Sabrina says I’m not bitter but if Neda takes Jon then I will vote for Jon, if Jon takes Neda I will vote for Neda.

POV Holder: JON Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Sabrina Next HOH: Next HOH is final HOH
Original Nominations: Jon and Heather
Current Nominations: Jon and Heather
Have Nots Jon & Sabrina are on slop

BBCAN2-22014-05-04 08-50-14-035
11:45am – 12:10pm Sabrina, Neda, Heather and Jon are in the HOH room hanging out. Sabrina says I am going to win the final HOH. Jon says I would be proud of you if you won but you’re not going to. I’m going to win. Jon, Neda and Sabrina break out into an argument of who would win depending on takes who. Sabrina says that if Neda wins the final HOH and takes JOn then she will vote for Jon to win, but if Jon wins and takes Neda then Sabrina says she will vote for Neda. Jon asks so if I win the final HOH and take Neda you wouldn’t vote for me? And if Neda wins the final HOH you would vote for me?! Sabrina then changes what she’s saying and starts saying that Jon will win either way. Sabrina realizes her argument doesn’t make sense. They continue to argue and ask Sabrina to explain what she means. Sabrina then says I know you both won’t bring me.. put that in the garbage.. I will win the 2 comps and take myself. I really do think it will be 50/50 if you take each other. Jon says that’s fair. Big Brother blocks the feeds and then comes back. Sabrina says I think keeping an alliance to then end and keeping it is a risky move. Jon says I don’t think so.

Jon leaves the HOH room and shows his frustration with talking to Sabrina..
BBCAN2-2014-05-04 09-05-45-159

12:15pm – 12:30pm Jon and Neda head into the main bedroom and talk about the conversation they just had with Sabrina. Both Jon and Neda don’t understand Sabrina. Jon says she is the worst at campaigning. Jon says she made me so angry in that conversation. She was basically saying if we don’t take her we don’t get her vote. Neda says I think she was saying that but I don’t know. Jon says she can’t call herself a super fan .. she should call herself a watcher. Sabrina joins them and they talk about cruises and music…

12:40pm Jon comments on how he just wants to start the final HOH already. Jon says so we’ll beat her in the first two comps and go to the final. Neda says as long as Sabrina doesn’t make it to part 3 because she will do well at that. Jon says its kind of crazy its like a fairy tale. Jon says I’m still frustrated with that conversation .. she looks stupid and tries to make me look like a big d**k. Neda says well she’s been playing the victim this whole time because its worked for her. Jon says yeah so might as well keep doing it. JOn says I am just mind blown! Neda asks how far you got? Jon says how far we got. Jon says I just wouldn’t be content with beating Sabrina. I hope you feel the same way. Neda says yeah. Jon asks how have I made her feel like she’s done nothing. Neda says you just speak the truth. Jon says I’m not a liar. Jon says she really didn’t want me to win that veto. Jon says I really do think it would be a toss up between you and I. Neda says I don’t know. Jon says if you win final HOH and take me I think you would win. If I win and take you I think I will win. Jon says I like it .. we both have the opportunity to win. Neda says I still wouldn’t have wanted to be in the final 3 with Heather. Jon says definitely not. Neda and Jon join Sabrina and Heather in the HOH room. Jon is surprised that Heather would put Ika in the same category as Andrew. So you would put someone who called you a “pimple faced b***h” the same as Andrew who called you a “dumb b***h”? Jon says I just think Andrew is a bad person. I dont think Ika crossed the line the same ask Andrew I just think Ika has a bad temper.

BBCAN2-2014-05-04 09-45-52-475

1pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. it looks like the live feeds are now over for the the season.

BBCAN2-2014-05-04 10-29-19-747

Final 4 break down
Sabrina won the head of household and nominated Heather and Jon for eviction.
Jon won the Power of Veto and will use it to take himself off the block. This leaves only Neda as a nominee choice and giving Jon the sole vote to evict.
The final HOH has 3 parts the losers of part 1 compete in part 2. THe winner of Part 1 and Part 2 compete in PArt 3. The final HOH decides who goes to the final 3 with them.

**** Simon and I want to personally thank all of the amazing OBB fans that have once again helped make this another great season. We are sad to see the end of the BBCAN2 Live Feeds but we can’t wait to see what the remaining TV episodes reveal in the final days. After having once again being hugely popular for the second season in a row, I have no doubt there will be a third season starting early in 2015.
Although, it’s sad to see the end of Big Brother Canada 2 drawing near we’re EXCITED that it means the Big Brother 16 is that much closer to premiΓ¨ring (June 25, 2014). Simon and I will be covering the live feeds for Big Brother 16 so make sure you bookmark us! πŸ˜‰

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Sabrina with mob mentality – the mob threatens I don’t know how anyone can hold back from kicking her in the face


Nothing at all prejudicial about that comment. Just because you may not like a TV personality doesn’t give you the right to attack their background. That’s like saying Adel and Neda are “terrorizing” the house.


What are those stupid t-shirts – I don’t care about your diet What is that supposed to mean? I hope if Neda wins she gets sued for copyright infringement for the pictures on her shirts that she stole


Neda doesn’t care about your diet because she doesn’t eat.


neda did the art for those shirts, check her website


WOW, way to show your hatred and personal issues regarding someone. Funny a lot of haters post these type of comments under NAME instead of themselves!

Neda drew & painted all the shirts herself btw, you hater!

Can we all try to remember these people are in the house playing a game BUT WE are in the real world with no need to be judgmental or cruel?


Sabs threats fall empty again. She will not win if she is final two. One HOH, no veto’s, mental breakdowns…

Jon all the way!

Nana Jo

I am so disappointed that Heather will be going. What a hard working, lovely girl. She shines with inner beauty, too … a class act right to the end. I hope someone out there offers her a really great job after this.

In a Jon/Neda final two, my vote will go to Jon. I’m not unhappy doing that at all. He is a decent, good-hearted, honest guy and let’s face it, he’s a competition beast! Also, I must admit I have a soft spot for him because he reminds me in many ways of my own high level hockey playing, very funny, athletic son., who also likes to party. (My son doesn’t grab his junk constantly, though. Just wanted to make that clear!)

I know I have had my moments of swearing that I would vote for Sabs if Neda ditched Jon in the final two. However, a cooler head has prevailed, and there is no way I will give my vote to her. She is the least deserving in every way possible. I don’t like Neda, but she’ll get my vote in a Neda/Sabs final two. Please, I beg you, don’t give your vote to Sabs, even if you are pissed at Neda!

As an aside, does anyone else hate the way Sabrina orders the other HG’s to get things for her? “Jon, can you put the pizza in the oven for me?” “Heather, can you get me a glass of water?” She did it to Rachelle all the time, too. “Get my sweater from the hot tub.” ” Can you grab my shoes from under the table?” etc. etc. Her majesty must be used to giving orders to maids or something. She has done this right from the beginning. I hope after the show and aftermath is over, she disappears into mediocrity and I never have to view her again!


If BB does the right thing NANA JO….. Sabrina will be gone for her planned intent to cheat and our sweet pea Heather will remain.

Heather truly is a class act, well said NANA JO….. well said.


Did she give similar orders to Andrew too?I don’t think she dared lol


Good for Neda for staying out of the racist conversation and all the back stabbing Sabs was doing just before the feeds finished,

Nana Jo

Dawg, Simon … I just added to your tip jar. Thank you for the great job you have done running this site and keeping us all informed. You’ve put in a lot of work, and I appreciate it!


Also added to the tip Jar Dawg, Thank you bith so much for all your hardword and feeding us withour daily BB crack.
not my favourite season of big brother i must say ( but again, its hard to compete with anything before season 8)
now, im just getting ready for BB rehab πŸ˜‰


Sabrina mirroring Heather’s lispyness in an attempt to get her jury vote.


