Sabrina says I would suck your soul but you don’t have one! Adel says you’re a thorn in my a$$!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

BBCAn2-2014-04-26 14-48-39-842

5:50pm – 6pm Sabrina leaves the living room and Adel says BOOOO! Sabrina says if you boo me when I leave .. I swear to god! After that speech! Adel says you’ve been a thorn in my side! Adel laughs. Sabrina pretends to go in the bedroom but listens to the living room conversation. She then comes out and says she’s been listening to them. Adel says you’re a thorn in my a$$. Sabrina says I would say I would suck your soul but you don’t have one! Sabrina says I’m winning the veto and you’re going up! Goodbye there bud! Adel says if I go to jury house I will make you go insane! Sabrina says if I’m in jury house there’s no camera’s watching! Sabrina heads into the bedroom. Sabrina goes into the bedroom and then runs back out and says SUCK ON A TURD YOU TURD NUGGET!! Sabrina lays on the bed. Sabrina says how am I going to live with this person another 2 weeks! In the living room – Jon comes out of the diary room and and sees Neda sleeping on the living room couch. He looks at the camera and points at Neda sleeping. Neda wakes up and Jon starts touching her face and pulling her towards him. Big Brother blocks the feeds…

BBCAn2-2014-04-26 14-53-02-505

6pm – 6:30pm The live feeds are blocked..
6:40pm – 7:20pm The live feeds return – Sabrina is sleeping in the bedroom. Meanwhile in the kitchen Adel, Heather, Neda and Jon are hanging out. Jon sticks out his baby belly and says I’m so fat! Adel says Neda why do you look so provocative? Neda asks what? Adel says didn’t I say it right .. why are you trying to look horny? They repeat him provocative? Adel says so I did say it right. Adel says eat your heart out ladies.. its Jon and Adel in the kitchen! Adel says Jon the DONG PARDY! JOn sticks his hand down into his diaper.. Neda say Jon Jon Jon you can’t do that!! Jon asks why and then pulls his hand out. Neda tells him to go wash his hand. Jon goes to wash his hands. Jon says Neda from the bottom of my heart I am sincerely sorry for my words, my actions and my a$$hole-ness! Adel says that his girlfriend is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world. Heather tells Jon to say Janelle is. Jon says no that’s highly un-probable. Heather says that’s mean. Jon gets called the the diary room and Adel continues to cook while Neda and Heather watch. They speculate that the POV competition might not be today since the POV sign isn’t up on the living room tvs and they say that its usually started by now.

BBCAN2-2014-04-26 15-43-38-122

7:20pm – 7: Jon and Adel sit down eat at the table and Neda joins them. They talk about telling Heather they’re voting her out. Neda explains that if it were her she would want to know she was going home. Neda says just don’t drop anything right after the pov either. Adel says he won’t .. she’ll be like what happened to 1 billion hundos!? They all laugh. Neda says if we know and there’s nothing that can change it .. its better that we tell her. Adel asks what happens if there’s a twist? Neda says we can’t worry about it. We will just wait until the dust settles for a bit after the POV and then tell her. The conversation turns to talking about the baby challenge. Neda says I held my baby all most all of the time. Jon says yeah by its leg.

BBCAN2-2014-04-26 16-29-55-443

7:45pm Jon and Neda start wrestling. They have a thumb wars, foot stomping wars, and n!pple pinching wars…

7:50pm – 8:10pmJon and Heather speculate on where Neda went the week she was HOH and left the house over night. Jon wonders if the got something really cool in a secret room in the house or if she got to meet someone.. he says he doesn’t think she got pandora’s box because then the whole house would have gotten a punishment or reward. Big Brother calls Neda to the diary room. Jon says I am so sick of this outfit! And I have to wear it right till eviction! Heather says that bites! Do you have to wear it for the HOH competition? Jon says he doesn’t think so. Heather says that’s good.

