Cam “I think Blue & America are sitting ducks once Jag is gone. Jag is the fuel behind the fire.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Felicia
Nominees: Cameron and Jag Hisam
POV Players: Cameron, Jag, Felicia, Izzy, Red, Corey – Host is Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the veto on himself. Felicia nominates Hisam in his place.
Havenots:  America, Matt, Red

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation First Blindside.. KABBOOOM

9:47pm Bathroom – Jag and America
Jag – I do like him to and I want to talk to him. I was also tripping out this morning but that is also because of speculation and game talk and sh*t like that. Obviously Hisam is the target, he is going home. All there really is, is the HOH left. Stressing out over game stuff. America – plain and simple, we just have to win it. I am also paranoid and feel sus’d out as f**k by everybody and every conversation I have … oh they’re going to tell this person or they’re going to tell this person. Like I hadn’t told Izzy about the Hisam conversation calling them the leftovers until everything else came out. Jag – and then when you did it comes back on you. Cory joins them. Jag – have you told your dumba$$ idea to Cory yet? America – I said should we call ourselves The Students? Cory – I knew about the group (The Professors) but I didn’t know about the name until 2 hours ago. America – is there anything against us calling ourselves The Professors. Jag – but with a “z” on the end. They wonder if they should call themselves The Unreliables. I really likes the Unreliables.. I think we should pitch that.

10pm – 10:20pm HOH room – Cirie, Cameron, Red.
Cirie – I am excited about this Cam because I don’t ever want to feel like they aren’t a part of something. And that was the old, right.. that has dissolved. This is going to be the new that includes all of us. Red – equally. Cirie – equally, right. Each time everyone says they’re not going to be dictator but that’s what it felt like. Right? And we can’t have that. Cam – We’re not allowed to use Right. Right?! Right?! Right! Agh.. shut up! (LOL) Cirie – no, its not right! Cam – its awful! Right!? Red – but the Hisam era has passed and there is no need to dwell in that. Moving forward I am Jag’s target, next week. Cam – basically Cory told me that. Red – he told Matt the same thing. Cam – Jag told Cory that. And Cory goes, Jag knows that I am close to you.. so he said take this with a grain of salt but Jag is throwing out Red’s name. But seeing as the usual platform the last couple weeks .. I can only think of one person that would go up next to him (Himself – Cam). Red – The only scenario that makes sense and maybe America …but if Jag, Blue or America win, I would say us two would end up on the block. Cirie – and we got to make sure that don’t happen. Cam – so I told him… again Thursday is important. Felicia joins them. Then Izzy, Matt and Meme come up to the HOH room. Felicia – if we do win HOH this week what are we thinking? Red – if I win, it would be Jag and Blue. I am his target. 100% I am his target next week. And the backdoor possibility would be .. I don’t think we would need it but if one of them win, I am putting up America .. just because I don’t trust her. Izzy – that sounds great to me. Cirie – we just need Meme and Bowie (to come up and join their meeting). Felicia – are you guys sure you don’t to do Jag and America right off the bat. Cam – I think Blue and America are sitting ducks once Jag is gone. Jag is the fuel behind the fire. He is the one that has the more competitive edge. And he is the one that went so eminently against me. He is the only person that is legitimately listening to Hisam. Red – But America would be an easier go without a fight. But if we get rid of Blue we gain back poo.. but if we do put up America .. it would be much easier to get a unanimous vote.. But at the same time I really want to see Jag go because he is after me. Felicia – right right. Cam – but I think that I am a very close second. They see Meme in the kitchen and Red goes to get her. Red – now that Jag is down there (DR) and the showmances are separated.. so this is about the only chance we’ll have to talk. Matt is totally on board.. and I think we just names this awesome a$$ alliance. LEGEND 25!. Bowie – and we talked about who to put up next week but I came in later as well so.. Red – what’s your thought? Meme – I think the other people that are not in this room.. are probably feeling some type of way maybe not particularly about us but the events that transpired over the last week. Red – I am the target next week for sure. Meme – related to Hisam.. but I don’t think they would be apposed to taking a shot at any of us. If there would be anyone to head up the alliance it would possibly be Jag. And so who he goes up against.. I have not qualms about. Red – Jag and Blue or Jag and America. Meme – I am not apposed to either. Jag and Blue because you tear something a part that was a trio. They all get in a circle and yell “Legend 25!”

