“once you’re dead inside you can tell people whatever you want”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 16-19-47-192

4:18pm HOH Boy has squirreled away some kool aid..
4:19pm Kitchen Steve, Jmac, twins
Talking about Jmac noticing Julia’s fake tooth. Julia says Jeff was such a bully he was always trying to catch the twins.
Steve syas he never felt guilty for voting Jeff out.
Jmac says he only voted for Jeff because he didn’t want Jeff to come out with the Jeff, Jackie, Clay and Shelli alliance.
Julia – Jeff was a nice guy but he took the twin thing too far
Jamc – he got too into it

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 16-44-39-004
4:43pm Bedroom Twins
Agreeing if Austin leaves Liz will take Vanessa to final 2. They want a girl to win this season.

They are going to talk to Jmac and let him know Vanessa is playing everyone.
Liz says Vanessa has made final 2 deals with everyone in the house.
Julia thinks this is why Setve never threw the HOH to Johnny mac he was worried Vanessa would go up.

Liz – she’s a rat and we’re catching her in her own trap
Julia – I would love for her to come to Jury, I have such a strong feeling you and Austin are going to make it.
Liz says if the HOH comes down to her and Austin She’ll throw it to Austin .
Julia has concern that Jmac will spill everything she tells him if Vanessa wins the HOH.

Julia goes over what she will tell Jmac about Vanessa – She manipulated and Played me she’s playing all sides of the house and she wanted him to be warned..
Julia – she has a final 2 deal with Austin.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 17-06-44-004
5:03pm Chess ..
Steve Vs Austin, Steve Is being ‘SneakY”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 17-45-36-907

5:44pm Jmac and Steve agree on Jmac voting out Julia is fine for their game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 17-54-55-875

5:47pm Austin working out with Boy and Jmac
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 18-33-02-145

6:19pm Twins packing
Liz – I thought theses were yours
Julia – aren’t these yours
Liz – There’s yours
Julia – I thiugh these were yours
Liz – thses are yours
Julia – oh my god they are mine
Liz = Mine
Julia – yours
Liz – Yours
Julia – Mine
Julia – these green ones are mine
Liz – these are mine
Liz – yours
Julia – mine

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 18-50-43-193

6:49pm Bedroom Austin and his twins
Twins telling him that Vanessa is saying she’s got to win the next HOH. Julia wants them to promise her every night they will study.
Julia goes over some of her talking points with Jmac. Says he’ll bring up the final two Vanessa made with her. wonders if she should bring up her suspicions that Austin and Liz probably making deals with Vanessa.
Austin and Liz don’t think Julia so involve their names.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 19-00-28-481

7:00pm Jmac and Steve chatting about dental work
Jmac says when there’s a nerve involves he calls a oral surgeon. The reason is they are the most highly trained people in the field. Their insurance will cover them if something happens. If something wrong happens with a oral surgeon they are the best qualified to deal with it.

Jmac says when kids come in for the first time and their parents never warned them about a needle they are fine. If the parent says “you better be good for that needle” the kids will freak out. Jmac adds that the “topical” is so good the kids rarely feel needle.
Steve – you use a pain killer for the pain killer

Jmac says 5-6 appointments a day are extraction appointments. The people cannot afford a root canal or a crown, replacement.
Jmac – if you lose your back teeth your face become sunken in

Steve – you pull 5 to 6 a day
Jmac – sometimes I pull 40

Jamc goes on about the horrors of people’s teeth
Steve – you’ve pulled all the teeth
Jmac – Oh ya Lots.. it’s a full pull
Jamc – they get dentures

Jmac – I don’t recommend pulling teeth unless it’s the last options
Jmac – it’s always some form of neglect in it.. or they get hit in the face, or they don’t get enough Fluoride.. it’s genetic.

