“If you have to break a deal make sure the whole house is behind you 100% and it’s a good deal to break”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 00-42-44-737

12:41am Frank and Bridigette, Corey/Nicole
Frank – Da won’t look at us.. She hates me

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 00-54-53-736

12:45am HOH DA’Vonne,. JAmes and Natalie
Da’Vonne is talking about Pandora’s box.

Da brings up Bridgette saying she’s being bullied by all the girls in the house. Natalie doesn’t think Da’vonne is bullying Bridgette.
Natalie – I think everyone in this house is actually nice..
Natalie – Did Bridgette really say that about the shaved eye brows
Da’Vonne – that’s what was told to me.. I heard she said some nasty things about me as well
James BRidgette
Da – ya .. I don’t’ like gossip and I don’t like he said she said.. I’m going to talk to her I want to know it’ll be really sad if neither one of us said these thing we heard and we’ve been having this war for nothing..

Da’Vonne saying that Bridgette is a nurse she’s got to be careful what she says
James agrees chimes in that the live feeders will tweet things out.

James is unsure Bridgette will admit saying that
Da’Vonne doesn’t think she will either
Natalie does, Bridgette will tell the truth if they talk about it. Natalie still has trouble believing it was said.

Da’Vonne now saying she doesn’t know what she did to Frank to cause this rift. Adds they were very close in the house at the beginning, “I don’t know what went sour.. No clue.. “

Natalie – James is going to put you up Da..
Da’Vonne – little joker
Natalie – I hope he (james) finds a power and it’s something good..
Natalie to Da’Vonne – I want you to win HOH so we can see Cadence (Da’s daughter). I told you I would drop for you (Endurance comp)

Natalie – who would Bridgette pout up if she had won
Da’Vonne – me and Nicole
James- Frank doesn’t trust Nicole.. He said that she’s flip flopping
Da’Vonne says Frank is really “Messy” in the game.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 01-08-17-896

1:05am Paulie and Frank Safari room
Frank wondering where the votes are.
Paulie – Victor will do whatever everyone tells him to do..
Paulie – it’s not a good situation ..
PAulie – I’ll try and help.. The only things to try to get votes against Bridgette
Frank is going to try and get the veto used, Maybe get Himself, PAulie, Paul Corey victor and Nicole to support him. They can go to James and say “let’s do this”. Use the veto on Frank and put Da’Vonne up.
Frank – it’s a long shot..
PAulie – I would rather see you stay here than her.
Frank – she (Bridgette) assumes I’ll have the guys votes.. I think I’m going home, she thinks she’s going home..

Paulie – everybody was celebrating like it was the damn superbowl.. (After Michelle won the POV)
The only people cheering for Frank and Bridgette were Victor, Paulie and Corey.
Victor joins them.

Frank says he’s not going to campaign against Bridgette his only play is try to get James onboard to backdoor someone..
Frank – If I leave on Thursday don’t leave her out to dry with those mean girls.. Someone win and don’t put her on the block

Frank- I don’t want her to be..
Paulie – use her as a PAwn every week
Victor says it was a toss up between Michelle and Bridgette during the POV
Frank says he wants an idea about the vote this week, He’s under the assumption he’s going home btu would still like to know before Thursday.
Bridgette comes in.. “Paul is blowing up the toilet right now”

Frank – she told James to f**k himself earlier..
Bridgette – I can’t hide it
Vic – what he say
Bridgette – it’s just the game..
Paul joins them.. Chit chat..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 01-02-49-209

1:24am Natalie and James
Natalie is bringing up James breaking the deal with Bridgette on the wall..
Natalie – so it’s ok to break a deal like that
James – it’s not ok.. The thing is this is Big brother.. You trust people only as far as you can throw them.
James – A deal ok.. you don’t want to definitely break deals early on, 1st ,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th week but if you have to break a deal make sure the whole house is behind you 100% and it’s a good deal to break and it’s justified than you can break a deal.

James goes on to argue the reasons why it’s OK to break certain deals in Big Brother.
James – I broke a deal and nobody in this house cares.. The know I broke a deal they don’t care Frank and Bridgette are in the house together..

