“She’s emotional about everything. She has no respect for my game no respect for how I’m playing she doesn’t even understand me PERIOD.”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Veto won’t be used, Brent will be evicted.

12:36 am Tiffany and Xavier
Tiffany – it started before the competition yesterday I don’t know if I told you she checked me yesterday that me and DerekX were targeting Britini (In the wildcard)
Tiff – I noticed she didn’t say anything to me after the comp I heard she was mad.
Tiffany mentions Azah coming to her asking why her and DerekX were targeting Britni “She’s emotional about everything. I don’t give a sh1t until it starts affecting me. when you start checking me about sh1t I got to remember this is a game and I have to stay calm and that’s my girl so I am trying to have a level of respect”
Tiffany says Azah doesn’t understand they have to make Brent think he has the votes to stay She told Azah this, “I shouldn’t have said nothing the whole time she’s looking at me like that’s fake I don’t play like that”
Tiffany – She has no respect for my game no respect for how I’m playing she doesn’t even understand me PERIOD. She would never vote for me that’s fine.
Tiffany – I am really done.. I’m not saying anything. THe more I talk to her the more she’s going to dislike me as a person and a gamer.
Tiff – she can get my vote I don’t care it’s just a game to me and it’s bigger than that.

12:45 am Claire, Hannaha and DX
They talking about “which three I don’t want” in the Jury.
Claire – it’s changing very frequently.
CLaire – who can you beat in comps, who do you want to live with or be stuck in jury with, Who would be be super bitter
Claire the three I want out next, BRent he’s one, then honestly Azah
Claire – I don’t think Azah would come for us but she may go for Tiff
Claire adds the final person would be Christian or Alyssa.
Hannah – one of those players (Christian or Alyssa) need to go home because they are two strong, Their solid players and they would vote for their team members in the final 2.
Hannah says she doesn’t have a preference but points out as the game progresses the competitions shift to being less physical
Claire – you’re wrong
Hannah – ok
Claire – this season it seems like they are doing less physical.
Claire cites Jackson, Tyler, and Cody winning the game near the end. Traditional they were physical near the end but this year it may be different.
Hannah – I’m thinking Alyssa and X, even though Christian is a comp beast it’s very easy to get into his ear.

Whitney joins them. They continue to talk about THeir ideal 3.
Hannah – after Brent goes home who are the two people you want to get out? She 9Claire) said Azah and ..
Claire – I’m not for sure Azah.. I’m just saying she’s very emotional with BIG swings and whoever takes her out she will be very bitter
Whitney – she doesn’t talk game with anybody
Claire – I don’t know if she’ll be a big threat and win that many comps
Whitney points out how Azah spends all the time in her room socializing.
Whitney warns that the Kings are strong competitors says the jokers have the best reason to take a shot at the kings.
Whitney will target Chrisitan and Alyssa if she wins HOH.
DX also says the jokers want to take out a KING.

1:32 am Sarah Beth and Claire
SB – it’s going to be apparent that we’re working together
Sb – are you gunning for it?
Claire – I think so
SB – that’s smart. I think we’re all gunning for it too. I hope it’s the wall comp.
SB – Wall comp will be perfect I don’t think DF is going to win it I don’t think Azah will win it, Britini might.
Sb – If Whitney throws it I don’t think Hannah will win it. Alyssa and Tiffany have a good chance to win it.
SB says after BRent she wants Whitney out “and honestly I want Hannah I don’t see any of the jokers being a threat”
SB – I would be sad if Britini went
They talk about Brent thinking he has the votes to stay.
Claire- he said the votes will say what they say.. well they’ll say something.
They talk about how scary it is that BRent has little idea he doesn’t have the votes to stay.
Claire – I think I would be able to read it.
SB – I don’t think people will treat you like that
SB – he’s gotta know when Exopacilaly when X picked him today for the challenge.. like he’s got to know
Claire – he knows he’s the target but he thinks he’s fine cause he has the votes.
Sarah Beth says it’s a coincidence that all the guys are going. Claire points out it’s been all guys that have won the HOH.