Steve thinks it must be really hard to tell someone you have to pull all their teeth.
Jmac says he use to feel really bad about it was devastating but..
Jmac explains what it’s like talking to people about pulling all their teeth – “You’re really bad at it and they can tell from a mile away.. when you think about it you care more than they do.. they let it get that bad”
Jmac – the one guy he got oral cancer that was a tough one, the tongue split into serpent tongue (See images below)
Steve- what do you say
Jmac – we’re Going to refer you to oncology
Steve – whats that
Jmac – cancer doctors RWJAHGATYAUHHH WWAA
Jmac says the guy’s cancer was so deep they couldn’t remove it it worked it’s way into vital structures
Jamc – it looked like a serpent split tongue, Like tentacles, didn’t hurt.. I’ve never seen anything like that.. it’s usually smoking and alcohol induced..
Steve – I could never go into medical
Jmac – once you’re dead inside you can tell people whatever you want ..
Jacm – once there was a cyst they couldn’t remove the person died
Jmac – A cyst is sac filled with fluid (See images below)
Steve – why would it kill you
Jamc – when you’re taking it out it’s close to the brain cavity

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 19-12-17-024

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Haha amazing play-by-play of the twins packing


One could only hope when Julia throws Van under the bus to Jmac tomorrow. Jmac tells Van and lets Van go nuts. Van then says, f*ck you “I am voting Liz out”. Let all hell break lose on eviction day, everyone fighting for their lives tomorrow night.

The Bible According to Vanessa

The beer didn’t work, she can’t go to sleep. Vanasty is reading bedtime stories, her favorite Bible passages to Skeve– from the mouths of fools comes foolishness–better to be poor and walk with integrity than to be a liar and a fool. Holy shit, if she’d only read this at the beginning of the game she wouldn’t be so hated.

Oh wait a minute, were these meant for The Boy? She thinks he’s lying and will evict Liz, and preparing him for getting evicted himself, ending up poor. Shoot, how did she know Liz refused to swear on her family she would keep him? That’s right, Production cameramen told her, she’s getting a new poker show on CBS called Lie Your Face Off.

Anyway, Skeve knows he’s going up if Liz Van or Austin win HOH. What to do? Mommy! Now where are those Bible passages about fecal matter fetishes? Thou shalt not covet your teddy bear…Walketh in the way of Vanasty and still get evicted…Beware of the serpent who looks like your mother, friend, F2….go ahead & preach gurl, but we know God ain’t endorsing your definition of integrity.


Yeah if she’d read the Bible on day 1 she would have realized that lying doesn’t work on Big Brother. Oh, wait…

Really how is it that there are BB fans in the world who think that calling an HG a “liar” or a “hypocrite” in any way means anything?


The Jury would!!!


That would have been the perfect time for James to jump out of the closet and scare the crap out of them. I sure do miss James.

Har Har

Thanks for the twin laughs. yer a riot. 🙂


Vanessa’s game play is the equivalent of kicking a puppy . Julia was like a sad lil 8 week old yellow lab. Vanessa was like here the bone lil puppy . But there was no bone 🙁 and now after all that … Julia is bye bye.

How low will she go?

I can’t believe that she is more than willing to destroy a relationship of people that she calls friends just to not be put on the block! I know Liz and Austin are just yuck…but still! Why don’t these people talk about what she tells them? How can she equate Julia winning veto as a betrayal by Austin and why does he not tell her to fuck herself?!? She is a grade A cunt!


I try but I can’t even feel bad for the twins at all when Vanessa spins tales for them. Within a 5 minute span they talk about how Vanessa can’t be trusted, she’s evil or whatever and they want to see her in jury and then go on to say they want a woman to win so they’d vote for her if she was the only female in the F2. There’s so many other dumb things that come out of their mouths but that one absolutely kills me.


No the stupidest move was when Julia picked Austin to play against in the pov. Like what the fuck! She listened to ven, I loved it. Julia basically ruined there chances of them all staying. That in my mind was the stupidest thing she has done.

