Nicole “Are you considering using it [veto] at all?” Michelle “No!” James “Yeah, he’s done!”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 15-10-14-597

1pm – 3pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests and they all continue sleeping. Big Brother says “Buenos Dias House Guests! Rise and Shine!” At 3pm the house guests start getting up for the day. Nicole says I can’t believe its 3pm! Victor says I know, that’s what happens when you stay up till 7am. Nicole asks if Michelle thought Memphis was hot. Michelle says no, I don’t like muscly guys. Michelle asks Nicole if she thinks Matt Hoffman is hot. Nicole says no. Michelle asks these people with wives .. why can’t someone just wife me up! Nicole says someone will.

4:15pm Big Meech says well now you’re going to see a side of me that my mom hates. When I’m pissed off and hate everyone in the world. Z says now people are going to come after me. Michelle says not under my watch! I don’t even get what you did. James joins them. Michelle says his fans must be going crazy you won the endurance. Jame says endurance king. James says hashtag endurance king! Hashtag deal breaker! Z asks deal breaker? James says on my first endurance comp I made a deal with Clay and Shelly and broke it and then did again on this one. James says I hate when someone makes me work for 5.5 hours and then want to make a deal. Why not make a deal when I first asked you. They head to the kitchen. Natalie says she keeps feeling like she’s going to get in trouble from her mom for sleeping in James’s bed… like I’m sleeping with my boyfriend. James says that’s why I stick to my side but we hold hands under the pillow. Michelle asks James if he gets his camera today? James says oh yeah .. I might go get my Pandora’s Box! Natalie says he is totally going to get it and its going to be good for the whole house but him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 16-19-10-795

Zakiyah straddles Paulie. Paulie tells her they got in trouble for throwing those things at her. Z asks so no one came to you personally saying the wanted to put me up? Paulie says they want to put everyone up. You can’t worry about that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 16-36-15-392

4:55pm Corey tells Victor that last night he had a w*t dream and went to the washroom. He says he came back and told Nicole it happened.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 16-57-15-180

5pm In the kitchen – Corey says I had a WD! (wet dream) Frank laughs and says oh really?! Corey says yeah it was a good morning .. woke up, had a burrito and went back to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 17-04-54-028

5pm HOH room – Nicole tells James that Frank wants me to come talk to you with him to convince you to put up Da. And I just don’t want that but I don’t know how to go about it. I don’t know if I should just say no. I just wanted to get to you before .. if he drags me up here with him. James says MmmHHmmm. Corey joins them. James says I’ve heard your name come up a few times .. like with you and Corey. He says that Nicole is really flip floppy. Nicole says I’m not flip floppy! I’ve never done anything to you. Like you trust me right? James says yeah… especially us couples need to look out for each other. Nicole says I don’t know what to do with the Frank thing. James says he is scared to death to talk to me by myself. He knows from watching my last season that I don’t crack under pressure. Michelle joins them. Frank joins them and asks Michelle if she will use it. Frank asks what do I need to do? Get a bunch of people together and show you the numbers? Michelle says I wouldn’t use it if no one wanted it. Frank says I think a lot of people want it. James asks what do we need to call a house meeting? Frank asks Nicole if she would? Nicole says if everyone else would. Michelle asks if you do stay who are you and Bridgette going after? Frank says whoever you guys want .. I don’t even want to win HOH as long as the heat is off of us. James says if the group comes together and says they want it, then I’m down. Frank says I don’t think I deserve to go before Da and I don’t think Bridgette does either. Frank leaves.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 17-58-17-330

5:40pm – 5:55pm HOH room – James, Michelle, Natalie. James says as HOH I want Frank to go home. If the house wants Bridgette then.. Bridgette hasn’t done anything to me. Control-wise and vote-wise we can do more with Bridgette. Michelle says if anything I think she would put up Victor for you. Probably Victor and Da. James says she might put me up. I’m not scared of the block .. I don’t want to be on it but. Nicole joins them and asks what they want? You’re not really thinking about it are you? Natalie what do you want? Natalie says its not my HOH. Nicole says I can’t tell him (Frank) its over. Paulie basically told him yesterday its over (that Frank is being voted out). I think it would be really silly to change the plan. If he can get out of this he could go to the end. Its like how Dan did it and made it to the final 2. If he does, then he deserves to win. Nicole asks Michelle are you considering using it at all? Michelle says No! James says yeah he’s done! He just has to go through the motions. He threw your name under the bus .. he said you made a final 2 deal with him. Nicole says I 100% did not make a final 2 deal with Frank (Yes she did).

