Johnny Mac to Vanessa “I’m going to say all the wrong things to you”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Jmac
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 12-30-52-700

12:10pm Austin joins Liz in the bathroom after finishing his HOH blog and getting the camera from the diary room. Austin says that he gave a shoutout my friends & family, my wrestling friends and to the Bold and the Beautiful. Liz says oh my god! You want to be on there? Austin says yes. He says he talked about Judas and how he hope he is being precieved well. And talked about you and I. Liz says how we started out as friends. Austin says and talked about your Zing of course. Vanessa and Julia join them. Liz comments on how their (Julia & Liz) makeup is locked in the HOH room. Julia says I hate you.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 12-28-37-107

12:20pm – 12:35pm The other house guests start getting ready for the HOH camera photos.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 12-34-00-767

12:37pm Kitchen – Johnny Mac asks Vanessa did your talk with Steve go well last night? Do you want to talk any more? Vanessa says we’re okay now. He’s going to say the right things because he’s on the block. But I’m not an idiot. Johnny says I’m going to say all the wrong things to you. If you ever want to talk. Vanessa laughs and asks you’re going to say all the wrong things? Johnny says yeah, pretty much how I feel now .. I want to know .. like you’re saying you want to move forward with me just for a jury vote I won’t be mad at you because .. Vanessa says no dude! I’ve been saying it for weeks. Johnny says if I just go as it is now, you’ve got my jury vote and if I come back I am not coming after you. So if that’s all you’re worried about. Vanessa says no because logically its like you’ve said.. if you stay Meg and James have each other .. we have to work together or we’re stupid. Johnny says and they have Steve a little closer than us I think. Vanessa agrees. Johnny says and pretty much my thing if I come back .. I have been screwed over by pretty much everyone in this house at some point or another. I can just put it on a hierarchy. There are 3 people that did it to me.. James & Meg did it to me.. and like we’ve had our differences but.. Vanessa says I do want to talk and I have some questions for further clarification which I think could definitely clear some things up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 12-41-27-280

12:43pm Shameless Tresemme shampoo photo plug..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 12-54-44-730

1pm – 1:30pm Kitchen – James asks Liz what’s the most romantic sweetest thing a guys done for you? Liz says a guy took me to a trampoline thing and then had rose peddles leading up to the bedroom. James says WHOA! Liz says I haven’t had many romantic boyfriends. Liz tells James to ask Austin that question about what he did for Jen (Austin’s girlfriend coming into the house) last year for valentines day? Julia asks is he going to break up with her when he gets out? Liz says I don’t know, I don’t even want to think about it. Austin joins them. Liz asks who would be hated out of all of us? Julia says Steve. Liz says no Steve would be loved. The talk turns to whether or not someone will come back from Jury this Thursday. They all agree when you’re at home watching you want someone to come back but being in the house they don’t want someone to come back. Liz comments on how no one from jury has ever won. Steve brings up how Gary from BBCAN1 came back and almost won but Topaz mistakenly voted for the wrong person.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 13-08-38-875

1:05pm – 1:40pm Backyard – Steve joins Johnny Mac. They talk about religion and voting. Johnny says he’s never voted. Steve tells him he needs to vote. Johnny says I’m okay with the way things are going. They continue to talk about random things and then Steve heads inside. Johnny hits around the pool balls and then moves over to watch Austin work out.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 13-08-23-765

1:40pm – 2:10pmJames and Meg come out to play a game of pool. James says I’m going to hurt you so bad in this game. Julia says don’t threaten her! James says I dont take it easy on you when we go camping so why would I take it easy on you in pool? Meg complains about how Steve kept going in and out of the havenot room last night while they were sleeping. I almost yelled at him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 13-42-25-842

