Sindy “You’re the most conniving d!*k! I’m coming after you if I don’t get evicted!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 10-55-59-084

1:40pm – 2pm In the bathroom – Sindy and Godfrey. Sarah says the only people that wouldn’t have put us on the block are Sarah and Brittnee. I will give Bruno the benefit of doubt ..he is here to play. I would say Bruno, Sarah, Brittnee are the only ones that wouldn’t have put us on the block. Sindy says that Bobby said winning HOH is a curse and that’s why he’s thrown all of them. He tried not to win that last one. Sindy says that Bobby told Brittnee it was a one time vote. Godfrey says he wants to please the entire house. Sindy says he knows I am coming after him. Sindy says if I don’t win the veto I am going to say to Bobby “You are the most conniving d!ck in this house and you know I am coming after you if I don’t get evicted from this house.” When we were in that vault it was the most awkward situation. I didn’t talk game to him until the last 15 minutes because I didn’t know if you guys were watching us. I used the candies to explain it to him. He told me he found a secret power of veto. In the last moment while we were hugging he opened up two empty vaults and told me he found a secret power of veto. Godfrey asks did he show it to you? Sindy says no. Sindy explains that there were numbers on the sheets and he found it while I was in the DR. How is that fair. He said he found the keys above the vault door. Godfrey says I honestly don’t believe he found a secret power of veto in there. Sindy says he said he didn’t tell me before because he thought I would push the button. If I won HOH I would put Bobby up and if he has a secret veto he can take himself off and I’d put up someone else. When you get a secret power of veto you don’t share that with people.

2pm – 2:15pmBig Brother tells the house guests to report to the HOH room for a lock down. Willow doesn’t feel well and goes to the bathroom. She starts throwing up. Sarah comforts her. She asks if she’s eaten today. Willow says no. Sarah says its just acid in your stomach. Sarah asks if she’s gotten her period. Willow says no. Sarah says all of us are off.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 11-16-47-900

2:20pm – 2:35pm Big Brother ends the lock down. Sarah heads downstairs and sits on the couch below the stairs. Havenot Sarah picks up the jug of chocolate covered raisins and says oh my gosh! Willow lays on the vault panel and Big Brother tells her to stop that! Willow talks about how she thinks the veto comp will be a cr@p shoot. Sarah says I am sick of the have / havenot comp! Whatever I volunteer as tribute! I just don’t want to do another.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 11-26-02-504

2:50pm Up in the HOH – Godfrey says I got to make sure I win this yo! Godfrey says Bobby will trip when he hears what Sindy was saying about him. Yo Bro Sindy just said that while you were in the vault just before the 24 hours was up you opened two vaults and told her you found a secret veto. Bobby says just the fact that it got to you proves that its gotten around the house. I told her that just in case she won HOH. If I had told her after she wouldn’t have believed me. Sorry I didn’t tell you. I had to show that my target is Sindy because she is. Godfrey says you just have to convince people that veto isn’t real. Bobby says that’s kind of hard at this point. If people think I’m bullsh*tting I would rather be seen as a liar. Godfrey says I don’t think people would do that just to force you to use it. Bobby says I told her (Sindy) straight to her face that I was going after her. I think the entire house would call bullsh*t on my if I said it wasn’t real. If they ask I won’t deny it. Bobby says I don’t think people will ask me though. Maybe to ask if I would use it on them. You understand why I wouldn’t tell you because you would ask me to use it on you. Bobby leaves. Godfrey says yo bro! Bruno asks he has one? (Secret veto) Godfrey says I think so. Godfrey and Bruno agree to talk later.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 11-42-45-304

