“Sindy is completely loyal to them, Sindy, Bruno Kevin were high fiving”

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Power of Veto Players Picked = Dillon, Demetres, Jackie, Ika, Sindy and William

Karen – I think the only showmance Kevin is with is one you (William) or 2 a bottle of lotion, I’m just saying

11:02am Karen and Ika Kitchen
Ika – I’m not going to betray you, Dre or Demetres in this game.
They agree that they can trust Dillon “For now” Ika stresses that Bruno has a hold on Dillon.
karen says she’s working Dillon good.
Ika thinks if Jackie wins veto Bruno will push to put her up.
Karen says she’s 100% sure that Dillon won’t put Ika up
Ika says if Veto is played it’s a perfect time to split “Those three up” (Sindy, Bruno , Kevin)
Karen – Sindy cannot win that Veto.

Ika – Sindy is completely loyal to them, Sindy, Bruno Kevin were high fiving
Karen – you have to be careful what you say to Dre right now

Karen – this POV is huge
Ika – I know I want to win it

Karen says Dillon trusts her a little bit more than Bruno and Kevin
Ika mentions Kevin was saying Karen is a dangerous player because no one is targeting her.
Karen says Dillon mentioned Kevin was pushing for her to go up

11:12am Ika and Dre
Dre- you have to win..
Ika – if Sindy goes up do you think we should send her home
Dre – is that a real question yes..
They agree they can’t trust Jackie.
Ika says she’s just loyal to Dre and Demetres. Says she likes Sindy but she’s got to go. (LOL too bad Sindy had a shield)

Ika says that karen told her “be careful what you say to Dre”
Ika – she’s also questioning William

Jackie and Dillon HOH
Jackie tells him Kevin and Bruno were worried they were going to go up. she goes on about how she’s not targeting Dillon.
Dillon says If Jackie or him win the veto he might put Sindy up.

Dillon – I feel like you me and Karen can do something

Jackie brings up that when she won the veto during the double Bruno and Kevin weren’t happy for her. That showed to her that they weren’t on her side.
Dillon – if next week we can get HOH and put Bruno and Kevin on the block.
Dillon explains he made a deal with them.
Jackie now saying maybe keep Bruno and Kevin around because they think they have her.
Dillon – they think they have me too it’s wild.
Dillon says Sindy, Kevin and Bruno are working toegther their shady as f**. Adds that Ika is also working with them.
Dillon – if you come off and we get Sindy on the block than she goes home for sure.

12:20pm HOH Dre and Dillon

William and Kevin Blue Room

Dre and Dillon HOH Couch

Bruno and Kevin Have nots Room

Demetres and Karen Storage room

Bruno and Dillon HOH

3:03pm Sindy and jackie bathroom
Sindy says Dillon doesn’t care which one goes out of the two nominees. If Ika wins the veto she’ll take down Demetres then Sindy feels she’ll be in danger of going up.
Sindy Warns that Dre and Dillon are getting really close.
Bruno joins them says this week isn’t as bad as they thought.
Sindy says she won’t use the veto unless she’s 100% who the replacement nomination is.

5:45pm Ika and Demetres

Ika saying they have to win the HOH.
Ika – right now William sketches me out, if he wins he’ll never put Kevin on the block he’ll put Bruno and one of us.
Ika – he might put Bruno and Jackie
Demetres – I want to get this over with.
Ika says Kevin and Bruno are so angry they are not playing in this veto
Iak syas she sucks at competitions
Demetres says you need luck to win these competitions.

Dre and Demetres red room

I’m pretty sure the POV competition has started… 6:54pm.

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I told you ika is jealous and hates pretty girls. She targeted neda and got sindy to put her up and out and now she is targeting sindy. Oh and she has always been a bully to Jackie for no reason. Just pure cruelty from ika towards Jackie.


Its’ sad that you think all neda and Sindy had to offer were their looks. I don’t think you are giving them enough credit for being threats because of their game play. Also, have you seen Ika (she’s gorgeous) I don’t think she’s insecure with her looks in the least.