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 17-58-45-071

6pm – 6:06pm HOH room – Nicole, James, Z, Michelle and Paulie. Da says I don’t think anyone will really understand until they’re the person that’s being pointed at .. Da Da Da. Nicole says I told James .. should we just tell him that its over. I know he has to fight. Da says its hard to keep hearing .. if you can get the votes we’ll do it.. when all the people you’re supposed to be tight with. ..and to see everyone scattering. James says If it would make you feel better I could go down and tell him it isn’t going to happen. I’m not putting her up. Da says no you do what you need to do. James tells Da he is not putting her up. I will let him know if it will make everyone happy. Da says no you continue to do what you need to do. James says I promise I will not put you up.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 18-16-17-677

6:20pm – 7pm London Bedroom – Z, Da, Paul are talking. Da is complaining about people catering to Frank telling him if he gets the numbers they’ll put me up. Paul asks why are we catering to him (Frank)!? Paul says both of them (Frank & Bridgette) lose .. Meech won it. Z says it is what it is, you’re going home. Z tells Da not to worry. Da says I’m not worried. I know James won’t put me up. Its that the people I’m supposed to be tight with keep talking. Nicole joins them. Paul says I just feel like everyone is scared. We have all the power.. we have the HOH and the POV. They talk about Bridgette saying she’s being bullied. Z says I’m not bullying you. I just don’t like you. Da asks are you telling me Bridgette Crocker is more offensive than Cabbage Patch Kid? Ge the f**k out of my face. Z says I am so over Frank .. I just can’t wait for that little thing to go home. Z says I just want to fight her (Bridgette)! Maybe outside the wrap party. I just want to fight her. Paul says if for some reason Frank doesn’t go this week I am going to close my eyes and go off and start shooting. I just don’t get it .. you have all the power .. and he is not coming back .. we just had a pre-jury buy back. Why are we entertaining it. Z says I just need her to know we’re not buddies.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 18-38-40-922

6:30pm – 6:45pm HOH room – Paulie, James. Frank joins them and says we could get everyone up here right now if you want. James says Paul need to be up here or he would flip the f**k out. Frank says we talked about it last night and he’s on board. James says we can do whatever you want. I would like Paul up here if where going to do that. We do have all night. Frank leaves. Michelle says you know what I saw was the best prank ever?! These kids were at the beach and they took bread and soaked it with laxatives and all the seagulls came and ate it …and were sh**ting on everyone at the beach. Vic says the birds probably died. Paul says if you feed them alka seltzer and they’ll blow up. Vic explains how it fizzes inside them and blows them up. Frank says I’ve heard of that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 18-25-31-785

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this is the part of big brother I hate the most. where production wants the added drama of having the POV winner act like they are going to use it because they need the entertainment value for prime time tv story line. I would be shocked if Michelle uses, it but I highly doubt she uses it because this season is about what the house wants. so far this season sucks. it sucks big time for us fans who have to witness no game from no one except Frank. this season have been horrible and the live feeds has been horrendous with the non game play conversations. the only thing that can save Frank now is the secret room. we are gonna watch a fabricated story line from production having “BIG MEECH!” with the greatest decision of her life and Frank with the biggest fight of his life to convince BIG MEECH to use the POV. in between that story line we we see the phony drama developments of having DR sessions of Paulie, Nicole, James and even Da contemplating on keeping Frank just to keep the average tv viewer engaged in this season of BB. we are always reminded every week with the same BS story line when we hear these words…..”PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIG BROOOOOOOOTHER!”

Mister pickles

So nat tells Bridgette we will never put you up,I love you.then James makes her a liar. And she just pouts and rolls with it. She is the same as James. Pond scum!