You all say Ven’s game play is horriable but then how can you explain why she’s still there after being on the block and almost going home weeks ago. Sorry but Ven is playing a great game. When you can get someone to pick someone on your same alliance to play against is brilliant! She went a very long time playing both sides of the house before getting found out. My picks for finally two are Ven and mac.


its a game there are no friends
real friends are outside the game
houseguests should know this really
i would lie to someone i only known for a short time to win big money
come on


Liz agreeing if Austin is gone she will take Vanessa bc she wants a girl to win then discussing how Van is a rat and Julia blowing up her game to JMac? They are too stupid. Anyone who thinks Vanessa won’t make it to the end is kidding themselves. I can’t stand her either but no one in that house has the balls to get rid of her. It’s hard to watch. How do you explain to your family that you were to scared to try and win $500G? As always I stand by Austin is a Ponytail Beard Stank A$$ Douchebag!


What I found quite funny was the whole “excuse” for winning the VETO by Austin (wrestling exposure) and it was never shown on tonight’s episode. Wasn’t he trying to convince Liz it was all about getting the WWE to notice him and maybe Jesse could put a good word in for him? lmao I mean, first of all, does he really think anyone in the WWE is going to watch BB for recruits and it didn’t look like Jesse was very impressed with Austin to even give a F about? I don’t like Jesse but the look on his face was priceless when Austin ranted about Judas.


Two reasons why Austin’s wrestling exposure explanation didn’t make the show: First, they are pushing the showmance hard and wanted to make that the only reason. Second, they don’t want the viewer realizing that the people on the show aren’t into BB and are only there to further their career. They want people to believe the myth that the HGs really wanted to be on BB.


Good points. I had to laugh at Steve’s HOH message where he said he beat out thousands and thousands of applicants for a chance to be there. If that was the case, why in h3ll do they have all these recruited house guests? To me, it sounds like not that many apply anymore or their criteria is so only beautiful people need apply. But then again, they missed that mark on Austin for sure!

Min O'Pause

Hmmm..little Johnny Sunshine. Being in oncology though I can relate. It sucks a lot of the time.


We’re in the home stretch folks………….hang in there. We can do it!

Backseat Driver

Thanks awkward…..I feel better.


So this is crazy but the other day on live feeds Van and Jmac were talking and Van said that JmAc was getting more buff. He then stated in a funny way was not hitting on her but I cant remember what exactly he said it but it was playful and funny. I thought that would be a Showmance I would watch. I know Van is a lesbian and evil BUT she was married to a man once. I would love to see sexual tension there OMG I am evil right but THATS TV I WOULD watch. Good guy evil woman. I know thumbs down but my mind started wondering.


I rememeber awhile ago, Van said that she was more attracted to males than females, but female relationships work better for her.


Because she would be the man in either relationship and she hates competition


Come on guys I would rather watch that Showmance over Liztin


That is really strange! At the end of Wednesday’s show, there were the usual various photo shots of the HG. But, there was one that struck me funny. From behind Vanessa, JMac was wrapping his arms around her neck and she was smiling up at him. Anyone else take notice? It just hit me as …wth!


She will slap him after BB ends, she is being nice face to face…..off


So this is crazy but the other day on live feeds Van and Jmac were talking and Van said that JmAc was getting more buff. He then stated in a funny way was not hitting on her but I cant remember what exactly he said it but it was playful and funny. I thought that would be a Showmance I would watch. I know Van is a lesbian and evil BUT she was married to a man once. I would love to see sexual tension there OMG I am evil right but THATS TV I WOULD watch. Good guy evil woman. I know thumbs down but my mind started wondering.

Har Har

yr. mind has gone down a very dark road. Now I can’t unsee that image. :puke:


I’m so hoping for a blindside….get Liz out…this will cause the most disruption going into the HOH


Tonights show (CBS) Too FUNNY.


I tried to like Steve but he reminds me of Norman Bates with his nice guy act but inside he really is a creepy psycho with his whole Mommy issues


The way Steve postures himself in the DR is so annoying. Bouncing up and down and the exact same hand motions every time. It is like a 6 year old telling a story, but struggling with the verbiage.


Y isn’t Liz going???? I just want Austin to realize he really is in love with Juila

Min O'Pause

I think Asstin is in love with Jessie…


I think it’s because Liz leaving somehow doesn’t fit into Van’s equation.. Not really sure why, but maybe she still believes nobody is on to her yet…. Hahahahahaha!!


