America – “I’m not telling Blue sh!t anymore” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Felicia
Nominees: Cameron and Jag Hisam
POV Players: Cameron, Jag, Felicia, Izzy, Red, Corey – Host is Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the veto on himself. Felicia nominates Hisam in his place.
Havenots:  America, Matt, Red

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Hisam has outed everything he knew about the alliances in the house. Seems like it didn’t blow the house up like he planned. He’s fighting and I won’t rule out a flip happening but as of right now it sounds like he’s getting evicted.

11:42 am Red and Cam
Red – Matt’s on our side 100%
Cam – does that mean he will separate from Jag?
Red – No he’ll stay down there
Red – we got to find out where Corey is..
Feeds cut.. when we’re back..
Red – Jag approaches me this morning was like why haven’t we talked game. You know.. I told him I haven’t been in the position where I could. I’m on the other side of the house.
Cam – opposite ends straight up there’s been a line in the sand since day one.
Red – we don’t have to keep the secret anymore.
Red talks about keeping their old alliance name. Says that Hisam was throwing Cam under the bus hard to Jag and Matt.
Red – Matt said he’s made no promises to Jag or Blue. All he had was with Reilly and he got lumped into that. He promised at least two of us.. me and you. Today with Bowie he fist bumped Bowie. He’s a solid guy I trust him
Cam – I don’t think he’ll do shady sh1t
Cam – I talked to jared today too. It went really good.
Red – he’s a number on their side that we’re worried about
Cam – I’m not worried about him and you shouldn’t either… for now. I told him you know Red and I are cool.
feeds flip..

12:20 pm Izzy, Red, Jared, Matt, Cirie
Matt – Hisam talked to me for 2 hours last night I didn’t get to bet until 5..
Matt says Hisam was throwing all the alliances that he knew of. “he tried to flip the story about everything”
Felicia – the betrayal started with him when he ran to America, Blue and Jag.
Hisam is very pissed at Izzy. Matta adds that Hisam told him Cam betrayed Reilly and all of them wanted Reilly gone. “They just wanted you to hear what they wanted you to hear. They were just trying to make Reilly comfortable”
Matt – he said he didn’t want to give Reilly false hope
HIsam implied that the rest of them were giving her false hope.
Felicia – something is wrong with him
Jared comes up. They continue to
Izzy “He’s crazy.. he’s in scramble room, he’s approached everyone he can approach”
Izzy – He truly doesn’t know I am done playing into his fantasy..

4:05 pm America and Corey
Corey – did you talk to Izzy?
America – I did.. I told her what he told me. He didn’t mention her name once to me.
Corey – did you tell her about the 8 person
America – Yup
Corey – then we should be good then. How do you feel?
America – I feel fine. I know yesterday she was doubting I was being honest.
Corey – everything he says immediately gets sh1t talked by everyone. I don’t think anyone is advocating for him to stay.
Corey says if he advocated for Hisam to stay he would be the target next week.
Corey – I’m worried that Jag and Blue have something going on (with Hisam?)
America – I talked to Jag he’s really freaked out with who to trust.
Corey – I think Jag views us as we will win and protect him. I do not believe we are in his group. I think he is withholding a ton of information from me. The only thing he talks about is the six.
America – you give him so much credit. I’ve been with him BFFs with him since the beginning.
Corey – there was a lot of sentiment earlier in the week that Ja must go but now it’s Red and Cam.
America – Izzy is still saying those three.. Jag, Red and Cam.
Corey – So Blue is not in it?
America – She’s never mentions Blue
Corey – she must think you are close to Blue.
America – I trust Jag.. He’s telling me he really doesn’t trust you because he doesn’t talk to you a lot.
America – he told me he doesn’t know who to trust. He’s like the 6 is it even the 6 anymore?
Corey says if she trusts Jag he trusts Jag, “Here’s the problem, they don’t trust.. Either Jag is with them and we don’t know what the other outcome is tying yourself to Jag is a bad F***ing thing”
America – Izzy is talking a lot of game with everyone but I don’t think he (Jag) feels like they are being honest with him. Nobody is being honest with him is what I got from talking to him today.
Corey – who will Jag put up Bowie and Cam
America – no he likes cam.
Corey – that’s good. I f***ing love Cam
Corey – people are going to view you being in the middle which is fine because there’s clearly defined sides. When there’s not two defined sides then you are f****ed.
Corey doesn’t think he’s on Jag’s list but it’s easy to run out of targets.
Corey – what can I talk to jag about that isn’t good information but doesn’t sound like I am bullshitting him.
Corey – I’ve been talking to Bowie more and more.. today she was saying ‘it’s all about making it to Jury.. Jury Jury Jury.’
Corey – in her head it’s Red cam blue whoever goes she doesn’t care..
Corey – I don’t know about Blue
America – I’m not telling Blue sh!t anymore..
Corey – you shouldn’t
America – I’ve tried so hard with her and her thing like.. Poo (Jared) will never like me Poos will never keep anything from me..
America – Girl watch out .. watch your back.. she’s like ‘no He wouldn’t do anything’
America – C’mon.. I don’t feel close to Blue gamewise.

