Aaryn tells Ginamarie if I stay I am saying I won’t put Amanda and McCrae up but I will!

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


1pm – 1:30pm In the bathroom – Andy asks Aaryn what she has been up to. Aayrn tells him she worked out and then laid out. Andy says that he is going to lay out for a little while longer. Gina gets up and goes to the bathroom to fix her hair. Aaryn asks her what she has been up to. Gina says napping. I am going to fix my hair and then go back to bed. Gina gets Aaryn to help her with her hair. Aayrn talks to Gina and says that if Amanda and McCrae vote for me to stay and I stay then we can work together and then decide what to do. They stop talking when Elissa walks by. Judd joins them and then heads to the dairy room. In the kitchen Elissa is making an omelet. In the bathroom – Aaryn says if Amanda and McCrae do vote to keep me, they will probably tell you right before. If I stay I am saying that I won’t put Amanda and McCrae up but I will. I am trying to make myself a big target so that people will want to keep me to because I will keep going up on the block. Aaryn tells Ginamarie I will never vote against you. Gina says duh. Gina then heads back to bed.
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1:30pm – 1:40pm Judd joins Elissa in the kitchen. They talk about the havenot room and compare it to last yeas. Elissa thinks this seasons havenot room is worse. Elissa says I hope we get to do something fun to day Judd agrees. Amanada joins them and starts making her breakfast. They talk about New Year’s Eve in New York City Time Square. Elissa really wants to go.

1:40pm – 2:15pm In the bathroom – Aaryn continues to do her hair/makeup. In the kitchen – Elissa, Judd, Amanda and Andy talk about random things and eat lunch/breakfast. Spencer and McCrae wake up. Spencer gets into the pool.


2:15pm – 2:35pm McCrae makes a meat sandwich. Out in the pool – Spencer and Andy discuss Ginamarie’s farts. Spencer jokes that Gina can’t digest water but she can digest pop. She lives off of a pop diet. Amanda and Judd join them by the pool. Amanda asks I don’t know why you guys insist that Candice was pretty. Andy says she was a beauty queen. Amanda says yeah down in Africa!


2:45pm – 3:30pm Elissa, Andy, Judd, McCrae and Amanda are in the pool talking. The laugh about what Candice would have been like if she had won HOH. They comment on Howard’s speech to them in the kitchen left them all confused and thinking he was talking about each other. Amanda says I can’t believe that it was rumored that I said there was a minority alliance with Howard, Spencer, Andy and Helen. Spencer says wouldn’t you be in it since you’re Jewish? Amanda jokes that bubby is coming back out. She goes over and squirts the duck full of water on Elissa as Elissa squirts one back at her. Andy jokes that Amanda is schizophrenic and anytime she gets nervous about something bubby comes out. The conversation turns to talking about music they listened to when they were younger. Spencer asks Andy if he will do a re-enactment of him falling into the pool. Andy says no! They talk about just before coming into the house. Amanda says there were 16 of us and 4 alternates. Andy says that Kaitlin said she was an alternate. Elissa asks did anyone have second thoughts about coming in here. Aaryn says she did. Andy talks about the movie White Chicks. He says it was hilarious. Spencer says he doesn’t like racial humor.


3:35pm – 3:40pm Aaryn tells them that there are new games in the storage room – Jenga, Hacky sack, card and a slinky. Judd says no way, why didn’t you tell us earlier?!! Judd goes to check and finds them. He says thanks ya’ll! Judd tries the slinky out on the HOH stairs. Judd heads outside. Gina asks are there games or what? Judd says uhh.. I didn’t check.


3:43pm Gina says how about if I go check and if there are no games I will toss your two a$$ in the pool! Gina find all the stuff on the kitchen table and opens the door and tells them they got games. F**k you JUDD! She then chases Judd around the yard to throw him in the pool. He runs and gets into the hot tub. Gina then pulls him out and lifts and pushes him all the way to the pool as all the other house guests watch and laugh. When she gets him to the pool Big Brother tells them to stop that. aaryn keeps saying they should stop, this is dangerous. Spencer says you might as well just continue, you’re already there. Ginamarie then pushes Judd into the pool. (Super funny to watch her push and pull him all the way to the pool.



3:55pm – 4:10pm Judd and Elissa play a game of jenga. Elissa wins.


4:15pm The house guests are hanging out on the backyard couch talking about random things and eating.

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296 thoughts on “Aaryn tells Ginamarie if I stay I am saying I won’t put Amanda and McCrae up but I will!

        1. I would bet that Spencer is gay (still in the closet) if there is Marilyn she is a big girl. That’s what a lot of gays do to hide it. I have 4 cousins’ that were gay and that’s what they showed up with as girlfriends. I worked in the French Quarter in New Orleans for 8 years.

      1. In a recent survey, conducted by the World Health Organisation in Conway Ark, assessing the quality of life there; 87% of adults admitted to enjoying sex outdoors. The other 13% didn’t own a goat.

    1. I just can’t understand why Spencer thinks he can be the judge of who’s past there prime? Spencer has never been and never will be considered as prime. That dude better thank his lucky stars if he has anyone who’s interested in his creepy ass. The nerve of him. I truly believe that casting chose the most delusional people they could find this season.

      1. do you know what the word delusional means? cause that does not make him delusional. anyone is allowed to talk about anyone and who are you to say he cant talk about jessie. he can say whatever he wants and sure as hell doesnt give a shit what you think about him.

        1. umm nope pretty sure he is delusional….in that he has “false and unrealistic beliefs”…that sums him up pretty nicely no??

      1. Amanda is Jealous…Candice was beautiful just as the boys say..and no Amanda she was not the beauty queen of Africa but a state in the U.S…What award have you won for you bottomed dinosaur face

        1. For your information, Candace was Miss Louisiana in 2004 or 2005. She was a contestant in the Miss USA contest.That’s why GM hates her so much also.GM claim to fame was she won the Miss Grand Surpreme Overall Contest(I’m sure everyone has heard of that one) GM had her Crown with her in HOH. Amanda is just as bad as GM.Did you hear them about Jessie.Jessie is fine and GM & Amanda were talking really bad about her.Did you see the gut on those 2on the HOH contest. Amanda is going to shit when she sees herself in the tanning booth. She looked like crap

      2. Amanda should not open her disgusting Mouth. CAndice is much much much prettier then you! you best believe that!!..WTF does that even mean “yeah in africa” shut your ignorant mouth Amanda!

    2. Andy weasel his way into a new alliance that excludes Elissa….( The Exterminator )…..and Dudd is to stupid to see this……Gutter Mouth is a Cave woman and all she think about is nick and saying vile sh*t…….so she is easily fooled…….Elissa see’s what’s going on when she question Dudd in the HoH room if he already made an alliance with the Andy and Spencer, because Dudd did not want Andy to go up on the block…….(Dudd denied this alliance to Elissa)…..but Elissa has her suspicion and can’t do nothing because she’s not playing for HOH this week………..BUT……DUDD……He knows the actual truth…..he knows he was part of Goof troop and that Aaryn took he’s spot….he knows about the 3am alliance….he knows that Andy is loyal to McPuss and Herpes…..he knows Spencer will take Aaryn spot when she leaves this week….he knows that if McPuss and Herpes win HOH that Andy is still safe….he knows Andy betrayed him…
      He knows, He knows , He knows…………..and still he is going to trust Andy…. Gutter Mouth is clueless, Elissa is right with her assumption on what’s going on..but it is still an assumption……BUT Dudd actually knows everything and he is still going to trust in Andy….he doesn’t believe Elissa…but he believe Andy……even after they told him that GM would of went home if Elissa put her up and it was all a ployed to save there 3am alliance……Judd is a Dudd…..he came back into the game to be a follower again…and if he get back stab again he deserves it for being so stupid……..