P.S I hope Ika keeps Sindy around for the long term as it would keep the target off her


I am guessing you haven`t seen ika without her make up .. ugh …. was shocked to see what she really looks like .. can only image her now with out her weave … double ugh


Um? Lets stay focused on the task at hand. Talking about housemates looks is so…….elementary. substance please


Nobody who wears that much make-up and hair extensions is secure about their looks… Covering up your real appearance is the definition of insecure.


LOOOL I think all the girls in the house including Sindy and Neda wear a copious amount of makeup.

sunny dee

shhh, they think neda’s hair isn’t hair extensions/weaves, and her eyelashes were real.

BB Bombshell

LOL show me a person who’s not insecure about something and ill show you a damn liar. Ika is a beautiful woman who screamsssss self-confidence. She might be a little rough on the edges sometimes but that’s actually what I love about her. She know shes not perfect but doesnt let that stop her. Not to mention shes playing a hell of a game this year and has thrown her whole heart into. Thats what I see when I look at Ika because I dont have time to discuss her looks while she’s slaying dragons. So in the words on Ika Wong to Neda … ” F*** outta here”


Her and Jackie just never vibed and that’s not a bad thing dillon hates jackie too so does kevin. Neda is not pretty so I don’t know where you’re going with that one she’s very ugly inside and out disgusting Ika might be savage but she has a better heart then Neda & that’s why she wasn’t targeted and the evil witch if the house was!!! Neda would have been kicked off before if she did not have that power that’s why she only lasted one hour in the house without it as she pissed off too many people she even made Sindy cry…Ika is farrrrrrr from jelouse she is not business with anyone !!!!!!!! She came into the house playing a better game NeDa Sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! Really? That’s sad poor Sindy I feel bad if she goes home I actually will cry if Sindy goes home this week she is so kind.

Reality sinks in

Please bring back Neda and Cassandra.

Can you imagine the awesomeness in that?

Please BBC, make a big move for Canada!


Cassandra yes, Neda NO!


Cassandra is one of the worst player ever with zero comp win in two season


Hellllll noooooo!!!! What Have you been smoking I can only imagine the uglyness in that !! Cassandra has no clue what she’s doing sorry but she’s all gamesd out!!! Neda is a narcissist that’s why the house is so peaceful now without her as she’s a little crazy nervous neurotic controlling micromanaging bitch in denial of her big flaws!!!


Sorry this is a repost of my comments on the bottom of Simon’s previous recap. Should have waited and put here.
Definitely think there will be a “going back in time” twist letting someone back in. Wouldn’t doubt if it was a vote like the safety till jury. I do think Neda was genuinely sad when voted out, but I also think she’s smart and playing on viewers emotions in case there’s a vote for something like “Canada’s favorite player” or to get back in. I think her main benefit being on the show was her clothing line. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence she happened to make some of her tops in 5x size (as seen on her blk&saint page), and wore them on the show like it’s something fashionable on her small frame, and they just happen to fit Dillion too. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if a company like Under Armour made an offer to buy her line which is why all the sudden they are showing both, when in the past they don’t show obvious clothing brands. My final thoughts – from the time I first saw the cast list, based just on feeling not logic, I believe Bruno will win. That’s just my gut feeling. However, to add to that, logically I don’t believe BBcan brought Kevin&Bruno back to have them be losers on a female dominate winning season again. Right now in the have not room they are just like Britney and Sarah feeling like they are on the bottom and their game got screwed.

Rosita SixtyOne

Interesting observation! I never thought about it, but I did think it was strange she’d wear over-sized sweaters like a dress. I figured it was a fad. Interesting….
I think Bruno is in a good position, and he’s not my favorite. But I want to see Kevin go first! I was a sucker for Brit/Sarah. But these two– nah! Don’t feel bad for them at all!

sunny dee

she showed her t shirts all thru her own season, specifically wearing them thru the show herself, then dressing others during segments taped for the shows. this is not new news. these over sized shirts seem to be a thing as well, ika seems to be wearing long shirts as short dresses for example, not a fan of the look but i agree she was short sighted in her season to not bring along larger sizes lol

i don’t think bruno and kevin have too much to worry about. this is the perfect chance to get one of them up and out, and dillon is not going to do it based on a deal. instead they’ll take out sindy or jackie, i dont even think he wants demetres out because if he wants people to target bruno and kevin, demetres is one of the ones who would do that


