“She goes on this whole Rant.. She thinks I should fear you as a competitor”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

11:50 am

12:19 pm Brittany and Monte (Brittany campaigns for a solid 50 minutes all the points she’s been making to Taylor these past couple days)
B – I wanted to Approach you in a unbiased manner
B – there’s reasons to evict Turner there’s reasons to evict me. I’m not going to bullshit you by pointing out certain sides.
B – there’s two major moves left in the game and you are the only one with the opportunity for both.
B – as you are looking at this i’m sure you are thinking, Okay how do I set myself up if and when you get the opportunity for the second move. That you are surrounded by people you need at the end. say you win that final HOH you could Bring TUrner, you could bring taylor you could bring me. if you are going to bring Turner that would mean he would need to stay this week. What are the pros of that?
B – the pros if you brought Turner.. Ummm..
Brittany can’t think of any so she’s going to list the cons. “You have very similar games from an outside perspective. Both founding members of Leftovers. Both involved in some of the BIG moves like getting Michael out.”
B – I see Turner as having been the one that MADE a lot of the bigger moves.. right.. He’s the one..
She lists off all the big moves, Kyle, Michael, Ameerah.
B – he’s taken on more of the direct risk
Brittany makes the analogy that it’s like Fish. Turner got Michael then Monte gets Turner. “If you were to do that all of a sudden some of those differentiating factors they bounce over to you”
Brittany points out the big moves he DOESN’T make will speak more than Bigger moves Turner already made. “And he’s still here”
Brittany brings up not knowing what deals Monte and Turner has but warns him Turner’s “hallmarks” to his game have been BIG FLips. So she questions what Turner would do If he won the final HOH.

B – say you want to bring Taylor to the end. You will win in a landslide against Taylor
B – People like to vote for people that share similarities in their game.
Brittany brings up her poor Competition performance. “if you look at you and I you have won MANY more comps.. Physically you know this I do not work out”
B – Turner and I are somewhat comparable when it comes to how many mental comps we’ve won. I’m just a overweight out of shape Turner. You want to go against an overweight Turner or a normal Turner?
Brittany rambles on about everyone’s competition performance highlighting how shitty she is at them.

B – If you were betting on yourself and your ability to win and pick who you wanted to go forwards. It would be smoother slash easier If I were still in the game Versus Turner. Just because there is more of a toss up with you and Turner. The move would CINCH the deal for you in the Jury’s eyes.
B – If you bring him you won’t get much credit in that.
Brittany reminds him she came on the show for 45K so she can have a baby.
B – If I am here the probability of you winning that final HOH shoots up exponentially.

Monte says he feels he has a better chance to beat Turner in the final HOH than Brittany.
Monte – the biggest risk is not even making it to final 2.

1:10 pm Sad?

1:20 pm Turner and Monte
Monte giving Turner the debrief after his conversation with Brittany. “She goes on this whole Rant how umm.. She thinks I should fear you as a competitor vs her and how like.. She thinks it will be a smooth easy path for me to make it to final 2 with her as opposed to you or whatever have you.”
Monte – I’m just like K I hear you but at the same time we’ve all beaten each other in competitions. All of us. You can’t sit here and say one person is better than another. I will say Yeah we’ve had better performances based on the competitions we’ve had in the past versus Brittany. Brittany has been showing up recently. It’s not like she’s been losing any brain cells.
Monte says he told her he would rather Trust in Turner to make the decision to take him to final 2 than Brittany. “You are obviously going to choose Taylor”
Monte mentions how she brought up Turner’s game style being “unpredictable” this whole season and he might not take Monte to the end.
M – I was like what are you talking about? Every decision he’s made has been from input that You also put in.. First of all the leftovers was a collective thing we all decided to do to put up ameerah and Terrance. It’s not like he just went rogue.
They laugh about her saying that Turner is unpredictable when it’s been the opposite in their eyes because they’ve been involved in all of Turners game moves.
Monte – so many holes in her argument..