Van really wants Liz out but since she gave them the option of who they wanted to stay she can’t go back on that because she is only thinking of three votes in jury. Her plan is to go to final 3 with Steve and JMac. Although at this point she may not really care who she takes to final 2 because she thinks everyone left has been misted enough and will vote for her in the end.


Why haven’t we seen Austin ex girlfriend on the show? They showed when Dani BB8 & Kristen BB12 were cheating on their boyfriends but not when it is a guy???


She doesn’t want to production has been trying.


With all due respect to Jmac; but, I would NOT go to a dentist if his teeth looked like Jmac’s. Just saying.


I doubt he does his own dental work, other than the normal floss n brush like the rest of us…he’ll get a pile of clients after this is over, he’s going to do well in life, very likable guy 🙂


Julia thinking she is going to blow up Vanessa’s game to Johnny…lol. Nothing to blow up.

Julia she doesn’t have a final two deal with you. So Johnny will know thats a lie. Also when you tell him about Vanessa n Steves final two that won’t matter because he already knows and is working with them. Liz and Austin told you that you can’t talk about them..so..umm what u got Julia? Yeah nothing fool. Big “Blow up” lol.

Vanessa owns these mother truckers.


I’m just a normal dude . And I’m not saying I’d easily win this game . But with the absolute brainless idiots in this cast .. I’m top 7 85-100 times replayed . Don’t go streaking, don’t blab about twins, and be sumwhat social … Boom anybody on this board could have made jury . Fucking sad cbs …

is it just me

bro too much effort in your strategy. have you not learned anything from meg and jmac? you just need to never win and sleep all the time. when you wake up you will be top 7 easy. if anyone puts you up just cry about them taking food out of your daughter’s mouth and that you are a straight shooter who is loyal. (this is the more advanced optional approach lol)


What I find sad is Big Brother let them get away with it WTF has he been doing all season?


Cheers to Linda in Texas! We were thinking about you tonight. Hope all is well. Sending two big hugs your way for you and your Mom. Tell your Mom we said Hi! Much love back at you.

Linda in Texas

Greeting my Big Brother, sisters. Wasoffthegrid
We gave you two a Texas Cheers while watching the show. We miss James too. Hope he wins most favorite.

Greetings to Taylor.

Sending you you and your Mom much love God bless you. Im excited about tonight’s show who will be HOH.
Much love God bless you both


The twins should’ve never been cast they are going to vote for Van because she’s a girl?
I know its just a stupid TV show but this year has really pissed me off.

Stats, anyone?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how many alternates production keeps in reserve?
How many people were told in the month prior to BB17 that they might be on this season?
How many people sat in the spaceship for a week before being sent home?
How many people are kicking themselves because they stayed home and couldn’t play so these dicks could?

Just curious. 🙂


From what I have been able to find out they had a few housemates picked but they broke the rules before they got in and we got the left over’s who knows if its true


Tonight show was Hilarious with Jessie!!! Austin was soooooooooooooo jealous of Jessie. {The twins were really into Jessie}, Liz comparing him to Jessie, was so funny. Then when Austin won the veto and was prancing around, the look on Jessie’s face was priceless. You could tell he was thinking “This guy is a real Douche”. When Julia took Austin to go against in the veto comp. was another priceless look from Jessie. Jessie thinking “Why couldn’t I have played with these clowns”. I can’t stand Jessie, but it was worth seeing Jessie, because of Austin’s jealousy!! Good one CBS!!
Oh, Surprise, Surprise, Johnny Mac threw another comp. I guess he is going for “Competition Throwing Champ”! This just irritates me to no end!!

Old man

You saw it too. This guy is amazing in comps. Did you also see the way he was hugging Vanessa. I’m sure he is really the puppet master and has Vanessa under his spell.


I wish!


I was going to say the exact same thing. I really don’t like Jesse & am ashamed to admit that he went to college just 10 miles from where I live, but boy is he built & he made Austin look like a scrawny 5th grader next to him. The ony thing that would have really made the evening is if Austin would have said something about him being a wrestler & Jesse not recognizing him as a wrestler. I loved it that the girls made sure that Austin had a long ways to go to compare to him. And yes, the look he gave Austin during his celebration was great.