BBCAN2- 2014-04-26 17-35-27-277
8:30pm – 9pm Adel, Heather, Jon and Neda are sitting around the living room couch talking about random things. Adel says I keep think the longer we’re here the more cheddar we get but that’s not true. The house guests are confused as to why the power of veto competition hasn’t started yet. Adel says I can bet 1 hundo that this is a recording and Canada has the veto! Jon comments on how Sabrina’s allowed to sleep but they can’t. Adel says Paul and Sab’s can do whatever they want. Heather brings up how she knew Andrew for a long time and he still called me a dumb b***h! Jon says you’re a bright girl heads! Heather says thanks! Adel says I’m a profiler and I think you’re trying to be an actress Heather. Jon says look me in the eye and tell me you’re not going to pursue acting? Jon keeps pushing for Heather to say if she wants to be an actress when they get out. Heather won’t answer and says its not her career. Jon says I am going to be f**king rattled if I get out of this house and you’re an actress. Adel asks why? Jon says because that means she’s lying to me.

BBCAN2-2014-04-26 17-56-40-959

9:15pm Adel heads to the bathroom and draws x’s on the doll face and then throws it downstairs. Adel comes back to the living room couch. Sabrina joins them complaining about her alergic reaction on her hands. She starts showing Adel and he tells her its okay just self-evict! F**K IT!

BBCAN2-2014-04-26 18-56-39-185
9:20pm – 10:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds… When the feeds return all the house guests are in the pantry except for Sabrina whos in the diary room. They’re on a pantry lock down. Jon says as soon as we walk out there someone will be out there… The lock down ends and they leave the pantry. Nothing is different. They comment on how someone probably had to just run in and out. Adel checks the main bedroom door and realizes its locked. They think Big Brother put the POV costumes in there. JOn, Sabrina, Neda and Adel eat the pizza they made. They hear noises coming from the backyard. Adel says its water spraying.. he says well be on something spinning around like crazy. Neda says the POV is either something spinning really fast or water spinning and spraying. The house guests move up to the landing by the front door. They continue to hear noises from the backyard. Jon asks if they’ve ever done an endurance POV before? Neda says it might have been possible it happened before. Neda says I am going to take a wild guess .. that the building is done..

10:15pm In the bedroom – Neda tells Jon that Sabrina is acting too safe.. I think we need to tell her something to make her not feel so safe. Jon says we could tell her that Heather better win the POV or its a whole new ball game. Neda says yeah that’s good. Adel, Heather and Sabrina join them. The house guest are laying around talking about how late it is and how they wonder when the POV will start. Everyone leaves the HOH but Jon. He calls Sabrina into the HOH room.. The cameras turn to them but the audio is off at first and when the audio gets turned on Jon says “..She’s (Heather) already gone before so f**king… Big Brother cuts the feeds… (Jon was basically telling Sabrina that prior to the POV competition Heather is going home but if Heather wins it she would be the one going home, so Sabrina better try and win the veto.)

10:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. Looks like its time for the power of veto competition..

12:35am Still blocked..

1:05am Still blocked..

1:55am Still not back yet..

2:20am Big Brother tweeted out “Yes, feeds will return tonight. Your patience is appreciated.”

3:15am The Live Feeds are still blocked..

3:40am The live feeds have now been blocked for over 5 hours…

4:25am Still nothing ..

4:50am The live feeds return with no mention of who won the veto .. all house guests are too exhausted and head straight to bed..

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So over Adel


SO OVER Adel, hope he go up and leave!


I guess I will try to continue this chain….

So over Sabrina…..maybe I won’t be once she wins at least 1 competition.

team adel

people are saying sabrina won pov


Thanks for staying up with us Dawg! How long do you think you can last?


Guaranteed endurance, that’s why they let Sabrina sleep and no one else.


I know, BB must have some evil plan!


That was a troll on Jokers, you can’t trust anything on there!




For any of the houseguests, Adel is the worst person to take F2. Heather is the best. Adel’s game reminds me of Peter’s and Jillian had the good gut instinct to get rid of Peter when Emmett wanted to keep Peter. Adel’s game is similar to Peter’s in concept. Win with your mind and not with competitions. Adel has played himself off to be weak both mentally and physically however Neda has noticed that Adel has made a big show of “throwing” competitions. I don’t think he would have won the “stamp” ede veto however he made it look like he threw it – which he has done on other occasions. And that is all he will need to convince the jury that he really could win comps even though I don’t think he can. Adel can also reveal how he used that “veto” card to outsmart all the other houseguests when he tells them what it actually does as opposed to what he said it can do. Even though it was Ika’s idea he can take credit for it. As of all of he recent nastiness. . he has already said this is his latest strategy being mean to the houseguests going to jury so he will be taken to F2 then he will apologize and explain that this was only strategy .And it will make sense because he will say he could not win physical or mental or endurance against the remaining houseguests and this was his only way to get to F2. Once again using his mind. If Jeda, Heather and Sabrina think about it long enough they have to get Adel out this week.


