James – “time to fight back time to rattle the cage”

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9:17pm Julia and Liz
Liz – Julia, I need to talk to you about a lot of stuff
Julia- I know
Liz says Austin doesn’t want her out it was all Jason wisting it.
Liz – He would never jeopardize us
Julia – I believe it..
Liz – we’re really f****d right now James just won.. we’re in a really bad spot I’m freaking out
Liz says James threw the BOB and she had to win it by herself. James threw it.
Austin comes in says it was a big setup.
Julia – You never told him my name was Julia
Austin – I did
Liz – We talked about it
Julia – you never talked to me
Liz – it never meant to be shady Julia
Austin says telling the house her name was Julia was his mistake. Stresses Jason twisted and manipulated things around, Austin told liz everything about the conversation. .
Julia- I believed you wanted to get me out.. I had ill will towards you.. I thought we were friends
Austin – we’re beyond friend.. I made an emotional decision, I made a mistake it wasn’t a bad intention.
Julia – you shouldn’t have had that conversation with im
Liz – we realize that now
Austin – definitely

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Meg – I was trying to not be an a$$hole and cheer for you all the time
Meg – You don’t even need to fight to get power you’re f*** HOH
James – “time to fight back time to rattle the cage”
Meg – Ya .. Ya Fight back for sure

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9:30pm James, Vanessa and Austin
James says if you can squat down that was your comp. His forearms were burnt but legs were good from squatting.
James points out he could see Production with notepads taking notes.
Feeds cut

9:43pm Clay and Austin
Austin thinks he’s going up with a twin or the twins are going up. Austin is asking Clay to help him with James. James and Clay are close and Austin is worried about going up. Austin wants Clay to say James needs numbers and Austin is trustworthy, “I think you guys can convince him to make a separate move”
Clay – we’ll definitely steer him away
9:48pm Vanessa and James
Talking about the HOH competition apparently the eagles were really nasty
james about the eagle hitting jackie “That eagle was tearing her chest up “
Vanessa – World’s worst motor boat

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9:49pm Shelli and Vanessa Have nots
Shelli going over the competition says during it she was wondering “Do I really want to win the HOH” She thought it would look bad if she’s won 3 HOH’s.
Shelli made a deal with James to keep her and Clay off the block. She’s upset she didn’t include Vanessa.
Clay comes in
Vanessa says she’s shouldn’t be upset she made the best move for her game.
Shelli doesn’t want the twins targeted.
Vanesa – He’s going to it’s either them or me
Vanessa – you gotta keep your game together even if you made a deal
Shelli says she regrets not winning the HOH she could have kept the sixth sense safe.
Vanessa leaves
Shelli is saying James winning is their worst case.
Clay – No Jackie was
Shelli – I could have stayed up there
Clay – I could have too
Shelli – we’re going to lose one of them (Austin, Liz, Julia) or Steve that’s my fault
Clay – you can only do so much
Shelli – Austin was the first to fall..
Clay – there’s tiers of loyalty there’s you and I and Vanessa
Shelli says Austin and Vanessa were rooting for her
Clay says they only wanted her to win because they think they were target
Shelli just wants to make sure they can protect Vanessa
Clay – you can only do so much without risky your game
Clay says they are still good with James’ side he’s certain James will keep the deal.

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10:10pm Julia and Liz
Jullia says she hopes Liz is more loyal to her than Austin
Liz – obviously
Julia – I don’t trust him he disgusts me I don’t believe anything he says
Liz says she’s been waiting for Julia to come in so she can get some relief from Austin.
Liz tells her to suck it up even though she hates Austin they need him in the game.
Liz says she hates James him winning HOH is the worst thing.
Liz gives her a recap of the BOB competitions. She says James threw it because after he won he wasn’t excited at all. Liz is going to tell James if it wasn’t for her they would be on the block last week, she kept them off the block.
Julia says how pissed she was at Austin
LIz about the Austin Jason conversation “Jason manipulated the conversation and twisted the words”
Julia – I don’t trust him.. He lied..
Julia – how do I act with im
Liz – act normal, he’s our alliance

