Shelby “This f**king sucks. I hate being HOH! I can’t even express to you how much I hate them!”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-04 23-12-57-192

9pm Backyard – Danielle joins Justin and Jason. Danielle – they (the plastics) did something really nice for me. Jason – they really thinking you’re going home. Danielle – they gave me some of the ice cream I like. Justin – they didn’t give you the whole thing though? Danielle – no. I didn’t even expect this. Jason – they must really believe I want you to go home and they’re like this is Danielle’s last week, lets be nice. How dumb are these girls?! How dumb would they have to be to believe that. I’m hoping they’re just being nice to be nice and not because they believe that. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Justin, Danielle and Jason are in the kitchen talking about a BB alarm going off telling them this is a lock down. Please go inside the house. Justin – did you see anything? Jason – no, but it was kind of like we had an intruder or something. Danielle – it was like something was going on in the neighborhood or something. Jason – that lock down was scary.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-04 23-14-49-947

9:40pm – 10:20pm Kitchen – Danielle, Jason, Justin and Kryssie play the never have I ever game. Kryssie burps. They all start with their fingers up and put them down if they’ve done what someone says. Justin – never have I ever rode a scooter. How does this work?! Danielle – you say things you’ve never done. Justin – oh. Damn this is hard. Danielle – never have I ever had s*x on a balcony. Justin – puts his thumb down. Jason – does a porch count? Justin – no, I’m talking about over the balcony both t*tties giggling. Jason – never have I ever had a boyfriend. Justin – never have I ever … so never ever done it?! Kryssie – I’ve got one for you .. never have I ever had s*x with a man. Justin puts a finger down. Kryssie – no you don’t put your finger down! They all laugh. Kryssie – Never have I ever had a threes*me with more than 1 dude. I didn’t say never have I ever had a threes*me because that would be a lie. Danielle – never have I ever ate a girl out. Jason – never have I ever que*fed. Justin – this is so difficult for me. Never have I ever had to squat to pee. Danielle – never have I ever licked a t*tty. Danielle – never have I ever ate out a blind girl. Jason puts a finger down. Jason wins that round. Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Shelby join them.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-04 23-52-10-092

10:30pm – 11:30pm They all hang out in the kitchen chatting about random things.

12pm The havenots are no longer havenots and they get corona beer. The house guests are all eating and joking around in the kitchen.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-05 05-32-47-664

