughts on “Final 5 Nomination Results “If McCrae goes home this week you know how Mad Amanda will be”

    1. The Exterminators need to be fired. They have been around for over a week and are still unable to catch the biggest rat on the show! They are probably part of a Union…The Floaters of America Union.

    2. So as you can see in the following paragraphs Spencer wants to throw a table to hit Elissa, plus wants to smoke Marihuana. No one should be smoking marihuana, especially a train conductor who has so many lives in his hands. I hope Union Pacific really fires this disgusting pig.

      Andy asks them what they would do if they saw Elissa doing yoga downstairs.
      Spencer – “I would take this table and throw it over the edge try and hit her’

      JUDD, Spencer and McCrae are talking about how awesome it will be to get some “Candy”
      Spencer says it would be awesome to find a big bowl in the storage room.
      Andy says he thought they were talking about real candy. (They are talking about weed)

      1. Yo betch, d bag there’s nothing wrong with weed. It’s a great thing in life you should try some to take the edge off. You sound like an angry person and that stuff really calms you down. It’s like meditating bro. I recommend the mini bong. And then watch breaking bad while high. Thumbs up for breaking bad!

    3. I don’t know why my comment about Spencer liking to smoke marihuana, and him wanting to throw a table at Elissa was taken out. Obviously I got the information from this post so I don’t see what’s wrong.

      I just said that a train conductor who has many people’s lives in his hands shouldn’t be smoking marihuana. He also shouldn’t be throwing a table at anyone. And he should be fired from his job at Union Pacific. I wouldn’t want to be on a train with a conductor that’s drugged up.

        1. Ha, I don’t know how you guys stay sane reading these comments Simon. I have to admit, they are far more entertaining than the show itself..

      1. Are you the “marihuana” police? You do know it has been legalized in some states and is on the ballot in more, including Arkansas. So he smokes, some drink some do other things. The medication adderal that everyone was so up in arms about this season for example. I just want to say it is also used for narcolepsy. So to assume it is just a drug to make you perform better is ridiculous. Many people really need it. (It helps get an entire house clean while the kids are away for those who don’t, from what I’ve heard anyway.)

        1. mar·i·jua·na also mar·i·hua·na (mr-wän)
          1. The cannabis plant.

          2. A preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria

        1. mar·i·jua·na also mar·i·hua·na (mr-wän)
          1. The cannabis plant.

          2. A preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria

    4. Seriously, this game is over. The one time I was hoping for this game to be rigged, they failed and so will their ratings. You can bet, production is going to be scrambling to find some “drama” to keep the ratings, but too late! There is no hope with these idiots!

    1. @ Pat. I couldn’t agree more with you assessment. McCrea was a fool for doing a showmance. Isn’t the goal to win the money? McCrea looks lost right now. But who knows. If he can win the Veto followed by an HOH, he would be in command of the game.

      1. McCrae traded 500k for some skank pussy, hope it was worth it and Amanda(a.k.a her family) takes care of him or it was all for nothing.

        Women like Amanda don’t like brokeass or bitchass men(he’s both), but he does have one thing she likes, and that might get him his “sugar momma” for a lil while at least before she get tired of his lazy ass and goes back to her “rich” BFs.

    2. If McCrae was a non-Big Brother super fan, I would buy his game getting ruined by Amanda, but he wasn’t. He knew exactly how this game had to be played and what he needed to do, but instead chose to lay parallel the whole time. The most I seen him out of bed was when he was put up on the block and even then he hid behind his bandana… He has no one to blame, but himself. Being a die hard fan, I would never let a man or woman (showmance) dictate how I played the game, especially when it comes to the 500 thousand… He did too little too late!

    3. @Pats….Afraid not dude. McNasty is so gross he would have been out long before now without his pig-shield. He is at least as filthy as Spencer and please do not think that he as not complacent is every racist remark made by the “mean girls”. Do not think because he was playing in he shadow that he was not egging on the bully. He has no business being in the house at this point because he too is a HUGE floater. He has done about as much in this game as Jessie but he was hidden behind the iron skirts. No mistake this guy is as useless as a dried up cow pie.