Julia – F*** liz he’s going to put one of us up
Liz – he’s going to put me up
Julia says She hopes they do target Austin it’s better than them. Julia hates Austin.
They’re nervous because they put James up, why didn’t they put up Steve. Liz is certain she’s going up.
Julia says James cannot vote, Becky and Johnnymac will vote for her. Julia thinks Austin will go
Julia – how do we act in this house
Liz – I don’t knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

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10:21pm CLay and Shelli
Shelli says she’s “so hungry”
They start talking about playing the middle.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 22-46-04-652_jpg

10:46pm Shelli says Liz has a button nose and a rounder face

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100 thoughts on “James – “time to fight back time to rattle the cage”

  1. Screw that deal, James should put up shelli and clay. If the pov is used take off clay (because he’s useless) and put up Vanessa so that it’s shelli vs Vanessa and watch them turn on each other.

    1. Vanessa & Shelli on the block….on eviction night = sweet big brother justice. I wonder how JohnnyMac, Steve and Becky will vote.

  2. I cant stand Clay, but in the last week or so I have started to change my opinion about Shelli. Yes she is annoying, but she is mostly annoying when Clay is around. If she got rid of him I think it would only make her a better player. Shelli is a strong competitor, she is there to win and play the game which cant be said for several other people in that House that have no clue what they are doing. What is Meg and Becky doing there? can you get 2 more useless boring people then them? my God!!

    1. No she’s pretty annoying all the time without much of a personality to go with it. She is playing the game well but gamewise people tend not to like the “I’m so innocent in all this (except I’m not)” strategy

  3. James needs to put up Vanessa and Clay. Then if one of them win the veto, he puts up Shelli. Then if Clay wins, it forces him to make a choice whether to save himself or Shelli and it’d be amazing to watch. And honestly, Clay by himself isn’t too dangerous and Shelli by herself isn’t too dangerous either now that their games have been exposed. But Vanessa is very dangerous so even if the nominations stay the same. Getting Vanessa out would be a win.

    1. I think it’s smarter to have both shelli and clay up. with your scenario, shelli could win pov and take clay down. This way, you have vanessa as a backup if either win the pov.

    2. I disagree. Clay is useless if Shelli leaves. Her and Vanessa are the most dangerous players in the house right now. They alternated HOH for 4 weeks, they have won POV’s and nobody has been evicted so far unless it was what Vanessa and Shelli wanted. Shelli almost won another HOH tonight ( I am not buying that she threw it to James, he beat her). Clay has some social game, but he isn’t that smart or good at competitions unless they are physical. He isn’t nearly as big a threat as Shelli and Vanessa.

    3. LOL! I wrote something similar but involving Austin and the twins… with James with a diabolical voice saying: Austin, you choice this week is between saving your game or saving your love. Which one you pick?

  4. Whether or not she could have outlasted James is a different debate but the fact that she made a deal that ensured one of the sixth sense goes home this week should really show her alliance how little she values them

    1. Well she couldn’t make a deal to keep all 6 of them safe. She stood up there the longest out of her alliance so she had to do what she could do to protect herself in such a hard HOH competition.

    2. Pfft, that fact that she could get a deal to protect her and Clay is good enough! Asking for more people would just put a bigger target on her back. Plus if Shelli stayed on and won an HOH for the 3rd time in 6 weeks, it would have made her a bigger target than she already is. Time for other people to start pulling their weight in the 6th sense alliance and stop relying on Shelli and Vanessa winning HOH’s.

      This also gives the 6th sense alliance a pretty good advantage going into a possible double eviction, because now it will be Meg and Jackie vs Everyone (depending on who is thrown under the bus this week, alliances change all the time)

    3. I sure hope James doesn’t honor his promise not to target Shelli and Clay,after all ‘alliances’ haven’t been real since day one. The only real alliance is Shelli and Clay,and somewhat Vanessa(when it’s convenient). It’s also worth noting that Shelli knew exactly what she was doing when she asked James for protection for just her and Clay, she deliberately sacrificed Vanessa (which I’m totally fine with). Hopefully Vanessa uses it later when she has to turn on Clay and Shelli.

  5. My first reaction is to put up the twins. One comes down put up Vanessa. Want the other side to fight to stay. Please not Steve or jm!! Vanessa has to go she is holding the others together. M/j/j need to win one more hoh to even up the house !!!

