Audrey – “I’ve been calling Da momma Demon.. Shelli is the demon slayer”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 15-32-16-903
2:50pm HOH
Shelli and Vanessa
Vanessa says Austin told her last night after they went to bed people people were joking “There goes the couples” Day is starting to rally the house to keep her so she can go after CLay and Shelli. Mostly Clay he’s the first target.
Vanessa says JohnnyMac was out there, warns that JohnnyMac knows a lot of information now.
Shelli – JohnnyMac owes us right now
Vanessa – no it’s even
Shelli says Meg and James are telling her they are voting out Day she thinks she has the votes.
Vanessa tells her they are just saying that to her. What else do you expect them to say?
Shelli doesn’t trust James even though Clay is “Die hard James” She’s not.
Clay comes in “Austin briefly mentioned something to me”
Austin comes in.. “There’s some games”
Austin fills them in on what happened last night. Jason, Jeff, Audrey… Day were in a room talking he could hear them in the adjacent room. “The walls are paper thin”.
Austin – Jeff‘s just in there I trust him right now
Austin warns they are trying to set Clay and Shelli as an isolated entity to turn people against them. Adds that it’s mostly just Day.
Austin – I didn’t hear Audrey say anything
Austin – I’m worried about JohnnyMAc and Steve being floaters.. Every Time I have a read on Steve… I Don’t know
Audrey comes in asks Vanessa where the glue is. (LOL)
Clay says she guarantees Audrey is now going to go to Day and tell her we’re working together.
Shelli points out that Austin and Audrey are getting close.
Austin says Audrey told him she has this tattoo man in her dreams that she can trust. So he guesses they are closer. (LOL)
Austin – She’s pathological
Austin and vanessa say Day doesn’t trust them anymore and is giving them dirty looks.
Austin is really concerned that Day has the 7 votes downstairs. It’s possible she does and they don’t know about it.
Shelli tells Clay he has to be downstairs tonight.
Liz comes in. Clay heads downstairs “To see where everyone is at”
Liz and Austin trying to get Meg nominated, She’s with the other side, this makes them decide which one of their own goes home. Austin continues to stress Day getting the votes to stay.
Austin about Da’vonne – I caught her in two lies she’s not a teacher
Shelli – she’s an actress
Vanessa points out her musical tattoos and her history dancing
Shelli – So that blow up could have been acting
Vanessa and Austin tell her Audrey might vote to keep Day in the house because that would keep a bigger target in the house.
Vanessa, Austin and Liz pressing the only way to get Day out is to put up Meg.
Shelli – the only way to get Day out is put her up against someone nobody will vote out
Austin points out Day is the ringleader of the other side. Liz adds if Meg is up against Day it’ll reduce the number of rumours she’ll spread because meg and her are friends.
Jackie comes in
Shelli – what’s going on downstairs
Jackie – Nothing
Chit chat… Jackie leaves.
Shelli says she’s down with the change of plans to put Meg up over Liz.
Jackie comes back. Before she enters Shelli says someone is sending jackie up here.

(Sounds like Meg is going up now)
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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 15-34-26-778

3:34pm Liz and Austin
Agreeing the two of them Vanessa, Shelli and Clay are a good group and Shelli is starting to realize that.
They start listing off all the immature things the other side of the house does. Austin mentions James being 31 and is caught humping a giraffe.
Austin is pissed by how inconsiderate the house is late at night when people are sleeping they run around being silly and loud. Doesn’t understand why they don’t go to another room where people are not sleeping.
Austin – It’s the nerd herd What the f**k
They agree jackie is showing her hand, she’s working with someone else.