12:50am In the bathroom – Shelby and Morgan are talking. Morgan – he (Justin) is getting on my last nerve. Shelby – I’ve been saying that for weeks! When everyone was talking he was like bla bla bla bla… it is not your turn to talk .. there are 8 people here .. shut the f**k up! Morgan – he is so annoying. Shelby – I’m actually pretty annoyed that Alex didn’t tell us he farted on our food. Morgan – he is gross. I am freaking irritated. Shelby – make sure you bring it up in your next.. Morgan – my thing is that when I ate the cheese it an hour after I was a havenot because I forgot. The thing is with him he knew he was eating it and he told Jason not to tell anyone and he ate another one. Shelby – and they don’t do anything about it. And he gets to nap because he eats himself into a food coma. He acts like he is so tough but be can’t eat some oatmeal?! Morgan – so they let him sleep all day because he doesn’t eat the slop that he’s supposed to. Well no you shouldn’t be worried about him being sick when he used to eat what everyone else is eating. I just think its stupid. Shelby – I know. I’m just in an awful mood right now. My whole HOH got messed up. He gets to do whatever he wants. Morgan – he’s going to be America’s favourite player and for what .. not reading the directions on a veto and people think its funny?! Shelby – nut sack, fart, I sh*t myself today … you’re not f**king funny .. you have the humor of a 7 year old and you’re 20 f**king 7. Morgan – yeah I just think the reeces thing is irritating. Like he had the easiest week as a havenot but he can’t follow the rules like everyone else!? Shelby – I think he should have to be havenot for longer or he should get a penalty nom… and I’m going to keep bit*hing to them (BB) until they do something about it. Morgan – and me to .. or can I get a reeces if I’m a havenot because they don’t do anything?! Shelby – yeah you better.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-05 05-56-25-322
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Shelby – I already lost it in the DR. Shelby starts crying. – I thought this was going to be fun. This isn’t fun! This f**king sucks. I hate being HOH .. like this whole experience just sucks .. I hate these people so much! I can’t even express to you how much I hate them. They’re so annoying! And then I finally get a room to be away from them and it gets taken away from me. And then I was upset that I didn’t get something from my family and then I just got some random letter talking about burgers from my friend. Why didn’t you give me something from my family! Morgan – I’m sure they were just trying to show the humor in it. Shelby – but everyone else gets something from their family and mine is like oh we’re going to go out and get drunk and eat burgers… and then my whole thing gets taken away from me. Morgan – the end is near if we can just push through this. Shelby – and Alex can’t tell us if someone is farting in our food. I’m just sick of people that can’t speak up for themselves. Alex joins them and asks if everything is okay? Shelby – NO! I’m sick of this and I hate these people! Alex – it does suck but its a game. Shelby – its not about the room .. I want to put up my own targets and I don’t even get to do that! Morgan – hopefully America will help us out and put up one of them and hopefully still make this work. Shelby – my biggest fear was going home on a double eviction and now next week I can’t even be HOH. They make it look like its so much fun on the show and its not! Morgan – just keep pushing .. you still have power. Alex – this game has highs and lows. Shelby – well I didn’t know that the rules only apply to some people so that is making me pissed off. Morgan – there is still hope to get one of them out. We don’t know what America is thinking. Yeah they suck but if we can stick together .. 250K. Shelby – this will be the hardest 250K.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-05 06-01-48-569
1am – 2:20am In the bedroom – Morgan talks to Alex about how pissed off Shelby is. Alex – is she really pissed off?! Morgan – I think she is real pissed off about the farting thing. Alex – she knows how dumb these people are. Alex – people need to suck it up! Morgan – you have to remember we have each other. It would be different if we didn’t have each other. Alex – I am just sick of criers. I’m sick of people who cry because the lose comps, cry because they’re havenots. Like man up! Morgan – if she puts up one of us and America doesn’t put up one of them we’re going home. She wants to put up Justin if we get the veto. Alex – this week she (Shebly) doesn’t have power ..she needs to focus on getting out one. Morgan and Alex go to bed. Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-05 06-12-08-390

2:50am HOH room Jason and Shelby. Jason and Shelby talk in the HOH room. Jason – if Kryssie was to win HOH during the double eviction she wouldn’t go after you.. she would go after anyone of those other girls. Shelby – she won’t go after Whitney over me. Jason – maybe that’s why you put up Whitney because if she goes then you’re guaranteeing that if Kryssie does get power she’s not coming for you. She would be going for Alex and Morgan. They gave Alex safety when Kryssie was in power because they (America) knew Kryssie was gunning for her.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-05 06-21-50-899

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

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I didn’t see Danielle sob, have anxiety attacks and complain last week when Shelby won TCP last week and have Dani’s HoH almost ruined. Shelby is doing this to GAIN SYMPATHY and make America feel sorry for her so that they nominate a misfit for AN, if you fall for this then you’re a FOOL. Dani is the most stragetic player in THIS SEASON, even the Plasticts admitted to it, yet she receives ZERO credit from “fans” due to her skin colour…and don’t come for me with “but Kryssie is hated too and she’s white” argument, Kryssie is worthless at this game and is a epitome of a floater so she deserves all the hate she gets.


I can’t speak for anyone else but I am sick and tired of this Tim and his racist agenda. Every post of his is the same. Stop blaming whitey for everything in life and in a stupid reality show. You Tim are the most racist person who posts here. Point blank and the period!


Bitch I haven’t posted for weeks, I have been active on Twitter where rational people gather, and not just bigoted delusional and racist people like this site seems to attract. You have displayed your stupidity at a higher rate than I could have ever imagined by calling me racist for POINTING out the enduring racism on this site. You cannot be racist towards white people, POINT BLANK PERIOD, stop attempting to reverse the argument


Thank you!!!! Finally someone who understands what I’m saying!! I am so sick of these stupid plastics girls whining and crying when things don’t go their way, like last week Danielle’s HOH was basically ruined with Shelby’s care package and you didn’t see her crying her eyes out like a child and saying “its not fair.” Like its a game with a frickin co hoh twist get over it!! Can’t stand her. And if she has such an issue with Justin why doesn’t she just go talk to him!? Like Morgan and Shelby act so childish thinking everything needs to go their way and all the fans keeping loving them because they’re pretty white girls, where as Danielle just gets trashed just because of the side she’s playing on even though she is one of the o
Top strategic players in there with Alex and Jason.