  6. Julia. It’s your first day in the house as yourself. What are you doing?! Instead of crying about going up, get in there and make some relationships with the other side of the house! It’s basically a brand new beginning for her, and hopefully she’ll be smart enough to use it to her advantage.
    PS. I only like Julia because she said Austin disgusts her. lol

  7. This is gonna be a fun week…the sixth sense know they are in deep shit and will all just throw each other under the bus now…

  8. Julia is, like, the worst. We already reached our quota of dumb blondes and this one is just plain bitchy. Operation revolving door please. OUT!

  9. I have a bad feeling James will target ?the Twins/Austin instead of Clay/Shelli/Vanessa. Not ?the sharpest knife in ?the drawer. Hopefully I’m wrong about this

  10. I understand why Julia is so suspicious of Austin. I think she can tell that he does not want her around. She needs to pitch Austin as a possible nominee to keep both sisters off the block. I wonder which member of the six person alliance will be the first to approach James with serious game talk, now that he is HOH.

  11. Watching Liz and Julia together is hilarious they are so funny. Could not be happier James won HOH!!!! Him Meg and Jackie are finally gonna fuck this house up! Love how 6th sense is already scrambling it is wonderful to watch. Perfect scenario would be nominate austin/vanessa take off austin nominate shelli let them to battle it out and completely tare there alliance apart!!!

    1. I Knooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  12. Please let this be the week Austin (Svengali) goes home, so he’ll go out and get a heart tattoo with Liz’s name inside and then she can tell him goodbye.

    1. I wonder what Liz would say in her goodbye (eviction) message to Austin. I can see Julia being very cruel to Austin in her message.

  13. I want to get behind Meg/James/Jackie but they have already disappointed me yet again. Instead of immediately strategizing about who they may want to put up or when to at LEAST meet to talk and compare notes, Meg and Jackie are already asleep. This is concerning b/c they know how easily manipulated James is. One of them should be with him at all times until nominations. It hard to root for the underdog when they constantly exhibit such sloppy game play. Now that they are all safely into Jury, I hope they don’t make weak moves.
    On a happier note, Austin looks miserable and I think I saw a crack in the Van/Shelli /Clay alliance. Van took a big risk last week with the Jason BD and now Shelli was too worried about HER game to keep the 6th Sense safe by winning another HOH. If I were Vanessa I would be furious with Shelli. The whole point of getting Jason out was so they would have as many numbers on their side as possible and be able to keep each other safe regardless of who won HOH. This move is going to cost Shelli and Clay, if not now , certainly later. Van has to see now that Clay, not the 6th Sense is Shelli’s only priority at this point.

    1. Thank You! I was thinking the same thing. They should be surrounding James at all costs. Since neither of them could be bothered to win (no surprise there), they should at least be running interference, if not to steer James in the right direction but also to keep him from being convinced to sacrifice one of them (we all know it’s entirely possible).

  14. Screw that deal put up Clay and Vanessa. James can use how time and time again how Vanessa went back on her word. not just to Jason but several times by telling Johnny Mac he was safe and put him up anyways let her and the house know her word doesn’t mean anything.

    1. I disagree. James had no problem going after Jace and was completely unfazed by Jace’s aggressive confrontation.

      James is close with Jackie and Meg, and he couldn’t be happier about that. He’s gonna be on the same page as those two. He’s gonna want to impress them this week.

  15. please james PLEASE! DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE CONTROL YOU. jackie needs to work on james and tell him to put up vanessa, clay, shelli or austin. 2 of those 4 need to be up no matter what for the other side to make a “come back”. If james puts up steve, jmac or becky, this HOH will be 100% useless.

  16. Thank The Lord James won HOH!

    The twins are so annoying. Liz is an airhead, and Julia is so negative (nice way of not using the b-word).

    Clay and Shelli are prepared to do whatever they have to do, to avoid the block.

    Julia leaving would be beneficial to James, Jackie, and Meg because then she can’t get closer to JMac and Steve. Vanessa leaving would possibly create a fracture in the SS. Shelli leaving would leave Clay like a deer in headlights.