10:30pm – 10:45pm HOH room – Jared, Matt, Izzy and Hisam.
Felicia – I need you to understand that it is fake. This is what we have to do. Izzy – but also like Jared.. Jared – Once people start thinking funny, they start moving funny and I don’t got time for that. Felicia – exactly. Izzy – I agree with that. Jared – you have to say what you think because if you don’t this is why this type of sh*t get f**ked up. You got to put it out on the table. If we telling him (Matt) then we need to tell everyone in our 8. If we’re the only 6 that know in this eight .. and two people don’t know .. what do you think them two people are going to do when they catch wind of that sh*t? Hopefully they aren’t trying to play ya’ll and then they go back and tell them and then that makes that even worse. Izzy – well of course I think they’re trying to do that. Jared – well that is why they would probably rather hear it from me than hear it from them. Izzy – but I would also rather it came from one of the people that are in the thing than you telling. Jared – we all in this thing. Izzy – okay. Jared – you got to understand. Izzy – okay. Jared – if you got side sh*t that we don’t know about then that is something completely different and I don’t want to work with somebody that got side things that I don’t know about! Izzy – I don’t have side sh*t! Jared – that is what I am trying to say there is no such thing as people outside of the thing. Izzy – okay! Jared – once we’re in a crew together.. we’re in a crew together. If you got side sh*t that I don’t know about then I don’t want to rock like that! Izzy – you know I don’t! Okay! Okay! Jared – because the moment one person, two people start feeling funny ..this whole 7 is f**ked. And I don’t have time to be going back two days ago when I had to go back and find out if Jag was on the same page. That is going to f**k this whole sh*t up! Izzy – okay! Jared – I don’t trust him. I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable. Let him feel as comfortable as possible. I have no time for nobody in this group to be trying to do side sh*t that we don’t all know about because the moment people start feeling sketchy .. this sh*t blows up. And then we cannot trust people with the f**king information they bring .. and those two (Camron & Red) we need to keep close.. because if the moment we feel like they’re moving funny .. just like 3 days ago! We start panicking. 3 days ago, this just happened. The proof is in the pudding. I can’t do that! I can’t! Felicia – we do, we do. Izzy – I am not upset .. I am just listening to you. YOu tell me to calm down all the time.. I am telling you to calm down.

11:57pm HOH room – Blue, Izzy, Felicia, Matt.
Cirie – we got a NEW Hisam. Blue – who? Cirie – Red. Red is the new Hisam. Felicia – so I know before long they’re (Cam and Red) going to put me and you (Cirie) up together. That is exactly what they’re going to do because they want one of us to go. Blue – who do they want as the first block? Felicia – you and Jag. Cirie – He said that Jag wants him and he wants Jag. Felicia – we tried to say why don’t you put America up and they said she would be the alternate if one of you guys come down. Blue – so wait .. who is it .. you four? Izzy – us four, Cameron, Red, Bowie and Meme. Blue – oh not America. Cirie – not they don’t trust America. Felicia – they just think because of the Reilly thing they need to get rid of you two. Blue leaves. Cirie to Matt – you could not have said no to this alliance because then you would have become a target.

11pm – 11:27pm Bedroom – Jag, Jared and Blue.
Blue – so its not America, its Meme. They already had a conversation. Its everyone, but its not America .. its Meme. And they want to put us (Blue & Jag) on the block. Jag – me and you? They already talked? Blue nods yes. Jared – who? Blue – Red. Red is the new Hisam they said. Jared – oh I knew that. I knew that as soon as he started spiralling. We already knew they were going to put you on the block it was who were they going to put next to you. We have to WIN. Jag – Bro this next week is going to be huge. Jared – we need to convince Cirie and those two that its okay to f**king put up Red and Cameron. We have too many people on this side to not take out people that threaten 3 of our people. Jared – I don’t want them to think that we bugging but we got to twist that sh*t. We got to twist that sh*t. I really don’t want to rub them the wrong way but you got to understand we are in grave danger if the motherf**kers win tomorrow.. Thursday. Jared leaves. Jag to Blue – that is crazy! What the f**k. Blue – at this point we just have to win. So the 5 people we’re up against are America, Cameron, Red, Bowie, Meme. BRO like he (Cameron) is so comfortable.. he is so bold right now. He is on the block! Like and he doesn’t even care. If we found out about this and we weren’t in the alliance we would take a shot at him. Blue – dude we should have never trusted him. Jag – that is what I am saying .. we knew! I had a feeling. Okay this is a crazy thing.. probably no way this would happen but what would happen if Cam goes6+ home. Blue – dude! Jag – They would never go for it. He would also be loyal to the people that keep him. Jared comes back. They talk about needing to win the HOH and how they’re going to be gunning for it. Jared – get some good rest fella’s .. we got a game to win.

