Shelby “He showed you his d**k?! Maybe he’ll like taking it up the backd**r?!”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-06 22-56-27-992

8:55pm Bedroom – Shane, Danielle and Jason. Danielle – what we’re going to tell her is that if we win the veto we wont use it. Jason – my fans might not even like me any more but if there are care packages and I’m the one with the followers…and da da da da da .. then I can use it to help you. Danielle – I’m just going to talk to her later. Jason – check in but I think y’all are going to be fine. I’ll tell her if me or Shane get pulled and we do end up winning the veto we will do what you want us to do with it. …whether its not using it or using it. Jason – well don’t use it if she is going to backdoor me b***h! Danielle – I think she took to what we were saying.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-06 22-56-17-728

9pm HOH room – Scott joins Alex. Scott asks how did that talk with them (Shane & Danielle) go? Alex – they came up together. I was like can we do this individually!?! I honestly didn’t give them too much information because I don’t know what I’m doing yet. I said basically yeah your names have been brought up. I just kept it real vague. And I didn’t want to lie to them. I said yeah your names are on the chopping block but I don’t know what I’m doing yet. They did offer to be a voting block but people talk in this house and I don’t know what I trust and don’t trust. Scott – so we’re looking at the four – Jason, Shane, Danielle and Justin ..right?! Alex – yeah. Scott – I feel I have the best degree of influence with Jason. I really think he wouldn’t go after you. I think he would go after Whitney before you. Alex – I just don’t have a connection with Jason. Jason isn’t really on the chopping block right now. Scott – I think it would really hurt my game a lot if Jason went home. I don’t think it would hurt my game if Danielle or Justin went home. Alex – would you vote out Danielle if I put her up? Scott – yes. Even if you had to put up Jason and wanted him out I would do it. I have your back. Alex – I’m going to take Jason off the board for right now.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-06 22-50-05-737

9:20pm Kitchen – Shelby, Monte and Morgan. Monte – I would beat his (Justin) a$$ if this wasn’t a tv show. Shelby asks what happened? Monte – no, no.. we have to keep it quiet. Morgan – just tell her what happened. Monte – he said I’m a competitor, I don’t lose. Morgan is right in front of him and he drops it down and he’s butt naked right in front of her. Shelby – he showed you his d**k?! Morgan – he was holding it. Monte – that’s sexist .. that’s disrespectful to her. Shelby – that’s like indecent exposure. Monte – he’s just trying to stir sh*t with me and her because he knows we’re close. Shelby – does he want to be targeted?! Monte – on no, he’s going up. Shelby – did you tell Alex? Morgan – no we’re about to. Shelby – that’s indecent exposure and you can be arrested for it. Monte – I guarantee everyone is backing me right now. He’s trying to get under my skin. Shelby – Maybe he’ll like taking it up the backdoor?! Morgan – we need to get Shane on our side again. Shelby – all the girls are going to have an issue with it. Monte – he’s friggin sexist. If this wasn’t a tv show I would have beat his a$$! Everyone is watching, I’ve got more class. Guys disrespecting women pisses me off because I’ve got two sisters. As long as you’re okay. Morgan – I’m okay.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-06 23-02-32-300

9:35pm HOH room – Alex talks to Kryssie. Kryssie – I’ve been telling people in my diary room to tune in after 11pm to watch Justin. Justin cannot go home any time soom. Because America would be like you’re the worst and we hate you. Alex – he is reality tv gold. Kryssie – he is not done here. There are bigger fish to fry. Alex –

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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-06 23-15-47-380

10:25pm – 11:10pm HOH – Monte, Shelby Morgan and Alex. Monte – I’ve got two aces in our hole. Shane and Danielle promised me that if you make them safe they will vote for anybody! They promised me. Shane is being legit. Monte points at Justin and says this is bad… we’re not going to talk for the rest of the week. Whitney joins them. Monte – Shane is going to be pissed if one of them go up. Alex – I don’t care if he’s pissed. Shelby – I think he has a good chance at being America’s vote if he is going to pull his d**k out at Morgan. Monte tells Morgan – you could go to the bathroom right now and say I feel violated. Shane and Danielle are terrified. They’ll Whitney – after they’re not on the block they have no reason to align with us. If you put up Danielle, we lose him as a vote. Friggin’ put me and Justin up and I’ll go head to head with him.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-06 23-25-38-676

11:35pm – 11:50pm HOH room – Alex and Morgan. Alex – I told Jason and Justin that I would be safe next week if I didn’t put them up. Alex – once we split up Shane and Danielle .. if we can do it… Monte doesn’t have a choice but to stick with us. Scott and Shelby start studying things in the house. Alex – If I could I would vote out Justin right now.