1:39 am Kyland and Dx
DX – does Tiffany trust Whitney? yesterday Hannah was telling me that Tiffany is making it seem like she trusts Whitney now.
Ky – I am closer to Tiffany than Whitney is and I told you how I feel.
DX – you think the four will ride with us?
Ky – in their head they are thinking
Ky Says they know there is friction between Sarah Beth and the other 3 Kings because they were part of the slaughterhouse and SB wasn’t.
Ky – Xavier knows that Alyssa and Christian are together
Ky – our goal is whether it’s one of us
Ky – if it’s SarahBeth or X or the fours of us during the double. We just need one of those six to win and they’ll take the shot.
Ky – we don’t see the kings turning on us until Jury
DX – I agree with that
DX – if we ride with the royal flush the targets become the Jokers and the two people on my team.. I know for a FAct the jokers..
Feeds cut..
When we’re back DX is saying that Whitney can be a number for them right now.
DX – we could add Whitney to the list of people that would take a possible shot (At the kings)
Kyland says he just doesn’t want a joker to win. “They’ll put me on the block”
DX – I feel very close to Britini actually..
DX says Whitney tells him she doesn’t trust Britini.
Kyland – Britini and her team are personally angry at me
DX – Britini is going after the kings I had a conversation with Derek.
DX explains that Britini is concerned about a team of 4 making it to Jury and if one of them makes the final 2 that’s three votes locked.

1:48 am Azah, DF and Brit
Brit crying.. “Sucks.. it sucks.. ”
DF – what just happened? we were just outside laughing about pool what just happened?
Brit says she talked to Tiff “It was really passive”
Df – passive-aggressive?
Brit – no passive
Brit – I told her what confuses me most is I thought we had an agreement and they went for me.. She didn’t have an answer
Brit – no
DF – I don’t get it
Brit – frick I should have won that comp today. I’m so pissed
Azah – britini you can’t keep beating yourself up for past competitions you’ll get yourself psyched up for future competitions
Azash – we have no time machine we can’t go back
DF – we’re going to get through this f***ing week
Brit – it’s been so hard.. I’m so anxious all the time cause all I want to do is come off the block and I can’t
DF – I know
Brit – everyone is so afraid of everyone else and won’t make a damn move
DF – this is the thing I hate seeing ou cry it pisses me off make me want to flip out on everybody but I’m trying my best not to blow up our game. This is what we have to do.
DF – once again.. you are on the block It sucks we hate it and you need to remember this feeling so when you win HOH
Brit – I just have to win it first man.. I can’t win a comp
DF – Listen everything is meant.. things happen for a reason
DF – you’re not the target.. yes X made that speech but we know you are not the target.
Brit – I just wish I could go into a comp and deliver.. I can beat these people
DF – you did
Brit – I lost
DF – tomorrow is a relaxing day.. workout, chill out. We have to know that next week we will gun for the HOH if we don’t win that HO hwe need to have a plan who is going up and it’s not going to be us. We’re not going to let people manipulate us and drag our names through the dirt. We’re going to manipulate them and drag their names.
feeds cut..
Brit – it’s hard.. Tiffany had this whole spiel where I had to S-T-F-U for herself because I don’t understand things I don’t want to take my character.. (huh)
Azah – what did she say?
Brit – something along the lines of she doesn’t want to say anything where it’s incorrect tor say anything where she feels that her opinions don’t align so she’s not saying things correctly anymore she needs to learn to S-T-F-U so she doesn’t talk uncharacteristically she said she had to really separate who she is outside the house with who she is in here.
Brit – she has to go along with the flow
DF – okay.. whatever the f** that means.. people like that think they know it all.. sometime you just got to go alright whatever Girl bye
Df says the target is Brent this week. after this week she won’t be a pawn again. If she’s on the block again ‘Then we know you are in trouble” (OMG don’t say taht)
feeds cut. when we’re back
DF – that’s why I would tell Frenchie to chill out he would get paranoid and make everyone else paranoid.
Brit – I’m in this situation because of him though guys..
Azah – Frenchie really f***ed up our game
Brit – he screwed us over
DF – I know..
Brit – he screwed us
DF – I know that what he have to do is fix our name

Brit leaves..
Azah starts to cry “this is too much man”
Azah – I wasn’t raised like this.. ”
DF – Azah look at me please.. a lot of us weren’t raised like this I hate seeing.
Feed cut. When we’re back..
Df continues to give his team a pep talk.
DF – Brit you are doing a great job, Azah you’re doing a great job. I know it’s hard. I know.. Listen I want to spazz just like you want to spazz I don’t like that we’re getting picked on. that makes me very angry but if my black a$$ goes off in this f**Ing house I’m going f** up your game and I cannot do that
The last thing we need to show how angry or annoyed we are. He doesn’t want them to use that as a reason to put them up.
DF says he hates when they are hurting he wishes he could take their pain and hold onto it. “you women are strong you can do it”
DF – you can handle it this is not our week once again but when our time comes we’ll be cheering our beers in the HOH
Df – we have to get through this week once again. After this NO MORE.. NO MORE
Df – if people even think about it I will turn this house so fast upside down. it will be insane.. we’re not going to get picked again by other teams. we aren’t going to be nominated I’m tired of everyone nominating us two weeks in a row it’s bullshit.

