Fes “You’re getting thrown under the bus. He [Scottie] called you Kaitlyn 2.0”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett & Scottie Have Nots

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3:22pm HOH room. Fes and Haleigh. Haleigh – so what’s going on? Real quick? Scottie just said when I get out of the DR I need to talk to you. Fes – I don’t know what he needs to talk to you about. Haleigh – He’s not involved in all of this? Fes – I don’t know if I should talk to you before Scottie or let Scottie tell you what he has to tell you. Haleigh – what is it all about? Fes – Just talk to Scottie first. Haleigh – just give me a blanket statement about what its all about. Fes – you’re getting thrown under the bus. Haleigh – By? Scottie? How? Fes – he called you Kaitlyn 2.0. Haleigh – he did? To who? Fes – to me. Haleigh – when? Fes – this morning in the kitchen. I told him I’m sorry you were never my target and now I have to come up with a replacement nominee. He said yeah I want to talk to you about that but not in the open. He said I think we all know who if you put up the whole house would vote out.. Kaitlyn 2.0. It was just like Kaitlyn was playing you and Tyler. Now its Haleigh with me and you. Haleigh – that is interesting. Fes – don’t tell him. Haleigh – I’m curious what he has to tell me. Fes – and Kaycee came up here and I told her that its out of her, Tyler and Angela. I think I want to do Kaycee. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Fes – Kaycee told me that Scottie’s speech tomorrow is going to be crazy. He wants me to put you up as the replacement nominee Haleigh. And the reason he is doing that is because its his only chance of staying. That’s why he jumped ship. Haleigh – I’ll be back..

3:30pm Lounge room. Haleigh comes into the room crying. Tyler follows. Angela hugs Haleigh. Kaycee puts her arm around Haleigh. Haleigh – I have been the only one that has defended him. Haleigh continues crying. Tyler – did you talk to him upstairs? Haleigh – no Fessie told me. I have literally defended him and any time Fessie brought it up … I would say you need to hear the whole story. I have literally defended him this whole time. I’m his friend. Tyler – he is doing whatever he can to save himself. Its not good. Haleigh – I am the only one that he has in his corner and I told him that. It doesn’t make sense. Tyler – you and him need to talk. Haleigh – to say what? Tyler – he is doing whatever he can to save himself right now. Haleigh – he asked me if I would play for him in the veto. Like I don’t understand! I don’t understand! Kaitlyn 2.0 are you f**king kidding me!?? Tyler – did he say that?! He said that I am playing him and pitting him and Fessie against each other. I literally had nothing to do with this. It just hurts my feelings. Kaycee – of course! Haleigh – the whole time I’ve defending him and giving him the benefit of doubt. Kaycee – it will be okay. Tyler – we all have never heard you say a bad thing about him. Haleigh – he said he wanted to talk to me .. What is he going to say .. I need to call you Kaitlyn 2.0 its the only way to say myself?!!? I couldn’t even finish my DR. I don’t even want to talk to him. Tyler – I’ve got your back. Haleigh – you don’t have anyone in your corner so you go after the one person that you do?!

Tyler – I know for a fact that its nothing person. Its just game. Kaycee – to f**k up her game. Haleigh laughs. Its just a game. A stupid game. Tyler – lets go lay by the pool.

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3:34pm Bedroom. Scottie sitting alone ..

3:50pm Haleigh suntanning…

3:47pm Havenot room. Kaycee and Angela. Angela – I think he is making a bad move. I don’t think we should say we are okay with this. Kaycee – lets say it is one of us. I am actually considering it because it will build trust with Fes and Haleigh. Angela – But everyone wants to get Tyler out. Who knows maybe they would flip on us. Sam doesn’t like me right now. Brett joins them. Brett – so essentially his target is Scottie goes. It doesn’t matter who goes up, we are fine either way. Angela – are we? He is concerned about Sam’s vote. Brett – so right why would he not put Sam up. Angela – he wants me and Kaycee to collectively decide who goes up .. but you can put that on us to do your dirty work. Kaycee – he said that Sam has been acting crazy so to ensure Scottie goes one of us has to go up. Brett – Sam said we should convince Fes to put up Haleigh. I told her I would chain smoke her entire pack of cigarettes if she could get him to do that. You’re out of you mind. Angela – I am not comfortable sitting on the block next to Scottie. I don’t want him to stay on good terms with Sam. And for us to just bow down to him. And to say we will sit on the block for you and do you a favor.