11:36pm Cameron, Jared, Blue and Jag.
Cameron joins them. Jared – he (Hisam) is trying to rally the troops hard. He is literally telling them not to trust me and me not to trust them. And he doesn’t think that we are all going to come back and talk about this sh*t?! Cam – that is genius .. so dumb. Jared – that is why I am ready for Thursday to come so it can just be over. Like this sh*t is getting old. Cam – stop dude, stop.. like go out with your head held high. You’re just digging and digging and digging. Like stop, not for me but for you. Jared – the crazy thing is that he thinks he’s got it. He is actually kind of delusional. Cam – now you’re just looking like a f**king fool. Jared – it was hard to see him down .. but he was running in circles.

11:45pm Early night in the BB house..

12:14am Everyone is asleep… zzzzz

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Hopefully Hisam will be on big brother All Stars!
Everyone stop what you’re doing and go pre-vote Hisam for America’s Favorite Player!!!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

You need to hang it up! Everyone hates Hissyfit. You should dump him. I know he’s your boyfriend; you’re not fooling anybody!




You are kidding, right?


Hisam is the worst! All Star…LOL.


You can’t be serious. Pretty much everyone on the planet can’t stand him. In actuality he is a horrible BB player…100% clueless as to how to play the game.
Unfortunately what you say has zero credibility.


Really, what mental institution are you in.


You must be his boyfriend or family member.


Hey, Invisi”bowie” I think we all have figured out that you’ve got a big time crush on Hisam and his feet & legs. Bless your heart!

Not ever gonna kink shame anyone, but maybe you should suggest to him when he’s out of the BB house to go on Only Fans? If only just for you! Imagine you can request feet shots and thigh videos. Because really? Don’t know how he’s going to bounce back to the medical profession. Right.


I am beginning to wonder if Matt may be a super fan in disguise.

I would laugh my ass off if he won HOH and put cirie and izod on the block and if one came down put up jarat lol

hoping that America wins HoH though because I think she would really cause some kaos lol

Spot ON

Being a “superfan” didn’t help michael last year. It only got him BOOTED.


what’s the benefit of being a superfan? generally speaking it just means you’re easily starstruck by past contestants or iconic competitions and play more to witness that crap than to make moves.

un autre nom

basic situation
7 sins: Izzy doesn’t like working with Blue / Jag for no real reason (they don’t talk to me? nobody talks with Izzy, they listen to Izzy talk). Matt knows this, knows Izzy wants to eventually bring in Cory. Cirie notes 2 of her children are getting on each others’ nerves like ticking time bombs. Blue is now Jared’s brainless yes-girl. Jag thinks everyone is out to get him. Felicia is mad Red used the butter.


Matt is in a great position now. Reilly leaving really did wonders for his game!

I now am rooting for people like Matt, Cory, Jag, Mecole, and America.

I like Cirie from Survivor but she isn’t my favorite here. It’s BS how much of an advantage she has that she gets to play with her son and a personal minion.

So I can’t root for her unless she really goes on some crazy comp winning streak and or Jared/Izzy get voted out pre-jury (or like Juror # 1-3) and she still makes it to the end.

That would prove to me that she earned a F2 or F1 place finish because she actually won a lot of comps and or she manipulated people/actually had real connections with them in order to get far. Having the help of someone she gave birth to and or someone who is a mindless hairy buggy eyed minion who does what Cirie wants even if it will NOT benefit her (Izzy) is not fair and is going to put an * on her potential win if she does win…

But at this point I don’t think that will happen so she is like an upper middle player in my ranking of who I will root for atm. I really do want to see her play without her son and Izzy though.

I have no idea why people haven’t noticed that Izzy and Jared need to go. They are both so protected and I’d put them both on the block to get one out for sure.

Spot ON

“I have no idea why people haven’t noticed that Izzy and Jared need to go”

I have no idea why those who know the secret of MUMMA-N-SON (ICKY AND RED) haven’t used that info AGAINST them to kick BOTH out !


You are wrong. Cirie doesn’t have an advantage. Actually it’s harder for her.
1- She has to be extra careful that she doesn’t go into “mother ” mode with Jared

2- She has to keep their stories straight so nobody picks up on their secret.