4:40 pm Savage 7 meeting
They start talking about the damage Hisam is doing by outing the alliances.
Felicia – what he failed to tell is he was the one that initiated all this
Cirie – I didn’t feel like OHH no he exposes everything. I don’t think it had the impact he intended
Felicia – We know we’re getting him out because even the other side wants him out.
Felicia says both their sides are playing together but they can’t look like they are “Who are our targets which isn’t obvious to them?”
Cirie – they think you guys are going to put up Red and Cameron with the hopes of backdooring someone in the comic room. That is what Cameron and Red said.
Felicia – what you do is put up Red and Bowie and Backdoor Cameron and have those two sitting on the block that is the most ideal thing. Leave cameron up on the initial noms then backdoor.
Cirie – then you will really see where Red is
Jared – Bowie could be talked into being a pawn too.
Blue – what if Red/Bowie pick Cam and Cam wins? Then Cam can’t go up.
Felicia – the only thing cam can do is pull someone down.
The group – He can’t go up
Blue – if it’s red and Cameron they will fight for themselves.
Jag – if they think that it could be what we do minus the backdoor.
Blue says if they put red and Cam up and veto is played the replacement would have to be America of Bowie
Cirie – we can’t put MEME up
Cirie – thing we can talk Bowie into it?
Blue – Bowie freaks out.
Cirie – if we put up America and Bowie and they don’t win the veto.
Izzy – someone else wins the veto and uses it
Cirie – what if it’s Red or Cam?
Felicia – we can tell MEME she is the pawn then all of us vote out America we are the house so it won’t matter! With us having 7 they can’t flip it.
Izzy – we don’t have a perfect option in the situation we have with these two big sides.
Jag – Is MEME not in anything?
Felicia – I don’t think she is
Jag – is there any benefit with bringing MEME over? Right now we’re riding on the cusp of having the numbers.

Izzy – it will freak her out.
Jared – she will wonder she was brought in so late.
Felicia says MEME won’t know it’s a old alliance they can say it’s something new.
Cirie isn’t sure that will work. MEME will talk.
Felicia and Jared both say MEME is not aligned with anyone.
Felicia – We can bring her in and convince her we just started this.. She is not aligned.
Izzy says she needs to think about it
Felicia goes on about how they can’t think about it too long.
Izzy – even then we won’t tell her I need to think about the MEME thing
They count the votes for next week. Blue asks if they will still have the votes if one of them goes up as the pawn.
Izzy – It will be 5-4
Blue – we still have it.
Jag – it will be 5-5 but we have the HOH it would be a tie.
Blue points out putting America up as the target and Blue up as the pawn. If they put MEME up she’ll freak out.
Blue – Even if America flops BOOM we put up Cameron.
Felicia – we get Corey to vote the way we want him to vote and we get MEME to vote the way we want her to vote we’re good. I think MEME and Corey would vote America out.
Jared says it will be easy to talk Corey and MEME into voting out America.

They change their team name to “7 deadly sins”

(Barf.. They want to get America out next week)

5:01 pm Red made a walnut cake (Looks great holy sh1t)

5:13 pm Cirie and Izzy
Cirie – I can’t believe Blue is volunteering to be a pawn. I don’t ever want to be a pawn.
Izzy – she said it.. part of me was damn you really don’t get this game.
Cirie goes on about how she’s happy everyone is clueing in on America now.
Izzy – Felicia is feeling good I think..
Cirie – mmmmhmmmmm
Izzy – I had a good talk with Matt.. Did I tell you this already? what is this thing about her going to Blue.. blue told me this though. America was like Should we keep Hisam and work with him? What is that?

5:20 pm The cake is for Cameron’s Daughters birthday

5:40 pm Jag and Corey
Jag – I feel like there’s a target on my back..
He thanks Corey for letting him know his name has been thrown out there. “it’s a weird Space to be in.. I was on the block I know my name is in people’s mouths still”
Jag – I am a target still
Corey says unless Red and Cameron win the HOH it will be them on the block. “Then I think it will be you on the block”
Jag doesn’t want to see Cam leave. Red is a different story.
Corey points out that Red is after Jag.
Corey – he has talked to America and I being like ‘Us people in the middle, we have to stick together’
Corey adds that Red told him that he’s targeting the “wrong side” of the house.
Corey suspects it will be Blue and Jag on the block if Red wins HOH.
Corey – if I win HOH I am targeting Red.
Jag – I am full solid with you
Corey – I’m pretty close to America and You are close to America.
Corey – if we all grouped up and saved Hisam it would be a disaster but there’s no reason not to like.
Jag – we should be working together
Corey – we should look out for each other.
Jag – the people I am closest to happen to be that squad. (Reilly’s old crew)
Jag – it’s you, America, Jared, Blue and it’s Matt.. I also like MEMEM. Cam is a person I’m like.. it’s complicated I still do like him
Corey – once Red is gone it will get easier.
Corey says the conversations he’s had with Izzy and Cirie is that they are much more concerned about Red than Jag.