4:20pm Scottie and Brett playing corn hole.

HOH room. Haleigh and Fes. Haleigh – my feelings are hurt because I’ve been running around trying to defend him. Fes – I know. People don’t care in this game. The guy you stay up all night and talk to and told me in the room I think you made the wrong move. The moment he doesn’t win the veto, the first thing he says is the replacement nominee should be.. Haleigh – what exactly was the conversation. Fes – before I had the conversation with Scottie.. this is what is really going to make you upset. Right then the door bell rings and Tyler and Angela join them.

Fes – I talked to Kaycee and I told her its going to have to be one of y’all three. I am thinking Kaycee because she was so smooth on the block last week. Kaycee for sure has y’all’s two votes. For sure has JC’s. Tyler – and yours. Fes – I am really close with Haleigh and the move has already been made on Scottie. Fes talks about how Scottie threw Haleigh all the way under the bus. It was bad. Fes explains his conversation with Scottie this morning about Scottie calling Haleigh Kaitlyn 2.0. Haleigh – I just don’t understand that ..what because I’m friends with him? Because I’m defending him?! Because I’m not mad at you? Fes – I don’t know. Tyler – it just makes no sense for him to say that. Fes – you think I am sketched out by Scottie… JC is the number 1 person sketched out by Scottie .. he will vote him out. Haleigh – are we even sure Brett uses the veto on himself? He and Scottie were real close last week. Tyler Brett is a lone wolf right now he would never risk that. Fes – so this is what’s going to happen. Scottie is going to come up with a crazy a$$ speech but it isn’t directed towards Brett. Angela – he already tipped me off about it.. He said he is going to get up there and say all these things about you (Haleigh). I said Haleigh has always looked out for you best interest. Haleigh – I will hear what he has to say and say if you want to do this Scottie and throw me under the bus that’s fine but I want you to look me in the eye the entire time and know that you are throwing someone under the bus that has had your back the entire game. And you are getting rid of the one person that wants you in this game. Angela – It makes me question his character even more. Haleigh – he was up all night with Sam so was this a plan they came up with? Fes – I think Sam knows if Scottie goes this week she will be out in the open.

Angela – you have my vote for Scottie to go. If you could convince Sam that she is the pawn and that this would build trust with her. Fes – the number are getting slim and you two are tight .. you used the vetos on each other and her and I are tight. We don’t we make it to the end and then best man win? Tyler – all these other people think we are going to just shoot at each other. Angela – I think the people that just cruise on by and don’t do anything .. is bullsh#t. Fes – I don’t know how committed y’all can be with that. Fes – If Scottie has been accused of 10 thing.. he might not have done 10 things .. but I bet my left nut that he’s done at least 5 things. Tyler – even if Fes was like f**k it Haleigh go up on the block. You still wouldn’t go home. Haleigh – Scottie told me if he won HOH he was going to put Tyler and Angela up. After he said that it made me think .. because you two have been so close. Fes – the truth doesn’t come out until you’re on the block. He talked one day about his DR and how he was laughing like an evil genius.


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Botox Pelosi

The drama is going to be good.


yes. Level 6 is all comforting Hay. Probably laughing and saying don’t worry we will sending you to the jury house very soon so you two can talk it out. lol

Houka Inumuta

I see that Scottie is on the block on eviction night. Scottie is gonna win his way back in via jury buy back so don’t count him out just yet.

At this point if Scottie doesn’t win JC and Kaycee has the best chance right now.

Game Over

You had the jury part right but it is Jury House where Scottie is going.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

get some Preparation H sailor! You are butt hurt big time!


there is no jury buy back…Bay and Rock have seen the GB messages.


Exactly CraZY!!


Hey Scottie’s mom. Everyone was wondering if you’d be ok this week. Seems your in denial about Scottie being evicted and he’s not coming back and won’t be winning. And Tyler hasn’t been evicted and won’t be going this week and still is the best person in the house.

Hang in there

Busta Fooligan

But are you willing to bet your left nut on it?

Scottie the Bespeckled Rat Snared

Caught, skinned and cooked.

An admirer

Is it just me? I think Hayleigh is the hottest chick in BB history.

