Paul -“The only reason he got it is he peaked over Paulie’s shoulder he’s a cheater…”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 20-00-56-368

8:00pm Bridgette and Frank
Frank – I hope they all eat sh1t and die.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 20-02-32-521
8:02pm Victor and Paulie playing pool
Victor saying that they can use Bridgette to do the dirty work for them.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 20-03-50-522

8:04pm Have nots Michelle and Nicole
Talking about Frank probably coming back into the game.
Nicole says she wanted to wake people up but everyone told her not to.

Michelle says she was second to last to go in.
Nicole – there was a huge line.. I didn’t know the answer.. Nat told James right away.. People were looking over other people’s shoulders.
Nicole had to get Victor to enter the code in.
Michelle – I’m so glad I missed it

Nicole mentions that Zakiyah and Da’Vonne are on the hammock.
Michelle brings up Bridgette talking to Z, her and Da
Nicole says he went to those people and told them not to trust me
Michelle – I trust you 1 hundo
Nicole – i trust you 1 hundo

Feeds flip to Victor and Paulie in the Storage room.. Chit chat.

8:12pm Back to the girls.
Nicole – it’s hurtful he’s going to my friends talking Trash.
Nicole says Frankie did it during her season.
Nicole says the things Michelle said about Bridgette are not bad, mentions the Bridgette Crocker comment.
Nicole says Cody used to talk about her zits and Derrick said something about her body not being nice.
Michelle says she feels better if Derrick said something.
Nicole says she loves Derrick she’s not mad people say things in the house.

Michelle starts rehashing all the BRidgette conversation from this morning.. Seems like Michelle still feels the same about Bridgette..
Nicole says the worst thing that has been said in this house Is what Bridget said to Michelle and what Michelle says like Bridgette Crocker is cute.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 20-19-50-992
8:19pm Zakiyah and Paulie
Paulie has been speculating whether or not Frank/Bridgette have it.
Paulie saying the HOH needs to be won on Thursday so there control on their end.
Zakiyah says she’s been hearing things around the house, not about Paulie.
Zakiyah says Frank told her only trust PAulie don’t trust Nicole.
Zakiyah – I don’t know… I know’t know if he’s saying that sh1t putting mess in my head.. She said she had a final deal with Frank and Bridgette.. She’s riding the fence..

Paulie – is it something I should talk to Corey about
Zakiyah – I don’t know
Paulie – I wouldn’t believe anything they say
Zaiyah – that hurts my feelings I trusted her..
Paulie – he wants to give Bridgette the best chance
Zakiyah – I still want her gone

Paul comes in..
Paulie says he’ll talk to Frank and then Corey about it
Paule – Nicole?
They nod
Paulie says he’s got suspicions about Da
Zakiyah says Da wants Bridgette out.
Paul – we got to be smarter who we tell sh1t too.. If it wasn’t for Natalie and Vic ….that wouldn’t have happened.. why are you so f***g stupid
Paulie – Homeboy has got to go (Homeboy = vic)
(Paul says Natalie and Victor helps Frank and Bridgette find out how to get into the phone booth)
Paulie says it doesn’t matter they all have a 1 in 12 shot.

Paul – Today Nat was trying to get Michelle to mend things with Bridgette..
Paul – next week I’ll put up Bridgette and Natalie
Zakiyah – ya why not
Paul – or maybe not
Zakiyah – I would