      1. Good article, she hits the nail on the head. The show has become more MTV and less CBS like with the trash they have now for contestants.

        1. Somebody didn’t read the article. She went on to talk about how the fans of Big Brother who become increasingly hateful are a major reason that she would never go back on the show.

          1. There were several articles, one of which she mentioned that. Someone doesn’t know how to navigate a web page and it’s so obvious how to do it.

      2. Simon, thank you for the link to Jun’s blog. It really was insightful. It is very true and I am somewhat guilty of saying some nasty things about the houseguests. I never spoke of physical violence or condoned it on this site. I think we all have said some nasty things. It is so sad to hear that HG’s families are threatened. My God, this is a game! It may be an ugly one this year, but the fans need to stop the aggressive attacks. It is sad to hear that people can take all of this out of context. What is wrong with people? I think this was a dark season and did bring out the dark side in all of us. I have watched since season one and I have never witnessed such a vile group of people. They are just really ugly on the inside. CBS needs to take a good look at casting and go back to a more diversified group and that includes age. It needs to get back to people that are in it for the love of the game and not be so vicious. I love the plotting and scheming, but all of this is uncalled for; Grodner needs to go. I think will all need to stand back and remember this is a game and settle down. We all at this point need to stop stooping to the level of the HG. They will pay the price, when they leave the game, but it should not be by people unhinged and going after them or their familieswith physical violence or veiled threats behind anonymous postings. Let’s get back to how BB used to be.

        1. I agree…..I’ve watched every season and never has it been this bad..there may have been one or two people here or there…like Nasty Natalie, but this season has been one of the most vile and disgusting. The hate the vomits from their mouth is beyond comprehension let alone the violence!! Do people really talk like that? Am I just sheltered? It’s frightening!!

  1. Would you want to see any of the BB15 Final 5 in an All Stars season? I don’t think I would. I don’t think I would want to see anyone from this season return.

    1. You know Helen would be a great player for the Allstar season. She made a lot of smart moves, every week she said it was too soon to get rid of Amanda, to only wait so long that Amanda got rid of her first. If Helen was on allstars, instead of saying a player is the next janelle she could actually play with janelle Ok Ok Ok.

    2. Actually the folks I’d like in allstars were the ones got the shaft from MVP twist like Jeremy and Nick, perhaps Howard. I like Jessies fiestyness as well. If only no racism Arryn would be the star of the season on comps atleast. Thing is allstars is who’s game can stand up after everyone has seen it. Arryn would be the one except I have no tolerance for bigotry!

    3. i would love to see Amanda play in all stars and how she would handle dealing with some of the best players BB has to offer.

    4. Amanda because I’d like to see her try to manipulate dr will or somebody who could actually play the game. She would be so lost.

  2. Mc Idiot staring into space again? He’s the most stoned out one of the bunch and he doesn’t even take drugs! The guy who was probably the odds on favorite to WIN the whole thing after the first HOH….has thrown it all away over sexual favors and a loud mouth female to fight his battles. It won’t be the first male to do so…here in NYC we’ve got an idiot running for MAYOR who did the same thing a few years ago sending nude photos of himself online to a girl …and another idiot running for COMPTROLLER who enjoyed prostitutes a few years ago…and both threw everything away for sex! Now they want us to forgive them and vote them back into office! YOU SEE? BB started as a social experiment years ago….a microcosm of what the real world is all about…. it’s still proving true!

  3. So you know Mccrae, yeah the guy who voted his only alliance member Elissa out yesterday, yeah well anyway he is just now figuring out that he is now alone in this game, HAHAAAA someone give this guy a brain because obviously he is not the superfan we thought he was.

