Ash thinks Kevin & JP’s alliance name was “The Jugglers” “That gives me goose bumps”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 13-03-00-242

4pm Storage room – Ashleigh says they’re going to be so pissed. Pili says you’re not even voting. You’ll be the tie breaker. No it will be 3 to 1. She has good points but Godfrey will take us further than Brittnee would. She put us up. I trust Zach over her. They head out of the storage room and go to the kitchen. Ash tells Zach – Sarah is campaigning hard. Zach says of course she would campaign hard. Pili says if we keep B she is not going to come after the girls and Godrey is all over the place. Zach says she can talk all she wants. Zach says She (Britt) put you (Pili), Kevin and Me .. they wanted to break up the couples. Zach says this is her 5th time on the block.

Out in the backyard – Bruno asks has B asked you anything yet? Pili says no just Sarah. Godfrey says she will do all the BS talking. Bruno says she is going to talk, and talk, and talk. She is going to be attached to you all week. Pili says I know. Its just hard to hear different stories from everyone. Bruno says that’s what her trick is. Godfrey says she used to hangout with me all the time and now she won’t because I’m on the block because she has no reason to talk to me.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 13-18-06-701

4:30pm Backyard – Zach talks to Ashleigh. She says that she’s just stressed. I was the driving force in getting B up. I just don’t like awkward situations. Zach says she knows the only way to get rid of me or you is to put us up together. If she put me beside Bruno, you guys would keep me. They’re just totally discounting your relationships. She thinks you’re going to square off but you don’t have to. Ash says she sells her move. Zach says Well Sarah you’re not going to get your way this week. Ash says she was saying that she would put up you and Bruno .. if the veto was used she would put up me or Pili but that we would still have the numbers. Zach says as much as I want to get Godfrey right now .. it just doesn’t make sense because they they would come after us. Bruno joins them. Zach says she is just relentless .. she won’t stop. Its going to be a long 3 days. Zach tells Ash ..there are only 3 more HOH’s and only 2 of them matter because the last one its the POV that matters.


5pm Hot tub – Sarah talking with Ashleigh again. Sarah says I would have gone home for sure this week eh?! Ash says Godfrey has been my target… Sarah says Godfrey wouldn’t have voted for Pili unless I had told him to. Sarah says I am just glad I won something because if I go next week at least I won something. Brittnee joins them. Sarah talks about how she saw JP and Kevin make a symbol to each other (The Fortress symbol) and it wasn’t the chop. The Kevin tried to send JP those juggling sticks (see photo below) but that Big Brother wouldn’t let him give them to Sindy to give to JP. Ashleigh says “The Jugglers” That gives me goose bumps. Maybe that was their name.

5:25pm Hot tub – Zach, Bruno, Brittnee and Ashleigh are hanging out in the hot tub room. Meanwhile in the backyard – Sarah is talking to Pili about how Brittnee is stressed out. Sarah says that Britt asked Ash if she was still the pawn and Ash says she didn’t know where people were at. Pili says I wish Kevin was still here so I could just talk to him. Don’t know what to do, don’t know what to think! Sarah says just go with your heart, go with your gut. Its just a game. Sarah says I know on Wednesday I’m going up and I’ll be going home. Pili says you don’t know that for sure.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 14-25-06-953

5:50pm – 6pm Hot tub – Zach, Bruno and Ash talk about Sarah campaigning. Bruno asks Ash do you think Pili will budge at all? Ash says no. Bruno says you think about it Brittnee sent home Graig, Willow and Kevin … she almost sent you (Zach) home. She’s the giant slayer. Zach says I am going to bust my nuts trying to win this next HOH. Bruno says we’re both going to go ham for it. He tells Ash they’ll keep her safe. Ash heads inside. Zach & Bruno fist bump on finishing out the season winning back to back HOH’s.. Zach talks about how its like a tug of war with Ash and Pili in the center and I have to keep reeling them back in. Pili’s the one that wants to believe everyone.

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Is anyone else nervous that theres a small chance zach won’t go to jury this week? Would Sarah/B think its better to take out Bruno over Zach this week? I really hope not…


It kind of sounded like that in a few conversations today, and yuup… it makes me feel nervous : /

Shane S.,

They both did things during the triple eviction I never would’ve believed, so yes, I think there’s a chance they could botch this too and again let three diapers remain in the house – four diapers if you consider the way Bruno has hilariously inserted himself into the group.

