“KIKI and Mark .. The ripple effect this will have on our game will reset the dynamic in this house”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Sam won the Head of Household after the double eviction and it’s looking like KIKI and Mark are going up. Not sure what the Backdoor Plan is yet if there is one.

Kyra has the blood veto ..

10:44am Sam and Kyra

Sam brings up a conversation she had with Damien last week where she planted a little seed that “I’m my own person that plays my own game”
Kyra mentions that DAmien is “scared of Adam”
Sam adds that she’s had conversations with Adam, Damien and her where they were all good. She was trying to plant a seed that we all need to get broken up to move forward.
Kyra – Damien is the type of person that can be easily swayed to the power
Sam is worried that DAmien will go to the guys or to Adam. She remained Damien that she’s not putting him up.
They agree to leave Damien out of the nomination/eviction equation for this week because if they show them loyalty he’ll return it.
Kyra – he’ll be easily swayed..
Kyra says certain people in the house will hold it against them forever if they are put on the block. Anthony is one of them DAmien is not.
Kyra says nobody is going to send Anthony out they’ll send KIKI out
Kyra – I’ve been thinking soo much of the ripple effects of your nominations you could put Anthony up and backdoor Cory but that not taking down a strong cord.. That Damien is going to Mark is going to. Kiki, Est,and Dane need to be {make a cutting motion]
Sam – everyone knows that
Sam says Anthony is working with Cory.
Kyra saying that they should show that pair trust they could use them to go after a Esti, Dane or a mark.

Kyra – they are both very strong we go after one we’ll have both after us.. Mark and KIKI is the safe bet..
Kyra – Mark with his back against the wall and the room of secrets.. He was panicking.. Why? Because he’s said a lot of sh1t

Kyra – it’s going to be KIKI and Mark?
SAm – yeah
Kyra – it makes the most sense because it leaves the least blood on your hands and does the biggest divide. Everybody will understand
Sam – yup
Kyra – it makes the most sense.. You took her off the block and she still was gunning for you everyone will respect that
Kyra – the divide if we take KIKI out will bring Esti 100% closer to us because they will panic.. it will bring Dane and Esti and it will also bring Anthony and Cory closer to us. The ripple effect this will have on our game will reset the dynamic in this house

Kyra says when Mark goes up as the Pwn he’s not good with his back up against the wall. Thats why he runs to power he’s going to crack he’s going to spill so many secrets.

Kyra – we need to crack in the right spot to change the dynamic

11:43am KIKI and Esti
KIKI says the talk with Sam didn’t go well they highly suspect them going up. She mentions how ANthony is targeting Sam and isn’t even being considered.
KIKI – I did not come here to play a game like this
Esti says this is only happening because they went against the strong players.
KIKI – well behaved women never made history

8:23pm HOH Sam and Adam
Sam talking about nominating Mark and how he broke her trust because everything he was telling her he was telling everybody else. Making deals for Safety.. “you don’t want to see me Mad.. you don’t want to see Mad Mark”

Sam – what are you thinking about
Adam – the whole Cory thing
Sam – she’s in the mix
Adam – was that a set up
Sam – maybe ..

8:40pm Stef and DAne
Talking about the blood veto.
Stef says she doesn’t care as much that she didn’t get it she cares that everybody in the house let it go so easily.
Stef – and also that ‘they’ have full control this week (Sam,Kyra)
Dane going on about being annoyed at Kyra, “you can’t win a thing… you have yet to leave Sam and Adam alone”
Dane – the thing is they are pissing Adam off a lot they’re like I want to have a talk by myself with Sam. Adam’s like no I’m going to be in here and they’re like no I want 10 minutes alone.
Stef – says she doesn’t know what ‘pikes’ wanted to get it so bad because they are the ones that wanted to backdoor Adam.
They joke about Kyra getting into Sam’s ear to backdoor Adam.

8:53pm Adam and Esti
Esti says if she won HOH this week she would have done a safe move.. She wouldn’t have gone after SAm and Adam adding that she felt safe with them, “why would I mess that up”
Adam – now that Sam has power nobody is saying her name now.. next week I feel if someone else gets power it’ll come right back.. why though?

Adam doesn’t understand why it’s always him and Sam, Mentions Anthony and Cory are very close and they’re not a target. Just as he says that Anthony walks in. Adam goes on to list the other duos in the house that aren’t being targeted like him and Sam.
Adam – Why is it directed to me and Sam
Stef – people seeing a strong duo that everybody sees.

Adam asks her if she’s worried about the people in the house that are never brought up as targets.
Stef says she is worried
Adam – me and sam are saying we got your back but the next week we don’t have power everybody is saying me and Sam have to go .. I don’t understand..
Adam – why can’t people step up and go after someone else..