3- lf their secret is found out She will be public enemy #1 (Izzy won’t hold their secret the entire game)

4- has no choice but to work with Izzy or else….


Cirie and Jared have been in a Final Two for thirty-plus-years.
It should be a triple eviction this week.


From Jokersupdates: Flashback to 10:46 PM on Cam 1. “Izzy slips up and mentions Cirie as Jared’s mom. She says: “I don’t need his mom telling on me” but no one caught it. It was in HOH and only Felicia and Matt were there. She got into a dispute with Jared and was upset, prior.

Jared was getting his mom to talk to her (complain about Izzy) in the game room and they were watching them come up stairs from the HOH TV screen. Izzy says “Oh fuck me, I fucking knew it, you know I don’t need his mom telling on me”. Felicia just looked over at her and smiled/giggled but didn’t seem to pick up on what was said.”

It’s a shame it was just those two there. Matt probably didn’t even hear (I saw the clip and didn’t say it that loud to be fair) and Felicia apparently thought it was just a joke?

Jared and Izzy are in a Cold War and I love it. I dislike them both.


Izzy screwed herself, and keeping this secret does not benefit her in any way. Once the house finds out, everyone will know she’s been the biggest liar since day one.

un autre nom

major slip.
Jared / Blue.
Jared: mama Felicia asked me what my mom would think (of the showmance)
Blue: um..mama Cirie…
feeds cut to Chenbot’s colonoscopy.

Slip 2
(when jared left room to immediately bitch about Izzy to Cirie)
Izzy to Felicia and Matt: great… now he’s going to tell his mom on me.


Just wait until Cirie finds out about Bluesnd Jared’s dalliance. It should be fun to watch the reaction on the feeds


There are so many alliances, I can’t tell who is loyal to who. Cory, Jared, cam, cirie, Izzy, Felecia all seem to have alliances with everyone. I’m dizzy!

The Beef

You know, I would say Cirie is conducting a master’s class on “How to manipulate players in a reality TV series” based on how things are going here, except for one question.

What about Matt?

Are we supposed to just forget how close he is to Jag and Blue? Did he develop such a bad case of self preservation, that he won’t fill them in on what’s going on, after he’s told them every little thing for the first 3 whole weeks of the game? If Jag or Blue have stabbed him in the back, I’m unaware of that fact, while the Geriatric side has actively worked to eliminate his #1 ally and would be showmance, and only want him for a number anyway, and to help him eliminate more emanate targets until it becomes time to get rid of him.

They must think he doesn’t know that, or maybe he’s just that dumb and really DOESN’T know that, if he keeps quiet and doesn’t share all this with Jag and Blue. That’s the problem with this gigantic re-formed alliances with people from all sides of the house, when you don’t truly know where their loyalties lie.

The other thing is how in the world does anybody believe anything coming out of the mouth of Jared when it should be clear to all he’s been playing the rat game since day 1? I’m insulted that production thinks we’re that ignorant to not only believe the house guests haven’t put that together, but also to believe absolutely NO ONE (other than Izzy) has figured out the big “secret” about mother and son, when Jared has practically TOLD Blue about it, they look so similar, and they have the same last name, is just pretty much unfathomable!

Seems to me the fix is in for this season, and the cast has been instructed to follow the script to the letter, which includes not recognizing the family relationship, no matter what is said or heard in the house, and that sucks for all of us.

un autre nom

here comes some grade A Izzypocricy. She’s in the 7. She went to the 8 meeting so they wouldn’t know she was in the 7.
To her that’s just good sense.
Jag is in the 7. he’s talking to the family style remnants about sticking together. Cory told her.
To her that will be the bitterest betrayal.


What is with Jared and the mouth chewing…it is weird…is he afflicted? He thinks he is a big shot…don’t care for him.


It’s a tic. I know someone who was married to a young lady who would do the same thing. Many people have this particular tic. It’s nothing to laugh about for sure.


Now creepy Hisam is blowing smoke up Felicia saying she really hurt him…what a crock…this guy needs to be ejected…he is painful to watch….he makes no sense…how does he function and get by in the real world. He cannot possibly have a real job or real human connections. He lives on Pluto…right, right, right.


