“Set the timer for 40 minutes and wave the flag until the timer is done.”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 18-58-44-375

7pm – 7:25pm Paulie comes out of the diary room to make some pies as his punishment. He has to make a pie every time a noise goes off all summer long. They gave him a basket full of baking ingredients. Vic says he has to set the timer for 40 minutes and wave the flag until the timer is done. Vic also reads that Paulie has to wash all the baking dishes and put them back in the basket. Paul says FOOLS A BAKER! BAKES! They tell him to get baking. Paulie says he has to wait. They say fo the song or something? Paulie says yeah. Big Brother plays baby zingbot singing “O say can you see” Paulie says I’ve never baked a pie in my life! Paul asks can I see that roller? Paulie hands it to him and says can you just smack me over the head? Paul says imaging if they make you bake one back to back. They will make you do that. Paulie says well they will be sorely disappointed. Paul starts talking about crowd surfing at concerts. He says people will try and hurt you. This one girl started pinching me hard. …I kicked her. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 19-12-41-747

7:45pm – 8pm The feeds return to Paulie crying while waving his flag. Paulie says his ex told him they couldn’t be together if he came on here. Paul says to deny that you don’t have feelings. To act like the tough guy. When you get your heart broken it sucks. I don’t care what stigma is out there that guys can’t cry. I cry a lot. You’re not a baby, you’re a human being dude! Paulie says exactly. Paul says honestly it makes me sad because I know you’re a good person and I know there is someone out there that wouldn’t put you through that. If she didn’t say yes to you, there is someone else out there that would. Paulie says with my family and group of friends I’m always the tough guy. Nat says crying isn’t a weakness. Paulie says I am a crazy f**king romantic when it comes to my sh*t. Part of me wants to say f**k all of this and go home where I have my family support system and go up to her door… Big Brother blocks the feeds. Paulie says I’m going to need a good work out… balling my eyes out about my god damn ex again.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 19-48-21-831

8:10pm Pie is done!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 20-09-57-268

8:18pm – 8:30pm Big Brother plays the zingbot “O say can you see” – Time for Paulie to bake another pie. Paulie says it’s fucked up because I ain’t going to do it. I’m going to workout. Paulie starts running with Vic. (Looks like Paulie will get a penalty vote against him if he doesn’t follow through with the punishment.) Big Brother plays “O say can you see” again. Paulie continues to workout. Corey asks Paulie are you not going to do it. Paulie says nope working out. Big Brother calls Paulie to the diary room. Paulie continues to work out and says can’t a man work out! I told you I needed it! Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 20-18-40-870

8:40pm – 8:50pm The live feeds return to Corey giving Paulie a pep talk in the kitchen. Corey tells Paulie the odds of me not winning aren’t good. DOn’t do this to yourself. Kill them with kindness. I’ve been through sh*t with my ex too. But you have to decide to be happy. You have a lot to be happy for. You’re on a bomb a$$ tv show. You’ve got friends and family that love you. You signed up for this dude. You knew someone was going to screw you over. I knew I would be. Go out there and smile. Please stop. One of us is going home. That’s fine. Yeah it sucks I’m f**King hurt by it. One of us is going out the door and I want one of us to be happy going out. We got screwed over. We thought we were winning this. I don’t want you to go. I don’t want to go either. If you go I am probably going next week. If I don’t win HOH, I’m screwed. Paulie says I can’t help but wear my emotions on my sleeves. The live feeds don’t want to see you like this. They want to see the bada$$ Calafiore brother. Paulie says I will do it for you. Corey says I can’t see you do this all week brother. Corey says What if you turn around and come right back in .. you got to save that face. Paulie says I definitely don’t want to be that guy that is moping around. Its just been a crazy couple days. Everything is going to be okay. Corey says its all pride. Paulie says its the pride that we were feeling untouchable. Corey says Cody is sitting there saying don’t be soft! Don’t let one game determine your career. This you can only grow from. Paul asks are you exempt from one pie? Paulie says ah no. Paulie goes back out to run in the backyard. He says I’m not in trouble but I’m not going to be that D-hay.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 20-39-37-344

8:50pm – 9pm Big Brother plays the “O say can you see!” Paulie heads into the house to bake a pie. He says where the f**k are the extra pie sheets. He going to the storage room to grab them. Paulie starts baking his second pie. He says no one even ate the first one. Corey says he’s about to eat some. Paulie says now I’m going to cry just because you’re the man. They fist bump. Paulie says maybe I can convince him (Vic) to put James up. Corey says well if you do it, do it with a smile on your face. No one wants to see you unhappy. Paulie says I’m going to be a pro at baking pies.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 20-52-12-644

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 22-38-12-204
10:13pm Paulie and Victor
Paulie is swearing on his aunt whose dieing of cancer that he’s not putting Victor or Paule up next week

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 22-40-15-828
NON Stop check point clearing…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 22-39-28-199

10:38pm Paulie and Paul
Paulie – I tried to make one more deal with Vic
Paulie says he swore on his aunt whos got cancer let him compete in a HOH he’ll keep paul and Victor safe.
Paulie – I can’t do 5 weeks in the jury house i’ll go insane.. 3 of 4 I can f****g handle I don’t wanna ruin the integrity of the game. If you and Paul make it to the end \
Paulie – I know I fu***d up

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 23-14-05-087

Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo room talking about the deal Paulie is giving Victor being good deal for Victor.
Nicole – he trying to get the boy back together minus james.
Victor and paul in the HOH talking about Paulie’s deal being complete shit. They think Pualie should stop bringing up his aunt with Cancer.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 23-21-08-450
Paul telling Natalie Paulie is goign around saying he’s after the person that stabbed him in the heart.. (James)
Victor telling James he’s not falling for PAulie’s deals

11:29pm Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo room still talking about how the deal Paulie gave victor is a good deal.
Nicole – Paulie will do anything.. are you ok
Corey – ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 23-44-24-809

11:40pm Paul telling Corey and Nicole that nobody is buying into Paulie’s campaigning and him using his aunt’s cancer is just a mistake.
Corey is getting pissed that paulie is tryingt o get James put up and Nominated. Corey is not part of that plan.