  4. Spencer really, if Elissa came back into the house you would throw a table at her? Just when I thought this cast could not say anything worse…

    1. WHY did they not wait until next week till the DE! It could have been a great week with Amanda out and Elissa trying to figure out what happened. More than two more weeks of this? Really?

      1. Omg Tonight is 3 hours of bbad. F#*k!!
        (I knew I should have gone, to the high school
        football game!) BTW Hate…high school fb!!
        If bbad is as bad tonight, as last night, oh sh!#!!
        Spencer and his lil’ rascals gang, are a joke!!
        Elissa and Amanda in the house, enjoyed
        watching! NOT the leftovers in there, NOW!!
        They are BORING!!! Spencer is just NaStY!!!
        Andy the Queen, too much! Judd is a lunatic!
        McCrae is a lost puppy dog! GinaMarie is ______!


      1. Spencer is a nasty, hairy, red-headed, druggie-hillbilly who says derogatory things about women & now apparently wishes bodily harm on them as well. If he threw a table at Elissa from up there it would kill her or harm her greatly. So now can his employer fire him now that he just admitted on tv that he does drugs, dumb*ss!

  5. Let’s see how everything is going in the Bates, I mean Hates Motel. Has Norman Bates the ginger rat freak a.k.a. Andy, Master Bates gone Psycho yet and headed for the shower with a kitchen utensil? Hide the women’s clothing and lock the pantries.

    I see Andy’s fixation with pleasing mommy or making mommy very angry is on full display as usual. At this point, you can’t blame the game for your mommy fixation Andy. Is Master Bates upset that mommy will be very angry with him? Andy killed the mommies out of the Hates Motel. Now he’s fixated on the mommies. What a freaking head case rat Andy is. He’s nothing but a floater, and he knows it. Psychotic break in 3……, 2……, 1……

    1. Are you kidding me. Andy has to keep bringing up Elissa because she was one of the few players that made the last couple of weeks relevent. With her gone it is snorefest. Andy does not equal must see tv!

  6. With a jury full of bullied women (except for Aaryn, Amanda and GM soon), this year’s vote is definitely gonna be personal. I know if I were Jessie, Candice, Helen or Elissa, the only person I might vote for will be Mumbling Judd. However, since they don’t know what their Dearly Beloved Andy has been saying about them, all of these girls but Jessie and Elissa, will vote for Iago, I mean Andy. However, hell hath no fury like a bunch of scorned women so Amanda, Jessie and Elissa might get the jury house to flip on Andy.

    1. It probably had more to do with “time constraints” than anything else, because in fact the things Amanda said were much worst than anything that came outta Aaryn’s mouth, but they had to make the interview quick.

  7. Spencer’s doing it doing it, picking his nose and chewing it chewing it (also wiping it on stuff and god help us he’s a train conductor too?!)

    1. “Spencer, stop picking your nose at the dinner table, you dirty bastard!”

      “But mom, all the boys at school do it.”

      “Not with a f*cking spoon they don’t!”

    2. I have see him shoving that hand (Marilyn) down the front of his pants and then smelling it.
      You think someone from production you throw him a box of tissues for his boogers. Who wipes snots wherever is convenient.
      He is probably so lazy he doesn’t even wipe his fat pimply ass.
      SPENCER, the camera and sound are on you 24/7.

      1. At the very least production should get him some powder for that jock itch. Or they could bring in a dr to diagnose him with rotten crotch. Seriously dude STOP ITCHING IT, playing with it or making sure it’s still there. We are tired of seeing it!

  8. McCrae doesn’t deserve to win anything based on the fact he spent the entire season in his bed. And, it’s just disgusting he doesn’t shower.

    1. I agree that McLazy should not win anything. Has laid in the bed since week 1. Everyone in the house has commented on how much he smells. Kick the skank out. Hopefully maggot Andy follows. I realize BB is a game but he is a compulsive liar. I hope he is the next person that loses his job as a teacher. The vile things he has said about people is beyond disgusting. I’ve watched BB since season 1 and have never seen such skanky people and a house that is so filthy. Would love to know how many words production had to bleep this season.