THey are all pissed off that Frank and Bridgette even say the “Clues” on the TV screen earlier today. Apparently the screen only hinted of a secret for a certain amount time.
Paul says after he entered the code and the message was played. Corey who was listening in asked him “What Tunnel” Bridgette and Frank were right there.
Paul goes on and on about how there’s three people in this house they could have hidden the secret from.
Paulie – maybe we need to change our strategy get those people out sooner..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 20-37-12-643
8:37pm Storage room Michelle, Paulie, Nicole and Paul
Paulie – Don’t be upset over that fu***G sympathy Card
Telling Michelle she’s not a bully to Bridgette this is Big Brother.
Paulie leaves..
Paul going on and on Frank and Bridgette finding out about the secret room.
Paul – I told you when the time is right and our targets are gone… F** them both.
Feeds cut when we’re back Michelle and Zakiyah talking about Frank telling her not to trust Nicole.
Michelle says Frank told her not to trust Da
Zakiyah – I’m just not going to trust any f***G thing he says
Zakiyah says she’s not good with Bridgette she still doesn’t trust her a$$
Zakiyah – I trust you and Paulie
Da’Vonne comes in.. Zakiyah says everything is going to be fine she’s not going to stress herself.
Michelle says this has been an emotional day.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 20-50-37-280
8:50pm Paulie and Michelle backyard
Paulie says Bridgette is trying to make her feel bad says Michelle is a sweetheart she’s not a bully.
Paul jumps into the conversation says he’s going to unleash hell on Bridgette and make her feel like a idiot.

Michelle asks how they said F*** U
Paul – they were like you gave us the wrong numbers.. I was like sorry.. And they said F*** you
They are going on and on about people telling Frank and Bridgette the code to the phone booth.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 20-56-27-900

8:55pm Pool table Michelle, Corey and Paul
Corey says he’s going to distance himself from Nicole a little bit for getting mad at him for not telling her the code.
Paule – you should

Paul – the only reason he got it he peaked over Paulie’s shoulder he’s a cheater…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 20-57-16-905
8:57pm Michelle and Da’Vonne
Michelle is complaining that Victor only made salad for Corey, Paul, paulie and himself.
Da’Vonne is happy that Zakiyah is in the game because she’s the one that woke up her, Michelle and Paul.
Michelle – thank god she woke up Paul.. who told her to not wake us up
Da’Vonne 100%
Da doesn’t know who was saying to let them sleep
Da says Nicole is making something that might be vegetarian.
Michelle – I’m not hungry I had cereal

Michelle – Victor reminds me of Devin..
They talk about Bronte, Michelle thinks she was wrong with that girl. Thinks she was just socially awkward.

Michelle says Tiffany remembered her saying that Bridgette reminded her of her ex roommate.
Michelle doesn’t know why she doesn’t like those type of people she just doesn’t.
Da about Tiffany – She was reaching
Da goes on about how Tiffany was trying to get people to work with so she was spilling things to everybody.
Michelle – why do you want to hurt people.. (Tiffany Telling Bridgette)
Michelle – I’m not ripping your hair out.. or personal things.. You remind me of my old roommate.. your game is fake.. you’re close to Frank…
Da’Vonne says she checked BB15 Aaryn’s twitter account.
Da’Vonen – she’s got a lot of damn followers.. for who she is
Michelle says Aaryn has a popular you tube channel that has nothing to do with Big Brother.

Da’Vonne says it’s weird that Bridgette has only seen the seasons with nurses in it.
Michelle thinks Bridgette is lying she’s seen more than that many seasons.
Michelel doesn’t want past houseguests to hate her because of Bridgette..

Feeds switch to the safari room..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 21-29-24-747
More showmancing from these two… So much for distance..

9:32pm they move to the backyard..

Nicole – I’m not mad i’m sorry…
Corey says he didn’t know they could tell people the answer.
Corey – Paul worked hard to win that thing.. I didn’t want that to blow up in his face
Nicole – I would have told you straight up..

Nicole says after he came out of the tunnel she went into the “room” and waited 45 seconds for him
Corey – 45… BIG WHOOP
Nicole says Frank and Z told her the code.

Corey apologizes for not telling her the code. Says if he was 8th he would have said something. Corey adds that he was one of the first popel to figure it out on their own.
Nicole – There was 5 at that point.. Natalie had already told James and was in
Corey – I was after Natalie
Corey – are you mad at me
Nicole – I’m not mad at you at all.. I’m having a bad day..
Nicole – Frank is clearly after me.
Nicole says Paulie wouldn’t let her wake COrey up and now Da is mad at her for not waking her up.

Nicole is upset with Victor “Every single day he does something.. vic is cool but.. ”
Nicole explains that Victor told her the code then made a big deal about being the one that told her in stead of Corey.
Corey is sick of this stuff getting on TV.
Corey says Frank and him talked this morning goes over the conversation he had with Frank.
They have a laugh that Frank thinks Nicole and Da’Vonne are close.
Nicole – couldn’t be further than the truth.

