Jason – “we’re on tricycles and they’re in a limousine till the end”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 15-40-57-766

3:40pm Kryssie and Jason backyard
Kryssie says at first she felt she didn’t have a chance but now she thinks she does. Danielle comes in.. says that Production is trying to push an agenda, “I’m like NO”

Feeds switch…

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 15-50-25-365

3:44pm when we’re back Justin is with them.
The LNJ is agreeing this week they have to win Veto.
Justin says he’s going to legit try this week, “I never throw nothing by the way… “
Danielle warns them if they lose another number this week it’ll snowball
Danielle says if it’s just those 4 girls left in the season it will be the most boring season of all time.
Danielle – “Those girls are so simple minded and “
Kryssie- boring
Danielle – they are like a barbie doll
Jason – boring.. 1 faceted

Jason says Big Brother will do a segment on how many roaches are in the house if the 4 girls are left in the house because they are so dirty.
Danielle hopes the America’s nominee is over or If America is on their side.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 15-50-02-617
Jason says America is petty they’ll nomination will not be strategic points out he was really annoying so he’s worried he’ll be nominated by America.
Jason – we’re on tricycles and they’re in a limousine till the end
Jason goes on about his side of the house having a tough time and struggling whereas the other side has had it easy. Says this is like his season Big Brother 17. (His s

3:57pm backyard Jason saying he’s getting edited as someone horrible. Danielle, Jason and Kryssie saying that Scott is a bully.
They agree Justin is being shown like he can do no wrong its the 3 of them.
Jason says people pull out “Bully” it’s a big word so people throw it out there..
Jason says Scott was more terrorizing Danielle

Danielle says she doesn’t like Scott so she’s distanced herself from him she wasn’t bullying
Jason says the other side left Cornbread, Monte and Neely out to dry when they found out they were the targets.
Jason says they are not good at this game because they don’t know how to act around people going home.

Kryssie calls the other side “Lying bastards”
Jason – the only person that could make eye contact with me is Morgan

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 16-03-16-130

4:01pm Julie Chen calls the houseguests to the living room.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 16-03-09-633
Julie Chen asks Danielle about how she feels about Scott.
Danielle says she’ll never be friends with Scott, doesn’t like him and doesn’t respect him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 16-04-03-255
Scott says he doesn’t regret anything ‘Never say die never say quit”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 16-05-38-941

4:05pm Whitney starts to cry about not winning the HOH “I let myself and the people back home down… Next time I’ll give it my all again and hopefully pull one out”
Whitney – I’m sorry I’m so emotional.. being close to something so bad it really hit me hard.. I’m so happy for Danielle I knew she wanted it just as bad if not more than I did.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 16-06-39-883

4:06pm Jason says he’s surprise by Neeley’s nomination he’s not sure what people are being shown. Says he’s a feedster so he knows how it goes.. (Does Jason think there is a TV version of this show?)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 16-10-42-820

4:10pm they show a bit of Justin singing a Pizza song its hilarious and worth flashing back to.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 18-21-47-254

6:21pm Not a lot has happened. From what I gather Danielle isn’t nominating Scott.

6:55pm LNJ HOH
Jason says he won’t be surprised if he’s not nominated by America they’ll know more when the Have nots are named.
Jason – I hope I have some sorta fan base to make sure it’s not me

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 18-57-01-565

6:57pm Ball Smashers
Speculating about Care package. Alex says Scott was talking to Jason last night and he said Alex was Danielle’s target.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 20-18-38-571

8:10pm Danielle, Kryssie and Justin.
Danielle is going to try and make a deal with Whitney she’s the only one out of the ball smashers that the LNJ like.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 21-14-33-614

9:13pm Alex, Scot and Morgan
talking about how weird it is sitting out on the couch “Feels like we’re trespassing” (It’s been LNJ’s spot for awhile)
Shelby joins them.
Wondering who the target will be Alex or Scott.
Alex – it’s me for now..
Shelby – until the care package
Alex – yes ..