James- I won’t break deal with people I’m close with.. I’ll never put Da or you up..

James is hung up on Frank saying “Just because I have a kids doesn’t mean I deserve to go to jury” that is what pushed James over the edge.
James says “The girls” will get targeted next says Bridgette, Michelle, Da’vonne will be the order.

Natalie thought they all liked Michelle
James- they liked her it’s just the pecking order.. The last one to leave will be you
Natalie – they think i’m zero percent a threat.. People think I’m dumb I’m starting to feel dumb.
Natalie – Who do you think it going home
James- Frank
Natalie – Michelle wants Bridgette out
James – ohh I didn’t think of that.. She has a veto.. I think the house will vote Frank out..

Natalie warns him about Nicole, “She’s sneaky”
James- you saw her by the memory wall..
James – Frank is going home and it’s probably bad for you game to hang out with him.. Don’t be mean..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 01-38-44-336

1:38am Paulie, Nicole and Corey
Commenting how Zakiyah, Da and Michelle were cheering for Michelle during the POV and it was over the top. They were really rubbing it in.
Paulie – they’re going home there’s no reason to stick it on them. .
Corey – I would rather have bridgette on my team than Da and MIchelle combined..
Paulie – I feel like 1 of them has to go for sure.
They agree Frank is not going to get the house to flip on Da, he’s still going to try.

Paulie – I ask the girl to rub her ankle for one competition and they were yelling at me for that.
Paulie goes on listing Zakiyah getting really jealous with Paulie and natalie/Bridgette..
Paulie – it’s a game I don’t have to be a f***g d1ck to them

Paulie is getting worried things will go south with him and Zakiyah and the girls will rally against him. She’ll force a kiss and make a move then get pissed when he doesn’t

Paulie – I would be down with that next week
Corey – Da
Paulie – rather than BRidgette
Nicole says she doesn’t like talking about people like the other girls have been, “I don’t agree with throwing out cookies.. I’m sorry that’s immature.. I don’t want to be around it.. It’s usually just talking about Bridgette.. “

Paulie – Da said (to james) she’s going after 2 couples.. There’s only 2 couples in here.
Nicole – I want to get Da out man
Paulie – If Z doesn’t want to get Da out I’ll put them both up.. If Da comes down I’ll put Michelle up.. It is what it is..

Corey – get Vic to win hoh next week.. Have him do some dirty work..
Paulie – Natale is disposable she’ll never win anything
Nicole – I’m not worried about her at all
Paulie says they should get rid of Vic, Da’vonne, Bridgette and Michelle in no particular order. That leaves the 3 showmances and Paul.

Corey mentions that the Veto came down to Frank, Bridgette and Michelle
Nicole says it looked like Frank was throwing the veto, “He looked defeated”
They plan on getting Paul/Victor to win the HOH to put up Da and Michelle
Paulie saying if Michelle wins the next HOH she could go after Bridgette and Victor.

Corey – I can’t believe what Michelle was saying during that Comp
Paulie – now if Bridgete wins HOH she’ll go up

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 02-05-20-140

Michelle comes by they say Frank is going to try and talk her into using the veto on her.
Michelle – can’t wait..
They are all surprised OTEV was so early this year.
Michelle wants Bridgette out before Frank says she doesn’t want to be in jury with Bridgette.

Da’VOnne and Zakiyah join them.. (Corey, Nicole, Paulie are quiet for the most part)

Michelle – Apparently he’s going to talk to me..
Da’Vonne – bout what, just go home
Da’Vonne – Ya.. I can understand as a player of the game why he would come talk to you.
Da’Vonne says Bridgette wants to talk to her after the backyard opens up.
Michelle – about what.. make another deal so she can put you back up the next week.
Da’Vonne – ya I’ll make a deal won’t hold up to it but i’ll make a deal..

DA’Vonne says she hasn’t bullies anyone in the house.
Michelle – Same
Michelle points out that they don’t call her b1tch or anything like that it’s not like they are saying they’ll shave eyebrows off.
Da’Vonne getting mad calls it bullshit says it’s not right for Bridgette to call her something she is not.
Michelle says Bridgette is just using it
Victor runs in tells them the plan from Frnak is to use the veto and Backdoor Da’Vonne.
Da’Vonne – I don’t know what I did to him.. I don’t know.. I don’t.. I mean what did I do..