    I can understand why people like JMac from a entertainment pov, but I’m not sure where his or Steve strategies are at. They’ve made no moves, but throw comps. JMac is doing better socially than Steve though.

  17. Shelli is so sure that James will keep his word. Still don’t don’t understand why she threw it, i would be a little nervous after breaking the deal with the other side on evicting Jason. She can break her word but expects others not to break their word to her. She has a entitlement mentality! Really hope it backfires on her, but we are talking about James and he seems to trust them.

    1. shelli didnt really “throw” anything, she knew she wasnt going to win against james. this comp james had it in the bag no matter what. shelli just made a deal before she fell, thats all. hopefully james OR jackie dont buy shelli’s deal and put her and clay up regardless.

    2. Shelli didn’t throw anything she just couldn’t outlast James. It’s a simple as that. But she’s a narcissist so she has to explain away the loss by making it look like it was her own decision.

      I just hope its a loss with a huge impact for her alliance.

  18. My wish would be for Austin and Clay on the block with Vanessa as a back up. If he sticks to the real with Clay and Shelley I hope he puts up Vanessa and Austin with a plan to put up Liz up as a replacement.

  19. how is meg #2 in voting? Farscape is really that popular? nice.

    james getting rid of a twin would be a good move, I have a bad feeling J-Mac gets brought up, to me it seems like Steve or J-Mac are in trouble this week, Becky as well.

    1. Yep, the block will be one player from Sixth Sense next to one inveterate “pawn”, and then the pawn will go home.

  20. I absolutely LOVE that Julia is not buying what Austin’s selling…he’ll be playing air guitar by himself in his living room soon enough.

  21. Just put the the mom and son duo (Clay and Shelli) for eviction, the did not give a sh*t on their word when my Jason goes, put them up, I don’t give a damn. Ohhh I forget, Liz your a f*cking whore and disgusting bi*ch, hope Austin can keep you company hon.

  22. Please don’t get fast talked. Put up Austin and Vanessa. Shelly as a back up will ensure one of the true manipulators goes home.

  23. James should remember Shelli/Clay and Vanessa are working together. The twins are not a serious threat without Vanessa or Shelli to direct them, they are just fodder.

    Vanessa next to Clay, if he wins POV tell him Shelli’s going up he may not use it or he’ll target Vanessa hard. Vanessa wins, Shelli goes up. Shelli wins and pulls Clay down, Liz goes up. Liz will fragment Austin Julia and will allow Julia to find her own game.

  24. I’m a little annoyed that Shelly acts like she GAVE the HOH to James. She wasn’t guaranteed a win. Sit your ass down somewhere Shelly – you are so full of yourself.

    I hope they go to James trying to run his HOH and he shuts them down.

  25. if james doesnt put up ppl from the 6th sense up for both spots hes just a moron. he can convince jmac and becky to be on his side. if hes dumb enough to even listen to clay and shellis shit hes a moron. he should just say don’t bother talking to him about game. this week one of u going home and im keepeing u in the dark like u kept us

    1. I think James is soft and Austin and Steve will go up. It would be great if Julia would win POV but then not use it. Bye bye Austin.

  26. Shelli, Julia, and Vanessa are the dangerous members of the Silent Six alliance. If those 3 left, Clay, Liz, and Austin would be in trouble.

  27. My prediction…at the end of this week Steve or Becky will go home. Wouldn’t want to get any blood on your hands lol

    1. Your prediction is probably accurately,sadly. James doesn’t really have a strong side backing him up. Meg can’t win anything. Between James and Jackie, they’d have to win the next few HOHs/POVs to knock off the other side, which is highly unlikely.

  28. ….shelli getting emotional about essentially selling out her alliance. get real. that was absolutely for the viewers. She and clay have been talking about sacrificing one of their alliance to hopefully skate the middle for weeks. As Shelli and Clay both say they could have gone longer I wonder ego stroke? or were they intentionally selling out their alliance before the double eviction they’ve been worrying about for a week. All’s fair, but I wonder about the intent.
    james had already mentioned the twins as his targets two days ago. I would assume he’d play Austin and a twin original nominees. if he grows a pair and actually goes for one of the heads of the hydra instead of one of their pawns, cool. doubtful.