M – just as homies. I had a conversation with Taylor last night as you saw I woke up in the car room.
T – I did notice that
M – the boy is back.. I don’t know.. the whole thing with my goddaughter. what was that about? She was like I was just making an observations. No we haven’t seen her.. Dude you don’t understand that is unnecessary.. She was like yeah I guess it was unnecessary. I was like what if you said you have seen your grandmother you entire life and I jumped in not for the past three months.
M – she was like Yeah.. seeing my grandmother made me feel more aware of that. I’ve been hypersensitive to that sort of stuff. She apologized up and down about it or whatever have you. I’m glad she didn’t take the Kyle approach overtly try to deny that she said anything wrong.
M – I had the conversation with her about the f***ing headphones
T – what she say?
M – she was like OHH I was talking to Brittany about how you and Turner just coming up in my room and mi casa es su casa I was trying to prove to her by me talking off your headphones this is your place to.
M – Taylor you didn’t give her the headphones you just took them away and just.. what was that for? It was a power trip I felt like you were on.
M – I also told her just as a friend, Maybe this is stuff people have been telling you about that you rub them the wrong way.
M – If you are willing to say those things to me someone you have recently became intimate with I can’t imagine what you’ve said to other people.
M – so we just had that talk. I told her I’m going to take a step back from staying over in her room.
T – was she doing alright after that?
M – I Mean she .. I don’t think she wanted that to be the case. She was asking me how I wanted to move forward as opposed to what she thinks we should do. She’s open to either route.

Turner – I can’t believe they let me sleep until 1.
Turner wonders if that is it for Brittany or she’ll try again later in the week.
Monte thinks she’s presented all she has.

They talk about all the lies Brittany has spun this season “She’s A smart person but socially she can’t hang”
Neither think she would have survived the backstage twist If Paloma hadn’t blown a fuse.

They reminisce about the first week. If Paloma hasn’t left Brittany would have been evicted and the Po’s Pack may have been the dominated alliance.
Monte – if that whole old skool thing would have happened the week
Monte thinks Paloma would have done good in Competitions. “Those tiny legs be pushing”

2:00 pm Brittany has joined them.

2:35 pm Quiet

3:17 pm Brittany whimpering about how she needs the money She overheard Turner and Monte talking about not needing the Big Brother social media boast to start a podcast touring around the country.
“It just hurts.. If 29 thousand dollars is so easy for you then why are you here? I would so anything for that”
“I want to keep playing.. I’m not going to stop playing until I am outta here. ”

3:43 pm Leftover wine from last night.

3:50 pm Brittany fills Taylor in on her conversation with Monte.

4:20 pm Brittany building her tie dye shirt

4:40 pm Monte and Taylor are having a showmance conversation.

6:00 pm Quiet

6:40 pm Brittany is talking about how Monte didn’t play a great game. Taylor has her vote.

6:51 pm

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Mad Max

one more time……Britt just can’t get over herself!


She really did have some good arguments and she presented them well. She probably realize it’s useless but at least she tries and I can’t fault her for that

F Lang

She really did have some points but Monte knows Taylor and Brittany would love that and evict his ass in a second.


Well what’s she supposed to do? Lay down and die? Lol you have to try, even if you know it probably won’t make a difference


She’d never make a debate squad; quantity over quality is no bueno.
Her style, rhythm, content and manner of speech is torture.

There are some people out there we could listen to for hours — Britt ain’t one of ’em.


I love that she is still playing and not rolling over and dying. I give her huge props for not giving up. Thing is, she is absolutely right. I guess she could have just slept with the strongest player…oh wait…that role was taken. Now, Monte is making it obvious that he will use it all against Taylor…”you mentioned my god daughter…we can’t sleep together anymore…” What a cop out and lame reason to distance from her. Be upfront!

F Lang

Oh, you mean other than the fact Taylor’s an ???


Maybe after she threw herself at him for 750K, he’s just not interested any more. He’s had enough.

Palm Oil's Meds

Alyssa threw herself at Kyle and he protected her for weeks

Captain Kirk

“Alyssa threw herself at Kyle and he protected her for weeks”


Captain Kirk

” I guess she could have just slept with the strongest player…oh wait…that role was taken”

LOL…..TWICE OVER…..and those concerned with balanced “optics” can’t rant….lol


Only walking “L’s” left. Pitiful end.