Michelle says she got the Number 5 card

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 21-57-58-346

9:55pm Paul and Paulie (PP)

Paulie – PP is crusing
Paul – PP is chilling
Paulie – there like these guys are enjoying life
Paul – Z and Da are tripping at Nciole
Paul – Corey hates Vic, Vic is oblivious to life.. James is a hommie.. Natalie is a idiot..
Paul says Natalie doesn’t deserve to be this far in this game.. try to collect a balloon.

Paul – pissed
Paulie – Pissed
Paul wants to toss the HOH to Victor.
Paul doesn’t think it matters because Bridgette is still in the house and everyone will go after her.
Paulie – I wonder what is up with Nicole
Paul – Nicole is digging a grave. I think we should fuel the fire.
Paul says Da’Vonne is pissed at Nicole.
Paul – we got to keep Michelle and James safe out of Friendship

Paul Bridgette Frank are gone than Day and Vic.. Nat, Meech?
PAulie – we never have to worry about Nat winning anything
Paul – she’s trying to band together with Bridgette.. She really is.

Paulie James is a hommie and Corey is a hommie as long as he cuts Nicole.. Z I have not problem.. we’ll crush Z out.. I wouldn’t mind Z being the last girl.. (LOL of course you would)
Paul says he’s find with that.
Paulie didn’t want Da’Vonne, Vic, Bridgette or Frank to get the

Paul – I hope Natalie got it and we just roach her back out
Paulie – It was me guys
Paul – I wold put her right back on the wall..
Paul – If frank goes out and walks back in I might just PUNCH BRIDGETTE IN THE FACE
They’re pissed that Bridgette and Frank are all giddy now.
Paulie says once Frank doesn’t come back in Bridgette will be crushed.
Paul – I’ll pots of pans her ass every f***g morning.. I’ll make her last week here a living hell
Paul pissed that Bridgette told Michelle that someone close to her said something horrible.. Paul says it was the buzzlight year comment he made about Michelle early in the game. Nobody knows for sure what Bridgette means because she refuses to tell Michelle.

10:31pm Bathroom Zakiyah, Nicole, Da’Vonne and Michelle
Michelle says Vic has got to go.

10:41pm bathroom Michelle and Z Michelle thanks Z for being so nice to her.
Michelle brings up Victor only making enough salad for Corey, Paulie, paul and himself.
Michelle says she bought her hair extensions on eBay for $50

11:03pm Zakiyah and Michelle splatter Paul and Paulie’s heads with shaving cream.
Michelle – we got to get you back for throwing apples

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 23-21-32-509

11:17pm backyard Nicole and Corey
Nicole is pissed that Frank is going around saying she had a final 2 with him.
Nicole – Bridgette says FU to everybody right to their face.. why don’t we talk about that..
Corey – they don’t show all your DR’s do they
Nicole – no.. but there’s a chance.. I look like a little snake i’m not..

Nicole starts to cry… the reason is she thinks their “Fight” will be aired and made a thing on the regular show.
Corey – I was laughing about it
Nicole – it’s fine.. i’m just going to start my menstrual cycle
Nicole says Bridgette and Frank are telling Corey, Zakiyah and Michelle not to trust her.

Nicole says thing will have to start to pick up in the house. There’s 42 days left.
Nicole – there might be a triple eviction.. I’m just not ready to go…

11:35pm backyard Nicole and Michelle talking about how awkward the day was.
rehashing the day.. Nicole is whining about everything.. Michelle eating popcorn.