  29. As loony tunes as Messa is when she’s HOH imagine how she’s going to be on the block. It’s a scary thought. Maybe she’ll just go into a deep depression like Audrey and start singing show tunes. It’s gonna be a great week for a change..

  30. Where the heck are Meg and Jackie ? Did they even get with James to celebrate or talk game or anything ? Did I miss something ? I know Liz and Julia will be the focus for the most part today but I saw James No meg or Jackie. And Vanessa just got slapped in the face by shelli. Guess now we will see just how good she really is. Can she get James to go back on his word and put shelli or clay or both up. They lied to him about Austin going up so he really doesn’t need a reason to go back on his word Hoping Vanessa pulls something out here. This is the Vanessa I’ve been waiting to see. What can she do when she doesn’t have the power.

  31. Did Shelli really just say to Vanessa: That during the HoH competition, she questioned whether winning the HoH would be a good move for her because it would have been her 3rd HoH. Really??? If I was in an alliance with her, I would have said yeah you winning it would have protected us all. I know Vanessa downplayed it. But I’m hoping Vanessa will use this (along with the fact that Shelli and Clay tried to let the outsiders think that they had nothing to do with Jason going up) as an eye opener and sell out Shelli and Clay to James and get them up on the block. Don’t care which member goes. (Shelli or Vanessa would be the best move) Just hope that this is the week that the 6 sense split up

  32. Austin is so annoying, Liz & Julia cannot have a minute without him following them around. Every time they leave the room, he follows them. It is so funny seeing him so uncomfortable, I hope that James does not let anyone manipulate him into putting up anyone other than the 6th sense.

    It is hard to get behind Jackie & Meg, they are already sleeping. They need to get up off thief lazy butts and stick with James, if they end up on the block, it is their own fault for playing such a lazy game.

  33. 2 major mistakes were made in the past week all starting with the attempted Austin backdoor, Vanessa covered herself well but as she said at the time to Shay(easier way to put it, and Shelli does come first) you are drawing a line in the sand….evidently Shay didn’t get the message because they threw the HOH comp after drawing said line in the sand. 2 pretty big mistakes, but I feel like for Shay it could prove fatal to what was a pretty dominating early performance from the duo.

  34. Watching After Dark, Austin following twins around is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever witnessed. Dude is in for a rough time from here on out!

  35. Poor dimwitted James needs some help to make a good decision. Unfortunately no one on his side will do that much better. Hopefully he says to heck with that deal and puts up Clay and Shelli… (he won’t though) and if someone on his side wins veto take Clay off and put up Vanessa. If not make a deal that he probably shouldn’t keep to get it done, or last choice, leave them up and vote Shelli out. Vanessa may be the head but Shelli is the neck… she turns the head anyway she wants. Chop the the neck and the head will roll. However, this is just wishful thinking. I’m sure Clay and Shelli will convince James to put up Steve and Johnnymac or the twins.

  36. Austin most likely will go home. bad move by james should target shelli or vanessa if he really wants to win.Back to austin when the show is over. Like him or hate him. He will probably be the biggest name from this season in years to come because of him being a pro wrestler.Can easily see tna wrestling signing him to a deal.Just like they did jessie godderz from big brother season 10.

  37. I think James won fair and square. For all of what Shelli said, she was going down for the count, and she would not of been able to stay up longer. She just does not want to admit that she can’t win every comp.
    After watching the twins, I think there is going to be some drama!
    I am hoping that James does not keep his word. Why should he??? He knows that Shelli and Clay were behind Jason going up, and Jason before he left, told the three of them “Clay, Shelli. and Vanessa. are together. In fact everyone should know that. How many times have Clay and Shelli told the others “Vanessa is really smart”??? Come on, the light bulb should be going off in your head.
    James should say at his nomination speech, “the people in the house came to me, and they want you up”, if one of them wins the POV, put up Vanessa.

  38. Austin is in the doghouse. Julia put him on blast! Now he is scared. He knows if he isn’t able to get her to trust him, she will do her best to get him evicted. He may also be starting to realize that he has no chance at a relationship with Liz. If he doesn’t see that now, he’s an idiot.