I know!! It’s pitiful. What a dreary dreary end to the reign of The Comp King, which I soon hope to see on The Amazing Race!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

No f…ing way! Omg, that would SOOOO ruin the show…

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Britt just mad that Turner and Monte have been fully onto her for a long time. I really hope they are both in the final together so she and all the angry ladies on jury are forced to vote for one of them.


Actually, it’s Monte and Turner who are ‘just mad’ that Brit has been onto them for some time now. That’s why they keep on going for the character assassinations.

Brit’s been pretty high brow on not personally slandering anyone.

That seems much more definitive a sign of strength and grace.

Maybe those ladies will recognize Monte’s bully alpha male, and give the win to Taylor.


I totally agree.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

I can see you are clearly biased just the ladies on jury. fair enough. bye Fay-Lecia.


Hahaha, nice try. You literally said ‘angry ladies’.

Classic tactics that align with Monte’s.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

It is not a tactic. It is fact. They will be voting based on gender, and not on game. Which is ridiculous.


You had me up until giving the win to Taylor. All she’s really done is proved everyone who said she would sleep her way to the top was right

Palm Oil's Meds

Stop being misogynist. Taylor won two HoHs so maybe Monte is sleeping with her to advance his game. And Alyssa used Kyle for weeks. Let’s stop the double standards.


she was targeted by the girls’ girls specifically because they thought she would do this. this isn’t a double standard. it’s just what happened and it’s kinda gross considering she still seems to genuinely have feelings for joe.

her first hoh was messy and her second seemed to fail to realize that it’s basically just immunity from noms. that second comp was pretty much all luck anyway. she’s done next to nothing in this game. brittany’s veto wins are more impressive. just a low bar.


Somehow you choose to ignore the weakness of Monte and Turner’s games.

That is what misogyny does.


Stop the slut shaming.

None of them right now are good players.

I’d rather she take it than the big alpha male or the whiny follower.

Turner has never had his own game. Always running to report to others.

Monte deserves to fall hard on his big head. I hope he gets cut at 2.

The Beef

Yet Brittany is questioning why they are there because they “don’t need the money” like she does – to have IVF for a baby.

She knows nothing really about their financial situation, and only knows what they’ve said about what they plan to do with the money, and judges that HER use is much more noble and justified than theirs is. How graceful of the daughter of a senior executive of a major telecom company, who just finished completing, designing and decorating her own custom built home for herself and her husband! I highly doubt that her parents won’t kick in and help her and her husband fund any necessary IVF costs for Brittany to conceive this baby she keeps talking about. Yeah, I’m sure she’d rather do it herself, but is winning a damn game show really doing it yourself anyway? Go get a REAL job, and stop trying to HYPNOTIZE idiots who believe in crap like that, and stealing their money!


mad? you do know that this is a game….right?


The last person who had that awareness is Michael.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

I do, but do you?

Captain Kirk

“Alyssa threw herself at Kyle and he protected her for weeks”
No…..it’s a invalidated study of sociology, psychology, psychiatry, lying, backstabbing, cheating, racism, and sexism. It’s a far cry from being a “game”.


No! Not Turner, he’s scummier than Taylor!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

They are all scum. There’s not one likable or admirable quality about ANY of the final four.


For a guy who runs score cards on presumed moral failings, he seems to have conveniently forgotten that Turner came back from DyreFest fully ready to take down the remaining LOs. Or somehow that is ok bc Turner’s primary target of Michael was in alignment with Monte’s self-interests?

The high and mighty Monte gets to decide if he will grant anyone audience to state their side. Good thing Taylor didn’t try to do so bc that would have been reason to just off her head immediately.

Don’t you dare try communicating your perspective with me. I have spoken.

To equate her possible misstep (we don’t yet know what was said), with Michael manipulating a racially loaded situation.

What a tyrant.

