“I do not believe they want Danielle out that is too good to be true”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 14-12-38-428

12:10pm LNJ
Jason says Whitney is really nervous because she’s “Their” target. Explains that the other side will get rid of them first before Whitney but she’s still their target.
They watch Justin working out. Jason comments that Justin lose some muscle during his have not week. Before his have not week he was looking “Swole”
Jason says Shelby thinks the last care package will be a buy in to the finals.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 14-12-54-678

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 14-05-13-907
1:45pm HOH Whitney and Shelby
Whitney – were you able to talk to JAson
Shelby – we want to take out someone big that can win and he wants me to throw one of you guys under the bus.
Whitney – he’s saying he wants Danielle out is that true
Shelby says yeah .. everyone wants her to leave it’s great
Whitney says Danielle doesn’t know she’s the target.
Shelby knows says they have to keep it hush hush
Shelby says Jason wants Alex to be Nominated.
Shelby – I want to pull deals with Justin and Kryssie about not voting out whoever I put up and obviously.. I want to be the tie breaker… it depends. We have the numbers to get Danielle out
Whitney – right

Whitney – I have felt ever since I was taken off the block last week there has been a wall between .. especially me and Alex i never really get to talk to her.
Whitney – I kinda explained myself to Morgan because she was the one that went up but I don’t know..
Shelby – If you want me to be completely honest with you we thought you made a deal with them
Whitney says she talked to Danielle just campaigned to her to use the veto because Whitney felt there was a chance she would be evicted.
Whitney says the reason she felt in danger last week was because of Scott’s and Alex’s behaviour
Whitney – that is why I felt so threaten being up there.
Whitney – I knew I was going home if I was up there with Scott.. At least a possibility
Jason comes in….

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 14-16-07-864
1:53pm Pool Alex and Morgan
They walked in on the LNJ game talking.. They say Jason and Justine holding up fingers counting votes.
Alex – I feel like they don’t want Danielle out
Alex says if they wanted Danielle out they wouldn’t be counting votes they would know they have them.
MOrgan – I could be wrong..
Alex – I do not believe they want Danielle out that is too good to be true
Alex – I wouldn’t be surprised that Jason made a deal with Shelby saying I’ll put Danielle up she’s the real target you put Alex up
Alex says They are trying to trick Shelby that they want Danielle out but really they will blindside her.
Alex – I know this kid.. I don’t trust him
Morgan – I don’t trust him either
MOrgan – maybe he wants Danielle out
Alex – no he wants me out
Alex says Shelby would be really stupid to put Alex up.
Alex – you HAVE to start making deals with people
Morgan – not yet.. I don’t want to0 be caught in a lie

Alex – Jason is going to want to take Shelby to the end
Morgan – what about me
Alex – you have a care package waiting
Alex thinks Jason wants to take Shelby or Kryssie

Alex says Justin is the person she trusts most on the other side of the house. It’s scary because he’s so untrustworthy. They agree there’s not point making a deal with Kryssie but the rest are possibilities if the scenario is right.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 14-50-51-690

2:19pm Shelby and Justin HOH
Shelby says she heard he was targeting her this week
Justin says that was just “Shit” he told to Morgan.
Justin says during the double eviction he’s gunning for Alex and Morgan.
Shelby – OK

Justin pinky promises her that he’s not Gunning for her during the double.

Whitney joins them.
Justin – If Danielle is on the block Danielle is going home
Whitney – I believe that ./.. Danielle has been in everyone’s mouth
Justin says if it’s Danielel and Whitney on the block.. Danielle is gone, “Especially of she doesn’t win veto” (LOL)
Justin says Alex is gunning for Shelby
Shelby – when
Whitney – I already told SHleby I had suspicions last week
Whitney says she was on the block mainly because of Scott but suspect maybe Alex was part of it.
Justin says Alex was part ofit “Her and Scott were in an alliance.. that is why it was important to get one of them out”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 14-46-38-443
2:46pm HOH Morgan and Shelby..
Talking about there two choices of noms are Alex and Whitney.
They want to try and Get Daneille out.
Shelby – it’s got to be Whitney ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 14-56-35-506

2:55pm Jason, Danielle, Whitney, Kryssie
Danielle says Monte was disgusting.
Jason brings up Caleb doing a youtube about not wanting gay people to get married.
Danielle says he was cute on the show
Jason says he hears crazy things about Devin “on the outside… I hope I never meet him”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 15-18-51-410

3:13pm HOH Shelby, MOrgan and Alex
Shelby tells Alex she needs to smooth things over with Whitney.

