Shelli – She’s (Becky) with Day.. she wants to target Audrey I want to target Day”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : ?, ? Nominations 2: ?, ?
Battle of the Block Winner Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 20-51-07-703

8:51pm Hammock room Shelli and Becky
Comparing notes about Audrey sound like it was Audrey that started the fake story about Becky being racist. Becky won HOH becuase she wants to get rid of Audrey it’s personal for her.

They agree neither of them want JAckie or Clay up. Becky wants to put up Steve and Audrey in case Audrey wins the POV then Steve can go someone that the house doesn’t like. Becky stressing she wants Audrey out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 20-52-37-652
8:52pm Storage room Clay and Jeff
Clay says they have to make a deal with Audrey, “Day is the biggest target right now.. if day leaves I trust JAson way more “
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 21-04-45-841

Feeds cut when we come back Audrey is there with Meg. Audrey is saying Jeff told Jace to blow up her game.
Clay says Audrey and Jace have been close these last couple days. “It was weird how Jace all of sudden started targeting Jeff”
Audrey – Do you think he was getting everyone worked up to get out Jeff
Clay – No
Clay thinks it was someone else getting Jace all worked up to get out Jeff.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 21-21-47-280

Picking Have nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 21-30-17-609

9:23pm Hammock room Clay and Shelli
Shelli fills him in on Becky’s plan to get rid of Audrey and use Steve as the pawn. Says that Day’s words are coming out of Becky’s mouth.
Clay says that DAY is really worried about getting backdoored that show she has no trust with you
Shelli – She’s my target
Clay stressed if DAY and Jason win HOH they are going up .
Clay – Audrey is a f****g liar she just lied to us again
Clay wants DAY out it’s best for their game, “You can’t nominate DAY.. if it presents itself we backdoor DAY otherwise we send Audrey home
Shelli – so I don’t nominate her
Clay – I would not if you nominate DAY you draw a line..
Shelli doesn’t think they have the votes to get out DAY. Clay is certain they do “We don’t need Jason”
Clay – If you nominate her you’re saying F*** you were not with you.. that’s OK it’s going to happen but not happen right now
Clay – put up Floaters
Shelli – Becky wants to backdoor Audrey
Shelli says becky’s “Girls” is Jackie. She brings up walking in on Jackie, Becky, DAY, Meg and John in the HOH .

Clay – I’m backing you whatever you want to do
Clay proposes she puts him and DAY up so he can throw the BOB. Shelli refuses says it’s too risky. Clay is really worried DAY being in the game is bad for them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 21-27-32-849

9:23pm Storage room DAY and Becky
Day says her target is Audrey then Steve followed by Austin. Becky reassures her becky will not be putting her up as a pawn.
Becky – I would rather work with you
Becky says DAy will be the social side and Becky will be “The beast on the court”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 21-30-52-499

9:30pm Jason and Becky
Becky says the plan is to backdoor Audrey the HOH’s are on board
Becky says the plan is to backdoor Audrey if that doesn’t work she’s going after Steve.
Becky is going to nominate Jason and Steve.
Jason – I’m not worried about it
Becky – the whole house is against Audrey
They agree the whole Shelli, Clay Jeff thins is weird and hard to trust.
Jason – you know who Shelli is putting up
Becky – not at all.. right now I don’t have numbers to go after a big target like Jeff and clay
Becky makes it clear she’s not good at the social aspect but she’ll be a beast in competition that is why she wants to work with Day and Jason.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 21-38-36-627

9:36pm Hammock room Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa says she trusts Becky.
Shelli – She’s with DAy.. she wants to target Audrey I want to target DAY”
Vanessa thinks backdooring Audrey is risky
Shelli says John is with Day.
Vanessa says she can use some of the things Audrey told her as ammunition to put DAY up, Vanessa “Are you scared to put DAY up”
Shelli – I’m not afraid to makes big move.
Vanessa – you have to put up someone weak to throw the competition
Shelli points out it’s obvious that Becky wanting to get Steve out second if Audrey can’t get backdoor is Becky doing Day’s dirty work.
They agree they cannot let Becky know the target is DAy.
Shelli says she’s not going to put up Jeff, Clay, Vanessa, Jackie and Austin
Shelli – I don’t want JAson to come after me..
Vanessa – you scared to put James and Meg up
Shelli – I’m not putting Meg up .. she’s close to Jeff and Clay
Vanessa proposes JAmes goes up
Shelli – James won’t throw a competition
Vanessa – Steve and John
Shelli – Becky’s plan is to put up people that will let her backdoor Audrey
VAnessa – let her think that

