“Either we backdoor Kevin or Jackie goes .. I want those 2 first Jackie/Kevin” -Karen

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5:20pm Ika and Sindy white couch
Giggling about Ika and Demetres kiss

5:20pm Dre and Karen Red Room
They don’t trust Bruno and Kevin and want them out next followed by Jackie. After Karen left the room Dre said she might get Demetres out. (nice)

5:40pm Dillon and Karen Storage room
Karen says Sindy kept him safe yesterday. Bruno told her that Neda was pushing for KAren to go up as the replacement and said she didn’t care which one went.
Karen says if Sindy had put Karen up than Dillon would have gone home. Karen doesn’t think they should betray Sindy yet.
Karen goes on about wanting Jackie out.
Karen says they can trust Bruno a little bit but he’s working with kevin, “He’ll cut Kevin in a second”
Dillon – 100%
Dillon says Demetres and Jackie going up backdoor kevin.
Karen thinks that’s a good plan because those two will fight hard for the veto they’ll each think they are the target.
Karen wonders if they have the numbers to vote Kevin out.
Dillon thinks so.
Karen going on about how Sindy didn’t f** them.
Dillon – you’re now my number 1 in this game.
Karen calls Kevin a little f*** puke
Karen – either we backdoor kevin or Jackie goes .. I want those 2 first Jackie/Kevin those are the ones targeting me the most
Karen – I don’t think anyone is targeting you
Dillon – moving forward you’re my number 1 in this game
Karen – 100% … 100%
Dillon – OK I want that
Karen – don’t make jit too obvious

5:40pm Ika and Dre red room

6:34pm Bruno, Jackie and Dillon

6:52pm Bruno, Demetres, Sindy and Ika
Studying with candies.
They mention how “lit” Dillon was today he drank a bunch of his alcohol. Bruno says he has to talk to Dillon before nominations. ika says he’s putting up Demetres and Jackie.

7:20pm Bruno and Dillon
Dillon says he’s putting up Dememtres and Jackie.
Dillon – you cool with that
Bruno – eh man cool with me
Dillon – I don’t trust Jackie at all..
Dillon says he would rather Jackie out of those two, “Everyone she gets in touch with they go home”
Dillon says Jackie was a big force in him and Emily going up last week.
Bruno – if she wins Veto who are you throwing up
Dillon – haven’t thought that far ahead.. we can talk about it.

9:00pm Bruno and Sindy
Bruno goes on about how there’s two people in this game he would fight for Sindy and Kevin.
Bruno says Ika and Dre have patched it?
Sindy doesn’t know.
Bruno warns her that the other side now has 4 people, Dre, William, Demetres and Ika.
Bruno – Karen is all about Kevin..
Bruno asks her how does she think the 3 of them doing.
Sindy says pretty good none of them have been on the block.

(Feeds block for a bit)

Bruno warns her about Karen. She’s like Brittany from their season she the pawn that will be carried to the end.
Sindy points out that Karen has never been on the block.
Bruno says Kevin’s smart move would be Karen and maybe Dre

Bruno stresses they need to take a number from the other side.
Sindy says Jackie is leaving this week.
Bruno asks who Dillon is putting up as a replacement.
Sindy – probably Ika
Sindy says Dillon won’t put up Dre he likes her, William is safe and Karen isn’t even considered.
Bruno says he asked him and he said he hasn’t thought that far ahead.
Bruno – we need these noms to stay the same.
Sindy – 100%
Bruno points out if she goes up against Demetres Ika will save Demetres over her.
Bruno is suspicious that Dillon said he didn’t know his renom.
Bruno says if Dillon is going to nominate Sindy he’ll ruin his game with Ika to get Ika on the block.
They count votes.. if it’s Sindy and Demetres on teh block she’ll have Kevin, Bruno and Jackie’s vote.

