“I knew KIKI was staying.. I’m going to tell her after this [VETO] happens and I put Kailyn up”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Veto is going to get used on KIKI and Kailyn is going up. Houseguests were punished with cold showers. I haven’t heard MOMMAK indicate she thinks she’s going up but there has been a SH!T ton of game talk today and it could have been easily missed.

2:00pm Chelsea and MOMMA K Cam 3-4
Chelsea – everybody wants to go far.. we all want to go as far as we can and it’s about laying down the groundwork to get there..

Chelsea – this isn’t a holiday it’s meant to be challenging this week seems pretty steady.. the chaos will come the drama will come there’s a lot of bodies in this house there’s only one winner.

2:05pm Anthony and Kyra
Kyra – the next few weeks are going to be crazy
Anthony – 100 percent it’s only going to get crazier
Kyra – when the Adrenaline is pumping I don’t think it’s my biggest determent
Kyra – I know I’m on a lot of people’s radar and it scares me
Anthony – you need to be very careful..

Kyra tells him that they’re feeling like Chelsea is pulling away.

2:42pm Esti and KIKI
Talking about what they’ll say to Chelsea. we’ll return the favour. We want to work with you moving forward our interests are your interests… etc..

2:57pm Dane and Anthony
Anthony says he’s putting a wedge between Kyra an Chelsea.

Anthony says that Adam is getting cocky he’s going to have a “Good talk” with Adam but for now they have to limit what they say to Adam.
Dane is certain that the “girls” are going after Sam. He adds that Damien also promised him. If any of them win HOH they’re dafe.
Dane – Adam is f*ing up.. it’s hard to keep his name out of people’s mouth
Anthony – Adam is athletic and fast but ‘s dumb and he wears his heart on his sleeve
Dane – DUDE
Anthony – keep tooting his horn you’re the fastest super good looking because that is where we need his mind.. if he starts to go astray he’s too dumb to know we’re on his side and we’re keeping him here..

3:00pm Kyra and Chelsea
Kyra is suggesting they separate to protect each others game.
Kyra – sucks because I’m not close with anybody \
Chelsea – I appreciate you saying that..
Kyra – you ok
Chelsea – no because suddenly I feel like I don’t trust anyone now
Kyra- you trust me
Chelsea – people in this house are really good at lying.. I know I can trust you
Chelsea goes on about how someone in the house is lying to her that she didn’t know..
Chelsea – I can see it coming you are going to be a target..
They count the votes.
Chelsea counts the votes to evict MOMMA: You, Adam, Sam, Anthony, Cory
Chelsea – if it’s a tie it’s a tie
Chelsea says Mark is the one person she can’t shake from the HOH they both don’t trust him.

3:48pm Sam, Chelsea and KIKI
KIKI confirms she’ll vote their way if the veto is used on her. They talk about them working together moving forward.
After KIKI leaves..
Chelsea – I think mark may have told her (about using the veto)
Chelsea – I feel like MOMMAK isn’t a floater but it is in everyone interest nobody trust her at this point
Chelsea- so it is for sure going to happen
Sam – oh my gosh it needs to happen ASAP

Adam joins them.. Chelsea says they need to be careful what they say to Mark.
Adam – yup

3:50pm Mark and Anthony
Anthony – Esti is very good at seeing through sh1t make sure with her you are very transparent don’t cuddle with her … you have to be strictly business with her..
Anthony – Just make sure she never says your name again
Mark says his name will come out eventually.
Anthony – 1 thing I was trying to explain to Dane .. between me and you it seems like the two guys are getting worried… DAne and Adam..
Anthony – I’m the first one to say we’re not good .. we need to be extremely humble we need to be everywhere at all times
Mark agrees says he’s trying to branch out.
Anthony – Sam is starting to really appreciate my mind.. I haven’t really exposed my mind because it’ll be very dangerous if people see how Smart and how much I know about the game it’ll be a problem.. I am very careful with the words I use..
Anthony says Sam whats to do deep game talk with him she told Anthony “Adam’s running her game”
Anthony – which is perfect.. Adam and Sam are both playing each other.. He really does like her
Anthony – Sam has taken out Laura and Maki.. she’s the root of MA leaving this game.. when the time comes when people are like Adam’s got to go there is no chance.. he’s faster than teh speed of light. That is when we use SAm. I have a plan I already set into place.
Anthony – Lyra absolutely humiliated herself yesterday to the point where it is irreversible she showed her true character. She is afraid of Sam and Chelsea is slowly turning her back on her
Anthony – she wanted to show some loyalty ..