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 21-38-50-164
9:40pm Becky and James
Tells him he’s not her target she likes him and respect where he is in the game and the people he’s with. Tells him Audrey is the backdoor target.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 21-56-03-120
9:43pm JOHNNYMAC and Becky
Tells him the plan to backdoor Audrey “It’s Jace part two” Adds that Shelli is in on it.
Becky mentions the 8 person alliance.
John – I just hear about that..
Becky thinks it’s cracking and isn’t a huge threat. Adds that she’s going to nominate one person from inside the 8 person alliance and one person outside.

9:44pm Shelli and Becky called into the Diary Room

[envira-gallery id=”118463″]

10:00pm They get their HOH room

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 22-03-39-557

10:03on HOH Becky and Jeff
Jeff telling her there is no alliance of 8. Adds he doesn’t think Shelli is going to get rid of Audrey so if they want Audrey out Becky will have to do it.
Jeff is very much on board to get Audrey out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 22-12-07-565

10:03pm HOH Austin and Shelli
talking about Nominations. He tells her she need to put a person up with Day that she knows will throw the BOB.
Shelli – Becky wants to be the one that send Audrey home
Austin proposes they put up DAY with Johnnymac and convince JohnnyMac to throw the BOB.
Shelli – I want to make a move know
Austin – I like that you should.. you get rid of DAY we’ll be the power in the house
Austin says if Anyone used the POV they put Jason up.
Austin – I can recruit numbers from that have
Shelli asks him about Liz.
Austin – she’s scared she doesn’t know what she’s doing in here.. She’s a super loyal people.. the only person that doesn’t lie to be other than you and Clay is her
Shelli – I don’t see her talking and scheming
Austin – She doesn’t’ know who to talk to … you should talk to her one on one.. she’s looking to work with a group
Sheli says Liz is safe points out that Liz was the only one that didn’t come up to her to talk after she won the HOH.
Shelli – this is teh week to turn the house around in our favour.. that 8 person alliance clay and I were brought in that night it’s soo fake.

Austin about Audrey – She’s like the exorcist she freaks me out”
They are both scared of working with Audrey
Austin proposes Jackie going up against Day
Shelli refuses to put Jackie through that again.
She tells him Johnymac is working with DAY she can’t put him up as a pawn he won’t throw it.
Austin says he would do it but if something happened he would go home, “I’m too big”
Shelli agrees.
Austin doesn’t think Meg will do well in competitions.
Shelli warns her that Jeff and Meg are working both side.
Austin doesn’t think DAY and MEG will win the BOB if they went up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 22-17-52-542

10:17pm Shelli and Meg
Meg trusts Jason, Clay, Jerff and her.
Meg says she doesn’t trust Jason with DAY
Meg – just show you know she (DAY) expects to be backdoored this week
Meg has personal issues with Audrey.
Meg – I’m willing to do what you guys want this week
Shelli – is day with John
Meg – I don’t think so, they’ve never talked to me, Jason and DAY are ride or die
Shelli – James is tied with them
Meg – James will choose Jeff and m.. james has issues with DAY’s gameplay
Shelli says Audrey is 100% Audrey’s target.
Shelli says if Day wins POV she will have to put Jason up. She’s going to tell Jason that before the POV tell him her target is DAY and if he uses the POV he’s going up.

Shelli – Who do I put up against her to throw the competition to keep her on the block
Meg – who are the options
Shelli – Steve or John, Steve isn’t going to throw the competition
Shelli adds she caught John and DAy talking game.
Meg asks about Asutin
Shelli – Austin is trustworthy he’s with us
Meg – but he doesn’t want to throw it

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Everyone is really scared of Steve…even Becky…oh man..I feel terrible for him…


Whether you love Day and hate Audrey it would be incredible to see one HoH target each of them. THATS INTRIGUING

I won’t get into too much detail about what I think until we see the nominations but as long as Clay doesn’t get involved this could be good.