J Mac is playing the best game he can with the cards (stupid M*therflunkers) he was dealt. It’s not his fault that NO ONE can keep anything to themselves, everyone is afraid of Trashnessa, critical thinking in the house is non existent and neither is self preservation.
I believe early on he seen how the house was shaking out and didn’t like his options with aligning with people that compete to be the lowest common denominator in a group.
Seriously Trashnessa talks different to him than anyone else because she knows he is smart and see’s through her “mist” (BS)
When he was going to be evicted he looked at his options and I truly believe he thought he would make it back into the game so he choose not to blow up anyone’s game and by not doing so has remained in the game.
People don’t like Derricks game last year but he figured out a new ay to win the game, maybe JMac will do the same this year he assessed his house guests and came up with a strategy that is still working for him.


If Steve and John are at the end who do you people want to win?
I say go Jmav go!!!!

your all part of the experiment

Can’t wait for survivor!!!


I do not like Vanessa, but if she makes it to the final 2 she deserves to win, I do not care who is sitting beside her. If these people are that stupid to take the sneakiest of all, Miss strategy herself, I’ll cry and throw a fit if I get caught and dazzle you with BS until you see things my way, VANESSA…then he/she should feel privileged. Because Vanessa thought enough of them that he/she should win 50K as the Queen V rakes home half a million well manipulated grand prize…


Austin is not jealous of Jesse. He said nice things about him to the twins. Jesse and Austin would get along just fine. Jesse has an act to maintain.Jesse can have Julia.


I mean the twins dude …. I know it’s a show and who wins is cool but god .. Everybody dislikes the opposing team, or the weird guy in spin class, but these 2 bring out an emotion in me that I don’t like . Really really shitty people . This isn’t game play or I like this person bs …. This is real life everyday puke hatred. Pick a situation – then pick shittiest scumbag play in said situation – that’s what they pick . Non stop


Man all these people suck. John is cool but man he sucks at playing big brother. It’s like stop talking to steve about being a dentist and find a way to win big brother. Twins are just dumb as rocks. Steve’s game is talking to a camera. Vanessa is just a bully. And Austin is just a wuss.


I’m with you UTU . I have never commented on a show before and should care less. But I do appreciate good gameplay, and to pick a winner on gender either way is child like and selfish . The twins ruined the game in so many ways .


Austin is Awesome. I like him and I don’t care if you folks don’t. I also think he’s smart and has played a good game. He got this far in the game without being crazy. He threw 2 comps to Liz. Pumped up her ego and convinced her to try to stay. He’s kept Vanessa at bay and carried the twins on his back the whole game. People ate so biased against him , he isn’t given any credit. Johnny Mac gets points even if he’s just sleeping. GIVE ME A BREAK!


If Vanessa hadn’t used the fast forward on Austin, he would have been on the block and eliminated eons ago.

He’s got no game. He spent the whole season jackassing himself to Liz.

He’s so insecure. Any time any male looked or spoke with Liz he freaked out. Can you imagine the stranglehold and fights they will have in the real world???

Any time he attempted any game play, he shot himself and his alliance!!!!!


Vanessa getting Julia to pick Austin in the POV was way too easy. It was quick thinking on her part but if Julia didn’t have bricks for brains it would never have worked. I loved JMac just sitting there taking it all in. Him teaming up with Vanessa was the best thing that happened to his game.


Watching Julia cheerfully announce Austin’s name and then his facial expression, followed by her immediate confusion made me cackle and then feel bad…buuuut then I kept cackling because honestly, wtf!


Hooked up with a guy that has a girl. Your stupid . You eat loud . You lick your fingers when you cook – your voice – your stupid sister- ur face – saying you only want a female to win, regardless who deserves it – telling Austin Jessie is in better shape- making fun of people crying then losing ur shit in same position – the way you elongate words – ur face during pot ball – saying ” everything “- critiquing ur moms letter- shit talkin ur boyfriend . Ur lack of depth – ur lack of gameplay – u thinking ur pretty- and 100 more things I can’t fit — fuck off Liz . You are the biggest pos on here




Dude. Your post is ….. AWESOME!!!!! and so true.