11:50pm Natalie, James and Paul
Paul is warning them that Nicole and Corey are grilling Meech telling her all these lies that Bridgette made about both sides of the house but none of it is true.
Paul Corey is shitting his pants because ,… it’s exposed again. he’s saying I’m not on board … i’m not on board. I don’t believe any of it. (Paulie’s new plan is to get the POV to be used on Corey and James goes up)

Natalie says Nicole and Corey are desperate.
Paul- just make sure you tell Meech (To watch out)
Natalie – I’ll talk to her tonight.
Paul – do it now that it’s fresh because if it seeps in she’ll go rogue.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 00-02-45-178
11:58pm HOH Paul, Michelle and Victor

Paul – you shouldn’t believe Corey and Niocle..
Micehlle – I don’t believe any of them
Michelle he’s told me two plan Natalie and james
Victor says Paulie is guilt tripping him about his aunt that has cancers swearing on her that he’s not targeting paulie or Victor next week. Paulie wants to go after James and Corey/Niocle do know about it they are just claiming they don’t now.
They laugh at Paulie’s argument he can’t handle to be in the Jury house for 5 weeks but can handle 4 weeks.
Paul – Paulie says he needs the money for his family his aunt with Cancer..
Paule and Meech are wondering if they should blow Paulie up again.

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Get to baking sucka! Paulie is so pissed! Spoiled brat

Corey's gay penis in Paulie's bisexual ass

You can tell he’s a spoiled rich punk


Ain’t going to lie! Paulie’s tears are f’in delicious!!


off topic but I watched the live feeds at a friends house and Vic is looking pretty hot doing all that housework. I don’t know why I find that appealing lol

Powder Puff Girl

I am going to call out a homophobic w/ that user name…


lol you know whos enjoying watching paulie in full meltdown mode more than anybody.. FRANK THE TANK


lol.well Paulie, if you ain’t gonna campaign against your boy Corey, might as well bake some teary pies.


I hoped Paulie would get his just desserts and it seems to be pie. But I think he had ate humble pie so I think they should lighten up on him, including CBS. Paulie is learning a lesson in life and not just Big Brother. So even though he takes the pie, or in this case, bakes the pie. he deserves a little compassion. That is what Makes America Great!


Paulie has learned nothing
As of the last 24 hours, he suddenly has 1) clausaphobia 2) an aunt with cancer and 3) an ex who dumped him before the show.

I will agree that he is unstable but he is just pulling shit out of his ass to try to manipulate the rest of the HGs.
He is clearly mental unstable, but in the “that dude will mind-fuck you” sense not in a “wow, he really needs support” way.

TX rar

Twitter is saying the EX dumped him bc he was cheating. Big Surprise!!


So what we’re seeing right now is Paulie being humble? What universe do you live in? Refusing to bake a pie when the song came on and being defiant about it (working out instead) and seemingly no penalty from BB, nope – don’t feel sorry for Paulie at all.


Where was his compassion when he told one of the girls. “You expect me to feel something, well I dont.” not to mention all the insults he has said since the start of this week. If you go by what they said on TV its not as bad although it was still pretty bad but not as bad as what it showed him saying pn the live feeds. Also he’s crying about his ex who just heard him say on national TV that he boned Z. What about poor Z. Hard to have compassion for him after that. But I will and I will say a prayer fo him cuz he’s going to need it especially when he gets home.

Paulie's Pies

Hey!!!..YO!..Paulie’s pies over here..yea that’s right I’m reporting live from the counter….why the hell is this guy crying all over my precious crust?..and all this ex girlfriend talk, guess that proves even more that Zakiyah was a convenient fling….ahhh apples!….and why is he bringing up a “sick aunt with cancer” all of a sudden..for more sympathy?..

Yo Paulie can’t take any more of your tears bro!
I’m a delicate, delicious pastry, not your therapist!

Bridgette's Good Ankle

I have to say Paulie’s downward spiral behavior has really reached gutter status at this point…
To add to the list of issues and made up reasons why he needs the money, he is now waging promises on a “sick aunt with cancer” (questionable).

I really have no respect for Paulie at this point. He claims to be a real competitor in life/sports, he is showing poor sportsmanship, narcissism, and his tremendous ego… I guess losing is beneath him and so are consequences. Now that he is down, he doesn’t want to follow rules, and refusing to go to jury…

And although I think Corey has the personality of a wall clock, I must give him a little respect for talking to Paulie about his behavior, and how he needs to approach the week and follow through until its done.

BB18 Grossmances

*Paulie’s thoughts: This is BS..type thing…first I get blindsided and put on the block by my boys…just for lying and making deals with everyone…type thing…ok OK so what if they found out!..then the Veto ended up being a crapshoot…type thing..which I could a won if I really wanted to!…type thing…then this crappy punishment, which I’m not doing..Cody and Derrick wouldn’t put up with it..type thing..Aww man..I shouldn’t have listened to all the voices in my head…this game is getting hard..type thing…I wanna go home….i miss my ex girlfriend..so what if she is a Jersey girl.. **cries hysterically**..maybe if I lie about having a sick aunt, they will give me the money…type thing…

Can I use Michelle’s flakiness as part of pie crust?