Michaels Cat

Actually Turner came back from Dyrefest and still wanted to work with Monte. He told Kyle and they pulled Monte back in because Turner knew Alyssa and Terrance werent going to win anything to help them.


That wasn’t his original intent. He came back ready to rock with the AP. Only after he got that sinking ship feeling did he start looking around for other options.

Kyle was not keen on this plan, as Turner immediately began playing Monte’s game.

He got Turner to switch gears and target Michael. If not for the reveal, Taylor would have been the target after Michael’s veto win.


I like your name.
i have to separate the losers who have remained since Michael left. It’s like 2 different shows – one great, the one now that I no longer watch, lame and pathetic.

un autre nom

Neither Monte nor Turner have ever been good at tallying their own character flaws and game treachery (unless they come out of the diary room and immediately talk to cameras).
It’s no surprise that both are completely enamored with their own clean games, neither has the self awareness necessary to do otherwise.


Turner has a lot of dissonance about evicting Alyssa. His way of dealing with it is to blame it all on Brit.

‘I understand a game move, but not if it involves playing on my genuine guilt about how rotten it looks to evict my bestie. LIke, Alyssa was my best friend in the house except for my F4 with the Pound, F2 with Kyle, F2 with Monte. I’ve known her since start of summer and bc I can’t even face her so I will let her be blindsided on eviction night. I might lose this 2 month lying relationship I had with her, forever. How dare you interfere with my distorted way of dealing with that by forcing me to look at what I’ve done, square in the face.’





Yup. Turner won’t get Alyssa’s vote now. A vote he totally gets just by being honest with her. Pretty hard to feel bad for him


Don’t try to justify anything about Turner. He’s lying scum.


Odd you see it as justifying.

It’s easy to label people into categories. Makes life easier to sort out on the surface, but more upsetting for the hater.

It takes more work and insight to decipher thoughts and behaviors.

Captain Kirk

The most MISUSED WORD in this BB “game” is ………..FRIEND

Captain Kirk

“B – there’s reasons to evict Turner there’s reasons to evict me. I’m not going to bullshit you”

NOT EVEN A BRAIN TRANSPLANT FROM MR SPOCK would be sufficient to allow Monte to be able to argue and reason logically with Brittany… lol….too dense.

“You know what I mean”
“I got your back”

Trogdor the Burninator

Honestly…I don’t know how Brittany and Taylor have a ranking above 1 in the Houseguest Rankings. Both are really boring individuals who can’t get over how important they’ve made themselves out to be in their own head. From a game perspective, neither one of these 2 are likeable, nor deserving of winning the game.


I know, I know ! How many times do we have to say it… (while I roll my eyes as far back as they’ll go).

Captain Kirk

Has there EVER been a likable winner on BB ? Or anywhere else on these type of shows?

The first of these “reality shows was Survivor (if I’m not mistaken), and the winner there was a gay guy who decided unilaterally to parade himself in the nude. He went on to win. He later went to prison for tax evasion because he failed to report his winning on his tax return. How stupid can one be, right?

Dunno know how these BB contestants are screened out or chosen by producers/CBS, but it’s my understanding that in BB2, there was one contestant who was expelled by production for placing a butcher knife on another’s neck. WOW.

So, there is a lot to dislike about SOME of these individuals that go on these shows. This BB show tends to highlight and extract ALL the BAD TRAITS of these contestants.

Granted, we are all far from perfect, but it seems as if these types who are attracted ” reality” shows (as participants) are sometimes lacking in basic values of decency and civility. The net result is then: What’s there to like about them?

Palm Oil's Meds

Everybody is boring this season. Let’s not be sexist.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

But neither are Turner or Monte. They are self-righteous, immoral, immature misogynists. Pft!