Emmet got rid of Peter over gary and tallah, how did that work out for him? 3rd place. That will go down as the absolute dumbest game move in history. He took the 1 guy who could actually win competitions to a final 3 over 2 people who didn’t win nothing all season long and probably couldn’t if there life depended on it (ok ok peter won one veto). The juury had bitter juror syndrome so Emmet would never had won anyways unless he took tallah.

Heather is terrible to take to final 2, for one she has actually won several competitions, had no real alliance, had no one working with her, and had ika targetting her yet she still survived. No one ever even targetted Adel he was seen as the male sabrina. If Heather goes to the end, she wins, she was the only houseguest there who was genuinely targetted and basically played by herself the whole game. Sabrina had the first 5 and rachelle to hide behind, adel hid behindpaul and kyle the canada gave him a cop out, neda was never targetted and had several alliances and Jon was the only other player targetted. Heather is very hard to beat she has a compelling story. Unlike most floaters she actually won hohs.


For any of the houseguests, Adel is the worst person to take F2. Heather is the best. Adel’s game reminds me of Peter’s and Jillian had the good gut instinct to get rid of Peter when Emmett wanted to keep Peter. Adel’s game is similar to Peter’s in concept. Win with your mind and not with competitions. Adel has played himself off to be weak both mentally and physically however Neda has noticed that Adel has made a big show of “throwing” competitions. I don’t think he would have won the “stamp” ede veto however he made it look like he threw it – which he has done on other occasions. And that is all he will need to convince the jury that he really could win comps even though I don’t think he can. Adel can also reveal how he used that “veto” card to outsmart all the other houseguests when he tells them what it actually does as opposed to what he said it can do. Even though it was Ika’s idea he can take credit for it. As of all of he recent nastiness. . he has already said this is his latest strategy being mean to the houseguests going to jury so he will be taken to F2 then he will apologize and explain that this was only strategy .And it will make sense because he will say he could not win physical or mental or endurance against the remaining houseguests and this was his only way to get to F2. Once again using his mind. If Jeda, Heather and Sabrina think about it long enough they have to get Adel out this week.


WAKE UP, ADEL! We’re over you. I don’t even like Sabrina and I hope she wins Veto and Adel goes up and Sabrina and Neda send his annoying ass home.

So Over Him

Adel NEEDS to go ASAP. Little weasel has played no game, he just got to this final 5-6 by accident because everyone forgot about your ass.


If Adel wins veto and doesn’t take Heather off it is going to be an almost identical situation to last year when Peter didn’t use the veto on Topaz.

It’s annoying towards the end of a season when there is one maybe two good strategists running the entire game and the rest are just sitting ducks hoping they look harmless enough to take to Final 2.

Happened on BBCAN1 and is looking like much of the same for BBCAN2.


Who’s got the plan?

Sabby my girl you have had a terrible day. Your game has been good most of the season considering. Your acting like your not going home you idiot! Getting in arguments with Adel helps you how? To the Heather fans she still has a chance at staying if Sabs keeps this sh*t up. This is not a plan this is how to get voted out F5 Sabby!

Adel is a BB idiot until he proves me wrong. Gremlins on the block is hardly BB genius level stuff. He likely rides his Jon F2 deal til he’s in the jury house. Dear Jon letter to follow.

Jon my boy Neda/Adel F3 who says either takes you? Ask Emmitt how that worked out last season. Adel might actually take Neda and Neda definitely might take Adel for a sure 100K. Jon is way to comfortable for a guy who needs F4 POV or he might be next. Considering Jon’s not a pleasant drunk and the nice goofy Newfie guy is no where to be found I give Neda permission to take him out if she gets a chance. Almost every day I’m getting stronger feeling he has to go. 2 weeks ago I’d be happy with a Jon win.

