Sarah tells Godfrey “Keep convincing those girls that its Garb & the Goblins”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-14 05-27-22-283

8:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Up in the HOH room – Brittnee joins Sarah, Pili and Ashleigh in the HOH bed. Pili, Ashleigh and Godfrey are sleeping in the bed next to them. Brittnee tells Sarah about her conversation with Zach last night about going from top dog to bottom bunk. Big Brother calls Brittnee to the diary room. When she comes out the head to the kitchen. Sarah comments on how the living room tv doesn’t say nominations. Brittnee says it could still be later. Sarah says she’s nervous about nominations. Sarah says you’ve experienced the top dog to bottom of the back a few times. Brittnee says I think it was good for him to experience that and Ashleigh too. Imagine that day 56 you’re just feeling what its like to be on the bottom. Crazy, must be nice. Feels better without him (Bruno) here! Sarah says it does. Britt says its crazy just one person. Sarah says Godfrey is such a little weasel. Sarah says everything they did to us, we can just do to them. They just lied about who was the target. Brittnee says if he goes or if she goes then there’s still Zach and God

9:15am In the kitchen – Brittness says it really going to be weird to not talk to people through a mirror. Brittnee says I did not imagine them still doing havenots. I thought it would be over by now. Pili says final 6 guys, congratulations. We’re near the end guys! Sarah says yeah we can definitely do it. Sarah asks Zach it sounds like they’re building and not taking down right? Zach says yeah. They wonder if they’ll get a luxury comp. Sarah says or they’re building the veto comp already.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-14 05-51-46-859

9:20am – 9:45amBrittnee and Sarah head up to the HOH room. Sarah asks Brittnee what her parents said to her. Britt says they said they were proud of me and that they were watching. When they were saying it I was picturing them on video. Sarah tells her I really do think you’re going to win HOH next week. Sarah says hopefully we can get Zach out this week. Britt says hopefully. It explains why God was so nervous ..he had more faith in Zach than Bruno. Sarah asks should I get in the bath so everyone can come talk to me.. do I get the water running? Is that how they know to come in? Britt talks about how Zach knows its either him or Ash going this week. He is really frustrated that Godfrey is still here. Britt says I though Ash was nice but she kind of has a mean girl vibe to her. The way she treated us when she was HOH. Sarah says If we can get Zach out this week. Britt says then I win HOH next week ..who would we want out. Ash or Pili? Sarah says Ash over Pili for sure. But Godfrey is not going to take us to the end. Britt says so is it better to keep Ash here because he wouldn’t want to go the end with her. Pili is a beast in comps. Sarah asks so Pili didn’t even know what the buzzer was for! Britt says no she thought it was who could last the longest. She really doesn’t listen to the rules.

Godfrey joins them. Sarah tells Godfrey to keep convincing those girls that its Garb & the Goblins. Godfrey says I am not taking those to girls to the end. I’m taking you or Britt. You know that. Sarah says I know. But you have to get them thinking that in case they win veto. Convince Pili especially because if she wins veto. Godfrey says yeah we’re screwed if she wins.

9:55am Big Brother blocks the feeds.
10:10am The live feeds return – Pili asks I wonder what the task is going to be!? Do you think it will be fun? Ash says Pili you’re going down!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-14 07-14-55-839

10:35am Up in the HOH room. Pili asks do you know what you’re doing yet? Sarah says I think so, you can probably guess. The smart move is for he and her to be up there together so she doesn’t have to make the choice to vote him out. Pili says I think its smart to take him out when we have the chance. Sarah agrees. Pili says it would suck for Ash to go home. I feel like if I won the veto people would expect me to use it on Ash. Sarah says but you wouldn’t right because it would ensure he goes if she’s still up there. Pili agrees. I just really don’t want her to go right now. Sarah says I don’t either. Pili says when we have the chance, the shot we have to take it. Sarah says exactly. Sarah says in the perfect world God goes after that. Pili says 4 girls! Sarah says yup! Pili asks if Zach wins the veto would you put me up? Sarah says I don’t want to think about the negatives but I would probably put up God. Pili says and then B votes him out. Pili says as long as you’re not voting Ash out .. I won’t go against your decision. Sarah says I’m not.. Getting Zach out benefits all of us. Sarah says she is going to go tell Ash and Zach they’re going up.