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Maybe it’s just me but I find the weekly episodes painful and boring to watch so I usually skip them. My opinions and votes are based on what I see on the feeds which aren’t edited other than production deciding which rooms we can watch at a given time. So it’s kind of annoying listening to them complIn about how they think they’re being portrayed. And as for production interference, the comment that was possibly made during the comp in no way affected the outcome so don’t know why it even matters.

Double D

I agree Simon. I don’t think Jason, or the other houseguest, know there isn’t any TV.


I think he’s referring to the fact that you can’t watch feeds 24/7. Most people get on feeds for awhile, then flashback when needed and watch the recap every week. He’s had the feeds so he knows how it is. Most people aren’t on for hours and hours. You can’t see everything.


Something is up with voting on the care package. Please go vote again.


To ensure all your votes go through properly each and every voting category 4 times each week, always keep in touch with the various BB related sites you visit daily, and just to make sure I always try voting again just before the time limit ends in case original votes were reset for any possible reason.

Bb clue

CBS reset voting this morning because Alex was mistakenly included. All votes were cancelled so you need to login and vote again to have your votes count.

Power Of Veto Corleone

Jason keeps mentioning editing. How can there be editing on a live show? He’s still living in BB 17.

Uncle Teddy

Because he’s an idiot

Not an Idiot

There IS an edited recap show 4 times a week. Some people don’t live their lives by watching LFs or visiting spoiler sites, recap sites, FB, or Twitter. I know, weird, but… A ton of them may get most if not all of their information from the recap episodes. And if that’s the case, there is manipulation of characters just like on the TV version so a lot of people probably don’t have all the facts.

Jasons tricycle with wheels falling off

Its never Jasons fault remember. Production must be forcing him to speak and act the way he is on the unedited 24/7 live feed online only version of the show.


Well now I feel bad for Whitney. Jason is in LA LA land. Dude your not being edited for television! You’re portraying yourself.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Jason just refuses to believe that everyone doesn’t love him.


the constant personal bashing from the LNJ is so exhausting


Danielle is the new Smugglypuff


and Jason keeping it real is HR Puff-N-Stuff


I have heard Jason say a few different times the cameras aren’t on or on fish or something along those lines, so some must not know that it’s 24/7 for the most part…

Anyway, I was opposed to a steam roll situation with the first 2 weeks with everything going the LNJ’s way with America’s vote and that was when I was actually supporting the LNJ… But the LNJ with their bullying, vile name calling and physically messing with the other side’s pillows and other things in a gross way and saying they want to physically harm them, it changed and I just couldn’t support that. So I am ok with a steam roll with the ball smashers + Scott… I have been watching the feeds and reading online from various sites, but I have not seen or heard the ball smashers + Scott say anything too vile or disrespectful towards the other side. Scott has antagonized for sure, but it wasn’t bad at all.


Thats right Jason none of us are strategic voters, 100% of voters are petty, the people that helped your game for 9 votes in a row and voted you into the house, keep insulting the fans, that is really smart gameplay.

Uncle Teddy

He just refuses to adjust his strategy
It boggles the mind
He sucks


I don’t know WTH a smugglypuff is, but it made me laugh.

Justin has the gift of gab according to himself

Lastnight transcript!

“like , be like like, far out sh#t, like be like the spirit, like like , yoyo dawg, like, yaa, know wut im sayin?”

“like dont rob em dawg, like chill out, my people try to rob em” ya dig” “PRAYED UP”

“WHOO DAT” “uuh huh huh ” , “showt out , to my peeples, ” BLESSED UP”

“like all my rydas, norlins, itz werkin out! its all goood! like, be like. know wut im sayin, i gotz da gift of gab”

Justin's Ho

Got it dady! Make sure I wator the plantes!!!


I can’t stand the sight of Scott. And his obsession with Alex is more than a little creepy.