Storage room –
Scott tells Shelby that she is really important to my game. I’m talking end of game sh*t here. Shelby – I just don’t need guts exposing themselves to

11:55pm Whitney, Kryssie, Monte, Jason, Justin and Neeley are talking and rapping.

12:15am In the kitchen – Scott tells Shelby – You might want to filter this to Alex. Outside in the backyard there’s a sign that says discover your national parks. And upstairs in the HOH bathroom there’s a sign that looks similar that has a plane that is going from Hawaii to Maui. And it says discover your national parks. Also there’s a locked golden door in the london room. There might be a key that unlocks that golden door in the london room. Alex – I told her (Alex) about the Kryssie thing but I didn’t tell her that you were involved in that. Shelby leaves. Scott says to the camera – Oh god America! Sh*t is getting crazy in here. Is it too late when I said for you to put me up as America’s nominee …because I take that sh*t back now.

The sign Scott is talking about in the HOH room:
Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-07 04-05-36-838

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-07 03-50-50-797

1:45am – 4:15am Backyard – Scott, Kryssie and Jason. Kryssie – I feel in my heart of hearts that she (Alex) isn’t going to gun for you (Jason). Scott – I don’t think they will target you over other people in the house. No offense but there are way bigger competition threats in here. Kryssie – I honestly think that Danielle and Shane are in a lot of trouble .. especially for initial nominations. Scott – I really don’t think she would target you. Jason – Know I have to win my way to the finals. Scott – I told Alex that if you went home it would be really bad for me. Jason – how do you think you are with her, you don’t think she is playing you do you? Scott – I don’t think she’s playing me. Jason – people call you and her the superfan showmance. Jason – I’ll quote Jozea and say its scenarios. Scott – I know if Kryssie wins HOH she wants to nominate me. Jason – She never told me that. Scott – I know she’s said sh*t about me. I know she doesn’t want to target me she just wants to put me up as a pawn against her real target. Kryssie joins them again. Scott – Alex is here to make some moves .. she’s here to play big brother. Kryssie – the line in the sand that they drew .. they drew it. I get it you’re all the pretty people and we’re the uggo weird people with great personalities.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-07 04-16-22-548

4:15am All the house guests are now sleeping..

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Alex reminds me a bit of Big Brother Canada girls Jillian McLaughlin(endurance comp threat and bubbly character/energy) and Allison White(strategist/gamer and looks). Her sass during her hinkey vote diary room delivery reminded me of Cass Shahinfar.


Among all the many advantages Jason already has I just thought of another. Not being able to replace the 3rd nominee was put in place by production specifically to protect Jason and make it very difficult to backdoor him. If anyone he is not aligned with wins HOH and plans to try to backdoor him, America will put up one of the HOHs allies as 3rd nominee, meaning if someone from the HOH crew wins the veto they will likely take off their own person from the block who cant be replaced, meaning you then cant renom target Jason. Best way to get him out until the 3rd nominee rule ends is to put him straight up and hope you can win veto.


A part of the online version is to allow America to be involved. I don’t think that was put in place just to save Jason. The promo for the show advertised that from the beginning before Jason was even voted in.


Jason was coming back to the show before bb18 ended. Josea was never coming back.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Did they ever announce how close the Jozea/Jason vote was?


Obviously production knew Jason would be the returnee. There shouldn’t have been a returnee in this format. The 3rd non is ruining this completely. There’s no power for the HOH unless it’s on Jason’s side. It’s like having Jason as co-HOH every week. I think I will be cancelling my subscription after this week because to sit and watch the “plastics” get picked off one by one is not what I signed up for. CBS might as well just write Jason the check and he can be a big winner without doing a thing. In hindsight, I wish I had voted for Jozea.


I agree about the 3rd nom by America. The live feeds is the main source to watch the show(I am not sure if there is another way) & from what I read on the chats on the live feeds site is just a bunch of people bashing Monte, Alex, Whitney, basically anybody not aligned w/ Jason & just going to vote up one pf the plastics each week. This causes for basically sorry lazy players to just leech off of Jason & not actually win anything. Literally Cornbread got caught in the cross hairs the 1st week. I would not be shocked if Morgan or Monte go up juts b/c of fans notliking them for whatever reason while those people are actually using strategy. Case in point .watching Alex & Scott last night in HOH was very intriguing from a strategic stand point watching them trying to figure what actually benefits them to put up for noms. It was some preety good BB playing. Then you have Kryssie strategy of we are not one of the pretty people so they will put us up, you know the pity party routine. Too many twists & the care packages are pretty much going to go to either Justin, Kyrssie, Danielle, Jason etc while the others are making moves & so far winning comps. Leave the fans out of strategy except for fun activities or prizes, maybe who to put on slop but no actual interference on gameplay. The fans ruin it w/ emotion instead of rewarding actual gameplay.


