Sarah “If he manages to pull this off and stays there’s no way I wouldn’t vote for him”

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-17 10-53-24-769

1:35pm Living room – Pili, Zach, Ashleigh and Sarah are laying around talking about random things. It a really lazy, quiet day in the Big Brother Canada 3 house as most of the house guests are hung over. Sarah heads out to the hot tub room to smoke. Sarah says Brittnee please win on Wednesday. Na, Godfrey should win it. No, I don’t trust Godfrey. If Brittnee wins another one I don’t know who I would have a chance against. Brittnee comes out to the hot tub room. Sarah says it was the best that we got out Bruno because it freed up Godfrey. If Zach went it would have just been Bruno replacing him. Hopefully Zach goes this week. Sarah says I didn’t want that move to pay off .. using the veto on Zach. Every part of my being wanted that move to be a bad move. Ash should have gone. Brittnee says I was offened by his demeanor towards you. He was just getting too stressed out and flying off the handle. You can’t work with someone like that and we tried. We needed to figure out where their loyalties lie and now we know theres no way we would work with them (Ash & Pili). Sarah says I would almost think its better for Godfrey to win HOH as long as he put up Ash and Pili. Brittnee says I hope God sees that its more beneficial to keep us for his game. Sarah says I really hope that if you vote someone out .. like you can’t not vote for someone because of that. Brittnee says we should be so proud of how far we’ve come. I am not going to be bitter. If I go, not that I want to but I would be proud of you and want you to hold the torch for us. Sarah says we need Zach to go. We need Godfrey to tell him and stop playing this game. Sarah veto ceremony speech “I’m sticking with the target I had night 1! You’re just that good!”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-17 10-52-44-727
1:50pm In the kitchen – Pili comments on how comfortable Zach is and says I could very well be going home. Ash says it shows that she (Sarah) doesn’t trust us and that scares me. Pili says she said its because we could change our minds last minute. I trust you and I know you wouldn’t vote me out but .. I don’t know. I know you’ve said you wanted to keep me over him but actions speak louder than words. Ash says I know .. the only thing is Sarah, B and God wouldn’t take me to the final 2. Pili says whoever (Pili or Zach) stays it will be the same deal .. we will both take you. Ash says I know. Pili says if I go up will you tell me if you’re going to vote me out. Ash says I will but I’m not going to (vote you out). Pili heads outside. Ash talks to Zach about Pili not wanting to go up. Zach says she better not. I’m going to have a damn good case against her. She is hyping my game up. Those two are running this game. Ash says with the help of some powers. Zach after I go Pili will sit back and never be a target. If I don’t go you won’t be a target. Ash says the girls tell me they’re going after Godfrey and Godfrey says he’s going after B and Sarah. Zach says they’re putting Pili up to force the vote because its better for their game. If I stay I am going to win comps for you guys and not target you. Pili is not going to win competitions for you. Ash says she would hate me… I would look like such a chump. (voting out Pili) Zach says its final 6 in the game you have to make moves. The value she adds to your game is zippo! She will go farther than you if she stays. Zach says you and Godfrey’s probability of sitting in the final 3 is better with me in the game. The girls are very afraid of me because I am coming after them. Bottom line!
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-17 11-19-04-299

2pm Hot tub – Pili joins Sarah and Brittnee out in the hot tub room. Sarah asks Pili if she’s worried. Pili says yeah. Sarah says but you said you wouldn’t be worried even if God was up there. Pili says yeah but lately she’s been worrying me. She is telling me she obviously she won’t vote me out but some times emotions get in the way. Sarah says she has an emotional connection with you too. Pili says I overheard a conversation that Godfrey is going to vote me out. Sarah asks why? Pili says because he wants to work with Zach ..I don’t know. Brittnee says my vote is going towards Zach just so you know. Pili says Zach and Godfrey are really tight right now. Sarah says I don’t know he’s been gunning after Zach since week 4. If he votes out Zach he is sitting pretty in the middle at least thats what he thinks. Sarah tells Pili sorry but I’ve already told Godfrey he’s not going up and it would be a big game move for you if you flipped and kept Zach. Sarah says God will say whatever he has to to Zach but at the end of the day he will vote him out. Sarah says if he manages to pull this and stays there is no way I wouldn’t vote for him.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-17 11-34-19-060