But you’ve gotta think things are a lot clearer to them now. Zach is obviously the glue binding Bruno (and kinda God) to Pili and Ash. Remove Zach and you’ve got a much better chance of working w/ the ladies…. or you’ll at least have more options.


The conversation tonight confirms for me the girls don’t have the power yet. DR may have hinted something may be coming but they don’t know they get to replace any noms let alone both.

The reason they are saying the things they are about not putting up Zach/Bruno together is b/c they are worried about the numbers and they are trying to figure out long term who to take out first. They are saying IDEALLY they would want to put up Zach/Bruno but fear the fall back.

This GUARANTEES they don’t know what the power is b/c once they learn believe me you’ll see a sparkle in their eye. The other reason I feel this to be true is they still want to work with Godfrey. I’d bet money S/B’s perfect world would be take out Zach with the SP then target Bruno and then they’ll break up Ash/Pils with I think Sarah leaning to keeping Pilee (as will Godfrey) and Britt will lean toward Ash (b/c Pils is still mad at her about Kevin)




Which is why they need to get rid of Zach this week… Pilar has had a long lasting alliance with Ashleigh so far, but she has now beginning to think of how she is gonna win and she wants to get rid of the guys because she believes she has more chance of winning against the girls (which is true competition wise)…unfortunately, her and Ashleigh are not playing the same game..Pilar is playing for hersellf whereas Ashleigh is playing into Zach’s hands and she is starting to realize.. .if Pilar is smart when the power is used, she should vote off Zach to cut Ashleigh’s tie with Zach…she could use the excuse that she knew everyone was voting off Zach…that way, she has no where to run but to her…that would be the best for her…Sarah also needs to tell her that Zach voted against her and for Willow… Who do theyvthink threw those votes for Willow since they know Sarah screwed up…???…that would solidify a new alliance of some sort..or if Ashleigh gets really mad afterwards… Maybe its time to cut her off entirely… Whatever she does, it is nice to see she’s finally thinking for herself…sorry I think I rambled….


It’s called an alliance.


I love it that Seagull is kickin’ Zach and Ashleighs useless asses in the poll….is that not very telling….Canada literally prefers a filthy-garbage-eating scavenger to Zach and Ashleigh! Its hilarious!


Don’t insult the seagull like that! The seagull demands respect.


Ya, Seagull is a reality TV celebrity now!
Simon & Dawg should poll a few of their favorite name choices for Seagull and we can vote! : D


This is driving me crazy. Does Sarah or Britt know about the power for sure? If Brit has it why isnt she talking to us about what her plans are?

here at home

I think they know they will compete for a special power but haven’t been told what it is yet. Neither has won it. If true, maybe the competition will be Wednesday in the wee wee hours.

Kenneth Chow

Wasnt there reports saying Sarah has it since she was playing with the cameras and telling them how she might not even use the veto??


My guess (unless they are amazing actresses) is that they just know Canada voted them for the have not… At first they were crushed and moped…then they decided to have a better attitude about it. I’m sure they don’t know anything further. My guess is they will find out Tuesday or even Wednesday – maybe even before the live eviction?!? I just hope they have time to think things through and make a smart decision… Only way Zach goes home this week is if Zach is nominated against Bruno… (then they can build trust with Godfrey saying that we saved you from going home, blah blah…). If it’s Godfrey vs Zach I have a feeling that Bruno will vote out Godfrey!


Sarah and B know that Canada voted for them to be HN’s so they will be competing for a secret power but I don’t think they know what the power is….so yes it is good acting


Omg please bb , send that arrogance to jury!


Sure didn’t take Ash long to run to Zach and update him on the chats with Sarah eh. Wonder how many minutes it was after her saying it was time in the game to not share all conversations. Ughhh that girl is so out hanging with the faeries.


Pili, you are a grown woman, you don’t need Kevin here to spoon feed you whatever he wants done. Make your own decisions.


I don’t want a sexism debate but seriously though, if Pili, sarah, brit, & Ash could join together and gun after all the guys, it would be wonderful… sorry God. Was there ever an all girls f4? I feel they are all very capable. Good Luck gals! Bring on the Thumbs Down!




all i have to say is this. Sarah and Britt are going to come out of this game feeling proud. No matter the outcome i would never want to have been Ash and Pili in this game. Even if they beat Sarah and Brittnee they had NO individual game. No clue why they were there. No respect from me sorry.


if only pili had no one in this game
she’s logical, but everyone else just shuts her down


As soon as Pili and Ash realize that what Sarah/Britt got was a power (so in other words Canada loves them) and then they hear the audience cheer for the renoms and Zach’s eviction they’ll get with the program.