10:40am – 11:15am Sarah tells Ash & Zach that you guys can probably assume.. Ash and Zach say yeah. Sarah says there is still the POV though. I just wanted to tell you. Zach leaves. Pili joins Ash and tells her what Sarah had told her in the HOH room. Pili says with you up there at least you don’t have to vote. Ash agrees. Ash says do you know what I think.. Pili asks to use it? Ash says I don’t know. In the game I could never beat him in the end. Godfrey joins them. Ash tells him that she knows she could never beat him (Zach). Godfrey says well you know if it stays the same.. you have my vote. Ash leaves. Pili tells Godfrey we’re all friends here but its just a game. Godfrey tells Pili that Sarah told him he better win the veto or she’s putting me up. She wants 2 strong guys up to get rid of one. I want to win this veto so bad. Pili says you’ll win if there’s chicken involved. Godfrey asks if you win it, would you use it? Pili says I don’t know. Godfrey says if you use it I go up. Pili says oh yeah you’re right. Godfrey says the best thing is one of us win it, we keep it the same and then we decide. Pili says yeah.

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If they cant get Zach out this week, maybe next week… or the week after that? Or maybe next year! Wtf. This cat and has 9 lives. He will probably win this veto… He is top dog for the jury too. I cant believe Brit would rather sit beside Zach than Bruno in f2, cause that’s exactly what she decided yesterday!?


Bruno was poison. He had to go. The game got to him and he was losing it. On top of that he was a loose cannon. And lied about everything to everyone. Britt would beat Bruno in F2 but with Bruno in the house, her road to F2 would’ve been way more complicated


I respectfully disagree… Both Bruno and Zach will be going after them, infact Bruno would be gunning for Sarah over Brit, that was obvious.
Zach has numbers behind him. Ash and Peels. Bruno may have had Godfrey.
Zach is much better at comps than Bruno, they both are good physically, but Zach is good mentally.
To me, it makes no sense, other than making your daily life (2 weeks) easier. Did she come here to win money, or to be comfortable?


But Bruno can campaign and trick people. He is good at swaying votes. He is conniving and not trustworthy. Ash/Pili/Zach on the other hand are not so good at reading the game and making solid game moves. Tell me 1 good move either of them has made. They’re only good at comps and that’s not enough. And you claim Bruno was going to go for Sarah, but who knows? He was going for Zach then gave him the veto. Also, after Britt’s big move, bruno would definitely also start thinking about taking her out before Sarah. Bruno had to go


The problem is that bruno wouldve got voted out not matter what…..Pili and Sarah would not vote out zach therefore she made the right choice to stay in zach good books by saying he is the pawn.


a) If she wanted Zach out she could have put up Pili as the pawn b) Bruno said in his interview without the twist he would have gone for Zach and Ash next (I guess under the assumption that Brit was gone)


I respectfully disagree. With Pili and Zach on the Block, what if the guys Black and Bru decided to keep Zach? Then there’s a tie, 2-2 with Ash breaking the tie. We can’t be 100% sure Ash was going to keep Pili over Zach.


Loose cannons don’t win the game at the end of the day. You keep the looses cannons and get rid of the threats no matter how uncomfortable they make you feel.


Bruno was also more aware of what was happening in the game, whereas Zach is pretty much clueless, sends his allies home, trust the shit Bruno was feeding him, always afraid to make big moves, etc. Zach gets too much credit, but what 1 big move has he done? At least Bruno can tag along the JP move and he can also take credit for his veto move.


It was a great twist and I’m so glad one of my favs won, but I thought last nights episode was soooo
anti climactic! Hardly any over the top reactions like there should have been from any of the house guests what was up with that?


There’s been so many twists this season that the house guests probably aren’t that shocked anymore when things suddenly change. I mean, this was one week after three people left. The biggest shock was probably the fact that only one person left last night.


I think Arisa Cox screwed it. The presentation was too dry. It could’ve gone way better. Picture this: Arisa makes God and Britt do their last pleas, after that, then says “Canada voted for someone to win a secret power, if the houseguest who won it wants to use it, now is the time” Then Britt whips out her safe thing, explains how she got it and how she’s going to save herself. Turns to Ash and says don’t worry, there won’t be blood on your hands because I nominate Bruno as a replacement. The she whips out the 2nd safe thing and places it on God and says, “You’re safe bro yo”, turns to Ash again and says “since you can’t nominate your boyfriend I’ll do that for you” Then bam, zach and bruno sit on the nomination couch and hilarity ensues

The Prophet


Jesus & Nem

You do realize that the producers are in total control of the shows format.. right?? The producers decide how and when Arissa presents information. She is only responsible for delivering the information… not WHEN it is delivered.