2:25pm – 2:40pm Kitchen – Zach makes his plea to Godfrey and Ashleigh. He tells Godfrey that they (Sarah & Britt) are telling you that Ash is the target next week and they are telling Ash you’re the target. Next week there are 5 of us and there will be 3 of us fighting to take them out and we can split them up. Canada voted them a secret power … the other night I saw Brittnee come out of the diary room and 15 minutes later I saw Sarah come out. They’re doing double DR’s together. Zach says what have I done in this game.. I’ve won 1 HOH and sent home my biggest ally in the game. Kick it around and think about it. Pili isn’t going to be a big target over you two and she won’t win comps for you. They’re going to take her over you two. Godfrey says I will definitely think about it. Zach says your games are more protected with me in this game. Next week you can sit back and laugh. Godfrey says everything you’ve said is a really rational argument. Zach says Sarah is the mastermind and Brittnee has gotten 4 huge players out of the game.

Living room – Britt tells Pili I am thinking Ash should not use that veto. That way she doesn’t have to make a decision. Well either way she is making a decision. Pili says what if people vote the other way. Britt says I would rather get rid of him than her. Pili heads upstairs with Ash and tells her the conversation she had with Sarah about going up as the replacement. Ash tells Pili I feel at this point everyone would take you. Pili asks why what has Godfrey done. Ash I feel people would pick you over me. Ash says she is so stupid… I take that back she is actually freakishly smart. Pili says Zach is very smart I am probably going home. Ash says no at the end of the day I will vote to keep you.

2:50pm By the pool – Godfrey tells Sarah I am obviously voting out Zach. He would still get respect for not doing anything and still being able to stay. Sarah says I can’t believe its even a question … Pili vs Zach!? Actually its good she’s sweating. Brittnee says if he survives this week he is actually the best big brother player me. Godfrey says I am way more scared of people like Pili and Ash than Zach because they are the people that ride it out to the end.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-17 11-52-51-526

3:15pm – 3:50pm Kitchen – Ash tells Sarah that Godfrey was telling me that if Zach goes he and I would be the next big target. Sarah says well, I don’t think Pili would do that to you. He would be the next target but then it comes down to who wins the veto. Sarah says you know I can’t talk about it but its going to come to the point where I will need to make a decision too. (Getting Brittnee out) Ash and Pili head up to the main bedroom. Ash lays with Zach. Zach gets called to the diary room. Ash asks Pili who would you want to go first Sarah or Brittnee. Pili says Brittnee. Ash tells Pili “I won’t send you out.” Pili says I know it sucks to be in this position. Ash says “I know it sucks but I won’t do it. Just win the HOH missy” Ash asks what her goodbye message was to Kevin. Pili asks are you thinking of yours (to Zach). Ash nods and laughs.

4pm By the pool. Sarah tells Godfrey to tell her whatever you want to tell her. Godfrey tells Sarah and Brittnee he is going to tell Ashleigh that he is going to vote Pili out (Even though he will really vote out Zach) just so hopefully Ash votes out Pili and she (Pili) will see that and they’ll lose trust in each other.

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I really hope Zach stays this week otherwise the rest of the feeds will be so boring.


The last two weeks are always a bore, no matter who is in the house.
BB needs to change up their scheduling and condense the last two weeks into one week.


Zach is actually making sense. Three weeks ago, Sarah and Brittnee would have been great to take to the final 2, but after all the moves they have made that is no longer the case. Zach has done about as much as Pili and Ashleigh, only difference is he’s been able to manipulate both of them.

I know I’ll get thumbs down because people dislike Zach, but Godfrey and Ashleigh keeping Zach might be best for their game at this point because I don’t think anyone is beating Brittnee or Sarah in a final 2.


