“So like how do I feel? I feel like I am going home! Right?! That is how I feel, right!? Right!?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Felicia
Nominees: Cameron and Jag Hisam
POV Players: Cameron, Jag, Felicia, Izzy, Red, Corey – Host is Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the veto on himself. Felicia nominates Hisam in his place.
Havenots:  America, Matt, Red

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation First Blindside.. KABBOOOM

7pm Kitchen – Meme & Hisam
Meme – If I can be honest with you for a moment, I would say that where I think things started to take a shift was following the.. Hisam – veto meeting. Meme – yes, with the speech that was given to Reilly. I think that it was not for 1 singular person. I think maybe everyone felt uneasy. Hisam – everyone did. I did. Meme – or the way that it was delivered. So I think that is where a little of this started to transpire from my observation. Hisam – true. Meme – and this is just speaking for myself. Other people might have a different viewpoint. And from there .. you know there is maybe a certain set of feelings or emotions or understanding that you kind of come to about that may have been perceived to be. And you maybe feeling like there was a level of protection that you wanted to ensure for yourself based on how people my have felt from that and as a result of that there were actions and steps taking by people. Hisam – where it came from was.. America said I didn’t know who the target was ..and so the speech comes from a place of trying to be very clear. Right?! Do I step over board? Yes. I acknowledge so much so that I apologized to Reilly for it. I go find her and I tell her I am sorry, RIGHT?! I went over board. That was not my intention. Right!? I got angry. Right!? There is this back thing in my head, right!? About like how I feel to be unjust and give people this false sense of security. Right?! So that is what basically prompts this out of me, Right?! Is it a mistake, yeah it was a mistake. Right?! I am not perfect. And yes I hear immediately that people are upset about it and that upsets me, right!? And that worries me, right!? And the truth of the matter is there is this idea that I was basically stuck with everyone and that is not how I felt. Like if I was stuck with everybody, I would have found a different group to work it, right?! I worked with us because I believed in us. That is why I worked with us, right!? But there was this concern, right!? That I would get put on the block next to one of us. Which is concerning, right!? So I went into this mode of trying to fix it, right!? I will never do something like that again, Right!? And it was just wrong, right!? Meme – and how do you feel today has been? Hisam – sh*tty. And of course its sh*tty. Right?! Why is it sh*tty? Well its sh*tty because one I feel isolated. And part of that is me doing it to myself. Right!? Two, I am in all my thoughts. I am thinking through all my thoughts. All the things I’ve said, All the things I’ve done. The mistakes I’ve made, Right!? And how I get to this point, Right?! And that sucks, Right!? And I can’t really sleep because all I do is replay this in my mind, Right?! I hurt people and for that I apologize. I am working aggressively to apologize for the things I’ve done wrong. So like how do I feel? I feel like I am going home! Right?! That is how I feel, right!? I feel like I am going home, Right!? You know, unless a miracle happens. I am going home and that sucks. I never anticipated it would be so soon. Izzy tells me that the plan was for her to keep me calm and to distract me. And that feels hurtful, Right!? That the plan was to distract me, right!? Meme – yeah. I recognize and acknowledge this is a difficult position to be in… especially with the feelings of feeling betrayed.

7:30pm – 7:40pm B&J-mancing along with Izzy and Bowie working out on the cycles. Meme joins them and tells them that Hisam apologize for hurting people. Izzy – He apologized.. Not for the things he should be. Meme – not for anything in particular but that if he had said or done anything that was hurtful. Izzy – which.. you know what .. do the work and find out what you did wrong to us. You know!? Bowie – what about all the lying to everyone about us? Izzy to Bowie – what he said to me last night was that people make mistakes and aren’t you going to give me a second chance? And I wanted to say, and you didn’t give Reilly a second chance. Like he was really hitting that down like well you have to suffer the consequences of your actions. Bowie – yeah that was weird.

7:45pm America and Cameron
America – can we talk a little game real quick? Cameron – yeah we can talk game. America – I feel like we never do and I like you and trust you and I want to trust you. Cameron – I want to trust you too. America – things are getting increasingly weird, right!? And I feel like I have been getting really paranoid about stuff.. I don’t know if it is the slop and being like isolated. And then Hisam going around saying.. I don’t know if you’ve heard but everything he’s said about you and sh*tting on you for everything thats happened with like Reilly and this other alliance that was on the other side… and saying that you were a part of it. So I don’t know I just wanted to talk to you about it and hopefully you feel better afterwards. Cameron – talk, lets talk. America – I mean it was just weird. He said that you flipped and you went to them and joined them and you came with Red as a package. He said that you were going up as a pawn and that Reilly was going home… and that was part of the plan… that you sort of volunteered yourself. Or not volunteered but that you said you would do anything to gain their trust on that side. And so the agreement was that you would be put up as a pawn… Matt walks into the bathroom and the conversation stops. BB switches the feeds.