Disappointed with James! Michelle, Da and Z can spin it however they want and not own the term Bully. It doesn’t change the fact they petty, mean, cruel snots. There’s no need to ostracize and treat Bridgette the way the have. Ugly girls..


I don’t have the feeds and haven’t been keeping up with everything going on but have been reading that Michelle and Z have been mean to Bridgette by ignoring her. I have no doubt they’ve been doing that they both seem very immature but I recall that when Bridgette was HOH she was pretty bad. Didn’t she drop one of Da’s jewelry pieces through a crack and then laugh and say “ooops” sarcastically?


James rules! Pickles is sour. Suck on it.

Blast Radius

It’s four days until eviction night and Frank is still a di*k.

Great Pains

“Oh, no! This giant 8-pack alliance will ruin the season! I wish they would turn on each other!”

Two of the 8, Tiffany and Frank, are targeted.

“Oh, no! If Tiffany and Frank leave it will ruin the season!”

smh, ya’ll.

8 pack

we just added nat and paul to replace tiff and Frank. they easier to control.


paulies been ruling the roost since day one but hes backed himself into a pretty tight corner with z and hes about to get sucker punched.. she looks good smells good smiles just right looks you in the eye with that mmm hmm i know you want some of this.. but no doubt shes the atypical insecure pretty girl who will not be played a fool by some silly white boy on national tv.. no sir the second he turns on her and you know he will shes gonna be like ohhhh noooo you di’int you think you can jus have this ass for free and not pay with your bb life! oh helllls nooo i know you aint trying to play me like that boo.. its painfully obvious paulie is most ill prepared for the relentless vicious attack thats coming and that will bring the pretty boy to his knees.. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned 🙂


Zak does not even talk like that omg

sunny dee

not only that, but she is pursuing him a lot harder than he’s pursuing her. So at no time could anyone say ‘this ass for free’, since he isn’t picking up any of the hints (kiss me kiss me make out with ME NOW) she keeps laying down. she shouldn’t have anything to complain about, or hold over his head. Unless she lies about it, like she is lying about how she doesn’t leave the room, or make ‘a face’ or talk crap about Bridgette.

conversation recapped michelle and Zak from earlier, michelle saying oh no you are not like that, but I am, for sure. thank you michelle for owning your mouth and the things that come out of it are your choices, and you know it’s wrong, and mean, and bullying, but you are planning to keep on doing it. but don’t give Zak a pass when she’s 10 times worse, or the fact she supports you, doesn’t mean you should keep on doing it.

i assume if bridgette had not denied saying what she herself has done, and just stepped up and apolgized for whatever. it was a bit mixed up there, but Zak saying she knows B dropped a ring (jewelry) of Day’s thru a crack in the shelves or something, not sure if she was able to get it back, and if not, why aren’t we still hearing about it? or was it a lie to make her look bad?

then on the show frank acts like he just heard for the first time about him saying he wanted Day out, when he spent the entire week campaigning to get her as replacement nom, and voted out instead of Tiff, and is this a surprise, or is that conversation mis represented by BB and about something else, then him telling day nicole told him. i should rewatch that episode now lol


Lol no she just wants to “fight people” at the wrap party. Where do they get some of these people?


she’s typical ghetto when she is being her real self . look at how she talks with Da’vonne compared to any other person in the house .


Typical ghetto??? Help me understand what typical ghetto is…


Right! That’s what I would like to know what typically ghetto means. “Interesting” people on this here website hmmm

same ole same ole

This is how most of the commenters feel on here. Been seeing it for years! i like the updates and once upon a time supported this site with donations, ordering feeds through their website and all. Not anymore! I’ll read the updates but i refuse to financially show support anymore. I’m inclined to believe Simon and Dawg have the same views. Never read a disclosure on here denouncing racist or offensive comments or views. But oh well.


That comment was racist and uncalled for. You don’t have to like Z but don’t call her ghetto because of it.


WakeUp, you must be a demorat. Go see D’Sousa’s “Hillary’s America” about the racist past of the Demorat party. It’s enlightening to know who the real racists are when the degrade people like you did.

Bb Bish

Key word: past. Ill take that over the Republican’s party blatant racism in the present thank you very much.

