Care Package 5 Co-HOH Results “Wow this is very complex”

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1:02pm Jason wins the Care package
Jason – thanks America.. I got Smores stuff and a best friend necklace..
Neither Shelby or Jason get to compete in the next HOH. They share the HOH bedroom. Big Brother will explain how the safety ceremonies go later.

They both Play in the Veto in the event of a tie during Eviction the person that performs best in the veto will break the tie.

1:49pm Storage room Morgan and Shelby
Agreeing it might be alright that Jason got HOH this week as long as they can get their target out this week. This means that next week Jason doesn’t compete in the HOH.
Morgan – he’ll want to take out a care package..
Shelby – Now I have to think about how to get out my target.. and I don’t have a backup target

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1:11pm LNJ
Danielle says she’s so happy for Jason.
Kryssie – and you were worried about going home
Danielle wants to get Alex out this week next week Morgan after that Shelby which leaves there 5 intact.

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1:40pm Danielle with her LNJ crew + Whitney – Jason
Justin – hopefully America’s nom is Morgan..
Whitney – I think Alex
Danielle going over the numbers of votes they have in the event that America’s nom is one of them.

Danielle – say Shelby is the one that nominates Whitney.. Jason nominates me I win Veto I come down and now Jason gets to nominate Alex.. BOOM ..
Danielle – now it’s 1 of use Whitney and Alex.. we have 3 votes in the house and America has 1 vote..
Danielle says the votes will be tied so it comes down to whatever HOH performs better in the veto. Says hopefully “Shelby doesn’t get lucky a second time”
Kryssie – so are you volunteering going on the block because you have the best chance to win the veto
Danielle – no

Whitney – she’s saying if she goes on the block one of America’s nom will be one of them.
Danielle says she doesn’t see America nominating Kryssie or Justin so if She’s off the block America will nominate someone from the other side.
Whitney says she’ll have to talk to Shelby says that Shelby will nominate her no “one of you guys”
Whitney runs upstairs because “Alex is up there”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-04 14-02-26-556
They want to get Alex out this week.
Kryssie – you gotta act shock when he nominates you though.. You have to act pissed..
Danielle explains that Shelby will have to nominate Whitney because of how the safety ceremony will work, “He picks someone she picks someone hes picks someone she picks someone”
Kryssie says she will do a Cartwheel if America nominates someone from the other side
Justin – “Wow this is very complex”

They all comment how the other side isn’t smart enough to capitalize on this week .

1:42pm Ball smashers asking America to please not nominate them.

1:53pm Jason’s HOH room reveal..

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2:10pm Danielle tells him he has to beat Shelby in the veto.
She fills Jason in on her plan to be nominated. Danielle says the other girls are not smart enough to figure themselves out of this week.
Jason – they are going to try and nominate their strongest player.. they might do that to protect Alex from being America’s nom..
Danielle says Alex won’t volunteer to go up they’ll put Morgan up.
2:17pm Danielle takes Jason outside with Justin where she’s outlines her plans again.
Justin – you gotta beat Shelby bro.. you gotta kid (in the veto)
Danielle – I have to go on the block so we can Backdoor
Jason – she’ll save Alex first.. I’ll save Kryssie.. she’ll save MOrgan next i’ll save Justin and that will leave you 2 (Whitney and Danielle)

Danielle says Shelby will want to nominate her
Jason won’t let her ‘I’ll fight her on it”

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2:18pm BS in the HOH
Going over the safety wall.. No major game since Whitney is in the room.

Whitney mentions if Danielle is nominated she might throw the Veto to Jason.

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2:47pm Smashers going over scenarios (Circle talking)
They have figured out that Jason might want to nominate Danielle to make America’s nom a unknown. They also go over making Whitney safe.
They consider if Morgan and Alex are have nots and listed before Danielle Shelby should nominate one of them.

They wonder if it’s Whitney and Danielle on the block if they would pick Whitney. Alex and Morgan seem to think they would vote out Danielle.
Alex thinks Whitney may be their best bargaining chip
Shelby – I bet he (Jason) wouldn’t mind getting Whitney out .. he wants control back on his side of the house.. Whitney will probably take him out in the double eviction and he can’t play
Morgan mentions Jason can’t play in the next HOH that’s 1 advantage.

Shelby – now Whitney is probably on the other side of the house trying to be safe
Alex – yup

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3:00pm Jason and Shelby HOH

S – we know who each others friends are in the house
J – that’s why America did this
J – I want to nominate someone from my own side
S – why

Jason says they’re “lingering issues” with Danielle he wants to put her up.
J – you have to nominate one of your people if I nominate mine

They agree it’s hard to decide what they will do until

J – I’m fine if Danielle goes
S – don’t you see her as someone you can beat at the finale
Jason warns her that Danielle is “Crazy good” at the strategy stuff .
J – She might not be the most likable.. If Danielle is playing the best game even if she’s annoying she’ll win
They think the Have nots will be reduced to 2.
Shelby says if that Jason wants to take Daneille out she’ll work with him to do that
J – I’m fine if Danielle goes
Jason asks her if there is anyone from her side she wants out.
Shelby thinks she can’t beat Whitney or Alex.
Jason says Morgan is getting no air time (HUH?)
Shelby says Morgan is the one person she can beat in the end she doesn’t want Morgan to go this week.

