Sam “If I go home in the next couple weeks, I’m never going to talk to you again.”

11:15pm Havenot room. Sam and Adam.
Adam – I talked to Mark and he was like I don’t understand why I’m even on the block. I told you and Sam that you were good. He is clueless why he is even on the block. I don’t think that he would come after you. Sam – okay I trust you. Adam – this is your week. I talked to Kyra and all I heard was me, me, me. She is not thinking about you. She is not thinking about me. Its all about her. Sam – everyone is convinced that you guys are working together that they want to break it up. I don’t know if I can trust you and Dane. I feel like I’m disposable when it comes to you and Dane. Adam – where are you right now? Sam – HOH. Adam – we haven’t touched the block once. Sam – you’re closer to Dane because you feel like you can back to back win. And I am going to be plucked off sooner than later. If I can bring in people that think of me like that for them… instead of being down here. Adam – even if there is a guy thing.. and Mark wins. I am not going to allow you to go up. Maki said my name… gone! Chelsea started running around saying our name.. gone. Ma was trying to get us out.. done! Laura said your name… gone! Sam – do you think I can trust Anthony? Adam – 1000% and he said he wants to sit down with both of us and talk. We’re here right now because of what I’ve been doing. And you’ve been helping. Kyra is thinking about herself. Kiki is going to win competitions. Adam – we’re here because we’re working together. Sam – who is going to vote to keep Mark? Adam – we haven’t touched the block yet. Kiki and Esti.. we haven’t touched the block yet. Sam – okay I trust you. If I go home in the next couple weeks I am never going to talk to you again. Adam – There was a lot of scrambling today, people were talking and someone talked about back dooring you. I shut it down right way. Sam – I just want the heat to be on other people besides us. Adam – it will be. Kyra is going to get in your head. Sam – I know, let me just tell them what they want to hear. Because if I start going against it, they’ll start manipulating the whole entire house. When we start having conversations.. don’t get mad. I saw how Mark bombed through that… I know that Kiki should go .. I do. I don’t want Kiki to be in the jury house. Adam – kiki might have two votes. I just want you to trust in this. Sam – okay, I trust you.

11:30pm – 12:20am Hot Tub. Sam, Mark, Anthony, Dane, Damien, Cory, and Adam are hanging out in the hot tub while its snowing all around them.

12:25am HOH room. Kiki and Esti.
Kiki – right now I need f**king votes dude. I knew it was going to be a battle but its really going to be a battle. Mark is going to schmooze and work on Adam. Talking with Dane one on one is a different vibe, then when its the three of us. Esti – I am like .. you’re allowed to be worried .. that’s fine but in my head I am telling you there is a zero percent chance… like zero .. I am telling you I am not worried. I am 100% certain that he (Dane) is voting to keep you. Kiki – so I have you, I have Dane, I have Kyra. Esti – you have Damien .. I am 100% sure. Kiki – I have Kyra .. unless this blood veto thing. Esti – I feel like its blood on whoever gets it .. not on everyone else. Kiki – they say that they can’t play in the veto.. Esti – and they’re safe for the week. Kiki – and they can’t be nominated. Esti – we’re going to work on Cory and continue working on Kyra. Oh my god I can’t stand her voice… I can’t!

1:15am Hot Tub room. Sam and Kyra.
Sam – I’m an empath.. I can put myself in other people’s shoes. You need to always remember no matter when you’re feeling completely lost.. if you come to me I will tell you the truth. As much as you think my loyalty lies with Adam. Kyra – I just don’t feel connected to them. It’s hard when you know people are throwing your name. We have all day.. so much time. I feel like after all this sh*t .. Adam could put me up also… and like the only people that wouldn’t put me up are you, Anthony and Cory .. I think. Sam – even having those three solid people are good because then you only need one more. The numbers are getting smaller. You’re not going home this week. Kyra – I knew it would be hard when Chelsea left, I just didn’t expect it to be this hard. Sam – you have to not rely on that type of relationship as much. Kyra – I want to trust Adam … I just know how loyal he is to Dane. At this point I realize that Kiki lies all the time. Sam – all the time. Kyra – how is she going to build trust with people when she just lies all the time. Sam – that’s why she is going to go home. Kyra – I told Adam that I was going to vote out Mark and now he is going to be like why are you flip flopping so much!? Sam – they want Kiki to go.

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Feeds Gold

When does the blood veto have to be used, and what is its power? Im hoping it has to be used on or before the vote this Thursday

If Sam and Kyra want a guy out this week and know there is a guys alliance, why is Kiki even on the block with a high chance of going home? Incredibly dumb play Sam

Kiki is way more loyal to Dane than Mark is, and if Dane votes out Kiki, he loses two very loyal allies(Kiki and Esti), and keeps Mark who wants Dane out…if he keeps Mark it would confirm the guys alliance, and he would lose 2 very loyal allies, and 2 jury votes

Dane, Anthony and Adam(not Mark) obsess so much about the almost impossible task of getting all 4 of the pretty boys to final 4, and by protecting each other to that extent it hurts their other game partnerships and loyalties…Dane is a good gamer but cant read that Kiki is the most loyal player in the house, a crucial part of his chances, particularly her potential jury vote in his favor, and her ability to win a comp if he needs saving…Danes obsession with all 4 pretty boys in final 4 could be what costs him the game