TX rar

This is BB so dont bring politics into this, please. There are other sites for that. Someone called you out for your post. Dont try to deflect now. SMH

Big Jim

Poor Frank needs an act of Congres at this point. Hopefully Bridgette can reinvent herself wirhout him and go far. Not likely with this lot


I’m sure the producer is basically hitting him upside the head with the secret room clues.


My thoughts exactly. Hopefully Bridgette can pull a Rachel. Floater smug Michelle won’t use the veto. No way has she any plans to get into the game.


Nooo!!! :((( Nicole is getting caught :'( not Nicole
You can pull it off gurl and win this season


Nicole entangled herself in her own web of lies and now she’s stuck. I’m not surprised. It’s her own fault.

Sad but true

Getting frank out now is not a good move for James … I would say any newbie besides Natalie is a good person to get rid of … no one has James back and frank could be a real asset to his game .. James .. Don’t be short sighted … Get rid of Bridgette or Z or a real power move – Paulie … Gather your troops James and get the numbers on your side .. Don’t do Paulie/Da/Nicole/Corey dirty work … Take a moment and think don’t be a “house” player … Wake up and play Big Brother !!


But that play came and went when James gave his nominations to the “house” aka Paulie. He has no power and any attempt to use it, would backfire and make it easier to dump him next…which is likely in the cards anyway.

James problem is his massive ego doesn’t let him see he’s playing a rat, floater game and he’s making “big” plays that set up his own eviction. A rat, floater never wants to win HOH until they face a threat….James faced no threat. If a rat, floater wins HOH, they should try to punt, picking 2 who have the fewest friends….not the biggest target in the game. A rat, floater knows conflict keeps him under the radar and protects big players, while picking off the weak. A rat, floater knows that eliminating a target creates a vacuum, a need for a new threat to emerge….say a guy that wins competitions, takes out big players, and is so infatuated with one HG, he’s not plugged in, has no allies where he’s not their 4-7th option.

James’ game is right there with Jozea for dumbest of the season.


I sooooo dislike James this season


After that move, I’m definitely voting differently for afp. James is just way too caught up in Natalie.


I can’t believe I’m so weak I’m the hot girl and can’t even get my “boyfriend” to not put up someone he made a deal with, man I suck but good thing I’m pretty


Nat thinks she’s so much better than the mean girls, but she is much worse. Nat is the type of girl who says, gee honey, I didn’t think you were gonna kill those people. Can we still go for ice cream?


Right Woofie…. Gosh I didn’t think he’d really do it maybe I should of called the police? Hahaa


Omg! You are so right!

Simon help me out...

Simon – help me out here…at the end of the Sunday episode don’t they usually say “…and will the veto be used to save x OR y, tune in to find out!” I could have sworn today they said “…and will the veto be used to save Bridgette AND Frank? Tune in…” Maybe I was hearing things…


I heard that too! Which confused me because it normally say OR! But we still no Michelle won’t use the veto! So unless the secret room is discovered with a coup de tat then Frank and Bridgette are screwed


I missed the episode… anyone else hear that?


I listened to it 3 times. It said ” Who Will Win The Power of Veto; And Will It Be Used on Frank And Bridgette”. So strange that it said Frank and Bridget instead of Frank or Bridgette


I wasn’t paying attention but if it was said that way, it could have just been a mistake. It could also imply that if the veot gets used then neither Bridgette nor Frank are giong home because then the “house” has a new target.


End of episode voice over said:
“Who will win the Power of Veto?
And will it be used save Bridget and Frank from eviction?
Find out Wed at 8!”

Snooze Fest

I really hope there is a flip this week but I’m not counting on it at all.
I really hate people like Michelle or Christine from a couple seasons ago who should know what superfans like and don’t like, yet it seems they don’t even care and go on with the crap talk and pettiness anyways.
If your going to be on a reality show like this, learn to be relevant. I mean, cmon. Do Michelle and Zakiyah both think they even have a chance at being good enough to win this game just by sliding by crap talking and being quiet?
I really hope something happens that wakes those two (and Nicole) up to start playing the game. You cannot just sit there and do nothing of importance.