I wrote nearly the exact same thing last night, even some of the quotes were nearly identical. 745pm on the eviction thread from yesterday. Seriously go read it it’s funny how close we were.


Arissa explaining the twist first screwed the surprise factor. It would’ve been better if Britnee just pulled out the necklace do her thing and then Arissa explains afterwards before the vote.


We will probably see….I guess Bruno really flipped out not wanting to leave…and Godfrey was saying to get rid of Zach outloud…before the vote…they didn’t show us…but it explains the dead silence between Zach and Godfrey in that segment in the kitchen.

Habs Rule

Actually Bruno left with class!! A word thats not in sarahs vocabulary….Class///Look it up sarah!!………A good guy all around!!


The way the Diapers handled themselves last night is commendable it needs to be highlighted.


I agree ..I thought I heard them talking about it tho…stuff we didn’t see. I’m just shocked that the game was given to her pretty well! Sucks

The Truth

I commend Bruno on how he left but I’m sure when he goes to Jury his words won’t be as kind. Zach, Ash and Pilli have also responded fairly well. I don’t think they have the type of personalities that would outwardly display their disappointment. I think they are still shell-shocked. Every time they think they’ve got a handle on the game the rug gets dragged from underneath them.


What will the task be today? Who can make the tastiest breakfast? Who can have the cleanest room?

The wholesome-ness of these weekly tasks have been ridiculous. Remember the good ol’ days when the task involved drinking as much as possible without anyone catching on?


Feeds? What are those?? Been pretty much a waste of time this season.


Wow drinking game tasks would be pure feed gold!


if pili wins veto canada will become an ocean from the amount of tears shed across canada


Gotta love the passion of the BB fans. We like – dislike, we laugh – cry, we cheer – moan, post – tweet on our favorites ! In the end we look forward to next season and getting to know them in their real environment 🙂


At least Bruno got what he wanted, Zach is still safe.


She’s poison bro, poooiissssoon.


I think they feel defeated at this point. Two weeks in a row Brittnee has gotten super powers to use to her benefit. How could you not feel that your back is against the wall at this point. At least they aren’t whining and crying about it like Sarah and Brittnee would have been. The two of them would have self-evicted by now. They know that at this point they are at the mercy of Brittnee/Sarah/Production. How would you feel?


I agree with you. It must be hard watching one contestant having the power to evict two people one week, then the next getting to replace the two nominees with her own, and then having her ally winning HOH. It would be hard to handle psychologically.


Not any harder than watching one alliance steamroll through the game


I totally agree. Maturity shown here from Zach, Ash and Pilee. So tired of the Sarah and Britt production company and the complaining, whining and being miserable.


I wish BBCan would allow us to watch the competitions play out on the live feeds. They obviously put alot of time into making them and setting them up. We would still watch the tv show, it’s been proven by other BB series. To go thru all this trouble and hard work involved, I just don’t get it. So basically it’s for the crew to watch and not us. Makes no sense to me !


LOL @ bbcan

I wanted Zach gone, but hey Bruno gone still made me happy.

(as much as I dislike Bruno, he had a great attitude leaving the house unlike Willow) :p


Kevin revealing his secret that he was a professional poker player… Was jaw dropping.
It reminded me of the same chuckle I made when Danielle Murphree told everyone she was a kindergarten teacher.


Zach has 9 lives just like the ___ (cat) he is. just saying


pili winning pov and saving ash would honestly be hilarious to sarahs hoh, pili and ash would control who goes home and they would get rid of god over zach

can you imagine if that happens and its those 3 vs brit for hoh


Pili has absolutely no concept of how the game works. She should have never been cast. In the last 12 hours:

– asking Zach if Sarah would back door someone with 6 people left (do the freaking math)
– she is convinced that one of her alliance is gone no matter what so she’s not going to use the veto if she wins it to ensure Zach goes. It would take 7 seconds of critical thought to realize if she used the veto then there would be three votes on eviction night: two diapers and Brittnee


Pilee thinks it would be easiest on Ashleigh if she does not use the veto so that they could send Zach out now. She has always believed he has to go so she can go to F2 with Ashleigh, and F3 with Godfrey, no less. She does not trust Zach would take her but believes Godfrey or Ashleigh would.


the tricky part is will Pili remember what she thinks five minutes from now?


i like the fact that Pillar’s stereotype gets casts in BB . The quiet, normal people are usually my favorites like Danielle from BB14.