3pm – 3:15pm In the living room – Zach is asking Willow about her family. (Likely only asking now as he knows the jury has started) Willow comments on how Wednesday is Zach’s birthday. Zach asks if she thinks Big Brother will give him a birthday present. Willow thinks so. UP in the HOH room – Godfrey comments I have taken one for the team by being up on the block. And I can continue to do that. Kevin says we should talk after we find out who wins the veto. Godfrey comments about a secret veto. Kevin says yeah what’s up with that supposedly Bobby has a secret veto. Godfrey says its not a secret any more. He just confirmed he has it. Godfrey says after this week we need to take out the big threats. I know that Pili and you weren’t part of a big alliance. All these people had something going on. The fact that I have to find out through third parties that Bobby has a veto. He didn’t even tell me about it. We need to stick together. I trust you. Kevin says you’re a free thinker in this game like me. Godfrey says exactly we think through the options. Ashleigh and Pilar join them and Godfrey changes the conversation to talking about how he thinks this week will be a double eviction. I feel like there is something fishy going on with the numbers we have in here… like they’re going to try and bribe us again with the 10K.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 12-09-41-476

3:20pm UP in the HOH – Willow says that she really wants to win the veto. She says if I win it I would say “I won this power and this week is a waste of life and I would rather use this necklace as a noose.” Willow says that Sindy told me to play the game. I’ve been here on my death bed while you’ve been in jury. Ash says honestly and I’m not just saying this would be the last person I would tell that to in here. Willow says thank you. Willow says that Sindy told me I would never go home if I was on the block. And I was like oh yeah just like we told JP. Kevin says exactly. Ash says and she voted him out which she still hasn’t come clean about. They talk about what the POV might be. Pilar says if its a numbers thing she (Sindy) is dumb. Ash tells Pili who ever doesn’t go home this week would be the target next week. But who do we put up next to them .. Sarah or Brittnee. Bobby and Bruno think that we are more with them than with you guys. Bobby and Bruno if I was to win I don’t necessarily want to put up Sarah or Brittnee up. She says I could tell Bobby & Bruno Let me chuck one of you guys up and be like chop shop shmop shop. It left with the guy that created it. I would say why don’t you guys go up so they don’t think the chop shop is together. Which you (Pili) are a part of. Pilar asks if her nominations were smart. Ash says I would have done the same thing. Willow joins them and they continue discussing possible noms for next week. Ash and Willow comment on how it was a good move to get out JP because he was playing really hard. Ash says I just hate that it was Sindy’s move.
Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-24 12-29-01-826

4pm In the bathroom – Sarah and Brittnee are in the bathroom talking about Bobby and how he has a weight complex. Sarah says he could gain another 25 or 30 pounds. He skips meals. Brittnee says he works out all the time. For him to look at me …like how I don’t work out at all he probably thinks that is not good at all. But I am happy with myself. Sarah comments on how Bobby said that taking the 10K would only be a good deal if you were poor.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 12-54-09-182

4:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds…
4:15pm The live feeds return with Sindy, Bruno, Bobby, Kevin, Pilar, Godfrey, Ashleigh and Zach are in the living room talking about random things.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 13-23-36-358

In the bathroom – Sarah and Brittnee are talking. Sarah says that Willow is sick of the way she is treated. Sarah comments on how Kevin didn’t know how to spell Pili. If you’re dating someone you should know how to spell their name.

4:35pm Big Brother tells the house guests to report to the HOH room.

4:46pm Big Brother calls Sarah to the diary room. (She’s the POV host so the veto competition will likely be starting soon.)

4:53pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

6:35pm The feeds are still blocked.

7:20pm Still blocked.

9:54pm Still blocked.

10:44pm Still blocked.


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Moronita Pilar

Sindy is AMAZING! She sees through all the BS. She’s theater!


Agree. I really hope she wins the POV. It would be ideal if she and Godfrey could both stay, but I don’t think the odds of that are very good.


Sindy needs to go. She very good at comps and causing to much crap. I have a hard time putting up with her self image. She’s way to much into herself. Personally I don’t like people like that. So seeing her go again would make me happy.


Would you rather the game have nobody with balls…it would be sooo boring if Scindy hadn’t returned! Naeha is all talk…she would have played it safe and not called anyone out! Scindy the best female gamer I have seen in years!

another name

i would agree. if she didn’t give Bruno the benefit of the doubt. he’s been snowing her all along. but stroked her ego enough that she bought it.
there is no way that Bruno and bobby were going to be loyal to three women in an alliance. no. way.
the fact that they still want to trust Bruno because they need the number is disheartening. but a good move on his part. yes, i paid him a compliment. he’s not the loyal honest stand-up guy people have been buying. he’s just as much of a snake as he accuses sarah of being.