Also i saw a lot of people like this Telephone Takeaway 3 votes Twist. Personally it would piss me off if I was in the house and lost my vote due to chance (or Production) but I get that it adds strategy and consequences. I guess as fans the twist is good?


I want either Audrey or Day out this week!


Why do people hate Audrey so much? Yes, she lies. Yes, she played way too hard. But every BB great has lied, and has lied HARD. (Btw, I’m not saying she is great whatsoever.)

I find her entertaining. She causes the people in the house paranoid and on their toes.


Yesssss! I completely agree, true fans should enjoy the mere fact that she is at least playing the game, even if its overplaying, especially because the last five seasons have had only half the house or less actually strategizing and playing…. This is why Jace leaving was bittersweet, as obnoxious as he may have been, his attempts to stay were refreshing as it showed true commitment to the game and wanting to play, again, not the best attempts but nonetheless, playing hard. As a fan since season 1, I am soo happy to watch a season without mean spirited bigots/racists, and without a group of douche guys dominating the house (knock on wood), these houseguests aren’t afraid to put up a fight to stay and win (too bad they weren’t in the house last year lol)


Because Audrey is a psychotic, diabolical creep.
She’s bat shit crazy… And it’s not an act.
Don’t expect us to root for crazy… Not happening.


I’m confused how is DAY a huge target again?


Finally we get two HOHs who don’t want to work together!



First off she is an idiot saying she will put Steve up if he uses POV on Day! You can’t nominate the POV holder! This BOB is ruining the game no one will go after the threats head on they keep nominating the weaker ones. I don’t get why Shelli is against Day did I miss something?

GeekSquad McGee

Shelli probably thinks that Da’Vonne would target Clay, and Clay is Shelli’s ticket to the end. It makes sense.


Hahaha… watching today’s show you see how much you miss by not watching live feeds or how much CBS does a poor job at editing the show. BBTakeOver is somewhat refreshing but they shouldn’t waste so much time talking about it. Or they should air 4 times a week.

And I don’t get what’s those girl’s beef with Steve… sounds stupid to go after him now. He’d make a great jury member.


This is why I HATE HATE HATE the BOB- people throw the stupid comps. And haven’t we learned what happens when you plan to throw a comp a la beast mode. SMH


If day gets put on the block I think she’ll hands down save herself. If that group really wants her gone they’ll have to backdoor her or their games will suffer.


I sure hope Johnnymac does not join with Shelli, Clay & Jeff. Clay is doing all of the talking and Shelli is the HOH, she is letting someone 10 years her junior run her HOH. Jeff has a big mouth and he runs around talking to,everyone trying to prove he is with the in crowd, and he has so much power, Clay is pissed with DAY, because she called him out earlier this week. He knows that he cannot control DAY or Jason. I hope and pray Jason or DAY don’t go home this week, and if DAY is nominated and stays on the block, I hope she is the person who is the 7th person to answer the call from Kathy Griffin, and DAY can eliminate 3 of the people’s votes who are with Shelli & Clay. As far as I’m concerned, Shelli is letting Clay run her HOH..


I knew it Audrey is going to skate through. She is going to win this because people are to scared or stupid to get her out,


and production


Shelli seems like a total idiot and a waste of an HOH. She is letting Clay control everything. I want strong female players like Day to do well in this game. Shelli is useless.


What makes Day so strong? Because she gets mad and yells at people? A “strong” person wouldn’t lose control of their emotions the way she does. I don’t see her lasting the three months it takes for this competition and I was really rooting for her I found out she has a tiny baby she left behind so she could try to win $500k in order to try to give her daughter life.


Shelli is a waste of an HOH. She is basically letting Clay control everything. I want Day to stay because I want strong female characters to do well. Shelli is useless.


So Audrey is a threat, a liar and unstable but Day needs to go. Jason hasn’t proven to be loyal to the other side but he’s better without Day. Day never had a chance in this game and it’s frustrating because she’s been entertaining and a gamer so far.


I don’t like shelli and clay. I don’t understand why they want go after Day.


I wish that Steve could find someone to rely on in the house. They are going to keep using him as a pawn. I hope this game brings him confidence and for him to stand up for himself. Love the underdog!


Basically this season’s Jocasta.. They will keep on using him as a pawn and then send him packing because he’s the easy person that nobody likes….