Michelle – you know who is a really sweet person.. Natalie.. she’s so nice..
Nicole says she was weirded out becuase she liked Corey day 2 then went on a date with Victor
Nicole – when it comes to game she has no idea what’s going on.
Michelle says Natalie was excited she figured out the secret third, comments that Natalie doesn’t win any competitions so she told everyone.
Nicole – Vic is really sweet too now
Michelle – he is he’s just a little bossy

Michelle _ I think Corey should be the one that takes out Vic
Nicole says a lot of unnecessary things are happening with Victor being back
Michelle – he’s the saboteur.
Corey – he says the weirdest thing
Corey tells them Victor was in the kitchen saying he needs a catch phrase, “FIT VIC”
Corey – like his instagram
Michelle – why would you say that.. … I feel like i’m relly fit vic today.. wanna go fit vic

11:50pm still in the backyard.. talking about how weird Victor is
Corey – it’s the weirdest thing.. He’ll like get into bed get right between us.. and be like ahhhh can you feel my dick.. I’m like…

Nicole – did he say that…
Corey – he literally said that got in the middle and said that.. I swear to god.
Nicole – If I heard that I would have gotten up

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The showmance poll need to have an option NONE.. All those showmances are gross.


or a Simon & Dawg option 😉


I know this is off topic right here but if u want to know who thinks they are and essential is ruling the game right now, go watch from about 9:56 thru 10:06 or so. As they call themselves “P&P”, Paul (gag) and Paulie, are on top of what’s going on as well as molding people and their thoughts to their liking. If their plans continue, ugh. Paulie and Paul final 2, please…., I’ll want to throw up if that happens.

Crazy Stuff

A bunch of mess and that’s all to it NOMANCE is what it should be called. Nicole is crying in Corey arms because she doesn’t want people to see her as a
snake. Nicole is the biggest snake in brush crawling. IF THE SHOE FIT WEAR IT. KING COBRA that’s what she is.

Crazy Stuff

Nicole just told some off the HG she doesn’t throw people under the bus. Nicole got out of the bus threw Day and some of the other girls under the bus. Then Nicole got back in the bus and ran them over several times. She is digging her own grave. I can’t wait tell she gone for good. Own up to the mess you’re doing be grown about it.


I agree 100%. I am not voting on the showmance poll. They are stupid, and the girls are clueless about the fact the men are just using them.

Please put an NONE option on that poll.

Corey's slippers

How about a Corey and Vic option? He likes it when we feel his d!ck!!!!

Corey's slippers

Sorry! Just noticed the Corey and Vic option. We were too busy looking into Vic and Paulies eye!!!


If this doesn’t show Nicole and zak that Corey and paulie are not worried about them..maybe the block will…zak literally believes everything paulie says and Paul has become the most annoying person ever…this season is kinda annoying in general *sighs*


Yeah Nicole and Z need to wake up, that would be sweet to see them on the block together but then my ears would start bleeding from Nicole’s whiny voice crying in the DR all day.

Paul, what a scumbag bitch. He needs to be punched in the face. The dude straight up sucks!


Paul wants to punch Bridgette in the face.Well at lrast he picks on girls his own size.
Maybe Bridgette can punch Paul down a foot so he can apply to be a dwarf in the next Hobbit movie!


Why is this ok that Paul can make threats like this? Why doesn’t production say something? There is enough violence against women in this country. It really bothers me.


I totally agree. He should be expelled from the game for threatening another player whether he means it or not. It’s disgusting that production and CBS keeps allowing him to act so vile.

Crazy Stuff

Nicole and Zakiyah they will wake up when it is to late. What a shame to get into a nomance with the guys they do not want them girls. Nicole will go home played with and used up by Corey. All this under the cover activity movement on national TV. Zakiyah how many time might Paulie show you he doesn’t what you he just using Zakiyah to get to the end. I don’t believe any of them really trying for the money.


Showmance poll needs to have an option NONE because those 3 showmances are gross.

Where is the love?

What’s wrong with finding a little “love” while trying to win some money? This season isn’t as pathetic as y’all make it out to be. The showmances are cute and entertaining (Zaulie and Jatalie, Corey still weirds me out so ignore his showmance), and then hustlers like Day, Paul, and Frank are another form of entertainment! Chill out with the criticism.

Your friendly Northern neighbour,


it might not be so bad if it wasn’t only the women in the showmance’s that wanted to find love, while the men are using them to pass the time or get ahead in the game.


