“She’s the seed of F***ing Chucky she will come back with a vengeance if he goes”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 03-52-05-674

3:48am Safari room Michelle and Frank

Michelle wants to know all Bridgette’s secrets.
Frank – what do you mean she has no secrets
Michelle – I want her out more than you
Frank – everyone else wants me out

Michelle says one of them is going home. She wants Bridgette gone.
Frank – I want to flip the house in a different direction.. That is what the fans want to see the house flipped

Michelle says he has been making deals left and right and none of them included her.
Frank questions who.
Michelle Everyone, Nicole, Zakiyah
Frank – I hate Zakiyah’s guts
Frank says Da tried to make a final 2 deal with him day 2 .. he was in a final 2 with Nicole and that is all he had.

Michelle – I want you to stay over Bridgette hands down you won’t come after me she will.
Frank says Bridgette will go after Da’Vonne and Zakiyah.
Frank brings up Zakiyah and how she’s the meanest to Bridgette.
Frank says when Zakiyah is in the room and Bridgette walks in, “she has this look on her face like she smells sh1t.. You’re not a mean girl but you’ve been hanging out with Da’vonne and Zakiyah I don’t want you to look like a mean girl”

Frank – use it and Backdoor Da’Vonne
Michelle – I don’t want to backdoor da’vonne she’s not coming after me
Frank – neither are we
Michelle – there’s no way people are going to lose the opportunity.. two big threats that have lied to everybody.
Frank pushing working with Michelle.
Michelle says she can’t work with Bridgette
Frank – I’m going to be honest with you .. you are being immature
Michelle – I know.. It’s a personal thing
Frank points out the dangers of going with the other side
Frank – she’s one of the most loyal people in this house..
Michelle – she said she will shave off my eyebrows…
Frank – she said she never remembers saying that

Frank says if he leaves and Bridgette wins HOH she’ll likely put Michelle up but if they work together the 4 of them they can flip things up and make BBhistory.
Frank – would you rather be in a group that can win sh1t

Frank congratulates her on winning the comp says she’s did fantastic “You should do a big move this week”

Frank says the most important thing in Big Brother Starts with the letter L.. .Loyalty.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 04-30-31-818
James comes down and tells them he needs to be involved with whatever they decide to do, “Obviously I have to put someone up”.

Michelle – I’m pissed Nicole didn’t say you guys had a final 2
Michelle – who made it
Frank – she did

Frank says the the veterans get paid more when they hit Juy that is why Da wants to get to jury so bad

Frank – I’m proud of you for winning OTEV that’s a big comp.. I got beat by BIG MEECH and BRidgette with a wobbly ankle

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 04-44-29-558
4:44am they Hug it out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 04-16-29-601

4:16am Da’Vonne and James Storage Room
Da’Vonne says Paulie is feeling bad for Frank. He’s been telling the group Frank isn’t winning any competitions where BRidgette has.

James says if the POV is played Paulie is going up.
Da’Vonne – Paul is pissed Paul is pissed..

Da’Vonne – Frank is a salesman.. He’s got a mouthpiece..
James- people need to realize we put people up for a reason why are we changing our minds..
Da’Vonne – Ain’t no changing Zakiyah, My PAul’s heads.

They are freaking out that Frank will flip the house. James is going to threaten Corey, Nicole and Michelle if the POV is played he might put someone up they don’t want up.
James says if they want to change the play now he’ll be pissed he would have ran his own HOH and put Victor and Frank up.
Da says Frank has 2 days to work on Michelle
James- he’ll use every hour
Paul comes in.. “Send Frank home .. send his ass home”
Da’Vonne leaves..
Paul says Paulie thinks Bridgette is the bigger threat.
James – If she uses that veto it’ll be a bad day i’ll have to put someone up

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 04-31-45-724

4:30am Paulie and JAmes
James- whos going home this week
Paulie – frank
James – I support your HOH week you support my HOH week
Paulie doesn’t want Bridgette to be around the double HOH to take a shot.

Paulie – we can handle Vic and we can handle Bridgette.. Z’a been trying to get a rise outta me
James- about what
Paulie – she gave me sh1t… even tonight she said she didn’t respect student athletes… don’t have to work .. get handed A’s..
Da’Vonne and Zakiyah comes in..
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 04-45-38-870
4:44am Corey, Nicole Paulie and Paul
Paul is freaking out.. He’s worried Frank is going to talk Michelle into using the Veto.

Paul – Look dude she is already seeing sympathy
Nicole – who meech
PAul – ya.. I want to call him out.. If she uses it it’ll be one of us and i’ll be dam,n..
Pauli e- he wants Da up..
Paul – but still he’s here for another week..
Paulie- I’m telling you it’s not going to work
Pau – I just want to call him out.. Cause I’ve had it..
Paul – I’m calling him out.. Unless you don’t think I should.. I’m calling him out on his bullshit.. You think I should..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 04-49-05-179

4:48am Paulie pulls the boys in
Paul going on about calling Frank out on “EVERYTHING”
Nicole comes in says she’s talked to Meech she’s not manipulated..
Paul – I want to call him out for her pleasure
Vic – for what
Paul- I want to call him out
Paul – what he say meech..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 04-53-44-440

4:51am Paul confronts Frank

P – Frank.. So what’s the end game now BRO
F – To what..
P – If you get pulled off the Power of veto than what..
F – Why are you worried
P – i am worried
F – I don’t think it’s you .. I don’t put the replacement up, I was talking to Michelle …. I don’t know why you’re’ so worried
P – i’ve been up 3 weeks in a row 2 of those week were probably you
F – how was it because of me
P – First week definitely was you
F – I did put you up
P – second week.. Why was I up they’re
F – people thought you compete well .. who was HOH that week
P – why was I up THird week
Frank – I told you so you could compete against Tiffany
PAul – I don’t get it.. Certain things are said..
P – I don’t get it
F- I’m on the BLock bro what do you want me to do lay over and die.. I’m telling you now I’m not throwing your name under the bus
P – you have.. Multiple times.
F – I don’t want you out Paul..

Frank – I don’t know why you’re coming after me i’m on the block..
Paul says he gets paranoid when he walks into the safari room and Frank is in there talking to Michelle and he was asked to leaves, “I should be concerned.. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t be concerned.”
Frank assures him he’s not suggesting Paul goes up. Tells him he told everyone that came into that safari room to leave.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 04-55-37-443

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 04-58-21-022

4:57am Paul and Frank Safari
Frank – Bro I want Da to be the replacement..
Frank – I’m f***g gong home on Thursday.. There’s a reason I’m on the block beside Bridgette.. I didn’t win Veto so i’m going home.. My only hope is get the Veto to be used on me.
Frank says he won’t turn on Bridgette she’s the only person that had his back. He won’t campaign against her. He’s loyal to her

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 05-13-02-536

5:11am Paulie, Frank and Paul
Frank says Paul was concerned that Frank was trying to get him nominated but Frank’s trying to get Da’Vonne nominated.

Frank – Da’Vonnes up they’re laughing.. She was looking at the banister… laughing good someone else mad at Frank.
Victor joins them
Paulie – Da wants all the guys all out of the house..
Frank – trying to get to Michelle she seems somewhat receptive..
Paulie – Da’s on my hit list.
Frank – if we go to James with enough people..