      1. Andy’s not much of a teacher. When Spencer won the $10,000 Ratboy commented that’s half his yearly salary. Now college professors make $60,000+ a year so he must be a part timer or teaching at a non-accredited for profit school.

  9. This bunch of people are useless and dispicable. Elissa is gone and they are still bashing her. Hateful hateful people. I dont really want any of them to win, but I guess I’ll root for the best of the worst. Judd I guess. Bad bad season even worse people….

    1. Well if you don’t care for dispicable people then forget about rooting for Judd too. Calling women c words, he’s just as bad as the rest. I didn’t like him before, thought maybe jury house gave him some perspective, now I see I was right the first time! He’s a loser just like the rest of them.

  10. GM: You are so smart but you sleep all the time. How do you ever get up to go to work?

    Mc: I avoid that bleak first hour of the working day during which my still sluggish senses and body make every chore a penance. I find that in arriving later, the work which I do perform is of a much higher quality.

    GM: I’d fire your ass if you were late all the time.

    Mc: Employers sense in me a denial of their values. They fear me. I suspect that they can see that I am forced to function in a century which I loathe.

  11. A LOT of mixed feelings at this point.

    I know people are saying it’s boring now, and it kind of is, but it’s a lot more refreshing somehow. Before, we were always waiting for Amanda to explode but it was never anything exactly new, so it was pretty boring, but with nausea.

    Now, Spencer is just gross, which also isn’t anything new, but because there’s not much else to film, we get to hear it all. I don’t think he got worse, I just think there was a lot more nastiness and vile demons around for our attention.

    It is quite lame that they’re STILL bashing Candice. If that’s any indication, they won’t shut up about Elissa before the end of the season. How is nobody talking about Amanda? Is because McCrae is still around?

    I’d like McCrae to win, but only if he dumps Amanda. He probably won’t, but he also probably won’t win, either. Judd wouldn’t be so bad, either, and I guess neither would Andy. I have no real arguments – I just don’t care.

    I’m sure this was a valuable post. (Note the sarcasm.)

  12. I’ve read comments on here about it being boring or this season being boring & such & it can get that way when it’s down to the last couple of weeks with so few left in the house. No one can be entertaining 24/7 I don’t care who they are & this season has been a lot of things…but boring? Like them or Hate them this year the BB15 HG have been in just about every newspaper almost weekly ( almost daily for TMZ ) kept a lot of us on the edge of our seats screaming at the screen & then doing Happy Dances when the comp, eviction, whatever the case, was done & things went the way we had all been hoping for all week. Remember when we were all jumping up & down when Helen won HOH, followed by Jeremys eviction, & by then we were ready for Helen to go out the door with him….We have cussed the very ones we were pulling for the week before, prayed for some to self-evict, been thrown for loops at the crazy things we’ve heard come out of a lot of their mouths & cheered when a “bully” would get bullied or would have to beg, cry & plead to stay “just one more week”. We’ve had “bedgate” hatgate” “bigotgate” “asshat” “talking eyebrows” “2 different people on one face eyebrows” “drawn on with crayon eyebrows” “you know?” “OK?” “butterstotch p**** ” “mmm hmmm ” “keeping it real” “amaaaazing” “superfriends” “mean girls” “beauty queens” “models” “wanna-be actors” “”sketchy fu**ers” “shady fu**ers” “mumbling fu**ers” “bleaching butthole buddies”, from chickens & clowines,from a cone of shame to 50 shades of orange,from keeping it real to weaves & extra long eyelashes, from the “moving company” to the “exterminators” & every “Hoe in a Boat” in between they’ve been in there getting cheered & hated on by each & every one of us while being the most drunken, screaming, shocking, cussing, disgusting, perverted, snobby, ass crack nasty, lazy, lying, back stabbing, two-faced, nose picking, pecker pulling, yeast infected, adderall taking, xanax poppng, slop throwing up, zaniest bunch of BB houseguest just about ever & they’ve ratted, floated, aligned & realigned, been kicked out & kicked back in, had showmances, nomances, wannabemances, bluecap chapstickmances & we still have 5 HG & a week or 2 to go! Of course they’re gonna talk about the ones that just left cause each ones goal right now is to seem like they’re the most hated one left, therefore the Perfect one to take to F2… please, lets cut em a little bit of slack cause we have been entertained this summer, one way or another….the Live Feeds have been nothing really, compared to what’s on other CBS shows & other channels….And if I remember correctly we were all ready to storm the CBS lot if we had to suffer through one more “nail party”…..mmmm hmmmm, so, lets keep it real with fake eyelashes & weaves but never shall we be bored…expect the unexpected? this year has been___ fill that in yourselves… ; ) THANK YOU SIMON & DAWG,,,love y’all