I think the crazy emotional fan based voting is the amazing unpredictable element of the game for the people in the house. Watching them try to figure out the insanity of the voting is hilarious, and now that they know that is part of the OTT it should force them to use a different strategy. And then adjust accordingly. I still can’t figure out how Monte and the Pythons (and Scott) cannot figure out that they don’t really have the numbers this week. Alex is the smartest, Whitney is a close second- and we (insane fandom) are possibly creating the perfect storm for Alex to align with Neely and the Misfits (or at least some of them).

If the fandom get their way this week and Morgan or Monte go up and out (they will figure out the numbers thing eventually), next week, they should all flip and start standing behind whoever is left from the other side. But, I am guessing if America didn’t have the vote aspect, they would not be as invested and interested in the whole show.


This is literally only the second week. Lol. It’s way too early to tell if someone is a good player or not. Maybe some that aren’t doing much right now are just laying low because it JUST STARTED! That’s the advice from almost every great past houseguest: lay low in the beginning.

Also the first week it’s really difficult to even decide who to vote for. We don’t know these players on a game level, or much about their personality. Week 2 is not much different.

Cornbread made the mistake of saying really stupid things. He was also tied to Monte, which Monte has rubbed the majority of people the wrong way. Therefore cornbread stood out as the easy target. I don’t think it had anything at all to do with Jason, at least not what I’ve seen from people’s comments on feeds, but more to do with racial comments he made and a lot of people wanted to send a message to Monte that his “Know-it-all” attitude needs to be checked.


The 3rd nominee each week is probably going to be the person not aligned to Jason, who feeders dislike the most. The Jason fan base, The Davonne fan base and many past player fan bases etc will all recommend to fans on social media that each and every vote go Jason and his allies way. I say get rid of that twist and just go with 2 noms. There is already enough categories to vote on. They dont need the 3rd nom twist, its doing more harm than good to the overall season in my opinion.

possibility of a decent season but will probably be just meh

Saskfan and Diviasee very well said. They manipulated the 3rd nom rule, preventing a renom of 3rd nom, so Jason probably wont get backdoored no question about it.

Basically this is how slanted in Jasons sides favor it is right now…

For the Jason side to send home someone from the Alex side…all Jasons side need to do is win only 1 comp each week – either HOH or veto

For the Alex side to send someone home from the Jason side…they have to win 2 comps each week – both HOH and veto(so that the 3rd nom is removed)

Add to this highly likely chance that every twist will benefit Jasons side due to his fan base being so much larger than any other player in there, including past players who will tell their fan base to vote for his side.

It amazes me that alot of this seasons watchers are apparantly hard core feed watchers, and it appears these knowledgeable fans would rather continue favoring Jasons crew at the expense of a great season. 90% of comments on forums and social media ive seen are pro Jasons crew or anti those not aligned with him when fan voting is discussed. I like Jason alot but I fear this mentality from so many voters has the potential to derail the season pretty quickly in terms of it becoming too predictable and one sided.

This season has such great potential, but if one side wins HOH 2 weeks running, and none of their noms go home(or if it happens again on more Alex crew HOHs) it will be an embarrassment of a season no matter which house guests or side of the house you like or dislike. I really want to see a good season where whoever wins HOH on either side after deservedly winning a comp, they actually have one of their targets go home each week. Probably wont happen, but it would be refreshing if fans actually voted to reward the best players rather than just making it a popularity contest vote. Ask yourself – do I want to see a great season and see the best players get to the end? If yes, vote wisely.


I agree this is a huge disadvantage to everyone not aligned with Jason. They will be the 3rd nom and the have nots each week and Jason’s side will get all the care packages. They really should not have brought Jason back this season. It would have been nice to see where each houseguest really stands with the fan base. i don’t think the “Monte and his pythons” formed because they are the pretty people as Kyressie says. I think it’s because Jason’s group is the late night crew. If Monte or Morgan are the 3rd nom this week they will leave if they don’t win veto.

They kind of ruined the season bringing Jason back. No offense to the Jason supporters because I actually like Jason its just not equal playing fields.


I dont mind him being back, but I would have prefered either none or 2+ returners, not 1.

Its the twists, particularly the 3rd nom messing with the season that is the biggest problem.