Jason admits Shelby’s Care Package wasn’t a huge benefit to her. And agrees when she says the jump from Care package 4 and 5 was huge. Jason says everyone has been on the show long enough that his fan advantage isn’t a issue. Thinks that if he had such an advantage he would have won the first care package it took him weeks until he got one. Shelby thinks Kryssie must have a lot of fans. Jason agrees then adds Kryssie care package was more of a care package for him.

Shelby – it’ll be Whitney or Alex depending on the have nots.. I trust Alex more but she’s a beast and she’s kinda implied she’s not taking me to the finale.
Jason says Scott and Alex were playing everyone in the house last week, Scott and Alex wanted to take Kryssie to the end. Warns her that the 2 biggest power players in the house are Danielle and Alex.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-04 17-44-30-016

5:25pm Ball smashers
Whitney – so he (Jason) said If he wins he would keep her (Danielle) up there..
Shelby – ya but he was lying
Whitney – ya because imagine how they would feel if they put the three of us up.. that’s a huge move

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-04 19-31-44-625

7:31pm Live Diary room
Shelby says Scott was her ally and her friend but better him over her. Points out that Scott prioritized Alex over her SO MUCH, ‘Sorry Scott.. I know you are probably watching”
Shelby says Jason annoys her the least out of everyone on the other side. Shelby says Jason wants to take Daneille out but she’s not buying it.

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Message from CBS about the have nots

Due to this week’s #BBCarePackage winner, only 3 HGs are eligible and will be the final Have-Nots

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I want KRISSY OUT!!!

Not Krissy Ballsmashers

Krissy has no care package left. Justin, Whitney and Danielle will at least get one so we need to take one of them out Plus it would be GOLDEN if Dani really went out On Jason’s nom when they think it is so strategic. Krissy is not an HOH care package or Veto threat and I think the girls could convince Krissy to turn against Jason. Plus that is not a big move and predictable. I do kinda want Morgan to go out soon so Alex is not faced with the possibility of nominating her and really Morgan is a liability to Alex . Alex would have done better on her own and Morgan is dead weight. I’m turn about that though.


we are only at nominating at this point! if Daniell wants to be nominated, that leaves us with 2 options to nominate: Kryssie or Justin!

if Danielle ends up on the block come eviction night, BS Fans will vote her out!


1) I would nominate Dani first Kryssie if Dani is unavailable for Americans nom. 2) To evict I would vote out Dani first Kryssie if Dani not available. PLEASE America help the ballsmashers this week!


If you like the BallSmashers then you’re gonna wanna vote Kryssie for 3rd nom. Not bc we want her out and she’s a threat, bc We will only have the votes if it’s her. If we don’t unite we will lose the votes to Jason’s minions and Alex will be up there:( SO PLEASE VOTE KRYSSIE!! It is our only option. If, come Wednesday and Danielle is still up there we can voter her out then. But we gotta get through 3rd nom first! It is CRUCIAL! If it’s a BS up there we are SCREWED!! And they will all be gone within the next 2 wks:(

Even More Hillary Lies

I hope she goes soon.


Funny thought…..
Jason’s nom is Danielle
Shelby’s nom is Whitney
America’s nom is Krissy
Whitney wins POV and Shelby puts up the only misfit left, Justin
Ballsmashers can decide, make deals and send out whomever they want.
Total backfire for Miss Danielle and her “Strategy”.
I would love to get rid of Krissey but would take Danielle just because she volunteered (or so she thinks).


If that were the case then the ballsmashers would take out Just or they would be stupid strategically


Kryssie has got to go, she is constantly negative and as always it’s #TeamAmerica first… hopefully America’s nom will be Krissy as she is a spiteful person who hates people for supreficial reasons ….

Kryssie ROCKS

Kryssie is a awesome gal. don’t hate.

Ya BS Fans !!

We gave Jason the CP, now we just need to nom a LNJ!!

next Double eviction HoH will be 3 BS against 2 LNJ

Katie Girl

Kryssie as America’s Nom. Come on yall. Get on those chats and twitter and lets get Kryssie nominated.


I wonder if Shelby’s boobs are real. All I know is they’re nice and round and perky and I want to suck them.


Fuck ya’ll!


Kryssie for America’s nomination! Seeing her leave on Jason’s CO-HOH will be priceless!!


the final three to me should be danille Shelby Jason
yes Jason say a lot of suff but I don’t get they let him get to this point of the game
danille she do the same but is a comp beast
Shelby cause she don’t take no mess in ant scared at all
the winner will come down to little details in my vote for a winner
please let Shelby an Jason get by double Justin or somebody eles goes home please


You don’t get why they let Jason get this far? Put yourself in their shoes… Target the beloved Jason and how will America react? They think they will be screwed by voting.. And they wouldn’t be wrong.. Until now which is why they “let” him get so far.