Nicole – when he start coming for you
Da’Vonne – before Tiffany’s eviction.. I don’t get it
Zakiyah says she intimidates Frank.

Zakiyah says Frank is like a child.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 02-26-44-234

2:25am Paul and Michelle
Michelle talking about using the veto on Frank.
Paul – I would beat the sh1t out of yo in my sleep..
Michelle wants Bridgette out over Frank, “She’ll be a secret comp beast”
Paul – No F***G way
Michelle – when I talk to Frank tomorrow I’ll be like.. maybe i’ll consider it.
She won’t be using the veto but will see if she can get Frank’s and Bridgette’s “Secrets”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 02-38-50-484

2:39am Frank and Bridgette
Frank says it’s not possible to get Michelle to use it but he’s still going to try.
Bridgette – how do we get her to use it
Frank – Ego.. appeal to her Big Brother fandom and her sheer lack of self confidence
Make her thinks if she uses the veto it’s a BIG move that will change the game.
Nicole comes by.
Frank – trying to think how I’ll approach Michelle tomorrow
Nicole – you’ll figure i out
Frank – I got a pretty good little pitch
Frank – Paulie doesn’t think I can get the numbers of the house to agree to go along with it. (Backdoor Da)
Nicole – he talks to the most people around here

Nicole says it’s worth a try.
Frank – whats your read on Paul..
Nicole – He’s funny..
Frank – It’s so weird he seemed emotionally upset
Nicole – about the nominations
Frank – and about hearing how those girls have been mean to Bridgette
Nicole looks at Bridgette – I do think they are mean to you.. I’ve distance myself from that..
Nicole leaves.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 02-54-52-106
Bridgette tells him about the spy girl alliance and how her name was called Spunky Spy

Bridgette brings up Natalie stopped talking to her after Bronte left and that was the end of spy girls.
This morning Natalie was telling Bridgette how she had no idea she was going on the block, Natalie went on and on about having no idea she’s not part of any alliance. Later in the day James was telling her that Natalie knew she was going up and she asked him not to put her up but said it was my HOH so do what yo have to.
Bridgette – Thanks Nat
Frank – she’s a idiot

Frank says he’s going to disappear in a bottle for a month.
Bridgette – I can’t play this game Frank .. I thought I could do it..
Frank – you can.. I might have f***D it up..
Frank says Bridgette will be the only one he talks to out of this cast.
Frank – Zakiyah lives in my f***G town I never want to see her again..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 03-23-43-190

3:20am Michelle, Paul, Paulie, Da
Paul says Frank was trying to be someone he’s not
Da’Vonne – he’s trying to be mike (Boogie)
Paul- was Mike a a$$hole

Paul says Bridgette does not operate well when she’s alone, Frank is a unknown. If left alone.
Michelle thinks Bridgette is an unknown as well.
Da’Vonne says Bridgette is the girl in a house that hate’s girls.
Paul agrees, “Hommie is not as dangerous and curly cue”
Paulie – what are you talking about Tiffany
Paul – Bridgette

PAulie leaves

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 03-26-18-174
Michelle picking Pauls back zits says something about Tiffany never showering and therefore the blanket she used is cursed.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 03-41-05-914

3:30am Paulie, Victor and Bridgette bathroom

Paulie tells Bridgette he told grank if he’s gone he’ll take care of her.
Paulie – most of them are just intimidated..
Victor – threatened
Paulie – I’m sorry Bridgette bridge
Bridgette – lied to straight to my face.. Nominated with my best buddy and beat in the challenge by my biggest bully.
Victor – tough pill to swallow
Paulie will let them know once he finds out where the vote is going.
Victor – to be honest when I tried speculating what happened I couldn’t sleep.. (LOL)

Bridgette – I don’t want to be trapped in the house with them.
Paulie says after this season he’s not going back for 2 years to watch the season. Brings up that is what Cody did.
Victor says the the Diary room fishes for things.
Paulie – TV needs to be made.. I tell you straight up .. If I win next week I’m putting up Da’VOnne and her little protege.. Zakiyah..