3:43pm HOH Nail party Becky, Shelli, Vanessa and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 15-56-22-865

3:56pm Austin, Liz, Shelli, Becky and Vanessa
Nail party continues. they agree to be “Fatties” and eat mac and cheese tonight.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 16-13-30-470

4:10pm Havenots James and Steve
Steve saying this game is a lot different on the inside. Steve explains last season how Caleb, Cody and Derrick turned out in the end. Adds that things got nasty for Caleb.
James says one way to protect yourself in this game is to win HOH.
(This conversation degrades to James stating the obvious like it’s a grand revelation )

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 16-15-50-364
4:15pm Vanessa and JohnnyMac
Talking about the skybridge. How nobody is ever there so it’s a great place to get away from it all. They mention how it looks sketchy when people are up in the skybridge.
JohnnyMac talking about his dental practice, Says after the needle it usually goes smoothly. Adds that talking to the patient before the needle is important to calm them down his assistant has alot of ‘Female Energy” which is important.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 16-28-02-363

4:27pm Audrey and Clay
Clay saying they really need Day home this week and he doesn’t want anything to jeopardize things. Audrey hints they might want to Backdoor Becky, ‘Her loyalty is to jason, JAckie and Jeff”
Audrey – “I’ve been calling Day momma Demon.. Shelli is the demon slayer”
Audrey reassures him she will not vote out Da’Vonne,
She now claims the only people she talks to is Clay, “I talked to Jeff in the storage room”
Audrey says Becky is a competition beast sh’es going to win the competitions over time.
Audrey says she will never trust Day or Jason after what they did to her, “I heard her in he shower saying to James and Jason I know you will be my only two votes”
Audrey does’t see the house flipping to keep Day, “She’ll get two votes”
Audrey – What do you have to do when you have to pick sides. Audrey says they need to go back to the new sleeper cell.
Audrey warns him of Vanessa “She’s smart she might catch on to some patterns”
Clay – I do want a legit alliance..
Audrey doesn’t have a preference with who to work with whoever wants to work with her she’ll give them a shot
Audrey says Jeff is going after Austin and Austin is going after James.
Audrey asks him who she should work on

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 16-31-08-363

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 16-59-16-498

5:00pm Chit chat …

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Is there anybody out there? …


Damn I was really hoping day would get the votes and liz would go to keep day in and ruin the dumb twin twist. Against meg day is as good as gone


I really hope that day stays, praying and crossing my fingers that she doesn’t get evicted.


I really hope day stays and continues on in the game.


good old Audrey, she is at it again, lying, being nasty (calling Da a demon, that just pisses me off), she never stops, she never learns. I want this witch out so bad!


They won’t keep day because she knows it was she is gone and also scared if johnny or someone will tell that they are supposed to throw the bob. Audrey is crazy pick a definite target each week she changes. Hey she would probably will stay unless she is on the block. In bb11 ronnie was the rat and everyone knew since week 2 and still he got a week or two to stay safe so this will happen to her. I still wondering who knows vanessa is pro poker player I know jason, james, meg, day knows but I wonder if clay shelli or jeff knows about this info. I feel sorry for steve because everyone thinks he is a rat or a mole because of ian. This week is still crazy there is no definite alliance for jeff, shelli, clay. It sucks that that power of last laugh sucks its a good power but I wonder if they could tell others about the power because the house could make it unanimous still. I wonder when jeff probst will show up mostly likely after he wraps up second chance. Will arisa cox from bbcan show maybe. Johnny mac is the best but I still understand why people understimate him since he won pov and steve the same.


Nail party?! This girls are so boring! And Austin the gay glue lol


If Meg goes up Day is done, not even the Last Laugh can save her. If Shelli puts Liz/Austin/Vanessa up instead there might be a chance for her.


this seasons is really boring but it’s still better than last year but only by a little tiny hairy…


Are you even following this season?


yes I am, I just finished episode 5.. and yawwwwwwn

but lolllll at Julie Chen “I have no programming in my ear”


Troll fail


you’re the bigger troll for replying to a “troll”


Well your an even bigger troll than the bigger troll for responding to a troll who responded to a troll


Well that was heavily edited and they didn’t show any of the crazy explosive events that went down after Jaces nomination.


I’m so confused !!! This cast is just out of this world.