So its just like outside of the house then. 😉


Why is Paul still talking about Frank! He’s so paranoid of him it’s hilarious lol. Oh Michelle cry me a river smh. You don’t want to be seen as a bully. WELL when you get evicted, I’m sure you’ll get booed like your twin Christine from BB16 lol

Crazy Stuff

Okay! I said that looks like Christine from BB16 sister (Michelle) on the first day BB18 aired. I believe Michelle is Christine Brecht sister from BB16.

Powder Puff Girls

Zakiyah is this seasons ultimate floater!


Zakiyah should be banned from the storage room.




After yesterday’s storage room gif, I agree 100%. Girl is so nasty.


It’s power puff idiot

Powder Puff Girls

You are correct it is power. Someone else called them Powder, I liked and since used. I like the USER name “Powder Puff Girl” as it represents the girls powdering up their face in the mirror which the spy girls did a lot of. I am not going to dignify the last comment as I have my fill of #meangirls on BB.


Michelle, is that you??? No Meangirls allowed

Dr. Wills Stethoscope

Lets go Frank… Get this pass back in the house. Shit needs to change in this house cause it fucking sucks right now. These people make me -.- all day and night. Fuck the showmances. I hate those things more than the acne on rachel reillys chin.


I still hate Nicole


And Paulie he’s acting like he’s the Godfather so cocky they should have voted him out week 1


She needs a bare bottomed spanking


I hate her ratty nasty bun hair too


Damned if you do and
Damned if you don’t ,
in that house.
All Nicole ever does is whine and complain.
She’s clingy.
She’s tiresome to watch and listain to


You perfectly summed up Nicole. It’s to the point now that when I see her, I fast forward until she’s no longer on my screen. She’s way too old to be using that irritable infant whiney voice. She does dirt,but actually believes she’s innocent. She can’t resist joining in on bashing anybody,even the ones she claims are her ‘friends’.

Jake K.

If I am Frank I look at the bro-manning going on during that secret room crap and try to make an alliance with the girls. Do a “Frank Angels” alliance. I’m sure Michelle and Day would hop onboard and they could probably swing Nicole and Z. At that point I am sure one of them (likely Nicole) could get Corey onboard for the vote and Bridgette would be gone.


watching the feeds now and Nicole is a downright creepy stalker. she is obsessed with Corey and it is scary. watching her on the feeds I want Frank to miraculously be saved, but honestly at this point, I hope he gets evicted so he doesn’t endure more of this BS season. if I was Frank on eviction night, I’ll go pass Julie Chen on stage, avoid interviews, jump inside a uber cab and head straight to the airport.

Crazy Stuff

Lol! But Frank needs the paper (money) he quit his job to be on BB. Frank will be taking a FIRM seat with Julie Chen on Thursday after eviction. Uber cab will have to wait and put him on a payment plan something like a penny .01¢ every two weeks are something. BYE Frank BYE.

Michelle's eyebrows

At this point im holding hope that frank or the cabbage patch kid can come back in. Can you imagine having ratcole, zakiyah or Paul coming back after being eliminated? Omg it’d be glorious if victor came back after elimination tho. Wouldn’t that make him the first person to enter the big brother house three times in the same season? Unless this is some record held but Brendan and Rachel that I can’t RMB lol


Paul has just said he might punch Bridgette in the face if Frank walks back in the House…will he be called out on that by the other girls and people in the House for violent behavior? probably not because its only Frank who is the bad guy right? Paul “I am going to put up Nathalie(if he gets HOH) because she has done nothing and floated all game” really Paul so what comps have you won? and a floater is always good at spotting another floater….Paul and Paulie need to go and Frank needs to have that return ticket


*Paul did win one veto the week Jozea went home…had forgotten about it was so long ago…he still is in no position to call Nathalie a floater when that is what he has done


Paulie’s Throat, that would be hilarious!