James totally fucked Bridge wow after 6 hours plus he cheated had his hand on the wall with the string unreal and they let it continue for a while such bs


It’s the only way that lil prick can win any comp. The worst part is how he walks around like he undisputedly won the comp and tries to convince the houseguests(and all us AFP voters) how it’s somehow ok for him to be allowed to play dirty.


Clay, you seem to be an expert at sucking dick. I would ask you to elaborate but no thanks.


That was very funny Paulie! Talking in the DR how he has gone after some BIG targets. Rewind the tape. First HOH Paul/Tiff and back-door Vic. Second HOH was Tiff and Nat I believe. Wow! big targets bra.

Lemon juice

Paulie is a douchebag. I’m embarrassed watching him on TV… that hair, those facial expressions. The self-absorbed talk. LOL I bet he has no clue how he is perceived.


James is the new true douche bag of BB. I have to say every HOH that cuts a deal to drop and breaks it I find disgusting. I have no problem with lying as it’s a way to manipulate without a bargain. Lying in a comp like this HOH James, better known as the turd, used the BS of what the house wants to not honour his word. It will cost him in the end.
Did you see the piece on BB tonight where basically Paulie was running James HOH. James is one weak ass piece of dirt. Cory might start looking for his agent fee(10%) from Paulie it’s starting to look like he has the money in his pocket. Da versus Paulie might be the only fun thing after Frank goes this week.

Dan G.

So you find me disgusting for getting Ollie to drop then backdooring Michelle?

Reality Check

complain, complain

this game is cutthroat. For $500,000 the houseguest have to lie, cheat, destroy and steal to get what he/she wants. Previously Bridge should know not to trust James after what he did to Shelli and Clay. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, find a wall and start smashing the old noggin.


2 things, they aren’t real fans of the game and james didn’t have to put bridge up he could have put her up as a replacement


I don’t think that is as much the problem. I think it’s okay to break a deal if it is what you see as benefitting your game.
The big problem I have is James is just doing the house’s deed, and frank wouldn’t have been going after James or Natalie. What happened to the James who wore blood like war paint!!


Bridgett should of never tossed the HOH to James! I mean everyone was saying just give it to James so that should of told you that you are not safe.

TX rar

There were 3 at the end. — Bridgette, Da , and James. Da shouldnt have let it go to James or Bridgette.


Meech should just surprise everyone and use the Veto on Frank! If she didn’t tell anyone and used it, it would be great TV lol


Frank was stupid to call out Nicole and Day tonight during HOH comp…but when I saw James say “Do I do what the House wants, or do what is best for my game and what is best for Nathalie and me” then he goes with what the House wants…I wanted him evicted right there. I am so sick of Frank getting the blame for everything, all he said about Day and Nicole was true. Nicole can never own up to her shit, Paulie intimidates and bullies people into voting or doing what he wants(Just like Frank did), Paulie took shots at Tiffany for simply being Vanessa’s sister..yet he is the brother of Cody and can get away with everything….this season just sucks !!!


You’re right. But that’s what’s so great about Frank. He doesn’t give a f*ck. Not the best game play but best for entertainment.

Reality Check

Added drama will start when everybody start to backstab each other. When either Nicole, Paulie, Z or Da is on the block, get the popcorn ready.

However the season with Cody, Derrick, Victoria, Frankie, Christine was just dreadful.

Anonymous Guest

I really hope this is the case but there is a good possibility of this one turning into more of a Derick type season with Paulie running the show and everyone voting with the house. Most of these houseguests won’t even realize they are in danger until they are out the door.

On a separate note – I would like Frank to stay just for the drama it could bring but he just doesn’t read the social cues. He keeps trying to put the target on Da which no one is going for so he should look for another person to target and make good arguments for that person. If he made good enough arguments some of the people would at least entertain the idea and could potentially get behind it (flip-flop Nicole for example) but trying to convince Michelle to use the veto so one of her allies Da can go up just isn’t smart.

The Roach Coach

Frank could survive… big mech is so immature and catty that she actually could use it on Frank to assure Bridget leaves


I don’t know why y’all are complaining. You all wanted frank out a week ago. I think this season of big brother is great so far!