James' Headband

Lol@ BB18 Grossmances.

Is Natalie starting to get on anyone else’s nerves?
Alot of ppl put their game on the line to support her idea and back her up..why is she moping around, and being dismissive to James.

I guess i underestimated how low her self esteem really is..she’s crying about feeling fat and not liking her body..gimme a break…everyone has moments where they do not feel good about themselves… but considering that she’s actually not heavy/fat in the least bit, she needs to really stop..its starting to look like vanity on her part.

Who cares if James and Corey are talking about partying after?. Natalie herself said they arent dating…

Southern Charm

A fool for a baker is right

Jersey cheer prostitutes

This man has helped me love again”
gtfoh rmfao… the saddest part is deep in James intuition, he knows he is being played. Fast women learn how to be the trick and the pimp. James is in way over his head and Paulie tried to tell em! Hillbilly dwarf blinded by the p*ssy. James your thirsty af… You broke the code. The family should wack you


Jersey cheer, it sounds like you like to ‘wack’. Serial masterbater I bet. If you threaten someone in today’s world you get reported. See something say something whackjob!


oh no the weak troll strikes again dude your weak attempts are just embarrassing.. you know whos breaking code you and every other douche defending paulie the biggest pussy in bb history a grown ass man literally crying cause he cant deal with a 5 ft jersey girl putting him on blast and his wittle bitty feewings are sooo hurt.. you really need to reconsider why your defending such a little bitch perhaps you just need a hug or something 🙂

Nicole's long labia

Also, she was the one who initiated the topic of him a Zzzz kissing under the bed.


I believe she told Paulie he could kiss Zakiyah there. That’s not even flirty, she’s saying he can make out with another girl under there. The fact he took it and made it about them right then is a leap for him. That’s on him not her.

Get a grip

This sounds like Paulies family. I guess you think we’re as stupid as Paulie. Your just pissed your boy is acting like a little girl that got her Barbie doll taken away! HaHaHa! Too damn funny!


Does anyone else see the similarities between Paul and Dan Gheesling?

The Truth Is

Paul is a cross between Evel Dick and Dan. The man started the game with a shitty alliance and some how reset the game for himself. He remained loyal to Victor even when Victor self destructed early on. I’ll even bump him up to Dr. Will status if he manages to keep scheming and succeeding.


I honestly think this is one of he easier challenges compared to shooting goals or physical endurance challenges as in the past …yet Pauli convently makes it seem like the hardest things ever…maybe Nat should have gotten the challenge and showed him how Jersey girls do it..lol


No more similar to Tiffany and Vanessa his ass is crazier than rabid dog


Tiffany wasn’t manic like Vanessa was. But neither of those girls were outright mean like Paulie is. Not to mention, he picks on girls, and the smallest and sweetest ones in the house. God forbid there were puppies in the house. He’d probably kick them then drown them.

Rayvyn Riley

Even though I despised her,
I actually wish that Vanessa was on this season instead of her sister.
She would have had a field day dealing with this South Jersey dj d- bag!
One more day of his drama, and I might despise him more that I did Frankie.
Not sure if that’s possible, but he’s coming close – And that’s saying a lot!


No Paulie is not Dan! Paulie is a spoiled rich crybaby. Dan played the game love him or hate him, and Dan’s Funeral was one of the most memorable moments in BB history!!!


You misread.

“Paul” not “Paulie”


And I don’t believe the story about his sick aunt. When he talking to Paul in the HN room he started saying grandmo…then quickly changed it to aunt. I think he just copying Matt of BB12 where he used a lie like that for sympathy.

Passive Aggressive Grandma

I am not just living, I am fueled with life knowing that Paulie is done for, he has basically said he’s crazy, and now he gets to make pies as a punishment.


Well THATS what was taking soooo long. They had to give Paulie a pep talk about being a good sport.

wild ride

im sorry but after watching what actually went down tonight i can’t take nats side. she stared it and she’s a hypocrite. paulie didn’t handle it very well, that’s true but she is a sketchy bitch. she actually said “everyone knows im flirtatious and if it made you (paulie) uncomfortable you should have told me only to turn around and say paulie’s flirting made her uncomfortable yet she did not take her own advice and tell him!!!!!!


Welcome to the 21st century- the time of the Neo-Feminists. There are plenty of double standards in society and exhibit one is this post which is gonna be thumbsed down by all the feminists and white knights just like your post. There’s one thing that you cannot make a feminist understand and that is logic and facts. Once you throw some facts in their face, then suddenly you are being a male chauvinist attacking a pure defenseless woman. So yeah Welcome to the (Not) Wonderful world of Neo-Feminists.

Take a Xanax, Paulie!

Uhm, okay you’re an ass.


Pualie’s been a jerk for weeks to all the wome not just Natalie, plus he wanted Z to go up and go home inthe beginning on the week. He changed his mind mid week. Sure couldnt be trusted.


Ironically he changed his mind once zakiyah starting tossing the P***y at him like a thirst bucket. Smh


Ok Cody we get that you and your brother both have a problem with jersey girls, but you don’t need to make the same numerous posts with different names to make your point.


Why is it that anytime a post isn’t ripping Paulie to shreds, they are accused of being related to Paulie? Can’t people just have different perspectives and opinions?


Nope! Family is the only one that will take his side. He acts like an 8 year old girl when HG start treating him the same way he has been treating them!


The issue at hand is Not flirting or hypocrycy. That stuff is small time. The issue is the verbally abusive attacks, like bringing her milksies into it. That’s why people hate Paulie. But I won’t waste my energy trying to convince people who use the same abusive language (“sketchy bitch”) or those that support them.