>favorite showmance
How about none of the above? Where’s the Simon & Dawg option?


to production I want frank to stay for bridget
did you hear what pual said he will do to her if frank stay him in pulie should go home
I hope frank stays in him or bridget wins hoh


this will be the best moment in big brother history if frank get evected by vote 9 to 1 wins the paris back in
wins hoh in watch pual puile face that will be great tv frank an bridget in hoh take control that whould be great
I hope that happen I really do

These People

The Paul and Paulie show is so freaking annoying what a couple of douchebags. I’m so glad they already have themselves at the final 2 I hope they are on the block together next week. Michelle and the other girls are mean girl bullies, I love how they can say it’s big brother so it’s okay, no it isn’t you deserve to be boo’d when you leave the house.


Wow….we all know (still praying though) that Frank will return. I’m good with that. I also love seeing everybody getting mad at each other now over this twist. Maybe they will stop focusing so much on Frank and Bridgette and start going after each other. This should be fun to watch play out! The fear for the HOH that an evicted house guest can walk out and right back in is awesome!!!! Wonder if this will change who they vote out this week?.


I hope when frank gets evicted that he picked the right card and reenters but first i hope he gets to here the other house guests goodbye messages. Then frank will know everything and hopefully he wins hoh and goes after paulie and paul.


Is this the dating game or big brother?

Fuzzy Num Num

Goodness, Capt Caveman is sure threatening a lot of bulling behaviors. I’m gonna punch her in the face, really? Yes, Meh, you are a bad person. And so is everyone else in the house. I have acquired a strong distaste for the word f##k. Before this it was one of my favorites. Now I can’t say it without thinking of Not-Cody and Capt Caveman. I’m glad this twistyest of twists has stirred them all up. Like pouring water in an ant mound. I’m glad Fingerer and Gidget out cheated the rest. My one regret is that there is only one round-trip. I would like them all stuck in that house forever. Not to watch, just to make sure I won’t ever have to run into one of them. I still have no one to root for. Sigh, thank you all for reading.


Is this the dating game or big brother? I have a sad feeling only bad players will be found at the end of this season bb fans let’s all congratulate jordan number 2


Paul says brig is the biggest bully in the house? But yet he wants to punch her in her face? :/


Zakiyah is nasty, after seeing what she did last night ? Makes me believe she has super bad hygiene and I can’t even imagine what other dirty things she does


What did Zakiyah do that was nasty? I didn’t see last night.


Yep! That was nasty!


They are nasty for allowing her to be nasty. They let her eat chips and they ate right with her. They should have called her out for not washing her hands


What. The. Actual. F*ck.

Well that was truly disgusting. I mean, I guess we’re lucky it wasn’t a tampon but Christ on a cracker, Z, the storage room?!? Honestly?!!?

So much can’t right meow.

Just. No.

That girl AINT RIGHT!
And why is Nicole and them just sitting there letting her rummage around in that chip bag after her hand has been all up in her panties?!?!?!

Common Sense

I don’t…I’m not…really?! Surely, that’s not behavior that’s done in the real world. Please tell me that the vast majority of women out there know and understand this isn’t right.


Maybe she thinks that is showing how ‘down-to-earth’ she is? No matter how you slice it, that is usually stuff HBO would air. That is not cute.
There were two guys there also, not to mention hundreds of thousands of viewers. She just had or still has a yeast infection also. Just plain skanky.


Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! I’m really disappointed in Z! Bad enough to change it in front of people, but then have the audacity to stick her hand inside a bag of snacks and eat without washing her hands?! No home training! Big Brother need to enforce the rules to make all HGs to wash their hands after using the bathroom, picking/scratching themselves, or when the ladies have to change themselves (didn’t want to flat out say it because I am a gentlemen and do not want to disrespect the ladies by being crude).


Paul runs his mouth nonstop about things he’ll say or do…guess what he ain’t going to do shit because he’s a little bitch. Before Frank leaves I wish he puts that little Napoleon in his place…he’ll be pissing in his shredded leggings.


Paul says he wants to punch Bridgitte in the face and do all these things to her when F rank leaves. He tries to act like a big tough guy, but is a coward and has to wait till Frank leaves because he is not man enough to face Frank. He can only bully someone smaller than him. Who was the one crying like a baby when he didn’t have any friends in the house. This guy gets more vile by the day. Bridgitte needs to do some baking and make Paul some humble pie and put him on the block!