Paulie bringing up Zakiyah “Trashing Student Athletes”
Frank leaves.. Paulie says they need to keep Bridgette around to take a shot at Zakiyah.
Paul – she’s the seed of F*** chucky she will come back with a vengeance if he goes home.. It’ll be a stacked vote
Paulie on them.. She hates the girl more .. Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
They are counting guys vs girls scenarios.
Victor says the girls the girls don’t need to win competitions they can still get people out because they have numbers.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 05-19-17-635

5:05am Bridgette and Zakiyah
Bridgette – for the past 2 weeks whenever i’m in a room you all walk out..
Zakiyah denies with Bridgette but says with Tiffany she did because Tiffany would keep ahrrasing her.
Zakiyah – if it was a issue then no reason to not pull me aside..
Bridgette – Well it’s really f***g hard when you feel like you’re being bullied
Zakiyah – Who’s bullying you.. I don’t bully.. Bridgette.. Bully Is someone sitting they’re harassing someone being mean getting in their face..
Bridgette – you talk shit behind my back
Zakiyah You’ve done plenty of things.. Dropping people rings.. Little catty girl stuff. I don’t get wrapped into that… I don’t have a reason to talk shit ..
Bridgette – what.. People are making up shit about me and it’s not OK. it’s not true and it’s childish ..
Zakiyah you ignore me ..
Bridgette – I felt like I was ignored by all of you
Zakiyah – No NO .. you talk to me I’ll talk back you don’t talk to me that’s fine too

Zakiyah – I didn’t think we really had a issue
Bridgette – I felt isolated
Zakiyah – Mhhhh I felt that from you
Bridgette – I feel like a lot of bullshit was said and I don’t think it’s true..
Zakiyah – same.. Same someone said I was stupid and I Was dumb..
Bridgette – I hope you don’t think I said any shit about you

Bridgette – I want to get along with you girls but you make it hard, people were physically leaving rooms
Zakiyah – I wasn’t leaving rooms… I don’t have a problem with you.. I don’t i don’t

Bridgette says she was befriending Tiffany because she was alone and depressed.
Zakiyah says she’s always going to respect people that come to her directly and tell me if theres something wrong.

Bridgette – I know what they say about me..
Zakiyah says Nicole was told she was going up
Zakiyah – I heard things about being called stupid
Bridgette says she never said that.. “I’ve never called you stupid I’ve never done anything to you”
Bridgette – I was lied to to my face.. James promised me he won’t put me up, Frank up and Day up.. next day I am up on the block.. lied to right to my face..
Bridgette adds James said to her they could work together later, ‘Are you kidding me”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 06-23-17-482
Nicole listens from a safe distance

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 05-21-46-181
5:20am Paul and Frank hug it out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 05-24-23-227

5:22am Paul, Da’Vonne, James and Natalie
Paul – he’s so f***g full of sh1t.
Paul says Frank is trying to get Da’Vonne nominated and “stack the votes”.
Paul – I’m not having him manipulate another person.. We swung and missed with Tiffany and it blew up in our face we swing and miss with Frank it blows up this entire house.
James tells Da’Vonne she’s not going up

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 05-45-16-678

Frank – I’m pessimistic about this week.. But that’s making me feel positive about it..
Frank explains these past 3 weeks he’s been positive and the outcome was negative so maybe if he’s pessimistic the outcome will be positive.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 06-12-38-990

6:02am Michelle and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne says their triangle is legit she’s not sure where Natalie fits in it all.
Michelle brings up that Frank had a final 2 with Nicole
Da’Vonne says her James and Michelle had a final 3
Michelle wasn’t aware of that, “Does James know”
Da’Vonne – maybe not a final 3 maybe we just got each other’s back

Michelle says Frank wants Zakiyah out mentioned how she has the look like she smelled sh1t when BRidgette enters a room
Da’Vonne laughs – that’s true Zakiyah does that.. She can’t stand her..
Da’Vonne says her eyes were tearing up when Michelle won the veto

Michelle says that Frank was telling her she’s not a mean girl he knows it’s Da and Zakiyah.
Michelle – I’m probably the meanest
Da’Vonne says Frank knows his reputation is screwed for Calling her and Zakiyah sluts and slapping their a$$es. Now he’s trying to make it look like he’s a nice guy with helping bridgette from this made up bullying.
Da’vonne says theres no bullying going on in the house.
Michelle – I hugged her goodnight.

Michelle – I hope Corey and Victor don’t team up
Da’Vonne – I still don’t trust him
Michelle says Victor isn’t bad to be around
Da’Vonne – he had a lot of time to think

Michelle – he’s next after Bridgette right
Da’Vonne – that’s what people keep saying .. That’s what Paul said the next few should be easy

6:50am More showmacning…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 07-28-07-535

7:26am Frank, Bridgette, Paulie and Paul
Paulie says Corey told him he’s down to flip the house
Paulie – I just feel like it would be fun, whatever f*** 500 grand.. just be a legend.. just say f** it put the visor down..
Paulie – Look Michelle who do you want to side with people that win or people that don’t
Paulie – I’m going after Da regardless next week..
Frank – she’s s nest of lies.. she’s not that likable.
Paul – how has she remained safe
Frank – nobody wanted to get her out with me.. we had bigger targets

Paul – is it possible top convince Homie
Bridgette – whose Homie
Frank going on about pulling together a big group and going up to James.


Frank says what he’s going to do with James is what Mike did in his season..
Mike got Shane and Britney to go to Dan and Danielle and talked them “into it”. Frank wants to go to James with Nicole.. “and be look like she’s (Da’Vonne) bad for everybody’s game.. when he sees the numbers that will be the tipping point”
Frank- maybe i’m crazy but there’s a possibility.

Paul – lets start doing loose cannon sh1t
(They are all delirious from no sleep..)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 07-51-54-117

Zakiyah and Michelle Complaining/Hating on Bridgette
Michelle – I don’t want her in Jury I want Frank.. to be honest.
Zakiyah says Frank hates her a$$
They are convinced BRidgette is acting with her voice.
Zakiyah – Ohh I left the room before I’ll leave the room now.. tonight was the last night..
Zakiyah impersonates Bridgette “I guess it was a misunderstanding”
Zakiyah – Girl get outta my face
Michelle scoffs
Zakiyah – I don’t give a f*** like Girl.. really try to get made because I didn’t clap for her.. Look you’re not my friend..
Michele – Make me mad that she’s like nobody is cheering for me
Zakiyah – why would I cheer for you
Michelle – ya we want you to go home
Zakiyah – you are not my friend sorry..
Michelle – she doesn’t have a lot of girl friends.
Zakiyah – She’s a snob she’s snobby
Michelle – she even told she she got Brazilian wax all the time.. going out on all those dates and getting Brazilians..
Zakiyah says Bridgette told her she wouldn’t put up Nicole and Corey “Bullshit.. she’s full of crap”

Zakiyah about Bridgette – now you are all depressed and making cookies.. girl goodbye
Michelle mocks “I’m a f***G good baker
Zakiyah – who are you trying to fool I hope america feels right through that..
Michelle – they will..
Michelle and Zakiyah
Zakiyah – B1tch when did you ever care
Michelle – Frank would sh1t on her(Tiffany) every day
Michelle – no matter what she says I can never sympathize
Zakiyah – girl I wanted to punch her in the face.