1:43pm – 1:50pm Bedroom – Vanessa tells Steve that I think you and I need to continue to hate each other. Look at how they handled you and Johnny. Steve says you had every right to feel the way you did. Vanessa says its better if I act like I don’t forgive you. Steve says I kind of already got the impression that you were doing that. Vanessa says no I was really mad. You hurt me the worst of anyone .. motherf**ker. Steve says I’m sorry. I just avoid confrontation. Vanessa says that Johnny is campaigning. He doesn’t realize I’m voting with the girls. Vanessa asks do you think Johnny is trying to bait me to use it against me. Steve says he is a doctor, he doesn’t know big brother. Steve asks can I ask what he is saying? Vanessa says no because you’re on the block and you have incentive to go tell other people. Vanessa says I don’t know if I should go tell those people.. Steve says I don’t know what he is saying. Vanessa says she will probably keep it to herself. I actually think its best case scenario if he come back. Steve asks why? Vanessa says because he is willing to make big moves. Vanessa leaves and goes into the comic bedroom.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 13-43-34-996

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Big sexy 40

When I was young, STUPID, and living in Florida, I dated an exact replica of Julia. A 6 who thought she was a 9, annoying, not one shred of decency. So if karma exists, in 15 years she will be a 200 lb waitress at a Florida diner. Congratulations . Go James!


Rooting for you jmac but what did Meg and James do to you? I know James did you wrong by not nominating you or asking you to be a pawn. And Meg did you wrong by telling you that Austin wasn’t really close to Vanessa and that you should talk to him.


Vanessa is still there b/c of them, they screwed Johnny and Becky but now they’ve actually screwed themselves too

JMAC Gags as Liztin Go Upstairs to Screw

That’s why JMAC is our hero. Love how he looks at the camera and sticks his finger down his throat, while the King and Queen of sh*tsville fight, make out and do the nasty. She casks him gross, smelly and rude. He says it’s stress from protecting her all day. It’s constant, Liz undercovers, his head on top eyes rolling gasping. Seriously, this season blows. James still not getting any, because he keeps injuring her during his rough forplay.

Vanessa still hiding under her beanie, after a long morning of making everyone sorry they didn’t vote her out the first 100 chances. She’s one hell of a loud, grouchy meat shield. Don’t bother tuning in tonight, Vanessa wants to play Prosecutor in court like she did last time the boys hurt grandma Meg. She’s got a bruised eye from them whipping candy at her head as hard as they can. Why are welts and pain required, she’s covered in their bruises. Seems mean spirited and displaced aggression against the weakest, but we won’t use the word bully. Meg likes crying, and why go easy on her with the concussion and surgery knees. This is BB and you get people out however you can.


Meg and James have been trying to get out Jmac mostly Meg really and he knows that they have sided with Austwits. They also ( mostly meg) told Liz that Johnny Mac really was the one that wanted Austin and Van out so she threw him under the bus. James just backs Meg up. I wish James would ditch Meg and he and Jmac hook up. Hoping Jmac is just telling Van he would go after James and Meg. Meg is way more a weasel than Steve she is just way better at it.


They flipped their vote on Becky’s HOH and kept Vanessa over Shelli.


You left out the missing front tooth.


I honestly think the U.S. Big Brother has gone down the shitter, between dealing with the racist bigots on season 15, the borewhores and Frankie Grande from last season, and now to the majority of morons playing this year. I don’t know how much more of this i can honestly take it’s like Grodner doesn’t give a fuck anymore and if this season doesn’t have a power shifts in the house at all for this season, i’m not going to be a BB fan anymore in all honesty.

On the bright note Survivor Cambodia is around the corner and the cast has been released today so i’m excited for that to start. So if Big Brother doesn’t get its shit together later this season, Survivor will literally be our only hope for good reality game shows currently.


Wasn’t the Survivor cast announced months ago?


my thoughts exactly! especially since we voted on who we wanted to get a second chance! hahahaha


Yes at last season’s finally


Yes, but they just released their pre show interviews on the island today.


ahh…cool thanks…i didnt know…i heard caleb from bb16 is on the survivor in feb eh?