Neda still looks like gold F2. I think she would prefer Sabby, Heather, Adel then Jon in that order logically. The only question is does she really intend to go F2 with Jon in spite of her BB intelligence which has to tell her the others are all easy wins.

Heather you gotta get off boohoo and get prepared for POV. There will be plenty of time to b*tch your way out of the house after Mondays veto ceremony. She needs a POV win or something “strange” to happen. She’s got Sabby being a fool today with her walking around the house with no worry of going home. It’s Saturday and the Laval Mist is no where to be found. Heathers not having a good day. Her sense of “pawn go home” is spot on. How she is handling it so far is terrible.


If Sabs had freaked out and cried and made drama like she has every other time she was on the block, Heather wouldn’t be so worried. I don’t want Heather to go, and I hope she doesn’t. The worst thing would be Adel winning POV. I feel like Neda plans to use Heather to take out Jon, and that’s why she didn’t push too hard for Deli to go up, because she knows that Adel is means the same thing to Jon. By letting Jon put up Heather, she is showing him loyalty, but letting him piss off Heather, who is now pissed at Jon but not Neda. She doubts the Jon and Neda final 3 and her only other option is Sabrina. If Sabrina manages to win POV it’s a given that Neda and Sabs will take Adel out, and that’s the only way anyone beats Jon. Sabrina winning is the best thing for Neda because then Adel will go up, Heather will trust Neda and probably gun for Jon. I think Neda is smart enough to know that she won’t win if she is sitting with Jon, but if she takes him out herself she will probably lose anyways. Someone has to take Jon out, and Heather is the only one left that could do it.


Crazy season however I wish they had daniele and jason from bb3 giving a strategy sessiin as they were and still are to date in my opinion the best power friend alliance going. If the jury at that time couldn’t see her dr sessions she would have won that.


hahaha good on ya adel love it… after many weeks of slobrina doing nothing but making fun of other house guest name calling so on and so forth .. when the shoes on the other foot poor thing cant handle it.. i hope she goes back and watches herself on the show.. maybe she’ll get a clue and wonder why she’s so disliked in the house and out!! ha

double standard

And now its ok that adel does it… don’t you dare persecute adel for having the exact same actions that we all hate sabrina for… and you laughing at it is just bullying like both of them


Are we watching the show ? cause i believe adel stated thats how he was going to play the game for them to take him to the final two .. Sabs on the other hand thats how she is in everyday life, just a plain bully….easy to tell the difference…

team adel

I love adel his so funny!! Ha

Gloria from Newfoundland

I think the POV will be an endurance. I think they will start the challange shortly , by who ever staying awake the longest.


Neda is really Dan in a size zero!

Just a minute don’t take that negatively. Size zero is my guess on her dress size as she is so petite. I don’t know woman’s fashion and sizes well enough so please correct me if she is a 2 instead. See up to now she really has been influencing Jon basically. But she has a real chance for some Dan moments.

F4 what if she wins POV and sends Jon home? Now that would be a Dan worthy moment for sure. F3 is Sabby, Neda and Adel god help Neda’s nerves the house would be insane with those 2 fighting. Neda lets Sabby win endurance. That would be epic strategy to take out Adel in physical she tanks endurance. That would definitely not be Dan worthy. She needs to play herself into the finale with these 2. If Heather comes off the block this week on the other hand she’d be around and I think would take Neda F2.

I’ve never bought into Neda taking Jon to the final and will be surprised if it happens. I think Jon is bleeding off jury votes and may not beat Neda F2. Heather was a sure vote for Neda in the jury IMO. But why he didn’t give her the your going up as a pawn talk before hand I have no idea. True comps are king at this point but kindness and respect = jury votes. Neda’s game is getting better the rest are imploding to varying degrees.


imo, anyone who throws any F3 HOH comp is a fool. Didn’t Danielle do that for Dan and Ian, and she ended up being in the position of not being able to decide who stays and goes. The only and best way for anyone in F3 to act is to go for all the wins. there is no benefit to throwing, just like no benefit to agree to be a pawn lol.