8:36am Paul, Corey, Frank, Bridgette hanging around the kitchen making food chit chat

8:49am Paulie and Paul finally go to bed..
Giggling away in the bed. They get 2 stop that’s from Big Brother..
They get a third stop that.. “What about STOP don’t you understand”

8:51am Safari Room Frank and Bridgette
Taking about the attempt to flip the house. Frank says he’s got to try.
Bridgette doesn’t understand what is up with Michelle, “She said some horrible things to me.. that’s mean”
Bridgette – I was pissed at Z.. I was like yo Z wee need to talk..
Bridgette – I’m not going to bow by head and let them talk shit about me
Frank says he needs her to distract Natalie when he’s got to talk tot them
Paulie comes by
Frank – when you talk to Michelle you need to sell us three
Frank – I don’t mind keeping Michelle around we need her here big time..
Paulie giggles “I’m in a giggly ass mood”
Frank says tell her Category 4 has won most of the competitions they should keep the group together.

Frank says Victor will roll with them if they have the numbers and Corey and Nicole will be down.
Frank thinks they can get Nicole, Corey, Bridgette, Paulie, Victor and maybe even Michelle up in the HOH to get Da’Vonne out.
Frank – Michelle’s logical and she knows the game.

Frank says Production is pissed they kept the night crew up all night ‘on their toes” (Feeds cut.

9:25am Looks like everyone is finally sleeping

11:40am They’re all still sleeping..

12:40pm ZZZZzzzz…

1:10pm – 1:45pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds return the house guests continue to sleep with the lights on…

2:20pm still sleeping..

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 13-41-28-717

4pm Some of the house guests are up however most are still sleeping. It’s a very quiet day in the big brother house.

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Well it’s official… Natalie is my only favorite in this house… once Frank leaves she’s our only hope i think, but she still needs to win a comp.

Nicole's nose

Natalie is clueless! I get she is a good person but she can’t play the game to save her ass at this point. Even if she wins an job others will run it. Like Veronica she will go deep into the game and get cut because she can’t win and has no idea how to play.


Obviously you haven’t been watching the feeds these past few days.. did you not see her talk strategy and putting common sense into James? She definitely has more awareness than majority of the people in this house.


Here’s a newsflash: You can see everything in life….and if you can’t even sway those closest to you, if everybody just sees you as furniture, a bystander, then you’re not a “player” in any game. Nobody trusts you or your vision, maybe they think you’re dumb, and you’re irrelevant.

Doesn’t matter if you’re nice or sweet or pretty, if you can’t move opinion to your side, then you always lose.


3:48 pic of Michelle…
How the hell did that get in the house?!?!?!?!
What is that?

Curious Cat

It’s a red RAT!!


She needs to steal some of Gnat’s makeup.


I’m sorry but I respect Natalie as a person. she’s attractive, respectful and carries herself well in the house, but as a player she sucks.


Veronica Who?


Natalie is the Victoria of this season. Just sit around and make sure she looks good. Hang tight and float easy.


Wait…what? Victoria looked good? What did I miss? I watched that whole season and never got an inkling that she was making sure she looked good.


Yea I never understood the people saying how beautiful Victoria was. I couldn’t see it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. I will get a lot of thumbs down for this but I am not one who thinks Nat is so beautiful either. Fake boobs, fake lashes fake hair tons of make-up. She is alright but I don’t find her to be all that like many do. She is the nicest person in the house as far as not talking about people or being a mean girl. I will give her that.


We see Nat without makeup all the time and she’s beautiful.


I have never ever come across one written or spoken comment about Victoria being attractive or beautiful – in even the remotest way. Don’t where that’s coming from….


I actually thought Z took that position this year. I must’ve missed something.

sunny dee

yeah, natalie isn’t even close to what Victoria was. That definitely goes to Zak. zak, first one off, doesn’t try, sleeps all day, spends 3 hours in hair and makeup, and basically does nothing much. Natalie has not been first off or first eliminated in a lot of comps, and even finished top 3 or 4 including the endurance one. had bridget dropped sooner james would have handed it to nat, they were the last 3 up there before james made the deal to get bridget down.

i wouldn’t rule her out at all for such comps, she is athletic, she is light weight, and she does have a memory (she has to, because as a cheerleader she has to learn and remember routines flawlessly),

remind me again what Zak’s accomplishments or skills are?


Jealous female detected.


Sure, you have plenty of info from which to make that default assumption.


Maybe not. But I’m right.


Must be nice going through life making ignorant judgements.


Nat is sweet, friendly, and likable. 99% of people who dislike her are girls like Michelle and Zakiyah who are jealous of her looks.

Mister pickles

Michelle pops Paul’s back zits and eats it. I hate all these people, except Nat and Bridgette. James is the worst. Jackie and Meg carried him. Dumb redneck, like Judd.

James screwed up

James will now be 5th guy on the totem pole since he is a vet. He will be the next guy voted out. Frank was not going after James. Keeping Frank in the game would of ensured James get farther because it would of shielded James as Frank is a bigger target. How does he not see that as a vet??? I get it, America likes James because he is happy go lucky, and somewhat of a novelty. I liked him a great deal in his first season. But this season showed me how much of a poor BB player he is. His noms this week did not set up his long term safety, it only ensures he will get voted out sooner. He seems okay with being used by Paulie, who will cut James before any of the other guys and the other vets have no interest in taking him far. Da does not have his back like he thinks. And even if she does, he is foolish to align with her because she will not get far herself. If he had half a mind for BB game play, he would of put up Vic and Paul. Vic already hates James and no one gives a sh*t about Paul being up on the block. Stupid, stupid, stupid move James.


Agreed! And what is this ridiculous bond just because you have kids and a united enemy because someone said “Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you should make it to jury.”? IF Frank said that, who the hec cares? Did having a child suddenly make you super sensitive? He could have said worse, but honestly if this is how you select your alliances and common enemy then you’re too stupid to make it to Jury!


James is acting all “Devin has a Daughter”. From my experience people with kids think that those who don’t are somehow second class and just don’t “get It”. Even if you peripherally refer to their kid in a negative context you are the slime of the earth especially if you are not a parent. Frank did not say that he wanted to take food out of James’ and Da’s kid’s mouths but to James he might as well have.


The biggest mistake James made with his HOH choice is rationalizing why he was going to break his promise to Bridgette. I really thought he knew better than that. Those HOH deals have to be sacred, unless maybe there are some extreme extenuating circumstances. It’s not like he’s in tight with the side of the house that wanted Frank out, where he can be certain that he’s trusted and protected. There’s no reason from here on for anyone in the house to trust any deal he makes, and same goes for any deal that he is offered by anyone. I always remember how Kaysar had that HOH deal broken against him, and how the girl that broke the deal was evicted the very next week. It seemed like a clear playbook lesson for future players. You just don’t do that. It will come back to bite you, one way or the other. Esp for a guy like James, who came in with a reputation as a trustworthy and level headed sort. He just blew that out the window. Disappointing to see.