End of another season! Simon and Dawg thank you once again for keeping me informed. If Google Chrome still made you set a homepage, you’d be mine.

I’m still hanging on in hopes that Sabrina’s secret HOH letter message gets her ejected from the game but if not…Jeda F2!

Had a great time chatting with about 99% of you all. See you for BB16!


If Neda took Sabrina to final 2 she’d still have Arlie Adel Heather and Jon and probably Canada’s vote too. If she could rationalize getting Jon out that is if she won the final HOH. If Sabrina won the final hoh that might even be better for Neda cause Sabrina would take her and she wouldn’t have to cut Jon herself. I know Jon and Neda deserve F2 at this point but in all reality it makes more sense to take someone you can easily beat…. As much as that sucks it’s true. Also if you’re bitter towards Neda I don’t think you’d do well in this game – clearly you’re too trusting and expect people to keep their word to someone they’ve known for 3 months over their families that have raised them and friends they’ve known for years.



Why is it okay Jon lied to Arlie, Adel, Sara, Kenny, Alison and Heather about having F2’s with them and isn’t getting ANY flack for it but Neda made 2 (Heather & Jon) and is getting crucified for it??? Is a man vs woman thing?

ALSO for people saying Jon has played a better game…

Can you please tell me one strategic move Jon made that helped him/Neda in the game? AND what one time (give me more if you have them) Jon did something to sway Neda to do what he wanted (i.e put someone on block/vote someone he wanted out).

I can give you several examples for both questions in regards to how Neda did that.

SO.. if you can’t answer that question HOW do you believe Jon beat Neda?????????????????????

Thanks for anyone who responds with a good argument b/c I’ve racked my brain and as much I like Jon as an individual I can’t find a reason for him to beat Neda!


The reasons why people don’t like Neda has nothing to do with her game play. Or her gender. It has everything to do with her behavior and general bad attitude.


That is to subjective Michael. Each member of the F4 can be assessed with a bad attitude.

I do hope you can put your disdain for in check and acknowledge her game play. And acknowledge that good as Jon is within the game Neda has played better.

Your arguments and opinions are not soundly based on objective analysis of activities within game play.

I urge you and others that hold similar opinions sit back and reset and realize that Neda sits in F2 regardless. Jon may sit in F2.

By voting in favour of Jon over Neda you open the door for Sabrina to win Canada’s vote.


The only good reason for Jon to beat Neda is because of a bitter jury.

Like it or not, a potential bitter jury is PART OF THE GAME!! If Big Brother didn’t want it, they would have some incentive to vote entirely on game play, or they just wouldn’t have a jury of evicted house guests.

If Neda loses because she pissed off jury members, or she loses Canada’s vote, then that’s on her. Keeping jury members happy is a major part of good game play. It’s where Jon could have her beat; in the social aspect of the game.


I’m rooting for both Jon or Neda for the win. I understand the bitter jury argument but I’m confused as to why there seems to be a double standard between Neda and Jon regarding jury management. Neda seems to be getting the bulk of the criticisms but the way I see it Jon is not without flaws in how he is sending jury members out the door. Firstly, Jon did not inform Arlie that he was the replacement nominee and blindsided him. How is this keeping a jury member happy? Jon had an F2 with Arlie as he did with many others but Jon was puppeted by Neda to put Arlie up and then he decided to blindside him. How is Jon successful in this scenario in managing the jury votes properly? Secondly, Jon did not inform Heather he was placing her on the block prior to the nomination ceremony. Heather was able to go on and win Veto but how was that inital move setting the stage for good jury management on Jon’s part. Moreover, Jon left it to Heather to approach him with the explanation as to his reasoning behind placing her on the block and then lied that she was not the intended target. In both cases Jon made enemies where he did not need to. Blindsides do have a place in the game but nomination ceremonies are one of them – particularly with your own alliance members. Jon also said numerous times he could careless about the Gremlins votes in jury. Not stellar jury management there. Jon can think it but why did he keep saying it to them? Lastly, Jon did not want to inform Adel of his fate on the day of the last eviction and he was upset that Neda told Adel she was voting him out. Neda was at least attempting jury management whether it is calculated or not. Where was Jon’s head on this? Jon has Adel’s vote on lockdown but he still was not going to tell Adel he was being voted out. In my mind Jon played an awesome social game but where he is messing up the most IS jury management. If there is indeed a bitter jury brewing why is the heat seemingly all on Neda?


I agree that Jon could have managed the Heather nomination and the Adel eviction better. People might be upset with Neda (and Jon) as well because it was upon her suggestion that Jon not speak to these two relative to these moves. While some read it as Neda scooping jury votes, I read as another point at which she out maneouvered Jon.


Thanks Michael,

I appreciate your comments. I guess it all depends on perspective. I’ve witnessed Neda have soft moments with her housemates as well as Jon. I heard Jon call Heather a complete idiot and say some pretty cruel things about Rachelle, Arlie and Sabs BUT I’ve also been able to see they were part of the game (& the moment) like when you have an argument & say something you don’t truly mean.

I guess that’s why I’m struggling with the angst shown toward Neda. I see them all as being genuine people and just see Neda as having a better overall game. At the end of the day doesn’t it speak to Neda’s character that she also picked the two most popular people in the house? Doesn’t that mean she herself recognizes qualities in people she would want as friends?

Maybe I’m just blinded because I see it that way as well as her good qualities. Plus I respect the overall game she played. I think Jon & Heather also played good games just not as complete.

Once again, I appreciate you responding and while your comments make sense I’m still unsure why Jon’s negative comments and similar choices are forgiven so easily. I guess his outward representation of being funny and Heather’s sweet outward demeanor make them more palatable for the masses.

Bottom line if I’m honest I enjoy people with layers, who are intelligent and humorous, who don’t put on fake masks in the real world so Neda’s sarcasm and humor are something I enjoy and would out in the real world. If you remember Brittany from BB US I found her hilarious as well & put Neda in that category however she doesn’t deliver the joke with the same aplomb.

Having said that, my favorite moment of the season remains the prank Neda & Heather pulled on Jon “I just peed my pants”.

Anyway, thanks again. πŸ™‚


Thank you for explaining this. You could not be more correct on Neda and Jon. Jon has made many negative comments, and they are always overlooked. The unfortunate reality is the masses will see what they want to see and they will not be able to look past his representation of being the funny/goofy guy.
People who dislike Neda can’t see past her tough exterior. I love her sarcasm and humour.
Neda used intelligence and tact to navigate through this difficult game of big brother and she clearly deserves to win against Jon. However, another unfortunate reality is that she won’t because a girl does not win over any guy no matter how deserving she is and she knows this too.


It will this time. Neda wins regardless if she is in F2.


A lot of things Jon has said has annoyed me too; especially when he acts like a tough guy. I’ve been critical of him too.

But to me the most unlikable things have been done by Neda; dumping food down the sink, mocking Arlie while he was being evicted, disrespecting Easter, disrespecting the national anthem, laughing at Rachelle for crying.. the list goes on.

Jon runs his mouth like an idiot sometimes but he’s not nearly as bad as Neda is IMO.