      1. Andy is a moron!!!!!!! Judd will backstabbed Andy in the back and leaves Amanda to 1am alliance!!!!!!

    3. Thumbs up if you think Marilyn is really Spencer wearing a dress and a bad wig, dancing seductively in front of the mirror and telling himself that he’s a hot bitch and that he would fk himself because of his hotness….ala “Silence of the Lambs”.

    1. Yes….Because nothing would be better than having this season end with a floater like Spencer or GM winning! At some point I wonder what show people think they are watching. BB was never a show about “good” people winning, it was about strategy, comps and social game determining who got to the end. A concept I think many newbies can’t quite grasp.

      1. The problem is that there hasn’t been much intelligent strategy since pre-jury. They seemed to target the stronger physical players early thanks to Elissa’s MVP, which was fine as a strategy though it was kind of rigged. However, in every other season you have various groups playing against each other, but this season everyone pretty much played together for about six weeks. Only over the last week have people finally started to target each other with the end game in mind. On the surface, Amanda has played the best game so far, but all she has really done was have the good fortune of Aaryn choosing to side with her rather than Helen last week. Otherwise, everyone just sat back and voted out whoever the “house” thought should go. It has just taken much longer for the houseguests to really start strategizing how they are going to advance than in past seasons.

    2. And elissa too. She couldn’t be more condescending than anyone I ever met. Very two faced…..oh wait. All we have here are Elissa fans who will thumb down it. Oh well. It is true though. Nice dig elissa about Amanda and there being probiotics in yogurt for her yeast infection. Wha? I bet she got them too. ……uh oh. Here come the onion vag comments…..thumb it baby!

      1. It’s funny because Elissa is actually the one who has herpes. No joke. Several houseguests have seen Elissa’s Valtrex prescription (herpes meds) lying around.

        1. Truth hurts don’t it? Too many Elissa butt kissers around here. She wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire and we all know it.

          1. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the thumbs down are for the the nasty manner in which you write. I’m not an Elissa fan, but I don’t think you get to be nasty to someone just because they are. If you have something you don’t like, then write it, but you don’t have to attack a group of fans while doing so.

            1. Why not attack her fans? They run around here making all kinds of insults about other houseguests who don’t like Elissa and thumbs down and call out anyone who says she’s a snob. Her sheep are fair game if they bring their butt kissing here. Why don’t you tell people making bigoted comments about southerners and whatnot to stop attacking groups of people who have nothing to do with the houseguests. Oh wait, because it doesn’t involve the almighty ELISSA!

                1. How can people say they hate Amanda or Aaryn then? Oh yeah, because they’re judging from what they’ve seen of them on the show. From what I’ve seen of Elissa on the show, I hate her. It’s as simple as that.

                  1. Well continue your hate at the end Elissa will go back to her life with all her wealth and you unfortunately will be still hating.

                    1. It’s a figure of speech. Everyone is saying they hate this or that person. It doesn’t mean I or anyone really deep down “hates” someone. If they really do, then they need to not take tv so seriously. I and most people here will forget who these people are after this show is over, but in the meantime I hate that chick on that show. lol

                    2. The best way to deal with no-name is not to react one way or another (which I am violating right now). The more reactions no-name elicits, the more it reinforces his/her to continue commenting in the way he/she is. I wouldn’t even take the time or attention to thumbs down.

              1. I am flabbergasted by some of the comments I read on this blog and beginning to realise that the reason there are so many vile grotesque personalities in the house is bcuz clearly America has become a haven for these type of ppl. I read comments with ppl attacking elissa fans saying she has herpes. How does one feel saying such odious things about someone they don’t know. How does one come to justify the actions of a bully or racist and sleep well knowing where their morals stand. Human beings are supposed to be getting better but after reading certain comments and watching this season big brother I fear for our future. U don’t have to be an elissa fan for whatever callow reason but she is def not the worst person in tht house. No matter who the person is amanda mc and aaryn’s behavior can’t be justified they are awful spineless repugnant human beings and the fact tht ppl openly support their behavior is even more disconcerting I hope and pray tht one day your children or grandchildren does not have to put up with individuals such as amanda and her crew

        2. Umm Valtrex is used for other skin things too. Um a cold sore is herpes. Just because you are on Valtrex does not necessarily mean you have genital herpes. Amanda is a whore that had an abortion to be on tv then sleeps with the first thing she could. Stop hating Elissa simply because Rachel is her sister.

          1. I hate Elissa because she is Elissa….a condescending, self-entitled snob. Nothing was said about her sister here. And Valtrex is 99% for genital herpes. I’m a nurse, if you have herpes you’re on Valtrex. Rarely is it prescribed for cold sores. Stop butt kissing Elissa.

              1. As if everyone posting nasty, scathing insults here don’t have careers? It’s called the internet. If you don’t know by now that people behave differently or say things on the internet that they would never say at their job, then you really need to wise up. You’d be surprised what doctors, nurses, teachers, etc. etc. say behind closed doors. You can imagine what they say anonymously on the internet.

            1. If you are a nurse you would also know it is used to treat shingles. I am not butt kissing her but with who is left there I would cheer her on rather than any of the others.

                1. Of course! Shingles isn’t contagious. It’s from chicken pox, if you ever contract Chicken Pox, they never go away. They lay dormant on your spine, and can eventually turn into shingles.

                  1. If Elissa had shingles, she would never choose to go into the house, especially when she says she doesn’t need the money. The pain of shingles is absolutely awful. When my shingles were acting up, I didn’t want to wear clothes, let sheets touch me, sweat, and couldn’t function properly at work for 40 hours a week. I highly doubt she would be doing yoga constantly, being a powerhouse in games, electing to be away for 3 months, and show no physical symptoms. Besides, as much as she complains (miss I need a comforter in the have not room), we’d already know about her shingles.

                    1. Well when I had it, it wasn’t as bad as you described but it hurt. Anyway, I don’t recall anyone saying she had shingles. The point is the medicine they are referring to is used to treat many things. I highly, highly doubt Ellisa has herpes. That’s just vicious to say about someone. No one even knows if she really has that medicine. A houseguest said it which means the odds are it’s not even true.

                  2. So, “name”, you say you’re a “nurse”? You might want to do a little more continuing ed. You have your medical facts wrong. Shingles is contagious to those who have never had Chicken Pox. When one has had Chicken Pox, the virus eventually hides in the spinal region and lays dormant. Most people never have a problem again, but some later develop Shingles as a result of that same virus being stimulated out of dormancy (usually related to some kind of stress such as illness, high emotional stress, trauma, etc.). An open lesion on a Shingles patient can transmit the virus to those with no antibodies, i.e.., those who never had Chicken Pox. The adult form of Chicken Pox can be very dangerous, so you may want to get your facts straight before telling people a medical falsehood that might put them at risk!

                    By the way, the above info is only directed at nameless “name” and has zero to do with BB. I’m in the camp of evicting the A’s.

            2. Then you are a poor nurse and I would not have you in my hospital. Valtrex is used to treat ALL Herpes viruses and not just for genital herpes.
              Don’t make a statement like its a fact because it makes you look stupid.

              1. Did I say it “wasn’t” used to treat all herpes? I said it is primarily “prescribed” to patients with genital herpes rather than people with cold sores. Learn to read.

                1. It is used to treat ALL herpes viruses. Your statement said ” primarily prescribed to treat 99% genital herpes” then stated ” rarely is it used for cold sores. That just shows you don’t know anything. Its used primarily for all herpes viruses but I guess your intention wasn’t to insinuate Elissa has genital herpes, was it?
                  Go back to medical school and learn some more. Oh wait. No please don’t. You’d be a danger to any you care for.

                  1. What a medication is primarily “prescribed” for is not the same thing as what it can treat. Valtrex is primarily prescribed for adults (excluding older adults) when they have genital herpes. Again, learn to read.