I like Steve. I have a thing for nerds so IMO the’s the cutest one in the house. I’m glad they’re sleeping on him cause he’s actually good at competitions that aren’t physical. Soon they’ll be targeting him for that reason but I’m rooting for him. I hope he stays away from Audrey and finds someone trustworthy in the house as an ally.


Can anyone explain why Becky cant get a letter from home? Something about Audrey alerting someone about something??


Yes, I want to know the same. Couldn’t follow what Becky was saying other than she really wanted a letter from her mom and couldn’t have it.


shelli and clay is idiot


Most of these HG are laughable game players. They talk about making alliances so big it’s practically the whole house.

Clay/Shelli want to work with: Meg, Jeff, Jason, Austin, Liz, Vanessa, James, and JohnnyMac?

WTF? And all these people (minus JohnnyMac) think they can just stay together and never turn on each other? *rolls eyes*

It’s funny, because a lot of these people are the least trustworthy. Clay and Jeff have been all over the place in two weeks.

Day and Jason are probably two of the more loyal people in the house.

It’ll be interesting to see what Audrey pulls this week.

Here’s hoping/praying Day, Jason, and JohnnyMac survive this week.


Sorry I forgot my name.

For people wondering, Shelli/Clay don’t like Day because she rightfully called them out. Plus Audrey fanned the flames between those 3.

Shelli and Clay were both in an alliance with Day, and yet asked Jeff to spy on her while she was counting items in the house.

That’s so shady. They could have asked Day. Day heard them, and lost trust in both of them.

Shelli is still useless as a HOH. It’s almost like there are two Clay’s because he’s basically playing her game for her.

I can’t root for Audrey (for now), but I admire her, Day, Vanessa, and Meg playing this game. Becky is starting to play, but she needs stronger players like Jason and Day to play with.

Day needs to grab hold of Steve. Hex wanted to be her Jason.

Jeff is all over the place. One minute he dislikes Clay, then he loves him.


Da completely overreacted to Shelli’s saying, “go and get some hair gel” to see what she’s doing wandering into empty rooms. If you’re quietly going around counting and don’t want to tell ppl what your doing, fair enough, but don’t freak if they notice and wonder about it. They were just curious and would have forgotten about it an hour later. The reaction was way worse gameplay than Shelli’s curiousity. Da let 3 ppl know, she will go off at the slightest provocation, and wouldn’t let it go even after she had time to think.


Wow, what a season. Hate the edits had to explain to my kids what really is going on and the house relationships. Thinking this needs to be a longer show or every night!! You imagine what we miss in survivor ??


This is extremely disappointing. Why is Shelli and Clay against Day? Why does Steve scare everybody? and if Audrey is so damn untrustworthy why are they targeting Day over her…


TROMBONISTS….cuz he spelled that lol…that’s why they afraid of Steve


They not afraid of Johnny Mac cuz he spelled BOOGERS…forget the 8 years of med school or whatever lol…


Just like the house, the fans split in to camps too. I’m pulling for Austin, Liz, Vanessa, and Steve. Because of that, this week I need to see Day be the target. If the other side had embraced those 4, I’d be looking for Audrey as the target. Ideally, I’d like to see Jeff be the target, especially since everyone knows that he is working both sides right now and caused nearly as much drama as Audrey. This should be interesting because neither Day nor Audrey will go down without a fight…

Brad H

Wow are you me?!?! I wish those 4 would create an alliance!! They should take notes from the bridade. Austin, Liz, Steve, & Vanessa could each find their own person to ride or die with, but never tell anyone about their 4 person alliance. Then it’s like an 8 person alliance in a way because they can individually persuade 4 other HG’s to vote the way they want. I’d love to see them go final 4, but they don’t have the pull at this point.


i don’t understand why we haven’t seen a brigade type strategy every season since it was introduced. it seems like a guaranteed road to the final 5 so long as you keep the floaters you drag with you in the dark (and considering you should be targeting the weakest players for such as role, that shouldn’t be hard).

Kate L

Shelli says she will tell Jason if he uses the POV on Day, she will put him up. Learn how to play the game b!tch!!! You can’t put the POV holder on the block. Where do they find these people???

Ariana Grande stinks!

Very uncomfortable and very disappointing talk (Shelli+Jeff+Clay+John). It reeks the latent racism and I hate it. Right there I lost all my respect for Jeff, Shelli or Clay (Johnny is not in the clique…. well, not yet!)

