Shelby “Shane got 3K in stipend money and a step child! Congratulations!”

Neeley is America’s nomination

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9:10pm – 11pm Lounge room – Shelby, Scott, Alex. Scott – those three … Kryssie, Neeley and Danielle are going to vote against me no mater what. They don’t even got to pretend. Shelby – that’s what happens when you say you’re going to put them up in front of them. Scott – well I did nominate two of them and I took out the other ones boyfriend. Its to be expected. I’ve used both of them as pawns and took out Danielle’s boy toy. Shelby – but you played with emotions apparently but now if they want to get you out because of that, that’s not playing with emotions?! Scott – whatever, never cared! Shelby – Hypocrit-idiots! Scott – if the third nominee comes down .. no matter who it is .. I’m going home. Alex – that’s why I want it to be Neeley. Scott agrees. Shelby – I think they (Danielle & Shane) will date for two .. maybe three weeks after. Like he got 3K in stipend money and a step child! Congratulations! And she’s sitting here talking about marriage and what they’re babies are going to look like .. and they were together for 3 weeks. COO COO! COO COO! Whitney (AKA Mike Tyson) and Alex join them. They talk about different scenarios with who America might nom and if it

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9:25pm Backyard – Jason and Justin. Jason – If Whitney is up on the block she is going to have to talk game with me which she hasn’t had to do yet. And I would give Whitney a deal like if I’m up there you have to vote for me to stay or if you’re HOH you can’t nominate me. I’m willing to make deals with Whitney but she has said nothing to me. I’d rather make a deal with Whitney than Morgan or Shelby. If Shelby is up there its best case scenario. If Neeley is up there its not a bad scenario but its going to be hard to flip on her this week. Flipping on her next week…. easier. Justin – I’ve had a gangsta a$$ idea. If you flip the phone up does it ring downstairs? Jason – yes. Justin – what if we flip the phone. Jason – like leave the phone off the hook. (Why has no one else thought of eavesdropping on the HOH like this before?) Justin – yeah and I’ll already be downstairs so we could hear Danielle and Neeley’s what cha ma call it. Jason – They’ve already told me what they’re selling. Justin – and Danielle is gunning for you or Neeley is? Jason – Danielle is gunning for me. Both of us, but me first. Justin – that’s crazy, we’ve got to get him out of here. That was a terrible game plan on Scott’s part getting Shane out of here. Jason – I know. Justin – America gave us Danielle on a silver platter. Jason heads up to the HOH room. They talk about random things. Jason and Justin mess around with the camera’s outside the HOH room.

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12:20am Backyard – Danielle, Justin and Jason are talking. Jason – the London room is cursed. Cornbread, Monte, Shane, … Scott. Justin talks about having not very good sleeps. Danielle tells him he should sleep in the London room. Justin – you’re sleeping in the havenots. Jason – yeah, America doesn’t like me this week. They chat about random things and then head inside to go to bed.

1am All the house guests are sleeping…

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Punk a$$ Jason really thinks he is running everything!


Alex in pigtails………So hot! “little pig, little pig, let me in!” “Not by the hair of my quimy, quim, quim”


Here is to hoping someoe on neely side doesnt win veto

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I agree with you.


I voted Neely 20 times this morning and it felts SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Team Ball Smashers all the way!!!


I smashed my balls 20 times this morning and it felt sooooooooo good! Team Neeley all the way 🙂


Not a fan of smashing but they can fondle anytime they wish!


Neeley going home on Kryssie’s HOH would be the greatest! The look on her face would be priceless. After that her and Jason can get to kicking rocks and we can see a decent restructure of power/teams. Justin is keeping his options open I like his neutral stance. He seems to be staying off both sides radar at this point.


Are the Ball smashers trying to throw Shelby under the bus? It seems like they are.


Awesome, with Neely 3rd nom, hopefully she stays on the block. I think Justin would rather vote out Neely and keep Morgan who he likes and Scott who he thinks is good to keep for his game as there are so few guys. Justin has been wanting to pull the trigger on Neely so he may throw it or not use it on her. If Scott, Morgan or Shelby win veto, then hopefully Neely is sent home by America and The Ball Smashers.


Thought Jason and the LNC were the adults in the house and were showing how to play the game with honor and integrety? Being role models……..Trashing Shelby horribly again because America had the nerve to nominate Neeley and not Shelby. Yo, Jason, can’t wait till you find out that Shelby is a law school grad and not the gold digger that you perceive her to be!


Neeley is America’s nomination


And Jason still keepin it real !!! Over 45 minutes of swearing, calling Shelby names, accusing production of making Shelby look good, accusing production of rigging the veto pick again…. Kryssie oblivious to the fact that the BS+Scott crew will trash their agreement and vote Neeley out. Jason says to expect it and then calls the other side liars. As if the tables were turned, the LNC would not do the same thing! Morgan was supposed to be safe this week but Kryssie put her up as a “pawn” anyway. Gots to love it !


Guess Jason can be nominated next week. Tired of him. Who does he think he is? Go plastics for the POV.


My next post of the day will detail Jason’s tirade against Shelby and the Fans taht didn’t vote her as America’s Nom.


Simon, you and Dawg are great! Thanks for the updates!


You’re welcome! The next post won’t be live until later today but it’ll be worth it 🙂 🙂 🙂


And please don’t forget to click on the ads and make purchases at Amazon by clicking on the links on this website. This helps Simon+Dawg keep the site up and running!


I am still voting Dan Have Not and Nom next week followed by Krusti. Jason can be next…..can’t stand the misfits. So nasty, arrogant and unlikeable.