Backseat Driver

Complete agreement with you Anonymous…..CBS needs to overhaul BB. I doubt if I can even finish this season.


some points about BB17….
I’m sadly disgusted by how the seasons playing out. Part of that I attribute to the 4 person second chance. AG is not stupid she knows the season is in real trouble. She can’t do Pandora’s or hidden veto ect. with the come back not done. This is why we aren’t seeing twists IMHO.
Second BB stupid is running rampant in the house! Same money for the 9 in jury only F2 see 50/500K. James and Meg together a sack of rocks. Van only one with potential to flip and that is dependent on who’s back. Flip or target she should be uncomfortable unless it is Shelli.
Even the Austwins should be thinking can they beat Van F2. No ones talking F2 or jury votes. Its summer camp for the BB dumb dumbs! Steve and J Mac turned out to useless. Triplets sitting there and no plan to go after them. I believe the one true alliance ATM is Austin’s Angels. Lots of talk about getting out Nessa I gotta see it

So much promise but “payers” got evicted one after another. They better do all stars next season and preferably no twists.


If they do all stars Frankie will be in it so IMO it will flop on day one.


Agreed, if nothing happens between now and the finale they should just cancel this show and just let Survivor air 3 times a year instead.


Karma is a bitch!! I just wish for once you could hear from their families that they are so ashamed of them. Just watching your child act and embarrass yourself on TV in front of family and friends.


So Johnny has decided its time to start playing the game? Well we’ll see how long before he’s back in bed sleeping 23 hours a day. I really can’t figure out why people like him so much. Yes he does have a funny one-liner every once in awhile that is when you can understand what he’s saying RAEEWWLJKERNLRNE

Guy From Canada

Funny one liners are better then: constant crazy green crown (Vanessa), Mumbling to yourself and the camera (Steve), annoying traits (Aus-Twits), humping inflatable animals and scaring people (James) or doing nothing (Meg). Its not that Johnny is wicked by any means, but the best by comparison ๐Ÿ˜‰

A 6 in a group of 3’s will look like a ten ๐Ÿ˜‰ But Vanessa is a second with her crazy for entertainment ๐Ÿ˜‰


I gave you a thumbs up, but I love James scaring everyone! It’s probably the only entertaining thing that happens anymore. James is hilarious. Yes…I know everyone thinks he’s a perv. He makes me laugh!


Austin doesn’t have a chance at The Bold and Beautiful! What a tool! Donnie got it because he was Americas favorite and people liked him…..and he never asked to be on it. And Judas is so not getting any votes dude. Go back to the gym and work the rest of your life doing that because you are so dumb to do anything else.

Member of the Ant Farm

Actually several of Donnies fellow house mates were on it too along with Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendon. Pretty sure of Zack, Caleb and Nicole. Frankie may have been on it too, but I choose to forget about him!!


Austin you have no chance of being chosen for The Bold and Beautiful!!! I can’t believe he is so full of himself by saying that!! Nobody likes you man!!


Can’t stand Austin


I think Austin is an ok human underneath but he is pretty immature and ego centric.

Casting probably made a mistake by choosing people with big egos. They should try to find people who are outgoing and entertaining, but don’t have major ego issues like Austin, Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Becky & Jace. In my opinion they all oblivious to their attention hogging behavior.

Whereas people like Shelli, Steve, Jonny, James and the rest of the cast have enough social skill to know.

Asstin's Stinky Pits

The only thing I want to see Thurs. nite is who wins HOH and Zing Bot!!

Valentina Corleone

Ok, so is JMac being truthful with Vanessa, or is it some master plan in his mind to suck her in, then throw her under the bus? You know, the old friends close, enemies closer thing? If that’s the case, brilliant. But if not, then he’s dumber than a box of rocks. Oh yeah, and Austin, you’re a f*cking idiot. No one is perceiving you well, not at all.


I’m thinking he’s genuine in being willing to work with Vanessa. What are his other options at the moment? None. Unfortunately, I think he will go to jury on Thursday, but hope he comes back so that Vanessa, Steve and JMac can kick Liz to the jury. I know JMac is saying Meg and James are his targets to Vanessa, but they’re not – It’s Liz and/or Austin.