Why would they want to evict Dae and save Audrey, when Audrey did all the scheming, lying and is detrimental to everyone’s game? Dae did NOT deserve this.

Once again this shows that a black person can NEVER win a series of BBUS. Maybe in 30 years this implicit racism will be less of an issue, but today it is still huge and I am sorry it is so 🙁

The Hammer

So, anybody who votes to throw out loudmouth, controversy causing, agitating, fight picking Da’ (all of the classic reasons a Big Brother player gets evicted early in the game, btw) is a racist..whatever.


They might not be racist. But the fact that because she’s a somewhat loud and opinionated black woman makes her more of a threat than a smart guy, a gigantic man, and other players who’ve won competitions… That kinda lends to the fact that she’s seen through a different lens. And let’s not pretend that the show hasn’t had it’s share of people who seemed racists.


I agree, first they want someone to follow her as if she’s going to steal something, and then she’s a threat for being black. One black on this show will never make it, she has no true ally.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Exactly! Racism that I’m talking about is not explicit, intentional… No, we are in the 21st century and hopefully beyond that. HOWEVER, it is subversive, it influences all the decisions. Of ALL the housemates, and after all that happened last week with/around Audrey, to target Dae suggests only one thing — the one that I discussed above and that made me very uncomfortable 🙁


I couldn’t have said it better! Da blows up at anything she perceives as threatening even if it’s not! What does everyone like about her so much? And no I’m not racist at all.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Is that a necessary and sufficient reason for Dae to be the target #1 this week?

In what way is she more threatening than Audrey, Vanessa, AUSTIN (!)… ?

Ariana Grande stinks!

Stats are obvious (17 seasons of BB!)
Worst even, this latent racism is not intentional, but encoded in decision — sneaky, porous and poisonous…

Dae is not that loud and there is ZERO reason why she should be a target before Audrey — especially after all the shit that happened last week.


oh come are going to bring race into this, that is a complete load, it has nothing to do with Day being black it has to her being a huge player in the game, a threat. Only a idiot would bring race into it with no signs of Shelli or Clay being racist…that is a cheap shot and BS!


Sadly racism will probably be around forever. The people it doesn’t effect and the people who take part in it stay in denial about and refuse to acknowledge it. How can a black person win or get far in BB when they only put 1 or 2 out of 16 in the house? I have nothing against white people but this game has always been a white person’s game. If they keep putting 1 or 2 blacks and 1 or 2 Asians in a house with 14 or 15 white people…..what do you expect is going to happen? It would be the same outcome if they put 1 or 2 whites in a house with 14 or 15 black people. They need more diversity in this game. Otherwise it will never be fair. Instead of having the same cast of people every year they need to add some older people, middle aged people, and more people of different races and cultures.

GeekSquad McGee

America is 13% black. So 1-2 per season is fair representation. It would be ridiculous to throw 4 or 5 black people in there just for the sole purpose of having a black winner.

The reason why there hasn’t been a black winner is because the best player hasn’t been black. Nothing to do with racism. There was the most racism in BB15 but that had nothing whatsoever to do with why Howard didn’t win. He just didn’t play a great game. If Day gets evicted it will have nothing to do with racism. The winner will be someone who wasn’t involved in any drama in the early weeks, like it always is.




Seriously???? Get real. It has nothing to do with race. If people don’t like Day, they should be able to say it without the racist card being slung at them. In my opinion, she is obnoxious. Oh yeah, I’m African American, just because I don’t like Day, am I racist?

GeekSquad McGee

What an asinine thing to say.

If Day won the next HOH, who do you think her target would be? There’s a good chance it would be Clay, and they all know it, so they want to get her out first.

There’s zero evidence of racism, and it’s pathetic to bring that up.

The Hammer

I’m liking this, would love to see idiot Audrey and hood rat Da’ next to each other on the block. That would be a great battle of stupid vs more stupid, weave would be flying by Thursday!


Judging from the stereotypes you’re throwing around, you’re a just a racist P.O.S. That is all.