I think that is where you are misunderstanding Neda. I think she just knows the bigger perspective and doesn’t take anything seriously or to heart and that is why she feels she can also do those things and no one will take it to heart because it is not meant to be.
Dumping the condiments was purely done for game purposes. I understand how mocking Arlie may seem a bit harsh to some people, however, I really don’t think she meant it in a malicious way at all. National anthem was disrespected by both her and Jon. I agree it shouldn’t have been but they have heard it like 80 times now and we really shouldn’t be complaining on every little thing (and here you forget that they have stood up the other 79 times). And I am pretty sure she wasn’t laughing at Rachelle for crying, she just found Adel’s speech funny because again, she understands the bigger perspective and realized it was for tv (and actually if you saw the episode with rachelle going to the jury house, Arlie also thought it was kind of funny).
I will end it here saying we should focus more on the positives and most importantly, focus on game play which is the main component of big brother.


Oh one more question Michael:

From your perspective why do you think Adel and Arlie wouldn’t be bitter toward Jon? He was the one who made the deal with them & he was the one who didn’t protect them. The most Neda had with Arlie was the Sloppy Seconds and the most she had with Adel was F4 and possibly F3 last week. Jon’s deals were made with each guy very early.


I just think that the way Neda treated Arlie in his final week went outside game play. She kept making fun of him on the live feeds for going home. This was the guy’s dream. She made that balloon of him, pretty much just to mock him. And then she capped it off with her eviction message, saying how he was SO sketchy (he wasn’t), and basically said how she used him and then threw him away when he was useless to her. His reaction after, it honestly looked like he was gonna cry.

I think Arlie can appreciate good game moves, but that stuff goes outside the boundaries of game play. It sucks to lose, especially something that’s your dream that you’ve poured your heart and soul into for months. Having someone kick you when you’re down in that scenario is something that’s really hard to get over.

Personally I really hate to lose, and believe in good sportsmanship, so I really empathized with Arlie in that situation, and simultaneously lost a lot of respect for Neda for how she handled his final week.

Adel, I don’t think will be bitter towards Neda, but he was just much closer to Jon. Same way how Rachelle will vote for Sabrina, Adel would automatically vote for Jon IMO.

Allison seemed pretty bitter, cutting off Neda’s paper head, and talking to the camera about how she can express how she really feels about HG’s. Neda never liked Allison and if Allison was clued into half of that then she probably won’t want Neda to win.


Neda’s good bye message to Arlie seemed harsh to most. It was a message that Arlie would appreciate for it’s honesty. Had she pandered to him, akin to her message to Rachelle, she would have lost some respect with him. It drove it home to him that she was in control of the game at that time.

Arlie will not be a bitter jury member unless he votes for Jon and I don’t see that happening if Neda is with Jon in F2.


Hey Michael,

Without the feeds I’m really enjoying our conversation on the house guests. It’s like we are having our very own little board game of Big Brother via OBB so thanks for that πŸ™‚

Okay so to your response…. I see what you are saying, but I do have my perspective on the situation (I know, big surprise right, lol).

Perhaps being female I can see Neda’s perspective more clearly although it may not be that simple. Anyway here is how I see the situation you describe regarding Arlie’s feelings and Neda’s actions:

Arlie barely spoke to Neda, in fact he made it a point to ignore her or run away from her the entire game, they even laughed about it. Problem was while he was still talking to the First 5 he ALSO spoke to Heather, Jon, Adel and Alison, so in essence the only person he wasn’t talking to was Neda and to a lesser extent Rachelle (which in itself was a major slight to Neda given how poorly Rachelle was playing the game). He ostracized Neda early on and she not only felt it instinctually, it was blatant. Jon and Neda had numerous conversations about him wanting Arlie to go deep with them and she repeatedly asked him why she should want that when Arlie wouldn’t have any game talk with her. It was a red flag for her and Arlie was helping hoist it.

Neda knew Arlie was his true competition week one, but Arlie simply discounted Neda until it was too late. He chose Sara to be the female he would work with until she picked Kenny over him. Had he taken the time to discover who Neda was I believe she would have been his female partner and he would have lasted longer. It was THE FATAL FLAW IN HIS GAME; he thought it was getting too cocky but the truth is, it was not forming ANY relationship with Neda. By the time he realized she was his true competition he was already on the block. From the onset he purposely kept her at bay and she would have been his target the following week if he hadn’t left, she knew it and he knew it. When they finally talked game the week he was put up he basically told her as much.

Neda was the ONLY one who saw how dangerous Arlie was and his fatal mistake was not getting closer to her at the very least on a friendship level. (hold your friends close and your enemies closer). Instead he chose to align and game talk with Jon b/c like Neda he saw how malleable Jon was. His leaving was a direct result of underestimating Neda and his belief Jon was tighter to him than her.

I understand she didn’t need to rub it in but I believe it was more jokey in how she was doing it. Hey, if the man who ran around the house naked can’t get the joke then who can? They both appreciated each others intelligence and in some ways this was her way to tip her hat at who she saw as her truest competitor in the house. (from my perspective).

I agree Neda could have probably been more sensitive in her sarcasm, but she had every right to be annoyed with Arlie who was a self professed super fan and didn’t even try to play the game with her. In her eyes if you are a super fan and want to play against the best then why was he unwilling to work with her? As much as Arlie may have been hurt by her words/actions she had equal reason to be upset he had blatantly discounted her especially because it seemed solely based on her being female. I work in a male dominant world (I write an NBA Basketball Blog) so I know of what I speak. For me the irony is both Arlie and Neda assumed a persona early: he of a joker who was a simpleton and naive to the game, she as a quiet wall flower also naive to the game and a bit of a fashion geek. She saw through his, but he didn’t see through hers until too late. Bottom line he underestimated her and it cost him the game.

Arlie reveled in his mastery at taking out Kenny, Andrew and Sara by the blindside so the truth is he set himself up for the touche from Neda when she pulled the strings to do the same thing to him. If he’d won and taken her out he would have bragged at that as well so like they say “don’t dish it out, if you can’t take it”.

The other factor here is if Arlie had taken her out first he would have had her vote except maybe if he sat beside Jon only because of their friendship and him being her true #1. She as much as told him that in their conversation days before he left.

Since he made a pretty big show of how stupid Kenny and Andrew were (and Sabrina and Sara to an extent) to his mastery of outplaying them and bragged to all who would listen I’m hoping he’ll respect she did the same to him.

Unfortunately, too often in Big Brother we find people can excuse away any move they make but aren’t quite as accepting when the same thing occurs to them. Just once I want to see a player who proclaims to be a “super fan” play like one and reward the person who played like a super fan. If Arlie and Alison are truly super fans they’ll vote for Neda; if they don’t then they have no right to state that claim. (in my humble opinion).



Excellent assessment. I pretty much agree with you 100%.


I was watching the feeds a lot on Arlie’s final week. They were at the kitchen table, and Arlie said “it would be cool if there was a twist this week”, and Neda replied “what, you mean like you staying?”. Not just what she said, but how she said it, with that really conceited smile. Even Jon was like “Jesus, Neda!”. She’s saying all kinds of rude stuff. Then that whole balloon thing, and she straight up looked evil while doing it. Regardless of the fact that Arlie didn’t talk game with her, stuff like that is way over the line of sportsmanship. Personally I get really upset when I lose, so I can’t stand seeing stuff like that.

But I also don’t view that incident in a vacuum. That was where my mind was made up with Neda, but I was starting to see it earlier on. One example was when she won her HOH, and Jon all excited ran up to her and said to put the Gremlins up. That’s what alliances do; they advise each other. She snaps on him, tell him ‘I’m not stupid, don’t tell me what to do!’ It wasn’t even just a bad reaction; she continued to vent angrily in the DR about it. “I have my own brain. I hate when people tell me what to do!”. Neda tells every single person in her alliance what to do. She always has; even going back to The Stupids and Rachelle and Ika’s HOH. She’s told people what to say, and even how they should say it. But in the heat of the moment, to tell HER what to do, is the height of insolence, like she already has it all figured out, and doesn’t need some inferior intellect like Jon insulting her. It’s extremely arrogant.