Can someone tell me who is Really going home this week ? These people give me a headache and I can’t seem to follow what is Really happening. :0(


Ooh la la! bold and beautiful? Was that tic or was he serious?

Valentina Corleone

I said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s no E! News job, no Fashion Police, no Good Morning America, no reality show, no Bold and the Beautiful. None. Zip, zilch, nada. So give it up, Austin. And Shelli. And Liz and Julia. Because it just ain’t happening.

Mary Jane

I hope the rewind twist goes into effect this Thursday. Take Austin HOH, like Frankie was took, game on then. Remember Julie said the next four house guest gave a chance to come back into the house. Fingers Crossed.

Canadian Kevin

Yes, bring back Becky, have her work with Jmac and Vanessa and watch the other two sides scramble!!

Reward this lousy HOH already!


Do these dumbasses really think they can put the juror-to-housemate on the block immediately? They have a week of safety!! I swear NONE of them know this game..not a single one.


Not always, BB 15 Nicole didn’t get a “free” week…Cody nominated her and Christine the very next day.




A Johnny Mac / Vanessa team-up is what I’ve been waiting for. It’s unlikely, but I’d love to see Steve get evicted and Shelli re-enter the house and team with them. As long as an Austwin / FingerBangBunch member is gone next week, I’ll be happy. (I know it’s unlikely..)

Also Austin… Bold and The Beautiful? Who the hell cast this guys. He’s an egotistical idiot who thinks he’s got a real shot at fame. What a dirtbag. I rarely genuinely dislike houseguests, I think the commenters tend to go extra hard on them for the sake of it, but Austin genuinely grosses me out and I really dislike him.


Fuck this show if its just about what THE FANS WANT. What a load of bullshit. Austin may be hated by a lot of people but that does not mean he has not played a decent game. How come James is always forgiven for the crappy things he says or does? If James was that good a player he would not be missing half his crew right now. I don’t care if austin has long hair/beard or that he may stink or if he’s messing around with a messy chick. All said and done he’s played the game!!

Canadian Kevin

What show are you watching? Austin is still in the game because Vanessa tells him what to do each week.

That is the only reason.

And James makes dumb comments, sure. But Austin is a delusional cheating piece of shit who shames jis gf and himself with this pseudo schizoid bs judas crap.

Dude, you are 30 for fuck sake. Time to put away the imaginary friends; not parade them on international tv




Does anyone think there is a chance of Vanessa voting to keep Johnny Mac?

I survived last seasons BB

There is a better chance of a fart surviving a Tornado than Vanessa voting to keep JMac

Min O'Pause

The Bold and the Beautiful? More like the Ball-less and the Ignorant. No one will watch his acting, they’ll be too busy looking at his finger and remembering where it’s been.


haha why always so negative min think you need a bb break.. eh maybe your just hot flashing

Min O'Pause

You’re gonna hate my hyena idea then. See below.

Min O'Pause

*refer to pic of twits above* Somebody should have told Liz her mouth could freeze that way……

This is getting annoying....

I would really like to see some twists happen and include the BB Audience to contribute to the twists by voting on what they would like to happen. Give the audience a say, let the house guests interpret the audiences perception of what’s going on by what we vote for. BB Canada-style.


best play van!

Wishing thinking.

I think it would be awesome to see Johnny and Vanessa team up clean out the house and see who the jurors vote for. I think if they play it well they will have the house convicted that hate each other and people will keep them around because they know they are eacthothers target.

Min O'Pause

JMac has never voted? Boy has my opinion of him changed.


I thought that at first but then seeing how he is playing the game, he doesn’t really tell everyone everything. Could be part of his strategy. It keeps everyone wondering.


lol easy with the thumbs down people just an opinion. i honestly think austins playing a really smart game and has positioned himself quite nicely he has a great shot to go all the way. obviously depending on upcoming power shifts but if he and vantwins keep winning he’s way solid. i think he’ll be shocked and saddened when he reads all the negative press he’s getting.