It is almost as bad as your obsession with Scott! Get a grip on yourself and stop trying to read tea leaves or some shit. He is happy a pretty girl is talking to him but I doubt he plans on chaining her up in the basement.
“he is just a sucker with no self esteem”


These people apparently don’t realize they’re on 24/7. What a waste of footage to see the girls spend an hour doing their make-up for an eviction or DR when we see them all the time “as is”!
I’m getting sick of Scott & his obsession…….Tonight’s recap put him out there. Scene with Jason saying Neely would turn on him and then when Neely blew up at him he proclaimed he’d never said a bad word about her. I’m so over him and he can go but not wasting a nom vote yet.


Vote Shelby = Care Package!!!

I watch the live feeds. Jason, Danielle and Kryssie are vile. It’s nothing to do with production or how they are edited. There is no editing watching the live feeds. I don’t get why Justin hangs out with them.


Keep.thinking- am I watching the same feeds.. I have no prize in this pony show.. I just see a grouo of 4 petty and mean women flipping hair.. And it seems America loves em.. REALLY??’

Ricky Fontain

Exactly! What show are people watching because the plastics talk just as much crap as the LNC. Everytime I try to watch the plastics, they’re talking about how “horrible” Danielle is. EVERYTIME. The LNC is far from innocent but come on y’all. I read where someone said all the LNC does is beg america. As soon as Danielle won HOH, the plastics went to the storage room and started begging america to put up Kryssie. Did y’all miss that? It’s crazy how people only see what they want to see.

Misfits are hypocrites!

Do you have the volume on when you are watching these same feeds? I agree the Misfits spend all their time whining about being bullied and calling the BS alliance horrible names. I enjoy seeing an all girls alliance who stick together, are smart, and actually play the game! I started out supporting the Misfits, but they are all vile (except Justin) and nothing is ever their fault. Danielle and Kryssie are hypocrites.

Ricky Fontain

I will actually admit to turning off the volume when the plastics are talking about how terrible Danielle is. Which happens all the time. The misfits spend all their time whining about being bullied and the plastics spend all their time whining about being called bullies. THEY ALL WHINE. Neeley overhears Scott talking about making Danielle’s life a living hell. She confronts Scott about it AND PEOPLE ARE MAD AT NEELEY!! WHAT?? I like people from both sides so I feel like I can be pretty objective. Both sides talk about each other. Both sides beg America for help. Both sides whine and complain. Both sides are hypocrites. I feel like a lot of people are only choosing to see one side though.


I agree – I don’t f’n get it. These 4 girls are the biggest snobs I’ve ever seen on this show. Whitney isn’t so bad – she is sort of the Justin of this side. Danielle is quite conceited I can tell but no more than Shelby, Morgan, and Alex – so freakin annoying. I just don’t get it.
Justin is by far my favorite – seems like a really REAL and good guy.


Why are all the feeds on LNC? I don’t want to listen to them complain and make their nasty comments.


Wow some of you guys on here aren’t any better than the LNC but sit there and talk shit about how crude they are lol honestly this season has been really good but America having so much power has ruined it! And for you guys to sit here and say the BS aren’t mean girls? Are u kidding me? I understand the LNC talks a lot of crap but so do the girls! They might not be as vulgar but they are just as nasty . But I gues since the LNC talked crap first it’s ok for the BS to do it even though we were always taught 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t even care for the LNC but you guys are a bunch of hypocrites and are ruining it by wanting to steamroll one side of the house! Sucks this could be one of the best cast they have had in years and America is going to ruin it. =(


I agree. I always wanted America to be able to participate but I think this arrangement puts too much power in America’s hands. This encourages so much fake behavior that’s so obvious. Boring. Remember people, YOU are being played by the houseguests on both sides. The twist is designed to force the players to suck up to us. Alex realized this after Monty left and has been working this angle ever since. Jason did the same. This has weakened this season for me unfortunately.