Alex wants Jason out before Justin. THey agree Justin has no idea what he’s doing and is lucky Jason was in teh game to help him. They go over all the things Justin has said that have damaged his game.
Alex – America’s nom is so huge this week.. Imagine if it’s not me and MOrgan..
They suspect it’ll be one of them as America’s nom, Maybe it’ll be Kryssie. (Burping to the finale vote Kryssie for everything!)

The girls laugh that when Alex was HOH they threw Shelby under the bus and when Shelby is HOH they all throw Alex under the bus.
Alex says Jason has been sneaking around wheeling and dealing the problem is nobody has been in a position of power to do anything.
They agree Danielle is a lot smarter than everyone thinks plus she has the story back home to “pull on the heart string of America”
Shelby says she talked to Jason about Justin not needing the win.. apparently “he’s a trust fund baby” he doesn’t need the money at all.

Alex – I would rather Jason win over Danielle
Morgan – yup
Shelby – same
Alex says during Jason’s season his strategy was being “sucky at big brother”
They agree Justin is the biggest suck up.

Alex – I think Kryssie is sitting really pretty.. because shes someone they think they can beat
Shelby – she needs to win a lot of comps to make up for all she’s done… win a comp for every attempt she’s made to quite this game
They laugh that Justin flat out told Shelby to her face he didn’t like her and is now trying to cover it.

Shelby – i’m not looking forward to putting Whitney on the block
The bring up how Justin is acting like they all have crushes on him
Alex – that whole side of the house
Morgan – is delusional
Alex says Whitney will play the middle until final 3

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 15-45-36-529

4:45pm Morgan and Alex
Morgan saying that Shelby thinks she’s more loyal to her
Alex says she was branded the big fish and Morgan has been branded the little fish.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 17-19-27-316

5:24pm Jason, Kryssie, Danielle
Chit chat

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 17-25-45-318

5:32pm LNJ talking about how their A$$holes felt after the spicy food.. Now they talk about how Kryssie is into “Freaky Sh1t” but not into @nal.
Whitney joins them says their side had a alliance name “Monte’s pythons”
Justin – what a f****g douche bag”
Jason says Monte is the type of person to go to rallies and punch people
Justin – I cannot accept his ignorance
Whitney about Monte “He is not very bright”
Whitney – he would say stupid stuff like hey guys I can be your leader
Whitney calls Monte a “Fruit loop dingus”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 17-39-11-225
Morgan joins them
Whitney – did you enjoy being a python
MOrgan – ohh god no… but he loved it

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 23-24-33-331

7:00pm Safety ceremony
Shelby picks Morgan safe
Jason picks Kryssie safe

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 23-22-42-093

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-05 23-25-22-898

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Alex- Why does everyone think I’ll win if I get to the end? what have I done? I literally won 1 single competition (mind you, she won it by cheating)
on different occasion:
Shelby – Danielle went from dead-set first evictee to now the best player of the season, she’s is definitely someone to watch out for
Jason – Danielle is the Vanessa of this season along with Alex, she should be our MAIN TARGET to evict
Alex: Danielle is by far the most stragetic player of the season, she’s a beast. Morgan: I agree, she’s underestimated and it’s scary
Rob Has a Podcast: Taran & Alex: Danielle is shaping up to be the best player of the season and we think she will win the whole thing, Rob: I agree

This site: Danielle is petty I hate her for breathing and talking in general, let’s evict her!!


I completely agree, it’s annoying me that Danielle is getting no love on this site, I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks that she’s playing a good game!


Danielle gets no love from me EVER because she is fake and has an ugly soul. Her insecure bitch side shows and is very transparent. That’s fine if you are fans of the LNC but honestly I don’t support hideous trash and vile people. Kryssie, Danielle and Jason are as vile as it gets. I used to be a Jason fan but this season he proves to me that he is just a little mean and bitter person and that is not a superstar player to me.


I’m actually not a LNJ fan! I agree, they are vile people, but no one on this show is perfect.
Furthermore my favorite player, Rachel Reilly, was a horrible annoying person but she rocked season 13.
So just because Danielle is self absorbed and potentially a bad person. I still think she’s playing a good game and is willing to take risks.


I’m sure you are very secure person sitting behind your computer and judging who is fake and have an ugly soul and who is not.
I would like to see you in this show showing how much of an angel you are -_-


Exactly what I was thinking! I would love to see Dani win and the haters on this site can go f*** themselfs


The girls are killing it. That Alex is sharp!