Franks fumes

Nobody is gonna be happy all the time with the show at least the fatties and uggos as Kryssy calls them are not systematically eleminated by the frathouse click like almost every year……..Embrace the different version the old crap will be back next summer!

Forreal Tho

Monte, Shelby and Kyrissie is annoying af
And Scott is the resurrection of Andy

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Bingo, especially the Andy comparison.


That last picture of Kryssie, where her eyebrow is up so high it’s hitting her hairline? Ursula from The Little Mermaid. She annoys the hell out of me.


Monte knows it all and now he’s the house tough guy *rollin my eyes*. The more he talks, the less I like him.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I’m hoping he goes soon.

Justin's d!@k

So did we see this Justin/Morgan thing? Was he being disrespectful or was he just changing and Monte has blown it all out of proportion?


‘If” it happened, I missed it.


On Twitter I saw that Justin undressed in the bathroom to take a shower. The guy is not shy lol. He grabbed his d!ck because he didn’t want it completely exposed. Morgan, Monte, and Danielle were there.
If that is what they are talking about, then it’s being completely blown out of proportion. Or it could have been after his shower and it was not shown on the feeds.

Dirty Harry Reid

This sounds like Monte trying to take advantage of the situation to me. I wish it was on the feeds.


It’s still disrespectful and he shouldn’t have done it in front of the ladies.


To be fair, he was within touching distance of Morgan who could easily see him in the mirror she was looking at. He could easily have undressed in the shower or used a towel. I bet if Monte had done this in front of Krissy, Danielle or Neely, alot of fans would be saying what a terrible thing it was. Justin is well liked by fans and pretty quirky and so people just say oh thats just Justin. Its not a hugely massive deal, but I dont think dudes should be getting naked in front of women in the house unless they say first that they dont mind. I have enjoyed Justin as a house guest but I dont think he should be doing things like this. If it was done deliberately or not to try to start drama, Im not sure.

Franks fumes

It seems Monte is threatened by Justins penis more than the girls are they mostly all laughed and thought of course its Justin being Justin. Monte hates Justin because he’s “bayou trash” in Montes vernacular……..Im suprised he doesn’t just call him what he really thinks he is but it wouldn’t fly with america.

Food for thought

Monte hates Danielle, Why??? Monte hates Justin, Why??? Monte hates Jason, Why???

Franks fumes

Hmmmmm……..maybe Monte hates them cause their dissrespectful or aren’t good god fearing types….nah its cause their pigment is to dark!


Team Shelbey 100%. I surrender.

Katie Girl

Anyone know what the “Kryssie thing” is that Alex is talking to Scott about?


What i find really funny:
America complains girls never work togheter.
In BB OTT, they do.
Everybody hates them. Logic.


but there being mean girls and targeting other girls that are different from them.


Since it took me so long to get into the season I feel like I am still getting to know people. The thing I am still most confused about is Shelby-the fans seem to love her, the HGs seem to hate her. The way she described herself pre-season seems to be the opposite of how she has been acting. I thought she seemed like a ballsy girl who would have a wicked sense of humor, not someone who would try to charge a person with sexual assault for dropping his drawers before he stepped in the shower. I see her sarcasm and dry sense of humor as entertaining and funny but other times she seems like a total fun sucker who doesn’t want to be there and wants everyone else to be as miserable as she is. I am not sure but I think she has more fun with Jason than with the girls so I’m not exactly sure how alliances fell into place the way they did. I haven’t caught naked Justin on the feeds yet but according to what I have read, this isn’t the first time he has got naked in front of the camera before stepping in the shower. That leads me to believe that, although I’m sure he has no problem making Monte uncomfortable, it was more about Justin being Justin than about sexual harassment. I think Monte and Shelby blew it way out of proportion. (Ah, season 9. This would be a great time for Crazy James to pop in.)

Things it didn’t take me long to figure out. Scott thinks he is super slick and possibly the best player in the house but absolutely EVERYone is on to his game and no one trusts him. Monte thinks he is super smart, well liked and respected and that he is running the house. No one is actually listening to him and even his own allies don’t seem to really like him. And he really is not that smart. Example of Monte being clueless-Justin dropping his pants in front of a girl before getting in the shower is not sexist. It could be considered rude, annoying, unclassy, funny, or free-spirited depending on how the other people in the room feel about nudity, but it is not sexist. Monte walking around the house immediately after the HOH comp saying, “Justin and Jason are going up” even though Alex (a girl) is the actual HOH, Monte repeatedly saying, “Justin is going home” even though he only has one vote, Monte telling Alex who she has to work with and trust even though they happen to be the people she wants to target, and most of all, Monte standing in front of four girls and telling them, “I’m the leader”—those things are sexist.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Good post Grendon. Who are you pulling for?