I cant understand why you are all so mad at Britt when she is playing and trying until she is out the door. Probbably the same people that would bash other houseguest for giving up lol


Yes, you are absolutely right. If she did nothing they’d be calling her lazy or a quitter. She is doing the right thing and at the moment, the only one really playing the game


I have sympathy for Brittany and her desire to have a child — but this is Big Brother, not a charity or benevolent works. She and Taylor both act so entitled. I want a baby, so I should get at least second. I want to be the first black woman to win so everyone should fall in line. 🙁

un autre nom

This season’s entire cast was entitlement personified.
Remember ‘this seasons going to suck if i’m not here?’
Remember ‘it’s my birthday month?’
There’s more examples.
But then again… 2 were promised showmances by production.
One had his game comments sanitized for weeks until someone made his comments game (and immediately press from Julie turned against the one that made the comments game).

The more i think about it, this cast was a bunch of completely entitled assholes i’ll be glad to see the back of two days after finale after i read the season end interviews.


Indy…don’t forget Indy!

Captain Kirk



I’d love to see a black woman win bb. But they have to play good game and hopefully have something resembling okay social skills. Vecepia was bland but her survivor win ticked both boxes. Taylor ticks neither box

Palm Oil's Meds

I think Taylor was the strongest female this season. She went from being bullied and ostracized to probably having the most jury votes if she makes it to F2. She has two HOH comp wins. Made a F3 with the strongest guy (Michael) in the house. Her social skills are fine. I think people are too hard on her but that’s due to implicit biases they have with women of her phenotype. You guys act like she’s a floater or a coaster (like Alyssa or Britney), but she has literally been fighting for her life since day 1. Her journey story is unlike any other hg in BB history. Stop hating and put respect on her name.


so basically you’re proving how bad the women were this season. da’vonne’s stronger than all of them and her best finish was 10th.

taylor winning is still pretty unlikely, but it’s mostly down to monte and especially turner having astoundingly bad jury management with an extremely bitter jury. no one on the jury likes taylor, especially not the women whom she barely spoke to, and to think they’d vote for her because underdog is pretty ridiculous. i have a really hard time thinking michael or brittany will vote for her and they’ll probably steer the jury to voting game.

she rode coattails of the dominant alliance and then when she got into power she refused to put up one member outside the alliance while bullying a member of the alliance to flip on it.

i get that people watching the game from the outside might like her, but there are reasons why people playing the game don’t, and i don’t really see her winning because of that.


Don’t discount how much this cast is influenced by gaining clout. In each of their media interviews plus brief jury clips, we’ve seen both Indy & Jasmine pulling for Taylor. Part of that was what happened in each of their final weeks in the house. Taylor really didn’t want Indy to leave while Jasmine took a different view of Taylor for not succumbing to what the rest of the Leftovers wanted. Joseph confirmed the former & likely the latter in the jury.

Taylor secretly put two dresses in Indy’s suitcase which she raved about in one media interview. Both were definitely influenced by their handlers & knew immediately by their interviews how Taylor is being viewed externally. Of the house members, Indy & Jasmine were very much into post-show impact on social media & opportunities (Jasmine wants to be an influencer) so IMHO they’ll vote for Taylor. Ally declared she wants a woman winner & Britt confirmed she’ll vote for her too (four cemented votes — again IMHO).

Terrance is a lock to vote for Monte whoever he sits beside and Kyle is probably a Monte vote too.

If Monte is in the F2 chair– whoever of Taylor or Turner is last evicted could very much come down to WHO evicts them. If Monte evicts Taylor now after sexing her & promising F2 she’ll probably vote for Turner. Monte would never vote for a woman even if Turner evicts him he’d still get his vote but not if she does it. I think Turner is a lock to vote for Monte either way based on his season-long penchant to value men over women.

That leaves two votes which I think are the swing votes – Michael & Joseph. They both pointed to Monte’s game in their exit interviews but indicated Taylor was also in the mix with a great season story. And something I think will influence their votes is comments made by Monte (and that he underestimated the impact of) these last two weeks.

Specifically, he cut up Joseph several times in front of everyone first noting how he got too into playing double-agent and it was inevitable he’d be cut and that he wasn’t very intelligent (jealousy Monte?). There were two specific conversations I recall where everyone was present & Monte was going through the evicted jurors and how their games ‘sucked’. He also brought up how Joe wanted to do the podcast Monte kept discussing but that he wouldn’t do that bc Joe was too immature to do a podcast with him due to his lack of life experience and professionalism. The irony of this latter comment is pretty funny given Monte is the one who injured two cast members in one workout & as Joseph pointed out often didn’t answer specific fitness questions correctly. As for Joseph not being professional or having enough life experience I CAN’T WAIT for Monte to learn Joseph is a lawyer!