Azah – I do appreciate your pep talk

2:25 am Tiffany and Xavier
Tiffany had a talk with Azah off-camera “I said I know you’re strong and you will get over whatever it is. I said Azah don’t let anything in this house get to you don’t let this game get to you. Know that you have support I know we have only known each other for 18 days but just know you have support here.. I genuinely care about you and our relationship
Tiffany – I gave her a hug she said I appreciate that
Sarah Beth joins them to grab her cup.
They talk about Azah being so sad for Britini.
SB – she feels like her team is being whittled down
Tiff- there’s another team in here with three they are the same size.
X – this is the game it’s hard separating emotion from game.
Xavier says everyone in the house has the same mindset and that isn’t going to change.

2:29 am Brent, DX, Kyland
Brent – we have to get through this eviction then we’re looking good.
Brent – I’ve been betrayed so many times..
Brent says he’s unsure about the people outside the mafia “teams should be ending soon”
Brent – Alyssa was SHOCKED that X put me up so Alyssa doesn’t trust X
Their rumblings about another guy going out.
Brent – it’ll be tough backdoors will be necessary..

2:30 1m Christian and Alyssa
Alyssa – before we get to 7 or around the time I know we solidified a four with X and SB but me and you need to solidify a four with 2 others.
Christian – yes you are right.. oh my god you’re so f**ing smart
Alyssa – have one with Derek and Ky. And Tiff and Claire
Christian – you need to be the spoke person between Derek and Ky
Alyssa – so when it’s 7 we can have a final 4 with SB and X, Derek and Ky, Tiffany and Claire. He just have to f**Ing win (HOH)

Alyssa says if they can get Whitney, Britini, Hannah, and Azah gone “we can make a final 3 with BIGD. he trusts you and I the most outta the slaughterhouse”
Christian – BIGD is someone we want to take out
Alyssa – what If BIGD wins HOH..
Alyssa – you and I are fine for the next week or two..
Alyssa thinks in three weeks they have to start winning competitions.
Alyssa – out of those three final 4 who would you want to have
Christian – not Kyland and Derek, Tiff and Claire
Alyssa – I think if it’s me and SB in the final 2 she would have the votes. I might have the votes over X though. Tiff and Claire I think I have the votes over them
Christian – they haven’t done anything
Alyssa – you would have the votes over them.

2:46 am Brent and DX
Brent talking about not wanting the veto to be played and DerekX going up
Brent – I don’t want you to go home
DX – I appreciate it
Brent – you have two veto comp wins I have nothing. I’m just the leader. We can make it far in this game
DX – how do you see this game play out
Brent – we have the numbers
Brent says once Britini is gone the Jokers won’t work with the Kings
Brent – they would have the 4 vs seven and then a lone two
Brent brings up the spinning competition today and how he could have won it if it wasn’t for him getting sick.

Brent – is there anything you know that I don’t know (LOL)
DX – I’ve been trying to talk to people moreso than anything. I want to lay know this week.
Brent mentions seeing him talk to Ky
Brent- if Britini goes home there’s no way the jokers don’t go after X
Brent – if Ky is playing us we don’t have the numbers
DX – do you think he would strike a deal with X to get you out?
Brent – would that benefit Ky
DX – they’re basically trading our teams I guess.. me and Kyland are tight and Hannah and Claire are tight.
BRent – all it takes is Ky throws a vote and X is a tie-breaker
Brent wants DX to talk to Kyladn again “Don’t spook him”
Brent – if they do vote me out you’ll never trust them again.
Brent says Tiffany and Claire are ride or dies with the mafia alliance.
Brent – I hope Kyland stays loyal to you because he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.
Brent – one man’s stupidity has put everyone literally in the crosshairs
DX – basically flipped our entire game. I thought we could float for a couple of weeks
Brent – nobody can stick to a goddamn plan dude.
Brent doesn’t understand why X did take Azah out “She has nobody”
Brent – I don’t f**ing get it America