  39. I think Vanessa thinks that Austin threw the comp … At least he didn’t try that hard
    Vanessa now considers Austin dead weight … I would bet that she will convince
    James to put Austin up … It really shouldn’t be that hard for her ..
    like slicing butter with a hot knife
    I’m betting It will be Liz and Austin on the block with probably Steve as a replacement
    The target will be Austin
    But I was wrong about the twin twist … CBS is just more pathetic than I estimated
    So who knows?

  40. “I don’t knooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow” hahahahahahahahaahahahah

    If you’re sad, just read things with Liz’s/Julia’s voice. It will turn your day around, for sure hahahahaha

  41. My ideal nominations would be Austin and Vanessa. James can use the excuse that Vanessa put him up the week Jeff went home and he’s putting Austin up because he was supposed to go home last week. Make Austin believe that Liz is the backdoor option so he won’t want to win the veto. If Liz is picked for veto I’m not sure who she would use it on or if she would use it, not wanting Julia to go up. But I would be ok with either of the two nominees going home. If Vanessa is saved by the veto, put up Liz next to Austin and send Austin home. If Austin is saved then you could put Shelli next to Vanessa. That way you take out one of the leaders of the 6th sense.

    1. I feel like Austin going home is a total waste of a week. He is no longer trusted by his alliance and is honestly a weak player at this point. Unless they have a giant rock throwing comp I don’t see him as a threat.

  42. This is great for JMac! He needs the 2 sides to destroy each other so he can be left standing at the end. I was starting to think the bottomfeeders would never be able to win anything.

  43. I am sorry but I just dont get how and why people vote Meg as high as #2 in the pool. Seriously? she brings nothing to the game, either comps or social game. The girl is just there to take up space that is about it. I get why people like Johnny Mac I find him very entertaining, I get why people dont like Austin he is a creep, dont like Clay and Shelli I also understand they have been in power too often…but love Meg? why? I just dont get it. You cant even call her a floater she is just a green plant in the corner taking up a space

  44. I really hope James (with Jackie and Meg by his side; and remembering what Audrey told him) put Smelli and Clayagina on the block and then backdoor Loch Nessa; and that’ll be sweet revenge for Jason’s departure!!!!

  45. I believe the best move would be to put up Vanessa and Shelli up with Liz as the back up plan. V and S are the strongest players and they control Autism and Clay. A and C are basically useless without the women. Vanessa can probably sway James to put up a couple ( Clay/Shelli or Austism/Liz) as getting one out hurts two. If so i hope Liz goes, as Julia might work with the others. She hates Autism, knows Vanessa can control him, and can see Shelli and Clay are tight. Unfortunately, the other side is not the brightest bunch and probably screw this up (with help suggestions from production).

  46. WELP lol meg is throwing liz and steve’s name up as possible noms, THIS HOH IS GOING TO BE A BUST, a huge waste of HOH. if james listens to meg, their side is pretty much DEAD. so much for big moves being made, what a joke… we’ll see who james puts up, but this is going to be a failure to launch from what it seems.

  47. Just before nominations, James should say I have to do what is best for my Dark Moon Alliance. Oh sorry that was made up and I have no obligation to stay true to it. If it was real i would of stayed true to it. I have no obligation to any of you.

  48. Why get out Austin. His head is not exclusively in the game. Get out the ones who are thinking straight. Shelly or van. Jmac is dangerous too because everyone likes him.

  49. James… JAAAAAMES! Please do what I want: put Julia and Austin on the block… then tell Austin that he can always take himself off the block and allow him to put Liz up on it. LOL! It’d be DELIGHTFUL watching Judas going back and forth between moving on as a player or playah… and seeing him struggling between doing what’s good for his game and what’s good for his image with the blondie. Because, if Liz won veto, she would certainly give it yo her sister. Great time to have James putting Vanessa up V. Austin.

    A boy can only dream!