Michael is a super fan but he might be influenced the most by what gets relayed by the members following him to jury. Ally or Britt can convey how Monte credited Michael’s belt breaking as divine intervention and also noted he shouldn’t have won so much so he had no one to blame but himself. While that’s an accurate read the fact Michael knew Monte was already saying Michael needed to go as early as week 3 (Kyle outed that fact) when he only had two POVs will piss him off. Plus, while Michael was always excluded from the all-male alliances but ended up being the one who carried the Leftovers will factor. Britt again had the excellent house read noting how Monte was protected by Michael just as much as Taylor & Britt were & won only one pivotal POV (before Michael’s exit) due to the equipment malfunction but then proceeded to act like he ran the season (ummm Monte about the Pooch & Indy evictions?)

No doubt Britt will convey that take along with Monte’s misogyny & how he specifically orchestrated her being ostracized as soon as Monte was in power & how he wouldn’t even give her a true opportunity in her pitches. If Monte confirms he’s keeping Turner prior to Thursday night watch for Taylor to tell her a lot more of what Monte said to fuel that fire & take it with her to jury. For example, saying he was disgusted by her talk of wanting to win so she could start a family after asking her what she would do with the money if she won.

Michael repeatedly brought up how the alpha male alliances (& treatment of historic strong woman BB players) annoyed him, so giving him any reason like the latter would be something he’d likely jump on bc he has such a strong desire to bond with former players like Janelle & Tiffany.

Monte spent much of Sunday looking to get out of his promised F2 with Taylor BUT — there was a shift again late on Monday. I think it was bc of Britt’s pitch registering with him. She noted how the jury won’t credit him for Michael’s eviction & Turner has a much better track record given who left on his HOH reigns (Ameerah, Kyle, Michael) versus Monte (Nicole, Ally, her). She also pointed out Turner has shafted other close allies & wants to get the ‘easy win’. Perhaps that’s why Monte suddenly crawled back into bed with Taylor to make nice again.

My track record at guessing votes has been pretty close to the mark in past seasons so I guess we’ll see if my gut is wrong. But, I’d be surprised if Taylor loses to Monte should she make it to F2. Many think it would be a 5-4 vote but I think at worst it’s 6-3 for Taylor versus either Monte or Turner.


yeah, early jurors do tend to be less better and vote for who they think production wants to win in the hopes of getting invited back. worked out for da’vonne afterall.

i’d have to actually see it happen though. taylor is going to be super pompous responding to jury questions, as is monte, and i’m not sure the jurors will respond well to that.

Captain Kirk

I’ve never seen deep analysis on this board take much track with the audience…… 🙂

Don't Shoot the Messenger

The world definitely does NOT need Brittany procreating. She should realize she’s NOT MEANT TO PROCREATE!!!



No Name

Monte is a gaslighting piece of shit.OK,I feel better now.Just when I though Turner was the bigger scumbag Monte out does him.They keep going back and forth for who can be worse.




I’m still voting for a Turner for biggest scumbag. And he looks like odor is emanating out from him too!

Big Jim

No matter what argument she comes up with, it doesn’t matter because she would take Taylor over Monte so the rest of it means nothing. Goodbye Brittney you came in 4th no shame in that


Well said. But she’ll be pitching this until ten minutes before eviction. They all deserve a prize for tolerance. I couldn’t do it and left after Michael did!