Seriously I can’t look at her without seeing something amazingly beautiful about her.

I think it might be her innocence in posting this game.

Go get em girl.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

No, Faysal, she is NOT the hottest!

Double Ds

She’s not the hottest woman this season.

not me

yup its just you

Fes is as smart as Trump

Jordan is the hottest of all time

Reality bites

Nope, she is pretty but everytime she opens her mouth I like her less. Can’t stand her anymore


She is getting to remind me of Kaitlyn. Craziness. Her fawning all over Fessy. Now the crying. Kaitlyn 2.0 is an apt name for her.


I’m sure this is a joke. She is relatively attractive, but I don’t understand why she spent 6k on a boob job but couldn’t shell out a couple hundred bucks to get that thing cut off her the side of her forehead? It’s the only think I can focus on when her face is on screen to the point that I think it’s doing the talking. It’s like she absorbed her conjoined twin sister in utero and that big *ss mole like thing is all that’s left.

Another day in paradise...


Busta Fooligan

Yeah I don’t get her and Angela getting a boob job and still coming out with like a B cup. Seems kinda pointless to me.


That’s awesome that they didn’t go ridiculous bolt-on style.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sorry, I just don’t see it. I’ve always found that a woman (and she comes across as a little girl to me) that doesn’t cause me to want to be with her just as enthusiastically the other 23 hours of the day isn’t really attractive to me.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Hay is a dirty pig with bad hygiene. She needs a bath. bow wow!!!!


have you seen her eat??? she’s that person you never want to sit across a table while eating…she chews with an open mouth…you get to see her break up her food to process… she speaks while chewing her food…you need a body condom to keep the debris and DNA from contact…she wipes her mouth with her sleeve…licks and sucks her fingers (loudly) cleaning off food residue…its like watching a starving wild boar eat…


What about that doohickey on her forehead? Or her stringing along fes though she doesn’t like him all that much. But willing to act like it

Not an admirer

It’s just you.

No Longer Literally But figuratively

Fez, you KNOW you can’t be online while you are in the BB house!

Busta Fooligan

It’s the eyes. She’s hot, but not the hottest IMO.

Game Over

Grab your ankles Scottie.


Can’t feel bad for Haleigh, she made the bed she sleeps in. All that flirting was going to come back to bite her sooner or later. She hates the other girls just because they say nice things about Fes. Then five minutes later she complains about how no one talks to her. I started off liking Haleigh but not anymore, her true colors have come out.

Angela is much nicer in the house to others than she is yet Angela gets the cold bitch label.

Reality bites

Agree 100%. Everytime she opens her mouth I like her less. She thinks she knows everything but she is really an idiot and just a terrible player.


True she was calm cool kind to everyone and listens well


You’re right. This brings up a question for me. Supposedly Julie Chen made some comment about Angela saying she’s a mean girl and must be unhappy with her life to have been so mean in her GBM to RS. So obviously she doesn’t keep up with what’s going on in the house, but being the host one could said her statements have some weight when people are considering their choice for AFP, at least to those that only watch the show. Does anyone else feel this is inappropriate? Supposedly her instagram has been changed to not allow comments because people were giving her shite.

The 2010 United States Census

Julie Chen is a hypocrite. She treated Bayleigh as if she was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not one mention of her plethora of mean, racist, prejudiced comments. She then rolled out the red carpet for Rockslop. No wonder her man had a wandering eye.


It was an Entertainment Weekly q&a article that they do with Julie each week. Just saying she isn’t an Angela fan is putting it mildly.

Angela’s mustache

Angela is nice? Lol

Swaggle Tooth

Wow! So much going on this w/e….Messy Fessy lying to Hayloft….. Sam pitching hard to Fes to put Hayloft up as replacement…. Sam’s continued paranoid and delusional conversations ….. Sam’s fatal attractions…. Scottie is supposed to go crazy on his speech this week..Brett supposed to have a crazy speech…..Fessy may never recover from this lie to Hayloft. Level 6 just kicking back and watching bombs go off all around! This season is EVERYTHING

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Haleigh– And the reason he is doing that is because its his only chance of staying. That’s why he jumped ship.

Yes genius. When your own team puts you up to be evicted, you pretty much have to look for the life rafts.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

“Scottie and Brett playing corn hole.”