Another one was the Easter thing. How many times did she mention how much she hates Easter? What’s wrong with Easter, you go around hunting for eggs, who gives a crap? If you went to her native country and started trashing their traditions, you’d probably get murdered. Rachelle and Adel don’t celebrate Easter either, but they’re respectful of other people’s traditions.

These are just a few things off the top of my head. I could probably name a dozen more if I wanted to; and they all add up. But I’m not changing anyone’s mind, and mine’s not being changed either. I just think she’s a very disrespectful person; and you never root for a team that you don’t like. So I can’t bring myself to hope that she wins.


Michael, maybe Neda is just not a morning person. πŸ˜‰


BTW Arlie didn’t deserve the rep he got for being completely disloyal and untrustworthy. He only betrayed the 1st 5 because they were bullies and a sinking ship, but he was always loyal to Sarah and tried to bring her with him. There’s no indication that he would have betrayed Jon and Adel, or Allison and the Gremlins when he tried to work with them. I honestly don’t think he would have.

Neda, on the other hand, has tried to backstab Heather, she broke up the Sloppy Seconds, the final 4 with Adel, and she would have gotten out Jon if she could ever get away with it. She of all people, has no right to say to Arlie “I knew from day one that you were SO sketchy”. Very hypocritical of her, and again, that’s not game play at that point. It’s just insulting.


Micheal, you are faulting neda for some of the same things jon did. jon was very obviously down for backstabbing heather. he wanted her out first!! meanwhile, he had been lying to heather for weeks about a final 2 with her. jon was also down for backdooring arlie (he’s the one who put him on the block) AND adel (same scenario). both jon and neda outted arlie’s game when they were backdooring him. they both saw how good of a game arlie was playing and wanted him out. everything neda said was game, even if it was insulting to arlie. have you seen the jury house footage? arlie realizes what a good game player neda is, why don’t you? and if you are talking about being mean, jon had called heather an idiot several times, adel as well. if you are looking for personal, non-game related comments, look to jon, not neda.


I give Neda her due credit. I just don’t like her as a person; that’s my right isn’t it?

My point was that she doesn’t have the right to say how Arlie was SO sketchy (pretty much implying he’s a creep), when she’s played a much ‘sketchier’ game than he did.


Michael, stating someone is sketchy is not implying that they are a creep. It is stating someone is untrustworthy.

During the early formation of the Sloppy Seconds Arlie would rarely talk game with Neda. He relied on going through Jon. Neda often questioned Jon on why Arlie would not directly talk game to her. By Arlie not pulling Neda in directly raised suspicion with Neda relative to her game.

Recall that Peter Brown made the same mistake with Jillian last season. True it did not result in a back door, but a similar end result occurred.


Yes, that’s my read on the use of “sketchy” in the house as well. They seem to use it in reference to people acting suspicious, not creepy.


To describe someone as sketchy means that they’re shady and/or creepy. It’s an insult to call someone that. She meant it as an insult.


Michael – in real life, yes, but in the house, they’ve been using it to mean suspicious.


P.S. Just look at how they’ve been using it as a verb. “You’re sketching me out” meaning “You’re freaking me out.”


As per my last (long winded, lol) post. Neda didn’t call him sketchy because he wasn’t loyal she called him sketchy because he would never talk to her. He would come up to her say one sentence then say I can’t talk to you and literally run away.

Whenever they had discussions because she is intelligent Arlie would also fall out of his simpleton, naive to the game role which unconsciously made him antsy around her.

She caught both of those traits which is why she called him sketchy. (Once again it was something they touched on in their long game talk the day before he left)


I don’t understand why you want Canada to be a bitter jury member.

We have more access to more information on how the game was played and who controlled the majority of the game than any other jury member .

It is unfair to expect people within the game to consider all aspects of how a variable populous views your personality. If they all did we would have a game filled with Allison’s that have timid gameplay or Heathers that are afraid to have a personality and simultaneously feel belittled relative to intelligence.

We can only ask that players play the strongest game they are capable of doing. We have two players within the house that have played a great game. Neda played a stellar game. And yes jury management plays a role in this and Neda began addressing within her game.

I for one do not want to be part of a bitter voting conglomerate.

Neda has earned my vote.


personally i fully believe Neda would win jury votes if she takes Jon. If it is up to her that is. If she is put there by Jon, I think he would have more of a case to say that was his decision to do, and that he won comps in order to do that. I think she would make a huge mistake if she didn’t take Jon, if it is up to her. because besides comps, strategy, etc, it is still important to have a good social game. I think a lot more people, including Canada’s vote, would respect her more and think favourably about her if she does that. I know I would prefer to give her my vote over Sabrina, and over Jon, whoever she is next to. But if she makes yet another mistake and doesn’t take Jon, if she chooses Sabs, I am leaning towards reluctantly giving it to Sabrina. And that just to teach her a lesson that BB isn’t always about backstabbing to the end, but also alliances.


Neda hid behind Jon. He’d have been the one back doored or put on the block, not Neda and she knew that the entire game. Like right now for instance. Sab wanted Jon out, not Neda. He was out front for everything, she hid behind him, the entire game. IMO Jon’s totally the better player.
Arlie was going to go after Jon and he would have as soon as he realized how Jon was playing the game with Neda. All the decisions they made were together. Except Adel and she got paid back by loosing the HOH to Sab.


No Carly, all decisions were not made together. Neda gave the illusion to Jon that they decided things together and even had him believing certain things were his idea. Neda manipulated Jon and any all decisions were geared to benefit Neda and her game. Neda made sure all her targets were gone. Some of these targets were allies of Jon’s not Neda’s. There was a lot more going on than just Neda hiding behind Jon. Jon was the bigger target, but being a target is not good in the Big Brother game. Jon was in front of her for a reason. Jon was the meat shield. He was the target of the two. Neda set it up that way. Also, how is Neda losing to Sabs payback? Neda is still in a very good position because of losing to Sabs in the HOH. Neda is in a final three with two people who want her in F2. That would not be the case for Neda if it was Adel and Jon in the F3 with her.


Okay people keep crediting Neda with manipulating Jon on all aspects. And why not she asserts her role in DR. But claiming a maneouver in hindsight or after the fact does not mean it is entirely true.

Jon targeted anyone that showed the ability to compete against him within competitions. Arlie and Heather were two HG’s that concerned Jon when they each almost out performed him. Neda may have been chirping for some time about Arlie but it was Arlie coming out of the gate, to early, as a comp threat. There was no reason for Arlie to win that POV on Neda’s HOH. Nor was there a good enough reason for Arlie to have come so close to Jon in the following two comps. Same with Heather.

Neda is a good player. However, knowing the HG’s know Canada has a jury vote I take most of Neda’s DR’s with a several grains of salt.



She takes credit for everything; saying how she planted all these seeds in Jon’s head. But Jon wanted Heather out anyways.

But I think that Neda honestly thinks it was all her doing. I saw a convo with her and Sabrina one time, where she claimed that getting out Kenny and Sarah was all her doing; her decision. She said “Kenny was lying all the time. That’s why he had to go; I just couldn’t take it anymore. That’s why Sarah had to go too”. IMO she really does believe herself.

Neda has a very inflated sense of herself, and it comes out strong when she talks about herself. This has the potential to rub the jury the wrong way, because she can’t seem to control it. Jon is a much better speaker than she is, and will make a strong case for himself, whereas Neda will take credit for the sun rising in the morning and could potentially rub the jurors the wrong way if they don’t buy it.