Guys that look down on women as a group were either not loved by their own mothers, or can’t get a girlfriend – and they then want all women to pay. Lame.

Hand chop

Y’all are no better than Natalie. You’re taking it too far. Geez

She isn't everything nice

So True.
I originally thought oh poor Natalie, but not after seeing tonights episode where it seems she twisted the truth just enough to make it sound really worse than it was. And then playing the dumb little girl when confronted about it. It was very manipulative of her and a good game play to then say she loves James because she can depend on him to protect her. If that was Tiffany nobody would have batted an eye. But poor little Natalie needs to be protected.
So Paulie asked her to turn over because her basically bare butt was making him uncomfortable. And she turned that around on him saying he should have told her. Really? He did.


And referring to her breasts as “milkies” is respectful? You are as big a douche as you say Paulie is ….

WTF is wrong with you people

Wow! Some of you posting here lack human compassion. I don’t condone much of Paulie’s behaviour, but having the entire house tear you apart, criticize you for exactly what most of them have done or are doing (lying, flipping, ratting each other out, keeping secrets, bad mouthing others, etc – basically playing BB) telling all your game secrets, private conversations etc while denying their own would be difficult for any person – add to that a possible mental illness such as depression and I’m not surprised by Paulie’s reaction. How incredibly unkind, rude and relentless you people are behaving – your behaviour is no better than what you are criticizing Paulie for. Move on, show some human compassion!! Comment on the game, cheer for you house guest whatever – stop behaving like a bunch of morons!

Take A Xanax, Paulie!

Well thank God we have you trolling around on the BB blog sites to teach us morality.


Don’t hate the player hate the game. He called everybody sketchy meanwhile he was the sketchy one. BACKFIRE! !!


Game talk…fine. Here is my issue. Paulie is a sore loser! Threatening to leave game or not go to jury? Refusing to make the pies. While he was dictator…all was fine. Now that he may be losing…he acts like a child. Can’t respect a sore loser. He knew what he was getting into on this show. Man Up! Don’t like the guy…but I could give him credit…for his manipulative play throughout the season. Now after seeing him behave like he should get special treatment…not taking responsibility for his own game blowing up…(he definitely overplayed his hand) …and refusing to do a task that is part of the game…I realise…he’s one of those ppl. that doesn’t have an ounce of decorum when not WINNING! On another note. I’m not buying into the whole…’my shrink said…claustrophobic…aunt with cancer…my ex broke up with me because (insert tears) ‘ …shtick! Could be true. Most likely not. Game play.


I get what you’re saying to a certain point. However the bottom line is they are turning Paulies tactics right back on him.

I don’t know how many times he’s said he’s going to “call them out”. He came up with the idea to “bully” Tiffany when she was down and out after being on the block for 3 weeks straight. Remember? He literally did the same exact thing to her. The difference is she called him out with the truth that he’s afraid of girls.

He tried to call out and bully Natalie also. He “called out” Frank, called him an idiot for not rolling over and quitting.

I mean come on! If he can dish it out all season long, he should definitely be able to take it. I feel NO SYMPATHY at all. He’s just getting back what he put out.


That’s such a BS comment. You’re sounding a lot like the people who blame rape victims for their attacks by saying that they brought it upon themselves bc they looked hot etc. Just because Natalie is flirtatious does not mean that she should have to deal with derogatory comments or unwanted advances. I agree that this behavior may be seen as wanted by the woman if she laughs along and doesn’t say anything to the contrary but it’s very difficult sometimes to tell someoem to stop. I’ve been in similar situations and often end up just laughing it off and letting it go on because you don’t want to confront it at work and cause a situation. If she wanted these comments to come her eay then she would have flirted back but she never really did. Natalie should not be the one blamed for this and should not have to stand up for herself in the first place since Pauline should not be commenting to her anyways particularly when they both have “significant others” in the house.

star gazer

Paulie has the mindset of gross muslim men who think women are garbage!


Unreal by that thought james who hit on nicole constantly and asked girls to cuddle did the same thing, I get your point on rape victims but in this environment she Natalie let guys feel her up and she flirts constantly and because she doesn’t like how Paulie treats z then he’s the d bag it’s just not fair. I’m for equality male and female

Powder Puff Girl

we get you do not like Natalie


I’m sorry but there is a difference between friendly flirting and straight up hitting on someone. I watch the feeds all the time and Natalie has never said to any of them “hey we can kiss here and no one will know.” I’m sure that did make her uncomfortable considering they are in a dark, confined space.

First timer

Let’s not compare the big brother game with rape. That’s not cool. Two different evils.


Paulie’s mindset is the same mindset that victim blamers have for rape victims.

About to upset people

If CBS is so ignorant as to rig the game so Paulie comes back after this mess of a week, him threatening to quit if he is sent to jury, trying to dictate what he will do regarding the pies, etc it will be pathetic.

I would be interested to see Vic set BB history with the 1st ever back to back HOHs (I could be wrong about that).

I would still like to give Meech a package. Don’t know that I trust her not to side with Borey and Nic though

sunny dee

corey/nicole are only 2 people, there are still 4 others, she’s better off being #5 as a plus one to their 4 than to switch back to be a 3rd as a plus one to only 2. not to mention, neither of them saved her at all during noms or votes, she owes them nothing, and siding with them will get her nowhere. tho she can look sympathetic if they win an HOH, i just figure she’ll be the coHOH and the whole debate moot.