Thank you!!!! I don’t understand all the James hate! They have been trying to get Frank out for weeks and now they finally are! Everyone was commenting about how he needs to get voted out for slapping the girls on the ass and calling them sluts but now he needs to be saved and James is an idiot. Lol I must have missed something.


I’m with you! All these Frank fans getting upset with James cause Frank’s on his way out. If Frank was HOH & promised others the world to get there, then broke his promise, they’d all be saying how clever & smart a move ihe made.
Haters can’t see the forest for the trees. If James didn’t nominate Frank & Bridgette, then Paulie, Paul, Da, Z, Michelle & Nicole would be gunning for him next week when he can’t win HOH. And he’d be on the block. That’s 6 votes to get him out. James made the best & only move he could make with this HOH when you take the long game into consideration. THE OBJECT OF THE GAME IS TO GET TO THE END. Be social, make as few enemies as possible on the jury & win some comps when you need to.

James haters are starting to sound like Z & Michelle……nasty little girls.


Your opinion of players never changes as the game goes on?? I think that’s pretty typical. Not sure why you seem so surprised that happens. It’s a long game, crap happens, people’s view of houseguest change.


That jury house is calling Nicole.


Frank is going home unless he wins a mystery addition from BB.
I’m guessing after Frank is gone they might go after Bridget.
I sense distrust and scepticism in paradise…Day is on alert with Nicole, Nicole is on alert for everybody except Corey, Zak is getting paranoid.
I wasn’t a fan of Nat but after seeing her not try to influence James HOH and say in front of Paulie to james that “this is your HOH your not playing or other people”. I can sense Paulie is going to try and get Nat out before his precious Zak…that will be interesting.

Corey having wet dreams …..what male model creeped in his thoughts while he was sleeping this time. lmao!!


i was dreaming about Shane

Californication Dreamin'

No doubt Corey was dreamin’ bout some hot d*ck.

The Roach Coach

One-hundred percent… 100%

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

Yeah Baby!

Min O'Pause

C’mon Nicole you’re gonna have to lend a hand here or do a reach around…….something.

Captain Crunch

Would love to see a combination of Nicole and Paulie on the block next week with Z as the replacement.

Lemon juice

That would be amazing. Best scenario.


James is one of the most delusional players in recent years. Chop the deal immediately and still thinks he’s a man of his word. Immature pranks gives him AFP last year, I doubted it this year.


No problem with James…like Boogie said, you can bounce checks in BB. I do think “some how” Frank finds this secret room and ends up safe. He is one of the few players who keeps the show interesting this year.


This sucks….I want Tiffany back!!!!


So glad Nicole was exposed this episode and I bet production told James not to tell Bridget or Frank about his decision for ratings


Yea but i certainly should of told bridge but I suck at life!


Natalie didn’t know he was gonna put Bridge up. One of the first conversations when the feeds came back Friday night was Natalie asking James how he could do that after he promised and James trying to justify it. The last noms James told Natalie before the ceremony were Frank/Victor.

So Nat tried to apologize and explain this to Bridge after the ceremony, but it sounds like Bridge may not believe she was telling the truth – which she was.

Anonymous too

It has been very apparent all season you are not a fan of Nicole’s but what Frank did to her was not cool at all. It really showed his desperation and he acted just like Tiffany. If he stayed, why would anyone tell him anything knowing he would just tell someone else. Frank blew up his own game with his big mouth.


2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate frank frank frank

Lemon juice

How wants to watch the dickhead Paulie’s snoozfest this summer? Not me. BB production please do something about it.


Frank has no one but himself to blame for his current predicament.

He played too hard too fast, making final two deals with too many players, who — duh! — compared notes.

He tried to get his alliance to turn on each other too early by telling Paulie and Corey to target James and Davonne, and then telling James and Davonne that Paulie and Corey were targeting them. And — duh! — they compared notes.

Instead of focusing on eliminating threats outside his alliance, he tried to play the long game by trying to split his alliance, creating paranoia so that they would distrust and target each other.

His arrogance as a player, thinking his alliance wouldn’t catch on, precipitated his downfall.