KIKI comes in
KIKI says if she wins the veto and comes off the block she is not coming after Sam or Adam. She doesn’t like them fighting each other.
Adam says she told them last night if she would have won HOH they were going up.
KIKI – well before I thought about it and that’s what people were saying so I was like yeah that’s what I agreed to when the conversation presented itself. truthfully I don’t want to gun for you guys
KIKI – gunning for Sam is the worst move I could make.. KIKI says After Sam leaves she’s the number 1 girls target.

Adam leaves..
Esti says Adam would rather have her here than mark

9:25pm Pantry Adam, Sam and Anthony
Adam saying the target is going to go right back to them again
Anthony- you guys have nothing to worry about
Sam – thank you baby I feel good about you
Anthony leaves..
Adam – we have nothing to worry about.. that’s what Esti said..

Adam says to take Cory down “backdoor someone and send them home”
SAm – yeah … you want to do that
Adam – yeah ..
Sam – we’re playing Big brother right.. we’re not going to wait around all season for people to pick us off
Adam – we’re just picking each other off and people are sitting back and chilling and we’re doign all the work and taking all the heat.. it’s pissing me off people are sitting back and saying F**ing shit.. at the end of the day I’m taking all the heat.
Sam – I do and you do ..
Mark comes in ..

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Omg!! That Kiki sure is threat compared to any one of the PBs. She deserves to lose when they can’t make a better move than this.


As much as I can’t stand the PBs at this point everyone else in this house deserves to lose! Sam and Kyra were my only hope to maybe go against Dane and Anthony and she’s going to target Kiki or Cory?!!

another name

sam wants to be seen as an individual, not part of sadam… but won’t go after the guy’s alliance because of the effect it will have on adam… way to be an individual. sam thinks the boys alliance is three men with a satelite mark.
so why mark? sam believes mark was more than a floater the boys alliance is using for numbers. so to sam she’s not going after the boys alliance.
so why kiki? because she doesn’t see kiki as and individual but part of the twins. sam thinks taking out kiki will bring dane and este closer to her.
logic error: if este took out adam or kyra… would sam want to work with este more? why would este and dane want to work with her more?
kyra. pushed boys alliance. was proud of pushing boys alliance. wants kiki out for personal animus and personal gain. thinks she can get more votes if the other member of the community is out. can someone please just cancel pronoun.
sam hates that everyone caters to anthony. she shows her displeasure by rewarding anthony with a wendy’s meal.
the blood veto is missing? and they think someone already has it? i think they’ve got to put it inside the mattress of the have not bed reward.
sam tells este she’d consider putting kyra up as a pawn to make sure mark goes home if kiki came off the block. because kyra on the block would ensure mark goes home.

one question: is sam still drunk?


I can’t stand the Pb and Sam. Dane is at least playing the game. So much airtime wasted on them. Show us the other houseguests please so we get a better picture of their game. Would to see more of what Cory, Anthony and Damien are thinking.

another name

given what comes out of Anthony’s mouth sometimes… i think the editing department is doing him a favor. though closed caption explanations of what he means when he says,” when you’re a lion you’re the king of the jungle, so if a mama bear is guarding her cubs, you don’t want to pop the corks on your bottle. i’m batman.”
Damien would have to speak in order to get more inclusion.
Cory? well cory would have to do more than agree with anthony.

another name

more sam logic this afternoon: i’m nominating people that aren’t as connected to the big group because i need numbers to protect myself from the big group.

by targeting the outside reinforcements she needs… she’s gathering an army?
seriously… is d/r giving out tequila shots with every brain fart this season?


Really Sam ??? Did Adam suck your brain out, in those few times he kissed you ?!! She is making no sense in her noms. She knows there are at least 4 guys working together even with Adam lying to her. SMH – And they ( Kyra and Sam ) Just answered their own question Anthony would flip out and spill the beans about the whole PB alliance if he was on the block with either Mark or Adam !!! The blind leading the Blind


Time to put Dane on the block


Kyra is telling Sam “they” can’t believe “they” were chosen to get the power. ZOMG – this better not be the blood veto b/c “they” will prob put up Kiki & Este instead of using it take out one/two of Adam/Dane/Anthony.

While I’ve been annoyed & pulling out my hair all day by these women playing brutally ignorant games (knowing there is a guy’s alliance but having two females be among the three nomination considerations – UGH) there is a bit of movement.

However, this came about more b/c of Dane catching Anthony in a lie. The latter is working to get out one of Kiki or Este this week while he works to keep himself & ideally Cory (who he feels is closest to him) safe. The problem is Anthony may have overplayed his hand a bit b/c now he’s got both Adam/Dane looking at him & his paranoia when Sam first won HOH. Still, Anthony rolls with the flow the best of the males and for now, looks super safe.