Heather should go because she is being such a poor sport about being on the block. Even if she wasn’t the real target, she’d become the target just because she’s pouting about it., and Sabs isnt’. Anyone can play of Sabs as being realistic, no suprise to be on the block, hardly a case of having a tantrum, because that would be the dumb reaction. how could she say she’s surprised, shocked or betrayed, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be anything but resigned and accept her fate.

plus anyone can say that she said she asked to be evicted so she can see R again, and soon.


Heather is not being a poor sport she is trying to reason out why she is being placed on the block by her ‘affirmed’ F2. She has approached anything in an aggressive manner. I’m hoping she is not pouting but figuring things out and getting fired up for tonights POV challenge. I do wish Heather was more assertive and proactive and making a plan b with the others there.


i think POV might be one of those ones where they swing from one place to another to get something, then back to make a puzzle with a timer, then hit the buzzer. or maybe not, but it would be cool if they did.

Also they could be doing a OTEV, but would they with this few of players?


OTEV is an American tradition though.

team adel

Omg adel is the best big brother player ever. Adel is the best just forget the rest, Arlie had an a for adel on his chest. Adel will win the 100k and wave it in sabrinas face.


If Jon took out Arlie, why wouldn’t he backdoor
Adel? He’s stronger than the girls.


Why won’t anyone tell Jon Adel won’t take him
To final 2?


Jon wouldn’t believe it. He believes Adel is playing to F2 with Jon, hence always agreeing to Jon’s nominations. Jon is believing Adel would never get rid of him, but Adel would.


I think Adel should team up with sabrina to take
Out neda and Jon. That would be epic!


not going to happen to much bad blood…. i think adel is all about jon….


That’s very rude. We do not comment on personal appearance only gamewise.


tough crowd. LOL


I think Adel is being rude and mean as well, but did he not say during his HOH last week that his “Plan” is to be rude and mean to all the remaining house guests so that they will think to take him to final 2 as he will have no votes in jury? I believe this is the explanation for the huge personality shift? Personally I think it is a stupid plan, and if that is what he is doing at the moment….if any of the comments on here today are a testament to how Canada feels…then he has lost Canada’s vote as well.
Also, I am wondering how Canada gets to vote during the final show? How is that going to work during a live show?


hi mel im guessing like bb 11 usa…. when shema got shown the door…..lets say its jon neda adel final 3 …. they will have a jon vs neda vote for who wins , jon vs adel vote for who win and adel vs neda vote for who wins……. thats what happened on bb 11 jordan vs kevin kevin vs natalie and jordan vs natalie bb 11 ended up with jordan vs natalie and those votes was the one that they used…..


Jon wearing that baby outfit is friggin hilarious.


Jeremy, BBUS 15 rocked it better and was funnier. Just saying.

another name

I’m of two minds about Sabrina acting comfortable this week.

if the lack of packing and lack of kissing ass is strategic, it’s not a bad play.
it could make heather nervous. if heather gets off the block after veto, she could vote out someone that is betraying her rather than Sabrina.
it could cause chaos within the already knife sharpening alliance. if adel goes up in place of heather, neda would most likely cut the tie to adel. heather might cut the tie as well, since Sabrina is acting comfortable, and no one told heather she was going on the block, pawn or not.
if heather doesn’t leave the block, her discontent and lack of trust because of Sabrina’s comfort would also play well for Sabrina. it makes the others have no choice but to take out somebody that could win the next hoh, and take any of them out for the betrayal. if Sabrina continued to play calm after pov.

if its not strategic, but lack of game play and insight, its more of Sabrina being Sabrina.

it’s not like Sabrina actually trusts any of them… self centred as she is, I would expect Sabrina to be keeping count of all the times the sloppies lie to her for jury purposes. she and rachelle already told jon, neda and adel they would steer votes to heather because the three of them broke their word more in her opinion. that seed has helped her, because they are turning on each other with greater vigor, and getting rid of each other before they get rid of Sabrina. if it is strategic, I actually admire the move.