I would like to see Kiki saved 4-3 or 5-2 with Esti, Damien voting for her to stay, and Damien convincing Cory to vote that way too, then either Kyra wanting Mark out, and/or Dane being convinced by Esti and Kiki that Dane is better off with Kiki in the game continuing their threesome(then Dane still has 2 threesomes)

If Kiki leaves this week, the only player with liveliness and great humorous banter left will be Dane…it will be sad to see because young bloods banter will be over, and feeds gold Dane/Kiki banter and the hilariously awkward Mark/Kiki banter will be over, causing feeds to be alot less fun(Dane and Kiki are by far the most entertaining personalities)…I have fingers crossed for Kiki to stay and if she doesnt I really wanna see a battleback


Interesting that Sam asks “do you think I can trust Anthony “. Was she looking for confirmation on who is in the boys alliance? And now that she knows it’s those four ( since they are trying to save Mark) , will she do anything with that knowledge. Probably not, but here’s hoping.

Feeds Gold

With 10 players left I would like to see all remaining go to jury…so 8 in jury plus a final 2…then have canada as 9th vote, or have one juror lose their vote making it 7 votes…If she is the one to leave this week Kiki I think would be a very fun and also very explosive juror


I hope the blood veto lets Kyra replace both noms with her own 2 picks and she puts up Dane and Anthony


That would be awesome!!! These women have to open their eyes! They are being steamrolled! Need this to shake up a bit or the PB will take it all the way (aka Dane will win!)


The Tempurpedic bed vote wasn’t even close: Dane 17%, Este 21% and Kiki at 62%. I HOPE they show the hamsters the vote b/c THAT might be the type of thing which swings Kyra, Cory to vote to keep Kiki.

Earlier today Damian presented a solid argument to Cory as to why Kiki should stay and also spoke to Dane about needing to put their foot down to stop losing players on their side of the house. Dane didn’t agree (sure hope Damian tells Este/Kiki that tidbit). Another irony, Kiki had Adam convinced to keep her & Sam ADAMANTLY refused.

There are still options but I’m not sure these players (or more accurately the brutally terrible players they need to convince) see them?

Kyra/Cory/Damian/Este are all they need for votes to keep Kiki & subsequently put this game on its end. (part of me wants this to happen so Dane gets caught NOT voting to keep Kiki). This group of five (with Kiki) would hold the voting power in the house if they keep her. They would need to agree on targets. If they are smart 1A /1B would be Adam/Dane (the comp beasts) with Sam/Anthony a close 2A/2B -Anthony b/c of his manipulation & both Sam/Anthony b/c they are expert liars who cannot be trusted to ever stick with what they say they will.


Kiki needs to convince Sam/Kyra that Anthony, Mark & Dane ALL want her gone and that yes she has been in on those conversations but she is NOT the one spearheading them. ANTHONY & DANE ARE. Part of her argument should be:
1) who told you to trust Mark? (PB)
2) who pushed all female nominations (PB) Note how each (except Mark) has a side ally (Sam/Este/Cory) which each male will use to sit beside on block (and hence remain safe as his allies trash that particular female).
3) Ask if she knows who is the most actively promoting her nomination & eviction? — ANTHONY — explain how he pumped the group hardcore to target Sam at DE & does this EVERY WEEK. Offer to get Adam & Anthony in the room to ask those questions to their faces & tell Sam/Kyra to pay careful attention to how suddenly Anthony scrambles & to watch Adam closely b/c his face won’t be able to deny what he knows to be the truth. Tell them look I’ve agreed & been in on those conversations but NOT ONCE did I spearhead them it was ALWAYS Anthony or Dane championing you (Sam) leaving & Kyra as the backup eviction.
4) It’s important if Kiki has any specific intel of things Dane/Anthony said about Sam/Kyra to reiterate them at this point. Anthony loves to brag so recalling a statement he made to garner favor with Kyra (or Chelsea or Sam) showing his arrogance would really help move mountains here. Kiki should talk to Damian, Este about this prior to have specific points she can make.
5) Point out to Sam – that Dane didn’t fight to keep Kiki off the block or ensure she wasn’t leaving this week? *but tell her he lied to Este/Kiki & said he did. Bring up the 5 person alliance with Sam/Adam & how Dane was the least excited to do it.
6) Reiterate how Mark went crazy when the secret room was found & pulled Dane aside worried he’d be able to see comments he made in the room (and to Kiki too). And ask Sam so why is Dane fine to keep a guy like that over someone you thought was so closely tied to him? BECAUSE – I’m not really tied to him – I’m his smoke & mirrors.


Finally — Kiki needs to deliver a strong message:
“I’ve proven to be loyal & a competitor I’m now being told you want me gone bc of those very reasons which I don’t understand – you would rather propel a male forward in the game who will NOT compete to save himself & sure won’t do it to save you – but I will”. “I’m willing to call these people out on their lies would Mark do that? or ANY of the men for that matter?” “look at the signs of why Adam is having such a hard time & goes back & forth – b/c he KNOWS you (Sam) are the next to go if he doesn’t win next week.

Finish with:
“Just imagine Canada sitting back watching KNOWING you are aware there is a male alliance GUNNING to take you two specifically out next but this week you have ALL the power. What will you do with all that power?
) Make a move to change the direction of the game?
2) Or reinforce the narrative this BB cast of females are all subservient and only here to propel the men to the game end.