                2. you’re acting like a fool just like amanda
                  i get cold sores from the sun, sunflower seeds, and stress. And, I was prescribed valtrex by a DOCTOR! I doubt elissa has herpes, but i bet amanda does

              2. Valtrex is used for much more than genital herpes. It is widely used for treating shingles. If you have genital herpes, you’re usually given more than one kind of medication.

                Nice try, but saying Elissa has herpes is really low.

                1. “Nice try, but saying Elissa has herpes is really low.”

                  There are about a million really low comments on here about every houseguest. Some of them are incredibly vile. Why are more people not saying those comments are “really low”? One guess, because the comments are not about Elissa!

            3. And because she is on valtrex and must have genital herpes, she must be a whore. Therefore worthy of being abused. What a wonderful caregiver you must be. If god was handing out stds as punishment, we would all need valtrex. I am an X-ray tech, and can state that most nurses are no better than they have to be.

              1. Well, Elissa was one of the primary people going around commenting on people’s medications and several other comments. So I don’t think it’s an issue about anyone calling her a whore. It’s about she’s on a medication that I’m sure she doesn’t want people to know she’s on particularly because of what it treats. Therefore she’s getting a bit of karma for bringing up medications, speculating about eating disorders, saying Jesse was off her meds or needed some, etc. etc. If she’s going to say all that, then someone pointing out she’s on Valtrex is just karma. It’s not implying she’s a whore.

                1. I Personally do not like any of the current houseguests from hell. Well I have no feelings about Judd whatsoever. But, the valtrex commentary came from one conversation started by Amanda. If Elissa is on valtrex, I am sure that Production would dole it out just like evryone else’s. Genital Herpes is just like oral helpers (or cold sores) it is not always in outbreak. Nor does it make you a whore or a dirty person. It just means you were unlucky in your choice of lovers. In the US approximately 20% of the population has genital herpes. Not everyone even has symptoms during outbreak. And not everyone who has it knows. And not everyone who does, takes a prescription drug for it. Also, some who do take a prescription only take it during outbreak. And not all antivirals are prescribe for herpes and not all those that are are Valtrex. I should know, I have hsv2.
                  It seems to me, that all this commentary about Elissa having genital herpes or hsv2, is nothing but avicious, salacious attack on someone you don’t like. You don’t like her, fine, good for you. Attack her for being vapid. Attack her for attacking your favorites. Attacking her for hsv is just as bad as anyone attacking Amanda for her “miscarriage.” Which a lot of you Amandites are screaming about.
                  The truth of the matter is, that all of the current houseguests are pitiful, vile creatures. And CBS should be ashamed for casting them.

              2. “I am an X-ray tech, and can state that most nurses are no better than they have to be.”

                Thanks for insulting millions of nurses you don’t even know. You’re a peach.

            4. I think you must have too much free time on your hands and that is the reason you are ragging on Elissa and her fans, you know? This is about the show Big Brother, not the fans, you know. I don’t mean to be rude, but this forum is not intended for people to go to town on others. Lighten up, Ok?

              1. And are you telling all the people ragging on the other houseguests to lighten up as well? No, because the Elissa fans only get “humane” when it’s Elissa that’s on the receiving end of criticism. Very telling.

                1. Sorry…not an Elissa fan. Have been a fan of the show, not the people. Just don’t see it necessary to rant or complain incessantly as “Name” has.

            5. Then go back and find the pic of Elissa’s Valtrex and post it or post a link to it if you can’t post the pic. To just outright make up crap like that which can follow her as an UNTRUTH is malicious and worthy of a lawsuit. Quit blowing smoke and show the proof!

              1. I watch live feeds…I do not make logs of every conversation and/or videos. If you watched the live feeds you know this for yourself.

            6. If she is a nurse, then keep me away from that hospital. Valtrex is used to treat cold sores. I have been a Army medic for 18 years, and when we have a patient with cold sores, we treat with Valtrex sue to the fact cold sores are a form of herpes. Please go back to school.

            7. To the name that is a “nurse”. If u really are a nurse than I feel sorry for your patients. All u do is constantly post your hate for Elissa and your disdain for all of us fans that disagree with you “name”. Step away from the site and worry about something more important–like your patients. Good grief, if u have this much time to reply to every post that disagrees with you I want to know what where u work so we can all avoid going there for any type of care. Who knows, maybe you’re Amanda’s nurse–you seem to know everything about her. Put all this energy and time (which from your posts u have a lot of it) into your job and get the hell off your high horse (or jacka$$).

          2. Amanda did not have an abortion. She got pregnant at roughly the same time she started birth control and lost the baby within the first few days of the pregnancy and didn’t even know it. Why don’t you stop spreading hateful rumors that aren’t true first before you attempt to call out others on their information. I don’t care if you hate Amanda or not, at least have the decency as a human being not to say a woman got an abortion to be on a TV show without knowing the actual story.

            1. For heaven sakes Name take a chill pill. I think you might need some time away from everyone. The folks are just stating a fact. Does that mean penicillin is only for animals?

              1. For the record, the only post I have made on here is the one above about Amanda not having an abortion. “Name” is the default setting and I just didn’t change it. Don’t assume every “Name” you see is the same person because they are not.

          3. B.S. you are a nurse..but if you are maybe you should talk to a pharmacist:

            What is Valtrex?

            Valtrex is an antiviral drug. It slows the growth and spread of the herpes virus so that the body can fight off the infection. Valtrex will not cure herpes, but it can lessen the symptoms of the infection.

            Valtrex is used to treat infections caused by herpes viruses in adults and children. Illnesses caused by herpes viruses include genital herpes, cold sores, shingles, and chickenpox.

            Valtrex is used to treat cold sores in children who are at least 12 years old, and to treat chickenpox in children who are at least 2 years old.

            Valtrex may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide

            She could have recurring case of Shingles, which many adults get due to the chicken pox virus or as Kaytee said, cold sores..

            1. Googling medication does not substitute having experience in the medical field. A 27 year old woman such as Elissa is highly unlikely to have shingles, and Valtrex is not commonly prescribed for cold sores. The vast majority of all cases I have seen in a 24 year career in the medical field tells me that a 20 something year old woman with a Valtrex prescription has most likely been given that prescription for genital herpes. That does not mean any of us know for a fact she does, and even if she does it does not make her a bad person.

              1. According to the latest studies…1 in 4 women have HSV-2 and 1 in 8 men…most never have a symptom/outbreak and have no clue they even have it. You’d have to get a blood test to know for sure. According to the CDC 81% of people infected have never been diagnosed. Scary huh? Oh and HSV-1 (cold sores) can also cause genital herpes. If it’s 1 in 4 chicks with genital herpes..then I’d say more than one of the chicks in the house has it. Point is half the people posting here probably have it and don’t know it!! Valtrex for ALL!!

              2. Having shingles at her age is possible, I have a few friends that had shingles beginning in their early to mid 20s, it is possible.

        3. Since Elissa did not get PB I am hoping Amanda gets HOH and gets PB. She will have to sit in a room with Rachel for an hour while someone wins something downstairs. I think that is the plan!

        4. To say that Elissa has herpes is rude and ignorant. She may have that prescription for cold sores, you dumb ass. And who the hell are you to call her out like that? You know what else? Get a freaking life. Your ignorant comments are all over this blog. Do you do anything else besides this?
          Get a job you ignorant ass!

        5. Can’t you use something more creative than the generic Name. It looks as though you’re just having a conversation with your two personalities (bi-polar). Also, that’s the first time anyone anywhere has mentioned Elissa and herpes. Which one of you made that up, your female person or your skunk person.

          1. I am using the generic “name” because it is the default. Many people here are using that. It’s not the same person. I made one comment on the above. I’ll let you be creative and figure out which one was mine. ;-)

            1. Come up with a screen name so we’ll know who you are. Maybe the people here can give one. Any suggestions out there for this Name person?