Hope Sindy wins and Britt goes up and out


I think you mean Bobby, not Brittnee. ; )


I really liked Kevin when he was actually playing the game, but he is starting to bug me.


I’m starting to find Kevin kind of creepy. I’m thinking about his opening package on the first episode and his thing about preying on young girls because they are so easy to manipulate and control. Now I see him joined at the lips with Pili, who has the intellect of a 4 year old and who I think may legitimately have some sort of mental issue or disability and it’s so gross to me. Even that mayo thing, not cute, kind of gross and demeaning taken in context with the stuff he said earlier.

I totally get that people are edited and say things that are exaggerated to seem more interesting but he’s been giving off some serious predator vibes.


Thank heavens it’s just not me, I dislike kevin also. I can’t put my finger on it, but it bothers me when he is with Pili, it’s like he just kisses her to shut her up when she tries to speak, he doesn’t want to hear her have a thought of her own. I just Do Not Like it !! I had no idea he said those things about manipulating young girls/women. I am going to look it up, however I just don’t like him around Pili, It feels wrong, very, very wrong πŸ™ Thanks for your post πŸ™‚ glad I am not alone in this !!


He clearly just wants to get in her pants. Nothing else. He told her straight up that he always cheats on his girlfriends too (open relationships). The guy is weird.


Kevin gets a good edit it’ll inflate his popularity.

another name

there was a point last night where pilar was starting to process all of the info she got from cindy and godfrey hours earlier. she started to talk about it in the bathroom with kevin and honestly, you could see it about to click. that’s when kevin quickly distracted her with the kissing penguins routine.
i’m wondering if this has been common practice.


He is protecting the Bro-Triangle less one angle.


Yep, Kev seems to think hes on The Bachelor..Can’t wait to see him on the block and out!


There is absolutely nothing genuine or sincere about Kevin,
He’s beyond fake and tries way to hard.

I am totally lost

With all the talk I am totally lost on who is working with who.

Are Kevin/Pilar/Zach and Ashleigh a real alliance or just an alliance for this week?

Are Bruno and Bobby working with God frey or not?

Who is working with Willow?

Is Sindy working alone?

Why Zach wants to get rid of Sindy so bad, aren’t he after Godfrey who clearly said that he wanted him out?

Are Sarah and Brittnee working together only or with someone else?

And last not least: How could Pilar win an HOH?

another name

had a similar difficulty while i had insomnia last night. felt like pilar on a normal day.
i came to some conclusions.
the couples are a real alliance. have been for weeks.
the couples have joined with the chop shop (minus willow, she’s not really included they just told her she was).
so: team one is kevin, pili, zach, Ashleigh, bobby, Bruno. but they all want to use or turn on each other. later.
team two is sarah, britt, working with cindy. sarah and britt won’t help cindy get off the block because one of them will be replacement.
team two is working with willow and godfrey (neither know about the other yet).
team three is bobby Bruno and godfrey. bobby and Bruno are staying on godfrey’s good side in case he does get hoh to take out zach. but they aren’t serious about sticking with him unless he does get power.
i think that’s the general lay of the land.

Totally lost no more! :)

Thank you very much Another name! And lmao @ you saying that last night your insomnia felt like Pili on a regular day. Hahahahahaha!


like these comments though I think Willow is a little all over the place. The rest is spot on though god picking the girls over B/B very unlikely IMO

another name

oh I have no illusion that godfrey would prefer to work with booby and Bruno. just think he is working with the girls out of necessity.
I do believe willow is far more on sarah’s side at this point than she is with chop shop. unless I’ve been completely deluded. if I have, good job willow. I bought it.


Sindy or God needs to win POV. Whoever would stay up needs someone like Willow or Bobby next to them or they are finished.