I hope he is shocked and saddened
He is probably this disillusioned about himself in real life too


What did production do… Tell that crazy bitch vanessa to work with poor Johnny. Why even bother playing the game… Let’s just bring in the house guest … Pick who we like and give that fucker the money.


I’d like to kick vanessa in the balls right now!




Isn’t there an “A” at the end of that? Julia calls him JAAAAAAMMMMMMMMEEEEEEESSSSSSA




I think it is crazy that Vanessa is allowed to play. This girl has plenty of money why not have only those who need money. I hate greed.


I hate envy.

I survived last seasons BB


You’re about as bold as watered down egg whites

You’re about as beautiful as a fruit bat

BUT, If they create a Soap Opera called..The Oily and The Clueless,,You will get a starring role


Wait. Does that mean Austin thinks he has been performing a beautiful act of romance for the audience, like a soap opera star?


Both Vanessa and Austin have been playing the game since the beginning. Austin’s strategy involved getting both twins in the house, giving him two votes for everything he wants, including jury if he makes it ti final two. Vanessa has at times played an ugly game, bullying people to do her bidding, but they do it. Right now she still has time to flip the twins to vote out Steve and Meg and James will go along. Wouldn’t surprise me if she does just that. Like them or not, they are the players this season. And I don’t like them.


Vanessa is hated by the house because of her poor social game and is being taken to the end as a final 2 goat in my opinion.

Min O'Pause

I’d like to volunteer the twits for “Survivor Africa.” Sneak a ham bone in their duffel bag and sit back and wait for the hyenas to come.

Min O'Pause

Hey we’d be laughin’. Well at least the hyenas would be.


I really can’t take much more Austwins in HOH. They are so annoying and dumb. Austin seems to only care about getting new career opportunities after the show, but that is not likely to happen since he is at the bottom of every poll I have seen. In order to get work like big Jeff, you have to have a lot of people that like you and want to see more of you. Unfortunately for Austin, when he gets out of the house, Liz will move on, he will have lost his girlfriend, and he will learn that after the after parties and events, he will be forgotten like so many other fame seeking alumni before him. I think to be on the Bold and the Beautiful you actually have to be somewhat beautiful. Austin is neither beautiful nor bold. Last week he was bragging about how he would make a huge move if he was HOH, he wanted to get blood on his hands, he wanted to take Vanessa out. Then he decided that he should let JMac or James take Vanessa out, he said he didn’t want to win this HOH because he had deals with everyone. But then he won the HOH and pussied out. He had the chance to take control of the game and instead he puts up JMac and Steve. Even though I want James to win, I could have respected him for putting up James or Vanessa. I really want him to go very soon. Hoping Jackie comes back and wins HOH. Her and James have been the only ones this year that were willing to make big moves and own those moves. Of all of the other HOHs this season, none of them are owning their own moves, they are trying to put those moves on others. Why not just own your game and be proud of it?


Production told john boy what to do… Gasper the ghost. The whole show was arranged around john and steve . how come we have not seen any of the other HGs family or friends? Even Derprick couldn’t even give a valid reason as to why john or Steve should win.


Hmmm, interesting. I hadn’t noticed that. We also saw Audrey’s family, but you’re right, no one else yet.


Ok Johnnymac saying he doesnt vote is the final straw for me. It just confirms his stupidity is not just game related. Every reasonably intelligent person knows you have to vote!


I am hoping that on Thursday, they play 2 against 2, and whoever wins, that team comes back in.
I had to Laugh, one of the twins thinks it is not fair that a person gets to come back……hello………….nitwit twins, they let both of you in. If anyone knew how to play the game, we would not of been stuck with the whiny nitwit twins. Austin the delusional, and Vanessa the green beanie juggernaut.