  13. Quoting McCrae – ‘F** Las Vegas I want to go home’

    Yeah, what this stoner needs at this point is weed. (sarcasm) He’s already staring into space and completely clueless as it is. The half wit actually caused the eviction of the only other person left in the house who was on his side.

    The space cadet wants to go home? Classic. Now the whole house is on the same page. Will McCrae actually throw the veto at the urging of the others? Hopefully he will not be that stupid, but probably……………….. he will be.


    1. More incoherent whining from delusional McCranda Drones.. So what else is new?

      Andy and Helen’s ingenuity carried McCranda all summer long, without them McCranda would’ve been gone weeks ago.

      He’s playing for 500k, not 3rd place, and when you play with a couple for too long, 3rd place is all you’re going to get, he made a move and a SMART one.

  15. Gosh it’s crazy Andy can’t keep Elissa’s name out of his mouth for nothing. It’s creepy is he jealous cause she played a better game with integrity unlike him lying with every word he spoke. Andy has lost all credibility with his students from now till years to come he certainly has no morals for being a leader to his students. It makes no sense why everything he talks about is about Elissa all negative nonsense! He’s such a worthless floater! Andy, Spencer, Judd, an GM they all think they are gold on a silver platter but all they are is a turd on a paper plate!!

    1. I think it’s disrespectful how all the remaining houseguests are attacking an disrespecting all the evicted houseguests. It shows their true colors an character outside of big brother an how they are I’m the real world! Very nasty people!! I know several past big brother houseguests an they never acted like these people an outside of big brother they are good people it just shows you what the world is coming too. It’s sad.

  16. Spenpansy need to go with the Ho. Dudd second and McDickless for the win only because he is the least vial person in the group. CBS needs to pay for their crappy screening of contestants.

  17. These people make me want to puke blood out my eyes. A bunch of reject inbred heathens, the lot of them. To keep any interest in watching, I’m playing a little game guessing game of my own wondering what is going on in the Jury House and how the complete lack of the remaining players to play any decent social game will destroy any chance they have to win. When notes are exchanged on Andy and what a douche bag/liar he’s been, those women will NEVER give the FLYING MONKEY the win if he gets to final two. He was an idiot to brag and tell Amanda he voted her out and about the “Exterminators”, although glad he did. I HATE that name, by the way – totally tasteless, with it’s Nazi overtone, and they think it’s so cute. Anybody realize they “exterminated” the on;y Jew in the house on Rosh Hashannah? Happy New Year!

  18. Even though I hate this season of BB and have disdain for the Exterminators, I’m glad that they went against the grain and didn’t let the “ghosts” interfere with their decision to evict Amanda

    1. Howard just wasn’t there long enough to make a big impact on the voters, yet Elissa was. Those 2 seemed to be the best people inside & out & had morals & didn’t have a steady stream of vile comments coming out of their mouths like every single other HG.

  19. Call me bipolar but for some odd reason I’m rooting for MCrae to stay! He just seems like a nice kid. Too bad he had to hook up with the snake Amanda… we are just now getting to know the real guy behind the pizza logo!