And you folks still think they are straight…….smh

Busta Fooligan

I gave you a thumb down at first, but then I laughed, so I changed it.


They need to remind Fes that Haleigh said outside the house she would be with Brett.

Darrell G Irick

I don’t understand why no one wants to sit on the block beside scottie since they have the votes to evict him…. i’m starting to wonder if L6 wants Sam put up and vote her out over scottie ….because they love blindsides .


That’s exactly why no one wants to sit beside Scotty, cuz they love blindsides, they are afraid they will go.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

And no one wants to take the chance as the numbers shrink. Especially Tyler – KC’s BB resume isn’t full enough to convince Jury she deserves first place; they are green with envy of Angela and would never give it to her. At some point, they will want to take the shot at Tyler. Luckily, they NEED Scottie out to go forward. Then they need to get out Haleigh and Sam. Bitter Jury would give them the money.

K...bb fan

No, if they volunteer to go up, they are not forcing Fes to make a decision that they can use against him later. He already promised not to put them up.


Then they will lie to them and put them up and get one of them out then the other after they get them out. then they will be going after Sam and Jc and then they will hav to start pickiing off their own and then it wwill b everyone for themselves.


But honestly. Scottie knows there is no way Haleigh didn’t know he was going on the block. And she lied to him saying she didn’t know. And well. His own team put him on the block. Which he should have seen the disloyalty by now with them. Always accusing each other of unknown votes. But Haleigh is the victim here. That’s about right. I want Scottie voted out as well. But Haleigh certainly isn’t the one that was wronged in this scenario. These alliances are like night and day.


She may not be wrong here but the way I look at it, she deserves it. When she started playing him with the stupid comments like, at first I didn’t think you liked me because you were cool. PUUUULLLEEEEZZZE


Guess you misunderstood. Lol. I was saying Haleigh wasn’t the one that was “wronged”. Scottie was by his own team. Meaning she did him wrong first. And now she’s crying about him saying something not nice about her. And yes. She definitely deserves it.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

She totally deserves it. When Angela was HOH, Hayleigh, Bayleigh, and Fes were trying to convince Angela to put Tyler and Scottie up on the block. Then after they were safe, Scottie flips back to the hive and the 2 of them start plotting again like she didn’t just try to screw him over just to keep herself safe.


Why the heck is Hayleigh just believing Fez without at least seeing what Scottie has to say? This has always been one of the Hives biggest problems. They aren’t willing to hear both sides before making a decision. So many bad decisions. I’m still rooting for Scottie, even knowing he doesn’t have much chance with this group.


PRECISELY. I always wondered why Kaitlyn didn’t talk to Swag at all before backdooring him, of all things. The point of being in an alliance is you compare notes. This goes to show that true teamwork (a la L6) and not just making individual, isolated, and selfish moves is the best way to get far in this game.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Scottie, you were here to win money and not get a make believe girlfriend. You threw away a legit 500k for a handjob you could get for $20. i dont feel sorry for idiots who pi$$ away cash for some b@tch you will never see again. Dumba$$!


I think that thou is butches too much musta been a bad girl hurt you recently ouch! Oh


Fes puts up Hay would put the cherry on top of this crazy train

Hi my name is Scott

Suddenly visions of Ozzy in my head!


What are the chances the final 2 end up being the rivals Tyler & Haleigh

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Hay is too f@cking stupid.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

That heinous bastard Scottie, he called Haleigh “Kaitlyn 2.0”.

I hope he will eventually apologize to Kaitlyn.


I want to see Fes put up Hayleigh.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Awesome edits for scottie brett and jc dogging dumbass fezzy in the DR. Dumbest player in BB history!


Haleigh reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielyn.


Did Scottie really say those things and that Hayleigh is Kaitlyn 2.0?

another name

episode edit.
d/r content.
absolutely made for the hive stans to still support Haleigh.
but absolutely false narrative.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I was relatively disappointed in the edit as well but for the life of me I cannot understand why they didn’t include a clip of Fessie looking at the camera (after the nominations) and saying that is how you do a nomination.

That would have become pure BB gold.

another name

but at least now we know why Haleigh did the about face the morning after. she was called down to d/r for a reallllllly long time. The whole she didn’t buy into jc’s theory thing though… it’s just false.