7:57pm Havenot room. Cameron and Red.
Cameron – good or bad news? Working on America, I was right there talking game and Izzy comes into take a shower. She asked me and I was about to start talking. Red – Matt said that there was going to be a meeting between you, America, Jag, him.. and somebody else or something like that. Cam – what the f**k? Why? Red – what do you mean why? I didn’t get it all .. he was mouthing it because Hisam was in there. I am just asking you follow up. Cam – I don’t know about a meeting. This is the first I am hearing of this. Red – I don’t know. I don’t want to work with her (America) personally. But if you stay on that side you can. Cam – No. I don’t want to work with her but I want to know where he is at. Red – well I already know .. she’s been avoiding me. The only thing she says to me is about food. So I know she is part of the discussion about trying to get me to go home. And Jag pressed me this morning about keeping an open mind when things switch and maybe us working together. But I figured you would be feeling different pressures because of Hisam blowing up whatever and making you seem like a villain. Cam – he can try but damn what else can he say. What more things can he try to throw at me? Red – I picture him saying he turned on his original alliance. He can say it that way but you and I both know that is not what it was .. it wasn’t even an alliance. It was a friendship that started way to early that I didn’t want to be a part of anymore. I recognized where I should be the whole time and I came home. Red – and I told Cirie that we need to solidify something as a group because you’ve been on the outs for long enough and have proven where your loyalties lie. Cam – yeah if he is saying I left an alliance to go to an alliance then that pretty much proves where my loyalties lie. Red – I think that Izzy sees it in the same way.. that people might be looking at you in a negative light and that they maybe targeting you. Cam – why does it have to get complicated. Red – This is Big Brother. I just have no interest in being in an alliance with people I don’t feel like I can trust and I don’t trust America as far as I can throw her and she is light.

8:05pm – 8:15pm Havenot room – Matt, Red, Cameron.
Red to Matt – So there will be another meeting tonight. Me, you, Cam, Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, Bowie, Meme. We will make another group. Matt – okay. Red – we will make an alliance tonight. Matt – the professors but.. Red – No, we’re going to kill the Professors .. because of Hisam we are going to do away with it. Matt – okay. Red – and then we just stick together. Matt – yeah that is what we have to do. Red – all we need to do now is think of a cool name. Cam – its just weird that you (Red) made a cake with an eight on it. Red – us three need to stay tight. Matt – we’re the only guys. Cam – its just that if Jag or Blue win Thursday .. I am on the block and not as a pawn. Red – I think they’re more focused on me. Cam – they feel betrayed by me. Red – if anything they would probably put us both on the block.

9:15pm Games room – The house guests are just hanging out not talking game. Cameron – that is just the sh*ttiest costume ever. Jag – yeah its the life that I have to live. Cam – at least you’re not a robot. Jag – how are you feeling. Cam – just tired of sh*t. He is going to fight and do everything that he can but the way that he is doing it .. is just the way he was doing it. How about you, how are you doing. Jag – I am doing okay. I feel like just the way things have happened there is a target on my back now so there is that. Cam – I know how that feels. Jag – just that my name is around which sucks so I am just trying to figure out how to navigate that. Also I just wanted to check in with you and our conversation that we had earlier in the week. Cam – I don’t have an animosity to what you have done. Jag – I just want to reiterate that it was in no way anti Cam. I was just fighting for Reilly. I want to apologize.

Storage room. Cirie and Red.
Red – With him staying it would be a good time to solidify our group. Cirie – I want to. Red – come up with a cool name. Matt wants to be a part of it. Matt is still .. he isn’t going to be a double agent but if he hears any information or hears any of our names he will let us know. We told him he can’t just stop hanging out with them. Cirie – it would be weird. Izzy joins them. Cirie – We were just talking about wanting to meet. Izzy – it sounds like everyone is going to bed early.. maybe we meet after 10pm.

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Have the house guest been informed about the Hurricane and Earthquake or are they totally oblivious? Kind of amazing that they are completely unfazed by it.

un autre nom

they know there was rain. Not sure if they know extent.


Hisam says he’s not perfect, man oh man this guy is freekin’ Einstein. Now all he does is whaaa whaaa whaaa – get the eff over yourself. He’s exhausting.

Kitty Kat





How does no one tell him to stop saying right?Right?


How does HE not know he says Right dozens upon dozens of time during conversations.

un autre nom

America was part of a quarantine app competition. hold the “button” down on your phone. she used her thumb. She lasted 46 hours. straight.
Stay tuned for pressure cooker HOH this week.
Izzy the claustrophobe gonna cry.

Cirie just named the Professors… to Cory. Thought he knew. Now all that don’t be stupid America, they’d never all work together stuff bites him in the ass when Cirie says Red is reforming it with Cam in Hisam’s place…and Cory isn’t included in either big alliance..
Cirie and Meme are eyeroll over making an alliance just so Red and Cam feel included.

Red has either convinced himself or is lying that Jag, Blue, America, Cory and Jared want to keep Hisam. something smells like Cameron and Red been hotboxing in the havenot.


Blue and Izzy are soooooo annoying. Get them out ASAP


That hair roller she wears is the size of an oil barrel. I’m gettin’ a tad sick of it.

un autre nom



Jared has thrown a major league super hissy fit like he hasn’t been given every rigged advantage under the sun and his spoiled ass can’t cope with being asked to play real game for ten minutes.

un autre nom

Izzy Jared pissyhissy 2.
2nd in front of people in a week.
2nd time Jared immediately ran to mommy to complain.
of course he’s doing this from one of the safest positions in the house.
He hates that Izzy has power of his family secret.
His hints to Blue about that secret are getting to the point of being ‘my mom was on survivor.’ yeah, they’re getting close to that blatant.
He really is a spoiled little jerk with really backwards opinions about women in general that one must assume mom’s enabling has allowed.
In this case, Izzy trying to keep doubledipping a secret caused the mess… but Jared went dramaqueen.

Cirie’s new middle child Matt is calming firstborn Izzy while mama tries to stop baby Jared from telling Izzy she’s adopted and they’re sending her back for a refund.

Jared throws out that Cam told him Felicia or Cirie gotta go next. don’t remember the next part… I remember after jury starts. who knows. It’s probably Cory spinformation to cover that Cory told Cam Cirie runs the house.

Jared wants Cam sole target not America next week.

Meanwhile: cult leader Manson is telling America he sold them out to save them all. America asks how did work out for us? America is not Reilly and Manson can’t’ i’ll replace your dead father and protect you’ mist her.