This POV is taking too damn long!


direct quotes: “Willow says that Sindy told me to play the game. I’ve been here on my death bed while you’ve been in jury. Ash says honestly and I’m not just saying this would be the last person I would tell that to in here. Willow says thank you.”
who is more naive????/?


direct quotes: “Pilar asks if her nominations were smart. Ash says I would have done the same thing. […] Ash and Willow comment on how it was a good move to get out JP because he was playing really hard. Ash says I just hate that it was Sindy’s move.”
lets get this straight…Ash confirms she would take the easiest possible route if she were HOH and then whines that Sindy is credited with the biggest move of the game? excuse me?
i literally can’t stand listening to them anymore.


Ash is one of those girls that latches on to the popular guy. I am willing to bet she is a self-entitled cheerleading twit with no idea how to do anything without the approval and direction of a guy.


Ashielgh is a female-hating woman in this house; plain and simple. She bitches about almost all of the girls, but goes not have the balls to say it to their face, or be woman enough to try to clear the air. She is hating that Sindy, Britt, and Sarah made a big move, while she has been spending too much time working on big Zach. Envy and hatred is an ugly thing, and it is clear that she is nothing but a bitter, emotional player who goes after the same sex, so she can be seen as the best of the girls; at least to the guys in this house.


Ashleigh is the type of girl who would openly say they are virgins but then keep giving HJ’s to cute guys.


wait….you know virginity refers to right?…..


sarah is so hypocritical
sarah: “omg i can’t believe ashleigh was talking so much smack about brittnee”
and then just recently:
sarah: “omg kevin is so bad, he doesn’t know how to spell pili, he’s using her” (YET HE FRICKEN KNOWS PILI’S WHOLE FAMILY’S NAME AND A DESCRIPTION OF EACH OF THEM) yes sarah, he’s definitely not trying to know pili,


Sarah is a non-stop whinger. She’s been going on about the Pili spelling for a week now.


i hope Sarah wins the veto and uses it on Sindy. If anyone from SSB (even including Godfrey now) has to go, I hope it’s Brittnee. Sarah would be smart ot keep Sindy over Brittnee too.


Well here’s BB genius for you. Sarah is the host of POV how is she gonna use it on Cindy if she is not competing.. 15 morons voted thumbs up to impossible. Strictly trolling and no idea how the games played. Bad seasons for trolls Simon burn a few bridges I am. πŸ™‚
Though in fairness production could step in at any time in any way it chooses. ROFL.


Chill, dude! That comment you’re bashing was made 5 hours before yours, maybe he/she hadn’t seen who got picked for the veto yet. Mistakes happen. A troll is something completely different.


Agree Frenchie…we all don’t read in order or at the same time…anyway even if Sarah could have played and won she wouldn’t have the balls to use it on Scindy any friggin. Way!

Go Godfrey!

i like Godfrey a lot. He is so good in collecting information through his coversations one on one with people. He is the most interesting player right now and so underestimated. I loved his convo with Bobby about the fake veto and how he knows Bobby lies to him there. And then he talks to Bruno and later Kevin and collect their reactions and thoughts. He told Bobby to his face that he didn’t believe he had the veto even if he said he did. I love Godfreys cool, calm and collected style. I want him in final 2.


wait..did pilar just call someone dumb? girl, you have no right to be calling anyone stupid

also, ashleigh stating that she might put up bobby or bruno and lie about who who target actually is highlights just how stupid bobby and bruno are for siding with her and the others in her alliance. (i refuse to name it, its just so stupid)


So do we know if Bobby actually has this mysterious VETO?! Or did he make it up? I’m confused! πŸ™


he doesn’t have it


As Simon said it’s fake. cannot believe anyone bought that. Any such veto comes with “tell anyone your evicted”. Boy some of these HG’s are really stupid.


The only thing Bobby has that he cares about it a mirror LOL


It’s funny when they are talking about what the POV comp will be and Pili says “if it’s a numbers game, she (Sindy) won’t win, she’s dumb.” Remember her guess of “2800” minutes? Even Bruno, Ashley, and someone else was laughing. What an airhead… completely oblivious…

Go Godfrey!

Sindy killed it in the Vault with her Math challenge!! The houseguests didn’t see that obviously but i think she has told them about it.