I cannot imagine anyone putting up with someone like Hisam in the real world, unless they were being paid really well. I would imagine he’s a loner, withdrawn, guarded and appears to be confident, when he’s actually very insecure. He is completely unaware of others feelings, nor does he care to understand them. Lack of physical touch is the main factor behind his inability to understand the concept behind his own actions in his life. I believe it’s much more than physical contact that has hurt him, he attributes all hurt with physical contact, emotional, mental, etc.

on a different note….for someone claiming to be so smart, he’s pretty Effin dumb.

un autre nom

Izzy told Jared and Cory that she and Cirie would nom Blue/America if they won hoh.
didn’t sit well.
Now Izzy comes out with save Hisam.
Jared says cool.
Cory: that’s fuqing stupid. we are not doing this flipflop shit again.

Nether Region Euphemism

This is a season where they all have tunnel vision. Not one single person is stepping back to consider the big picture, where they’ll be kicking themselves at the end for not realizing that the big gun players are Cerie, Izzy and Felicia who need to be taken out early.

Right now they’ve basically all accepted that the core Professors are entitled to have control, either join them or go down. They are allowing themselves to be distracted by the middle.

Cerie is akin to Will being allowed to go far in the All Stars season. There have been many other examples of this that don’t come to mind right now. Come on, already.

I don’t think anyone has even mentioned Cerie’s name.

The Beef

Felicia is a big gun player?

I agree Cirie is pretty much running the game (ala Paul in BB19), but only because everyone seems to be star struck by her (ala Paul in BB19) and not because she’s playing such a great game (ala Paul in BB19). She’s running the show because those nimrods are choosing to LET her run the show, just like those nimrods did in BB19.

It’s pretty disgusting to watch (IMHO, AND ala Paul in BB19), but somebodies got to do it, and if everybody on that side of the house is willing to sit back and let her, I damn sure don’t blame her for grabbing the reigns and riding those horses as far as they’ll take her.

None of the 3 you mentioned are competition threats whatsoever – Felicia’s win was pure luck in a random chance comp and everybody knows that. Every single person who’s been on the block has been a bigger threat in the game – at least competition wise – than all 3 of them, with the exception of Felicia herself when she was OTB in week 1.

The only person who has established him or her self as a big gun player to this point in the game, at least to me, is Hisam, and it appears his ass is going home this week.

un autre nom

fake final 2: Bowie Felicia
Cirie / Felicia ideal final 7 includes Jared, Izzy, Cory, Matt, Meme.

un autre nom

they pause on Matt because he’s close to Jag, and because after they pulled him into legend25, Red keeps talking to Matt. they don’t like conversations they didn’t permit. But for now, Matt.

un autre nom

The Wednesday Waffle was stopped by Felicia’s entrance to the conversation.
With Hisam telling 1/3 truth, 2/3 lie to Cirie… will Cirie revive the talks?

I don’t care which of my nopes goes.
I don’t understand the logic of this flip though.
None of them can beat him in comps. will that change when they want to send him packing next time?


The argument for keeping Hisam is that he would be a target shield

un autre nom

Doesn’t change his comp record placing 2/2/1/1/1 in the five comps they played.
the rest of the ‘alliance’? how are THEY going to beat him to get rid of him?

Paul Sucks

That’s what I don’t get…you just backfired a guy that actually has multiple comp wins under his belt and now you want to save him?!?!

This is some of the worst game play in years. Very unimpressive season so far.


I just gotta say that anyone who is a fan of reality shows KNOWS that Cerie is Jared’s mother. How can they not? He appeared on Survivor during her season. How dumb are TPTB to think that we, the viewers, will buy the idea that nobody knows? Sure, if the houseguests want to be paid, they have to go along with it.
If they’re trying to pump the ratings, why didn’t they just make the whole cast from ex-Survivor players? Now that might have been something to watch.
I liked the days when there were all strangers just trying to get along…

un autre nom

Izzy Cirie
the flip at the moment depends on

  1. Felicia agreeing.
  2. Cory agreeing. Izzy says 3-1 he has no choice.
  3. Cory convincing America.
  4. Meme agreeing.

they plan to blindside BOTH of their alliances?

un autre nom

Felicia doesn’t seem to want the flip but doesn’t know how to stop the rabid flipflop that is Cirie and Izzy. She’s acting apprehensive, but not 100 against.

un autre nom

Felicia has caved. as long as Hisam promises not to come for her.

Meme and Jag promised to have each others backs. same time.
Meme hates the flipping.
Jared not supposed to tell Blue?
Cory supposed to convince America, but America isn’t in the alliance?
just checking.