  20. Spencer and Marilyn are driving along when they see a wounded skunk on the side of the road. They stop, Marilyn gets out, picks it up, and brings it into the car.

    She says, “Look, it’s shivering, it must be cold. What should I do?”

    Spencer replies, “Put it between your legs to keep it warm.”

    Marilyn asks, “What about the smell?”

    Spencer says, “Hold its nose.”

    He says, “Hold its nose.”

  21. I still want GM to win! If not then Judd! Andy is a Rat. McCrea slept his way thru the season. And Spencer is just gross. I know GM has a foul mouth, but that is mostly when she get backed into a corner. She is the most fun to watch, you never know what crazy things she is going to say.

  22. Is it me or does it seem like Amanda just sucked everything from McCrae? his gameplay for sure, his personallity, personal hygene. At first he seemed like he would be funny & be like a guys guy, like the bandana throwing thing he started & looping that thing over the chairs or whatever. I swear she came along & left a shell. Her cussing him out & calling him a pu*** was wrong & he should know it, I mean what was he supposed to do? everything GM said to Amanda was Amandas own words about herself being slung back at her, She wasn’t even upset cause he wasn’t taking up for her it was cause she realized Andy, Judd & Spencer was laughing WITH GM & laughing AT Amanda…That’s what got to her, she was just so full of herself she couldn’t stand the thought of them siding with GM against her….I hope he don’t win just for the reason that she would try to make him spend every penny on her & then she would be done with him. I mean he hasn’t done anything anyway to deserve to win…. He’s gonna regret sleeping & being her lapdog all summer long….JUDD FTW !!!!

  23. Just wondering if the jury is reading the BB rule book, looking for a ways to do a write in vote, or just abstain from voting.

  24. I found this in another website:

    “In the chair room Spencer says I went 47 days without washing my sheets this summer and BB calls him to the DR. He says now I get in trouble for being dirty.”

    Spencer, everyday we find out more disgusting things about you.

  25. Oh for Gods sake! If precious Elissa had been a part of the exterminators it would be the most amaaaaaazing alliance ever! It would be the greatest thing since sliced bread…Nazi overtone?????? Are you serious? “exterminated the only Jew?” Call Orkin & let them know they can’t advertise or spray anybodys house cause OMG crazy people are out there! So funny before El decided to vote to keep Am, everyone was wanting her booted from the house, A petition was going around because Am tried to KILL poor Elissa with the SR door! BUT when El says she’s voting for her all of a sudden Amanda becomes a “poor Jew girl being exterminated”. Um, please take your meds & go lay down…

  26. Get him credit he will not throw it MCCrae and he will get it, and Andy will be up and out I HOPE, the four dick heads floated there and do not and should not get it

  27. Our favorite movie is “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay”! “Yea, we like to get it on…”

    1. HELL YEAH! GO EXTERMINATORS!!!!!!!! JU DOUBLE D PARTY DAUGHERTY FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, btw, I read Judds people have deleted their twitter account or shut it down or whatever, Crazy Cat People! just the other day I read an article about Amandas parents had to call the FBI cause of this nutty bunch! What is wrong with these people? The families of the people on a TV reality show are off limits I don’t care how much of an asshole anyone is, leave their family alone! And here’s the funny part, here’s the part that really gets me, these are the “good people” doing this. You know? The “good people” who are pulling for the “good people”, mad because Judd didn’t save Elissa…

  28. if mcrae goes home its his own darn fault

    elisa had turned! if he had not put her up, he would have stood a much better chance

    I actually think he cost himself the game by nominating her on double eviction

  29. I have lost complete and total interest in this season.. I wish they’d all lose.
    The Elissa bashing was excessive, she was not a fave of mine, I honestly haven’t been rooting for anyone but I want Elissa to win America’s Fave Just because it will piss all those losers off :)

    Thanks to Simon for your work

    farewell season 15

    I will watch the finale, just because ;)

  30. This is an awesome Final 5 and the feeds are entertaining. Haters are just butthurt that Demanda and Elissa got sent packing.

