Kryssie “Scott can’t come down & if he does, then everyone has to be ready to kiss Shelby goodbye.”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-22 01-52-10-743

9:25pm Storage room – Morgan, Alex and Whitney. Alex – I feel like if you go back to back to talk to Kryssie she will view it as fake. You need to talk to her tonight. I think together will have more power. Last night when you went separate it was like a group thing but if you go together it will be like you’re together .. separate from us. Morgan – we need to make sure this is her target and the we will vote how she wants. Alex – say then next two weeks honestly. Make it more than one week deal. I think your best option.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-22 05-11-02-758

10:15pm Backyard – Jason – this is our time to take a shot. Kryssie tells Jason – I’m going to make sure whoever does go home this week that its advantageous for you and I. I think if Scott goes, Alex will start spilling her tea to you. I think that could work well for you and I. I do think Scott would be the easiest to get out this week. I think it will be Scott and Morgan or Scott and Whitney.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-22 04-36-11-386

10:45pm – 11:15am HOH room – Morgan and Whitney talk to Kryssie. Whitney – we figured that we’re on the same level as compared to Shelby or Scott and that one of us is probably, definitely, maybe going to go up. We understand that but we just want you to hear us out. Obviously Alex was the target… Kryssie – MMmmm.. debatable. Whitney we know that now that she’s safe its probably thrown a wench in the plan. Morgan – so basically if we are not the target this week.. you have two votes with you. And we’re pretty sure Alex would vote with us too. That’s 3 votes in your favour which is a lot right now. And going forward in the next 2 or 3 weeks if someone from our alliance mentions your name we will bring that information to you. Whitney – this is your HOH so you need to do what is best for your game. Morgan – I know that Scott is going to be gunning for you and I know for a fact that he has ties with other people in the house. Whitney – Scott just does whatever is best for his game that week. Morgan – when he came and talked to you I know he used reverse psychology and that he wasn’t going to talk to you again. Kryssie – you two were the people that came to me when I was put on the block. Especially now that Alex is off the table I have to explore the pawn scenario. I think Scott is the best to go. I also think that America would respect the scenario of getting rid of him. I don’t think Alex needs to go. I don’t have a problem with either of you. If either one of you end up on the block just know you’re not the one I’m gunning for. Someone from your side is going home. Scott has made some bad moves and choices. Depending on what happens with the havenots he is absolutely at the top of my list. To make sure.. which ever one of you that is on the block… whoever wins veto .. he (Scott) can’t come down and if for some reason he does come down… then everyone has to be ready to kiss Shelby goodbye. Whitney – you think everyone would get rid of Shelby over us? Kryssie – yes. Justin and Neeley can’t stand her. As far as I know everyone on my side is going to vote how I vote. I made 1 hand shake deal with Alex and she blew it. I am willing to shake hands with you two that even with whatever happens with havenots tomorrow. I know I’m supposed to make you sweat but don’t worry.

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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-22 04-36-53-707

1am Jason tells the other house guests about their made up story about all the house guests.

1:45am HOH room – Kryssie, Neeley, Jason and Danielle are chatting about random things.

2:40am All the house guests are sleeping.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-22 05-04-48-800

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I see so many people on twitter saying they want Danielle evicted because she said she’d beat her son. However, they either weren’t listening to the conversation or purposely left out some details. She said she’d beat her son IF he turned out like Brock Turner and raped another girl. She was talking about how she wouldn’t try to cover it up like Brock Turner’s parents did. I don’t like Danielle either but all those people on Twitter who keep saying she beats her son on a regular basis and are trying to make her look worse need to stop.


“I’m gonna take a seat on the Normal couch”
A.K.A. the Plastic’s couch…



No, that’s ridiculous. Shelby was clearly referring to any couch that isn’t for HG’s on the block. As she put it, any couch that isn’t orange, is a normal couch. Jason totally blew that little comment completely out of proportion & changed what she meant by it.


Shelby: all of the misfits hate her but she’s been able to portray herself as weak and stupid so none of them are even coming after her. She, along with Morgan, came up with the plan to blindside the misfits by voting out Shane to cause distrust on that side of the house. It didn’t happen but she still proved she can be a schemer. Let Kryssie do all the talking last night and was able to learn about a Justin, Jason, and Scott alliance that she confronted both Justin and Scott about.

Morgan: became buddy-buddy with Monte and was able to take Shane’s spot of being Monte’s number one. Protected her alliance members by getting Monte to nominate Kryssie as the replacement nom instead of Shelby. was part of the blindside plan last week that was killed by Scott and Alex. Is working on buildng a connection with Justin to have some protection with the LNJ side.

