“pfffff … I am lying right through my teeth”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Chelsea will be evicted if the votes stay where they are at right now. I don’t see a flip happening at this point.

5:09pm Kyra and Cory cam 1

Cory saying that from ta game standpoint Chelsea’s been all over, “I agree with you on that point”
Kyra – even though I was on the block beside her i even tried to help her..
Kyra – the big reason she’s on the block I blame Adam at first I still do a little..
Kyra – a lot of mistakes she (chelsea) made were encouraged and initiated by Adam
Kyra – at the end of the day she wouldn’t do it she refused.. She put her target on Dane then she switched to Adam.. I wish her the best
Kyra says if Chelsea was more certain with her herself she would have been able to say NO to “alpha type people”
Kyra – I’m glad she’s putting up a fight
Cory – I’m glad she is too because that’s why we came here
Kyra says she’s still being told that Chelsea is going on.
Cory – For sure
Kyra – I’m going to put up a fight too I’m here to play
Kyra says Chelsea is showing her cards

5:12pm Eddie and Sam

Eddie says he wants to keep chelsea personally but they will have to go with the house on this one they don’t have the votes.
Sam says that Chelsea thinks there’s hope but there’s not, “Don’t say anything”
Eddie – I won’t I promise..
Sam – it comes down to Dane and Dane is not changing his plan
Eddie says it makes no sense to him Dane isn’t voting and there is no tie, “it’s weird”
Eddie – I know he’s no changing his mind I know that..
Sam – KIKI and Esti are going to vote for Chelsea to go.. Dane is close to the guys right and the guys are not voting Chelsea out.
Eddie – Is Adam close with the guys
Sam – Adam wants CHelsea to stay but he’s not going against the guys
Sam says Chelsea was the target from the beginning.
Sam – it makes us look bad if we campaign for the target to stay
Sam – that sucks.. Cause if me and you were on the block and I was the target to go out it sucks that nobody is going to fight for me to stay
Eddie – nobody is going to keep me safe ..
Sam – you’re not as big of a target.
Eddie – you never know in this game

6:00pm KIKI and Esti

KIKI talking about starting to wear a lot of black since she was 8. She wears black 90% of the time.
Esti talks about how she can’t wait to get drunk with her and eat her “chocolates”
They talk about who they would take to Wendy’s
Esti – I would take Anthony
KIKI If I went I would take Anthony .. I wouldn’t take Mark .. I would take Sam
Esti says she might take Dane.
Esti – If I won HOH my target would be Sam there’s no point in me taking Sam so I would just take Adam and talk to him a little bit.. Cory already went.. Either Anthony or Adam.

They mention that Anthony is being “a Derrick” (cringe)
Esti – we know .. as long as we know it’s happening we can do something about it. For now love him to pieces and he has out back.. We have his
KIKI says it’s interesting that Mark spat out a name who he would put up.
Esti – he said a name he said Adam
KIKI – he said only if it permits will he do a backdoor.. Otherwise he’s playing it safe with Kyra and Eddie.
Esti says if Eddie was “too afraid” to go after Adam he could do Kyra and Mark
KIKI – would that be a determinant
They agree Kyra out is better

6:22pm Chelsea and Dane
Chelsea – I feel like it’s going come down to you at this point.
Chelsea says she doesn’t want to throw Kyra under the bus but right now it’s her or Kyra to stay and she wants to stay.
Chelsea – Kyra is not going to have your back. Both your HOH’s you put Kyra on the block.. it’s been two times now they’ve had a second chance..
Chelsea wants a second chance says she doesn’t have a target moving forward
Dane asks her who does she think she’ll
Chelsea says she isn’t going to turn her back on Adam and Sam but at the same time she’s open
Chelsea – with Kyra not here it releases me to play my own game. I don’t mean that in a mean way
Chelsea – if I go Kyra will come for blood.. for revenge.. they’ve said that for me I don’t want to campaign against them I want to fight.
Dane says there’s a few people he doesn’t know where their head is at but those people are not threats, “I don’t want to see you leave I didn’t want to put you up but my hand got pushed”

Dane – I’m thinking not even next week I’m thinking of the following week.. My consensus from everyone talking to people it’ll be Sam and Adam (as targets)
Dane says he doesn’t want to go against Adam and Sam but it’s not his name being thrown out there so he’s not going to go against the house on it.
Dane – there’s also Eddie that’s been brought up to me a couple times.. I get along with Eddie but I don’t trust him too too much.. he does follow the power
Chelsea – I don’t’ know if he’s really playing at this moment
Chelsea goes on about wanting to play in her own and pointing out that Kyra has had two chances now.
Chelsea says Kyra is a common target to get out, “Let me win with you.. we can work together who we can get out”
Dane – I already talked to eddie and eddie brought up he wants Kyra gone so that’s one vote.. I haven’t talked to Adam or SAm yet.
Chelsea – it’s going to come down to the house at this point.. a house flip.
Chelsea says this season has been crazy “lets make it crazy once again.. FLIP IT”
Dane – I’m all ears for that.. i’m not promising anything
Dane says he’ll talk to her before bedtime.
They agree to go off and talk to people some more.

After Chelsea leaves..
Dane – pfffff … I am lying right through my teeth..

8:50pm Dane and Kyra
Kyra – whats wrong ..
Dane – I just woke up .. Umm.. you’re safe
Kyra – I know I’ve had 9 people tell me
Dane – you won’t come after me
Kyra says no way, “who said I’m coming after you”
Dane – the person against you
Kyra – Chelsea said that.. of course she would say that.. the most I said against you is I don’t know if I trust you fully
Dane – it was her last tactic.. it didn’t get in my head I was jsut making sure
Kyra – it wouldn’t make any sense at all.. even if I put you up you’re not going home.. You have the numbers to stay f course.
Kyra – I promise on my nieces and nephews lives that I’m not gunning for you for revenge.
Kyra says if he puts them on the block a third time they’ll reevaluate.
Kyra – Chelsea is my weakness.. it’s for the best she leaves.. I don’t need a weakness in this house anymore.. it’ll be good for me but it’ll be hard.
Kyra – when did Chelsea tell you this
Dane – today
Kyra is “kinda” surprised because they had talked about not lying about each other for votes.

9:00pm Eddie and Cory
Eddie says the two leaders are Adam and Dane. He would like it for Cory to be a leader.
Eddie – we don’t come here to play other peoples game .. we don’t
Eddie clarifies that he would much rather they have a group that no one is the leader.
Cory – equal say
Eddie – Yes, do you think we can make this happen
Cory sighs “I don’t know because this season Im finding there’s a lot of duos and trios.. it’s really hard to make a group
Cory mentions they’ve just seen what happens when someone tries to talk about forming a group (Chelsea/Adam 7 person alliance)
Cory says Sam and Adam are equal, “I don’t think Adam makes decisions on their own.. Sam is right in there with it”
Cory says sometimes the leader isn’t in control there’s someone else behind the scenes.

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another name

so. all day yesterday they hyped up a house meeting.
here’s a chelsea house meeting: chelsea looks in the mirror. it’s been her strongest alliance for four weeks.

something that’s bothered me: week one there was an 8 person alliance. the 4 boys, plus chelsea, sam, este, kiki.
why are the girls not figuring out until week 4 that the bros are still broing?

another name

btw…. stef not telling kiki about the brolliance talk with chelsea and instead going to dane. totally d**kmatized. worst alliance mate ever. she’ll end up the victoria of the season.