  31. In all of the past seasons, I don’t recall so many “unlikable” cast members. Don’t misunderstand, some season has had more than their fair share. But every season ALSO had many cast members I connected with and rooted for. This season I have not connected with anyone. Hopefully next year they will do a better job of vetting. I welcome replies. Tell me what you think.

  32. ‘Andy asks them what they would do if they saw Elissa doing joya downstairs.
    Spencer – “I would take this table and throw it over the edge try and hit her’

    Awe….. you’re a tough piece of work aren’t you pedo bear? This burger picking, nut-scratching slob will never get laid if he talks that shit!

  33. Pray for CBS ratings on BB15 “semifinals” to fail! It would be nice if we can get winter BB session on CBS. See u next year!

  34. After watching the DE episode again tonight on TVGN, I feel so sorry for Elissa. She was completely alone in that house. And the sorry excuses for men in the house plus the sorry excuse for a woman in that house, all talked disgustingly about her. What’s wrong with this people. I sincerely hope this is not a reflection of humanity. Many people say this is a game and that’s why they’re acting that way because they are stressed. Well, that doesn’t excuse them. Maybe they should try some yoga. Elissa wasn’t disgusting and evil like many of these people were, she was nice and respectful. I’d say the people that were on their best behavior in the house were Elissa, Helen and Howard. I don’t know about David since I barely remember him. The rest of the people have some serious problems.

    I definitely hope the people that acted so cruel to Elissa in front of her and behind her back get treated just that way in life, maybe then they’ll realize the damage they caused not only to her but to all the people watching BBAD, the live feeds, and CBS, especially the women. As a woman I felt completely disgusted by the comments of Spencer, Andy, Judd, McCrae, Gina Marie, and Amanda.

  35. First off I want to thank the Exterminators for getting rid of the Joker on BB15.

    As I sit in Wayne Manor Im trying to figure out why Elissa fans are whining and saying the Exterminators are floaters.

    I ask myself wasn’t Elissa a big time floater herself? She was in no alliances

    Don’t even say Helen because she flat out said several times they were not a duo.

    Maybe when he won HoH she should of got a life vest instead of a Yoga mat.

    Then again the Joker never made sense… he is crazy.

    1. Yes the Joker was a floater. They found a bottle of the Jokers medicine when packing her bag & maybe that’s what was wrong with her, she wasn’t taking her meds. I mean she didn’t know how old she was. She didn’t know how long she had been married. Trying to form a sentence you could see that it hurt her brain the poor dear…good thing she left when she did, i mean Amanda was such a wonderful friend & I’m sure she will take good care of the Joker….

  36. can someone answer this question for me, why would floaters need a life vest, if they can float?
    I am not hating on Rachel, I actually enjoyed watching her, but did no one notice this?

    1. I think when she said that she meant people were coming after them. So maybe as an analogy, they were pleasantly floating on calm waters and she was going to be making waves.

      Or that was how I took it. When I found out she was a bit of twit, then I don’t think she gave it that much thought. It just fell out of mouth.

  37. “She was completely alone in that house.”

    That’s her own fault for blindly following Helen’s orders and voting out all her allies, and being as stuck-up and snotty as humanly possible to everyone else. Elissa fans need to stop portraying Elissa as a victim when she caused a lot of the drama in the house and brought about her own demise with horrible strategy and lacking a social game.

  38. Something needs to happen soon. This game got boring ZZZZZZ… Production is crapping themselves right now with drama Amanda and Elissa going out at the same time.

  39. Mr Spencer Clawson is an employee of your company. Over the last few weeks we have witnessed him making pro-nazi statements and homophobic slurs. Of the worst of these henious verbal outtakes from Mr. Clawson’s mouth, the child molestation statements are beyond redemption.