          2. FYI They have not made their screen name “Name”, it will just remain “Name” if you do not go and fill in something different when you go to comment.

        6. Anyone that has a cold sore or fever blister has herpes,,, its not some sexual thing… but it is spreadable if you kiss someone when they have one on their lips..

          1. *Sunshine* I had cold sores & fever blisters constantly as a kid….they were painful and ugly big scabby spots on/around my lips/mouth area….tried many things – that didn’t work!
            Dermatologist wasn’t helpful either!!
            OMG! A person at the pharmacy area told me to try
            ” L-LYSINE ” ….. you can find these tablets with the vitamins!
            Take them as soon as you feel one about to come on….YES….they HEEL from the inside out!!


        7. please include elissa in the final four,, she will win more than spencer,, how long can the comps go on with andy, spencer and mccrae in the,,,, keep her till mcnastys are out and fink face andy… then bugger nose picker spencer…. judd elissa and gm final 3 with gm leaving for still be a racist even today.

        8. I can’t believe a lot of us have haters and are mad at the comments we write…. hell the best comments posters should be house guests next season.

      2. Yogurt is good for not getting yeast infections and it’s also good if you are on a long regime of antibiotics. She was just trying to help the old skank out. Who cares if Amanda has a yeast infection. Everyone gets one now and then. It’s probably McCrae’s dirty you know what though. I could care less if they talk junk about each other. It’s the physical death threats, they’re just childish and the double standard. Hell great players in the past didn’t always whine when they got put up. They might have been pissed but they knew why they were being put up. It’s an honor to be put up. If you’re not put up, you’re not making waves or people think you’re not a threat. A threat to win HOH or a threat to beat them in the final two. I would take the rat to the end, but as I reflect, I would probably want to take most of them to the end. It’ll be the most confused vote in history even if America voted. It would be split. They all suck. Elissa and Judd simply aren’t vile. Yes, they can stab you in the back and they might stab each other in the back but that’s part of the game. Helen getting pissed at Andy is silly. A bunch of emotional midgets this season.

    3. Remember folks……if we hate Amanda too too much she will win hoh. Like it always happens. Go Amanda!!!! There. I hope I evened it out.

      1. Elissa is by far the worst person in that house. At least Amanda tells will tell you what she thinks to your face.

        1. Amen. I would hate Amanda if I knew her in real life, but I would hate Elissa even more. With Amanda you know what she’s thinking, with Elissa you just get eyerolls and a bunch of “mmm hmmm….umm ya”. As soon as the cameras are off and she’s in private company you know Elissa will talk all kinds of shit about people, but Amanda is who she is regardless if cameras are on her or not. I hate vulgar, but I hate fake snobs even more.

          1. You sure hate Elissa, please if you have kids don’t teach them how to hate. We all have to remember this is a reality show these people are here for the money.

            1. Are you telling that to all the people going on about how they hate Amanda, Aaryn, Andy, Spencer, etc. or just the ones who say they hate Elissa? hmmm….

              1. It seem this show is about to give you heart attack slow down it is just a reality show props to CBS for making the cunt go crazy.

                  1. A Recent study found 98% of the participants had me, so most of you posting on this thread probably have some form of me. So stop slandering my name!

      2. LOL, it seems we’ve directed CBS so far this week. I used to think they were the puppet masters, not really, you’re right all we have to do is x and they’ll do y, or bring up valid failings and they’ll change the way they do things. This game changes with this board. CBS are a bunch of followers. Mass media is, what in the hell am I talking about.

  1. Aaryn just might wiggle off the hook. How great would it be if Amanda and McCrae saved her and then she put them on the block?

      1. She would deserve to be in the final two but not with ole Duck Lips. Ole Duck Lips made a huge mistake this week by not putting up Scuzmanda and her rat dog McNastyPuss. But she sure did throw a panic into old Scuzmanda.

      2. It would nice If Aaryn would tell the truth for once. If they save her, she will put up Elissa and Ginamarie. She has lies south in this game I doubt she even know how to tell the truth. Sad to say, most if the houseguest aw exactly like her. They believe all of the lies they are telling

  2. As much as I don’t like Aaryn, I would love for her and Elissa to work together to get out Amanda/McCrae….unfortunately, she’s been gunning for Elissa since the beginning so I can’t really blame Elissa for not trusting her and not wanting to work with her. It’s too bad, sometimes Aaryn is likable (much more than Andy anyways) and her and Elissa would make a good team as far as competitions go, oh well, I guess we’ll have to see what happens today.

    1. The sad fact that both her and Andy don’t have a spine. I don’t trust either one. The biggest threat to that house is a couple. If you’re playing the game to win they should be the obvious ones to go. That’s what makes these people so sad. If you’re fn someone, you probably have some loyalty….unless you’re Dr. Will Evil Genius.

  3. Is it true Amanda is really leaving the show Thursday because of all the controversy regarding her horrific behavior? I read that CBS is releasing her from her contract and lawyers and Amanda’s mother are involved.

      1. It’s a stupid rumor that stupid people are spreading around. If Amanda had done something to make her get evicted, they would have booted her out immediately. And she would NOT voluntarily leave the show. Use common sense, people. Seriously.

      2. I heard it too! Stephen Fox posted it. Has a brother in law or something that works for CBS. She got to talk to her parents and was offered some kind of settlement. I’m sure it all went down when they talked to her about the whole Elissa thing and made her stop. Not sure how true this is, Simon, Dawg, could you look into this a little more? I’m still mad she got money over it of that’s the case, but hopefully it won’t be anywhere near what she could’ve made staying.

      3. Simon and or Dawg, This is my second post (within 2 hours) regarding “Ameanda” being evicted Thursday per “CBS” is there a reason they are not being posted. Thanks

          1. I’m sorry I just didn’t see them and I didn’t mean to bother you. I’ll look again and harder. We appreciate your hard work Thanks

    1. Oh for God’s sakes. Are you stupid? Did they kick out Evil Dick? Just because you want it to happen, doesn’t mean it will.

      1. CBS/BB have been getting a lot of heat over this season. Even the foreign press has picked up on it and they can ban BB from their countries. UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Their laws about what can/can’t be shown are very different from the US. BB is a worldwide franchise and if the franchise is threatened they will do whatever they have to do.

        When you combine the racism and bullying with half the house on controlled substances the whole CBS Cares tag line becomes a joke. Add in the fact that Amanda is a friend of the producer and I think they love the idea of cutting there losses. Settlement = no interviews, no comments–just go away.

        And if you were Amanda’s parent watching your daughter meltdown on national tv while your business and life have been damaged, wouldn’t you get a lawyer and try to negotiate a deal to get her out of there ASAP?

      2. Did Evel Dick threaten to kill everyone or told them if they talk to a certain house guest he would silt their throats? Nah don’t think so.. She has bullied like Dick but difference is he didn’t say he was gonna kill them. The world we live in now.. Threats like that should be taken seriously.

    2. It would be nice to see her leave, but I doubt it will happen.
      As for Evil Dick, he was never a bully like Amanda.. He played the game. She just bullies

      1. Amen! He did say some harsh things though and another thing he didn’t do was threaten to kill them like Amanda did…several times. I can’t wait til she leaves

    3. *amandasevil* WTF? Who cares WHO is involved !
      get the straight jacket on her…and get her the hell gone!
      Amanda has no one to BLAME but herself! LOSER WHORE!!
      She thinks she is indestructible! LOL! LMFAO!
      Amanda has said several times on BBAD….that
      Words that may bite her in the ass!! :-) Adios!

  4. OMG!!! Aaryn, why you keep saying to GinaMarie that you guys vote to keep me here to stay. Aaryn, your going to jury house and look at Candice face that Elissa just send you home. Next week will be McCranda going to the jury house.