Talk and whine with food in your mouth much!!!

These twins have zero educate !!! It is so disgusting watching them eat loud chomping fork piercing eating. Much less with food in their mouth omyyygawwwwding!!! BTW think they gained 15 pounds each … Can’t wait to see them go they are grosssaasa


“These twins have zero educate”? Lol



Clearly you are family and haven’t been watching the feeds the eat like mad hogs!! It’s gross what happened to manners in eating or for that matter how you treat people?? Their name calling and bullying is just as disgusting as thief eating skills????


Clearly you are family and haven’t been watching the feeds the eat like mad hogs!! It’s gross what happened to manners in eating or for that matter how you treat people?? Their name calling and bullying is just as disgusting as thief eating skills????


Oh god. I came home from work and watched last nights recorded After Dark and went right into tonight’s POV comp episode and right about now I would pay a dentist, or even a random person with pliers, to pull my teeth just to feel again because I’m dead inside. After Dark was just too much stupid and way too much annoying (Jesus Christ I wanted to reach through the tv and shove a mr Goodbar down Steve throat…knock that shit off already you annoying harpy), and the POV…my god. Jessie, Julia and Liz should never again be allowed in the same vicinity. They’re a damn brain cell vacuum. The only thing that helps right now is the fact that I keep rewinding my DVR to watch Steve spin, stumble and fall off the bowling lane.

Vanessa is awful

Vanessa is my least favorite player I’ve ever watched. She’s clinically insane and dangerously manipulative.


You forgot soulless

Worst Season Ever

You’re right, Vanessa IS Awful. Just be glad you’re not Mel. Can’t even imagine living with Vanacula.

I hope they get booed out the door tomorrow night whichever one leeeevaaa!!

That will at least make my night just saying lol

If they don’t get booed I will feel robbed.
I want to see the one left freak out when she hears the boos too 🙂
Please don’t censor the audience CBS like you did with Skankie.


The worst part about all this ((maybe.Jmac ) . Is I’m a game, challange, addict . As a viewer I want a sick final 3 blood everywhere 5-4 winner at the last second . Not saying I hate V or want her to win. I can even see how they are all petrified of her and as long as each HG is safe for the week, they let her slide. But if she justs talks her way to last 2 without anybody trying ANYTHIING that’s a real cop out to the fans . It must be some psychological thing with a real definition . Not Stockholm syndrome but …. By now they all know she’s shady … She is good, worst case, u tangle with her and lose . But to just sit there ? They just can’t do it … I simply don’t get it . How is say Austin Guna face his dad ? It’s too fuckin late now unless jmac pulls out fuck u Vanessa and begs maybe a Steve or Liz … You guys not only let her shit on you, you never retaliated . As a fan you fucked me and everyone else . You didnt even try once … Unreal


Awesome comment

Unfortunately What I Read is True

I saw earlier where someone posted that the show is rigged for Vanessa to win because someone at CBS had leaked that Vanessa is going to host a new CBS show called Poker Face. So I looked it up and yep, it’s true. They even announced it on June!(17th).. One article goes on to say that when Vanasty was on the block with Shelli and it looked like she was getting evicted, James n Meg changed their vote last minute, so to save Vanasty.. Remember that? I do. So blah blah blah etc.. But now that I think about it, James was never really the same after that. Never won anything and didn’t even try to save himself last veto comp. Production was obviously in his ear, and he was just done…Oh well, hand Vanasty the check if you want to, she definitely doesn’t need the money. I guess she could “let” someone else win, like a twin, but this show finally hit my last nerve when I read that. So now I’m rooting for anybody but her, or the twins…. Oh wait, that’s what I was doing before anyway…Oh well, Fuck it…Sorry if this gets posted after someone else has it posted


Yea its a kick in the face to us fans.


Really, Vanessa would be the perfect host for that show.

