Sam “I was chirping you about chirping! Is this how you deal with conflict?! F**k you! Jesus Christ!?”

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8:15pm Backyard. Adam and Sam
Sam – that’s what I want to talk about .. real life sh*t. You looked at me and said f**k you! I don’t ever, ever, ever let anyone tell me f**k you. Adam – what did you say before that? Sam – I don’t know Adam but you looked at me and said f**k you twice! Adam – and what did you say before that? Sam – Adam, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I would never in a million years look at you and say f**k you. Adam – and it wasn’t serious.. it was like f**k you. Sam – it was very disrespectful. Adam – there are different ways of saying f**k you and F**K YOU! Sam – so if that’s the way you like to talk to someone you care about.. that’s cool but you can turn that energy towards someone else that you want to care about because in here or in my normal life I don’t talk to someone.. Adam – you were like snapping at me hard in the kitchen. Sam – because you.. Adam – you were like if you want to sit down here .. say something positive and not negative and I was like Jesus Christ. Sam – because you were chirping. Adam – I wasn’t chirping anyone. I was joking the whole time and you were dropping stuff on the floor. Sam – you said to leave her alone and then you’re a mess. And then you said f**k you to me in the kitchen. Adam – oh my god. Sam – and then you said f**k you in the living room. That’s fine if you want to play that game, I can go down that road and turn this around really fast. Adam – I was speaking for Esti when she was like no I got it myself. And you guys were just throwing her suggestions. If she wanted your help she would have asked. Sam – so do you not chirp people in the kitchen? And everyone agreed that you chirp the most in the kitchen. Adam – can you not take any chirps?! Sam – I can take chirps but you can’t take em back!? Adam – but you weren’t chirping to me about anything. Sam – I was chirping you about chirping! Adam – you were snapping at me hard. Like you were pissed off. Sam – that’s the way I chirp. Adam – you were snappy very, very snappy. Sam – okay, I apologize for that. Adam – okay I accept your apology. Sam gets up to leave and while walking away Adam says Jesus Christ. Sam turn around – and now you’re going to say Jesus Christ!? Is this how you deal with conflict?! F**k you! Jesus Christ!? Adam – you told me not to walk away from you today. Sam – is that how you do that? Adam – this is what you’re doing, you’re walking away from me. Sam – okay lets sit down and talk about it more. Adam – there’s nothing to talk about. Sam – now there’s nothing to talk about as I am about to walk away. Adam – You’re acting really snappy and I can tell this is the sh*t that happens in the real world. Sam – oh like the f**k you’s?! adam – like I said again, there are different ways of saying it. Sam – I don’t know you. And the way you say f**k you to people so I guess I’ve got to get used to how you say f**k you. Adam – sure, I’ll stop saying it. Sam – its so disrespectful. It would be so much easier if we just halted it here so that that stuff doesn’t bother me. Adam – okay, alright. Sam – because honestly its because I care for you and I care for you a lot and its getting more and more every single second. And honestly its not something I can control so we can either take this as a learning curve or we can turn it in a different direction. Adam – what do you want to do? Sam – I don’t want to stop. Adam – okay, so why are you throwing out other suggestions if you don’t want to stop? Sam – because I am just trying to feel you out and see what you want to do. There is an easy way to do this and a hard way. We have to worry about trust, manipulation, we’ve got to worry about big brother. We’ve got to worry about the real world and whats actually happening here. There is a lot of pressure so if we can help each other out by not telling each other to f**k off… its probably a better way to go about it. Adam – okay. So I am sorry for chirping at you. Adam – I’m sorry too. I won’t say it again. Sam – did you go in and b***h about me? Adam – no, I made a joke. Mom and Dad are arguing. The boys were joking about me falling over. I said you whipped a ball at me. Sam – and then you whipped it back at me. Adam – yeah. Sam – If you want to chirp me. Chirp me in a private room. I don’t care about what was being said it was the audience. They both apologize and Adam walks away.

8:23pm Adam heads out to the hot tub room with Kyra. Adam – I don’t even know what the f**k that was about. It was so stupid. Adam retells the story to Kyra. Kyra – I was there the whole time that’s why I was like why are you getting mad at him. I lectured her after. I said Sam you’re blowing this way out of proportion. He was just teasing. He wasn’t doing anything. He wasn’t even doing anything negative. I think she is just being sensitive and that’s its been a stressful week. I said Sam he wasn’t even doing anything. I told her to not be snappy and think before she talks. Adam – girls!! Kyra – every woman does this when emotions are running high. I will talk to her. I told her she was being over dramatic about it. It was funny to watch. You guys are like an old married couple. Adam – I know.

10pm Bedroom. Chelsea and Anthony.
Chelsea – based on your perspective what do you think the likelihood is that I could flip this? Anthony – I think there is one thing you’ve got to do .. and I ain’t saying it. Chelsea – this has nothing to do with Kyra. what? Anthony – I am not telling .. because then you’re going to say its coming from me. Chelsea – no I’m not. Anthony – you need to go after someone that everyone doesn’t want here more than you. Chelsea – who? Eddie?! Anthony – Chelsea!!! You’re valedictorian! Chelsea – but how? Anthony – there’s lots of ways man. Kyra and Sam join them and the conversation ends.