Black Olives Matter

Well it looks like Tim has a roommate.
Seriously if America is so racist there are hundreds of other places to go, not too many that will let you two have the freedom of speech that you both enjoy.
No one here was responsible for tearing down the bridge you guys live under.
Equal opportunity doesn’t guarantee equal outcome that depends on the INDIVIDUAL the amount of effort and sacrifice they put into it, and not reaching your goals isn’t failure you only fail when you quit or don’t try.


Actually YOU’RE WRONG, YOU’RE BOTH WRONG! Danielle sobbed in the DR forever about how unfair it was, her HOH was useless, why did they do that to her, blah, blah, blah! Go back and watch the weekday replay! I’m all for giving your opinion, but you should definitely check your facts before going off people. Now you just sound ignorant. Danielle did everything Shelby has done. On a side note: stop bringing color into it. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with why Danielle is disliked by so many. She has made herself an easy person to not like. It’s her me me me don’t talk about you only listen to me ATTITUDE! Her trash talking, and her blatant rudeness that has made her an easy person to not like. Kryssie is disliked bc she’s gross! There should be no color issues. Has nothing to do with anything. I don’t like Jason, doesn’t mean I’m homophobic!

Black Olives Matter

Your obsession with race is disturbing.
We have a black president who was elected including the white vote.
OJ got off murdering two people by a white jury.
Black history month, black comedy tours, TV channel ect.
How you view the world makes your reality, is the glass half full or empty it depends on your perception of life.
Most people don’t dwell on the negative as it drags them down, those who see only the negative are the perpetual victims of society who love to drag people down to their loathsome view of life.
Tim go play with some puppies or kittens today it might make you smile but don’t ignore any of them based on their color, trust me it’s a good for you.


I totally agree with you olives. Tim I think you see only what you want to see. I remember when Shane and Danielle were nominated Danielle was curled up in a ball in bed having a break down and she’s cried plenty since. All of that side has whined and bitched plenty. EVERYONE does in bb at one point or another But now Shelby has a little bit of a break down we’re all racists because we don’t shit on her. HILARIOUS Tim, you’re an idiot just trying to cause trouble where it’s not necessary.


OJ is ONE EXAMPLE of a BLACK man getting away with doing something bad, that usually NEVER happens. However white people get away with COLD murder on DAILY BASIS. BET still exists due to segregation and lack of representation of people of color on MAINSTREAM MEDIA, so your argument is flawed. I would simply encourage you to google terms like ‘white privilege’, ‘male privilege’, ‘heterosexual privilege’, hell, just ‘privilege’. Educate yourself on cultural histories, and realise that the world we live in was constructed for you. There is not a website out there called ‘’. It’s called every website you will ever go on.

Black Olives Matter

I have earned what I have through hard work not privelege, I’ve never had to take a hand out because I work up to 50 hours a week so I can support my family. If I can’t afford it I have to wait because I’m not entitled
You should look up responsibility


African Americans only represent about 12% of the U.S. population..that is the reason for the majority of white Mainstream media.


Your a fool. So your saying black people shouldnt complain about people being rasist towards them because the pres. black and OJ got free thats foolish. People sprewing hate at you cause the color of your skin not being able to go to different parts of town without being harrased and shopping without someone following you all because your skin color is the issue. I do notice way more hate on here for black people. Dani talks bad about people but she is a strategic player and she shows it. But no one seem to except it on here. And if your stuck with people all day and nothing to do maybe you would talk about people. If they didnt and just did there hair all day and chat yawl would compain about the people being boring.


Y’all always name the ONE black person that got away with murder and think it’s a good argument? Black History Month?? White people have 11 other history months. All we’re taught is white history. Tv channel?? Black people have BET. White people have CBS, NBC, FOX, TNT, TBS, AMC, USA… Pretty much every other channel. I mean, white people can hold a federal building hostage and get away with it. THEY LITERALLY HELD A FEDERAL BUILDING AT GUNPOINT AND WERE FOUND NOT GUILTY OF HOLDING A FEDERAL BUILDING AT GUNPOINT. Come on y’all. Don’t act like white privilege isn’t a real thing.