Arlie’s pecking order was NEDA first then Jon, but he would have taken whichever one was available. As for Jon being her man shield, Jon doesn’t last anywhere near as long in the game with Neda’s strategic mind. Jon was convinced Andrew and Kenny were not after him and that Arlie would never turn on him. It was Neda who opened his eyes to reality.


Good point. I don’t see Jon as Neda’s puppet–I think he’s smarter than some give him credit for, but I think Neda really did open his eyes to some of the threats in the house.


i still hope it’s possible for neda to beat jon final 2. she would have heather’s vote for sure. rachelle has said she’d vote neda over jon. i believe sabrina would consider voting neda, she said neda played a smart game in DR (especially if jon is the one to cut sabrina). arlie could MAYBE vote for neda over jon, just based on the jury house clips, he does seem to recognize what a good, strategic game player neda is and that she may be behind jon’s moves. IF sabrina, rachelle, heather and arlie vote for neda, i do not see how allison would not vote for neda. allison is not a fan of neda’s, but she’s never been a fan of jon either!! which would just leave adel and canada’s vote. i am hopeful that canada would vote for neda over jon, but it’s essentially a lost cause πŸ™

anyway, there is hope.


d, what is challenging to consider how jury members will vote is that they come out with certain knowledge based on when they leave. They then receive supplemental information based on limited video and the new jury members perspective and things get spun.

Based on Arlie’s exit interview he discussed Jon’s move to backdoor Arlie and how that would effect Jon and Adel’s game. Ultimately he also stated that if Jon made it to the end that would mean he won his way to the end and the backdoor was ultimately a good move for Jon’s game. He concluded that if Jon was in the end he would have to vote for him.

The unknown vote seems to be Alison. She played a timid game and in her exit interview seemed wishy washy and also somewhat nervous relative to public perception of how she played. She stated she hoped she voted on gameplay. But, given the fact that she is from a small province i perceive her to back Jon.

Adel is a lock on a Jon vote. He will stick with his F2 with Jon. (also exit interview).

Canda’s vote, if you believe the hyperbole, has a potential of going to Jon.

So relative to Arlie, does he give more wieght to strategy? One would think so based on his game but I am uncertain.


Thanks for all your work this season Simon and Dawg. My tip is in the jar and I hope everyone who follows this site does the same. Left a comment? Leave a tip!

Pinocchio Obama

You sound pretty bitter to me Sabrina.


It sounds like it’s heathers fault she didn’t win the power of veto , she didn’t take the squirrel costume punishment, and there was another incident in the past the 80’s peer of veto competition heather didn’t take the veto either she went for the slop pass ! They were all stunned and Allison won the power of veto! Heather honey you were lucky that time but I don’t think you are going to be so lucky this time!!!


I don’t get the squirrel costume punishment, how did that have an impact on POV could someone explain?
The whole competition was for POV and Heather was on board.


I’ve seen comps in past BB USA seasons where you took punishments and received points. Can’t remember if BB Can 1 did that or not. The question as others are hinting is would taking the squirrel give her points that would have given her the POV win. My guess is it would not. Others here still don’t get Heather not choosing veto in that other POV comp. She had 2 or even 3 left I forget which. She wasn’t going to be allowed to keep it anyway so she took something else. All in all the strategy was fine on the surface. I believe at least 1 HG said they’d of taken the veto from Heather if she had it. What she never considered was Allison being allowed to keep it after Heather didn’t take it to the end. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Based on the conversations I overheard it sounds like it was a combo POV. I think they were bowling or rolling dice (or at least that’s what it sounds like) so either they were moving on a game board or moving to places where they had to make choices or compete. They also had showdowns perhaps bowling against each other. I think they accumulated points based on rolls, winning comps or completing what was requested in their rolls. In the one on one comps Jon lost 3 or the 4 he was in.

Neda, Jon and Sabrina were talking about how Neda almost beat Jon.

The punishments were likely received on rolls of the dice (Jon on slop/Neda in dress, Sabs/Heather took nothing) & also by the sounds of it Jon was first but I think Neda was a close second and even Sabrina sounded like she tried to win though she didn’t take any punishments. If Heather knew she was too far behind to catch Jon why take that punishment.


I’d like to see how close she was in the running to win, if not choosing that really meant she won or didn’t. I am not sure what she thought would happen by turning things down, if that is the case then she chose not to win. someone who chooses not to win based on that one thing deserves to be evicted. so glad she is going to be evicted anyways.

My finale is basic> If Neda is choosing, and chooses Jon I will vote for Neda because I think they have been pretty even competitors in their own way, plus she has managed to get jon to go along with her plan, and executed her own plans. If Jon is choosing, and that gets Neda to F2, to me that is just her riding his coat tails, not working her butt off to get there, and he should win. he should also win for staying true to the alliance pair. If Neda is smarter, and not letting greed and paranoia interfere, she would see that sticking with their alliance and bringing him to F2 will earn her votes, not lose them, at least as far as Canada is concerned. In other words she has a chance to show she is worthy of winning on a personality level. She could still win against Sabrina easily, but she will lose something along the way.

Dan lost to Ian because of what he did at the end, if she doesn’t think of that and remember that, she will deserve 2nd place. if Dan had taken Danielle, he had a seriously easy task of pointing to her and saying she did everything i told her to, and i got to F2 because of how I manipulated her. He didn’t have that with Ian, plus his backstabbing Danielle as well just had HGs think of him as a loser too shortsighted to realize his final fatal error.


I’ve always thought that Dan bringing Ian to F2 was his one emotional moment in the BB house. He had to know that he had a better chance against Danielle, but he just really liked Ian and would have rather taken him. He always said that Ian reminded him of himself when he was younger. That’s how I always saw it anyway.


Ian won the 2nd and 3rd HOH, he picked who he wanted to go to the final 2 with, either Danielle or Dan – he chose Dan.

Oh lord

just when you think Sabrina can’t get any more mentally disturbed, you see this…. *sigh*
i feel bad for anyone who has to deal with her on a daily basis


I discovered this awesome when BBCAN2 started and bookmarked it ever since! Thank you Simon and Dawg for these amazing updates. Really enjoyed them! You guys are awesome.


simon and dawg, thank you for all the updates! you guys are awesome!!!!!


Thanks everyone for making this site happen. Your support allows us to keep lights on and the spoilers flowing.

It’s been a great season, get your rest for BB16

Dirty Harry Reid


This is my first year of following the Canada version of Big Brother for me and thanks to you guys it has been a blast., This is the best Big Brother site on the web and I’m really looking forward to seeing you for the US version this summer. Thanks again for all your hard work.


Don’t know if I should thank you or curse you … I USED to have a life L.O.L. !!!!!!! Seriously, thank you so much for all you do. Now, I need a new name.


this is my first year reading this site, and i came into it later on,. i was using the other site, but I much prefer this one, just the whole way it is done, vid clips, being able to rant and comment. It is pretty great. I’ve watched all 15 US BBs, and both BB Cans. When they started the after Dark, i found out about sites like this, then not just AD, but also during the day to check up on how things were progressing.

I love how the show edits what really happens lol. Noms yesterday they make it look like a tough decision that no one knows, big surprise, Heather or Neda, oh my. When here we knew days ago that they did Rock/Paper/scissors for that tough choice. not mentioned on the show.


On the other hand, I was really surprised to see that getting out Adel was initially Jon’s idea. From the after dark feeds, I thought it was Neda’s.


Thank you so much Simon and Dawg for all your hard work in keeping us entertained :))


At this point I don’t know who’ll win, maybe Neda, but if Jon was to evict Neda it would make the Jury think of voting for him but I dont think he will he is way to loyal. I have just recently discovered this website and It is the Greatest! I can’t wait for bb16 and hopefully i’ll be able to donate too. Thank you!