    1. GM’s good-bye message to Aaryn, “You know I love ya, Bunny, but sad to say yous a rat and a flipfloppa a flipfloppin rat and so see ya lata

      1. LOL. You just reminded me of a guy that does a GinaMarie impersonation on his podcast. It’s Rob C from Survivor. I love when he talks like her. It’s spot on and so funny.

    2. Captain, I know Helen is going to be happy to see Aaryn in the jury house, since she was voted out while Aaryn was HOH.

    3. Years of your horrific dribble in broken English, yet I would probably miss you if you were gone. Must be the meds!!! :)
      (P.S. I thumbs down every post of yours that I see, just so you know that you have a fan)

    4. Spencer feels superior to Amanda because she had to get a boobjob to look like him. “This is all natural, bitch! How bout it?”

    1. Judd needs to get Aaryn Drunk. She will sleep with him then. She can do the “Walk of Shame” right out to Julie when she is evicted. JUDD the Stud!!!!!

  5. Only two words can describe the BB15 cast: Mentally Ill. Only two words describe the CBS production team that selected the cast: Mentally Ill.

    1. The first part of that is right…but CBS is smart since they’re getting so much buzz and high ratings from all this crap. And here we are contributing to it all by talking about it.

  6. I hope to God they keep Aaryn and vote out that dirty rat bastard Andy, I wanna see the look on his face when Julie says “Andy, you’ve been evicted from the bb house” then watch him cry like the rat bastard bitch he is.

    Then have JUDD win HOH and put up Skankho Amanda and her dirty rag MCrae

    1. I cannot tell a lie (I’m not in the BB house). Even I would LOVE to see if Andy could stop bawling long enough to even be interviewed by Julie. Booo hooo hooo!!! Bet he couldn’t!!!

  7. Andy is brushing his teeth when he hears banjo music. He looks in the mirror and sees Judd standing behind him. Judd says,”You got a perty mouf.” Before Andy can respond, Spencer (wearing Andy’s Geranlmals cat shirt) walks in and says,”Squeal like a piggy.BOY!” Andy says,”NO!! NOT LIKE THIS!!”

  8. I do not think that Aaryn has a change against Rat Andy. Andy will never go to the jury house unless he is up against Amanda or McSlob

    1. No she is not leaving. That is a stupid rumor that people keep talking about. No one has done anything in the house to be expelled and even if they had the producers would expel them immediately not wait to do it.

  9. Watching Andy and Amanda eat is disgusting. Andy chews with his mouth open and looks exactly like a rat eating. Amanda shovels food in her mouth, hunched over, smacking and talking with her mouth full. PIGS! Also I’ve noticed Andy taking food out of Elissa’s basket and puts it in his pocket and makes sure nobody is looking. I can’t wait until they are both gone.

  10. Amanda was on the block twice and the house chose not to vote her out, so that means the game must be rigged for her to win… how does this make sense?

    1. Sorry if you hate her…I don’t like her either. But Amanda being on the block and not getting voted out means she played the game to her advantage and got to stay, not that the show was rigged. Her personality aside, she is playing a strong game. I don’t think she will last, but she’s made some good strategic maneuvers. Sorry for everyone that just wants to bash her and can’t stand it when anyone says something about her that isn’t an insult. But it’s true. Every year when the hated person gets further people shout how the show is rigged. If the show was rigged some houseguest over all these seasons would have spoke up by now. CBS is not the CIA, they can’t shut people up indefinitely.

      1. Amen…..Amanda was voted by america, the fucking dumb brenchel army, & you the viewer….CBS cares. I like Elissa (I guess), but if it wasn’t america and stupid rachels fanbase ( i loved rachel and brendon in both seasons they were there…..i always rooted them on and when rachel won the second time around (almost impossible in a non all-star format) i was very very pleased) and their really poor logic in getting Amanda out, then she would never have been on the block. And she may have been put up then by other cast members due to her arrogance and that “its her time to go up”. Damn it.

    2. Because the CBS production crew is bunch of cowards. Allison Grodner paid them to tell the houseguest of not to vote for Amanda. I can imagine that TMZ will finally have a big brother scandal of Allison Grodner paid the CBS production crew to tell the houseguest of not to vote for Amanda.

    3. She stayed because the house (Helen) said it wasn’t time. Is BB rigged – no. Does production manipulate events and players – yes. It is, after all, called Big Brother. I suggest reading Orwell’s novel “1984” – it’s really a good read.

  11. This season’s cast sucks so bad, I want to see Aaryn and Amanda in the final two just for shits and giggles. And if anyone is “outraged” by that, then you’re taking a television show waaaay too seriously.

  12. Elissa hurt her thigh while doing yoga and wrapped an ice pack around it, but she says that’s no help. I hope she’s 100% ok for the POV competition. If Elissa leaves the game, I’ll still watch CBS, but won’t watch BBAD.

  13. Aryan should offer herself up for a three some with Scuzmanda and McNastyPuss. That may be enough to obtain their votes so that she can stay. Really, if one thinks about it these are votes that they owe to her for all that she has done for these ingrates. Sure Andy the Rat Bastard Weasel Fuck has supplied some timely information but without the HOHs supplied by Poopy all that information means nothing. The Rat’s usefulness should be about nil right now BUT WAIT JUDD and the rest of these people (term used loosely) just do not get it that the Rat is the key to each and every eviction. JUDD and the rest of these people just keep on feeding the Rat.

    Spencer (with his 100 new lady friends, sorry Marilyn) and JUDD should turn tail on the Rat and vote to keep Aryan The Texas Tornado and let her run rampant over the McScuzzies.

  14. So everyone that says show is rigged for Amanda, answer this….does Production and CBS also pay the Jury off to vote how they want them to vote?
    Yes DR helps them along the way to create drama and paranoia, that’s BB!

    1. Carlos…did you see the clip of Helen coming off the wall in that re-enter HOH competition? It doesn’t look like she was pushed off it looks like she was given a signal that it’s time for her to get off. I hate to say this but yes….I think everyone is in on it and after 15 seasons of watching this it’s really difficult for me to say that. I understand what you’re saying they’ve created the drama but at least 5 people will have to be in on it in order to vote her the winner. I have a feeling….they are and it saddens me.

  15. Good grief! It has been such a boring and calm week except for the whole Amanda acting like a wacko towards Elissa. Could Thursday night please hurry up and get here so maybe we’ll have something exciting happen. Really sucks they didn’t give Elissa the pandora box this week. What the heck are they waiting on???

    1. Hopefully they’ve phased out the Pandora’s Box for good. Not only has it been used to rig the game (duo twist brought back for a week to save Rachel and fuck Shelly over), it’s always boring and lazy. There’s only so many times they can bring back Jessie from BB10 before it just gets pathetic.

      1. OMG, I forgot he’s been on the show for the last 5 years, goddamn, they’re going to bring that douche back. BUT, if it;s during Mcranda’s HOH, it’ll be worth it…

        He can tell them how healthy it is to “Shower” everyday, and clean clothes and sheets.

  16. Wish every person evicted had a chance to come back, imagine Jeremy back in the house, putting Amanda in her place where she belongs, and watch McCrae let it happen like the bitch he is.

  17. There was a tweet last night that went viral stating she was going to leaving during the next live show.
    Several websites reported it this morning – celebdirtylaundry and a few others.
    You can Google it – not sure if true or rumor

    1. I don’t know why everyone is being so rude to people that ask about Amanda leaving. The rumors are there, it’s a valid question, there’s no reason to be such a-holes about it. They aren’t stating its a fact, they’re just asking! My gosh people.

      1. Because people keep asking when it’s been exposed as BS over and over again. Sorry, but wishing doesn’t make it so. Demanda will be in the house until she either wins, gets voted out, physically harms another houseguest (not just saying mean things about them), or destroys production property.