But CBS… you spelled “Pocked” wrong


When I first started watching BB, I got into the whole conspiracy theory about production rigging it. After a while, I thought no, it’s just aggravated fans(which makes sense) thinking production is rigging it. Now, I’m kinda caught in the middle. Not really sure what I believe. However, you aren’t the first person to say that about the cameraman. So now I’m thinking, that makes sense. At the beginning of that week everybody(James, Meg, Jackie, Johnny Mac, even Steve) was dead set on getting rid of Vanessa. Then suddenly James & Meg changed their minds(which REALLY REALLY pissed me off, bc I wanted Shelli to stay) . Kinda fishy if u ask me. Now I know why we haven’t had any twists this year. They’re using that money as a payoff to get ppl to do what they want. Completely makes sense. I’ve always thought and still think the jury buyback comp is rigged. Remember the year they tapped Helen’s leg telling her when to fall off? If u think about it. The person that has the most fans is the person that comes back(year after year). This year it was J-Mac, last year it was Nicole, Judd, the list goes on and on. It’s always the most popular that returns. It’s also weird how the jury members ALWAYS fall off one after the other(fairly quick) until the one they want to return is left. This year it was Jackie, Becky, then Shelli back to back with Shelli even saying “you’re in John”. If u paid attention to that you would’ve seen that everyone of them just jumped off. Not like they slipped or fell. They 100% just gave up. Especially Shelli, u could tell she could’ve stayed up there a lot longer. And Jackie, she pulled herself up then jumped off. They weren’t even good at faking it. I bet you they were offered money to do that and made to sign a contract saying they will not speak of it. Even Austin and the twins were commenting on how they all fell off back to back as if they weren’t even trying. Something’s definitely not right about that. Just my 2 cents.
*** It’s really irritating reading that about Vanessa and production rigging. As soon as I post this comment I’m gonna go see if I can find the article just to read myself. Lol.
***Side note: Anybody else think it’s funny how completely ignorant the twins are? They crack me up with their stupidity. They talk about how they’re gonna blow up Vanessa’s game(obviously hindering her chances of winning) but in their very next breath they say they wanna take her to the F2 and would vote for her to win. Lol. I bet their mom’s so proud;)


As far as the Shelli thing goes, you’re forgetting a couple things:

1) James already knew Shelli would come after him because he broke up her showmance. And yes, she was going after him. She said it many times, even when she came back to play to get back in the game. She said simply her goal was to get James out.

2) even if he was somewhat on the fence about Shelli being after him, the whole sweatshirt drama broke out. James knew then that he had to get her out and I think he was right in doing so. She’s a good competitor and most likely James would’ve been gone sooner if Shelli had remained.

I do think production manipulates some situations by asking leading questions. Evel dick has pretty much said that’s what they do. But I don’t think Shelli being voted out was productions doing at all. Actually she did it by flipping out about Clay’s sweatshirt. That finalized it for James.


It’s from a gossip site. It holds as much weight as Utu the liar posting all his/her made up drivel.


These people are insane, they are literally handing Vanessa 500 grand on a silver platter. They need to send her out next week or they can kiss the money good bye.

I hope they get booed out the door tomorrow night whichever one leeeevaaa!!

It would make might night just saying!!! No morals anymore!! Liz only kissed Austins butt and made up with him the other day because she thought she was going and the night before she dreamed of spending his 500k. Wait until he see’s how her and her twin bashed him and was grossed out by him all season…Austin eewwahh his stinks and is grosssaasa!! Don’t think they will be heading to a chapel !! All my favs are out used to hate Austin but I like and respect how he fought for himself in the POV instead of bowing and putting his fate in the hands of the twins that would dump him in a second… Kudos for that!


Why can’t both both the whiney, ungrateful little twits go away. Sick of hearing them. Stupid cows.


I have always respected Vanessa’s game however mind boggling and insane it is. It has worked. But after watching tonight’s show, it was hard for me for some reason. It’s absolutely the game and she is playing it for herself and no one else. But after tonight, I am actually hoping Liz or Austin takes her out next week.


If you all can’t see that Vanessa is playing a flawless game by now, I can’t help you. GO VANESSA GO!