Timmy boy is mad cuz he is not one of the good ones


you also got to see Danielle sleep in the HoH room for two weeks straight, now Shelby has to sleep with the person who Hates her


Danielle got to nominate who she wanted, Shelby has to decide which of her alliance members gets nominated!

So tired of Tim

I’m so tired of the racism accusations every time something little happens against someone who is African American. Tim this is 2016. Go away……far far away.


Tim, I guess you weren’t paying attention and didn’t watch the DR. Dani DID in fact have a meltdown after Shelby got the care package. She bawled her head off whimpering about how much America hates them and said she had to be convinced by the DR to not quit the game. I feel pretty bad for Shelby, who has had a very hard time in this game, received a CP that basically got her put OTB, now has her HOH ruined because of Jason’s CP, and learns she is a sitting duck for the double eviction next week.


Boy Shelby can’t hold it together tonight. It was OK that she got to disqualify votes on Danielle’s HOH, but she has to share her HOH and she melts down? Use this time to further your own game Shelby. Make some deals while you don’t have the SISTERS sitting in your lap pushing their own agenda on you. Do what you have to do to stay in the house. You bitch about Kryssie being emotional. Put you big girl panties on and play the frickin game.


It’s getting harder to watch the the backyard scum. I really dislike them and they are ruining this season for me.

Black Olives Matter

Just the ice cream comment says a lot.
They gave Danielle some and they say “they didn’t give you the whole thing”?
Not sure what BB gets by taking these halfway house rejects in, maybe it’s a tax right off.


they need to get rid of all the blackyard scum!

i see what you did there

can i have my thumbs up back?

diary room

go jason


Yes please go………….back to you mom’s basement and the IGA!!!! Take the rest of the nasty “I have never” crew with you and invite Tim the racist to come with! None will be missed IMO


I find it extremely telling that Shelby got more understanding and compassion from Jason than she did from Alex. I really can’t understand why everyone thinks Alex is the “top dog” as far as a competitor. I have watched and rewatched the comp. she won for HOH, and in my opinion she did cheat to win it. But that is water under the bridge now at this point. I find her to have absolutely no compassion for anyone but herself, and everyone but her is supposed to just “suck it up”. She has had Scott looking out for her 100% up till he was evicted, so where does her great gameplay come into effect? I find she has no real reading on people in the house, and her constant changing of her mind is grating. She never sticks with a plan, and her other BS teammates should see that all her ideas are based around keeping herself safe, and no one else. I like Shelby and Morgan, but find Alex is totally overrated in the game. At this point, the only ones playing any type of BB game are Whitney, Jason and Danielle. Since Shane has left the game, Danielle has become quite the strategic player, and in my opinion totally underrated in this game. She is a strong competitor (as seen last week) and can certainly give Alex a run for her money in that department. She hates the BS team ONLY because since day 1, they have treated her poorly. Shelby melting down the way she did last night was quite silly. She ruined Danielle’s HOH last week with her care package and obviously has forgotten about that, after all it was only a week ago. How soon we forget when the shoe is on the other foot. I don’t want to hear from her any more crap about Kryssie being emotional. How many meltdowns has that been for her now?


I agree completely. Alex is my least favorite of the BS. She isn’t a comp beast nor a top strategist. She has always put her own interest first and foremost. I know that only one person wins but it’s not really an alliance if you only do things to help yourself. Alex bordered on cheating to win HOH and then got an over inflated ego thinking she was a huge threat. She didn’t even control her HOH, America did. Alex is a brat.


You haven’t been watching long, Danielle had a melt down as well when America nominated her, she cried and carried on like She was so picked on! The reason I can’t stand the LNJ is their personal attacks against the BS, who don’t talk about their sex lives constantly, or rub their sweaty armpit on the LNJ pillows, fart on their food! From day one Danielle didn’t want anything to do with the BS she was only interested in the men, only when Shane left did she start playing, although I haven’t seen anything she was planned or enacted come to pass. Kryssie for AN, send her home!!!!


I think we talk a lot about how this person is whinny/crying, the person on the other side is whinny/crying. THEY ALL WHINE AND CRY! I feel both sides of the house do it, they are all gossipy, etc. I think with who is left, there is just a lot of people who put emotions into this game (which is a very difficult game, and a higher level of unpredictability than normal BB). No one is a complete standout for me, but I will say that Whitney’s move last week was very impressive; she got into the good graces of the other side, but will still be protected by her side. I think she may realize that she is low on the totem pole in her alliance, so I was happy to see some gameplay from her.