I don’t get all the thumbs downs. I hate Zach as much as anybody but Godfrey would be wise to think over what Zach said. Even if Brit wins HOH next week and Ash/Pili are nominated, one of them can win POV and Godfrey is forced to go up on the block. From there Sarah can easily decide to get rid of the last remaining big target in house (Godfrey).
It’s safer FOR GODFREY to keep Zach as an insurance policy. It would make NO SENSE for Zach to go after Godfrey when Sarah and Brit are breathing down his back while it would make total sense for Sarah and brit to cut Godfrey next week.


With six people left in the house, Godfrey knows that one of the strong pairs need to be separated this week. Brittnee & Sarah are safe this week, so the best move would be to break up that Ashleigh/Zach alliance before it’s too late. Ashleigh WILL take Zach to the final 2, but I don’t think she would need much convincing to cut Pili loose.

Zach Friend

Zach is playing like no other player before. I know Zach and the guy is a mastermind at home as he is on the show. I don’t even think Derrick played a more complete game than Zach.

Sit back haters and watch the Zach Attack take over.

Haters gonna Hate, Players gonna play.

Also, Zach has more girlfriends than anyone of you have ever had. Don’t be jealous, be appreciative. He is Canadian and all ours.


He’s all yours. I want no part of him, thanks.


Your delusion is really funny 😉


Yeah, they’re all Canadian, champ.


yep big mastermind… he had his head and chest so puffed up and out that he sent home his best allied … and as for looks , beauty is in the eye of the beholder… great if you like a big squared off nose, protruding forehead , sunken eyes. …. not being mean just an observation ..


It’s easy to criticize when you don’t have to worry about people cutting up your appearance. I’m going to assume you aren’t a supermodel yourself.


You my friend are a dumbass


Yeah Zac is so smart he voted out his closest alli.


Zack has been clueless to what has been going on outside his inner circle. He has made really bad strategic decisions, and is only still there through luck at this point.
He’s supposed to be this star quarterback? He has only won one hoh and pov this whole game. I like the way he talks about cheating in the comps. What great sportsmanship.. Great way to represent his community. Then you mention all the women. Just goes to show he has zero respect for women in general as I have suspected from his actions and words in the house. Yep real winner of a guy Canada… you should be proud. Not!
My idea of a good player has loyalty, and a sound strategy.
Zacks idea of playing is to cheat and use people then toss them aside.
It’s a sad way to play.


Bravo for speaking the truth. Don’t let these jealous losers discourage you.


Thanks but give me a quick second while i hit the *Thumbs Down* button!

another name

it’s great of you to be supportive of your friend.
I may not agree with your assessment, but I commend you for writing on his behalf .
i’m sure he is appreciative of your support.


I come here daily because I love what Simon and Dawg do and the interaction with other fans regardless of their preferences. And perhaps it’s just because we are “in it” , but it feels like this season there has been a lot more negativity: towards players and even among the posters.

To that end, many posters have been commenting on preferential treatment with production creating special twists just to help certain players. I find this really head scratching since the only time powers or twists have been brought into the game this season was following Kevin’s HOH and Bruno’s special offer at a double veto. I figured some people just might not be aware that this season is almost identical to last season in terms of the twists. To wit, here is list comparing the last two seasons:

Last Year (LY) This Year (TY)

Week One:
LY: 3 people enter the war room to compete for entry into the house voted on by Canada
TY: Canada votes on who leaves first (Risha leaves)

Week Two: LY/TY – Nothing

Week Three:
LY: Canada votes Alison into the house and Buzzworthy task giving Adel a special power (to remove someone from playing POV or add himself to POV comp)
TY: Kevin as HOH has to nominate immediately for instant eviction

Week Four:
LY: Ika wins task
TY: Bruno offered special double veto opportunity (Canada votes for double veto removal offer which Bruno declines)