Frank joins them.
Paulie going on about Zakiyah saying. “Student athletes skate their way through school and they don’t have to do anything”
Corey also heard and took offense to it. Paulie says he’s going for HOH and putting ZAkiyah and Da’Vonne up.
Paulie – you wanted to be shielded.. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you..
Frank – I’m going to talk to Michelle tomorrow.. It’s not likely.. But she is a super fan.. A big move is flipping the house.
Frank – I feel decent about it
Paulie – I don’t want you to leave yourself open for people make you look like a d1ck head
Frank – what do you mean.. I have to try
Frank – I don’t care people make me look to be a d1ckhead all summer.. I’m going to work it..
Frank – if I can get james to flip maybe he can put some pressure on her.. F*** it I got to try.. If that doesn’t work I’ll take a sh1t in each one of their beds.

Frank – don’t worry about me looking like a dickhead paulie they are the ones that look like dickhjads

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 03-44-09-912

3:44am showmanceing

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Frank ( even though I’m not a fan of his) might have a chance of staying in the house if he lays off trying to get Day out of the house and smooth things over with her and expose Nicole.


THIS! No one touches Nicole! She skates through and does the most dirt! Expose her and get Da’ Michelle and Paul on board. He’s a terrible player. Why is everyone so pro Nicole when she’s not good she doesn’t win and she plays everybody! And don’t get me started on Bridgette coming into the house getting into a showmance with Frank and basically forgetting she’s on big brother. Play the game. you can’t just say “whatever frank says” and be on big brother. you don’t have to like Michelle or Da’ or Zakiyah you signed up for a show though so you do need to talk to them and build bridges. She’s just a bump on a log.


I try to forget she’s in the house. She’s done her showmance duty this season so she’s done everything production wanted.


Nicole is trying to be a Jordan, she is no Jordan .


Frank is intelligent but he’s short sighted right now. He knows that Day is very influential and he should use this to his advantage. He should work things out with her and get her on his side. Maybe she might help him stay in the house ( A little far fetched, I know)


That would never happen…Franks knows this.

People don’t seem to grasp the game, going back to Tiff’s revelations to Frank about the whole house being against him. People kept wanting Frank to wake up…except he knew his only social play was to reassure his best allies that he was still with them, to counter what Da had tried to sell. He knew he needed to win comps and if not it was fingers crossed, but playing nice and hoping they were just working Tiff was a far better option than blowing up….like Tiff…

Go to Da? That gets him Michelle, maybe Z….but that’s personal against Bridgette. She has no stroke in the game. Frank knows this, hence selling her as a target. He also knows that he could still find a way back into the game if evicted and even if his allies are dumping him now, in a week, 2, 3, he returns and Paulie, Corey, Nicole, might just need him.




Plan is to tell Meech is that Frank will go home over bridge, suggest she vetoes frank to make sure bridge packs and put day up


F#€k that B÷%€? Michelle!


You mean Big Beech?


Just saying…
Paulie – usedto like him but not anymore especially when he bullied Tiffany.
Zakiyah – don’t like her at all. No game play. Do nothing and say nothing. Just a second the motion woman. All she does, put make up on for hours, making sure camera is on her, running after Paulie. She thinks Paulie will date her in real world.
James – I liked him in his season andwas happy to see him back. His HOH is just a waste. He is so focus on Natalie that he can’t play the game well.
Natalie – without James you are nothing. She is cute and sweet though.
Nicole – come on Nicole, this is not the Bachelorette show. You and Z are in the wrong show. Her relationship with Corey is one sided. Corey just like her as a friend. Can’t she live without a man? Used to like her especially with Hayden but doing the same thing again, will not lead her to $500k.
Corey – he is the male version of Victoria
Michelle – bully, mean, always sleeping and to think a super fan and knows the in and out of the game. Not rooting for her at all.
Da’vonne – please get her out asap. Not fun to watch especially on live feeds. Can’t win competition and just keep talking and talking.
Victor – you are such a waste of Battle Back. Tiff already warned you and told Michelle about it, of all people.
Paul – didn’t like him at first, when Josea and Vic left he lay low and thought he was funny. Now that he is safe on the block, his ego is up in the air, riding Paulie’s b..t.
Frank/Bridgette – feel sorry for them especially Bridge. If Frank leaves she will be so alone. Never liked Frank before but now rooting for him and Bridge.