AGREE there was no reason for James to make a deal only to break it. WIll make others doubt him when he professes loyalty to them. I don’t get why he didn’t just tell Bridgette he wanted to fight it out for HOH. He’s good at endurance, and if she’s asking for a deal, she’s close to dropping. Rookie mistake from a vet.


James is in a puppy love relationship. he’s snuggling with Nat in the bumper cars, sharing ice cream with her and he’s just one of the many house puppets left in the game.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Just goes to show terrible of a game player James is. If he had an average IQ he would have put up Nicole and Frank/Bridgette. These people rely too much on “what if this person wins veto and they both are safe”. That being said he could have been Frank’s #3 vs Paulies #7. If James thinks he will make it past Paulie,Z,Nicole,Corey, Michelle or Paul he’s an idiot. Who are we kidding? He got what he wants. Jury with Natalie. That’s more important than 500g. He got his daughter a new mommy.


This is strike two for James. On his previous season during the endurance comp he promised Shelly not to put up her or Clay but did it anyway. So deja’vu with Bridgette. I don’t know if there will be any more endurance comps til F4 and he can’t win a mental one. James has proven that his deals mean cr*p. He will be in jury once again. And if Nat is the nice girl she seems to be I hope she tells him to F’Off after the show. Bridgette was a friend and anyone who would try to justify being a lying two face obviously can’t be trusted.

deja vu

Didn’t james win an hoh last year by promising someone safety if they dropped during a hoh comp the turn around and screw them the second he won. Sounds a lot like what he did this week. But maybe I’m mistaken about him doing it last year also.


Not sure if you watched last season, but James DID THE EXACT SAME THING to Shellie and Clay. Literally the EXACT same thing. It was the same HOH comp and everything. He told Shellie if she dropped he wouldn’t put her OR Clay up. This was said in front of the whole house. Not even 8hrs later, Shellie and Clay were sitting on the block together. It’s just funny to me that everyone is always saying how trustworthy and honest James is. Lol. What a joke. Breaking a deal in front of the entire house is basically shouting at them that you can’t keep your word and you’re a liar. Even if the majority wanted Frank and Bridgette nominated, they’re still going to have that doubt in the back of their mind, What if he’s lying to me? Can I really trust him? etc. Not very smart. You’d think he would’ve learned from his season. Lol, nope, didn’t happen. Another thing that was really ignorant of him was nominating Frank and Bridgette in the first place. Neither of them were going after James. Da told James straight to his face, we gotta get out the showmances(which ultimately, would include James) and he just keeps saying how he won’t put her up. What an idiot. She is exactly who you should’ve put up. He could’ve put her up with a pawn and came out of this week unscathed. Now he’ll have Bridgette and/or Frank gunning for him. Plus the whole house knowing he can’t be trusted. Very bad for James. He should’ve just thrown it. He and Natalie were flying under the radar. Not anybody’s number 1 or 2 targets and could’ve slid by at least 3+ weeks.

re willow

That’s how you know there aren’t true bb fans as hg this season bc if there were they would bring up that james as gone back on a hoh deal 2 yrs in a row.

Lady E

Dan broke his word and won by a unanimous vote, even from the person that he screwed over. People should keep their word, but still, it’s Big Brother.

Reality Check

seriously who would you put up?

If you think James did a stupid move, who would you put up? Seriously any move James makes, we the fans will complain.

If you do not like the move, don’t watch it. Watch wwe wrestling instead.


well, this is the inherent problem with james. he’s the epitome of someone playing for jury/america’s favorite rather than actually going for the win. ideally he and natalie should be forming a quiet aliance with nicole and corey while frank, paulie, and da turn on each other. as long as he keeps those three fixated on each other (which shouldn’t be difficult), he and his alliance can pretty easily float to power until only one’s left and they should outnumber that person.

to this end he should probably be targetting floaters he’s not working with (like victor or paul) or maybe even target the more popular power players directly and blame it all on frank, backdooring one of their useless followers (oh god, how sweet would it be to get rid of michelle or z?). instead he wants to make it long enough for jury as he needs to make it that far to be in the running for america’s favorite (because cutaways to the jury house will remind people he exists instead of him just getting forgotten), making moves he thinks america will like (getting rid of a villain like frank), but not go for anything much further, which is frustrating to watch.


I liked James last year and haven’t seen him enough this year to make a decision. Last year everything was done by what the house wants. They were ALL little sheep. This Season started off good with people voting the way they wanted to and campaigning to get what they wanted done. I’m disappointed to see James doing things the way they were done last year of doing what the house wants. I was hoping he would have watched previous seasons while he was off the learn you don’t necessary do what the house wants! You do what is good for your game. Don’t worry about the “house” because they won’t worry about you.

Secret room twist

So Julie did announce the secret room twist to the HG’s or did i dream that? Because if i was in Frank’s position i would be all over 5he place trying to figure it out, i mean this could be a major power that could save his game, i mean its the eleventh hour for him and he knows it, he needs to pull off a Dan’s funeral trick or this secret power or he is out which would be such a shame, with all his faults and past mistakes i love Frank and think he he is one hell of a challenger for Paulie ( who is somehow flying pretty low inder the radar considering his arrogance and scheming) James disapoints alot with doing Paulies bidding in his HOH…


The house guests have no idea about the secret room.. they’re heard noises in the room off of the HOH room but wondered if it would be Pandora’s box. I’m guessing BB will start hinting at a secret room … go give them more clues.


Well they need to get on it! Frank only has 3 days to figure this out. Lol


I liked Paulie earlier on but he is now on my last nerve. He (with that stupid ass haircut) and Paul really need to go. As does Da and Michelle. I’m kinda thinking it would be hilarious if James were to do what he said and put Paulie up if they use the veto on Frank. Could you imagine!!


Nobody will use the veto on Frank and I think it is laughable that James is such a weak, little man. Beating his chest, “Nominations are made and they need to stick to them!” Oh really????? You mean, they told you who to nominate and now they are wavering. Sit down James. Go back to shoving your head in Nat’s armpit and do what you’re told!


Frank getting pulled (because Michelle wants Bridgette and realizes nobody cares what she wants) and Paulie going up (because despite being clueless, James really thinks he’s a gamer and is making a big play) is the best case scenario….for entertainment.

Bridgette will go home and Paulie will be incensed at somebody daring to defy him (think Napoleon). So you have him (and Z, who will turn her mean girl skills on Da, who can give it right back and won’t whine) hard after James and Da, then Corey, Nicole, Michelle, Paul, Victor, scramble like cockroaches when the light comes on….Nat will sit trying to look pretty…and Frank as still the peripheral target for everybody, throwing wrenches in the works.

Frank may be wrong about a lot of things….but he speaks for me as a fan who just wants turmoil and doesn’t really care who wins.


r u dumb or what? frank wants to flip the house because hes the one going home….this is what everyone wants to do when they are on the block….duh duh duh

WHat r trying to talk about is what Mama Day did weeks ago when Tiffany was going home and then Day flipped the house and save Tiffanny.