Week Five:
LY: Canada’s HOH & Backyard Campout
TY: First 4 evictees compete to return w/Sindy winning & Road Trip (task in car)

Week Six:
LY: Secret Veto (Alison finds)
TY: Bobby/Sindy in vault offered $10k to leave (since neither accept it’s like why triple evict occurs following week to get back on schedule, but was likely originally a double evict)

Week Seven:
LY: Double Eviction
TY: Triple Eviction

Week Eight:
LY: Neda as HOH taken to war room to observe house & returns for instant eviction (with 6 people in house they are handcuffed together for a dinner party & copious drinking)
TY: Special Power in Have Not Room/Vault

Week Nine:
LY: Neda via POV win gets to talk game with Emmett/Jillian
TY: with 6 people remaining they perform the rap & are given a Margarita Party

So as you can see the powers, double evictions and tasks have been relatively identical. The only difference is since more players begin season 3 (with one returning) the triple eviction was necessary and the upcoming double eviction to align for the final 2 weeks of the season.

Hope this helps clarify for those of you wondering about the comments posted regarding more powers this season. As you can see it’s simply not true.


How about the havenot twist Sarah and Britnee were given? In my opinion, that twist was way too powerful. It completely disregarded Ash’s HOH and gave all the power to the people on the chopping block this week who were coincidently the fan fav’s.


How can you argue the timing is almost identical to last season?

Did Jon, Neda and Heather benefit from Canada’s vote to put up Andrew and Sabrina (yes)
Did Bruno benefit from the double veto which could have been used had he so chosen (yes)
Did Adel benefit by receiving the special veto play exception (yes)
Has production allowed the guys to cheat much of the season (unlike Emmett/Jillian in season 1) (yes)

Do Sarah, Britt & Godfrey lead the polls on Big Brother Online, Jokers Updates & pretty well every poll there is to be taken (yes).

Now I listed quite a few people there, surely there is one or two you liked. I’m assuming your bias is based on your dislike for a certain player and I get it. It sucks when the player(s) you’ve attached yourself to doesn’t appear to be benefiting from voted items.

Last season on BB16 I was a big Nicole fan who would likely have been a part of America’s Team had the vote occurred 1 week later. I didn’t like that Frankie (specifically) & Derrick were on AT, but there was no denying they tried to make it work for America or that Frankie was a comp beast & Derrick was a master manipulator. They made the most of their benefits and good for them. Just because they weren’t my favorites doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate their game.

Bottom line: the reality is the timing of special rewards and voted items occur at similar times every season and usually the underdogs or people willing to play as opposed to float will gain those powers. I just don’t get how when logic and facts are presented some people can still ignore them. Nor do I get how a TV game show with people we don’t even know on it can elicit such vitriol. At the end of the day they are playing a game over 10 weeks for $100k and goodies, and most (even the enemies) will be friends afterward.


You think it’s a coincidence that fans voted for their favourites to receive a special power?


Just curious how 4 people could down vote facts?


1) Blissful inability to face the truth
2) Living in a rose coloured world
3) “Say it and it becomes your reality”
4) Wishful thinking.

Have I missed any?


Look at week eight and tell me what the difference is? One person EARNED a power that all had the chance to play for, there other two got a gift that only two allies got to compete for. Also the power this year was far superior to Neda’s power.


Neda got to instant evict anyone she wanted… questions asked. Brit could only choose noms and vote. Plus hoh and pov holder was safe. I really want to know who you want to win this season Sarahcrybaby? Obviously not sarah, but who in your opinion is the most deserving?


This year there has been a lot of money given to winning HG’s during challenges,tasks, HOH and POV comps. So it is interesting that with the substantial increase in winnings the other HG’s don’t seem to hold it against the winners…except when there has been outside help given to the winners (Bruno’s HOH, and Zach’s T-shirt win).


I think if pili go’s up shes going home. If Zach has 4 days to hammer him staying into ash he will provale. So this week would be a wash. I just don’t know if Ash and God would vote out Zach. I thought we was going ealier but after reading these posts he’s really going hard on Ash for him to stay and I think it will work. So what a waste of a week to get out a week player. Good move Sarah, NOT!!!!!!!!!