If Frank leaves, the house will be boring and those people thinks they are in summer camp. They are not aware of whats going on or just so blindsided with their showmances (Nicole,Zakiyah and James)

I hope Frank and Bridgette get the secret power to save their selves. Its gonna be boring to watch Paulie on his way to $500k.

Anonymous 100

What the hell is Frank doing thats making the show so exciting ? People keep saying if he leaves it’s going to be boring . I don’t like Corey, Paulie or Nicole either but Frank is not the show. I also don’t feel sorry for Frank or Brigitte can’t stand people who do their dirt and then try to play the victim card when things don’t go their way.

Sid Vicious

Frank is very entertaining on the feeds. Even when nothing is going on, he is able to keep intellectual and stimulating conversation going with just about anyone.


I was a true zaulie fan but paulie is talking a lot of shit about z on these live feed updates. Like one min he’s all up on her but the next min he’s talking slick. If he has these feeling about things he needs to discuss them instead of talking about her behind her back. Also z needs to smarten up…..Nicole seems two-face because one min she all nice to z but talks about her behind her back. If she was a real friend she would tell her she needs to stop being mean. But at the same time z is a grown women she should already know

Min O'Pause

I’m gettin’ some pings on my gaydar where Pauline is concerned. If a pup tent pops up in the house and Pauline and Crazy Eye start wearing Stetsons well…I think you know where this is going.

Min O'Pause

Forgot to mention “ass-less chaps.”


Z needs to realize he’s just not that into her and stop getting mad because of it. This is not Love Connection,it’s a game for $500K. At her age, that’s a decent amount of money. She has absolutely no strategy and wins no comps. The best thing she had was Paulie shielding her for a while. Now that seems to be over, she had better come up with a plan. As for as Nicole goes, I definitely can’t stomach her. It’s bad enough she has that whiney voice,but she’s the most spineless,backstabbing of them all. Z is supposed to be her friend. At the least she could’ve done is try to defend her when Paulie came to complaining to her and Corey. Instead she added her own complaints to the conversation.


I hope it’ll be Day or Frank to figure out the clue to the “Special Power” with Day winning it and keeping her big ass mouth shut for once, and use it wisely. Sorry, Frank…was pulling for you, but when you was acting like the boss of the house, slapping the asses of the women, running Bridgette’s HOH, flicking boogers, and farting all over the place…you gotta go! Paulie, stop acting like Frank or you’ll be next! I know the girls are acting like “Varsity Bitches”, but Bridgette, you’re not so innocent either with the “I’ll shave off her eyebrows” comment and cursing like a sailor…you’re a nurse and have to watch what you say…you too, Nicole! I’d like to see James, Natalie, Michelle, Day, Paul, and Victor work together until they cut each other til the Final 3, then Final 2!


that’s a nightmare situation.

Froot Loop Dingus

Well, we know the ELVES in the DR will be dropping the biggest clues to Frank and Da’Vonne, so it won’t be a surprise if they are the ones who find the room.


Nicole Paulie and Corey have the nerve to be commenting on other people cheering for others during POV when Nicole is the same one that was chest bumping Mich when Tiffany got knocked out of last week’s POV. Paulie and co. did the exact same thing the week prior. Now it’s an issue and oh so mean to rub it in? Give me a break.


Yeah they’ve gotten word that the fans aren’t liking the whole bullying mess. Nicole is trying to turn that image around. Too late to all those that have been assholes. We see you!


Nicole Paulie and Corey have the nerve to be commenting on other people cheering for others during POV when Nicole is the same one that was chest bumping and jumping up and down when Tiffany lost last week’s POV. Paulie and co. did the exact same thing the week/a few weeks prior. Now it’s an issue and oh so mean to rub it in? Give me a break.