  18. Just curious, what the Big Brother rules are on sleeping/naps. It seems like for the US one, house guests are allowed to nap and sleep in the day. But I remember watching the Canada version and they made an episode on Topaz getting in trouble for catching some zzzz.

  19. Umm, okay, isn’t that a racist comment? Down in Africa? I can’t wait for these people to get out of this house and see what the world thinks of them. Even if you are racist you don’t have to broadcast it on national television. The things they talk about is just down right ______________! Forget the world, I would be so paranoid about what my friends and family would think of me if I spoke or acted like that. Guess their parents never had the remember who you are speech before they went out into the world.

    1. The one thing I worried about travelling in Africa, was hygiene. Sure enough, first night out there, the toilet facilities were rank. I looked down the hole, it was swarming with flies, looked like diarrhea, and stank of rotting flesh. But needs must, so I did my business.

      As it happens, I got banished from the village for shitting in their drinking water.

    2. I think people say things like this all the time inside their homes and with their friends and families. These people have gotten really comfortable in the house and with each other. There is no one challenging these statements. They all just laugh and co-sign on all this nasty talk! Sometimes McCrae says something, but not enough to make it stop. But, he is so crazy , he let Amanda talk about how big his d!(K was last night. NASTY. I wouldn’t let my woman talk like that in public even with my “friends”. So, if he won’t stand up for himself, he isn’t going to stand up for anyone else.

    1. Elissa never gave Aaryn a real chance to work with her. She ripped Aaryn a new one to her face and then expected her to drop down and kiss her feet.

      1. If Aaryn stays and finds the will to put up McCranda Elissa did exactly what she should have. Regardless, she wasn’t begging for a vote or worrying if A came back into the house. She told like it was. I respect that. I love it when they say precisely why they are putting someone up. I can just see Andy putting two players up. He’ll have to cry about each one, talk about how great of friends they are, and how he just won’t be able to sleep at all… boo hoo… Biggest pussy in the history of BB.

      2. Never a big Brenchel fan, but, I do like Elissa. I think that she is a gentle person. This is a season of really tough women, and not in a good way. If Elissa is getting rid of Aaryn b/c it’s personal, good. Despite GM seemingly getting a do-over, I can’t help remember all the truly lowdown, nasty things that were said by them both.

      3. Elissa had tried several times to work with Aaryn but got turned down. Aaryn only wanted to work with Elissa when she won HoH. Knowing she was Demanda’s minion why would Elissa work with her now?

  20. Next week in the BB house could be very exciting. We could see both a Pandora’s box plus a double eviction. Time is running out on this game and big moves need to be made.

      1. I agree with Spencer winning HOH putting the McCranda’s up, watching McCrae go and him telling McCrae bro I’m just letting you get to jury before Amanda for you can hook up with Jesse… or better say that at the nominations. That would be hilarious. Amanda would unravel. That would be good TV. Evil good.

      2. If Amanduh goes to the jury house and starts anything, Helen will be saying to Candice and Jessie that Amanduh is a nice person and does mean the things she says. She will apologise from morning to night for Amanduh’s not so polite humour and, being the Mum she is, she will give C&J a time out, sit them on the naughty step and tell them it is too soon for Amanduh to be sent to bed.

    1. Getting JUDD out the first time was a huge move. And getting Howard out was huge. Go ask Helen.

    1. Out of line is her first name. You would think she would come up with something better than an Africa reference. Those are really trite. She’s so insecure. Anything will come out of her mouth about anybody it seems including about herself. She doesn’t have any sort of dignity. I wish they should have shown more of her comments on the episodes instead of mainly railroading one person as being the leader of racist comments and attitudes. I’m not an Aaryn fan but at least be fair about the sh*t.

    2. Might be out of line. In writing it looks like a huge compliment that Candice (an American) travelled to Africa to be in a beauty contest and won.

      However; possibly Amanda was trying to insult Candice by accusing her of being African having won a beauty contest in Africa prior to immigrating to the U.S. And that Africa is the only place in the world she could possibly be a beauty queen, implying that women who enter beauty contests in Africa don’t live up to the beauty standards of the women who enter beauty contests on all of the other continents. Also implying logically that the inferior beauty standards of women who enter beauty contests in Africa is caused by many of the beauty contestants being of darker skin presumably.

      Well, Thank You Amanda you either –

      A. Informed us of a wonderful achievement of Candice’s that she was too modest to announce, or

      B. In one masterful genius stroke – insulted Candice, all women of African heritage, all women who enter beauty contests in Africa, all women of darker skin, and the entire African continent. Wow, I think you’re ready to take on Maya Angelou next, maybe the President could set it up for you, or do you think he could only be President of Africa?

      If it is A. I could easily believe it, because Candice is beautiful.

      If it is B. Then all I can say is Heil Zuckerman. That wasn’t really the BB rule book you were studying, was it? C’mon admit that it was your autographed copy of Mein Kampf you tricky little devil.

      Either way. Bravo, Amanda. You are some kind of fantastic!

  21. hey cbs amanda should be remove from big brother 15 cause racist bully death threats is not the way the show should go cause kids or watching an all should do something about it before somthing happen in the house you got to keep people safe in that house in what amanda saying in doing to people need to stop but we cant do it it got to be you cbs big brother 15 get her out of the house this just a game but she taken it to another level

  22. The Production crew are the only ones making big moves…..they have been getting caught (taping Helen on the foot telling her to jump down), but at least they are taking more initiative than the HG.

  23. How much more protection do you wimpy Elisssa fans want for your pampered princess that you ridiculously overstate is being terrorized, bullied and abused. She is a grown woman in a controlled enviromnent with cameras everywhere, discussions with psychiatrists, medics, medical doctors and medication on hand and available day and night 24|7, plenty of food and nurishment including steaks, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, starches, juice, wine, beer, etc.,a pool to swim in, room to run and excercise, beds, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc, and she gets a chance to win $500,000. Oh, that’s right , Princess Elissa didn’t get a yoga mat until her HOH, poor, poor baby, You Princess Elissa fans are pathetic.

    1. less than the 500K, that sounds like being in the military. Maybe not great food, but good food… but at any moment you can get it in the head. Amanda’s a pyscho. That’s it. I wouldn’t trust her to watch my cat. That said, I don’t really want her kicked out. I want Spencer or someone else to do whoever said the above. Classic.

  24. I’ve never been so wrong about someone as I was with Amanda. When show first started I thought she was good player and not bad person. Then I thought maybe she overplayed a little. Then maybe a little annoying. By now I can’t believe she is even allowed on this show. She is disgusting person on the inside. To even bring up what Candice looks like is insane…then to bring in Africa. Enough already pig.

  25. Could Amanda’s comment be more racist? WTH?! I hope that Cry-Baby-Rat goes home so Aaryn can hack up McCranda’s game. Otherwise, I’m afraid one of those three disgusting people (Rat and McCranda) will go to the end and that would put the bow on the worst BB season ever.

  26. Rumor started by Brenchal fans. Boy, they have loused up Big Brother to the point of many longtime fans being totally disgusted with these johny come lateleys trying to influence the game in Elissa’s favor.. If production listens to them they can keep their Brechals but many of the rest of us will say ba bye for good.

    1. How insecure can one be to keep talking about someone that’s not even around? This woman is the poster child for abortion. I don’t care how non-PC that is.

  27. Amanda continually steps over the line. Everyone on this show talks smack about each other and it’s expected. Saying another cast member is ugly is common. But to take it a step further and make a reference to Africa being the only place Candice would be pretty is taking it way past the line. Honestly, I hope she keeps doing it just so that this hole she is digging for herself keeps getting deeper and deeper. Several Amanda fans keep referring to her as smart but I disagree. A truly smart game player would know how to make digs without crossing that line. A smart game player can talk smack behind someone’s back without making themselves look bad. Everyone, even McCrusty, agrees that Amanda is looking really, really bad on tv right now.