Sorry it’s been awhile since season 2 I don’t remember Neda wearing her stuff then. So I could be wrong about my conspiracy about a company buying her out 🙂 But maybe BB gets a cut of her sales?

sunny dee

more like they were shirts that they didnt have to confiscate because of logos, designs and copyright, she gave permission for the images to be shown. one of those ‘for promotional considerations’ deals lol

comment image

hoh pics maybe?, i just remember this specifically from the season where she ‘styled’ everyone into the shirts


Hey thanks for the pic – I remember now 🙂


I just watched a Youtube video and Mitch was wearing a Blk & Saint T shirt on season 4 in one of the comps.


Sorry can’t see anyone buying her “fashion line”. Especially Under Armour who actually produce their high end products. It is just T shirts hats and mugs that she prints sayings on. (Ala Wham 1980’s), something 1000’s of promotion companies do for corporations everyday.


Personally I want Dre to win, not Bruno or Kevin, but I would be happy if Bruno won cause he has kids and seems like an ok guy. What these vets have in common is – they all got screwed over on their season either by a player or BB intervening/twists. If a female does win this season I do think if Bruno doesn’t get second he will likely win something big like Kevin did. Perhaps Toyota will give away another car? I think Kevin got his pay back by winning the Brick 10k – that is a big prize considering second is 20k and vets also might get more stipend like they do in U.S. ?


Happy Birthday Simon. ???

Guy From Canada

What’s the po box we ship the kraken to?


Happy Birthday ??


Happy Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Simon ! Cheers buddy ! Enjoy your day. Today is about “You” not us. I’ll have a drink for
you as well. Thanks for this site, I would be lost without you. My favourite part of reading them, are your
personal comments in the brackets, lol Luv them, so funny.


Happy Birthday Simon. Hope you have the best day ever!
… and thanks for always be on spot with all the videos and text. So appreciate it!


I finally got the hidemyass program. I only wish i had done it sooner. Now i can watch all the international big brothers. Im excited. It works so perfectly and easy. Between your site and watching the full episodes and feeds i get everything. Thanks for the hidemyass link/recommendation. This is great.


Can you show he link again please?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for all that you guys do. Enjoy your day.


Happy birthday, Simon!! \m/(-_-)\m/


Happy B-day Simon. Thanks for all the work you do. Hey you’re an Aries. Seems like the people on BB I instantly like best are air or fire zodiac signs. I could be wrong about this but I think Gary&Cass are -Gemini, Bruno&Dre&Sindy-Aries, and sometimes I like Ika-Libra. The ones I tend to not like seems to be earth signs. Kevin -Capricorn, Neda&Kenny&Sabrina-virgo. But Jon Pardy was cool and I think he’s a cancer sign so maybe there’s nothing to all these astrological stuff 🙂 ? But I do notice how people on BB with compatible signs tend to get along better so sometimes I think there might be something to it. Sorry for ranting. Have a great one, and please lay off the Kraken.

S for stupid

I really hope sindy goes out next. she deserves it for making such a bad game move. Sending out neda removed the shield she had.


If Sindy doesnt win POV she’s in danger but double evictions are hard both woman were shouting so hard it cloud Sindy’s judgement, Poor girl I feel bad for her but yes I agree veto being used put Sindy in the worse position unfortunately.


Here comes Ika the snake ready to stab in the back everyone she “aligns” with and who thinks of her as an ally – Dallas, Cass, Gary, Neda, and now Cindy – girl you could go – no one likes a backstabbing rat.


Really wow if Cindy goes the vets are in trouble maybe not Ika but Kevin and Bruno have to win HOH or they will be next.
P.S Poor Cindy if she leaves I will genuinely be sad not because Im rooting for her but because I rather see a strong guy leave.


Happy Birthday Simon 🙂


Hey Simon, do you think Neda deserves the amount of hatred being thrown her way this season?