Pooper Scooper

If Adel won the Veto, took Heather off, then Jon would have to put up Neda. We would probably see the most emotion out of Neda at that point and she works for votes. Then Adel and Heather vote Neda out, its best for both of their games. Plus Jon wouldn’t be able to play in the next HOH comp, giving the remaining HGs a good chance to get Jon out.

IMO this would add some much needed drama to the show and feeds when it is most needed as the season winds down.


So true! It would be more entertaining to see a twist from one of the house guests instead of a lame Twisto twister


judging by what I read and the show itself, it appears as if Adel is understimating Neda, thats why he will not put her up if he wins pov, because he thinks Jon is a bigger threat than Neda. He thinks Jon will take him over Neda. Also, they are in his ear with talk of final 3 so he is gonna be the true floater that he is and sit back. I guess he doesnt want the money bad enough because if he did(and Heather for that matter) he would think for himself and at least talk some game in this competiton because he hasn’t all season.


I’m guessing that either Adel doesn’t care about Canada’s vote or he thinks he has us all fooled. Hoping for a miracle for Heather and to see his butt walking out the door. I’m done with your con-job Adel.

A Name

You guys are literally insane. Adel has done NOTHING to garner all of this hate. Y’all are just BITTER that he’s not targeting Jon/Neda yet. Get over yourselves. He’s playing HIS game so BYE. Plus he’s hilarious and entertaining! TEAM ADEL


Soooo Boaring without the gremlins, Sabrina has my Vote if she makes it to the final
2 she was kinda annoying & slobby at times, but i think she’s a good person at heart, she fed people, did everyone’s make up even when they stabbed her in the back & she was basically used the hole game left right & centre & put up with the most abuse. Her laugh is infectious her spirit is Awesome….


OMGosh your comment is so laughable. All she can cook it seems is simple pasta and Im not too much of a fan on her makeup jobs. Too dark – especially the blush. But truly we all know that was part of her game plan and nothing more. Outside of the BB house, Sabs seems to live in a protected family bubble and is only nice to people she can manipulate and get something out of. And since she’s pretty much outted her father as mafia connected, i wouldnt doubt dear ole Daddy did some *cough* laundry for production. Momma may have too with the airlines.


hope Jon & Sabrina to the final 2. Neda had game but she seems too evill!!


heather can’t win she suckss! She should of been kicked off long time agoo HundO…Wake Up Canadaaa!!


Sabrina reminds me of a joke. What is the difference between an Italian grandmother and a cat fish??……………………………one has whiskers and smells bad and the other is a fish.


i think adel secretley has a crush on sabrina & the hatred & teasing her is just a Front


You are onto something. He said she was most photogenic so he thinks she is good looking She is but her personality makes him sick. He sees right through her.


agree! Theres so many signs if u pay attention, that Adel totally likes sabrina~Hundo!!! Nobody feels that much strong emotions on someone that doesn’t mean anything to them Trust me!!!


they’re just letting sabrina skate to final 2. it’s going to be nicole and will all over again.


Adel sure would like the money but he isn’t going to be to heart broken if he doesn’t get to the end he will be least bitter of any houseguest i think he doing the show to promote himself.


all of these houseguests are annoying!! In order of annoyance…

1. Jon-way too silly for his own good
2. Adel-tries waaaay too hard
3. Sabrina-LOUD
4. Neda- her bitchy attitude
5. Heather-her squeaky voice


Love Jon in the diaper. He can’t scratch himself down in that area, he reminds me of those dogs who have to wear those cones around their necks to prevent them from scratching.


Jon complains about rashes and can’t grope himself at the same time Sabrina gets a rash on hands…. secret showmance?

another name

don’t really care who wins the pov. what they do with the power strategically is far more interesting.
if one of the nominees wins, jon has to take sides and reveal his number two. even if they vote out Sabrina or Heather in that case, the other one knows the lay of the land.
if Neda or Adel wins and fails to use the power to get rid of one another, they are playing for top rank of second place, imo.
since they’ve already determined to backstab each other, blinking now would be a bad stategy.
make jon sit back and watch one of his final two deals head out the door. he can’t play in the hoh anyway.
I’ve been running scenarios of final twos in my head, considering how I’d vote for the Canada vote. it will end up being 90% based on strategy and counter moves, 10% based on character.


who won veto?