    People remark that they think McCrusty is finally scheming to get rid of Amanda. I don’t think so. They had a conversation where she clearly said she wants him to win and wants him to stay in the house over her if it comes down to the two of them on the block. I do believe this is genuine because she knows she can bully him into giving her at least half of the money (in form of gifts) after he wins since he will owe her. My impression is that she has given him permission to set up an alliance to fall into should she be evicted.

  28. As much as I would love to see Andy get booted on Thursday, Aaryn just can’t be trusted. She’s way too emotional and easily influenced by Amanda and it’s pathetic. There is doing what you need to do to survive and than there’s thinking ahead and making long terms moves. And her bad attitude in general is why her game was doomed. She’s like a child, a spoiled one at that. It would have been a big move if she put up Amanda last week when she was “threatening” to possibly do so. But she didn’t. And it’s not like she didn’t know that Andy was in really deep with them. When Elissa came to her about the plan to possibly try to back door Amanda she goes right down stairs and runs her mouth instead of waiting until after the veto competition and going from there. Now it looks like Gina Marie will make it further than her unless something changes by tomorrow and Ron Weasley gets voted out.

  29. Maybe the admins of this site can enlighten me on a few things if they know the answers . In all past seasons of BB never has their been so many f bombs dropped like this season if I remember correctly BB used to censor the profanity even on the live feeds but this season it’s a free for all . Also I have a feeling Amanda has crossed a very fine line with what she’s done . I remember that Hans guy got booted for next to nothing and Amanda makes Russell Hans look like a saint . In their contracts isn’t their some clauses pertaining to threats of violence against other house guests or using racial slurs . Why I ask is because in most contracts now a days they have clauses for sexual harassment also for racist comments among other things those are normally grounds to be terminated . Look at Aaryn that’s why she’s fired so doesn’t CBS use a standard contract containing those clauses if so then Amanda could be terminated with out being evicted on the spot she hasn’t punched anyone yet and I say yet . If this cast were on bb Canada and they acted like this they would have been gone weeks ago because it would not be tolerated . I have a very strong feeling their wont be a bb16 not after this fiasco . Also how come the HGs are allowed a copy of the rule book is it a bible I say not .

    1. WTF, CBS used to censor the live feeds?

      They need to fucking put BBAD back on Showtime 2, I know why they moved it, for the viewers that don’t subscribe to Showtime, but fuck, why not show BBAD on both channels, TVGN”censored” and Showtime 2 “uncensored”, not like they can’t afford it.. TWC started the blackout, and CBS is laughing in their face matching the small losses and STILL making money.

  30. There is some truth to that rumor about Amanda….when she leaves..it will be on a Thursday Night…

    ..and if anyone tells you different..they are full of shit..

  31. I think Candice is more attractive than Amanda in every possible way. Amanda must not know how disgusting she is. That’s unattractive.

  32. Amanda describing a back box as being big, smelly, and ugly. She then goes on to say “just like Howard and Candice”

    This site missed that, so I figured I would post it. The clip is on youtube. She then follows up by saying “I can say that because I’m not racist and I’m Jewish”

  33. I have watched every season and there were jerks, liars etc. but never have I seen such racist comments, threats to others and outright psycho behavior. I hate the control McNasty has over all of the sheep. Since E has never gone with their dictatorship and played her own game, she deserves to win.

  34. Thumbs up if you’re tired of Elissa fans spewing all sorts of vile comments about the other houseguests but then lecturing and downvoting anyone who says a negative word about Elissa.

    Thumbs down if you’re tired of Elissa fans spewing all sorts of vile comments about the other houseguests but then lecturing and downvoting anyone who says a negative word about Elissa.

    1. I love that……thumbs up? Down? Uhhhh…….Andy entered a room……..I’m drunk

    2. thumbs up if you are tired of “this season blows” constantly making everything he says on OBB some negative connotation about elissa

  35. i think SIBERIA is very scripted but looks like reality tv, and by comparison,
    SURVIVOR is way less scripted and more real. i also looked at CAPTURE
    episodes, the show that “Hunger Games” and/or the 80s paintball epidemic
    inspired. again i can see how a clever conspiracy theory person can think
    of the 1950s and what a basic dishonesty inside a contest does if the goal
    is to elicit a certain response from the viewing audiance out there in tv land.
    if CBS is micromanaging BB15 an’ it sometimes shows but they are not illegal…

  36. Name if you are a nurse then tell me why in gods name you do not think a person that is 27 can get shingles.. OMG my daughter was 6 and had a mild case of shingles. You must not be up in the world on medications and how they work.. or who can get shingles.. Anyone can get shingles!! i have known a few at different ages that have gotten it

  37. is GM’s basic NYC loyalty on a deep level something that
    could louse up Amanda’s BB game even if Elissa does not
    gain a benefit from the same? GM might be the tie~breaker.
    she may not be the eventual victor, only a significant juror!!!!
    If GM gets into the top 3, will Aaryn happily vote for her then?

  38. I have started to realive why I think this season and its’ cast is so deplorable. I could be wrong, but I think that long time BB fans…who have watched each season since its debut….look down on this season as we have seen the best and the mediocre over the years. Most newbies to the show are flabbergasted at some of the comments made from …usually…us long termers where as the newbies think things are just hunky dory and going along well. They haven’t watched enough past seasons to draw a good comparison. JMO.

  39. What will be nice in about a half hour is that we will find out where real allegiances lie. We will see DR reactions to Amanda winning pov and will be able to see if Andy is legit exterminator or super mccranda ally….finally.

  40. Amanda started out with a soliid plan. Get with the power and suck it dry. If a girl had won the first HoH, she would have crawled in bed with her too. Too bad for her she forgot to factor in her own instability.

  41. I sometimes get so caught up in the show that I will yell out loud…Riigged..rigged…rigged!!! However, Once I come back down to earth…lol…and realize that if it was a rigged show that over the years somebody would have spilled the beans and talked about it to the media…its human nature that SOMEBODY WOULD HAVE talked!!! Just like the ones that run their mouth while in the house. Forget about them signing disclosures, etc., etc.

    1. Ban you. I don’t feel like typing more than I have too. Fuck yourself and get yeast herpes shingles cold sores whatever you dumb fucking screw.

  42. Wow! It is amazing how we as society hate so easily. Reading the comments here makes me wonder how much worse it will be for our children. I am not saying I am perfect because I do it to. I judge, hate, and devalue others just like everyone else. Shows like big brother don’t help our problems they just make us feel better that others have it worse then we do. We should all be ashamed and hope for a better future with better government, less poverty, and far less hate.

  43. Amanda is going to win and it doesn’t matter how foul she talks.I hope the people in this show realize that how you talk can affect your life. Amanda is a real estate agent, and i am sure she has turned off people of different races wanting to buy houses from her. I am pretty sure being racist in sales doesn’t help. She works for her parents so she has not been fired like Gina Marie and Aryn. When they leave this game they will find out how what they say and did will affect them. It will be interesting to see what happens to Spencer since the police searched his home and his job already didn’t like comments he made. I have never seen a cast get fired from their real jobs, talk so racist and vile, and has the cops ever went and searched someones home while they are on the show. I think this season can’t get to much lower. If the next cast isn’t better then this one, then I won’t be watching this show again. Right now it’s like watching a train wreck it’s such a mess you keep watching, but can’t believe your really watching it.

    1. I am pretty sure Amanda has NO intention of going back to real estate. She says so but if she was that serious about a career in this arena, she would be more self conscious about her portrayal on tv.

      I am convinced that due to the fact she was only involved in real estate for a few months and prior to that she spent a few years trying to get involved in television, her intentions are to use this exposure as a way to officially launch her television career and b a reality star. I am sure she sees herself being invited back to an All Stars season or appearing on other reality shows. Unfortunately for her, she has shot herself in the foot and will not be able to go back to real estate and she will certainly not be invited to an All Stars. At least, I hope not. I don’t think other reality shows would risk her being over-the-top offensive and potentially scaring away their advertisers.