    You may rest your laurels on the fact that Spencer is unionized and you have to adhere to strict guidelines in his termination. But add to the aforementioned, the fact that Spencer has intimated violent tendencies and referenced his proclivity to the illegal and recreational use of canabis and you as his employer should morally and legally be compelled to release him from employment as a conductor for your company.

    You are hereby notified that to keep Mr. Spencer Clawson in your employ would be reckless abandonment of your responsibility as an interstate transporter of dangerous cargo, not to mention that the train itself in the wrong hands can become a weapon.

    If you do not cease the employment of Mr. Spencer Clawson, you are putting yourselves at risk for a very large class action lawsuit should, God forbid, any accidents result due to Mr. Clawson’s recklessness.

    Please, we urge you to do your duty as an accountable party to the actions of your employees and release Mr. Spencer Clawson from your employ.

  40. GM cooking for the helpless boys. Good thing (for all of us) that it is near the end of the game, or the lost boys would starve without her.She has

  41. Everyone Andy talks about, he “hates” them. Who does he like? Also, I think it was a stupid move on his part that he told Amanda about the Exterminator Alliance. He cost himself jury votes.

  42. Very Boring…GM is still a racist witch and nasty as hell talking about someones child (NICK run she will be out soon and coming to get you RUN for your life) , McDirty is a lost puppy without a chance, Judd is kind of a dummy but alright as a person (Stuck up for the little boy GM was talking about), he is boring though, Spencer is DISGUSTING picking his nose, doesn’t wash his hands after the bathroom, wipes snot all over the place, derogatory to women, scratching his crotch and touching it smelling his hands, threatening to harm a lady with a table, in the beginning referring to women using terrible words, lazy, and now craving some weed, Wouldn’t want to ride on that train – could end up running off the tracks, Andy Ratboy creep – live feed shows him looking at the sauce jar and pointing out that pics on it have people who are on biracial, Asian etc. What is the Point Andy ? WTF is wrong with these idiots !!!

    Some one turn the cameras on the Jury house probably more action over there

  43. Grab my pearls! ‘The ” Exterminators” are not ridding the house of insects, they are, I remind you, eliminating human beings, correct? Plenty of folks think it’s funny to watch gorillas at the zoo try to hit people with their sh#t as they throw it out their cage – it draws enormous crowds and is cheap, low class entertainment – just like the antics of the cast of this season’s Big Brother. I am sure none of these remaining players is even intelligent enough, or socially aware enough, to realize it was a Jewish Holiday the night Amanda was evicted. Just observation, commentary, and irony based upon the racists bigoted, sexist, ageist, and homophobic remarks emanating from the polluted mouths of many of this season’s cast members. Some people just need to take a chill pill, stand up, and get the two-way circulation moving again.

  44. Don’t worry guys, just think how funny it’s gonna be when Judd gets blindsided again. Dummy didn’t learn the first time and he’s back with the people that burned him. MC knows what’s up. Do you really think he doesn’t know Andy flipped? He has nobody and he knows it. For Christ’s sake who are you going to believe, the person who gave up a wedding ring or the person that gave you a stupid shirt? I know he’s dumb, but c’mon. It just dawned on him today that Spencer and Andy are a unit. He thought he could trust Spencer more until then. Don’t worry, Andy’s going bye bye because he can’t hide behind anyone anymore. I think the highest he goes is third place. Spencer is going to final two because he hasn’t done jack the whole way through and everybody wants him in the final. They all know that the jury hates him and thinks he’s disgusting. They’ve all told each other except for him.LOL. MC has to win the veto, that’s the key to the whole thing, then Judd goes up and it’s bye bye dummy once again. Hearing him mumble back to the jury house would be perfect.

  45. They are all losers. None of them deserve the money. Can America vote to evict them all right now? I quit watching the feeds. Can’t take anymore of these jokers especially that Rat face Andy and Gross Pervert Spencer. Makes me throw up in my mouth. ugh….

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