I can’t speak for everyone but at first when Alex was introduced, I thought I would want her to go far. My mind gradually changed over the course of the last few weeks as she really is showing her true colors.
She is really quite the stuck up bitch – and I hardly use the b-word for anyone. I apologize if that sounds offensive, but favoring her is truly unnerving. That “too good for anything and I know the game more than anyone” complex is obnoxious.
She has the “not here to make friends” crap going on and you know where that always leads. 3rd nom!


if you a Shelby fan ask yourself this if Shelby an morgan on the block who whould alex vote out
if Shelby an alex on the block who whould morgan vote out I bet you they turn on her next if they sill here
an lnc wins hoh watch I do not trust alex at all I want her on the block


You are right that Shelby is in a terrible position with the sisters, however, the rest of the people in the house would vote out either sister before Shelby. Having them as shields in front of her is a good thing!

Hal 9000

Morgan looks like Haley Joel Osment.

Uncle Teddy

Haha what the fuck are you smoking?

I eat pu$$y for breakfast

Im sick of shelby. She’s a whiney spoiled brat. also sick of Justin and production letting him get away with things like singing, stealing, and eating food when he’s a have not. He should be ejected.


Simon, Dawg, I thought you guys were going to boot those with nasty names?


What’s wrong with that name? Is this an under 13 only site? I think that’s a very sensible breakfast! Low in calories. Full of flavor. Enjoyable for both breakfast partners!


Fu*k ya’ll!!!

Even More Hillary Lies

I hope Alex remains safe this week.


Shelby fans got to the top of the pages where morgan an alex talking about shleby
I told you they turn on her she need to do what whtiney did join lnc in get morgan an alex out
then regroup im a Shelby fan im voting for alex on the block


Obviously no Shelby fan with a brain would vote Alex for 3rd nom this week. I really don’t think you’re tricking anyone!!

Jake K.

I think an important point has to be made here. In a season that has fans LITERALLY split down the middle; it is actually beneficial to be in the bottom alliance. I do not understand how they have not figured this out yet. Unless you bring two of your alliance members to the finals, you will likely lose. For example…if Jason and Danielle and Alex are in the finals…Alex would win as LNJ voters would split. On the other hands…if Alex and Shelby are in the finals with Danielle, Danielle would win. The end of this game should get interesting if they start to put all the pieces together. I love Shelby and Alex and the BS-ers but part of me wants only one of them to make it to the finals if three BSers cannot make it cause then I will be in for another disappointing winner and runner-up this year.

Man Guy

Someone help me here. How does getting nominated mean you’ll win the pov? Volunteering to be nominated and thinking that somehow makes you the favorite to the win the pov makes about as much sense as using the veto on your best friend while you’re sitting next to her on the block.

Uncle Teddy

This is why Danielle is an idiot


She’s just trying to protect herself from us, cause believe me we would of put her as Americas Nom!! But, hopefully she won’t win the veto! Do you think Shelby should put up Alex? I really think Alex could win it!!


Does Danielle ever shut up, and does Krissie ever stop burping?? Please send them home!!


Even if alex does end up on the block come this Thursday, and long as kryssie is third nom and still up there it won’t matter as long as Shelby does better at the comp than Jason because she will be able to break the tie.


Nobody that is a Shelby fan would nominate Alex this week unless they completely do not understand this game. If you are truly a Shelby fan you wouldn’t continue to kick her when she is down. Also on the previous post where a few (prob Twitter fans) were defending Danielle (trying to compare HOHs) please explain how a few tears from Shelby compares to Danielle talking about dragging Shelby in the streets and beating the f**k out of her? All of the lnc are disgusting trash and I will defend a brat over scum like lnc EVERY DAY. And if you are a Shelby fan do not split the votes this week or a repeat of last week Will happen. The momentum has been for Kryssie and I will be voting Kryssie for AN. Go BS!!!


Well um… Yeah. Of course the BS will have to eventually turn on each other but they aren’t talking about right now… I have a feeling we can expect some trolling on here trying to get Shelby fans to vote Alex as AN. We aren’t that stupid. Hopefully BS fans stick together and nom Kryssie. FINALLY.

Bronte's Zen

Kryssie for America’s Nominee!


YES ! Get disgusting, vile,, trashy Kryssie OUT OF THE BB HOUSE…..America nom and evict!!!!!!!


Kryssie for Nom and Eviction


Kryssie for nom, but only as a pawn. I really hope somehow Justin gets backdoored, but if not Dani needs to go before Kryssie

News flash

America does not love you
AN and get out!!!!