I have a feeling that the original pie punishment has been altered after much carrying on. However, i still think the entire thing is ridiculous if he is making crusts, and filling, and baking, in 40 minutes, is that the thing here? is he going to have to stop doing it in 40 minutes, ready or not? then what, 45 pies at the end of the week? wasteful.

i’d prefer he have to make mini pies with ready made crust or at least crust dough, and screw that up. that he’ll screw up from scratch is a given, i’m sure. i don’t know, i just think it is pointless and just too time consuming to be able to do the way other such punishments are done, like Paul’s secret service deal.

An Apple a Day

I disagree. Britney knew she was toast but she was a good sport and did her punishment 24 hours straight making her feet bleed. Paulie is being a big baby and I think it’s poetic justice that he has to bake after his girl, Z, threw Bridgette’s cookies away. THAT was wasteful and petty. Bake those pies, like the little girl you are! But for the love of all things sacred, wash your hands first!

sunny dee

she was a good sport, she did a great job, & ended up hurting herself too. Paulie is younger, stronger, and thinks all men are superior to all women, yet he can’t manage to fulfill the obligations of this punishment when the weak women (in his eyes) do it even when it is pointless.

I think a repetitive punishment is fine, (see Paul, Britney, Shelly, etc), but pie baking is rubbing me the wrong way, having seen 18 seasons of BBUS and 4 of BBCAN, something feels off. why bake pies, won’t he run out of ingredients, can’t do them on command then, who’s going to eat them? one pie maybe two, but 10, 20, or 30? no one has ever had to make something edible before, chum baths, fake tanning sprays, kicking a ball, etc, this just seems too elaborate. part of it is waiting for 40 minutes for it to bake and he has to wave the flag for all 40 minutes, now that is mnore like the sword punishment of shelley and the ball kicking of britney, and makes more sense to me. why not frozen pie in oven, then flag wave, and get woken up at 4 am and 3;p15, have 4 pies in the oven back to back, flag waving for 160 minutes, 🙂

An Apple A Day

So here’s my theory. We haven’t seen the Veto Comp yet, but with Paul dressed up like Secret Service and doing security checks, and Cory dressed up like Uncle Sam, and holding a Bald Eagle on his hand – it must be some sort of All American competition, tying in the Uncle Sam, Secret Service, and then Paulie perhaps baking all American Apple Pies as his punishment? Just a thought. The punishments are usually tied in together somehow.


“Bake those pies, like the little girl you are!”

Like the little girl you are? So pie baking is a little girl only thing to do? Thanks a lot patriarchy, way to continue the war on women FFS!!

PS. I keed I keed, I just couldn’t help myself.


He prepare the pie and puts it in the oven. Then he sets the timer for 40 minutes and waves the flag. He can piss around for an hour prepping the pie but he still has to wave the flag for another 40 minutes.


You could say Frankie won b2b HOH’s during the battle of the block, but does that really count since he got booted from his first HOH i think it was?

Care Package

Here is why I am voting for Victor- He is the only one that will definitely not be HOH next week (meaning we won’t get the bridgette/nicole fiasco if say michelle wins HOH and was care package winner). He took a major shot I wanted to see this week and owned it like a boss. I want him to know I am happy with the choices he is making and hopefully continues to make (get out cory/paulie/nicole). And Michelle is too flaky for me…. I also like Paul but think he will have the most fun with the final care package and make it entertaining bribing house guests.

Now, I also want everyone to vote who they want for whatever reason they see fit 🙂 Good luck to your choices!

First timer

It’s my first time voting for anything BB. Today I used ally votes for Meech to get the ACP. I am just afraid Pauliena or Cora have that damn roundtrip and they’ll be back like nothing. And God forbid one of them wins the HOH. I would rather have someone, a female preferably, to have some kind of power, and since Nat can’t get a package anymore, Meech is the next best thing (tho I wish it was Bridgette). If this roundtrip wasn’t still in play, I’d give it to Victor… But… Ima roll the dice w BigMeech. Anyways, these votes… I get 20 per day every day?

More Anonymous

I’ll decide after I see who’s in the house after Friday’s episode.


Well, considering that the package is DELIVERED on Fri, then you would be missing several days of voting for this weeks package, cuz I think the voting only goes until 10am Fri for this week’s co HOH? ?


Well said.

skeptical onlooker

Absolutely spot on! I’m voting for Victor…he can’t play in the HOH…and will stick to his guns. It makes the most sense to vote Vic at this time. Thanks.


I agree with you. I have been pleasantly surprised at the way Victor has been handling this HOH and his conversations with Paulie. He hasn’t been doing like alot of people have and blamed it on what the house wanted. He told Paulie it was his choice, it is what it is and pretty much told him to man up and deal with it like everybody else that was evicted had to. I loved when he told Paulie what does it matter if its Corey or Nat up there with him and Paulie said because he would prefer it not be Corey. Then Vic said its not what Paulie prefers its what he (Vic) prefers and the plan is Paulie and Corey. Vic’s statements have been intelligent and game worthy. Hats off to him.


Logically speaking, giving ACP to Michelle is a huge mistake. Should Paulie have the roundtrip ticket and win HOH, his target will not be Michelle or Nat, it will be James and/or Victor. If Nicole/Corey win HOH, they will target the big threats. Victor is public enemy #1. Michelle is a none factor emotional unstable player. Why give her such a huge advantage? She does not deserve ACP at all nor does she need it.


schadenfreude: satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune. Thinking of you Paulie…


I heart paulie baking da pies


Why is it OK for him to act like that…. He talk so much shit about everyone else…

Big Jim

Voting is open vote Victor


It seems votes for Co-HOH are being split 4 ways: Vic, Paul, Meech and Corey. This care package will be a crapshoot

Nicole's V@##$#$#$ stain

Go Cory!