Evo, I haven’t seen that clip about the racist comments. Can you or anyone else send the link? Thanks.


I’m glad Heather is going to be honest. To me she floated her way through, she didn’t work too hard. Yes, she is one of the nicer houses guests at times but anytime she was on the block she stayed because it was easier to keep her and send the opposing nomination home. She never worked to stay, as much as she thinks she did. When it comes to comps she did well in a few towards the end but I think anyone can do well in physical and such comps compared to Neda and Sab. I think Jon is where is he thanks to Neda, and Neda couldn’t have gotten where she is without Jon. They deserve first (Neda) and second (Jon) out of the final few houseguests.


i totally agree. she didn’t campaign, to me, she went up on the block, each time she pouts, sulks and complains like a victim. \why is she on BB, to play a victim or play the game. Even the last HOH when Jon puts her up, really irritated me her reaction was lame.


Thanks for providing such an awesome site for us, Simon and Dawg. I appreciate all of the nose-picking, back-stabbing, lie-telling, final two-dealing, condescending-smugness, trash-talking and delusions of grandeur that you have had to sit through for us this season.

I will look forward to coming back here for all of the updates for BB16…especially since I won’t have the live feeds. You guys are the best…


I am hugely dissapointed in Heather right now. I can’t even feel bad for her. What was she thinking…turning down a punishment and losing the veto because of it? If it was an ego thing…I think the embarrassment of dropping the ball and letting yourself be taken out at fourth would be much worse then a dumb squirrel costume…at least it would have been far cuter than a hotdog. I would have worn an actual squirrel carcass on my head…if it would have won me that veto…


First of all thanks simon and dawg….I’ve been to many other Big Brother sites but this is the one I really love.

Second of all, everyone talks about Neda choosing who she brings to finals, the girl has won 3 comps and 2 of them have been handed to her i.e. Arlie and Heather.

I don’t beleive she will win a part, I think Jon will end up winning taking Neda and then Neda will lose.


Agree with comps being handed to her to a point. She will play 7 questions IMHO. I think Jon is about to do something very stupid and throw endurance to Neda. I like Jon a little but god he is a BB dumb as a sack of hammers. I hope it’s endurance/physical like last F3 part 1. Might force Jon to actually win it. Sabby and Neda should be having a great F2 talk before Heather goes. Neda is a Lock and Jon is still at risk. Give Neda a chance to evict Jon it’s 50/50 at best that Jon stays. Her plan has been Sabby F2 while 1/5 was still running the show. She is 2 comps away. I think Jon loses 7 questions and the girls are F2.


Once again perspective is an interesting thing:

In her first HOH Neda took Kenny out of the competition in her first step up to the podium. When it came down to her & Arlie she asked him to win it assuming the next comp was endurance however when he chose to screw her by losing the answer on purpose she still used her HOH to oust Kenny. She knew the answer so it wasn’t luck.

In the Q & A comp once again she won it outright and the most recent one shown Sunday night she literally won by one point but second guessed herself. Funny how close that win was within her grasp (teaching us all to trust your gut instincts). She purposely lost on several occasions so I think you’ll be surprised if the endurance is one a female can win i.e. not a paint can one like last season and I suspect she would also win the final part of the 3 part HOH if she goes up against Jon b/c she has had the better read on the people in the house. Hence her knowing Arlie, Kenny and Andrew’s true intentions toward Jon which he misread.

P.S. did anyone else find it really ODD how often they showed Sabrina repeatedly crossing herself religiously? They played it over 10 times??? And then followed it by reminding us about her dramatic crying. Only thing I wish is the scene they showed of her when speaking to Alison was the complete scene (for the viewers who don’t watch live feeds). If you recall she stopped crying abruptly when it wasn’t getting her anywhere with Alison. Too bad the masses don’t know Sabs true acting ability!


Arlie didn’t choose to screw Neda. C’mon that’s silly.

It’s not his responsibility to throw her comps for her. He’s entitled to throw them just as much as she is.

And if she didn’t want to win HOH, she could have guessed the wrong answer the same way Arlie did, instead of expecting him to do it for her and then getting mad at him after. Once Kenny was gone she had multiple opportunities to get herself outta that game. She blamed Arlie for that but it was all on her.


You are correct, Neda had as much of an opportunity to throw it by answering it wrong HOWEVER this was the FIRST HOH the sloppy seconds were playing together as a team. The fact Arlie chose to answer it wrong was another nail in his coffin with Neda who acted promptly the very next HOH (when Jon won) because she knew he purposely lost.

In his first opportunity to work with her as a team mate(which is why they spoke if you recall: Arlie leaned in and asked her what she wanted & she said you take it b/c the next HOH is endurance probably) he chose to do what he wanted instead. It showed her she could never trust him.

That’s my opinion anyway and I would have done exactly what she did if he’d done that to me because I’d know I could never relax around him if he could ask me what I wanted and then do the opposite. I’d know he would never be trustworthy.


Arlie threw the comp to Neda so he could play in the next HOH. If the following comp was endurance he would have read himself as the primary target from the side that he just left. He read it right that it was an HOH he would need to win to ensure his safety. He just didn’t read that his new alliance would target him.


Thank ya’ll for everything you did for us this season. Awesome website!


Thanks Simon and Dawg!!! I loved this season and your guys amazing coverage of the live feeds!
It was a great season overall (i think better than the last season) and am hoping Neda wins it all!
she played and amazing game and so did Jon – but i am hoping Neda wins
I do not want it to end! but cannot wait for the coming episodes and especially the FINALE!!!!


Thanks guys you guys are great!!!


I agree, Thank You Guys for putting up and running this site. Its awesome to come here and read all the spoilers and comments. I had no idea you guys did BBUS too and I will definitely be reading that when its up and going. The work that’s been put in all this is great, and as a fan I appreciate it a WHOLE BUNCH!!!!! xO’s

I also agree that its too bad for Heather to be going out but I also believe she was a floater at first (given her choices) but she did show she could play and when she won HOH she did make a good move. Peace Heds , you should have absolutely no shame πŸ™‚

Go Neda and Jon (Joneda). I think they have both played a good game. Even though Jon is not some super fan or anything I think his social game has been really good and he is crushing the comps when needed.

I really don’t understand all the personal “hate” for Neda but I guess it is what it is. I have liked her from the get go and think she has played a good game.

My vote would go to either one of them……. HUNDO!!!

Good Luck Guys and may the best Gamer Win. πŸ™‚


Huntress you’ll love BB USA here at OBB. They have been doing it along time before BB Can came along. πŸ™‚ The US season is a lot more rough and tumble as far as comments go. πŸ™‚ The coverage is every bit as good. You get perhaps 5 times the feeders commenting as well. Get some very interesting perspectives from time to time. Another season of AG on the way………weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(Ian):)

Adding my 2 cents :P.

Simon and Dawg you still make change? hehehe
Thanks again guys for a great season. No one covers BB better than OBB………….I’m just saying! πŸ˜›

Good riddance

Good bye Heather you cry baby. So happy to see you go. You are very pathetic thinking your 2 week old relationship is all that. That dude is going to be running far far away from you sorry to say. Good luck in your future.


From bottom of my heart I Thank you Simon & Dawg for working hard to make us viewers informed and entertained.
I was a BB virgin up untill this season and the experience I went through with would it be nothing without http://www.onlinebigbrother. com
you guys are amazing!!!