It just seems that the DR has some influence obviously. Britt isn’t gonna give up, even though it’s pretty much in the bag, & she waited until Sunday to do something she should have done on Wed. Taylor is playing just a bit too hard a bit in thinking her ways justify the means. Earth to Taylor, don’t act like a priss, unless told to by production (& even then, don’t). Headphones? Goddaughter? What the hell are you doing?! Don’t bother w/ Britt, she is dead to rights. Focus on winning and hoping/choosing
who’s in F2. Taylor, I do not wish you the winner of any $. Your 1st week & last day hopefully justified the means. 3rd place. Mic drop. Thumbs down. Self burn


Yeah, Brit should have told Turner. I’m voting alyssa, do with that information what you will, and walked away. I think ultimately Turner votes out taylor if he has enough time to talk to everyone, sees monte and Taylor start bullying brittany and Alyssa in tears

No zing for you

Proof of a good season….. Zingbot.
He totally rips them apart and there’s no confusion as to what the digs are.

This seasons zings were dull and barely a zap.
Sad sad season


Zingbot has sucked in recent seasons. I think they’re worried he’ll give away game


Correction: A true winner came out of this season. Michael was energizing and fun to watch as his intellect and skill blazed through the summer.
The rest of these losers since he left are pathetic.
I liked Joe too and I think if Kyle hadn’t thrown him under the bus and gotten him evicted, he could have shown us good game play.

Palm Oil's Meds

Move on. Michael is gone because he stupidly won too many comps and overplayed. That’s not smart at all. lol Although I loved his messiness, his stunts eventually backfired,

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Michael is a psychopath. What strange role models you have…

Captain Kirk

Michael & Brittany for a race on the Amazing Race


Please NO, we’ve seen enough of Brittany. Oh gosh please take that back.

Captain Kirk

Well, at least they appear to be very hard competitors.

Gotta give them points for THAT, right? (unlike the floaters, and the biscuits, gravy, and potato chips eaters)


I really dislike Britney now but I would do anything to see Michael on TV again!! Lol loved him


Aren’t ameerah and Nicole already on it?

Palm Oil's Meds

Derek X and Claire on the current season of AR

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Only in their dreams…

Captain Kirk



YES!!!! 1000% for Michael! But do you really think he could endure her?

Captain Kirk

ONLY with the expressed written consent of her husband, and I suspect the hubby will have NO PROBLEMS signing those papers… 🙂

And further, hubby will have NO WORRIES about Michael “making a move” on her during a rest point. 🙂


How about Michael and Janelle?


LOVE that idea!

Captain Kirk

Dunno about Michael and Janelle, but I WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH INDY AND CAPTAIN KIRK.. :). YUMMY… LOL. 🙂


I do feel for Brit, but it is unrealistic when HGs come into the house with so much hanging on a very unlikely chance to win. Maybe this mind warp develops more and more as the house messes with their heads.

If not for a shot to play a game on national television, she would not be in any better or worse situation.

It’s very much how people resent others for seeming to have easier lives, bc they feel so burdened by their own disappointments.

Especially for someone who has always been on the social fringes, looking from the outside at the beautiful people.

She really needs to go to jury house for some chance to reground herself. Then get back to her husband and find her old comfortable life niche.

The show really exploits these people’s weaknesses for entertainment value.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Even though I’m totally here for it, it IS a little twisted. This forum shows how judgmental we ALL are.

uncreative department

Look into Britt’s background. She needs the money the least of them all. She shouldn’t have been cast because she’s so socially inept and vulnerable.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

They are all quite wealthy, not one of them NEEDS the money. These entitled idiots couldn’t even fathom actually NEEDING money. Smh…

Captain Kirk

“They are all quite wealthy”

The perception of “wealth” or “being wealthy” of one is always measured by the yardstick of relativity of another.

Captain Kirk

“Look into Britt’s background. She needs the money the least of them all”

AND what is the FACTUAL BASIS for saying THAT?? I mean, did you review her tax returns, performed an income-to-debt ratio analysis, review investment porfolio, etc?


Captain Kirk

“The show really exploits these people’s weaknesses for entertainment value”
And you are loving it, but I agree with some of your observations and criticisms


Yes, I am fascinated by it, but also do feel for some of them. More exploratory for me. Although sure, the drama is fun, as well.

I mean ok, they chose to go on full view of the country. I will sit back and enjoy on some of that.