So the guy who doesn’t get I’m laying out an IDEAL scenario for those of us who don’t pick favorites, don’t care who wins, and just want to be entertained is calling others dumb.


Timy Trump hands

The only way Michelle might use the VETO is if Bridgette confronts her and says “Thanks sweetie, as long as Frank is on the block, I’m staying in the house and I’m coming after you next week.”

Linda C

Watching AD and hysterical because Paul somehow things he’s making decisions…we this & we that…he’s totally clueless that he’s just a number right now and not really in the “group”. He thinks he’s really important…too funny


Paul finally says something to Frank and makes himself look like a bigger a$$hole! Frank might have had a hand in him being on the block but he was never the target. What’s funny is Frank is the one who taught Paul a lot about BB. Helped him with the rules and actually took up for him and help integrate him with the other side. Napoleon complex. Da,Z and Michelle are just nasty human beings. At this point I’ll be rooting for Paulie the rest of the game. That Pu$$y James and everyone else are playing Paulies game for him. F2 Pauline and Nat. Screw he rest of those d$ckheads if Frank leaves. By the way Nicole is terrible


Right. Man Paul, you really let him have it. *rolls eyes* That was so weak. I knew he was all talk with all this “going off & pots and pans.”

He is so unbelievably lame.


The best part is how he finally tries to deliver on his chest thumping….and Frank just knocks him away like a gnat, calmly with logic, and Paul backs down, hugs him….then runs upstairs to brag how he put Frank in his place.

Instead of the stupid zingbot, BB should get each HG’s favorite player to goof on them….just to see Evil Dick tell his mini-me he’s a nothing.


Your boy Paul needs to have an indoor voice…he is SO loud. If you watch the feeds, you can hear him in any room. I give Simon and Dawg alot of credit…it can’t be easy. Now, Vic is back and he is just as loud. It is frustrating because you have to turn up the volume to hear some people and then you get blasted by the loud ones…my eardrums are bleeding.


Victor’s laugh can be heard three rooms away too.

No Favs

No one left to cheer for! Now it’s who would be the least objectionable to win.


These people are really setting themselves up to make it to the end with someone like Paul, Nicole, Z, and possibly Michelle. The ones that sat idly by being a ‘just a number’ to the more domineering HGs. Shoot, maybe they do deserve to make it to the end. Either way, Frank needs to hurry up and go, so they backstab the next person. Paulie has done a good job at being kinder to Bridgette, because he knows she will win. And guess what? She will lean on Paulie instead of Frank moving forward. Just watch.

Powder Puff Girls

I agree no one to cheer along. Hope Bridgette wins HOH then puts up Paulie and James, if one comes off put up Da’vonne. Any of these 3 are fine with me.


If Frank magically gets himself off the block, and Paulie takes his place…this could be good.
pretty good.


YASSS!!! Love a Larry David reference!


That will never happen! It would be great if it did.


I am so sick of Day being blamed for everything when Nicole is just as dirty and they won’t call her out. It makes me think that it’s a race thing since Day and Z are the next targets


OMG there we go again! It isn’t a race thing chill. But, I do have to say Da is getting all of the heat for being so dang impressionable. She is not the powerhouse they are saying she is. She is just not likable.

I'm with Hillary

Da does deserve all the sh*t she gets. Nichole is just a plain old idiot…The girls this season are so stupid all of them

Min O'Pause

Totally agree with you. Except for the Killary part.


People thought Tiffany was way more dirty before they bothered with Da. Then Tiff and Frank compared notes and it was not Nicole that had pinned them against each other. Z was sitting pretty. Noone was talking about her till she started annoying her own showmance.

No race thing

Sorry but being black doesn’t make Da’ and Z above criticism. Nor does it make criticism of them race based. It seems like you are the one with the issue.


Agree 100% I think people who make every issue about race the ones with the racist agenda. Da or Z could make it to the final two and someone would say ” they didn’t give her the win because she is black” Maybe just maybe they are targets just because they are terrible players? Da is playing hard and fast making deals with everyone and she can’t keep her mouth shut (like telling Tiff about her being the 5th wheel in the alliance) and Z is just there playing the dating game and has brought nothing to the game. If not for Con Corleone’s protection she would probably already be out the door.


It’s SO not a race thing. Z was one of my favorites & I thought the prettiest girl in the house (I’m female). But now she’s catty, a liar, more concerned with her shallow romance with Paulie than her game (or lack thereof). She claims no one talked to her on a HS trip because she’s “chocolate”. Yet she’s doing the same thing to Bridgette, & lying to her face when confronted. So she’s also a coward, like Paul.


I’m white and was thinking the same thing but I guess Nicole is the innocent house sweetheart that needs protecting


Yeahh…..it’s not a race thing. I’m a black male, Phi Beta Sigma member, K Dot fan, and I’m telling you – it ain’t cause she black. Da runs her mouth and talks out the side of her neck. She is aggravating. I rooted for her last yr and tht she was railroaded. She is trying to run the house without winning anything. Trying to be a mastermind without having a mind. This ain’t one of those black-white things. The issue yrs ago with aaryn and Candy – THAT was a race issue. I just disagree. I want Davonne gone. I hated frank his first season, but only cause he was blocking my man Ian trying to get with the blonde. (I knew Ian didn’t stand a chance, but had to root for the little guy). Now I love frank and hope he can get her out. Forget Da.


I’m waiting for Paulie’s game to be exposed. After veto if day and Frank talk things could really change. At east Frank is now aware that Nicole is not his ally. LOL It took him two weeks to figure that out.


Why are they not trying to figure out the clues?


I was wondering what is going on with that. How does it work? Are they suppose to just go and do whatever, if they think they are right? Or do they have to wait for a specific time and do it all at once. I think it’s odd that no one has mentioned it, other than Frank.


They’re Clueless!! Lol


They haven’t been clued in to the fact they should be looking for clues yet. You can tell some initial hints have been leaked but nothing to get the house guests really looking. In the next couple of days, before Thursday, the house will be looking for clues to get into the secret room.


Please producers if you know what’s good for big brother, SAVE FRANK. He is the only interesting person in the house. This season will suck without frank. It will just be Paulies “House” picking off people one by one.

Big Jim

It would be nice if Meech pulled Frank off but its a long shot. He needs to find that secret room ASAP


Production will probably tip off Frank about secret room.
if he gets Michelle to use veto on him he could then use secret room power to save Bridgette and make sure Da goes up if James does not…hmmm why not!


Bridgette needs to get over herself and stop playing the victim. It’s big brother. When you are on the outs you find your way back in not have a pity party and trash talk everyone who doesn’t want to play with you. I can’t believe she is a nurse. Her whining is getting old

Anonymous too

Well said. I use to like her but playing the victim is unbecoming. She knows what she said about Michelle, just own up to it and stop hanging on to Frank. He encourages her to feel sorry for herself. I am wanting Bridgette gone now because she is tiring to listen to. Save Frank.

Eyebrow gate

First of all Bridgette NEVER said she wanted to shave Michelle’s eyebrows. It was Tiffany they were talking about.