Have you checked out BBAU yet? Definiely do, they went in an opposite direction than BBUS. Tim from the last season is legend!

another name

Sabrina’s threats to jon and neda. they were actually what she would do. she will vote against the person that wins hoh and doesn’t take her.
it’s completely in her character. she should just own it and say that’s the way it is. the person who evicts her loses her vote. vote obsession being what it is, the desperate act is what she’s left with. in my opinion what other option is left to her if she doesn’t win the final hoh.
its not much different from jon’s jury vote threats last week. he felt absolutely justified in making the same kind of threats but acts so personally insulted when the threats are against him. what’s that called…. what do they call someone who behaves a certain way and then puts down others for the same behavior….. what IS that word? hypocrite.
I’ve actually grown to dislike that part of jon. it’s not the first time he’s been hypocritical. he said that rachelle was a slut for flirting with all of the guys while she had a boyfriend. this from the guy that has a fauxshowmance including sex dreams about his ‘sister’ and her boobs, initiated flirtation with the woman he called his mumsie , and drunkenly kissing Allison. he has a girlfriend. is he a slut?
it bothered me as well that he felt it was his place to weigh in when heather equated Ika to Andrew, believing that Andrew is an a$$hole, while Ika just has a temper. ika repeatedly insulted heather. she took pleasure in going after heather. imo, heather was the one insulted by both, she gets to determine how she feels about them. jon should shut his piehole and give heather his sympathy for being insulted, not tell her how to feel.
this sounds like I’m pro Sabrina and anti jon. I probably am. I hadn’t stopped to consider it before. I know I don’t respect either of them. I know I respect Sabrina’s strategy and use of a puppet more than jon’s strategy and being a puppet. with Sabrina, you know what you’re going to get. she’s going to be mean and rude when she doesn’t like you. with Jon, he’s going to be nice to your face and insulting behind your back. I prefer a known bitch to a fake backstabber.
it’s just my opinion. heck, I respected adel more for being up front about his hate (even though I thought he should have toned it down) than jon for hating behind closed doors.


You have a lot in your comments to address but I only want to deal with your opening point. And I preface this with saying I am not a Sabrina fan for the win.

Sabrina, in my mind, was not making threats. Sabrina’s point is that both Jon and Neda played a good game (hence the 50:50 comment) and jury votes will be close, potentially. If so, the game is not over until the end move (F2 selection). If the odds of winning are equatable for each of Joneda winning than the last choice is the final game move (excluding speech to jury). Taking someone to F2 that could potentially beat you is not a smart move and is bad for your final game.

Sabrina’s assertion that she would not vote for the person that chooses to not take her to F2 is saying that the final HOH made a poor strategic decision.

Jon’s statement that Sabrina would be a bitter jury member is incorrect. Sabrina would actually be voting on gameplay.


I don’t know why there is a single thumbs down. If we forget the lack of subtlety for a minute the writer above is pretty spot on. Sabby could have said it better but it really goes to the core of the argument to keep her. I said awhile back Sabby could be forced to go to the finale kicking and screaming all the way. Neda wins 7 questions Sabby sits F2 is about 50% in my eyes or Sabs winning 7 questions she is gold. Guarantee Neda tanks versus Sabby so Sabs evicts Jon 1 HUNDO % if they are both in 7 questions!


Stan, I am uncertain why people are disagreeing with this assessment. Perhaps the do not perceive Neda evicting Jon or that Jon will win the 7 question comp.
But, one of the two females will be in that comp so the potential is high that on of them could win the final HOH.

The plan moving forward is to have Jon throw the endurance comp to Neda. Doing so at this stage seems easy on paper but not always easy in real life as we seen last year. BBCan1, Jillian was expected to win the 1st round, endurance, and she was the first one out making it essential for Emmett to win that round. It is within the realm of possibilities that this occurs in the upcoming HOH trilogy comp rounds. If it does, then Neda and Sabrina spar of in the physical round…and these two seem relatively equal within this arena. So there is a possibility that Sabrina wins that round.

Regardless, it is possible that Neda or Sabrina win the final 7 question comp. It is the one that Emmett lost last year and why he was so bitter. The final HOH comes down to a luck comp.

People are disregarding the possibility that it is not a Joneda F2. My fear is that so many people throw their votes at Jon, wanting him to win over Neda, and Sabrina’s fan base sneaks through and she wins. It seems unlikely but there is a strong possibility.

What pacifies my fear is that should it happen that it is a Neda/Sabrina F2, the jury proper will give it to Neda and the 7th vote is irrelevant.

another name

the final person to leave the house enters the jury immediately. in studio. on stage. they vote less than a few hours later. the pain of not going to finals is forefront in their minds. what type of person are they? have they held grudges or have they thought it’s just a game? Sabrina has taken things personally, and then later thinks things through and still takes them personally. that’s why i assert that she would vote against the hoh that didn’t take her to finals.
it’s usual for jury vote threats to happen. usually when one of the remaining players is in a desperate situation. one player against a 2 person alliance is a desperate situation. she is playing the game in doing this.
i honestly thought i wrote ‘threat’ with quote to show that i didn’t consider it much of a threat. my error.
sorry if my jon rant offended anyone. i still believe everything that i wrote, but should have been more tactful and perhaps considered how he would feel if he read that, it was too personal and not strategy/game related. i suck at tact and write too much. i wouldn’t even make it through the application to casting for big brother without causing offense; let alone make it through the first day in the house without pi$$ing somebody off. not that i would want to be on tv in front of cameras 24/7ish…. far too sensitive to personal criticism so reading what people said on threads not about game, but the personal stuff would gut me. so although i believe what i wrote, i apologize for writing it. i forgot they’re people too for a moment.


In regards to this I see why one person says she is playing emotional and why one says it’s just game play.

BUT… the simple fact is this: If you are Jon and Neda all you have to say to Sabrina is the following:

I know if Rachelle was sitting to my left and you were standing in my position I would expect you to take Rachelle given she was your partner. We also both know loyalty cost you a portion of your game b/c all of your early game moves were to protect the F5. Given those realities I know you respect the quality of loyalty and hope you will respect my decision to remain faithful to my number 1 partner. PERIOD

another name

the only problem I see with that argument, and it’s a bit of a stretch, is that Sabrina didn’t make any deals without rachelle while rachelle was in the house. neda struck a tentative deal with Sabrina while jon was still in the house. she could view that statement as not being genuine because she knows that she had a side deal with neda, meaning to neda the loyalty to jon was not as important. I only say this because in looking how Sabrina has been acting in regard to people pointing out her lies, and how many times she has talked about her loyalty, would she not say how loyal could you have been if you even contemplated throwing him to the wolves. as someone who believes she has been a paragon of loyalty, and someone who believes she hasn’t had the wool pulled over her eyes all game, would Sabrina believe neda was lying about that or actually considering the possibility of ousting jon. I think if they used the ‘but this is my rachelle argument’ it would further ignite her self righteousness than anything else. I still think that the timing of the vote in relation to the last person leaving the house will mean that the last evicted houseguest will vote more out of emotion than reason. look at how each houseguest has reacted when leaving for jury. none has been ‘good game’ to the one that evicted them. each has had initial emotional reaction. for the last person evicted I think that will be paramount.


BBUS16 is out on my brithday =)

Oh Hai

Ok after coming to this site every day since March now I’m voting for either Dawg or Simon to win. At life. Thanks guys you are awesome


Did Heather just say she is falling in love with Sabrina? Oh my God this girl is too much. Not because it’s a little but because it’s another sickly sweet dumbass lie. Consistent to the end Heather. Nauseating voice, nauseating comments. Bye bye idiot. Go back to Vegas


Sabrina….disgusting! Get your fingers out of your mouth! Good thing you can do makeup. Always licking your lips without makeup they always looked chapped or covered with cold sores. Oh and let’s not forget about the nose picking…..and you cook and use those dirty hands… you say all the time OMG!
I so hope you go home and have to buy your Rolex watch with your own money!