SUni je

she had to try to get Zack out if not she’ll loose her HOH and if Zack is staying is gonna win so yes it’s a good move for Sarah to try to get Zachary out with all her heart


NO I didn’t mean Zach as my weak player I meant pili. I think its going to backfire on her and Zach will stay. So pili going home is the weak player.


Hey Simon & Dawg, just made a donation to your site (not a huge amount thx to the weak Can$ once converted to US$ I’m afraid but hopefully helps show my gratitude). You’re my absolute go-to source for BB news, especially this season as it’s like the Global BBCan TV edit vs reading your site is like a parallel universe.
I really appreciate the endless 24/7 work you guys do – you do an AMAZING job!! Keep up the good work!!

PS Seagull FTW BBCan3 – he’s done a flawless job flying behind the scenes, off everyone’s radar, and he ruffled no ones feathers…….


@ the 1:31 mark in the second video (where Ashleigh & Pili are talking about the noms), did Pili lick a spoon and then use that SAME spoon to scoop peanut butter from a container that all the other houseguests eat from?


She has done it with the Nutella too.


How many people were in the hot tub at the time? Did anyone object to her peeing in the hot tub? Did she have a leg cramp? I ask, because that would be the only acceptable reason for not getting up and walking to the washroom to empty her bladder. Oh wait…was this after their intense night of drinking?


I didn’t see the clip, so thank you Dawg for clearing that up for me.

another name

I thought she was kidding. but you’re right. she wasn’t.
I think she’s taking her rachelle impersonation from bbtv too far. She’s taken off the hotdog costume, but have they told her that task is over?


Pili germs


Has it become a bbcan tradition to pee in the hottub?! Rashel peed last season now pilar this season all I can say to that is, ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! So NASTY ….I have a hypothis ,the dumber the bb player the higher the odds of them peeing in the hot tub


Only a matter of time before Sarah tells Godfrey that Pilar came to her saying she isn’t sure about Ash and that she overheard him offering Zach his vote.

The Godfather & the Fembots will see through this plan by the diapers. As someone pointed out earlier Sarah’s response to Pili was to shut down putting Godfrey on the block immediately and tell her you need to talk to Ash b/c she won’t vote you out.

Though I don’t buy Godfrey being dumb enough to keep Zach (given he is responsible for the 3 times Godfrey sat on the block) when he hears the Diapers are trying a dual strategy to save Zach it might even work to put distance between God and the goblins.

Can’t blame Zach for trying whatever he can to stay. Heck many people got mad at Sarah for doing the same to save Britt and Bruno for doing the same thing to save Bobby, it’s called.. playing the game. The problem is the goblins have been shielded so long they just don’t have the faculties necessary to catch up in a couple of days to what Bruno, Zach, Kevin, Sarah, Britt and Godfrey have been doing for close to 60 days.

Still I get Ash’s motivation as she thinks Zach, Pils, God and Sarah will take her to F2 (or she did prior to winning the POV so handily). As for Pilar I actually feel for her because she knows everything the diapers are doing is of sole benefit to Zach and she knows getting him out is best.

Every time I watch a convo between the 2 girls I see her anguish that Ash really is into Zach first and foremost and seems unconcerned that Pils could leave or that she could be hurting her own game by just trying to help him stay with all these antics.

It’s unfortunate Bruno chose to save Zach over Kevin (granted he did have a better relationship with Zach) b/c I would far rather have seen what Kevin would have done in the game with Pils/Ash than this style of coercing 2 girls to become road kill to further yourself. Hey, it’s a strategy, but for such a physical guy the fact he was trounced by (if I’m hearing the numbers right) at least 3 of the girls in a POV suited to speed and intellect to save himself makes me question his prowess.