Nominations for the biggest douche in the house are…currently in first place we have Paul. Who for whatever ego driven reason feels compelled to “call out” Frank, when it’s a given he’s going home. Douche move!


So many choices! In second place might be Paulie


If Victor was serious about Paulue being his No. 1 target, then he now has some info that could not only deive a wedge in Paulie’s alliance but also reduce his numbers.

Victor now knows that Paulie — if HOH next week — will put up Da’Vonne and Zakiyah . How he ises that info will determine the blowback on Paulie. Of course, Victor has not been good at this sort of thing this season. But he has loose lips, sonthere’s that….


Worst thing to say to an athlete: “Athletes skate on by and do nothing.” LMAO! Finally, a riff in the Paulie/Z short lived fling!!!!!! He can’t stop talking about THAT! LOL

Curious BB



I hope next well James gets nominated. I want to see him sit there with regret on his face for putting up Bridge and Frank. I’m tired of people using its what the house wanted for the HOH. Man up and make the choice you want, not what everyone is telling you to do. I Thought James had a backbone and would do what he wanted.


Just maybe it was what he wanted.


Yes, happy there is some drama… if this week is going to be predictable at least let’s have some fighting.


So disappointed that Meech won POV. I laughed when Frank told her she was acting immature. She is so obsessed with hating on Bridgette and it truly is immature. Her Bridgette vendetta has taken so much of her focus that she is not seeing she has a golden opportunity to parlay her comp win into improving her situation in the house. She should at least feel James out and see who would be the replacement. She is at the bottom with Z in her alliance. If she was more mature she would see that sometimes you have to work with people who may not be your cup of tea to advance yourself.

Nicole's Nostrils

She is jealous of Bridgette. I think Michelle loves Frank. She knows an alpha male when she sees one. 😉

Seriously I think she just wanted someone to ride with. Her and Da’ (and Tiff) are the only ones who didn’t have a man to ride.


It’s sad/funny that Frank told Big Meech after Bridgette’s HOH win that she should step it up and start winning comps or he would have to consider cutting her. Well she has finally won and guess who might get cut?


That’s right! My how the tables turn! Well, we know Michelle is a big fat liar and I Frank saying she isn’t a bully, but hangs with them, was him trying to bite his tongue! But, 10 pts for her at least admitting to Da that she is the Meanest of them All. For a superfan, she should care what America will say about her after the show.. If nothing else, I hope when she gets booted, she gets BOO’d!


Pretty sure they’ve limited the “audience” to friends, family, and CBS employees so they can avoid the Christine treatment.


Omg he was joking lol


She didn’t think so. That is why it is sad/funny.


Wouldn’t mind seeing Bridgette win HOH and put up Michelle and James. Then win the Veto. Neither one would have a chance of her using it so they could squirm for a week. Michelle hopefully would go because I don’t want to see Nat suffer.


Don’t kid yourself. Natalie would be just fine. She is all about a girl winning this year. If the final two were James and a girl Natalie’s vote to win would go to the girl. It doesn’t matter who that girl may be.

Uh no...

A girl over any of the other guys, probably. But she’d vote for James.


I can promise you, Nat is a beautiful woman with needs… Naughty needs. The second James leaves the house and she can finally end that boring handholding, bubblegum showmance, she will let her carnal desires be filled by Victor, the guy she wanted to mount from Day 1 but now can’t pursue because she’s afraid to hurt “Mr. Big Moves” feelings.
That’s right James, you decided to go after Frank & Bridgette, all the while not realizing you have just opened up a path for Victor to backdoor Nat.

Nicole's Nostrils

Hey I may not like it but congrats to Michelle. You can’t take it away from her. The season will probably get boring unless they turn on each other and some real crazy happens. It’s been nice watching underdogs like Tiff fighting and it’s not been too nice watching hacks like Paul play both sides or the silly shomance couples skate by.


I think the thing any future BB contestant should say to themselves over and over are two things. 1) Don’t totally write off another person no matter how annoying you think they are. BB is not about as Paul would say “Friendship”. Keep some kind of dialogue because you never know when they could help you. Like a POV win. You can’t crap on someone then expect them to get you out of a jam. 2) Be careful what you say. It always gets around and 100% will be taken out of context and exaggerated with the retelling.


Paul always making the game personal. Gotta make the target out to be the most evil, vile human being on the planet… this week. Really getting old Paul. If, by some miracle, you make it to the end do you honestly think people are going to vote for you (to win)?


What a convenient week to have a secret power and Fank on the block. Going to be an interesting week for sure.


Secret was announced before the HoH was played so there was no way they did it just because Frank’s on the block. Now, we’ll see how quickly those DR hints start flying his way though.


And Paulie gets right back up on the “girl’s are dangerous” train. According to him, any female at all is infinitely more dangerous than a guy. He is SSSSOOOOO transparent. He needs to learn to deal with both sexes in the game. You can’t just exclude one because you can’t handle the pressure. SHEESH!

If that room does afford the Coup d’etat, and Frank does win it. I’d like to see both GUYS (yes, I said GUYS!) from the showmance group of N/C and P/Z up. Paulie and Corey. That group needs to be broken and putting up a Male/Female combo from the group will cause Paulie to get on his sexist bandwagon. Honestly, I am surprised in this day and age, guys like that still exist. It is 2016 people! We’re out of the dark ages now.


I would put up Paulie and Nicole. I think Frank (Paulie=alpha male comp beast, not a vet), Bridgette (votes with Frank), Nat (girl power), Michelle (friend of Nic), Da (P Put her on the block) and Vic (Stated P #1 target) would vote out Paulie. Plus give Nicole a good scare and force Corey to choose Bro or Ho. I obviously think he would choose bro. If it were Paulie and Corey I think Corey would go which I wouldn’t mind but I think If Paulie is the target Pic Nic.


OK. Thumbs Up for you. You may have a point. I guess my (misguided) glee in watching his face go into shock overtook my strategic thinking. My bad!

Tonight on 2020

I am beyond happy that Frank is gone..he was so pissed on big Brother After Dark he acts like everybody should be doing his dirty work that he’s done nothing wrong in this game that he hasn’t thrown everybody’s name Under the bus… they should be kissing his feet they’re not gonna play your game Frank you have to play your own game . Do I think he chose bridge because he liked her so so much I think he chose bridge because Derek chose Victoria and he wanted to play the same way Derek played only he sucked at it he has talked so much shit about people and then he asked mad that people don’t like him in bridge because everybody’s Sue’s if he’s talking shit about them but so is bridge he literally. Ruined her game and I honestly 100% Believe he made up this bullying thing because he thinks everybody thinks he’s a bully so he keeps saying mean girls mean girls mean girls to get the heat off of him for all the crap he’s done he thinks if he has to go down as a bully and he wants all the other girls that didn’t kiss his feet to go to As bullies ….


Frank is not gone yet! I think he’s gonna find the clues and finger things out! Secret Room. Clues Start looking. By next week he will have it! Saved again!


Mean Z. Even meaner M! Brig for America’s Fav

No to all 3 of them for AFP

Go Nat

TX rar

James for AFP. He actually is playing the game and has won something. He walks OUT of the room when people get nasty but is still tied into what is going on in the house.