I’m not a mean person, but I was thinking I wish Bridgette overheard him and then made sure to squirt eyedrops in his water. He’s full of —- anyway


Most of these people are going to have a rude awakening when they get out of the BB house. I try to watch AFD, it is impossible.. These people are so unlikable. I wish I could reach through my TV and punch both Pauls. I am sick of the ……”do you think I am a bully”, “I don’t think I am a bully”…. etc. etc…..if you have to ask…..YOU ARE!!!

Daisy Rose

What the hell happened to getting Paul out? “He’s after Victor” and now he’s just gonna what? Slide to the end? If I have to deal with his annoying ass much longer, I might punch myself in the face.

At the end of the day

Victor’s laugh is creepy. He sounds like Robert Deniro in Cape Fear.


Sometimes I wonder if Paul’s playing Paulie. You know, like keeping your enemies close.
I think he purposely says over the top s**t
So people don’t take him seriously.
He does throw some red herrings out there. Or so it seems to me. I may be wrong.


I think Nicole and Corey are a sweet couple. They really like each other. James and Natalie are cute and flirty but they don’t seem to be as real as Nicole and Corey. I am ready for the hate and thumbs down.

Powder Puff Girls

I see the opposite as you that James and Nat like each other more than Corey & Nicole. I do not think Corey cares that much. People do not like showmance couples (including me) in the game that is why peeps give the thumbs down. 3 showmance is 3 too many in a game it is the luck of the draw. I wish they would vary the ages more pick people in 20s 30s 40s mix it up which may result in less showmance There are lots of fit people in higher age groups that could compete in competitions.

Powder Puff Girls

btw I gave you a thumbs up for your opinion no hate here!

Crazy Stuff

Now you know Crazy Stuff was not going to let you slide on this statement Lol! They are not a couple so how can Nicole and Corey be a cute couple. What they are is NOMANCE! Let me spell it out for you… Cute Couple, Romance, In Love, My Man, Boyfriend or Boo does not exist. Sorry girlfriend thumb down all the way round.


Like a (Vic)train coming from a mile away, Nicole’s heart is about to get crushed on national tv.
The heart wants what it wants.
And Corey’s heart wants that d*ck, ma friend.


Hey anyone want to wake the girls up and tell them they may wanna actually strategies with each other, to I don’t know, win the game or maybe they actually think their “man” will take them lmfao


The girls think they haven’t been incredibly rude to Bridgette, but if they fricken think about it, whether or not they were awful to her they haven’t even been nice or welcoming to her at all, it’s incredibly upsetting.


There is such BS with these HG’s and even among certain BB fans….we heard all the crap about Frank how he had “sexually assaulted” Day how he was such a bully and rude to call her a s….when Frank never did any of those things with malicious intent..yet a dude like Paul can say out loud that he would like to punch a female in the face and the other HG’s dont even call him out on it? this is fucking BS !!! where are all the women who got railed up over Frank and his butt slapping to call out Paul on his verbal intent of wanting to punch Bridgette?


That’s what I’m saying dude is a Tool just like the rest of the house, all day long they talk about Frank and Bridgett, but yet they are the ones supposedly causing all the drama, lol..

Skips mom

Self righteous Paulie talked and “handled it” with Frank on how to treat women but doesn’t seemed bothered at all about punching Bridgette in the face.

Z's Dream Snake

Z says she dreams about me when someone betrays her. She must be trippin! Nicole, STFU what an idiot! Whine, cry, pout…repeat! We need a poll on who is the most annoying houseguest. Three choices-one is not enough.

Fuzzy Num Num

It has to be seen. No one can make this shit up.


Michelle is feeding again! Dam, girl

Powder Puff Girls

Feeding ..Sounds like an expression out of a vampire movie!


Or perhaps a National Geographic special – just sayin

Fuzzy Num Num

I have more for my rant. I know you all are on the edge of your seats. Can we please send a message to Nicole? Girl, he’s just not that into you. CrazyEyes is into something a little spicy. Something not as whiny. He’s into that Latin charm. Victor is the name he wants to whisper in the night. And, just maybe Victor is into that bobble eyed boy as well. After all, he set up that “disagreement” you two had over the clues in the twisty twist. I dont think he was trying to suck up to you, so much as get a certain Texan to pay attention.