      1. No, I finally get it after watching the Wednesday night episode. Don’t you see, its all been a big acting job for Amanda.

        She’s trying out for Pro Wrestling. She even had a wrestling costume on for the veto meeting. Wow she is good, she’s just as nasty as all those bad guy wrestlers!

    2. I think amanda said she was a luxury home salesperson, and I could be wrong but I don”t think clients who deal in millions are sitting around watching or reading about BB.

      Even if they do, everyone will forget all of this once the next scandalous thing happens in the media. Miley twerking at the VMAs anyone?

  44. Does anyone know the website I can use on Thursday to watch the eviction? Football is being aired in place of Big Brother.

  45. It would be great if Andy left the house instead of Aaryn. But Spencer won’t do it. Spencer, McCranda and Andy will drop you soon. But anyway, seeing it from Spencer’s point of view: Amanda, McCrae, and Andy are not that great at competitions, and he thinks he might beat them all if it gets to them being the final 4. I don’t like any of those 4 people, I rather have Aaryn win over them. But my favorite is Elissa, then Judd.

  46. I can’t believe all the whining by these guys. That HOH was setup for a guy to win. I mean come on catching baseballs and a girl kicks your butt. Elissa deserves this HOH.

  47. Damn shame when someone decides to play their own game…. That is like, not fair… According to the voice in Amanda’s head.

  48. I can’t wait for Aaryn to be voted off! She needs to go! I also think that Amanda needs to go next…I was wondering what you all thought about Mccrae? I can’t stand him! I know Amanda has said a lot of NASTY and inappropriate things, which is why we all hate her, but he bothers me sooooo much! I liked the guy at first, he seemed nice, but I just can’t get over the fact that he associates himself with Amanda, and condones her behavior! (even though he says he wants her to calm down sometimes). I think he also needs to go…Silence is consent in his case!!!!

    1. I’d rather McCrae go first. Amanda is nothing without him. As of late, he’s her shield now. None of the other hg’s would continue to let her mouth off at them. Well at least I don’t think they would but judging from their lack of balls, I could be reaching. Would like to see Andy or McCrae up on the block this week, Amanda, replacement if one comes down. McCrae is the only one holding those 3 together and keeping them safe right now. Andy is a weasel but whoever has HOH next will have him running around for them.

  49. funny they mention the movie white chicks…. if two white comedians were to do the exact same story line only pretending to be black chicks there would be such a cry of racism…. racism is only racism when it is a white person doing it, double standard bs.

    1. Votes for what? The only power to vote a houseguest out is by the other houseguests. Don’t fool yourself that as a viewer you have any power. CBS doesn’t care that you’re upset, because guess what, you’re obviously still watching! Still obsessing! Still talking about it! They win. In fact, they’ll probably just rig it for Amanda to stay longer now. Congrats. Keep on voting lemmings

  50. Off topic. I was watching ad last night and they were all in the backyard. I’m looking at McRae laying on the hammock
    and I’m wondering, does this kid have ANY bones in his body? I have never seen anybody be able to get sprawled out like that.
    It’s as if he lacks a spine and a backbone.
    Oops. See what I did there?
    Seriously, worst posture ever.

  51. ROLMFAO @ Aaryn,Elissa’s and GM’s Zings, soo true….

    So Zingbot called Amanda a tramp, but we already knew that, so does she, he should’ve hit her harder than that.

    Where’s Spencer’s zing?

  52. dawg why is big brother 15 allowing amanda to stay in that house with all the threats she make cause last year if anybody did that they would have been evited if amanda win big brother 15 cbs you are making bully look good in will lose us fans in we want pay for livefeed agian its your choices cbs who you want amanda to win or your fans to be with you cause if amanda wins big brother 15 cancel big brother 16 i bet you want have one person watching

  53. I don’t care about the rest of the drama for right now. I always love seeing Zingbot!!!! Did I blink and miss Spencer’s? Apparently BB doesn’t care enough about him to show his….
    1. Mccrae- I finally understand why you’re always wearing shorts, because Amanda wears the pants. Zing! Zing!
    2. Gina Marie- Nick says since meeting you he’s been swept away into a classic cinematic love story- Fatal Attraction. Zing!
    3. I think there’s a ghost in the Big Brother House. It has a high pitched wail, it’s pasty white and it loves to float. Oh wait, that’s just Andy. Zing!
    4. Aaryn- Some might say you were acting mean and nasty in the beginning of this game but I disagree; that wasn’t acting. Zing!
    5. Amanda- Don’t worry, you can visit McCrae in Minnesota; just mail yourself using your giant tramp stamp. Zing!
    6. Elissa- I hear you like to impersonate me, but I think you’re much better at being a cheap impersonation of your sister. Zing!

  54. cbs big brother 15 i will love for elssia an judd final 2 your ratings will be sky high real high cause those two play the game to win no to put people racist down or bully

  55. Amanda is such a bad person. And what they showed today in the show didn’t make any justice to the torment that Elissa was subjected to. CBS didn’t show Amanda trashing Elissa’s family. How convenient!
    And then in the POV ceremony Amanda says to Elissa “Sit down, trash.” How nasty. What’s wrong with Amanda?
    Has anyone watched all the 15 seasons and seen a person worse than Amanda? I really want to know who is worse than her. Please let me know. Thank you.

  56. Amanda should remember she will leave that house and she should remember she still has to live in the real world and work in the real world so she better win because no one will continue her as one of their employees nor have anything to do with a nut case like her

  57. Being Canadian I can’t believe Big Brother casting chose this lot as a representation of American people. The comments some people make here are no better than what some of these idiots on BB spew out of their mouths each day. I am not saying we do not have racist people in Canada but we have laws set up and rules in our work places has anyone in America ever heard of zero tolerance. which is what BB should enforce to get these bigots off the show free speech is not the freedom to spew off hatred and ignorance. I would be embarrassed to call myself American if this is what CBS believes are true Americans. And for those that can spew of their ignorance in here .you are related to those bigots in the bb house you have to be.

  58. Maybe I wouldn’t hate to see Amanda & wimpy soo much if they bathed more, They are just vile in their personal habits. I don’t see how the other houseguests don’t demand that they at least engage in basic hygiene. How that house doesn’t have roaches in the bedrooms, I don’t know. The othe houseguests are almost equally revolting. But, I will admit that some of the hate that spews forth on these comments seems a bit excessive.

  59. Hey Deetruth just as you knock people for bashing Elissa and go on a whole thing about the evils of America ya de ya de ya da..You then do the exact same thing by bashing Amanda , Aaryn and Mc Crea. No one in this seasons BB house is innocent heck none of them are even really likable people but really they are playing a stupid game and wether or not we agree with stragey or not doesn’t really matter. Not our game being plaid, not our half a million to loose. So maybe everyone should be a little less judgmental stop with the racist bull crap because really how would you come off if you were taped 24 hours a day 7 days a week. None of us would come out smelling of roses, looking pure and innocent. If we want to watch BB then we should do so with at least a little less judgement a little more compassion , how would we want to be treated and seen if we were in that house.

  60. What is going on with BBAD? Sounds like Andy and Mcshit are dissing in Ellissa in the kitchen? I missed he beginning of it

  61. Watching BBAD, this is by far the worst cast ever!! Lost all faith and respect for CBS! Is the casting department 18 yrs old??? What were you thinking casting this lot of losers and misfits

  62. Obviously GM is jealous of Candice over the whole beauty pageant thing! And Amanda, well duh! Amanda can be seen saying how hot Howard is when they first arrived to the house, she was into him, but he went for Candice! So these school girl brats need to grow up and get over it!

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