Ballsmashers are fake

I agree with most of what you said. I do agree the LNC are vulgar but I still find them really funny when they are not complaining or talking trash. Did any one watch the LNC in the HOH room last night and their hilarious discussion of Justin’s pimple(aka boil/cyst/cystic boil) and Justin freaking out about it and Danielle and Jason reaction. They had me laughing out loud. Justin saying he needed baktraband for his pimple and no one understanding what he was talking about. I rarely find the BS’s very interesting or funny. I do think they are pretending to be way nicer then they are in real life . I don’t know if it is for the game or for America to love them. Even Morgan has admitted in her diary room sessions and to her sister that she is “acting nice”. Also, Alex has said to Morgan if she was like this in real life they might even get along and implied that she is a real bitch. Compare that to the sweet girl in the diary room with her big fake smile. Does anyone remember how rude and bitchy Shelby was in the first week? Or see how she behaved to the crew in the clip of the swimsuit photo shoot at the pool – not very nice. My point being yes the LNC are more vulgar but I do believe the BS’s are as equally mean they just hide it better. So let’s keep this game interesting and give Jason the care package (do not split the votes with Danielle)! I want to see what the 4 girls will do when one of their game lives is on the line. Remember all 4 girls have ALWAYS been safe in this game and have not been targets yet. Only Morgan and Whitney have been on the block and everybody in the house and America knew they were safe.


The LNC had everything go their way in the beginning and did not have to win anything – it was given to them on a silver platter and then their true colors came out. That is why things have turned around not because if editing. They turned a lot of people in America off by their stupid childish antics, their constant name calling and the negativity. They gloated when they had all the care packages and weren’t picked for HNs even kicked a person when they were down by saying America doesn’t like them or America is slapping them in their wrists. They ruined it for themselves and have no one to blame for it but themselves. Jason has spewed such mean things about everyone and has gotten away with it thus far. He talks about the BS parents – well I guess his must be so proud of him. If he was my son I’d being calling up CBS trying to have him yanked off the show for being such an embarrassment.


I agree that Jason has used some vile words. He’s said and done some petty, disgusting things. The worst thing I’ve seen so far this season, though, was the lawyer, Shelby, accusing Justin of sexual assault. She didn’t witness the incident. Morgan told her it wasn’t that big of a deal, and yet Shelby still put that out there on the internet! Shame on her as a woman and as a future lawyer.


Shelby is a conceited little brat who
thinks she’s better than everyone else. I know she won’t make it to the end, and I can’t wait to see her scrawny little stuck up butt evicted.


I am nominating Justin for HN because he has been floating back and forth between the two groups for quite sometime now. He has basically been the Andy aka the rat this season but he is much more likeable. He is also an intisgator.


I really cant wait to see the look on dani face when she realizes her HOH has been counterfeited

Keep game exciting

Please vote Jason for CP, I would prefer Danielle but don’t want to split the votes. If we give Shelby the CP and then nominate Kryssie
or Jason then of course the LNC player will go home and this game is going to get really boring and end up with the BS’s as final four – BORING!!! I would prefer to see the CP go to Jason and then American nom doesn’t matter or all 3 BS’s on the block and then it doesn’t matter who is given the CP. Either way I would like to see how the BS’s would react. Come on America let’s keep this exciting!!!


I wouldn’t vote Jason. Most of twitter is saying vote him for one of the upcoming ones.


Im so sick of the Plastics. I was excited to see a group of women working together. But nope. Plastics was upset Shane wanted Dani.and.not them.( congrats u got stipend.and a step child)
I pray Shelby, never works as a public defender…
Maybe I should jump on the bandwagon and vote to keep the creeper and his mean girl’s..

Haters gonna hate

you would make a perfect LNC member

Who's truth

haters gonna hate………..


Jason trying to play nice with the BS– then will turn around and shred them to pieces when he’s back with the LNC for being “boring”. Sure prefer to listen to decent conversation than the vile stuff from the LNC

What's good for the goose...

