“I don’t think KIKI and Esti should be together in this house or even in this house at all”

6:41pm Cory and Damien
Trying to figure out what BLOOD veto does.
Cory – because it’s the blood veto Kyra HAS to use it to get Blood on her hands..
Damien – do you remember what the letter said>?
Cory – the letter said the holder of the power of veto won’t compete will be safe for the week, and can’t be nominated.. will be safe from Eviction..
Cory – Like can’t be put up (thank you )
Cory – and uhhhh .. it said nothing about the use of it.. I wonder if during the ceremony it’ll be annoyed that Kyra has to use the blood veto.

6:50pm HOH Sam and Mark

Sam – you are who I want to stay in this house.. I’m not pushing I’m wanting the house to feel you both out..
Mark says he’s relaxed
Sam agrees..

Sam – you deserve to be in jury house 1000 percent more.
Sam – people are in my ear why KIKI should stay for me I’m not buying it
Mark – you want to win 20 thousand or do you want to win 100 thousand
Sam – right
Mark – if you were up against Esti, KIKI is voting for Esit if you are up against KIKI, Esti is voting for KIKI.

Mark – these are the people that pranced around on camera and bragged about throwing you on the block
Sam – I didn’t know that until today
Sam doesn’t want KIKI to think she’s the target even though she is, “She would start lying and manipulating”
Mark says they are on the same side “we both voted Maki out we weren’t manipulated by MOMMA”
Sam – they (the girls aka kiki and Esti) don’t deserve to be here Mark
Mark – I know it’s not fair to me.. do you know they over to me I helped them study for their days.. Their going against me. Those two girls will flip and flop to the end
Mark warns that the Girls are 2 heads and 2 votes brings up the PAC brothers being 2 heads and 1 vote and they won their season.
Mark – they will win because they have that extra vote

Sam says the points that KIKI is making “she’s a strong competitor .. which you can look at either way her campaign is weak to a certain extent.. it started weak but is getting strong based on the feedback”
Mark – right
Sam – shes saying she wants to work with me Adam and Cory because were just in the room at the time.
They agree KIKI isn’t keeping Sam safe.
Mark says if one of the girls win HOH the person going up is Sam it’s not Dane. (kiki had once suggested)

Sam – I don’t think KIKI and Esti should be together in this house or even in this house at all.
Sam – Esti is riding Dane’s coattails
Mark – Adam’s not going to use it? (veto)
Sam – no.. not if I have any say .. I think I have a little bit of influence.
Mark points out that Dane had two times he could have put her up, “I don’t think Dane is coming after you”
Sam says if she puts Esti up Dane will gun for her.
Mark – who would he gun for if you don’t put Esti up
Sam – Kyra and … Damien.. \
Mark – mmmmm
sam – Kyra and .. me >?
Mark – I don’t think he’s gunning for you
Sam – he’ll put me up as a pawn.

They hug it out..

7:17pm Dane and KIKI
We enter into this conversation with KIKI saying she thought Anthony was a Solid Guy
Dane – I thought too was it something big
KIKI – I don’t want to repeat it was just dumb sh1t .. we were just joking around talking about showmances .. it’s just . whatever
Dane – just be careful around him
KIKI – you to

7:24pm Adam and mark
Adam saying they haven’t talked as a group in a long time because theirs been so much heat. Sam is onto the boys big time.
Mark says the house is seeing him as a lone wolf in the game.
Mark – Adam, I have your back 2 million percent i haven’t told this to anyone in this game .. right now theirs 10 players left in the game. that’s a 10 percent chance at one hundred thousand dollars. .. there’s a very good chance you are winning this f*ing game buddy .. you know that right ..
Adam – yeah
Marik – Stay calm ..
Adam – we all have
Mark interrupts.. EHEHEHEHHE lets just say there’s a bit more than 10 percent chance of you winning and I want to be there for you.

7:35pm KIKI and Esti
KIKI says Adam came up to her asking if she and esti did the gun blazing with their fingers to the cameras saying they would get the showmances out.
KIKI – he’s like multiple people came up and said that
Esti – what..
KIKI – we did do that in front of Anthony .. we were being silly.. so that is obviously what Anthony is using .. I totally denied it.

9:40pm Hot Tub Time

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When does the American version start? This is another boring session. Sorry ladies but these shows prove men are a bit more intelligent and don’t get caught up in emotions.

The girls just get caught up in the compliments and believe everything the boys say.

Just sayin'

Ya because the American women on Big Brother were all such independent thinkers….. foutte much?


My perfect scenario ……as Kiki goes to leave the house having only received Este/Damian’s vote suddenly that sound which stopped them from picking up the blood veto goes off & Kiki is told as a part of the BV power she is safe & has been made the new HOH.