I can’t stand dani or krissie but I think our best bet this week is krissie


Why does everyone have to use the nomination as a way to get out someone you don’t like? Use it in a way that will help your side. Kryssie is not a threat to anyone, and just because you don’t like her you want her out? Not much thought goes into a nomination like that does it?

Pay attention

Danielle wants to be nominated. Jason is HoH. That only leaves us with 2 options: Kryssie or Justin! WAKE UP!

Shelby the Big UnderFed Dog

There’s more than just 2 options for people to pick. There’s Morgan and Alex that we can put up as well (that is if Shelby puts up Whitney). It’s not just Kryssie and Justin!

Why are people on this site so only BS heavy lol. It’s so weird. I know there are LNJ fans out there, but for some reason only BS fans are commenting on this site for some reason. Very strange.


I completely agree! I’ve been LNJ the whole way. I say nominate Morgan (I don’t see her winning veto) and that would leave Alex for backdoor if someone else came down. I really like Justin and Jason, they are entertaining, and Danielle is growing on me, and as for Kryssie….she’s just Kryssie lol.


The reason I starting rooting for anyone who was not the LNC in the beginning the other side was the underdog. The LNC didn’t have to do anything and got handed everything in their favor because of Jason’s fan base. In a season America has a lot of input, I felt it was an unfair advantage. Then the LNC started acting mean and vile and would tell the other side that America does not like them. When the BS formed, I liked the four of them together. We haven’t seen many all girls alliances stick together and these girls seemed to click. Hope they can work it all out and they can continue a little further into the game.

Uncle Teddy

Krusty is a good nom. She won’t win the veto so there’s one less person to beat and it also takes a vote away. If Dani is still OTB Wednesday the BS will vote her out

Canadian drone

So I’m wondering whom Simon and Dawg are siding with?


Aex needs to have a heart to heart with Whitney about last week because Scott really didn’t convince Whitney of anything and Whitney has Justin in her ear all the time. Plus Jason is throwing Alex UtB with Shelby. The LNC is really putting doubts in the BS now.


Kryssie for America’s Nomination!


Im not a big fan of this season, but i don’t like a bit that us (America) are letting Morgan and Alex get way to far in the game together… I think Alex is a strong competition for all of them but she started playing the game to hard to soon which I don’t like because all she is doing is using the other girls to benefit her game and her sisters but as soon as she feels safe she is going to betray the rest of the girls.. she is just loyal to her sisters… and she’s trying to use us pretending to be all innocent and begging us to help her.. would love to see one of the sisters go this week.


That’s precisely the point – that Alex has been playing the game from the beginning and she should be rewarded for that.

Sir Peanut

I think America should stop carrying Alex through this game too. I want to see the BS real character when they actually have to play and not beg viewers to make all of their moves.


If kryssie is third nom I really hope Shelby at least does better in the competition than Jason because then it won’t matter a LNJ member wins because on eviction day Shelby would be able to break the tie breaker if the is one. So… KILL THIS COMP SHELBY!!!!

How it should go

Dani _nomed by Jason
Whit_nomed by Shelby

Dani wins veto
Morgan replacement
Epic, tired of all the begging, I’m so innocent, these plastic BS do


Put up Justin see if he can win a veto or is really that stupid


Bit of a complex week… I will be nominating Kryssie 100? this week, can’t stand her.


Remember everybody according to Whitney’s diary room discussion she is still ball smashers unless they try to vote out Justin. So that’s why they should go for Dani or Kryssie this week.


I’m sorry but I agree this website is completely pro ball smashers and I love them too! But I love the game more!
Danielle is playing a really good game! She’s thinking strategic, she’s being smart getting Jason to nominate her knowing if she’s wins veto then they can control the renom, and no wants to be on the block, but she’s making sure she can play in veto to try and secure her safety and not get backdoored, smart!!!!

Since you havent been watching

This week is the only week since week 1 that Danelle has tried to play the game. Week 2, 3 she was on the block she never played the game or campaigned. She slept a lot and used Shane as a chair, pillow and SYBIAN. Week four she slept ALL week! Now she’s trying to play and it will end in her leaving this week if she doesn’t win veto!

Man Guy

She’s done nothing until today. Well, except for going ham on Shame’s wiener a few weeks ago.


My nom is for Morgan. She’s done nothing she’s won nothing. Cmon people! Do we need another Victoria?


Agree with the plastics. Justin needs to be penalized for eating chocolate while being a have not. Production needs to stick to the rules for all houseguest and not favor others. Jen ate food on season 8 and got penalized and got a vote against her. Justin should get the same penalty. What’s the reason for the rules if they don’t apply them.