It is nowhere near the same. Danielle didn’t have to share her HOH room with anyone. She got to put up whomever she wanted. Shelby earned her HOH and to her I’m sure it feels like America slapped her in the face by making her share it with Jason. Not to mention watching all the special treatment that Justin gets. I feel bad for her and I really hope Kryssie goes up as AN and one of the disgusting lnc goes home.


Danielle did have a melt down when Shelby first got her CP,


I do remember Danielle crying as much as Shelby that her HOH was taken away from the CP. and it’s very frustrating that HN are not punished for eating or sleeping. They should may review the rules and have a clear punishment such a 1 day more for each rule note respected


Anonymous, please…………what a hardship having to share a room. Yes, Danielle got to put up 2 players, but unfortunately there are only 2 sides to the house. Shelby got to void all Danielle’s sides votes. And what does Justin have to do with anything as far as Shelby”s HOH? Just keep digging up all the crap you can to justify Shelby acting like a spoiled little brat. She got to void Danielle’s votes plain and simple. Did you feel bad for anyone else when the CP came to them? It has happened to both sides and they had to accept it. Noone else had a meltdown, they just dealt with it. Maybe you should just deal with it too.


It has to do with why she is so upset feeling like there is no hope for their side. They all deserve to have a melt down being locked up in a house together. And as for justifying.. Please. That is not necessary when the nasty pieces of sh*t that are the lnc do that all by themselves. So what if someone acts like a brat for a minute. It in no way compares to calling ppl c*nts, rubbing their nasty body fluids on things oh and talking about dragging them in the streets and beating the f**k out of them. I will defend a brat over trash like the lnc EVERY DAY.


Do you realize how you all sound? When was the last time on BB that anyone got a penalty vote for sleeping too much, and whether or not he knew he was eating something or not, Morgan did it too. I think the point made earlier in this comment section was that Shelby was acting like a brat. Whether you think so or not, the person making that comment felt like she/he was, and I tend to agree. Especially when all the BS are up in the HOH cramming their faces full of food because they thought one of the others might come up and eat some of it. The thought of someone taking a piece of her food made her act like that? When had anyone taken anyones food this season at all without being offered? Yes, the LNC are gross in some of their actions, but tell me you can’t see the humor in the BS actions yesterday. They were like little children up there, and were going to make themselves sick just so no one else would get any of their food.


to me I want to nom krristy America nom but alex an Justin
think they cant not be target at all if alex on the block on im voting Justin I lilke him at first
but now I don’t know but I really want alex on the block just to see her face I would love Jason an Shelby keep each other safe im save krristy or Justin or alex on the next America nom after this one


to me I want to nom alex America nom here why she is using everybody
yes Jason broke the deal but she did too to all Jason an danille an Shelby fans
vote America nom alex if she on the block vote Justin
she already trying to make a deal with her an sister an Justin final three where Shelby at
I want her to go home this week I like her sister morgan


if you Jason fan you America nom alex or morgan if alex on the block we should nom morgan
if alex off the block we should nom alex so to all Jason fans an davon vote alex or morgan America nom this week


If rules about HN would be clear we would not think production, racism, favoritism are deciders in this game. Same would help if they would share numbers of voters with the pourcentages.


As we all should know by now is that BB will always be BB, over the top or not! There’s going to always be a divide and an outcast or two that nobody likes for petty reasons and unfortunately racism keeps rearing its ugly head and shown time and time again as targets that will never win due to the hue of their skin! A gay/lesbian etc gets way more love and respect along with protection in the BB game and we have seen it over and over and over again! Ignorant people will always make excuses for the ugly there so called people do and blame the person complaining for feeling how they feel without even knowing absolutely nothing about them but will have the nerve to say they blame everything on racism. How would you know what they do in their lives? That’s how some folks go into protection mode and refuse to see facts from another perspective. Some actually believe all the people of color getting killed by police are all bad and deserves to be murdered just because of their hue until it starts happening to them then the reaction will be totally different! When it’s all said and done, right and fair will never change….it’s people that change for the negative or positive for whatever reason. Only intelligent folks can overstand what i just typed and those are the thumbs up. Thumbs down are still in denial unfortunately and love to hate for shallow crap in their own minds