I base AFP purely on likability. There’s $500,000 available for best game play.


That chick Michelle has gotta go.
She is not even someone you love to hate. She is not in the least bit interesting. She’s just a mean and jealous person.
Paul should shut his little man mouth and sit down. He thinks that he’s this entertaining character but what he’s become is annoying.
STFU already dude!!
Now their playing the stupid game of
Let’s pretend we are doing something different so the audience is not bored and we can keep them guessing.
It’s just more of the same old , same old.


People say, “this is only a game”. to justify peoples’ clearly unconscionable behavior in BB. But I have a sneaky suspicion that Michelle is the same way here as she is in real life. I may be wrong, but the “mean girl” thing seems to come much too easily to her.


100% agree about Michelle. If her decisions were purely game based she wouldn’t still be bitter about one comment Bridgette made a couple weeks ago. Wake up Michelle! You cannot hold grudges in this game and you have to be willing to work with anyone if it benefits you. Eyebrow gate ended weeks ago.

Joe Kerr

My God. I cannot WAIT until they have to eat their own. The looks on their faces will be priceless.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

Does this make our butt look too big?


Find the secret room Frank. Someone find the secret room.


Frank or Bridg find the secret room! Green words: secret destination departs now! Clues


Really annoyed with season after season of this “it’s what the house wants” strategy. Hate watching majority of the house rule for 90% of the summer. Might as well only cast 11 people and give us a cast actually playing the game.

Reality Check

Yeah except if you get 11 new people into the game, they will do the EXACT same thing, going with the house.

We can play armchair big brother quarterback all we want, but when there is $500,000 on the line, he or she will play the way of the house.

Assuming Frank (comp beast) does go, James got one of the big 3 powers out of the house (I will add Vic because he won three comps just to get back in). Does anybody in their right mind want Frank in the final 5?


It’s almost as good as the ” I don’t want blood on my hands” strategy. If you win HOH own it!


Please send Meech (ughh), Da (bye girl), Z (you were there because ?), James (snooze fest) packing!


Never have I ever been so irritated with a nickname. Big Meech thing is so stupid.


It was easy to turn into Big Beech so I don’t mind.


I like that! I’m going to use that one in future – it totally works.



Annoyed that people think student athletes don’t work hard. Some student athletes work very hard u can’t group an entire group of people together like that. Grow up.

Powder Puff Girls

What I find is odd that in only took that comment to turn on Z. People should be concerned if you do not share Paulies opinion you may go on the block!


I’d like to showmance Bridgett. That cute laugh and the was she squeals gets my attention. She’s def the hottest girl in the house!!!

String Cheese Theory

And you know she’s a freak! She would be down for anything and I mean anything. She seems like the type that wants to please her man. We all like that type, not the bossy type.


I think the idea is starting to pop into some people’s head about putting Big Beech on the block. It should be an entertaining meltdown if it happens.


I would like your comment 100 times if I could. As soon as Meech (ughh) feels in danger she is gonna wig out.


She might just be the one to snap and poison the house…

Powder Puff Girls

Like it popped into their heads about Da’vonne and nothing happens. The boys want to use the girls to get the girls out.


I think Frank should expose Nicole!!


Her and Z both. Wish James had put up both of them. Worked with Frank and Da to break the lovers up. Back door Paulie this week


Paul “I want to call him out………..I just want to call him out”. Acting big and tough, but needs Paulie’s permission. “Unless you don’t think i should………..do you think I should.” Paul’s relationship with Paulie reminds me of of that old cartoon Chester and Spike when the little dog sucks up to the bigger dog and needs his permission all the time. Chester you want to go play ball Spike,huh,huh, you want to go play ball Spike, huh huh (big dog slaps him around a few times little dog falls to the ground) runs back, you want to go chase a cat, huh, huh, Spike!


Thank you for that! Funny


Best comparison EVER!


Here is my 2 cents on a couple of things:

1. Frank needs to cut ties with Bridgette and save his BB life. Michelle is more than open to taking Frank down; put up one of your resident pawns (Paul or Natalie) and Bridgette leaves. Frank is just as alone as Bridgette and the goal is to split them up. Bonus: you take the girls down by one.

2. Da’ needs to go and talk to Frank. Worst case scenario, they remain at a stalemate. Best case: they clear the air and team up. Rope in Victor, James, Michelle and Natalie and the house is more evenly divided as you have Showmances and Paul on the other side.

3. I really was a fan of the Zaulie showmance but she needs to get up out of her feelings. He is willing to dump her all the way around because she stated an opinion? Instead of explaining to her that not ALL student athletes are just skating by, he trash talks her to the other HGs and is ready to throw her on the block? What kind of boyfriend material is that?

Side note: Paulie runs and says folks are celebrating like it is the Superbowl over Michelle winning the POV when he was one of them?

Huge Fan

If Bridget goes home, I will start to think the Frank beef was a smoke
screen- and the BB vets actually have
these newbies on a string. And the next to be evicted would be Vic, then Meech respectively


Funny how Michelle looks like chucky in that pic.

BB Fan

Pandora’s box, reset, anything! Just please blow the house up! Miss the old days of never knowing which way the power would shift and people making moves instead of laying low all season, “we all take the blame” mess.


I think James really screwed up. He is tight with Da, they have already talked about how tight the 4 of Nicole/Corey Paulie/Z, a smarter play would have been to tell Frank hey all these Mo-Fo’s want me to put you up but let’s take a shot at the showmance crew. Put up a combo of the 2 say Paulie and Nicole (besides the crying from Nicole we have to watch “why doesn’t he like me” what have I ever done to him”) May have moved him up further on Frank’s list and him and Da could take a shot at Frank later anyway. The further they let it go the stronger having a 4 person voting block becomes. Even if he put up the 2 girls chances are they don’t win POV and you could then put up Corey Paulie after POV

If only

Frank isn’t listening to Paulie. Paulie wants Z out. He just doesn’t/can’t be the one to do it right now. Z is starting to wear on Paulie. She is coming on strong and Paulie wants to pump the breaks but can’t at this point. It would expose too much of his game. If Frank would drop the hint to go for Z Paulie might be willing. Da IS a target, EVERYONE’S target but so is Frank. Frank needs to move past her. No one will go for a Da backdoor while Frank is still there. IF Frank would talk to Big Meech about backdooring Z, she may be more willing. Getting Z out helps Big Meech, it frees up Paulie for her and frees Paulie from the stalker. It could cause some drama becauze Z HATES Bridgette and she would get even meaner then she has been to her. Big Meech could sit back and enjoy the show while moving the target off her since people are starting to throw her name out there. Paulie and Frank would want to work with her while trying to get each other out. Michelle could still float between the two powerful guys. Bridgette wouldn’t go after her any longer either since she helped get Frank off the block. The only one really upset with Z going would be Da and then again maybe not. Da and Michelle really do seem to be looking out for each other. If only Frank would see and listen to how much Paulie is ready to break away from Z!


Wow, you need to get on this show! Dayvonne wouldn’t be too sad to see Z go- that would get rid of a “couple” Should we start a countdown for Frank to find the “Jeff most valuable player DPOV” ?