And watching how mean Ash has gotten with Pils lately is excruciating to watch. She even gets annoyed with her every time Pils offers a rational argument. It feels like Ash thinks Pils is there just to help her win. SMH


Oh gotta love Britt and Sarah.. with Britt doing exactly what most of us thought (seeing through the bad acting of the diapers) tells Pils well if you’re worried tell Ash not to use the veto we’ll keep her. ROFLOL


Why is Pili even wasting her breath talking to Ashleigh? Brittnee has assured her that she will be voting Zach out. Pili should work on getting Godfrey’s vote to stay in the game. She should remind Godfrey that (1) HOH and veto competitions will be easier to win if Zach isn’t competing and (2) Zach has a lot of friends on the jury.


I cannot believe that some of these targets are still talking about having targets?! That is insane! There are six people left in the house, so everyone should be your target. At this point, it all comes down to who wins the hoh and veto competition. They should be thinking about who they can beat in the next HOH and veto, not who is the bigger target. Make it to the final 2, AND THEN figure out what you will tell the jury to compel them to give you the grand prize.

I am pretty confident Zach will be the next person to head to jury. Godfrey knows that he has a better chance of winning the next HOH and veto if Zach is not competing. That is why I believe he will vote Zach out this week. Also, I’m glad Pili is trying to guilt the heck out of Ashleigh. You can tell the pressure is getting to Ashleigh, and it is about time. She has been way too comfortable in the game for way too long. In a perfect world, Brittnee & Godfrey would vote to keep Pili and Ashleigh (thinking Godfrey is voting to keep Zach), would vote Pili out. Pili would of course remain in the house, and maybe we could actually see a Brittnee, Sarah, Godfrey and Pili in the final four.


Pili has basically given Ash to vote to keep Zach while she tells her she would like her to keep her…Pili would understand. Pili does not believe Ash would choose her over Zach.
Since the POV ceremony, Godfrey has confirmed to Pili he and Britt are keeping her.

Moronita Pilar

I feel sorry for Pilar. It’s always hard when you realize your “best friend” is not really your true friend when is matters…

Assleigh is a complete embarrassment for all women. It’s everything that women in the 21st century shoule be ashamed of.

GO GOD! GO B! Go Sarah!


Oh shut your mouth. You following everything Sarah says like sheeple makes you the pathetic one. Your lack of independent thought and just following what you think you should to make you a “strong” woman is what women should be ashamed of.


Zach is so full of sh#t…..if he makes it to the end he will win against anyone!!!Ashleigh is looking and him sideways too like she knows he’s full of it.

ya right

How? All he has to tell the jury is that his biggest move was to have the biggest failure of an hoh in BBC history ( move over Ika ), and he holds the record for most eye blinks in the DR.


it doesn’t make who stays or goes the person who is left (except britt and maybe god) are all coming after sarah because she made the big plays of the whole season.


diapers have spent little time trying to forge relationships with others due to their holding power so often. now they are trying and the ones they isolated and shunned all season are not interested……and this surprises them lol

the only one who has at least made an effort in spite of the other diapers tring to keep her away is pili….which is why the 3 have no problem preferring to keep her.all they need is zach gone and pili is workable right now he continues to order ash to tell her what to her and keep blocking sbg access to pili


Random stuff…
Ash voting for Zack to stay thus voting for Pili is not wrong. The pile of chit dumped on this thread is epic. Sorry folks she is in the game you are not. Since she and Zack got together do you really think her 1st allegence has been to Pili grow the F up. I know in the troll world cutting your snuggle buddy loose is fine. Trolls believe in disposable people unless it is lil Sarah at risk. It’s tough having to choose b/c I think she really does consider Pili a friend. All the B S speak in this thread is about what’s best for Sarah/B not what’s best for Pili or Ash. Only what benefits the troll favourites. Either wins the next HOH these douches(including GOD) will be so far up the diapers aZZes they’ll be like wearing them for a hat.
Pili gets to the end if she gets carried. Ash not getting there unless she wins out. It’s the same without Zack whether they go Girl power or GOD.
A quick observation for the dilusional. Apparently Ash’s POV was a comp based on Son’s of Anarchy TV series. Strange comp to say the least. Or was it another Production fix designed to create drama? I pick behind door number 2 Monty! These HG’s all fill out extensive questionares including favourite movies and shows. Ash might be a huge fan go figure lol.