Whitney: The best social game by far of all the plastics, and most of the house tbh. Was the second closest person to Monte after Cornbread’s eviction. The only member of the plastics with strong relationships with people on the other side of the house. Got Justin to promise to protect her this week and was the only plastic to have Kryssie guarantee her safety.

Alex: ….

Like I’m so confused as to what Alex has really done to be called the best gameplayer this season. I love the plastics, including Alex, but the only thing Alex is good at is comps. At this point even Danielle played the game more, I mean sis survived three back to back evictions, even though America turned on her.


I really want Neeley to be nominated so she gets a reality check, which is why I’m voting for her, but I’m not so sure that I want her evicted, I would rather see Scott go tbh.


BB: Who annoys you the most?
Everyone in the DR:Danielle

BB: Who annoys you the most?
Danielle in the DR: No one really

lol I kinda feel bad for her, even her alliance members said she annoys them, she pretty clueless.


I honestly do not get the severe Danielle hate. Yes, she talks too much sometimes. And…? She’s a real badass female strategist and wants to actually play the game yet she’s getting shit on consistently and STILL remains positive and LOYAL despite being on the block several weeks in a row. Can you imagine if Jason was on the block three weeks in a row, He’d have thrown everyone under the bus already, including America lol

I’d rather have someone like her in the house who’s annoying but plays the game than a person who just lays around not playing the game at all.


I think the talk with Morgan and Whitney went well, and could be advantageous for all concerned. Kryssie has no problem with Whitney at all, and Morgan can be trusted too I think to keep their part of the bargain. Fortunately, Kryssie is running her own HOH this week, and should try to make deals that will benefit her. If they all keep up their end of the bargain, maybe it will be easier for these 3 to have future dealings with one another. There appears to be fractures in both alliances, and I didn’t hear of Whitney speaking to anyone regarding her conversation with Justin, or maybe I missed it.


I have gotten used to watching the feeds. I miss coming here for updates. ;(

A nony mouse

Like I know we’ve gotten away and strayed from the racism, and I’m glad. But I think it’s does consist of a lot of random shit.


Scott – (Steve – Ian)(Ronnie)= Scott
Aka he sucks!

Alex – I agree, what has she done? Like just a comp beast. But what else? Whatevs… (Vanessa – Derrick)(Tiffany)= Alex

Shelby – She just seems like the girl that living out of her parent’s trust fund. Like has she worked a day in her life? With other people from different walks of life? I don’t know, but if she hasn’t, then she needs to so that she can stop killing my brain cells every time I hear her talk…

Kryssie – Annoying? Yes. Underdog? Yea. Vote for her to win? Right now, no, let’s see how she continues…

Morgan – Alex’s Sister… … … Hmm…. Hot? Yea, would prefer her sister tho… She’s like the chick you pick up after you drop off your prom date(Alex) and well you know…

Justin – He’s OK… Haven’t seen him shine yet competitively, strategically, or socially yet. He has done some detrimental game moves, but he has a lot of ties so don’t know about him yet…

Neely – Princess! Yes she has been annoying and full of herself, but she just needs to work her way to becoming the Queen! She has a long way to go tho, don’t get me wrong…

Whitney – She seems to always have a blank stare… She just feels like that girl that you meet because your mom knows her mom and they homeschooled her. So you go to their prom in her basement and you hope things won’t get kinky or American Psycho even tho you know they probably don’t own too many TVs or Movie players or really any amount of education materials like books or some things like that… Yeah… But you go and ypou have a nice time and her dad tries to spike the punch bowl but her mom smacks his hand.. You know what I mean? She’s that girl!

Jason – OK yeah I found him to be very annoying and detrimental to BB17 but him, Davonne, James, Meg, Jackie etc. Were the underdogs, that’s a big reason why they got so much love and why people like him, not because he is not annoying because he is! But he is and was an underdog and deserves the love, but by all means, I do not want him to win!

Danielle – Where do I begin…? SMH! Just drop it. She’s like Shelly from BB17 but has so much more potential and I hope she loses some of her allies soon so she can become the biggest underdog and focus solely on the game and not herself and she can win!


We all got Neeley and Jason nominated for Have nots. If we are all on the same page we can get Neeley up for 3rd nom. I don’t think we can get enough votes to get Jason out right now but if Neeley stays on the block we may be able to get her out to screw up Kyrssie’s HOH like they screwed up Monte’s and Alex’s. Who knows maybe even Justin will vote Neeley out. He wants her out and is afraid of her hat.


The scenario that you describe, I’d exactly what I’d love to see happen!


The scenario that you describe, is exactly what I’d love to see happen!


Would be funny if Neeley wound up going home on Kryssie’s HOH.


Not watching the feeds so im confused about people wanting Scott out. What’s the story?