10:10pm Bathroom. Adam and Sam.
Sam – imagine if I had (bigger boobs). You wouldn’t even let me out of the house. You would be like NO! Back in! Adam – no I wouldn’t. Sam – like if they were like. Its whatever. Why do you need boobs?! Sam – just to be more proportionate. Adam – yeah, I understand that but like if you had them it wouldn’t make any bit of difference. Get a boob job! Sam – I was just feeling the pressure of the whole day and I just lashed out. Adam – I can tell because this is not the first time you were annoyed and just wanted me out of your face. I’ve picked up on that quite a few times. Sam – okay so do you not want to work on this? Adam – here you go again. I just noticed you get annoyed and want me out of your face. Its understandable. Sam – I didn’t ever expect to come in here an like someone as much as I like you so I am freaking out. Adam – why? Sam – because this is like very real. Chelsea joins them. Chelsea – I want one more week. If you’re feeling good about a few people let us know but its got to be pretty solid. Chelsea – okay I will. I’ve got to talk to Dane and put some stuff in his ear and its going to blow back and Kyra is going to hate me but it is what it is. Adam – more drama. Sam – house meeting! House meeting! Chelsea – no, that’s not a good idea. I just want to play. I will do whatever the house wants. Do you know if he feels if he can trust Kyra? Adam – I don’t know. I’ve barely been in the HOH. Sam – maybe use what you have on Kyra and start with Dane so that if it starts there it can trickle down. Chelsea leaves. Adam – there’s no one. I feel bad. She is going home. Its a good move.. breaks up Kyra. She’s (Chelsea) not staying. Sam – she has to know that we are such big targets it doesn’t make sense for us to campaign to keep the person that is going home. Why would we do that?! Adam – well she doesn’t know that she’s going home and she doesn’t know that we know she’s going home. We can’t just be like you’re going home.

11:10pm Bathroom. Chelsea and Dane.
Chelsea – I am trying to own up to some mistakes I’ve made in this game and I want to show that I can be loyal. I don’t want to throw kyra under the bus but the thing is its them or me. Right?! Dane – yup. Chelsea – I want to be here. I want you to know that you can trust me moving forward. Dane – so lets say you win the next HOH, am I going up? Chelsea – no. F**k if I win the next HOH, you can pick my noms for me. Dane – I wouldn’t do that but we can talk about that. Chelsea – I was trying to deflect the target onto you because I wanted to keep you both safe. And I understand that, that is not the dynamic of how this game is being played right now. The thing is I don’t want to campaign against you. I don’t even believe it! If you get to the end and you win this game. I would be like good! I know you can’t declare something and then take it back. All I can do is own up to my mistakes and be real. Dane – going forward I think you need to .. not separate but distance yourself. Chelsea – I don’t want to say anything bad about Kyra but I can’t even turn my back without her being right there. I can’t even play my own game. You have to allow me to campaign. Its Kyra or me. You still get a number out and you have someone that can be honest. If I win next week, I will not put you up. Think about who you want to be around you. Dane – even know I can tell people are contemplating who to go. You have one full day to change peoples minds. They hug. Dane – good luck with everything. Dane leaves and heads to the HOH room. Kyra is laying on the HOH couch. Dane heads to the bathroom. He looks at the camera laughs and whispers goodbye! F**k off!!



1:30am All the house guests are sleeping.

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FYI we’re having some technical difficulties this morning. hence the super late post (which was done last night but could post until this morning) and the lack of images.

We’ve finally hit our server space. It should be fixed in a couple hours.

Koko loko

The pretty boys are not really pretty they should call their group UGLY boys because they are all ugly


Well, that whole fight / argument between Sam and Adam was a smorgasbord of bullshit and now I feel sick after watching it. I can’t stand either of them. Truly a match made in Hell that is sure to last all of 1 Week outside of the House.
Then you have Chelsea who would rather have Dane pick her nom’s if she won HoH and is still running scenarios past Kyra to stay in the House. You should have blown up Thing 1 and Thing 2 ‘s game the minute you were put on the block !!!!

Just sayin'

Once I saw a couple arguing in IKEA about which door handles to buy, it was the dumbest fight I’ve ever seen a couple have until sam and adam. Just wow.

another name

if you’re going to throw someone under the bus: roll that beast over them five or six times, drive around the block and flatten them again, get out of the bus, set the speed bump on fire, put the burnt carcass in a blender, set it on puree… and then run over the blender. what’s so hard about this?
today on bbcan buslines:
kyra is using her learner’s permit to run over cardboard cutouts of chelsea. (you just know kyra is going to have cardboard cut outs of chelsea in her shrine).
dane having already nudged kiki into oncoming traffic with a faulty roadmap, is now attempting to send damien to an away game. buying someone a ticket isn’t throwing them under the bus dane.
eddie… god has a special place for fools… eddie wants to save chelsea. eddie gonna need to start wearing a traffic cone. is he trying to be the new jackie (bbcan5) whining weekly and weakly every friday that their friends always go home? oh no, watch out eeyore, eddie’s trying to steal your sympathy edit screen time.