Bruno – would Ika pick Dre over you
Sindy – no
Bruno – how positive are you
Sindy – 100% (HA)

Sindy – Dre is more after Kevin than you, William is more you over Kevin
Sindy says if she wins the next HOH she’ll put up Dre and William.
Sindy says she would always protect Bruno.
Bruno says there’s so many outside relationships that the numbers can change at any time.
Bruno – if the wrong people get the power they have 2 and they have connections on the other side of the house.. they might Boom this is the time to get Bruno out.. time to get Kevin out.. time to get Sindy out
Bruno – we don’t know Demetres we know Ika.. He doesn’t give a shit about us.. you saw how he was acting towards neda yesterday
Bruno – that was f***g bullshit, You see how quick he turned.. he was kicking her while she was down.
Bruno – he would do that to us, that’s the way he is, he proved it..
Bruno says Demetres was laughing about her only being out of immunity for a hour.
Bruno – that showed a lot, he wold be more than happy to do that to us.

Bruno explains if someone like Dre wins HOH puts him and Kevin up boom veto is played one of them three goes home and that other side still has their 4 people.
Bruno stresses they have to break up that other side they have to break up those pairs.
Bruno again retells Demetres laughing at Neda when she was evicted saying “Powerless for less than a hour hahaha ”

Dre and William

Dillon nominated Jackie and Demetres

10:57pm Jackie crying

After Jackie leaves
Dre says “Demetres needs to go”
Dillon – is that what you’re saying
Dre – Yeah Demetres needs to go
Dillon – that’s what you want
Dre – no it’s a good decision

11:00pm Bruno and Dillon
Bruno asks him who he would rather go Jackie or Demetres
Dillon – I dunno.. Demetres is super strong right.. so maybe we should get him out maybe
Bruno – super strong.. their both good options for sure.
Dillon – do yo think the house would want Demetres to get going
Bruno – I cold see
Dillon – Dre wants him out .. that’s what she said when Jackie went away
Bruno – was she asking or kinda saying
Dillon she was saying
Bruno says they should just wait to see how the veto goes so nothing gets out.
Demetres tells him he wants the noms to be the same.
Dillon “jokes” I’ll throw Kevin up.
Bruno tells him Kevin isn’t against him

Dre and Dillon
Dillon – who should we get out
Dre says either one is a good thing
Personally though she wouldn’t mind Demetres leaving because that’s the last duo in the house, Demetres and Ika.
Dillon says her and William are a duo
Dre – no, but you can’t tell him that
Dre – William and I are not on the same page.
Dre says she will never put him up adds that William really likes Kevin.

12:11am Dre and Ika Storage room
Ika says Bruno is up to something if Demetres stays on the block. If She wins Veto she’ll take Demetres down and Let Sindy go up.
Dre says William is getting closer to William emotionally not game wise.

Dre and Dillon HOH
Dre will put up Kevin and Bruno 100% if she wins HOH.
Dre stresses how William won’t rid or die for her. Dre admits that last week she was trying to backdoor Bruno. Dre knows that Ika is playing all sides of the house. Dre knows Ika is back to playing both sides even after yesterday. She suspects if Demetres goes Ika will pick a side.
Dillon puts forth nominating Ika if POV is played. Dre claims to not mind. Dre, Karen and Dillon all agree they want to get the vets out before the newbies. Dre says Demetres isn’t on their side and Jackie can’t be trusted with any information. Dillon mentions the deal he made with Kevin and Bruno, says if the POV was played he would have put them up but because of the deal.. Dre tells him to keep the deal intact.
Dillon suggests Sindy going up. Dre shares that Sindy is working with Bruno and Kevin

Karen and Dillon HOH Bathroom
Dillon tells karen about the deal to Kevin and Bruno. Karen says if Demetres leaves Ika will go with Sindy, Bruno and Kevin. they should just get rid of Jackie.

Dillon doesn’t think William will vote out Kevin over Jackie.
Dillon – the vote will be 4/3
Karen – me, Damekia, Dre, Bye Kevin (Dameika – Ika/Demetres)
karen says if they leave Kevin in this game for too long he’ll take out Karen and Dre.
Karen goes on about saving Demetres and Ika and making a deal with them.
Dillon – I need to win this POV
Karen – yes so we can control it and use it as leverage.