Seriously, your username. Did you take a wrong turn somewhere along the line and believe you’d ended up with your 14yr old Call of Duty bros in an XboxLive chat room rather than a BB blog? The obsession with variations of Nicole’s vagina as a username adds a layer of creepiness to all of the grossness.

Powder Puff Girl

his/her obsession with Nicole = red flag


I thought that was the tool Dawg blocked. I saw a complaint the other day and Dawg removed the comments and blocked the user which I thought by the complaint was the person with different variations of Nicole’s……..
This might be another zipper head troll who thinks it is funny. Very weird obsession to have. We all hate her whining about everything but this sounds like one of Paulie’s buddies.


Pauline bawling like a kid in the DR after he got nominated. Karma will always be a b&tch. How did he think everyone else felt when he put them up, telling nat that he’s not threatening her but stating facts that she’s going home. Overconfidence is a bad pill to take, it didn’t take long before tables were turned. Hope he learns life lessons throughly this. It’s just a frigging game! He really did think he had this in the bag, I guess the Cody n Derrick coaching got him twisted and thinking he’s had the best training for the game. Even if he returned and ends up in final two, he’s only playing for 50k like his bro. I do hope he gets booed on Thursday too so he gets it. Also what a sore loser not wanting to stay in jury but expects others to wait there to vote him to 500k. Paulies just a joke. And zakiya? What a disgrace, even when she goes home to watch how Paulie doesn’t give an f about her, she’ll still lust after him…


Remember when Paulie made the “fake” comment to Natalie, Nicole was laughing her butt off about it? And changed her tone when she realized James was not amused?

I found it funny that they left that part off the show tonight.

No one important

James still got a favorable edit tonight. But that was a revealing moment

Chef Boy Pauline

Can this week get any better?! Seeing feminist hating Pauline wearing an apron and Baking is hilarious! Maybe they forgot the oven mitts..AND as a bonus Corey’s balls hurt from his unitard..Zingbot rocks ! DAMN karma really is a Bi*ch!


I kind of want Paulie to come back with a winning RT because it would be funny to see all these people shaking in their boots. I don’t condone his behavior towards Natilie or Zakiyah but I know Natilie really got to him. Hewas so arrogant that it’s so funny to see him get so riled up quickly. Michelle really knows how to get under his skin. He is always talking about being logical but he is the most irrational cast member left. He’s also very delusional. Imagine if he comes back. How will they all act once he wins Hoh. Paul and Janes will be scrambling to not be put on the block. He is going to go insane with Zakiyah in Jury or go crazy like Victor did in sequester. If not I also feel like there will be a jury buyback if no one has a Roadtrip ticket.

sunny dee

paulie says, you have to save me cuz i’m the only chance you have of beating vic.

ok, but, paulie, let’s do a quick review, ok? vic keeps beating you or someone, cuz so far he’s the one winning, not you. maybe, since corey did win hoh and pov back to back in a DE, he is the better chance to ‘beat’ vic?

except it might not matter.

Hey, anyone like to take bets that nicole is going to be the easiest to bribe? since she isn’t on BB to play or win or anything, happy to go out #6 to the boys 5 pack alliance. a trip, 5k, and double the regular stipend, she’s a pushover.


Its too hard to watch the first time. Never want to see any of it again.
Also many of these comments here are hard to read too. Reminds me of the animal pack mentality.

It ain't the right P

He’s wearing a full-sleeved hoody! His ego is shattered beyond repair Lol. I don’t like seeing people in distress but considering how arrogant and condescending he was all season and how aggressive he was this last week, I’m happy to witness KARMA come back to bite him in the ass. See you never, Paulie!
PS: Karma is still working on a payback for peeing in the hot tub.

Not sure of the ingredients

After that pool incident, I wouldn’t even try a taste of those pies he’s had his hands in.


What’s up with Paulie’s ex? They keep going to fish all week — I want to know the story so BAD! Why cry over ex when you were having sex on camera with Z???


Strategy/ sympathy *gags*


This is what I learned the other day regarding This Ex business. Apparently the Jersey Girls on Twitter went HAM on Paulie after he lambasted Jersey Girls. Specifically women that knew of Paulie and tangentially knew Natalie. They were also cheerleaders and were aware of Nat. According to them, who knew Paulie’s Ex… Paulie was engaged prior to coming on the show. His ex found out he was cheating on her with 5 DIFFERENT WOMEN! She then returned the engagement ring to Paulie’s Mother. So in my eyes, he’s trying to spin this like he’s heartbroken and all this Ra Ra, but in all actuality, despite what Nicole says, this “Nice Guy’ image is all B.S. That’s what I discovered on social media.

An Apple A Day

Well that makes sense. I can totally see him being that guy who cheats with multiple people while engaged… and complain that HE’S the one broken hearted. What’s that on your back, Paulie? Zahkia, or a huge Jersey chip on your shoulder?

You're no better

Shame on you and whoever is claiming to spread gossip in real life. Don’t believe everything you hear or see.
Do you want your life to be spread around? Just stop.

TX rar

Paulie started this by bringing her up. BB is doing what they can bc SHE didn’t sign any agreement. The EX has a right to respond to what is being said on BB. Typical that he cheated and is taking NO ownership. Karma is coming to him when he gets back to NY/NJ.

Supporting Jersey Girls

Sorry KARMA, you will have to wait…..we have first dibs on Paulie’s ASS , you can have what’s left of him when we’re finished!


Yeah, funny how fast Z was forgotten…lol, but in regards to the ex, I’m guessing that she didn’t sign a release given that they broke up so he won’t be allowed to talk about her on the live feeds…

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Paulie is a textbook narcissist. He has a mental breakdown whenever he doesn’t get his way. He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. He blames other people for his own effect on people and his own actions. He hitches himself to one (less intelligent, more dependent) person who strokes his ego, an advocate that will always take his side, even when he’s obviously wrong (i.e., Corey). If he does anything for you, he expects it in return times ten. If anyone dares to point out his sh*tty behavior, it’s like you’re violating his basic human rights.