—-2 6 0 0—-

The Truth

Let’s apply some common sense to the “secret veto” scenario. Does it make sense that Bobby can talk about having a veto but can’t show it to anyone? And yet so many of them believe that there is a possibility that this veto exists……for 3 weeks!!! SMH.

another name

so… booby is good at math, and Rubik’s cubes, slow to pick up new concepts, and fixated by a singular idea (chop). bobby is rainman with abs. i mean…. three or four days ago, PILAR called HIM dumb.
his pentacut plan from last week or the week before…. it’s the exact same plan as the chop shop plan. with 10 people instead of 16.

another name

after i wrote that i felt a little guilty; but bobby knew he was coming into a game where viewer response to his social game was part of the game. he’s talked about it. still, i feel guilty. can’t explain it.
i feel similarly about making or laughing at some of the pilar jokes. i truly believe she’s never watched the feeds. i truly believe she’s watched some episodes, but thought the object of the game was to do well in competitions. so she’s been doing her best in competitions thinking that was the object of the game. i do believe that she doesn’t have a strategic bone in her body. i also believe that she is a good person that is going to be completely destroyed by the public opinion she receives when she leaves big brother. if she were being egotistical and mean spirited i wouldn’t really worry about it. i don’t worry about zach. he was well aware of what he was getting into, and has been coddled by the edit to make him look better. but imagine what happens to pilar when peter talks to her on sideshow. i’m thinking absolute breakdown. she cried about someone saying i’m disappointed in you. casting her on the show may actually permanently damage her psyche. i don’t think i’m cool with that. sorry if some of my jokes have been mean-spirited. i should know better.


Try not to feel too bad about it. Her own brother is on Twitter talking about how stupid she is and making fun of her. I think you’re fine πŸ˜‰


Well that would explain her insecurities with independent thought and always looking to Kevin for approval of anything she does.


I wouldn’t worry about your comment, Peter from the SideShow actually likes Pilar, and alot of people on twitter also like her. Most true BBFans know she got chosen for the show because of her innocence and sweetness. Then you have someone like kevin also in the house who , well you know, is a Dick !!


I just read the last seven or eight summaries for the week. Basically, it could be summed up like this:

“Pilar nominated Sindy and Godfrey.

The house continued to talk the same smack about each other, as usual, while the girls continue to talk like they have a chance of winning an HOH comp, blowing smoke about who they ‘plan’ to put up.

Zach’s laying lower than a snake’s belly, scared of the crowd’s reaction to Jordan’s eviction.”

The End.


anyone can win an HOH…as we just saw with Pili…counting out the girls is a mistake…
but go ahead and try to pretend you are smart..haha


I’m just stating the facts as they’ve been shown so far. As for Pilar winning HOH, that comp was mostly luck, not skill. Very few comps are like that. She was lucky by not being eliminated by others (because she’s not a threat, except to eardrums within the sound of her voice) and for answering a couple of questions correctly. But skill? She has no Big Brother skills whatsoever.

For someone who calls themselves “doofus,” I’m going to take your comment about being smart with a grain of salt.

Skerry Sherry

Bobby is an idiot who is so dense he actually believes he is intelligent. It’s almost comical. Almost.


Will the Diaper alliance explain that the reason they have been evicted (soon I hope) is because they are literally and figuratively full of $#!+ or will they just admit to acting like babies that needed a time out?

are you kidding me?

Did Pilass just call Sindy dumb? Oh no she did not!…..pls pls pls big brother. Let us vote to give sindy Britney or Sarah the veto. I cannot stand this group of idiots…..


Far from the stupidest player in the house but what do you call someone who got evicted week 2 for playing to hard to fast then repeats the same mistake on her return to the house? At minimum it’s BB stupidity! As in every thing in life if you don’t learn from your mistakes your destine to repeat them. Lose POV Cindy gets the same result twice.


can someone please explain to me why bobby would even lie about something so stupid?


Because there’s horse-sh1t where his brain is supposed to be.


Zachary = Captain Egotistical Douchebag
Ashleigh = ‘I’m with Captain E.D.!’
Kevin = He thinks he’s a good enough poker player to bluff his way through this game. Right now, he believes he has 2 queens and 2 kings (one being himself). Had Jordan stayed, he would have had a full house.
Pili = ‘Oh, Hi Arisa! Can I please buy a vowel?’