Can someone PLEASE tell me what has been the absolute WORST thing these ‘mean’ girls have done to Bridget?
Threw away her cookies?
Didn’t celebrate her bday?
Earlier, Corey kept talking about girls (Nat) flirting with him and rubbing all up on his leg, and now every time Bridget opens her mouth it’s about her getting sh*t on by the ‘mean’ girls…
Am I watching some alternate big brother?? what the hell? I’m not seeing any of this!


They are locked in a house 24/7 and none of them give her the time of the day. She is clearly alone (minus Frank), does not have any friends and all they do is talk shit about her. And yes throwing away your cookies is a grade 5 bully move (a kind of move which is amplified when you can’t just leave these people behind). I did not like Bridgette in the beginning but this is just awful, talk about kicking someone when they are down.

And to everyone that is saying how Bridgette is not so innocent. Bridgette’s comment was in reference to Paul? or one of those guys saying they would drown or whatever Michelle. Where Bridgette replied that she would resuscitate her and then said “then shave her eyebrows off” after saying that. Basically she was trying to fit in and who would not when the only friends in the house are being mean at you. I feel like people forget the context and context is everything. Plus the real meanie was Paul (correct me if I’m wrong I remember Paul saying it but it might have been his bff’s at the time) but noone seems to have noticed that and Michelle and him are besties now. BUT ya keep crucifying her for one comment.


Thank you for trying to explain! I appreciate the reply. Yes I see what you’re saying with context and it does suck to feel left out and I get that it would be amplified in a situation such as big brother with being locked inside.
I guess I was just expecting to have missed something really terrible like they rummaged through her belongings or hid her clothes/shoes or flushed her make up or something really mean.
I get that being stuck in a house with people who giving you the cold shoulder would be tough, but I don’t know if it merits being called a bully if all they’re really doing is ignoring her.

Curious BB

Yes, who are the mean girls? Davonne was consumed with Frank and Tiff. Nat is consumed with James. Nicole is blinded by Corey. Is it Z and Michelle?


And the bearded lady Paulette


Z and M are the type of people who give girls a bad name in the show. Yes they are bullies, mean spirited, insecure girls who get sick to their stomach to see another girls that are happy in life. I feel sorry for them, they are tortured souls.


Z and M are the bully’s. Z says bad things about Bridgette and is very jealous of Natalie.


I believe Michele started being mean to Bridgette , when Frank started calling her “His Girl”, and told Michelle, ” Bridgette won and HOH for me , what have you done, better do something or you will find yourself going out the door.” Michelle was crying and feeling left out when Bridgette won HOH and Frank lived upstairs and she was left out in the cold and she was on Frank’s team too. Now I am not a Michelle fan but I feel she was feeling like the daughter that daddy didn’t give any attention too , so she goes after his favorite. Especially when his favorite was saying some mean things about her and leaving her out , she in turn gets everyone to leave her out. Also in the beginning of the season it was all the Spy Girls, Bridgette talked to the guys and the Spy Girls. Now she has no Spy Girls and she is a lone. And Frank forgets he wanted Bridgette out in the beginning for spying. But all changed when she won her HOH.

turnt up

I ain’t gonna lie. I was happy when James won and nominated Frank and Bridget.
It sure would make for great tv if they manage to pull off a massive save and they both get to stay and they end up having the hottest showman of the season!
Only to get booed like Christine on their subsequent exits because of their poor boyfriend/girlfriend back home.
(insert tear here)
Fridgette: “But we’re in luuuuuuv, America!”


I can see the entertainment value in frank, I really can. However, I don’t see how anybody can be a fan of his after his sexist actions towards Zakiyah and Davonne (and I’m sure other incidents I can’t recall).


It’s interesting how this week is mirroring week 6 from last year:

1) James wins HOH in the wall comp
2) He (apparently) makes a deal with someone during the comp and then goes back on it
3) He puts up a pair/alliance that have avoided the block so far
4) Both seasons, it’s been the second week with 12 people in the house (this year because of the Battle Back, last year because Julia entered)

Froot Loop Dingus

That’s because James has not made any adjustments to his piss poor game play from last season. Cling to one girl who can’t win anything, hang out in bed all day when not pulling stupid pranks. And justifying breaking a deal because its’ “Big Brother” and it’s not someone he’s working with?