The one good move Kiki made was to adamantly enforce with Sam that she is NOT her target & never was. Kiki owns that Adam was the one of the two she wanted to take out. She also shared with Sam how everyone says Sam is running the show & the two females figure out whoever is saying this to Kiki’s side about Sam is also the same person stating Kiki wants to take out Sam (Anthony and/or Adam).

Este hasn’t done squat to help her friend and if anything her words made the situation worse for Kiki. Adam keeps pushing his personal mandate to take out Kiki (b/c he knows he is her target),

If Sam was smart (ZOMG) she could still keep her word to not nominate Dane/Este but put up Mark/Anthony. She KNOWS Anthony is after her anyway so just tell him she wants to foster some good with Kiki & that Anthony is NOT the target. Then if one comes down do damage control either by backdooring Dane or one of Damian/Cory/or Kiki) – although it would be dumb IMHO to take out any of the last three.

Sam’s move should be to break apart the quartet of Adam/Dane/Anthony & Mark and even though she is looking at Anthony as not being a competitor she has to step back & view this as “is he throwing these comps? or is he unable to win?”

Anyway – it looks like she’ll make what she thinks is a safe move & put up Mark/Kiki (UGH) & then work from there.

another name

kyra says that kyra got the blood veto. kyra put kyra’s hand up first and got it?? and nobody argued? and nobody knows it’s properties and powers?
i think i’m more disgusted by this than este running to dane about the boys alliance.
i’m going to take some time.
that veto better have a curse aspect to it.

another name

nope. the disgust that clingy eeyore is now pompous comfortable eeyore… not helping.
that’s right eeyore. it’s been 24 hours. complain for the 9th time that adam won’t give you alone time with sam.
chance of the new five alliance working? zero.
dane’s never going to want sam to stay in the game.
dane, who knows anthony lies, is telling the girls anthony would never lie. to keep them against sam.
he could just wait on this information until after kiki is off the block, or safe. but no. obsession comes first.
sam is never going to trust dane (but will overshare info with him because she overshares info with every man).
este. este could be sitting in the middle of a prettyboy meeting, while they discuss targetting her, and make the hand signal the whole time… and she’d still want verifiable proof that they are working together.
este is GOING to be the demise of kiki.
adam will change his mind every time he has another conversation.
btw. if you’re mark. and your alliance didn’t keep you off the block, and your alliance is telling you to throw veto… when do you ask for your foutte membership card?


I think it’s more of a coup d’etat that blood veto at least I hope so. What I don’t understand is why Kyra.


Finally – looks like something “MIGHT” happen. I’m not sure why Sam doesn’t see the value in putting up someone else right from the start (i.e. going back in & changing the noms) but at least they are seeing another path. That said, unfortunately, the moves they will make if Kiki comes down is to put up Cory which HELLO that still keeps all of PB safe.

This new deal between Sam/Adam/Kiki/Este/Dane works well for Dane/Adam as they’ll have the PB and this alliance to protect themselves. Let’s see if Anthony smells it out or not. Speaking of which Anthony overplayed today & got caught in several lies by Adam & Dane. He told both Adam/Dane that Este/Kiki spoke to Sam at the same time (they didn’t) & were tossing each of them UTB (they weren’t). This put doubt in Adam’s mind & with Mark’s paranoia of being caught on film in that room he also put a target on his back.

Of this new five-some, Dane seems the least happy about it but that’s mostly b/c he wants Sam gone. If he knew Mark wanted him out as badly as he does he might not be so against it.

Kyra was awarded the Blood POV & it seems it was based on arguments made to deserve it but the house had to agree. The ONLY people who tried to win it were Adam, Kyra, Kiki, Dane and Este – As Kiki said there was no way Mark was going to agree to her having it (since they expect to be on the block together) so it ended up landing in Kyra’s hands (UGH).

Other insights from today:

*Kyra is the worst when she feels safe. She walks around being very condescending & overtly displaying “her self perceived power”.

*Although Anthony is the BB whisperer his mist isn’t as devastating as it was prior to this week.

*It seems less likely than it did at day start that PB would sail through to F4. Then again, for as much as Sam seems to understand she needs Kiki/Este for the safety of her own game I’m still not convinced the ladies won’t self-sabotage.

Moving forward:
* With the deal made by Adam/Dane if Kiki doesn’t get removed from the block they’ll either end up showing their hand to the ladies (if they vote out Kiki or PB if they vote out Mark).
*Conversely, what game will Cory show if she is the re-nom? And more importantly, how will Anthony react to losing his best non PB ally?
*Interesting that Anthony told Mark NOT to try to win POV = how will that rest with Mark?
*To wit, will Mark blow up the PB alliance or do any damage to that group if he remains on the block?