So that’s why he’s crying about his ex. She didn’t hurt him. She walked away when he hurt her, and that’s not allowed in narcissist land.

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

I thought paulie was better than the pies. Just proves he is all talk! He will go to jury, he is not over the game, he is full of crap! Just I baby they didn’t bow to him and give him the win as he thought he had everyone programed to do his bidding.


Love, love, love your name!!! I have been wondering if anyone else has noticed that balding patch!!


Great, BB gave Paulie a weapon! *rolling pin.. everyone better sleep with one eye open!


Is anyone really buying the tears ?!?! I’m calling it. It’s an act !! Guaranteed. There is no way that he can do and say things he has said. Boasted about verbally tearing someone to shreds. He’s proud of those things. And if he makes it and somehow survives. He will be letting everyone know how he played them. I’m not buying what he’s selling at all


I believe it, he’s just unstable. If everything is working out, he’ll be fine, but the second it starts going south, he unravels.


Natalie is just as big a slime ball Paulie. She was totally manipulating the situation and feeding into the flirting. She encouraged it and then turned around and played the victim. Gutless move by a total slime ball.

TX rar

Ok Paulie’s friend/family. You should prob stop defending Paulie. Most people have the live feeds and watch BBAD. His behavior is on tape and it is disgusting. You look bad posting comments like that.


Crying over his ex….I called it! Lmfao


I dunno if it’s true but some Jets cheerleaders that supposedly know of Paulie and his ex seemed to have said on Twitter that he cheated on her numerous times and that’s part of why she rejected his proposal. If it is true, and now he is using it to get sympathy… that’s just pathetic.

Newbie loving it

Paulie will have the return ticket which is why they are making him bake the pies. I think it is wrong that production allowed him to wait this long to bake the pies when all the other HG’s had to begin their punishment right away. Shame on production for showing such favoritism to Paulie. Paulie needs to leave just for refusing to bake the pies and claiming that he lied to get on the show. If someone else did it they would kick them out.


How much do you want to bet that Paulie’s excuse down the road will be that the only reason he didn’t get a Care Package is because he was evicted before that happened.

Powder Puff Girl

lol he will say they were saving the best care package for him.


Oh how the mighty (in his own mind) have fallen! Hey Paulie……crybaby bitch much?? If I was his family I would disown his ass after this weeks patheticness!

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

I thought his ex had an engagement ring from him and gave it back to his family after he was banging z. Am I missing something?


Yes… all that went down with his ex was before BB started otherwise he wouldn’t have even known she was his “ex”, remember they don’t get outside communications.


Didn’t he tell frank, Stop embarrassing your self you’re going home. Or something like that? Well Paullie take your own advice.

Powder Puff Girl

Could he be crying about being humiliated on TV after all that is women’s work to a guy like him! Using the x-girlfriend is a way to explain the humility tears and also get sympathy from the HG’s and his X.


Yes this exactly. Totally pulling the ex outta his ass when he realizes he’s crying in front of America. “Here I am crying about my ex again” who tf talks like that. It’s like he’s narrating himself. It’s all strategy.


I can’t help but notice that Victor makes one good move and behaves like he should for a few days and now it’s like America forgot the rest of the season.


Wow, he’s trying to get thrown out! He is pathetic!


America you are terrible. You are no better than the people you are talking about.
It sounds like YALL need a wambulance. Men have feelings to just like us girls, but because of how you’re talking now, men try to hide their insecurities. It’s normal to freak out sometimes. Have you NEVER? Will you never freak out? Did someone or will someone run your name through the mud for it?
Stop being so mean. God don’t like ugly.

Powder Puff Girl

Paulie has denied Z & Nats feelings too numerous to count, end of.


NO god likes true repenting for bad behaviour not getting caught repenting. do you see a difference? if not your not getting it.

Newbie loving it

I am really disappointed in production. They are showing favoritism to Paulie by not making him bake the pies and saying that he lied to get on the show. Now they are allowing him to disregard going to the DR and now refusing to bake his second pie. Come on!! I truly believe that if this was another HG production would have kicked them out by now. I will be very very disappointed in this show if they allow Paulie to come back with a return ticket because lets face it production can switch out the envelopes if they wanted to. He needs to go. This is not him playing a game this is who he truly is as a person. What a sore loser! Stop protecting him production this has gone on long enough. Show him the door before thursday.

Misty Beethoven

I’m going to say something nice regarding Paulie: his pie looks a lot nicer than I would have expected. That’s it.

Skips mom

Thank you for the laugh. Great comment.


Looks like Icurus flew to close to the sun! Nothing more than Paulie’s huberus did him in! All that badass talk, and that Scorpio tongue was what ended up being fake! For a man to bring up his mental health, his ex girl friend, and the rest of his lame ass excuses to gain sympathy is about as shameful display of man hood or lack there of; I have ever seen! I have not been lucky enough to meet any of the fine ladies of New Jersey, but I have certainly been introduced to my first New Jersey BITCH! Got to love that Calafiore charm!


I am actually suprised he bothered to make one pie. Now he is acting like a total little bitch and BB should remove him from the game if he can’t play by the rules (like everyone else!)


I sure hope Pauliw does not have the Return Trip ticket, I’m surprised, but very happy CBS showed just how much of a jerk Paulie really is.

Notice how he did not cry in the DR when they sent his so call Girl Zakiyah home, he also lied and told Corey if he had the POV he would use it and take him down. Then if that is the case, why did he take the POV away from Corey and give him a punishment?