They talk about taking Red out next week and using Bowie as the pawn.
Corey next week there’s a world where all of us can survive because there’s a Red and Cam in the house. Once Red’s gone Cam is up in the air again.
Corey says the people he feels best about are America, Jared and Jag.
Corey asksjag how close is he to Blue.
Jag says he was closer to her before “She’s spending a lot of time with Jared now”
Jag says he’s solid with Matt “he doesn’t strike me as someone that could even get away with a lie”
Corey tells him that Hisam told him Jag/Blue had Cory’s name in their mouth.

6:30 pm Izzy and Cirie
Targeting the world..

6:38 pm Hisam, Jared and Matt
Hisam tells them if they are told there wasn’t an alliance they are being lied to and that alliance was going to take out Jared and Matt.
Hisam – talk to Blue she will give you the details.. I promised Blue I would never put her up, I promised Jag I would never put him up, The whole thing I kept my promise to never put my alliance up Right.. I literally kept my word right.. to everybody. They are basically saying the reason why I am a liability is that I promised my word to too many people. Which Is true right.. based on my LGPTQ based upon wse both being Brown people, based on being in my alliance. Right
Hisam – I’m sorry because it hurts right.. it hurt me too right. I know it hurts to hear you were outside something you thought they were including you in. I asked them ‘are we including you.. they were like NO’
Hisam – I’ve been very honest with you right.. I’ve been very forthcoming everything that I do is proof of that. I told the truth.. right.. With Reilly I don’t backdoor her. I am honest and direct. At the veto meeting even though it was a little aggressive it was all honest.

6:45 pm Izzy and Cirie going over their alliance.
7 Deadly sins, Bye Bye B1tches, Professors etc etc…
Cirie – this is a hot mess
Izzy – Bye BYe B1tches is also a mess because of Bowie and MEME..
Izzy says if Red and cam go Bowie will have to stay with them because she won’t have anyone else. “Bowie is a good person to keep around”
Cirie – unless Bowie and America..
Izzy – MEME is WAY smarter than Bowie..
Izzy says Jag is scared of them
Cirie – I don’t like that.
They start going over Jury votes. (ugh)
Bowie joins them says Hisam is talking to MEME in the kitchen, “and Hisam had a chat with Matt”

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They need to keep Red just for his cooking. lol

un autre nom

from what i understood:
the non-professors in the 7sins will nom red/cam. america renom if needed.
the non-handful in the 7sins will nom america bowie. cam renom if needed.



These people…arggg!!!
Instead of trying to plot out where the game is going, why don’t they slow down a bit and see what is thrown at them first? All of their constant plotting is driving me nuts! They assume too much. Any one of them could be the next HOH. Didn’t they just learn that when Granny won?
And no one knows how to keep a secret… Let’s just spill our guts out to everyone, huh?
I’m not into this seasons cast. Is there such a thing as too much diversity?

Team Taylor

America is another one of my pre-season picks and she is in a bad spot. The only way I feel like she’s safe next week is if either herself, MeMe, or Cory win HOH.

Information is currency and it sounds like she’s taking more than giving info. Hopefully she can turn things around soon.


Jag and Matt final 2 all I care about that is left in this house. Everyone else makes me want to vomit and hope they lose.

un autre nom

Izzy error.
saying can’t take Felicia and Cory to the end? Bad.
saying can’t beat Jared… to his mom?

oh this will end well.

Spot ON

I don’t have the benefits of the feeds (only what I read here), but it seems as if RED, CAM, AND BOWIE just don’t try to “play” much at all in terms of strategy, plotting, etc.

Those three should be recruiting a few guests from the other two sides (the ones feeling left out in their group) to cause a power shift, but it doesn’t seem to cross their minds.

And I agree that NOBODY can keep their lips from flapping in order to keep a secret.


go to and get a VPN the feeds are free there

Big Sister

Trying to figure out how to go from one view to another. Hearing what is going on in several views at the same time is a problem!


if you’re using a computer and viewing quad feeds use heaphones as it’s seperated L and R channels


Not America =(

un autre nom

6 hours ago Izzy was crying about not wanting to deal with Jag and Blue.
5.75 hours ago Izzy was called to d/r.
1 hour ago Izzy trust Jag and Matt more than Cam/Red/Bowie
.75 hours ago Izzy wants Cory out in 8/7 position.
.5 hours ago Blue is in top 6 cus Jared likes her.

We see you production.
now final 6 is Cirie, Izzy, Jared, Felicia, Bowie, Blue.

Sooooo many problems.
Felicia says Bowie jane the way most people say herpes.
Jared wants brolliance with a sidepiece, not steel magnolias.
Which of these other 5 take Izzy to finals? Bowie said give Felicia the money earlier today.
Blue… really, did you just do a rail?