Boy would that be fun to watch Anthony, Dane, Sam & Kyra scramble. When I got my room key I wouldn’t do the typical “who wants to see my HOH room” Instead I’d grab Este/Damian assuming they’ll be the only 2 votes) and bring them upstairs & then lock the door.

Once the house figured things out & began to panic I’d call them all in the living room & say: “I’m completely disenchanted by the house ATM given people who I was aligned with stabbed me in the back, encouraged my eviction but most importantly painted me as a liar to cover their own actions/lies. Therefore, I encourage you to speak your truth but this will need to occur with an audience since I no longer trust a private conversation won’t be manipulated & painted to fit your narrative. Your ability to stay off the block will depend on how you elect to handle this and my nomination decisions will be based on how forthcoming you are. I fully expect you to trash me behind my back & I invite each of you snakes to rat on each other. AND – as each of them blamed another person (for example Anthony blames Sam) I would excuse myself for a second – go get Sam & bring her up to the room & say can you repeat that please Anthony.

I’d pull Mark in early & tell him to spill the 4 guys alliance name. Tell him he’s at the bottom of it & he’s staying over kiki wasn’t as clear as he thinks. Then, one by one I’d pull in the PB & tell them at least 2 of their allies are willing to cut them this week (but to Anthony I would tell him all 3 are willing to cut him b/c they see him as the most dangerous). And I’d tell him based on how you F*cked me with pretending your innocence to Sam makes me think your pretty boy allies may be right

As for Sam & Kyra, I’d dump on them big time (b/c you know Anthony/Dane/Mark would all spill everything said – show Sam how easily things get twisted. But – I’d tell her I was NOT lying to you & had every intention on working with you but you F*cked me EVEN WITH Adam trying to get you to switch. I’d ask her should I cut you & act subservient just like you? Or keep you knowing I’m at least behind you in the pecking order? OR do I do the right thing & break up the power & trust you’ll just keep making bullshit promises to me but hopefully will finally understand you have no choice but to work with me?

Feeds Gold

Anthony deserves to win the game…a poor mans Derrick, but by far the best player this season…but I think Cory or Damien will win

Estie is a complete and total moron and continues to ruin the game of Kiki…Estie is cancelled…a terrible player constantly snowed by bs…loyal to the most disloyal player and disloyal to the most loyal player

I feel sorry for Kiki(the most loyal player in the house) having to work with someone so disloyal and dumb…I really want Kiki to stay because she is good at reading and calling out the bs

With the 2 women in power(Sam and Kyra) knowing theres a guys alliance, its extraordinary bad luck for Kiki that she is the one likely to leave…Adam being picked for veto and winning it was more bad luck

I could see Estie, Damien and Cory keeping Kiki…3 pretty boys vote against…the swing vote is Kyra…if Kyra/Sam keep the boys intact then they are further strengthened…its idiotic…i repeat…Sam and Kyra know theres a very strong guys alliance and their target is a girl…Sam cant play next hoh and Kyra cant win a comp, so next week Kyra as the pawn and Sam will be toast…why are Sam and Kyra so scared of Kiki, much more than a big group of guys that Sam knows are gunning for them? Its mindblowing…Sam is getting rickrolled on her own hoh

For all 3 white players Chelsea, Adam and Sam to nom Kiki, and to nom 6 minority players total in those hohs…I think it shows that race has played an unfortunate big part in this season

Im hoping production force the blood veto to be used on Thursday(forcing blood rather than it being a decision to save), depending on how its used, it could mean maybe 1 or both noms are saved

What I would like to see is jury starting this thursday(8 jurors + canada = 9, or a juror loses a vote making it 7) with the first 4 jurors in a battleback

I dont wanna see Kiki leave pre jury like her favorite players Cass did in season 5 and Erica did in season 6…I find Kiki really entertaining, my favorite to watch on feeds this season


Oh, here we go—-

First of all, I am NOT a fan of the type of game Kyra is playing & she gets on my last nerve. Someone like Mark who is a rat & owns it I can get behind easier (he owns his rathood – she tries to claim to be a “great” player which annoys me).

Having said that I’m ALL about what she just did (and I would BET it happened b/c she saw Kiki win that bed and now wants to do something to gain Canada’s approval of her). Anyway she just went & told Anthony/Cory the backdoor plan was ALL Dane & Adam’s idea. LMFAO — now that is drama I can get behind even by Kyra.


Sam is a POS and Adam, and Anthony have no trouble making her look and smell like that. Why on earth would she believe one word they say about Kiki when Sam know the guys are working together.
And don’t get me started on all this Blood Veto Crap. Mark just stood there like his balls shrivelled up inside himself, while they handed it to Kyra. If you want it that bad – Speak up. Wimp