Anthony mentions telling CHelsea what Kyra did was horrible for her game.
Anthony – Kyra in front of Damien and KIKI said Should I throw the comp to SAM .. she tried to whisper it everyone heard it except for the people on the bench
Anthony adds that the people ion the bench didn’t hear but those people Saw during the Veto “Pause play” Kyra are you looking for that number it’s right there”
Anthony – then she came into the room sat next to Damien and said .. .man I wish I could have won that because I really wanted to show Canada that I’m strong
Anthony – I told Kyra you humiliated yourself .. I put that into Chelsea’s head..
Anthony – the only way to get out Sam without any blood on our hands is to get people hating her .. Pay attention .. Esti and KIKI made a deal with Chelsea if they kept her safe than they owe Chelsea something
Anthony – I told Chelsea use that.. we’re going to get Chelsea to turn on Sam than we’re back on top
Anthony – Chelsea and Sam brought to Adam that they wanted to take out Dane.. Adam said to me I don’t know if I should tell DAne.
Anthony – I knew Adam is becoming week .. he’s not going to crack we know his weaknesses and we’re going to take them away from him
Anthony – where he is weak we can be stronger
Anthony goes on about getting Dane to program Chelsea and Sam that they will always have the numbers as long as Dane stays in teh game. This will buy Dane another 1 or 2 weeks.
Anthony – by then we could have stirred some other sh1t up and got 2 other people out
Mark – What if Sam doesn’t use the Veto this week.. What if she has a moment of clarity
Anthony – in the most indirect way she said it’s very obvious who are the threats..
Anthony calls Sam weak because she’s flirting with him \
Anthony – She has no Idea what kinda mind she’s dealing with

4:28pm Anthony and Chelsea
Anthony brings up a conversation he had with Kyra where he asked her what she thought Chelsea’s next move is. Kyra’s reply was Stay away from me because i’m going to put a target on my back.
Chelsea says Damien is one person that is authentic and genuine.
Chelsea – KIKI is someone I’m going to tell her after this happens and I put Kailyn up .
Chelsea – I knew KIKI was staying and I didn’t put Kailyn up because I knew there was a good chance of her coming down I couldn’t risk that..
Anthony warns her if MA has a bit of a hunch she will start stiring sh1t up inside the house.
Anthony about Ma – All she does is put meat shields in front of her that’s all she does..
Anthony warns that Eddie is under Ma’s control.
Anthony – eddie is smart
Chelsea – is he though
Anthony is certain MA is going to sabotage 2 maybe 3 names, Sam, Chelsea and Dane…
Anthony – to be honest Sam’s on top right now and she doesn’t even realize it..
Chelsea – Regardless of her campaign I know the numbers are there to get her out the door 100 percent confident she’s out the door
Anthony – she’s gone.

Chelsea doesn’t think Ma is going to do much damage.

5:05pm Snuggling….
Esti – I wish everyone was gone and it was only 5 cool people
Esti says when they get there they will be so mad at themselves for these days “wishing their time away”

5:17pm Cory and Anthony
Anthony tells her he only Sam would put her up. Adds that people in the house don’t trust Sam only person is Adam, “Blinded by the light”
Cory – if she does happen to win and I go up..
Anthony – the majority of this house thinks you are supposed to put up a pawn to get that person out.. people don’t think deep what they want and what they should really do
Anthony – in this game it’s been Pawn and who you talk to the least.. that’s fine it’s set the mood.
Anthony – she has two options put you up as a pawn or try and backdoor you
Anthony – She doesn’t have the puzzle pieces to do that because nobody respects her or likes her

Cory – I feel like one of our like potential motivators to people is if Sam is gone.. Adam is up for grabs.
Anthony – It’s true
Cory – does Chelsea know that Sam is thinking about me

Anthony says Chelsea is smart but she doesn’t want to play the top or bottom she wants’ to coast. Anthony adds that Sam and Chelsea are close.
Anthony goes on about how Adam isn’t “Smart” it’s Sam that is dangerous. (This is to help Adam)
Anthony – Sam doesn’t even realize she’s on top she’s influence the first votes..

6:51pm Adam and Anthony
Anthony says Cory has been all over the place “trying to do stuff” Warns him that everyone thinks Sam is controlling Adam. They can use this. When push comes to shove and people are targeting Adam they have Sam to use.

Anthony – the whole Sam thins is great just know that she’s also trying to form something
Anthony says Damien has a problem with Dane and he’s just really threatened.. Since Day one Ma has been controlling Maki, Eddie and Damien.
Adam – every since I had that blow up I feel like he’s eyeing me down..

7:00pm Damien and MOMMAK
Kailyn says the other side has declared war on teh floaters so all the floaters should team up, “WE’re useful until we’re not”
Kailyn – two weeks down 8 to go
Kailyn – I was so praying that you would come out on top for you own safety because another move would have to be made and then games are exposed..
Kailyn – Dane he didn’t want to compete.. you know that don’t you
Damien – I’m not sure
Kailyn tells him he’s not going anywhere this week.

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Poor Momma K. Has no idea what is coming.
Hope to see her gone.


WOW Anthony is playing a great social game, but is it too early? I understand he’s planting seeds to keep his group safe but hot damn he’s talking game to everyone it seems! Someone is eventually going to catch on to his game play and I think he’ll end up on the block within the next couple weeks but hopefully he’s building good enough relationships that they’ll keep him. Eddie is flying under the radar beautifully. I think he will go far, no one see’s him as a threat even though he came SO CLOSE in an endurance(ish) comp and is SMART AS HELL. I hope kiki stays too cuz I like her fight and she makes decent TV (better than sadam group at least). Other than that not too much else to note about these players. ALSO this whole HOH not playing in the veto is BS! I do hate it when one person owns ALL the comps, but hey, that’s what comp beasts do! Gunna be harder to backdoor now and we love us the backdoor 😉