Don’t get me wrong I love watching smart gameplayers make moves. But i also enjoy watching average players who don’t necessarily know the ‘meta game’ well (i.e. the high level game).

Yo Bro

Pili could come alive in this game!

Girlfriend knows 3 things right now –
She can’t beat Zach in F2
She doesn’t want Ashley to go out
Diapers are not favored by Canada

She could easily make a big move this week.


I’m tired of everyone saying they lied bla bla bla, it’s a game people of course there going to lie, I bet you would lie too to get to the end of the game.


That’s true but it’s still important to limit your lying and also to call out other people’s lies.

If i ask you to work together and then you hear me telling other people you are easy to fool then you simply won’t trust me, because I lied. And so we will struggle to work together in any meaningful way from then on.

I agree with your sentiment that houseguests shouldn’t complain about lying (it’s the name of the game) but at the same time it’s all they have to work with!


That’s why I could never respect Jillian BBCan1 after her famous endurance comp lie – there’s little fibs and lying in BB and there’s a complete lack of ethics/morals in desperation to win (and let’s not even talk about her beau Emmett cheating in numerous comps…)


I think the wholesome tasks thing is going on for two reasons:

1. That detergent Oxy something is a big sponsor and don’t want to make them look bad.
2. You are now on Global as opposed to Slice, which is a cable channel not a network. I said this to my fiancee, the stuff they got away with on Slice won’t fly with Global folks, because it is a higher profile network. Hell, their evening news on Global is even wholesome sometimes “which shampoo gives you the best shine for your buck, film at 11”

Yeah, Slice is edgy… Global is a grandma network.


what is bell and rogers aka greedy netyworks that cant have bbcanada!


Strongest alliance of three will steamroll their way to the end…..sarah,b and production.


oh please are yiu blame production on vruno and kevin winning hoh-povs?


Strongest alliance of three? Ok, on one side we have Zach (pretty good at comps) Ash ( a bit brainless…doesn’t even know that Calgary is a city and not a province) and Pili (has won a comp or two, but doesn’t understand the game at all) On the other side we have Brittnee (pretty good at comps and a decent strategist) Sarah (best strategist in the game this year and has won an HOH and a POV, when it mattered) and God (smart, and so far has been ‘saving himself’ in the comps–kind of a wild card). Zach has to save his whole group, the other trio can rely on each other. I’d say you’ve just confirmed for me that Brittnee, Sarah and God will prevail.


My fav head shaker…. Ash knows she’s in Toronto right now… but doesn’t know what province that’s in.


go sarah go see ya later ashleigh and zach!


After realizing that Global won’t ever air edgy content due to their regular viewers and target audience I’m starting to wish that BBCan went back to Slice with some better creative designers for the twists and some more trust in the autonomous nature of the game. I agree that letting Canada vote and have influence is great! Just not when the influence can be overshadowed by a “perception” of people that we create. After all, Adel last season apparently wasn’t the herald most people golden plated him as. This season while I do respect Sarah’s game I do have to slightly doubt if she’s the one in her duo who is actually the gold plated one. Of course I say that but it will probably never happen because it would involve actually acknowledging that they shouldn’t control every thing like a real authoritarian Big Brother.

No hate, just observations.


slice is special channel so not everyone gets to see it that why they moved it over global now!can you imagine if rogers or bell had this show they would ruin it like everything else!


AJ I agree with your comments. With the special power it would be obvious from blogs and hits on their own web site who Canada would vote for. I also think the power was too much for any one player, irregardless of who the player is. It would have been more appropriate for the winner just to get an extra veto. I also think the HOH still should have picked the replacement. The way this played out, the producers have basically thrown out the basic tenets of the game which is play for HOH, winner picks noms, play for Veto, and winner can decide if they want to use it. After this twist the only rule is that production makes the rules, and it sets a precedent for future whims.
As a side note I thought it would have been a more explosive twist if Canada for the HN’s without knowing they would compete for a special power (still I would only want an extra Veto). That would have a major twist but on Canada and not the players, I don’t think it would ever happen, but it shock everyone.


I gotta say i am rooting for sarah and britt but can everyone agree zach is handling things pretty well considering…going from the top to the bottom like that usually leads to big fights this stage in the game. hes taking things in stride pretty well. he cant be mad at godfrey for fighting for bruno to stay though, bruno fought for him all week to stay over britt. so cmon..zach