My god, Paul and Paulie, you cocky and incredibly annoying douchecanoes. You both became terrible with such ease that it appears you’ve been terrible before, likely multiple times and for long stretches. Congratulations on reaching new levels of that this evening because honestly, you’ve made me want Frank to be evicted, walk right back into the house, win HOH and put you both up for eviction. The only thing that could make that scenario better is a surprise double eviction and you’re both sent packing within the hour without jury spots.

And Paulie, do grow your hair back out, you nit.


I pray to the BB gods that this happens. Paul and Paulie are the biggest morons, why don’t they blow each other and get it over with and stop hating on women saying they are going to punch them. I thought that Austin was a douche last year but Paul makes him likeable (puke, I thought that I would never utter the words Austin and likeable in a sentence). Thanks a lot Paul, you suck and so does your beard!! I hope Z gets jealous of you and Paulie snuggling together and stuffs her pad in your b*tch mouth…


lol blow each other and get it over with. Seriously!


Where is James why isn’t he telling all these cry baby houseguest that are so paranoid about Frank and Bridgett.

Why doesn’t he tell them “It’s just a game” like he is always telling Frank and Bridgett?

Tough Guy Paul

Why do I get the feeling that Paul has never even been in a fist fight in his entire life?


Oh you know he hasn’t. I think it’s funny Bridgette is saying f you to their face. I hope douchelord Paul tries the pots and pans on Bridgette, and she smacks him upside his head with one.


Did Victor become one of Paulie’s little minions. Now Paulie wants to throw HOH to him so he can do his dirty work. Hope Victor puts up Paulie, that would be the best move of the season. Paulie’s ego makes him feel untouchable and truly believes that Victor wouldn’t go against him. The question is would Victor make a move or has he become one of Paulie’s little puppets.


Nicole there are NOT 42 days left. You are on day 41 and the season finale is on Sept 21 which is 59 days away. The season is 100 days long.


Michelle that is exactly what I say…Why??? Why?? Am I still watching this-answer: Insomnia

Big Brother 18

I like Nicole but gosh she is so annoying. Just shut up already I can see why Hayden and her broke up. If you have a problem then speak up instead holding back and acting passive agressive or whiny.


What the heck did victor say to the camera?

The Roach Coach

Nicole loves trying to make Corey jealous by involving Victor…. and it’s working, Corey is jealous… he doesn’t want Victor and Nicole flirting, he wants Victor all to himself.


OMG I couldnt finish BBAD tonight my gosh The Paul&Paulie show needs to get cancel meaning one of them to get evicted or just put them both on the block to make things easier it’s doesn’t make it better that nicole is whining and crying about corey like c’mon you can’t be that thristy that you had to come back again on BB to find your future husband rather than playing BB FWI corey is not that into you can stop now while we’re on that note I think he might like ( be into) a certain person because that crazy eye says it all .


I’m sorry (not) but Jakiyah is a walking
Bio- hazard.
When she was eating
All I could think of is what she had done.


Michelle should just give it a rest. Bridgette apologized and tried talking to her and she’s so blinded by hatred that she didn’t even hear her say sorry. She seriously has issues beyond just the craziness of the Big Brother house. All she’s done since that conversation is whine about it. I’m calling it, this conversation or something similar to this will be her downfall. Good players are able to create and maintain relationships with everyone inside of the house, regardless of whether they like a person or not. Michelle seems incapable of doing that and will most likely just isolate herself amongst the houseguests she likes and/or gets along with. As the numbers dwindle, she’ll end up with no allies left with an inability to create new relationships, or she’ll be sitting in the final 2 with a jury of people that don’t like her or know anything about her or her game. Sounds like a losing strategy to me.


Eyebrows? Ha, wait until she reads people calling her a cabbage patch face and bride of chucky or chucky himself which ever one it was….she will be crying those eyebrows right off. I guess you shouldn’t dish it and not be able to take it. Don’t be the bully and then when getting bullied right back, cry the victim. Come on now!