Karen – you got to reel them in an crush their f***g dreams.. it’s horrble it’s a horrible game

Demetres and Ika Hot Tub

Bruno and Sindy Blue room

Dre and William Red room
Dre tells William if Demetres is on the block against Jackie she’s voting Demetres out.

Bruno and Kevin Hot tub

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dillion only trhere fior hise fame because 1 other show

True lover of the game

I agree he has played an amazing game. He is about 4 layers deep where the others are skimming the top.

i think he will win it all and go out as one of the all-time best.

Let’s hope Frodo.


dragomn dens will be watchn this see how plays out now


I love the layers of game play that is happening. it’s finally getting complex


What happened to William – he totally disappear from the feeds after his hoh week


Omg yes Neda out and possibly Kevin next.
First 5 vibes anyone?

sunny dee

hopefully william recognizes where the numbers are, and it isn’t keeping kevin. but dre said to camera she would evict demetres over jackie or kevin i think.


Demtres is gone. It is better for alot of people’s game if he is gone like dre, sindy and brunos game. Even ika’s game.


He could win veto.

S for stupid

Holy shit. Sindy is legit so dumb loll


Dre shouldn’t try so hard to get demetres out just now. it will ruin her relationship with ika, and ika WILL take revenge. yes, this needs to happen for dre’s game, but she shouldn’t push it so hard because ika will know.


Yeah it would be a strategic mistake for Dre to try to cut Demetres this week with Jackie/Bruno/Kevin still in the house. I know she’s experiencing jealousy with both Ika and William – esp as she needs both more time to shore up this thing with Dillon as well as the boys gone to make room for something with Dillon.. I know she’s trying to take Ika’s place as top dog and thus would need Demetres and Ika gone in that order.. but … the Bruno/Kevin element in play leaves her in danger in terms of numbers and might even push Ika to the veterans side (against her). She should treat carefully and sometimes she talk too much.




Dre is one to watch !! She’s really good. Talking about being willing to cut Ika?? Wow.
This newbie alliance could run the vets out of the house.


Lol at Bruno and Kevin just realizing Sindy totally Leroy Jenkins’d their games up last eviction (on feeds). LOLs ohh Sindy.. every season…

Kevin is like a two-time member of that club too… I don’t even feel sorry for Kevin. I just laugh..


I hope Cindy gets back doored….she took out Neda way too soon.


It’s Sindy – with an S


Sindy with a S, Not Sindy


You know what would be super epic … If neda came back with ika still in the house .. the house would
blow up


Wow dre is starting to playthe game now – 😮

– she is actually starting to send people to jury so that those people she will vote for her to win. I can see people voting for her if she makes it to the end.

Dangerous player.


Dre has come to the realization William will protect Kevin more than he will protect Dre.
Dre has come to the realization Ika will protect Demetres more than she will protect Dre.
Dre attempted to become Dillons new number two, only to find out Karen has already taken that position.
Dre’s issue is she’s yet to realize that taking an active role or voicing the actual opinion that the third wheels blocking her number two quest will actually push them away from her.
So unless Dre wants to become the newest victim of the black plague (Jackie) or be euthanized by Sindy stories for hours on end…


Definitely think there will be a “going back in time” twist letting someone back in. Wouldn’t doubt if it was a vote like the safety till jury. I do think Neda was genuinely sad when voted out, but I also think she’s smart and playing on viewers emotions in case there’s a vote for something like “Canada’s favorite player” or to get back in. I think her main benefit being on the show was her clothing line. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence she happened to make some of her tops in 5x size (as seen on her blk&saint page), and wore them on the show like it’s something fashionable on her small frame, and they just happen to fit Dillion too. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if a company like Under Armour made an offer to buy her line which is why all the sudden they are showing both, when in the past they don’t show obvious clothing brands. My final thoughts – from the time I first saw the cast list, based just on feeling not logic, I believe Bruno will win. That’s just my gut feeling. However, to add to that, logically I don’t believe BBcan brought Kevin&Bruno back to have them be losers on a female dominate winning season again. Right now in the have not room they are just like Britney and Sarah feeling like they are on the bottom and their game got screwed.