I also have a big pet peeve with people who chew their food with their mouths open! My mother always drilled it into me that no body wanted to see my food being processed in my mouth! Unfortunately did we not only had to see Sabrina’s chewed food ….. but thanks to the microphones, we had to listen to the sound effects as well!


Simon & Dawg: Thank you so much for your updates….enjoyed it thoroughly. Just managed to send you a donation. I had a hard time getting through from the US, but just managed to do it. See you on BB16!


Who is Dawg?


Thumbs up if you’re giving your vote to Jon
Thumbs down if you’re giving your vote to Neda
(Assuming they are f2)


I think when you consider that the entire province of Newfoundland will be voting for Jon; Neda doesn’t have much chance of winning Canada’s Vote against him.


Well then the rest of Canada needs to vote for Neda.


Half of Canada doesn’t like Canada; the other half does. A LOT of people are saying that they’re not gonna vote for Neda. I won’t be.


I think we all knew that Michael. Lol.


Thank you so much You two amazing guys πŸ™‚ iyou did a fantastic job. this season was kind of funny and special for me because my name is Neda and my husband’s name is Adel :)))))


My vote is going to Neda regardless, because she’s my favorite but I also think she played an obviously superior STRATEGIC game. She got Jon to take out Arlie and Adel who were threats to HER game, and used her HOH’s to take out Kenny and Allison who were threats to both of them. She PUT herself into a final four where everyone was going to take her to the end, while Jon put himself in a situation where he had to win comps to make the end, or rely on Neda.

Jon never made a decision without Neda agreeing, while Neda made the Allison decision on her own, and voted out Adel even though Jon wanted to keep him.

Jon is a great SOCIAL player though, and I give him massive credit for forging the relationships that made the Sloppy Seconds, if he had gotten Adel to f3 with him and Neda, I’d have voted for him, but letting Neda take out his side alliance there cost him any chance imo.

Sabrina played well for the first few weeks, but hasn’t done anything but be dragged along since Canada’s HOH.


Allison was on the Sloppy Seconds radar for a bit at that point so getting her out wasn’t that big of a move. All alliances forged with Alison to that point were either false or weak.

Had Neda put up Heather or Adel and got them out at that point then she would warrant more credit with that HOH.


I respectfully disagree: Allison only agreed to be part of the Sloppy Seconds to position herself in the middle of the two groups AND because she didn’t trust Arlie who she saw as the biggest threat in the game.

Her intention (had she won HOH) was to put up Jon and Neda.

Adel and Heather were NOT Neda’s immediate threat Allison was (then Rachelle/Sabrina)

So she did the right thing.


I hate how Heather acts like a victim! Heather has called Ika a bitch numerous times before and after Ika said she was a Pimple faced bitch. If Ika is a horrible person because the same words you used cut you deeper then you’re a horrible person too. I hate how she act all innocent , she was just insulting Adel all last week for no reason when he was the only person that was kind to her a few weeks ago.

Sabrina is certified CRAZY how are you in the same breath going to say you love Ika and hope she forgives you but then say shes a horrible person?

Anyways, I hope Jon and Neda make it two the final 2 because not only is Sabrina truly a VILE person, but their overall game play was also better.

If Sabrina SOMEHOW makes it two F2 please Canada DO NOT give her your vote. Don’t forget the horrible things she has done in the past (saying Jon got an infection because of Neda’s dirty… ,calling Ika a whore, excluding and bullying Adel and Heather, saying Heather is the “ugliest creepiest girl she has ever seen”, threatening to harm adel with a pot, calling Ika and Sarah bad mothers). The list can go on… in addition she cheated by getting her sister to write codes in her letter and she didn’t have any game play other than the first two weeks.


Bianca, I couldn’t agree more with you. And lets hope the BBC Gods forget that Sabrina was ever on this show and we don’t see her next year as a guest.


Simon do you cover the interviews they give after it’s over would love to her there opinions after they watch the series


we’ll post some but it won’t be a focus.. gearing up for BBUS16


hope neda wins! vote neda!

is it too late to include a POLL about who people are planning to vote for in canada’s vote?!


With all these tips Simon and Dawg may decide to put on the G string and work in the local peeler bar! If you live in BC stay out of the Champagne Room it could be down right scary! πŸ˜›



Thanks for the feeds ^_^

And yup heather is going home for sure..That sucks…..she worked so hard….


jon can be very abnoxious

Mr. BiLL

Thanks; Simon and Dawg, for this great web site, and allowing all of us to post our comments without having to sign up.

Nice Guys Finish First

First I want to say thanks Dawg and Simon for providing us with all our Big Brother Canada spoilers, they’ve been amazing, would have gone crazy having to wait it out! ; )

Got to say a BIG WARNING to whomever wins HOH if it’s other than JON…. You WON’T get CANADA’s vote taking him out.

Would love to see an alliance that worked together since the beginning sit at the final 2 however I really don’t know if Jon can actually trust Neda.

amanda cooch smells like onions

team neda!


Much as I couldn’t stand Amanda, your user name is just gross.


Heather is a beautiful person
but a so weak BB player
Why she dont campain to stay !!

All she have to do is telling John that Nada want to eliminate him
if she had won this veto…. or at Final3

Maybe John will still not evict her
but at least it will create doubt in his mind
At least try something Heather !!
Dont roll over like a pussy !


Sabrina also should tell John about Nada backstabing him

Its in the best interest of Sabrina also
She wouldll have a much better chance to win against Heather than Nada in a possible Final2


Jon is pretty aware that if Neda had a choice she would not take him. But he seems like a hopeless romantic. Still waiting for a move from Joneda. It is not out of the realms of possibilities.


the votes for jury will come down too allsion, sabrina, rachelle , we already know Arlie won;t be bitter and vote for Jon, Adel votes Jon, Heather votes Neda, Canada votes Jon


We ALL KNOW Arlie won’t be bitter and vote for Jon?????????????????

If Arlie isn’t bitter he votes for Neda.

The ONLY thing we know one hundo is:
* Rachelle would vote for Sabs
* Heather will vote for Neda
*Adel will vote for Jon

Unfortunately I think Canada will also vote Jon (for personality) instead of game play which would be Neda (but I’ll hope for a surprise).

The others are questionable.

I think at this point it’s like Jon and Neda take each other so some of it will depend on the final HOH and who gets to pick who sits beside them. If Jon picks I think he wins no matter what, but I’m hoping Alison smartens up with Arlie to give their vote to Neda and hopefully Rachelle shows she has her OWN MIND for the second time this game (remember she voted Sabs out when she sat beside Kenny so it’s possible).

Part of the reason Jon keeps threatening Neda to not talk to Sabs or Heather is he is worried about jury votes and I do find it quite annoying b/c whenever Neda isn’t in the room he is doing what he is accusing her of. I actually think Heather’s time in the jury with Arlie, Adel and Rachelle COULD help solidify the reason to vote for Neda once they know how instrumental Neda’s actions were. Adel will never vote for a girl b/c he has always wanted a boy to win so she won’t influence his vote no matter what.


that’s the thing Rachelle doesn’t have her own mind and will vote for whoever Sabs votes for same with Ali


Well Neda is sending Heather into jury as her soldier.

And although all signs point to Heather leaving we will not know for sure until wednesday.


have a feeling if Sabs makes jury and is knocked out out by Jon she going too tell Rachelle and Ali too vote for Neda


So Neda has a shot at beating Jon


Sabs won’t have time to sway jury votes, and Rachelle has already stated she would vote for Neda over Jon (exit interview).