“I think pretty much Cornbread out.. Even if we wanted to keep him we couldn’t”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-19-10-003

10:35am London room Danielle, Shane and Monte
Danielle says she doesn’t mind if Justin wins HOH because they can control him.
Shane says Morgan is a safe bet too
Monte agrees, “Jason wants to get rid of the floaters”
They agree Neeley is good too they know where her head is at.
Monte keeps acting like nobody is after him.
Danielle and Shane confirm saying “Nobody is coming after us :”
Danielle – the girls (Plastics) are voting Cornbread.
Monte – yeah I think so
Shane – unanimous
Monte – the only drama will be HOH tonight..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-19-44-138
Monte leaves..
Shane starts laughing.. Followed by Daneille..
They whisper that their side of the house has to win the HOH. (Monte’s side is not their side)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-22-11-025

10:40am HOH Monte and MOrgan
Monte – I think pretty much Cornbread out.. Even if we wanted to keep him we couldn’t.. Scott backstabbed him that’s what killed him
Monte says he just talked to “All them” they told him nobody is saying they are coming after Monte.
Monte talking about how safe he is ‘Shane doesn’t want to touch us.. .”
Monte says Shane is a person on their side.

Monte- “I’ve had a great first week nobody wants me outta here.. If you stick by my side you’ll be here a long time too”
Morgan says they need to keep close to the girls

Monte- right now Shane is in bed with Danielle.. Scott doesn’t want part of that.. Scott will come back to my side

Morgan says he’s in a good positions with Alex, Whitney and Shelby..
Brings up that Neeley is good with both of them.

Mont e- Scotts a wildcard if he gets HOH… No he’ll do Kryssie and Shelby
Morgan thinks those are the obvious targets.
Monte- you have my word I’ll go home before I backstab you
Monte says he wants the final to be HIm, Monte, Whitney, Alex and Shane.
Morgan – where is Shane’s head
Monte – he’s still with me.. Shane and Danielle they don’t want to go after you Whitney and me..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-15-46-417
Alex comes in. They talk about Cornbread leaving this week and he has no idea. MOnte says it’s because Cornbread has no idea Scott is against him.

Morgan – it’ll be unanimous Cornbread
They agree..
Shelby joins them..
Monte keeps going on about how he’s safe and how he got through his HOH without too many people pissed at him.
Shelby – is the consensus still Cornbread
Monte – ya
Shelby – I hate that..
Monte- we were close to getting Daniele out
Alex – Scott..
Monte – Cornbread pissed Scott off..
Shelby doesn’t like Cornbread says she’s fine with him going home.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-27-20-026

10:58am Corn

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-26-43-191

11:05am White room Shane, Danielle and Justin
Laughing at Monte.. Shane leaves.. Danielle tells them about the conversation with Monte.
Justin – he’s so confused..
They are surprised that Monte thinks he’s so safe.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-31-03-193
1:15pm HOH Lockdown

They block this on regular BB

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-32-21-394

1:55pm Alex and Shelby Storage room
They agree they are easy targets now.
Alex says Cornbread was working directly under Monte and Scott. Alex says Scott is very smart and nobody is realizing just how smart he is.
Alex – people love him.. He’s not going to be put up for awhile he’s good till 1/2 way through the game
Shelby wants to keep him for awhile.
They talk about how 1/2 the house is just here to be famous or get more followers on Instagram.

They don’t believe Danielle’s story.
Shelby – there’s some PH’d you can get outta pure intellect.. They’re’s others that are for workhorses..
Alex says she’s building up her story..

Shelby mentions how Scott’s story is also fishy.

Shelby says the 3 people that are annoying her are on the block
Alex says they almost got Danielle out they had 4 outta the 5 votes.
Shelby – if only we could had convinced 1 person to vote out Kryssie..
Alex says Scott is 100% making deals with people
Shelby – he’s up all night.. he’s told everyone he’s sticking with Shane..
Alex points out everyone is saying they are “With Shane” lists, Danielle, MOnte, and Scott.

Alex – I wish I knew where Jason’s head is at..
Shelby – he’s not voting out Danielle
Alex – next week
Shelby says Danielle talks about Shampoo for at least 1 hour a day.. Shelby cannot stand talking to her.
Shelby impersonates Danielle “Whats your favorite Kardashian”

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-39-57-400

1:56pm Justin and Scott..
Justin – If I get HOH I’m putting up MOnte.. I’m not putting up Shelby.. I’ll put up either Alex or Morgan..
Scott says he’s putting up Morgan..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-54-15-192

3:35pm Corn….

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 15-51-01-097

3:50pm Scott and Justin
Scott getting ready…
Scott – I’m totally good with tonight..
Justin says Jason is his partner. “Same goes with you too dog.. don’t come for me, come for me that shit goes out the window”
Scott says he’ll never tell anyone Monte is his target.
Justin says if Neeley wins HOH she’ll put him and Shane up.. “I might just go for it.. and put Shane and one of the plastics up.. I don’t see Shelby a real threat”
SCott tells him if he wins HOH Danielle, jason, Justin and Shane are all ‘Golden”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-05 16-53-46-950

4:54pm White room Corn and Monte
Monte- hold your head up high no matter what happens
Corn – I’m ready to get it done..
Monte – ya I feel you… This room is nice..

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Does Cornbread not know he is leaving?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Corn is cooked. He has to know something is up.


I wish Shane, Justin, Scott could know that America will put Monte up. They should go after Las Plasticas.


Sounds boring, the whole house and America crushing the plastics and Monte over the next few weeks? Wheres the battle? No back and forth, just people pushing each other out of the way to brown nose America and Americas pet Jason so they dont get targeted. Doesnt matter who wins HOH – the twists will just keep going Jasons way until he is in final 2 – and then thats right its your turn to vote America, and what a shocker, Jason wins, well I didnt see that coming. As long as the 3rd nom twist is in place, all the signs point to this being a predictable cakewalk for Jason and his minions to control every week.


I like the changes. The jury system sucks. It should go away. Monte targeted the only HG viewers know. Stupid move. Letting viewers play means there can be consequences for being watched 24/7. This is more like the original Big Brother concept. We are watching yoju. Deal with it. I hope they do this for BB 19.


So you want the most popular person, and his side, to keep benefiting from twists every week?

You want no power shifts, just one side crushing the other the whole time?

You want HOH power to be rendered useless each time the HOH is not someone who is well liked?

The best part about the game is its unpredictability, but with these current rules, alot of that is negated.

Im calling it now, this season will be one of the worst and most predictable because of these needless twists.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Thanks for the updates Simon.

Double D

I’m not even watching the live feeds and I want Monte gone


Scott thinks he is being slick, but its so dumb not to evict Danielle if she is his target, sitting on the block and Scott has the votes to get her out! Wasted opportunity that he will regret. Monte and those 4 girls should be hounding Scott to wake up and pull the trigger.


If Shelby had the time to tell Scott about Justin, Jason and Shane listening to his conversation with Monte, maybe he would switch his vote to evict Danielle along with the 4 plastics????


I like shlbey as a person but game wise I don’t think she fully loyal to Jason
cause she just went up stairs in told what him in Justin was doing now I get what Jason
was talking about a day or two ago about her cant trust her fully she is with monty an morgan
will tell them everything she another scott I hope Jason or Justin win hoh tonight they my favorite houseguess
im do my part by help them out America carepakages but not a bad one like no more half not that’s why im read it before I vote if its a double veto im give it to Jason I like Jason an Justin I hope they final 2