Although on that last point, it IS Big Brother.. why would anyone make a deal like that, especially with James?


I am on team James, but he made a big mistake by going back on the deal. All he had to do was put up Frank and Vic, tell the house he had to keep his word to Bridgette. Everyone would then trust him, even the ones that were pushing for Bridgette would have to understand and trust James.

Crazy People

I’m tired of cry baby Frank. When he isn’t winning or manipulating people then he’s mad. He seems to forget he has talked bad about everybody in the house. He also forgets he also kept saying it’s what the house wants. Give me a break!

Min O'Pause

I’m getting tired of all these whiny sheeple. For God’s sake will someone man (or woman) up and make a big ass move? Like take one of the nominees down and put up half of a shomance as the replacement? Sheesh!


Send Nicole home. I’m tired of her whiny voice! Then send Z home so, she can go try out for “Are You The One”. Better yet send them both out during a double eviction.


I can’t stand Michelle and Zakiyah. Seriously harping on Bridgette seemingly every waking moment. It’s ridiculous! Having never experienced the seclusion and the “fishbowl” of the Big Brother house so I speak only from speculation, it seems to me that when playing Big Brother, your personality traits are magnified because of the confined environment. A person’s character is on display, both attributes and insecurities. For Michelle and Zakiyah, these insecurities seem to manifest in such disparagement. These women are worse than my high school students — so petty and mean-spirited. Yes, it’s a game, but must they be sharks circling the water because they smell blood? Wow! Just…wow. I feel for Bridgette and Frank, and I’m hoping the “Room with the Special Power” plays out this week in their favor. I will forever root for the underdog, if only just for the joy and fun of watching the upset of the status quo, and in this case, to stick it to Zakiyah and Michelle. 🙂

Rant Warning

” I will forever root for the underdog, if only just for the joy and fun of watching the upset of the status quo, and in this case, to stick it to Zakiyah and Michelle. :)”

You sound just like my mother in law. She basically ignores her friends and family who are happy and successful. She tends to surround herself with lower class people because then she can be the top amongst them. Doing exactly what she hates. She always roots for the underdog too.

She used to and I believe still checks every morning and every night on Facebook 2 women. One she hates, but talks nice to her face. The other is a scammer gypsy type who only calls her when she needs money. She does this to feel better about herself. Family and friends invite her to go places and be included, nope! She can’t be bothered. She always says “must be nice” when something good happens to a good person and “well good for them” when the a-holes get something good. Backwards logic.

She couldn’t be bothered with her neighbors on her left who told her if she ever needed anything just ask, you see they’re successful and own a restaurant so she says “pfft, must be nice” Her neighbor on the right throws garbage in her yard and swears her head off at the top of the lungs at her teenage daughter who had a bonfire on the front lawn and turned the garage into a place to party with her friends. Well my mother in law found out that the mother just started her own little craft sale business. What did she say? “Well good for her!” Sorry, just that “I will forever root for the underdog” thing really struck a nerve and reminded me of her lmao.

Powder Puff Girls

Have you thought of going on Dr. Phil with your mother-in-law issues?

Anonymous 100

Frank and Bridging are not underdogs . Like Martin used to say ‘you brought it on on yourself ‘!


This year show is going to lose a lot of viewers after Frank goes home gonna need Victor or Bridgette Davone to win job anybody else would suck big time


I agree with the above. If Frank goes home, this show will be unbearable to watch. We will be left with guys that talk like they are 17 years old all of the time and girls like Z who are constantly watching the cameras watch them and posing. She brings new meaning to the term “shallow”.


Z drives me crazy, too with her constant looking at the camera… flipping her hair around and posing for the cams.. Get over yourself, GF… You are not going to have a TV life after this show that you have sat around on your butt and done nothing but pan to the cams and twerk… You will be dragged to F2 or cut soon… ANYONE could win against you…But I wouldn’t even give you 2nd place winnings… You don’t deserve it.. .You have done nothing… And… take some vocabulary lessons and learn how to form a complete sentence…


James once again stripping away / undermining one of most honored deals in the game. A promise made in front of everyone (everyone in the house; on social media and the tv audience) … and you believe this doesn’t affect you or your game. Breaking these deals is what gets you evicted. You prove to everyone that your word means nothing. These folks get all twisty when they only suspect while having no proof people are being shady. You flaunt being shady as a badge of honor when you go back on your word that everyone heard you give.