What’s all this foolish talk about with these genius HG’s? GOD and Sarah talking about splitting Pili and Ash. 1st it’s just nasty for GOD to try to play on folks friendship and emotions. The sooner that garbage goes the better. There are 5 left after Zack can you ever conceive Pili cutting Ash loose for cry babies your nuts. GOD and Sarah are idiots. Pili HOH she isn’t nominating Ash. Trolls here are fools. So F5 Ash goes up and out only if POV off the block removes someone on a Pili HOH. example.. Sarah win’s POV removes B GOD still up renom cannot be either of those 2 so Ash goes up and voted out. That’s your F5 scenario. Nothing gained by trying to split them but it shows a vial nasty side to GOD I find disgusting and the way he smiles and laughs about it disgusting. At this point he’s pure garbage nothing more crawl back under a rock you snake.
B wins F5 both diapers will either be targets or pawns for getting GOD out. B makes the call Ash to jury without POV. F4 down just win or go home basically. This is where Pili has the F2 shot as best to sit beside. Should mention GOD may get Pili out just to be F3 with Sarah and B. Hoping both would take him over the other versus keeping Pili and not getting to F2.

All this chatter about “imaginary penguins” has made me cranky! It’s a simple week let it happen. Between production and the forum you making a mountain out of a mole hill.
1) GOD evicts Zack
2) B evicts Zack
3) Ash evicts…. It does not Fing matter!
Ash/Pili have each other and slight possibility “Girl Power” happens on a B HOH. Garb and the Goblins would take stones I don’t think he has them. SBG if a GOD HOH. Man would the trolls be pee d off if Sarah went out 5th before Ash/Pili. The order 3 leave doesn’t matter. No ones been counting jury votes. To this point B deserves the dough but hardly a perfect season. I think the best players left early including a couple before jury. Canada having a vote or 3 HG’s in the finale would both suck. Canada’s vote might cost her 75K and a Brick shopping spree to bad.


Stan perhaps Godfrey is trying to set up a situation where if Pili wins HOH there is potential to affect Pili’s re-noms.


What a do what a do!

This foolishness is not worth watching. Zack is going no ifs ands or butts! Sadly I’m beginning to see GOD is captain douche. Start playing with peoples emotions I get BB fan cranky. Add to it I see no end strategy accept run to the HOH basically his whole season he’s been pretty useless. Right now I’d be very happy to see him go F5 as he is earning nothing and a girls F4 even if douche bag Sarah wins, I think I can accept that but GOD is manipulative in a very nasty way and cares not about the consequences. Basically I see him as a narcissist with no concense.

Asshley is a lil girl

I can only imagine what her parents think. She might as well be Zac’s lap dog…she’ll do anything because he brought us here hahaha


I can only imagine what your parents think when you misspell a name that is clearly spelled out for you on the top right of this page with a picture to help you out.

Apparently Ashleigh realizing that Zach staying in the game protects her is a bad move? It’s pathetic how if people don’t do what Sarah wants, then they must be useless and not understand the game. The truth is Zach benefits Ashleigh’s game more then Pili because he serves as a shield and he’s got her back.


Zach does not have Ash’s back. Prior to the POV comp Zach was working Godfrey to vote Ash out. So arguments to keep someone as a meat shield can have merit but it is greatly diluted when you factor in one-way loyalty.


I said it earlier! My gut instinct rarely fails me. Godfrey is all talk and no action……very useless! He’s also a turncoat! I don’t understand why he’s a favourite with some people! He’s extremely weak at comps and claims that he throws them. My foot! He knows he’s incapable of doing well so he opts out early giving the impression that he threw it. I can’t stand him! Con man!