Completely !!!

another name

her whole edit this season is just like the horrendous bbcan6 edit for… paris/paras/parres (don’t remember) where they actually shut off feed any time she had a showmantic moment. or any time anyone else mentioned her having a showmantic moment.
Only this time, it’s don’t show that haleigh started using the flirt game on tyler until end of veto week one, while simulataneously latching on to fes (which i thought started because she didn’t want kaitlyn, her ride or die at the time, to have an alternative option), then flirting it up with brett because a couple said he’d target her, then scottie because he was hoh, and definitely don’t show that haleigh was 100% on board Thursday night until d/r friday early afternoon.
The way they edit Haleigh makes me think she found the answer to the question Rockstar asked repeatedly (for a secret power) and ended up with the power of golden edit.


To be honest, Scotty, Fes and Haleigh lack the smarts to make adjustments to their game on the fly, they lack the guts to ride out tough decisions they’ve made, and most of all, they lack the wisdom and game time IQ to decide which tool to use when presented with both.

Every fork in the road, they’ve made the wrong decision. When they’ve made the right decision, mostly when presented as the only option, they’ve executed it incorrectly.

We have a saying in martial arts, sometimes you win yourself too deep into the tournament. You had a couple lucky matches, beat someone on their worst day, than found yourself staring down an opponent wayyyyy too skilled for you, and wayyyy too hungry to lose.

Sorry Scotty/Fes/Haleigh…you’re too deep in this game, and the lifeguard standing opposite of you has too much skill for you to walk away with the W.


Fes betted on his left nut because he can’t do anything right. #notsurprised

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Own that left nut.


Did Scottie really call her Kaitlyn 2.0 or is Fes just trying to turn her against him? I didn’t see the live feeds.

Finally a good season

Fessy you just might win the game with your big move. In your dreams…I just watched tonites episode your big move has gotten you a ticket to the jury house. You ever hear Stupid is is stupid does

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

I can not f@cking wait for the looks on fezzy and hays faces when they get put up next week by angie or tyler!!!
They will be sucking up to them all week. Buddy buddies. Hay will be doing Angela’s hair and fezzy will be oiling Tyler’s back. And then Angie brings the pain. After a day of suntanning in her best string bikini, the hottest b@tch in BB history puts the 2 nitwits up! And those 2 nitwits badmouth each other for the whole f@cking week! PRICELESS!!!!!

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Live show is a fairly accurate edit; there’s alot to fill in between the HOH comp and the nomination ceremony. My favorite line tonight, JC in the DR: “I will make Fessy VERY YELLOUS of Scottie!” (evil little smirk). He earned his keep through that. Haleigh knows it’s a bad move to put Scottie on the block, but she is also flattered by the idea that he is i love with her. She hasn’t had the power of persuasion throughout this game which has hurt her. She’s been on to the truth more than once, but she couldn’t sway her alliance members, even her boy friend.


Jc makes me laugh. Trying to get past his initial impression. Him along with his accent. Just so funny.


It’s weird, but I feel like she doesn’t really try? I think if she had been adamant about it she could’ve persuaded Fes 100% not to put Scottie up. Her efforts are half-a**ed. Also, I think she had the power to persuade Kaitlyn not to bd Swag. She just kinda gives up and doesn’t believe she has the power to sway, which is false.


I really this week to fast forward


Imagine an alternative universe where Haleigh has a brain and realizes Scottie is doing her and Fez a favor. Fez pretends to buy Kaitlyn 2.0 and they stage a huge blowup, then they split up the house. Fez cries to the girls and she cries to the guys. Fez hints that maybe he should put her up, but he just can’t…yet he wants to see her go next week. Haleigh says if he thinks that of her, then she wants him gone rather than spreading the Kaitlyn slander on TV. Then they both make their side promise not to tell the other, which means they can still talk, but the house thinks it’s an act and they’re still targeting each other…because they spend every moment bashing each other.

It might not buy them anymore time…but at least it would be some savvy play and not an awful Bachelorette knockoff.


I’m curious, why hasn’t Fessy said anything about what Sam said to him in the backyard about Haleigh. I just don’t understand why it’s not being discussed


Fes is lying to Hayleigh. He told her that Scottie wanted him to put her up, not Sam. He just wants Scottie out. Can’t wait for her to see that it was all coming from Fes. She will find out at some point.