And, yes, the same could be said for Davonne. She is likely not long for the Big Brother house.


This is just a crazy theory but I am putting out there anyways. Michelle(who yes I have hated from almost day 1) is supposed to be a “superfan” from what I remember her intro video and bio said. When Michelle stops thinking about showmances and who she hates, has this girl ever looked at her game and looked at where she stands in that House. Michelle has Veto, she has power for the first time and maybe only time. Who in that House really has her back? everyone else is in a tight alliance with someone else. Nicole has Corey, Paulie is close with Paul and Z, Victor is lined up with who ever Paul is with..Z and Day are close(at least somewhat) where does that leave Michelle? now I am totally not expecting her ever to use Veto, but if she is a superfan or has any desires of making it far and maybe winning why would she not pull a move? by doing what the House wants it does nothing for her…question can Michelle act like an adult and see the logical side of the game? probably not just a crazy theory from a REAL superfan of this show

Come on, find those clues Frank/Bridgette

Michelle and Z are just two mean insecure girls that get jealous when other girls can obviously one-up them. They don’t like Bridgette simply because she’s smarter and more mature. To that fact, they won’t admit (they even have themselves convinced that they’re not “mean girls”!). And Michelle isn’t even smart enough to put sunscreen on when she goes outside and lays in the sun, knowing that her fair skin will sunburn! So I don’t expect either to “get a clue” about the true social side of the game. Bridgette doesn’t play Michelle and Z’s little face-making-when-someone-walks-in-the-room game. Z has absolutely nothing going for her in the house. She’s a floater hanging onto a mouthy macho male that she thinks she can manipulate by throwing her body at him (and it has been working to some degree, up to this point). Mean, immature girls that will always be followers. Hopefully, neither will get much further or I’lll be forced to give up on this season completely.

As far as Paulie, I tried really, really hard to respect his position in the game, but now I’m just tired of listening to his mouth throw the f-word out … he can’t complete a sentence without at least two or three of ’em in there. I pulled for James during his last season, but he sucks this year. I pulled for Nicole during her last season, but she’s lost her vision and thinks she’s on the Bachelor or some other dating show. She should have kept her job back home this season where she would have been more successful. I didn’t like drama-filled Da’vonne last season (didn’t she start the first drama with Vanessa in the Have Not room last year by telling a lie, then continued creating drama with Clay/Shelli?) and I thought she would have learned to keep it under control a little better this season … but no. And James is so naive for thinking she has his back. Oh, wait! He’s blinded by his showmance too! I am so over these showmances in that house! If I want canoodling everywhere, I’ll watch an adult movie!

Come on Frank! Find those clues and send home Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Zakiah, Da’Vonne, James, loud-mouth egotistical Paul, and mean girl Michelle … and not necessarily in that order!


This is BB, everyone lies, except when you are playing HOH endurance comps, then it suppose to be truth time. {This is why to this day the girls from the seasons with Kaysar and Janelle are hated} Endurance comps. are where you give your word and build trust with your fellow players. The sad part, James is actually proud of breaking his word, 2 years straight in a row.
The cast this year is very disappointing,,,,egotists, mean girls, floaters, and players that just want to get to jury. The lies that are told this year seem to be for spite and being mean, no strategy involved. No entertainment value for the viewers.


Well, the boys are certainly getting jizzy with it…

I’ll see myself out.

Please just flash fowward

So once Frank leaves, who’s left to get ganged up on?

And then who?

At some point they’re going to have to start turning on each other.

2 more weeks of this putrid strategy of ganging up on the lone wolves and then it might be worth watching again.

Til then, I guess I’m out.

Someone please wake me up if something interesting actually happens.


I don’t really care much for Frank but seriously dude come on!!, if he really wants to save himself this week he needs to STOP!( if the veto magically is used) trying to get Da on the block as the replacement. Why is he so for getting her out, he has seriously forgot that there are other people in this game not named Da, that can go up.


Because no one else has a chance to take take the target off Bridgette. Da’Vonne has already been mentioned by Paulie as someone who needs to go. Others have agreed so she’s the only chance to save Bridgette if Frank is pulled off.