Vanessa won the veto. If austin had put vanessa straight up. He would have to be the one to listen to Vanessa’s fucking rants. Who the hell needs that. Whoever gets vanessa out will be my hero!!! Poor Steve… Just tell the bitch to STFU!!!! I know you can’t…but boy I’d cheer you on. Sigh…


Vanessa is just squeezing Steve and John for all the dirt she can get. She is in a tail spin cause she knows they were ALL targeting her. Don’t you think she is a mess imagining the snickering twins and blowhard Austin ripping her to shreds, laughing at her antics along with Steve and ยซgaspยป jonny Mack…nice green beanie, emperor… better cover up cause your ass is hanging out. hah!


I just want a power shift so this season can be great again. : )


Ah Austin
Your a coward and u are ugly.. Not a chance of doing bold and beautiful


i like johnny mac to stay but I wish steve stay im rotting for him to win it all
in johnny mac amercia favorite my favorite big brother player of all time in sill is
is jannelle

Liz's Mom

Liz you are a disgrace to the family
Your dad and I can’t go to Walmart or anywhere without people pointing and whispering . We have to move to another town where no one knows us
Please quit letting that dirty man touch u inappropriately on TV ..
Ps don’t bother coming home


but mom? those long tattooed fingersssssssz?

Liz's Mom

Oh my goddddddd
I knoooooow

Yuck puck !!!


Now there is an hoh letter I would like to hear read.

Jason was right on - hooker liz

I agree Liz’s mom. At least some of the “other” houseguests who have had relationships or gone “camping” have genuinely liked the other person. Liz is selling herself to get Austin to “shield” her. That’s basically prostitution. She hates his hair, hates his tattoos, says he is not a good kisser, smells……….yet she allows him to put his gross hands all over and in her! Yuck to liz! Jason was right!

Liz's Mom

She is aweful

Funny, but

If Liz and Julia’s mother has ever stepped foot in a Walmart, I’ll sell my soul.


Vanessa will always be a threat but what everyone should be concentrating right now is that 3 headed monster that is Austwit and twins they are not even a 2 person alliance but 3, I can’t believe everyone has let them get this far. Next week should be automatic Liz and Austin on the block if one wins veto put Julia up if not these people don’t know how to play the game!


Better to put up Austin and Julia ,let one of them win, send Liz home backdoor. That will drive Austin and Julia apart. One of them will hold the other responsible.


That nasty Liz is a grown woman. She admitted that she was whoring herself to win. So she is the nasty dirty slutbag. Austin meh… He’s being a guy. Her parents sure did a bang up job with that one.


Are you serious?!? “Austin….meh, he’s being a guy”!!! This is absolutely what’s wrong with society. Yes, she is being completely inappropriate and lacks self worth to do the things she is doing…so gross! BUT Austin is being a complete douche! He 1) is a pathetic lying, cheat, 2) doesn’t respect Liz–as he is allowing…no Forcing some of this to happen on national t.v. All while claiming he is a protector of virtue and chivalry. NEITHER of them get a pass for their disgusting behavior!! Whether they are just “being a guy” or “being a girl”


Thank you! While I’m not a fan of Liz in general, Austin is flat out cheating emotionally and physically, why isn’t he being protrayed as a “slut”.

here at home

If we loved everyone on BB it would be a very boring show. Love them or hate them, Vanessa and Austin are making the show entertaining.

What to watch?

On one camera is Austin fingering Liz & the other is Steve up to his 2nd knuckle in his nose, Feeds are awesome…ugh!!.


Well look at it this way …..sometimes you have the opportunity to finger a chick and sometimes you have to do a little housecleaning on the sinuses. Welcome to life. It’s a hell of a rollercoaster.

here at home

What happens next week when Austin and Liz don’t have the HOH to play finger games?

Min O'Pause

They’ll have to play dentist in the have not room.”Openup and say Aaaaaagggggghhhh.”


Wouldn’t it be great if two peolpe came back!! That would really turn things around and might be worth watching again!

Liz's Mom

Oh and u might better hang on to that tattooed thing u got cause ain’t no other guy gonna wanna touch u now!!

oh jesus christ

Austin actually asked who of the four possible returners are good at ‘luck’. *bangs head against wall*