Honestly, if Day goes this week it would be a waste of an HOH for Shellie. Day/Jason have both made it known that they are targeting Aubrey not Shellie/Clay so it’s no logic to her being targeted this week. Clay is manipulating Shellie in to nominating Day because she called him out. I just hope she isn’t backdoored so she can have a chance to fight


Shelli is now officially Clay’s puppet. Can anyone tell me why Shelli hate Day so much? She hates Day with a passion and doesn’t even try to hide it. It’s crazy cause Shelli and Day rarely even talk. She can’t say she is targeting her for being a strong competitor or anything like that. So why then? Clay has been coming up with stupid reasons to get her out of the house since the first couple of days. It’s only been a week so it’s crazy to me how much the two of them hate her and want her out of the house. Meanwhile Audrey is in an alliance with everyone in the house and blabbing to everyone about everyone!


Shellie has issue with Day because she got mad when Day chose Vanessa instead of her or Audrey (pseudo alliance members) for safety for the week.


I think that was the beginning, coupled with the whole situation when Day went into the empty bedroom and overheard Clay, Shelly and Jeff talking about what she was doing in there.

And Day saved Liz with her power, not Vanessa. Vanessa was the other person with the power to save someone and she chose Austin.

Brad H

This battle of the block will be very interesting. Jason & Johnny could both throw it so that means it would essentially just be Steve against Dae. Another scenario is that Johnny could go back on his word and decide to win the BOB. I cannot wait to see what happens lmao this season is so good so far!!

Can't We All Get Along ??

I love big brother and have been a faithful viewer since the first season. With that said, I say this, it just amazes me that every season of Big Brother, they have a gay person, a black person, and sometimes a Hispanic or Asian. The remaining 13 Houseguests are all white, I’d like to see just one season where we have a variety of all races, all genders, etc… Then I think it would be a true reflection of the world we live in. Be honest and ask yourself how would you feel if You were the only Caucasian, and they had 1 Hispanic Gay person, and everyone else was black ? I think then we would see tons of posts stating how unfair it is an not balanced when it comes to how the show was cast. I am not a racist at all, and I do not think anyone on this season has been racist, but a few seasons back, the racial remarks towards blacks, and Asians, even Julie Chen spoke up on this matter. I thought CBS would stop putting 1 or 2 different races and create a well blended cast of all ethnicities, to make everyone feel more comfortable. I was very disappointed to see 1 black person on BB17, and I’m a Caucasian Female, this is not a good representation of the world we live in and it is time for Big Brother to work on making some changes in how the shows are cast. Just my opinion.


Thank you

Brad H

Nobody has learned from the Brigade in season 12. The way to make it to the end is to have a 200% solid 4 person alliance. Then each alliance member finds their “ride or die” HG outside of the core 4.


Watching BBAD….was I hearing right….Jeff telling John that he wants Shellie out? Isn’t that a bad thing to say while Shellie is a HOH? Would love for that to get back to Shellie, can’t stand Jeff, he has been as bad as Audrey to me.


Personally, I love all the scheming Audrey is doing for her game play. If it works then stick with it. I love Day too I wish her and Audrey would work together but Day needs to chill and recognize that she needs someone like that – a bigger target so she can move further. I would like to see Shelli gone she does nothing game wise except stare in to Clays eyes all day long *BORING*. Oh and talk rude about the other girls. In a cast of power players this Season she brings nothing to the table. She has out stayed her welcome. Would be sweet to see her dethroned this week for sure. Then America will see her Pout all Week! Maybe Clay will finally clue in and snap out of it!!!


Clay and Shelli did NOT put Jeff up to confront Da’Vonne while she was counting things in that room. Clay, Shelli, and Jeff were just sitting around talking and Da’Vonne walked by and walked into the room Jeff is sharing right now. Clay, Shelli, and Jeff wondered what Da’Vonne was doing and Jeff said something like, “Should I go ask her?” Clay and Shelli encouraged Jeff to ask Da’Vonne what she was doing. Jeff said to Da’Vonne something like, “This is my room. I want to know why you’re in here.” But it wasn’t like Clay and Shelli and Jeff had some plan here. Da’Vonne just happened to wander by while the 3 of them were chatting. I think Da’Vonne handled it wrong, got too defensive which made her seem sketchy, but Clay and Shelli did not ask Jeff to find out what Da’Vonne was up to. It was more like Jeff saying, in fun, “Should I follow her in there?” Jeff was being a jerk, naturally, but Da’Vonne could have handled it better.