I thought that also considering he says he was from the military. I thought that the military brings honor in a person not being two faced. He better be careful considering his showmance with Natalie. If he wants it to proceed outside of the game, how can she trust someone that goes back on his word.


What gets me is that people forget…
It’s a GAME!!!
There will be only one winner… All have to go… for the champion to be crowned…
It’s a narrowed sequence of elimination..


it isn’t so much a game as a demonstration of what people are ready, willing and prepared to do for $500K.


Get over yourself.
It’s a tv show of people vying for half a mil, not a ethics competition.
When it comes to big brother: military-schmilitary.


Da – ya .. I don’t’ like gossip and I don’t like he said she said.

Da you are the queen of gossip


Personally I’m glad Paulie is seeing the real Z & M. About time he woke up.
Put them up vote them out what are they going to do nothing but cry to each other


Go ahead and thumbs down this post, I know it’s coming!

I love how everyone says, “James is such an honest player……James is so trustworthy…….You can trust James”….etc, etc, etc. LMAO! Not only is he shady, but he does it in front of the whole entire house. He’s basically shouting to them, “Hey guys, you can’t trust me, I make then break deals, bc I’m a LIAR!” Even if the house did want Frank & Bridgette out, they’re always going to have it in the back of their mind……can I really trust James? He could be lying to me right now……he did make that deal with Bridgette then go back on it, Just like he did with Shellie and Clay last season. That’s gonna stick in their heads. Ultimately, it’ll hurt him in the long run. I remember when he did the EXACT same thing to Shellie and Clay last season. I was PIS$ED! And he does it again this season. He obviously didn’t learn $hit from last season! Which sucks bc I started out wanting to like him this season. Then he goes and does that. Unfortunately for me though, I may end up having to root for him just bc there’s nobody else:) Especially if Frank doesn’t pull a rabbit out of his hat and save himself. If Frank goes, this is gonna be a Paulie, Z, Corey, Nicole show. Nobody has the balls to go against those four. Except maybe Da, but she can’t win $hit & I don’t like her anyhow. I’d love to see her go this week. That would be AWESOME! James should’ve nominated her in the first place. She straight told him, we have to break up the showmances. James is a part of a showmance. Frank wasn’t going after James, but Da is! Why would you put up someone that is not coming for you? Then break a deal with someone that wasn’t coming for you and put them up. Now, it doesn’t matter who stays they’ll be gunning for James. Terrible game move on his part. He could’ve picked 1 target and a pawn. Then he would’ve came out of this wk unscathed. What an idiot! And if Frank leaves this week I’d like to see Bridgette win and get James evicted next week. I think next week will be a double eviction, so that would be the time she could pull it off.

***On another note: I really REALLY really dislike Michelle! And I can’t stand her nickname! BIG Meech! Lol. So dumb!

No Longer a James Fan

So disappointed in James…that was a very dirty move. He claims to be a straight shooter but he is nothing but a liar, his word means nothing. He doesnt deserve to win Americans favorite anymore. He is a weasel that wants to go with the house and then can not even own up to what the plan is when Frank asks him. He lies and says I will see what the house is thinking. Just tell the freaking truth. “You are the target Frank!” Instead he stands in the power pose but speaks like a coward. Just doing the dirty work for the house and can’t even own it. He lost all my respect as a player and as a person. Please don’t vote for him as favorite houseguest anymore and definitely do not reward him with America’s favorite.

Powder Puff Girls

The HG’s are not going to trust James he goes back on his words… He did their dirty work but he will eventually pay for it. I can hear it now “I can’t trust James” “you can’t trust James”

Sailor Sam

Useless Da needs to F*** Off now already. Smug ass tool who cant do shit and wont do shit. Crying how many times and now all smiles and BS. MAN I can’t stand her anymore.