A few well placed words by Sarah saying I’m sorry we took out your showmances, but don’t worry we did you a favor and now they are a jury vote for you. They’ll be mad at us not you. AND you’ll be together after the show. You don’t want to be the Neda to Zach’s or Kevin’s John this season right? (nudge, nudge, threw up in my mouth, wink wink).

All she has to say is Canada probably didn’t like Zach b/c he was lying about the boys alliance and it’s not that he doesn’t care for you. Plus remember no girl has ever won sitting beside a man in BB.

Then continue on with now you have a chance to show Canada just how strong you are and that YOU ARE making your own decisions. Rah, Rah motivation dribble.

Seriously though I see others are feeling how I am (as I posted a day or so ago) about Pils. She is a sweet girl and does have a very good read on people. Plus I actually think Kevin does like her based on how much more affectionate he was toward her than Zach ever is with Ash. Zach reminds me of the typical high school or university jock who wants the girl until he gets her and then he moves on. He doesn’t even seem remotely interested in her.

If after Ash hears the audience reaction and she still wants to work with God/Bruno then she deserves to be booted AND BOOED for making the viewers have to watch her idiocy all season.

Personally I doubt any of them will get boo’s I think Bruno has lots of fans (though some won’t appreciate the fight & his Sarah hate) and will get lots of cheers and I don’t think they’ll boo Zach either BUT I don’t think Zach will get a loud cheer either. .


Actually Jillian beat Gary in BBCan season 1, although he should have won.


The girls (mainly Ash and Pilar) need to wake up and remember how BBCAN2 ended… Jon steam rolled through the final challenges because he was such a beast and they didn’t have a chance at all… (Don’t get me wrong…I love John and thought he was deserving). Plus…if Ashleigh thinks she’s getting a final 2 spot with Zach…she should also remember that Jon cut Neda at the end! So if Pilar is an option to take…I can see him doing that! I thought Ash was smarter than Pilar but Pilar has her brain on the right track! Honestly, I don’t see ANY F2 options where Ash would win vs anyone left (maybe Pilar but I think the jury sees more game coming from P). Guess she’s just playing for second place and she’s banking that Zach or Pilar will take her… Ugh! She’s soooo stupid!

another name

lemonade for sarah and / or britt hating commenters:
whichever doesn’t get the power got to be have not, got to think Canada hated them, and got nothing to show for it for themselves.
gee a have not that thinks the majority of viewers hates them for the better part of a day. some great reward.

another name

sarcasm. but in a way it’s true.


Ash is not dumb she is trying to set up perfectly because if she keeps zach she will have to beat him in the final hoh and if she lose to zach will carry her to second place. In bb you need to win the final hoh to earn the win. Its a win-win situation for ash anyways. If she carry anyone else to final 3 besides zach she will not appear in final 2 most likely pili.

Don't care

Zach ” Well Sarah you’re not going to get your way this week”……

Little do you know Captain Canada! I can’t wait to see that dumb look on his face! It will be so sweet for him to go on Ashleighs HOH!


Please don’t call Zach Cap Canada – it’s embarrassing for us – we were wrong to think he earned that.

another name

delay on global. 3 way tie in golf. playing 2 or 3 more holes to decide winner.
2-3 holes is a 40 minute delay approx.


Thank you, I was wondering how much longer it would be.

another name

your welcome. hope they weren’t doing aggregate score but play off score. wouldn’t know. thunderstorm knocked out power here for four hours. missed the episode. 🙁


Who would win with pili and ashleigh in final 2?

what about

god v ash. one spent 4 weeks asleep. one spent 4 weeks in a bubblebath.


Hmmm… I’d guess it’d either be Pili or Ash. ; )

River de Nial

Godfrey is such a suck up to the Zach crew. Saying Sarah never talks to him anymore now that he’s on the block. No, she didn’t talk to you because you run to Bruno and tell him everything. Whatever happened to your famous speech? I’ll bet he ran to Zach later and apologized saying production made him do it. I know Godfrey is trying to save himself, but he is definitely all over the place as Sarah pointed out to Ashleigh. He had told Brit and Sarah a couple of days ago he trusted them more than anyone else, but he is really throwing them under the bus to an extreme. Didn’t Brit save him from going on the block instead of Pili during the triple eviction?. I used to like Godfrey, but no more. He’s looking more like RatAndy.