Paulie also said he was not baking any pies, he will just take the penalty, but I see he has his ass in there baking pies. He also keeps saying to Nicole and Corey, that he squashed the mess with Natalie, but he is still constantly talking about her behind her back, I have no respect for Paulie.

As for his Ex Girlfriend back at home, if he is so into her, why did he say that he boned Zakiyah 5 times ? Why would he say that on BBAD, and why put that out there for her family to read ? I’m no fan of Zakiyah, she was a total fool for Paulie, bit he did not have to say this when she is off the show and cannot confirm or deny, Paulie is a classless spoiled brat that is pissed due to not getting his way.

I hope Vic gets the Co-HOH, I think he will need safety if Nicole Corey wins the HOH. I sure hope CBS does not rig it and send Paulie back with the Return Trip Ticket, I’m kind of thinking they won’t, since they did not give him a good edit on the show tonight, and by his behavior this past 72 or more hours.

One last thing, is it just me, or when you see the pictures posted on this site of Corey by Simon & Dawg, Corey looks like he is lost ! He looks strange like he is staring into space, the pictures reflect just what Paul, James, Natalie & Vic have said, you cannot hold a conversation with him, he is an airhead.

I also don’t get why Nicole thinks Corey is so hot ? He is a nice looking guy, but come on, he is not the best looking man who has ever been on this show !! I also don’t really see anything happening between Corey and Nicole outside of the house, Nicole is way more into Corey than he is into her. It won’t surprise me if he puts distance between him and Nicole if and when Paulie is evicted, he will Starr trying to cuddle with Paul or Vic lol….

Powder Puff Girl

Watching BB now, James told Paulie about the votes,
Paulie “those girls put this together” James, “yes” then Paulie cocks his head over to the right in a super aggressive fashion like he is ready to come out fighting. Aggressive posturing when he calls Paul out, then back at James convo “is this a shot at me” …

…how dare these people want to win 500 grand – Paulie is very entitled


I agree with you completely and agree that Corey is not that hot. Never thought he wax physically or personality wise. He always has a blank expression and has no personality. The real killer for me though when he talked about setting a goat on fire and making fun of homeless people. Nicole fell for him bc she is the dependent, insecure type of girl that will go gaga over any man who pays any attention to her since she is not used to getting it. This is common with girls like her who aren’t used to getting men in their real life and will easily fall for a jerk if she considers them better looking than her bc she is so blinded by what she considers the romantic illusion of it all.

star gazer

corey set a goat on fire? That explains his blank stare, he has no soul. Cruelty to animals is a very good sign that they are very mean, nasty people. A lot of murderers start out as animal abusers when children. Pure evil.


I agree. Anyone that would hurt or stand by and watch someone hurt a harmless animal that can’t defend itself, especially hurt it in such a cruel way, is a POS for a human being if you ask me. Literally makes me nauseous just thinking about it. People that do that kind of shit are physco paths, that’s a proven fact.


Yes you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals. The story was told earlier in the season. Corey said that his frat brother tried to light a goat on fire at a party and that he thought it was funny and laughed about it. Inhuman!


TT Gate: Nats insecurity about herself. The hate in the house for Paulie started when meech told Nat about Paulie calling her “TT” (Vic came up w/name) Nat went on a rampage over it… Big meech cont. telling her more insults that had been said not telling her everyone in the house Ex James (James didn’t discourage it) Nats anger got it all started. Every HG is a hypocrite, only a few of them had even been play BB up til that point. they have spent the most time hating on each other, makeup what to eat & waiting for some to tell them what to do ( who to vote out) when u spend more time telling the camera & other HG what a great person you are, maybe you should look in the mirror & ask yourself if it’s really true.

People are idiots!

Have you never watched BB? This is how it always goes. It’s a game!


it wasnt TT…it was F.T…as in fake tits!


I can’t wait until Paulie is gone and I hope he self evicts or gets kicked off. What a sore loser. None of the other evicted house guests acted like this.


Instead of Americas Favorite can we have a vote box for $$ to go to charity or $100 for HG the rest to charity of choice.

More Anonymous

How many humble pies will it take to make Paulie humble? Shame is he knows Cody’s season so well, but can’t remember Brittany Martinez and her staunch determination and perseverance in completing the punishment, even though she knew she was going home. He might have gained some respect from us if he displayed half the attitude she did.

sunny dee

i want paulie to go to jury, and bake pies for Bridgette.


anyone else notice how now that Paulie’s gonna leave he suddenly starts up this crying about his ex thing? it’s totally an act for sympathy. if he cared at all about his ex he would’nt have been boning Z.


Paulie is trying to pull a “Dan” hahahah I don’t believe his crying…he’s going all out and he’s no Dan.

Duck Float

I’m stunned by Paulina’s tears in the DR. For someone with so much bravado up ’til this week, that was either a meltdown of epic proportions or just plain bad acting. I still can’t figure out if the Nat/James showmance is real.

Take a Xanax, Paulie!

What about a BB Allstar Losers cast? Paulie, those racist jerks from BB15, fill the house with people just like them and let them play dirty till the last man/woman/jerk is standing.

More Anonymous

What irks me the most it that Bridget would be thrilled to be in his place right now.


How many seasons of BB have we seen with Paulie types (arrogant, condescending, immature, boorish behavior) and have hoped for boos as they are evicted, or public melt downs once they find out they are not as highly thought of as they think they are? We might as well enjoy our moment of comments while he lasts now. Once this is over, Paulie will just squirm back to Jersey the same little man he was when he left. BTW congratulations to the ex and her family. You all dodged a bullet with that one!