No Frank needs to cut a deal with James and then let James do what he does best. Promise Meech that she can have a say in replacement then pick whoever the h*ll he wants. Meech will never go for Z as a replacement.

If Only

Except, James went against the deal he made with the ONLY person Frank trusts. He (Frank) made that clear in his convo with Paulie. Yes, Frank needs to have a deal convo with James but only AFTER Frank is sure Big Meech is willing to use the veto.(Then the deal Frank could make with James is total safety for both James and Nat next week .*Frank can decide if he keeps his word or not) I think Michelle could be convinced to put up Z if she thought it would be the only way to evict Bridge. Frank again plants the seed with Big Meech (more people want Z in the house over Bridge) and then has Nicole convince her it could be a HUGE game move. (Nicole will think this leaves bigger targets in the game ahead of her and Corey, she should easily jump on board.) Corey and Paulie go to James with the idea without much time before the veto. They can easily sway James they need to target Bridge first because it will cripple Frank and Frank won’t hold a grudge against James in Jury like Bridgette would.They could also remind James it would move Franks target to Michelle and Day if he(Frank) would win HOH. (what they tell James doesn’t matter as much as James knowing it is what the majority of the house wants.) Then Nicole brings Michelle to James while the others are still there. They all spin it to Michelle and James and both will jump on board if it keeps them “in”. To keep Day and Z from hearing this, Victor and Paul need to talk to them about Frank and Pauls argument. Paul has “info”. Meanwhile, everyone else now have James and Michelle convinced to replace Frank with Z. James might do it. From there it is just a matter of timing when to tell Michelle Bridgette needs to stay and Z needs to go. Paulie will need to be careful so Z and Day don’t think he is on board. He needs Paul or Victor (probably better for Paulie if it is Victor) to have an “issue” with something Z says or does about Paul or Corey. Frank just needs to continue to pretend to he is bummed at the thought of Bridge leaving. Day is already gunning for Frank and Vic so no new damage. James can tell Day the truth (as he knew it) until the Vic/Z issue happens. He can tell Nat exactly what he has been since getting HOH, you just have to go with what the house wants so I did what will get us further. All the while, both Frank and Paulie believe they were the masterminds. All the floaters can continue to float and no game play is completely exposed except to Day and Nat. None of the house believe what those two say so it won’t get much traction. But long story, I do agree with you.


Paulie doesn’t have a girl and Zakiyah is still the side chick.


they must not have been given a clue that there are clues to the secret room yet. They would be tearing that house apart. Maybe they were given hints since they keep talking about a DPOV but I don’t think they have been told about the signs


Wait why did Big Brother tell them to ‘Stop That’? What were they doing? It’s at like the 849 mark I think?


Paul and Paulie were throwing stuff like apples at Michelle.


I kinda hope Michelle does rub it in when she doesn’t use the veto and then Frank finds the secret room. Would love to see him get a Coup d’etat and pull them both off! Oh and he would get to name the two replacement noms. Take a seat Paul & Michelle!!! Would be phenomenal.


Wait, so how does the Coup d’etat work? He could put Michelle up even though she won pov?


Yes, the Coup d’etat gives the person who has it the power to pull one or both noms down and replace them themselves. Only person safe from this is the HOH.


No, the POV holder is also immune


I can believe James won’t nominate Davonne after she told him she’s coming after the showmances!!!

Froot Loop Dingus

This times 1000:

“Paul – I’m not having him manipulate another person.. We swung and missed with Tiffany and it blew up in our face we swing and miss with Frank it blows up this entire house”.

Make a plan and stick with it. If you want to win, you need to take out serious threats. Right now that’s Frank and Paulie. They can both win comps and have a good social game and (for the most part) try to play strategically.

Da’Vonne talks so much and tells everyone everything. She’s bad for your game if you’re allied with her. But she ain’t winning a comp unless it’s an endurance comp for styling a weave all day.

Bridgette might win comps, but even if she’s HOH once Frank is gone, she has no social influence. Sure she can nominate people, but the rest of the house will decide who stays or goes. Which can then allow a good player to get rid of some competition.

Nicole is useless. She just whines and babbles. She’s on borrowed time, and Corey will cut her loose soon. She hurts his game.. I think he actually has some potential if he was making his own moves and not being influenced by her.

James and Natalie… just self evict and sign up for Amazing Race. No point in them even being there.

Floaters get your life vests.. Big Meech I’m taking to you.

I actually think Frank believes all the crap that comes out of his mouth.

Is it just me or is “bully” the most overused word in America today? People use it so much they actually use the word to “bully” people.

Zakiyah – I got nothing… much like your total lack of game play or doing anything except stalking Paulie. Next thing you know we’ll find a pot of water boiling on the stove with the giraffe in it.

I would’t have believed this back in the first few weeks, but I gotta say Paul and Victor and Corey are my front runners for final 3. God help us!


Every season is the same thing now….The girls starts really good, and give you a really really strong impression that for the first time ever girls will be work together and finally win BB….but just like every season a male floater wins it all…

I hated Paul so much….but lately I started to like him…i dont want him to win….but he is kind cool and fun to be around…plus I like his DR and his voice….
I like Pauile`s voice also

Bridgette voice`s is faked all the time….this girls is so dumb ..

ZZZZZZ is so beautiful….I cant belive Paulie even wants her gone soon because she does not respect Student Athetes….I dont respect them either….

Nicole?/ cant stand her…


Bully is as overused as “literally”, a douchebag fave “epic”, and phrases “at the end of the day” and any form of “with that being said”.

Fuzzy Num Num

Ugh. Big Meh. I would shave her eyebrows. But, someone already beat me to it. I think Bridgette meant, I will shave them off, then draw a better set on.
Zak, I liked you, but now I don’t. So sit down.
Not-Cody, dear God, please just shave it all off. Why would you ever think that was a good idea?!
Capt. Little Piddle, aka Paul, please stop. Just stop.
I really wish I had someone to cheer for. But, I don’t. So instead, I will cheer for chaos. Keep everyone upset. BB don’t let them sleep. Make them clean. Lock Bridgette n Meh in a room. I bet Big Meh breaks first. Stage a fake weeding for Zak n Not-Cody. Watch him cry. If you’re gonna rig it, rig it BIG!
Announce, Guess what houseguest! no one will be evicted this week! I want them twisted so tight they all cry.

Oh my

Those girls ARE mean girls. I don’t think Michelle has a nice bone in her body. Sure, I’ll admit, Bridgette is a little annoying, but she doesn’t deserve all the hate from them. And Day, if you ask me, is downright manipulative. And not in a strategic, respectable game-playing way. The way she got on about Frank was so uncalled for, and a direct stab at his character. I don’t agree with guys going around slapping butts, but she knows darn well that he didn’t mean to hurt her. If she was either bit sensible, she would have had a conversation with him, asking him to not do it again. I think she’s a really horrible game player in my opinion. I was excited at first when her and Z were talking about the two black women having an alliance. I originally thought that idea would have been super cool to see the two of them at the end. Too bad they’re both horrible people and horrible game players.


I hope Frank finds the secret room. He needs to get rid of Da. I can not stand her.