2:30 am Claire and Tiffany
Talking about how everyone wants Azah in Jury.
tiffany – she’s not going to vote for me.
Claire says Britini is working with Whitney “She must be”
Claire – Whitney is convinced BRitini will go after Alyssa and Christian
Claire – some combination of the kings. Hannah is convinced too
Claire – any of the aces will go after the kings that is why she wants to throw it to them.
Tiff – we don’t know if any of this is true..
Claire agrees.
Claire adds that it was her and Hannah talking about Whitney joined them and Hannah said “This is what Claire just said”
Claire – it was me Hannah and DerekX we were chatting and Whitney joined..
Tiff – I don’t like that they are closer than I thought
Claire – SB wants Whitney/Hannah pre-jury. I said that’s fair
Tiff – that’s the whole team cause we have DerekX
Tiff – she doesn’t want to lose Alyssa she doesn’t want her team split
Claire – Hannah told me they want Alyssa, Christian or X. Whitney told me she can’t be the one that take out X.. SHe wants’ Alyssa and Christian.
Tiffany – Whitney is good at getting close to these guys so they don’t want her gone. DerekX is amazing at these winning comps
Claire – he is
Tiff – he could have beat me yesterday
Claire – DerekX has the perfect body type for this game and he’s smart as hell.
Tiff – how long do we keep them. Those three are smart as hell and they have the best body type.
Claire- Sb we were talking about a potential 5 us three, Ky and X
Tiff – I agree with that
They agree DerekX has to be cut “He’s too good.. he’s too social.. too smart”
Tiff – if we sit next to him he’ll win 750k. I don’t think Ky will go 4 girls and him
Claire – he would want another guy but at that point, he might think he can win out..
Tiff – I like Alyssa on a personal level.. Me, you, and Sarrah Beth it’s equally it’s anybody’s game.
Tiff is worried about their chances to beat Alyssa because of how all the guys like her.
Claire – I don’t think she goes to the end. Who would be the other guy if it’s us three.
Tiff – we can’t beat DerekX. I don’t think BIGD is going to make it
Claire- BIGD wants to make it to 5
Tiff – we still don’t know how X competes..

They agree they are safe from having to win the HOH next week. Tiffany thinks everyone is targeting Christian and Alyssa.
Tiff – Christian is such a competitor
Claire says Christian performed very good in the Veto yesterday. If Christian wins the HOH she thinks he targets Whitney and puts up Hannah to.
Claire – SB was worried they might do X and Ky
Tiff – I’m not going to lie. If I was on the outside that’s a good combination
Tiff – Britini could do that she has a legitimate reason to put them both on the block. It might be good for her to win
Claire – that would divide us. It would be the optimal move for them but they don’t know that
Tiff – they wouldn’t be crying if they did
Claire – It would split the kings and the queens up
Tiff thinks Ky will go home if it’s him and X on the block.
Tiffany is nervous about Brit winning the HOH.
Claire – we have to make her think we are with her. She’s not that paranoid as a person. These people (Kings>) are against me and this is what Fnrechie told me Frenchie told me to work with these people (jokers)
Tiff – if somebody from the jokers doesn’t win next week and it’s one of our teams the Jokers are back on the block again (HAHAHAHAH that would be fun feeds)
Claire – that sucks for them.
Claire – do we tell Brent beforehand or do we keep lying
Tiff – we keep lying. He’s not going to Jury
Claire – might be a battle back..
Tiff says that Kyland usually doesn’t stay up this late he’s talking game right now with DerekX. “I’m wondering if he’s considering flipping the vote”
Tiff – right now it’s 3-3 and all we need is six.
Clair e- he was telling me he was telling you we are the swing votes this week
Tiff – we are
Claire – who would vote to keep Brent?
Tiffany says it’s the concern about another guy leaving the house.
Tiffany – we would have Brent’s loyalty. If we kept him and he believed our alliance is real. he wouldn’t go against us.
Claire – Whitney would never keep him
tiffany – okay .. the Jokers would never keep him
Claire – DerekX would flip with us
Tiffany counts the votes. DX, Ky, Claire, Tiffany
Claire – we need 6
Tiff – DX can convince Hannah
Claire – I don’t think so
Tiff – we only have 4
Claire – he won’t be able to convince Whitney and Hannah