I’m not sure. I love Justin and Jason as people and as entertainment but I want to give everyone a chance to see how they play. I don’t dislike The Plastics the way I thought I would. I think I judged them because of who they were working with but now that it’s obvious they are not following the alpha male and are not trusting the rat I feel better about them. It’s easier to decide who I am rooting against-Scott and Monte. I would actually prefer to see Scott go first so if America nominated him this week I would be fine with that. The mean girl in me would prefer to see Monte’s demise be more drawn out and painful, plus it would be so much more gratifying to see Monte go home on a Justin HOH.


Grendon, you have hit EVERY nail on the head. Love your post.

Initial Impressions

Monte is his own biggest fan. What an ego that guy has!! I hope he’s America’s nominee this week. I like Alex and think she’s in it to win it. Whitney’s accent is annoying as hell, and as a Southern gal I think I’m entitled to say that. We don’t ALL sound like we just left the set of Hee Haw. I like Jason and I’m glad he’s back. Hope he makes it further this time around. Scott…just UGH!! I have to switch the feeds when he’s talking. He’s like a bad combination of Andy Herren and Steve from BB17.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Monte really needs to go.

Franks fumes

Scott is a real life version of Beavis and Butthead although im not sure which one!


Stick to your plan Alex. Danielle gone quick.

Froot Loop Dingus

The best thing about this season is the girls all have normal human voices, not ear splitting, high pitched, helium whines.

Well, Whitney does talk so slow it makes me a little jittery, but I’ll take that over the Nat Nat, Bronte, Nicole, Bridgette screech any day.


Don’t get me wrong, I am loving this fall season but, watching them lay around and pretend not to nap is soooo boring all day.


Kryssie got the first Care Package…….


Thanx for that, Simon. Hope your poll continues to be this accurate. Would love to see Shelbey win DPOV. No idea what she would do with it. But she likes to blow things up. Great season. Monte out! Shelbey up!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

That surprised me. Thanks for the updates Simon!

Botox Pelosi

Exactly what the poll here showed.

Trump "grabs em by the pu$$y"

I find it Hillaryious how when change your user name and reply to yourself.


Should just call them Jason team packages.

Katie Girl

Simon, do you guys ever tweet past Super fans? All the super fans on the show always mention joker’s, hampster watch, but, I never hear them mention Online Big Brother which is the BEST spoiler site ever!!!


Thanks Katie Girl, it’s one of those things.. We’re completely invisible to that part of community. Almost no one interacts with me via Twitter and never a past houseguest. Lots of people visit the site that’s why we’re still around but no one talks about visiting the site.. LOL

Yet Another Hillary Lie


But we all know this is the best site on the entire web thanks to you and Dawg.

Dirty Harry Reid

So Kryssie gets to keep one person safe this week?


Yup, but she’s not safe herself.

Dirty Harry Reid

Thanks Simon.


I voted to give Krysse the care package hoping that she would use it to keep Justin safe.


Now would love to see Kryssie get put on the block by America–totally blow all their minds.


Danielle is going to be campaigning hard for Kryisse to keep her safe, but hope she wastes on Jason or Justin who Alex isn’t targeting anyway


If Justin did just blatantly expose himself and was holding his d!ck in his hand like in a indecent exposure type of flashing way, you would think he would get disqualified. Because thats just not right.mlike Shelby said, a person can get arrested for that.

Think about it

There are over 100 cameras in the bb house. If something illegal was done it would have been seen immediately.


Why can’t any of these people do math? They keep saying that America’s nominee won’t matter, as long as they have Scott’s vote even if one of them goes up the vote will be a 4-4 tie. Even when Monte mentioned America’s vote they were still convinced that, with Scott, they will control the vote. So, most likely Shane and Danielle will go up and someone from team Alpha Male will be put up by America. If Justin, Jason, Neely and Kryssie vote out America’s nominee and America votes out their own nominee there is no tie. Someone from team AM goes home. Which leads me back to Monte and how baffled I am at his logic. America voted to put up one of his alliance members. Why would America vote out Danielle? BTW-Well played to Alex/Morgan (can’t remember which) for the vote against Danielle. I would have bet money that Scott was the hinky vote.


But Neeley said as long as Shelby wasn’t America’s vote, she’d vote with the AM’s.


Kryssie is as annoying as Monte. Neither one ever shuts up. Make them both have nots.


Kyrssie stop calling the other side fake. You are playing the game too and being nice to them when you need to be and Just because they are more reserved and watch what they say in front of the camera doesn’t make them fake.