The look on their face if Meg get up on the block will be shocking
Please do it if you ever get on big brother my opinion never have a group of 8 have a group of five or four


Can’t believe they think Johnny Mac owes them anything!


I know! Shelli thinks he owes them and Vanessa thinks they’re even?! Don’t get the line of reasoning… both at the bottom of my fav list now.


Why thumbs down? Johnny Mac does NOT owe Shelli and Clay anything! They had nerve even asking him not to use the veto! Purely selfish motive..not thinking of him at all!


Why does it say ? Audrey said she will not vote out Davonne? Did I miss something? I thought she hated her?


I wonder if they have a mvp twist like two people are on the block then on eviction night on person will be remove by america and we get to decide who will be the replacement like we have the power of coup d edat. Or maybe a diamond power of veto will show up out of random.


shelli is second guessing herself and she does meg she will be the replacement then a lot of people will be pissed off on her because everyone will know her true loyalites is with vanessa and austin. Bad gameplay maybe. She told jeff that liz will be the replacement and if she switch to meg then it will not build trust. Actually it will be bad move for shelli clay they have nominate austin or vanessa they are not team players. If there is a mvp twist or coupdedat I will prefer shelli or vanessa going up please.


What the bleep is this “build trust” foolishness? She has targeted DA. That makes her meg Jason and James trust her/them how? As for the rest if they cannot see putting one of the remaining 3 up beside DA they are stupid. You nom Liz your a complete moron. James or Meg those are the choices.
This isn’t the only silly comment along these lines. Folks reaching for the idiot straw hoping DA has a chance to stay I guess. DA has to go it’s that simple! Then the deck is clear to get rid of the cancer….Audrey gotta go next.


I do not know why everyone thinks jeff is jeff schroeder from bb11 like he is a leader or something. That is just wierd.


FYI: Jordan and Jeff are on Marriage Boot Camp (dating or engaged group this time with 1 married couple). It’s their current season that started taping 1 month after they for engaged.

Shelli Think

Shelli with a really dumb game move this week. She is letting Clay sink her ship. Of all weeks in the Big Brother house, you wanted to be HOH this week. A clear target that the whole house is after in Audrey. No blood on your hands, and you avoid making yourself a target. They have already placed a target on themselves by being in a showmance and isolating themselves all week, and now they want to put Meg up, when she is close to Jason, Jeff, and James? Clay and Shelli seemingly have never watched this show before and it shows. Neither of them will be around in a few weeks.


Shelli really showing me something by planning to put up Meg. Da’vonne has allies in the house and might have stayed if she wasn’t up against one of them.


It wasn’t Shelli’s idea. Vanessa, and Austin w/Liz convinced her that Day was much less likely to flip Votes vs. Meg.

morgan freeman's voice

shelli unnecessarily upset a lot of people. she’s nominated day, she’s not putting up audrey like most of the house wants, she basically lied to becky by saying she was planning to backdoor audrey, she told liz she was going up as a pawn, which now shows liz she is dispensable to her, and now she may be putting up meg as a pawn, which will upset meg. plus, she’s shacked up with clay all week, solidifying herself as a duo threat. bad use of an hoh!


I’m so down for clay, shelli, Vanessa, lizia and austin


I like Steve, Vanessa, Liz and Austin. Meg and John are in my top six also. It’s funny how my first impressions have changed so much. I liked James, Day, Audrey and Jason at first. Now they are towards the bottom. Jeff is at the bottom though. He can’t seem to think about anything else but trying to bed one of the girls. It doesn’t matter which one, he just wants to have sex. Actually James seems the same way.


These people are exhausting


Must be very boring……no updates in a while….


Vanessa will win the game. Very smart, and pulls strings in a very low key manner.


Really hate the alliance Shellie made tonight. Hoping it is a fake just to hoodwink Jeff and Clay because she really questions Jeff when he tries to say bad things about others. Would rather she her team with Vanessa, Austin and Liz.

black elvis

meg shes taylor swift going stay on bb 17 clay likes her hes zac morris from save by the bell

black elvis