3:12 am Kyland, Claire, and Tiffany (working on it :) )
Ky – I was with Brent.. he wanted to go through the scenario where it would be nine against four
Claire fills him in on Whitney and Hannah wanted Alyssa or Christian out next.
They continue to go over scnarios. Ky thinks the Kings will put up Whitney and one of the jokers.
Adds that Britini told them she wouldn’t put a King up but since saying that she’s said she would.
Ky – I think it’ll be Whitney and Hannah or Whitney and one of the jokers. Most likely it will be a joker instead of Hannah. That’s my guess.
Tiff – if a joker wins who do they target
Ky – me.. X and Christian. If it’s X and Christian and Christian comes down it’ll be tough between me or Alyssa. I think we can push Alyssa.
Ky doesn’t want a Joker to win the HOH.
Tiff – what if DerekX wins?
Ky – Britini and Azah
Claire – he’ll throw it
Ky laughs “I don’t think he can”
Claire – Whitney, and Hannah both told me they want to throw to the jokers.
Tiffany about the kings “damn that’s a strong a$$ team”

They talk about how nobody trusts Whtiney.
Tiff – me and Claire can’t build anything with her it’s day 17 and you just now saying you want to work with me and Claire.. like where have you been.
Claire – she’s just now pushing female empowerment
Ky – that’s why I don’t like it even for my personal game. if we get Britni past week four it will be a self fullying prophecy her trying to bring the girls together at this point.
Tiff – Whitney or Britini
Ky – either one
Tiff- ohh sh1t
Ky – I don’t think they could but they would think it’s their best chance. I wouldn’t be surprised if Whitney thinks her flirting works in terms of game (she flirts with X)
Tiff says Whitney thinks it’ll works
Claire- Alyssa is doing it to and it works.
Kyland brings up maybe Christian is playing the showmance
Tiffany – Christian is not playing a damn thing Christian is drinking the breast milk he is her baby.. (HAHA)

3:28 am Claire and Tiffany tell Ky if Alyssa and Christian are on teh block Alyssa goes home.
Ky – WHAT!@
Claire/Tiff “he girls want her gone’
Tiff – she’s more of a threat she’s playing the game he’s not. She’s smarter than him she knows the game and he doesn’t
Kyland brings up Brent telling him “Best case scenario is they don’t use the veto at all”
Ky – I’m just like Bro.. I guess you’re right.. He told Alyssa the same thing.
Ky – he feels like he has the votes and if Veto is used on Britini, DerekX will go up

Ky says if they put up a joker and a ace they show the house they are working with the Kings but if they put up two aces.
Tiff adds the reason they’ll give why they won’t put up DerekX they don’t want him to win the veto.
They go through scenarios. Putting up a Ace and a Joker and showing their cards. Ky says they have two aces so doesn’t matter if the jokers join them.
Tiff – we don’t have Hannah but we should have Hannah too
Ky – we’ll have both (DX and Hannah)
feeds cut
Ky – we put up one Joker and one Ace..
CLair e- we’ll be showing our hand
Ky – good thing we have a royal flush
Ky – Christian can’t play a psychological game.
Tiff – Christian doesn’t know this game
Tiff – I like the kings
Ky – I want to hang out with them in general
Tiff – we got to keep DX that f**er can cook
they laugh
Ky – we keep DerekX always.. DerekX is our four we need four.
Tiff – we need him to COOK
Ky – we need him to fight the kings later.

3:45 – 9:50 am zzzzzzzzz

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what did the wild card get this week?


Oooooooh, my favorite HGs (Tiff, Claire, Kyland) strategizing and wanting to take my other favorite HG (DerekX) further in the game. I love it. Not gonna lie… Brent is arrogant and annoying, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a vote flip and Brit evicted. My only concern… please tell me Ky did not sleep on that Sea-doo again?!?

MDW-Gilbert AZ

I really do enjoy Tiff and Claire, I like how they are really plying the game. I really would not mind seeing Tiff and Claire in the final 2. When Ky, told Tiff, maybe Christian is just playing Alyssa in their Showmance, I could not stop laughing when Tiff told Ky “Christian is drinking the breast milk, he’s Alyssa’s Baby”. That was funny as hell, I hope they show that conversation on air, Tiff is never lost for words. Go Tiff and Claire.


Yes I am really enjoying these two.


They are the two that I’m rooting for.


I LOVE the Queens and Tiffany is the queen of memorable funny jokes.


If none of the jokers win next HOH, I’m hoping Britini or Hazah go next, god I hate their constant complaining. They really suck at playing BB and they are a liability to other people’s game, they have to go.