Don’t even get me started on the ‘YO! Bud’ brothers…..


Will the 11th vote be Canada? Is there any possibility at all that BB may leave 3 HGs in the finale to vote for which would make the jury 9?


I would guess Who does Canada get to Nullify the vote of. Don’t know for sure, but I would go that route. 10/11 person jury vote is way to huge. LIke Zach’s ego lol πŸ™‚


Willow was talking to Ashary/Zashleigh and told them ‘at least you guys have each other, I have to pretend to be a lesbian’.


another name

I was a little more confused why a lot of people didn’t jump on sarah and willow’s comments about Ashleigh having a boyfriend at home last night. not that it matters since the showmance strategy has become a production promoted strategy. to the extreme.


Willow is a lesbian. Its so obvious. It is like Gary pretending to be straight. She’s so butch she farts hammers and chainsaws.


I Love the comments on this site πŸ™‚


Could someone please give the BB guy who’s responsible for pressing the “feeds on” button a call? He/She obviously fell asleep or simply forgot, it’s been almost 6 hours.


Where is the new article who won the vetooo


We don’t know yet it’s still going on


Going to be honest had a couple extra redbulls and vodka while I wait for these feeds… πŸ™‚


Well-deserved. Cheers. πŸ™‚


Follow me on twitter.. I have 228 followers hoping to get it to 235 by the end of the season


You now have 230 πŸ™‚ I followed as well………..Yay, I already follow your site & dawg πŸ™‚ It’s the right thing to do yah know………….. Thanks for your site like always πŸ™‚


HAHA thanks JaneBond Following back..

I’m usually a grump on my own twitter account


I would love to see Sindy with a S go to jury with Jordan. I can’t stand people who are so into themselves and she certainly fits the bill for that and she’s causing to much cr@p. Teaming up with Sarah oh god help me. She’s another one I don’t like. The way she talks is like she so much better than everyone else on the show. Plz just go.


FYI No feeds for you


Maybe it’s POV, an instant eviction, HOH comp?

another name

maybe its a one at a time comp like the ant maze. only they have to find their humility. feeds will never be back.

another name

who voted gold orange screen for fan feed? reveal yourselves. next you’ll be voting vault. sheesh.


Did anyone catch the side show the other night? Let me just say that Peter is the most arrogant delusional fuckface i’ve seen on this show. The way he attacked JP calling him a child, saying that you don’t deserve on that show and you’re and insult to all the superfans out there was an unnecessary thing to say. I wasn’t a fan of JP at all, but at least he showed humility when he got voted out, unlike Peter who acted like a sore loser and blamed the other players for his eviction. Peter is just a very bitter person always has and always will be.


Peter is a sad loser in life, no doubt about it.
Watching him attack the freshly evicted houseguests feels a bit like watching him creeping around a kindergarten and deciding on which baby he’d take the lollypop away from.
After having been in sequester, then in the BB house, they come out and are obviously overwhelmed by everything, seeing many people again for the first time, the studio, the special guest, the fear of what Canada thinks of them, the shock of a blindside (for JP), etc…
This is the only moment Peter feels strong enough to attack them.
The dude was the biggest joke during his season and we all know it.
He’d tell the viewers and even his fellow HGs what a great player he was, that he controlled the entire house and the others were being hopelessly manipulated by him. When in reality, he had NO CLUE of what was going on, he got dragged along since he wasn’t a threat, and ultimately dumped when he wasn’t of any use to them.
I still can’t get over the fact that BBCan chose him to be on the Sideshow, otherwise they’d never have talked about him again, especially not as someone with any kind of “authority” on BB strategy.


No way the feeds are down for over 7 hours just for a POV comp. Something else must be going on. Like maybe POV, instant evict, HOH? For the love of God(Frey), hurry the hell up! Srsly hope it will be worth the wait.


Feeds Back πŸ™‚


FINALLY! Feeds are up. God won POV. Sinrah is scrambling.


I wish Sindy would have won POV just to make everyone else miserable. But, at least Godfrey won it. If, for no other reason, than to torture Pilar by making her have to play the game and not just kiss Kevin at summer camp.