I’m still loving this season. And once Frank leaves, I’ll love it even more.


It’s still amazing to me how Paul is retelling his “confrontation” with Frank last night and making it seem like he really gave it to Frank, when in reality, Frank countered everything Paul said, with reasoning for his actions. Paul ended up leaving their conversation with his tail between his legs, and it really showed how little he actually knows about bb game strategy and why he’s a new player on a power trip, with “the house” (ugh tired of that). He then went to James/Natalie/DaVonne to tell them how he gave it to Frank and let him know that he’s going bc he can’t get one over on this homeboy. For the rest of the night, he retold his false recollection to everyone of “the house”, with more embellishments of him putting Frank in his place. Paul started to look promising for awhile, but I’m so very over his grandiosity and exaggerated “making good TV” events.


So Frank ratted Nicole out to Davonne during the HOH competition – how is Nicole even giving Frank the time of day? Why wouldn’t she say I tried to work with you but you yhrew me under the bus…? I don’t watch the live feeds, just read the posts, so did he have a talk with her and weasle his way out of it or what??

No control

So Corey is 25 and hasn’t developed any control over his manhood… and he tells people. smh.


Control over his manhood?
It was a wet dream, isn’t that an ageless phenomenon?
Don’t know what kind of dungeon you’re locked up in, but one doesn’t need permission to get a boner.
And it IS ok to talk about sex in 2016.
Maybe pull those magic mormon underwear out of your rear, seems like they’re cutting off your circulation to the 21st century.

No Control

No. Wet dreams are not an ageless phenomenon. Yes, we all get erections but erections do not equal wet dreams. You can develop P.C. muscle control and many other techniques to delay or prevent release that aren’t lost in even in the most passive observer type dreamers. Most people are aware enough to wake up when they need to use the toilet. Similarly, most people grow out of the choice to remain in a wet dream to the point of soiling their beds.


I don’t know why everyone is mad at James. He asked Brigit to make a deal she said no. The deal ended up between Da,Frank and Brigit. Before they found out they were going on the block, Frank and Brigit were alone saying if they won the next HoH they were going to put up James. So he just did it to them before they did it to him. Nat shouldn’t have promised Brigit before making absolutely sure with James. The house has been talking about getting rid of Frank for weeks. It should be no surprise to anyone. That was the plan. Frank has pulled a lot of cr@p in the house and has went back on his word and repeats everthing people have told him. Ask silly Nicole. James owes him nothing.


I am for the less involvement of production as possible in this game but with so many crap HG’s that are not there to play but just be there to be there…maybe production does need somehow to force their hand. I have no clue what that secret room has, but I am betting that Bridgette will figure it out, hopefully its something that can flip this House and get the season going. I am over this blame it all on Frank BS, yah he fucked up for couple days but that was couple weeks ago and these HG’s are still blaming for him for everything. Frank going this week would absolutely sink the rest of the season, Bridgette would get picked off and the season would crash in total boredom. So somehow production has to do something to save this season and do a better job at casting next year

Fuzzy Num Num

why did BB cast Christine, oops, Big Meh again?


I am so darn sick of Frank gunning for Da! Geeeeze, Don’t you know that you get on her nerves too but she’s not running your name in the darn ground every time her mouth opens


ummm are you high?? That’s ALLL she talks abuot


I like how corey had his wet dream after victor returned to the house ! its not your tight pantie wearing josea who you couldn’t keep your eyes off of corey but he P R .


What the hell is wrong with James, why is he playing for the house, what a effin Idiot he is, He qwill be going soon along with his moron girlfriend, who has no idea what she is doing. Paul the loser, he is nothing but a Floater, hasn’t done anything in this game but shoot his mouth off, We are doing this and that BS, He’s not doing anything but getting beard hair on all the food, and who cares about his French Fries, anyone can make stinking fries, Hope that idiot goes home soon. as far as Michele goes another zombie along with Da that dumb ass Z who wants to fight someone, what is wrong with her she’s another mess.


Cory was probably dreaming about Paulie he is always on paulie’s ass. His creepy eyes are always starring at the men


Did frank find the secret room yet?…. I hope he finds it and stays safe this week!