I really love this site but with all due respect, the updates here lately have seemed pretty one-sided, IMO. We hear about all the snarky comments that the LNC makes about the other side but the BSers seem to getting a pass. Alex and Witney do tend to take the high road… but Morgan, Scott, and especially Shelby spend plenty of time trash talking the LNC, yet there’s little or no mention of that. Doesn’t quite seem fair. Just sayin…..


Mean girls.. Pft. I don’t think so. The LNC has talked mad disgusting sh*t about them and went as far as putting their nasty body fluids on things. There is no comparison and this is the first time ever I have been all for a steamroll! Those ppl deserve it and I don’t think it would be boring at all with them gone. The girls are more educated, classy and have quirky personalities too. No they are not perfect and say things themselves but in NO way in comparison to what the others say so yeah it does make it easier to look over a snarky comment when the others want to punch them in the face etc. And I would love to see BS make it all to the end. Would be a huge accomplishment and they do make it fun to pull for them.

BS all the way

Its Jason turn to get nominated and evicted, he’s really low class. then Kryssie, Justin and Danille will start working with the girls and it will get interesting, the LNC had been together since the beginning and refused to let anyone else in thier click. That’s why Scott went to the other side. they didn’t want him.


I know imma get plenty of thumbs down but this is not big brother, with America voting a nominee and then voting people out it’s not the players playing. Basically you are winning competitions for nothing just so someone from your alliance could go home and you’re in the house with people that are not playing with you so you’re just really a Sitting Duck waiting to get evicted. This show would have been good if America didn’t have a say so but it’s basically a popularity contest of who America likes and doesn’t like, a perfect example is the third nominee buy America it doesn’t matter that the head of household nominated 2 people whoever America nominate we’ll go home. I can predict the final 3 will be the sisters and Scott or Shelby just by reading the comments, Neeley went home because she was with Jason side and because some of her comments but mostly because she is aligned with Jason’s side… The twist with Americas vote and nominee needs to go or this was and is a big waste, there is no backstabbing no secret alliances going on in the house and that is quite boring. So basically you just sit in the house keep quiet kiss America’s ass and you might be lucky to make it to final 3 because if not you just wasted 3 months if you make it that far for nothing


Get rid of America’s input not a true BB.THIS SITE IS THE WORSE!!

Let's keep this exciting

Vote Jason for CP!!! The game will be boring if America just targets LNC. I think the game would be much more exciting if America didn’t have the power to nominate anyone. I think voting for the have nots is a good idea and the care packages are ok but maybe too powerful. I think America voting the winner is a great idea.
Another point – I bet you almost every previous cast member would say one of the hardest parts of the game is knowing who you can really trust and the fact that you are truly alone in there. This has given the sisters an unfair advantage which ultimately transfers an unfair advantage to the BS’s. For example, if either Whitney or Shelby say anything about Morgan or Alex to either sister then the sisters can tell each other. Therefore, at this time the sisters know with certainty that Whitney and Shelby are committed to the alliance so in return the sisters are going to stick with their alliance which makes Whitney and Shelby probably have a sixth sense that their alliance is strong. On the other hand, the LNC do not have that same comfort level which makes it harder to trust completely and play the game as easily.


Shelby – Care package!
Have Nots – Kryssie, Justin & Whitney !
Americas Nom – Jason !


Shelby said in her live DR if we like her vote her a HN


Yes please vote Jason. Then you’ll split your votes. He won’t be the nom this week, no way. Creepy stalker Scott should be the nominee, and would be if you weren’t equally obsessed with alex yourself.


Jason says “they are not good at this game because they don’t know how to act around people going home.”

LOL!!!!!! That’s so rich coming from a man who thinks he’s not being given a fair portrayal – on a show that EVERYONE watching on All Access get to watch the whole thing unedited – and who also spills his rude and crude verbiage about anyone he doesn’t like. So stupid… but what could expect from someone who dresses up like a poor version Peewee Herman?