Sam “I can’t believe I won! I am probably going to put Mark and Kiki up.”

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10:17pm The Live feeds return. In the file room Adam, Dane, Mark and Sam are listening to other house guests inside the secret room. Suddenly the wall starts moving Dane and Sam run out of the room. Adam moves boxes and the secret door opens. Adam sees Esti and Damien and asks them what they’re doing in there. Damien says they were stuck in there. They all talk about the blood veto and wonder what it is and how they get it.

10:30pm Kitchen Mark and Dane. Mark – we are so beyond f**ked. Dane – we are f**ked. Mark – she is going to come to us and be like Dane why did you lie to me. We’re going to have to spit some sh*t man. Dane – I looked at her and she smiled at me. Mark – the sickening look on her face man. We had lots of conversations. Mark asks Dane to come into the storage room. Mark – I am only saying this to you because I want you to hear it from me and not someone else. I’ve said a lot of f**king sh*t in there. I’ve spewed my f**king a$$ off in that room. Dane – where? Mark – the archived room. To like myself. You know like how I do my camera things. All BS and its about every person in this house and how I’m feeling. There was a day when you were really mad at me Dane .. sorry buddy! I just needed some time to spew .. and I went to the archived room and I was like f**k this and f**k Dane. You know what I am sorry buddy. I want you to hear it from me. Dane – its okay, its okay. She looked at me and she had a sickening feeling in her face. Mark is worried Esti heard them talking about the Pretty Boys. Maybe we should tell everyone straight up. Dane – no we are not telling people. I am going to go sit with her. I can tell if she is lying.

10:42pm Storage room. Adam and Sam. Sam – I can’t believe I won. Adam – I know. They kiss. I want to celebrate. I want to go nuts. Sam – I don’t know what to do. Adam wonders if the secret veto could be given to one of them by Canada’s vote. Sam – who can I nominate that sets me up for the next week. I need people to go against each other so that it creates more targets besides us. Adam – the whole Cory / Anthony thing. Sam – I don’t think Anthony is going to win competitions. He has everyone doing everything for him and feeding him food. I don’t like that. Adam – I know you don’t but that’s good to have on our side. And I know there’s a guy thing going on and I understand you want to cover all your bases but I can’t have that. Adam – okay, do what you got to do. Don’t let Chelsea get in your head. Sam – its not just Chelsea. I see it. Adam – it makes sense though. Sam – but what do I have? You. Adam – yes, and you get in with Dane and Esti. I’m not taking out Dane and Dane’s not taking out me. Its smart. We’re both winning. Why would I go against that. Sam – no I’m keeping Dane in the game so that he owes me. Adan – yes. Sam – I’ve got him to jury. I don’t feel like Esti deserves to be in jury. Adam – probably not. But you’re not going to agree that’s good for us. Sam – I am taking Kyra to Wendy’s. Kyra is brilliant in this game. I’ll save you some.

10:45pm Storage room continued with Adam and Sam… Sam- I’d like to put Mark and Esti up. Adam – why Esti? Sam – I just feel like… I am probably going to put Mark and Kiki up. Adam – I wouldn’t put up Esti. Dane would be so mad at you. Sam – I know. I am going to look back at me and wish that I did something more. Adam – but what is more? Kiki was just on the block and took herself off like that. Esti hasn’t won anything. Sam – so should I put Kiki up as the pawn. Adam – and send Mark home? Sam – nods. Adam – I don’t know, I thought you trusted Mark? Sam – I do but I am running out of options here. Adam – you said Cory? Sam – I want to breakup this whatever thing going on. Adam – okay. Sam – I feel like I can’t even talk to you. Adam – why? Sam – because I feel like you’re trying to keep something on the side.. Adam – I am not trying to make your decisions for you. I am just try to think about who I am good with. And I want you to good with them too. Sam – I am good know who I am not good with? Anthony. Adam – I though you said he is not going up. Sam – no, because I can beat him in competitions. I can beat Mark. I can’t beat Dane. Adam – but that’s good for us right now. Sam – you know who I can’t beat, Cory. Sam – so what would you do if you were me? Adam – I would put up Kiki .. and I would talk to you. Sam – Anthony and Cory are going to come for us eventually. Adam – take Cory out then.

10:55pm Storage room. Sam and Kyra. Kyra – you have to think smart. Sam – I know I just have such a bad feeling about Cory and Anthony. I feel like they’re gunning for me. Kyra – everyone is gunning for you.

12am Secret room. Esti tells Damien to close the door. Damien – why? Esti – because maybe you have to be in there alone for something to happen. Damien closes the door and then says is she trying to set me up or what? Damien tries to get the blood veto and the alarm sounds again.

Havenot room. Dane and Esti. Dane – so good. I am proud of you. I was trying to put 420 and literally tried to get it. Esti – I was so stressed. I was doing math in my head before the question started. Dane – you know how stupid we are .. when Mark was like did you count the rings? Kiki joins them. Dane – Mark freaked out when you guys were in the room.

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another name

kyra alone in lounge saying she’s got the gay demographic and the viewer sympathy for falling for a straight girl.
so…. would it be fair to assume she wants kiki out so she doesn’t have to share the gay demographic votes for any fan voting situations?

Aj Glitch

She has no demographic. Canada doesnt like her

another name

i agree. but that’s kyralogic. believes canada is in pronoun corner.


Sam, here is your chance to break up the PB. Wake up!!!!

Just sayin'

I don’t understand Sam’s logic, kiki or Corey, when she knows about the guys alliance. Wtf is wrong with her? I thought adam was the dumb one in that relationship but now….I dont know


Ugh Sam’s noms are sad noms

King Silva

Sam is so damn dumb!

Put up Mark and Anthony and say the plan is to backdoor Corey.

If Veto is used the true backdoor becomes Dane. 😉

I highly doubt he would stay over Anthony (Mark is a toss up but still Mark is not even close to the threat Dane is). People like Damian, Korey, Kiki, Kyra, etc should know Dane is one of the top threats to win the game so there will only be so many chances to get him out.

And if it really is two PB members on the block Adam and or Mark/Anthony have free reign to pick whoever they want.


If she thinks there’s a guys alliance why can’t she put up 2 guys, and a third as a replacement? I hope she wakes up before noms.

Leeann Hardy

Did kyra and chelsea hook up