  50. Geez… I thought liz was annoying with that voice. Now is going to be in stereo. Ugh. Please get rid of the twins.

  51. the production totally made that hoh comp endurance on purpose. that one was ment for jason and james. then next week will be somthing perfect for meg/ijackie like giving BJ for bus fare so totally something they good at. and can finally win. i hope they get taht crater face vanessa .. i dont care how rich she is shes a bitch traitor back stabbing lair like all gamblers

  52. I am glad Big Brother is back to single Hoh comps and no more BOB. I am not sure why they even brought it back this year considering how much everyone hated it last year. I honestly don’t care who James puts up as long as one of those annoying 6 goes home. I hate to admit I had to stop watching bb episodes and only come on here to see what’s going on. The last couple years big brother has sucked. Here’s to hoping next year is better!

  53. I think James should stay true to his deal with Shelli and clay until the veto ceremony. he should put up Vanessa and Austin. I would rather have Vanessa win and take herself off the block. Austin needs to wake up and see that Liz does not like him. he makes me eyeball burn everytime he comes on to the television screen and if he mentions the word judas one more time I think the house should have an intervention on his behalf. and if he is going to kiss Liz can he atleast shave his bread. who knows what diseases are lurking in that thing. But anyway, James should put up Vanessa and Austin. if Vanessa wins the veto put up Liz. if Austin wins the veto threaten to put up Liz and he migh be dumb enough to not use it. if he still uses it anyway put up Liz. I his belt don’t care for Liz. I thought I liked he until she made the comment about Jason on her goodbye message.
    sorry some of
    us can’t be spoiled little brats like you. have fun dealing with your stalker Austin for the next 5 years you bitvh. I would want to see her home to see what side of the house Julia goes to. I do like Vanessa and I think she would actually start to work with the other side of the house if she realized her alliance were actually illiterate dumbasses who are chickens that can’t make big moves even if they were only playing for Monopoly money. I hope James does something big this week to get one of the 6th sense alliance member out hopefully. I like meg and hope to see her win next HOH. I also am rooting for johnny mac in this house because he is the only entering house guest in this house.

  54. I really hope James has the nuts to go after Shelli, Clay and Vanessa.

    The perfect scenario is putting up Clay and Shelli. If one of them wins POV they will use it on themselves and the replacement becomes Vanessa.

    If Vanessa wins it become very tricky. Vanessa takes down one of them and at that point whoever goes up will most likely get evicted…but…the backup in my mind would be to put up Liz. Julia and Austin flip immediately to save her and the numbers send either Clay or Shelli packing.

  55. James should DEFINATELY target Vanessa because that way he is honouring his deal with Shelli/Clay and he gets rid of a power player only problem is if Vanessa goes home James will get absolutely hammered by Shelli and Clay the week after for sending home their ally which means he pits himself at risk next week especially cause he can’t win HOH soo I wouldn’t be surprised if he went after Austin/Liz/Julia instead which imo is still decent but not game changing

  56. Super stoked James won but wish Jackie would of won it because she has bigger balls & would def take out a big dog. James worries me because he is easily persuaded. I know he is tighter with Clelli but pray he doesn’t waste this golden ticket to take out a minion like Steve,Austin(as much as he makes my skin crawl) or the twins(their annoying bitchy voices & ways).

    Put Clay up with Van(who has never been on the block-reason to give her as to why), with Shelli as the back door. You tell her the reason is because she has never been up on the block either & a major threat/comp beast & include Van’s infamous reasoning-it was a “house” decision lol. Pit Van & Shelli against each other so they turn on one another. Shelli has major paranoia issues & that can be an advantage to allow her to sell Van out, which Shelli is always doing to people, & cause a rift. I would bring up a Van tactic to use on Shelli, by saying I thought we were in an alliance-Dark Moon,but was told by someone(don’t give them a name,just create paranoia to freak Shelli out) that the reason Jason left was due to Clelli leading the charge. Important to create dissention in the ranks/tiers of sixth sense alliance. Time to get cut throat James!

    The fact production threw the outsiders a bone makes it crucial he use it wisely. Shelli & Clay are full of crap, stating they could of held on longer. Clay swore he was going to win it, & Shelli was struggling & ready to drop. If Jackie had won, she is the one to turn down deals like she has in the past. All we can hope for is that Meg & Jackie stay in the room with James a lot to not allow him to be manipulated.

  57. Put Vanessa up with Liz. If POV is used on one of them, then backdoor Shelli. Screw the deal!
    Just call them #Sixth Sense -1.

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