But sometimes I think of the big bad corporate machine which is exploiting them, but also, us.

And I don’t like when it crosses over into bully biases that affect many of us on the day to day.

The Kats Meow

Monte is dancing in his own smug musical right before our eyes. Full of pretend alpha male bluster and weak momma’s boy patheticness. Men who are truly dominant and Alpha archetypes, don’t constantly say it to blow smoke up their own asses, they just exude that vibe. Which is a primal thing, that really can’t be faked. Heaven forbid someone challenges or disagrees with him, (especially women,) because then the spoiled momma’s special lil dude jumps to the surface with all his glam and glory. I hope Turner or Taylor have an epiphany if they win these next comps and send him home. No one left is really likable, but Monte and Brittany are irritating

Captain Kirk

“Monte is dancing in his own smug musical right before our eyes. Full of pretend alpha male bluster and weak momma’s boy patheticness”


He’s afraid of squaring off with Brittany for the final HOH….bottom line….nothing but a pu sssiiiiiiiiii

“You know what I mean”
‘I be like…”
“I got yo back”


Did Taylor say something sarcastic about Monte’s God Child ?

Did Taylor make Monte, Turner and Brittany feel unwelcome in the HOH room ?

I try to be understanding when it comes to some of the comments Taylor has made, Taylor is a little awkward, at times, she comes across as entitled and kind of snobbish.

This is the 2nd HOH win for Taylor, have you noticed she has to always wear the HOH Pink Robe, when she makes her nominations? She really wants to come across as the Boss.

I like Taylor, but she needs to dial it back a little when she’s HOH.

Taylor made a comment earlier this week in the Storage room while talking with Brittany, “It’s still her HOH”, Brittany asked if Taylor felt Monte would keep her and evict Turner?

Does Taylor think everyone is suppose to do what the HOH wants all week???.

Taylor is the HOH, the person with all of the power right now is Monte, he won the Veto.

Not being mean, but Taylor is irrelevant now. Taylor needed to win the HOH and Veto.

Taylor would have been able to walk around acting like she’s the Queen wearing the HOH Robe, and Veto Necklace all week.


Let’s not forget Taylor won this HOH against only two others who were able to play. Going into the HOH comp. each one had a 1 in 3 chance of winning, EZ odds. Taylor won so good for her, but enough of her thinking she has bragging rights. Besides, it was the Veto comp. that meant anything.


Pathetic. Maybe Britney should just start begging live feeders for then money she needs or is that what’s happening.


And there are so many kids needing adopting, many babies even who become just like your own blood, so there is no need to go through IVF which is so costly and has a very poor success rate not to mention is very hard on the body and the couple’s relationship. I know because we have close family who have gone through IVF and my sister adopted two children which has been absolutely wonderful.


She is truly pathetic, but I have to say her blabbering is a little easier tontake than Jasmine’s screechy on and on self importance and birthday ego.

Captain Kirk

Go fund Brittany to adopt a baby so she wouldn’t be a public burden?

Captain Kirk





The site remains up all year round. We often try to do Celebrity Big Brother and sometimes Big Brother Canada as well it all depends on how burnt out we are from the US season. 🙂

un autre nom

Monte: I’m worried about Britt in that third comp.
Taylor: I’m more worried about Turner. With Britt, i can beat her in the first comp and you beat her in the second comp. Britt doesn’t even get to play in the third comp.
Monte: yeah but Britt in that third comp.

Don’t let logic get in the way of your brilliant justification plan, Mr. asshat.
What he really wants to say:
I can’t get rid of Turner because I don’t think a woman deserves to sit in the final 2.
Notice, he never once says he’s going to final 2 with Taylor today.

This has been the Monte issue all season: he decides something and no logic permeates his skull because he is completely intractable when he is speaking to a woman. Shush, he at least listens to what men say, and doesn’t just keep repeating his loops with men.
Other men, he hears them out and doesn’t just rinse repeat the same tired statements while mentally degrading and devaluing the existence of who he is speaking with. He’s interactive with men, he’s instructional with women.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He is a disgrace to men.