Jason should be ashamed of his comments and behavior. Now Jason wants to rub Shelbys chapstick on his asshole after already rubbing her pillow and her coat on his armpits and calling her a slut and prostitute and saying she has given handjobs for America votes. Justin, getting ready to jump from that sinking ship and side with the Ball Smashers and their Virgin King.

Team Ball Smashers!


Jason nominated next week. Who does he think he is? Plastics for POV.


Glad to watch the drama that will unfold. Wondering if Morgan and Whitney (if Morgan gets off block) will keep their word to Kryssie this week. Could be interesting, but don’t expect Morgan would. I like her but don’t trust her not to have lied to Kryssie, just like her sister would have. Shelby is becoming (to me) more distasteful as time goes on, and I find her to be a vindictive, nasty person. Her true personality is shining through and it isn’t very likeable at all. I do hope that someone besides Scott wins the Veto though and would like to think that Justin will try to win it. He is supposed to be Kryssie’s friend in the house, and that would put a real strain on their relationship if he throws it and she gets wind of that fact.


Wow Jason is beside himself. Calling Shelby a whore, prostitute, gold digger whore, whore posing as a waitress. How she is blowing the production assistants so they don’t show the bad things she does. Why he gets a pass for talking about women like that amazes me and that his “fans” think it is ok or funny? And of course Skanky skid mark chimes in something about “cumming on her face” Jason says he doesn’t cum on girls faces not even for spite! WTF is that? Who the hell does that little punk think he is? He needs a good old fashion a$$ beating. He wants to take a sh*t in her dirty panty drawer and on and on. Of course none of this he says to her face. Kryssie mentions him going off on her and he says for what to call her a whore she knows she is a whore. Little punk would get his teeth knocked out is more likely. Little basement dwelling dweeb.


LNC are sick. They all need to go.


Here’s hoping the ball smashers win the veto! They can pull Scott down and hope that America chooses to vote Neely out over Morgan or Whitney!
I’m actually loving that americas vote keeps being the deciding vote or the one that causes a tie! This season really is two sides divided, battling it out every week!


So happy Neeley is AN, but can we plz put up Jason next week?


I’m all for putting up Jason next week. I’ve been ready for him to leave for a few weeks now. This kid is such a jerk. I can’t believe some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Does he not realize that he is just making himself look bad?


Team Ball Smashers just have to make sure there is no vote splitting, just like the last 2 America’s noms, we have to decide on one name after noms happen, then focus on the one person only.


I have no idea why Jason dislikes Shelby this much. He is saying he will burn her house down, spit on her grave, sh!t in her panty draw and sh!t down her sides throats. He is certain she is a prostitute. Thinks America made a dumb decision. I am glad I am not a fan of his, but if I was, I would be seriously reconsidering that.


They are in the twilight zone! Jason rants and calls Shelby every foul name you could call a gal and talking about cutting people’s throats, shit*ing in their beds, setting them or the BB house maybe on fire by “becoming an arsonist” and when he finally takes a breath Kryssie looks at him and says “You have a good heart” ROFLMAO!!!!! That shows what kind of POS she is as well. She was all giggles and joining right in. Neeley didn’t add to it but also did not say hey man you shouldn’t talk about people like that. All pretty rich coming from a guy that has probable had more di*k then all of the girls in that house combined.


Get the message Jason, Kryssie, Neelie and Danielle.
It’s not that America loves the girls.
It’s that you four are obnoxious, vulgar people.
Change your attitudes and maybe it’s not too late.
I am having a hard time with this version of BB.

Misty Queef

OMG! Jason is such a nasty, bitter little basement dwelling troll!! His ignorant meltdown after Neely was named as America’s Nominee is exactly why fans have turned against the miserable band of misfits called the Late Night Jamboree! He’s calling Shelby the C-word and claiming she must have performed oral sex on the Big Brother staff to get on the show is just so pathetic and disturbed. He honestly thinks “America” can’t possibly like anyone who isn’t a snarky little twit like himself.

Pulling for Shelby to win the veto today! If Neely is still on the block Wednesday night, she stands a really good chance of going home during Kryssie’s HOH. Jason’s head might explode! I’d pay an extra $5.99 this month for that! Ha ha ha ha!


Jason can thank himself and the late night crew teammates for America turning on them and wantinf to keep Shelby. All they do is trash her and do mean spirited things to her. The feeds are on 24/7 and she has done nothing as bad as you guys have done to her. Their constant pettiness and nastiness has made a lot of us root for the other side. Everything was all fun and games when Monty and cornbread were voted out now the shoes on the other foot and you might lose Neely. I really hope that she Justin do not win the veto. I actually want Scott to lose because the Ball Smashers promised Kyrssie their vote against Scott. Now they would be able to break that promise without the LNC calling them liars.


Love that Neely is America’s Nom! Come on Ball bashers! ALL of my votes will go towards them (ball bashers) getting ALL the care packages and if they are not available it will go to their allies. I agree that LNJ is disgusting. Initially they were my favorites because of their idiosyncrasies. Who doesn’t like diversity?



Bwahahahahahahahahhahahah! That’s so mean! I love it!

And it’s not even an ounce as nasty as all the stuff Jason is able to put in a single phase about Shelby.

‘Merica, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for giving us the chance of watching Neeley going home on Kryssie’s HOH! LOL

Power Of Veto Corleone

Hey Jason you little turd. Who did you blow to get to come back on BB?

Shelby's v@g!n@l swab

Shelby looks like she’s suffering from Adderall withdrawals.


So far Morgan is in the lead!! I think Justin is going to try to throw it! He may not even know the answers but there is no telling with him. He seems oblivious but he knows more than people think.


Kryssie claims to be a power lifter but quit b/c she has a slight cut on one of her hands?!? She’s the biggest PU$$Y ever, she needs to go next week!