Jon tells Heather – I highly doubt you’re.. anyone’s being evicted today.

POV Holder: JON Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Sabrina Next HOH: Next HOH is final HOH
Original Nominations: Jon and Heather
Current Nominations: Jon and Heather
Have Nots Jon & Sabrina are on slop

BBCAn2-2014-05-04 06-19-45-945
Punishments from the veto:
– JON is on slop and can’t shower till he leaves.
– Neda has to wear the dress costume till she leaves.
– Heather chose not take the punishment of a squirrel costume.

9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.. Jon tells Heather – I highly doubt you’re .. anyone’s being evicted today. I think its a normal week. Sabrina asks well what could they be doing in the backyard? Neda says getting ready for a the 3 part HOH. I would be surprised if they’re not building a crazy endurance. Heather says well I would like to know if I am leaving. Sabrina starts to sleep. Jon tells her if she’s going to sleep she should go to the HOH room. Jon says he’s going the wash his hair in the sink. (He’s allowed to wash himself in the sink but no were else) Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return – Heather yells out I just want to know what’s going ON!!! AHHHHHh! Sabrina joins them and tells them big brother told her to come in here. She says they locked the door behind me. Heather comments that she’s been on slop 4 or five times .. she can’t remember exactly how many times.

BBCAn2-2014-05-04 06-15-22-382

BBCAN2-2014-05-04 06-33-47-612
9:40am – 9:55am Sabrina asks if Jon can put the pizza in the oven? Jon says I’ll put this in you’re oven! Sabrina and Heather head to the HOH room. Heather says that she’s so happy her punishment is finally over and she can finally go in the HOH room. Heather and Sabrina head to the bathroom. Heather asks Neda if she has to do her goodbye message for her to tell her. Neda says she will. Neda is happy she gets her stuff (Makeup & clothes) back but can’t wear her clothes still because she has to wear the dress punishment. Jon says it’s going to be cool to see you with your face on. Jon tells her she always puts too much brown sh*t on your face. Neda tries to wear pants under her dress but big brother blocks the feeds and when they come back Neda is taking the pants off and complains that Jon got to wear his sweater over his baby outfit. Jon tells her you need to do what you need to do. Neda says it’s pointless when you don’t win the veto.

BBCAN2-2014-05-04 06-47-23-640

10:05am Neda heads into the HOH room to get Sabrina to do her makeup. In the bathroom Jon comes back from the diary room and asks where Neda and Sabrina are? Heather says HOH room. Jon asks if they’re plotting?! Heather asks plotting what?! Jon heads to the HOH room to make sure Neda and Sabrina can’t be alone to talk. Jon starts listening to Sabrina’s HOH music. Neda walks by and Jon signs the an “L” for loser. He says oh thanks for saying Hi when you walk by you d**k! Jon then tells Sabrina her music sucks and goes to join Neda & Heather in the bathroom.
BBCAN2-2014-05-04 07-16-49-521

10:25am – 10:50am Jon asks Neda what do you think the best way to go about this 3 part HOH? Jon asks should I just throw it? Neda says no we need to be smart about it. I should win the endurance and you should win the second part. Heather joins them and the conversation ends. Neda asks Jon if his girlfriend would be good on the show. Jon says she’s very smart, very social, and very physical too.. she would do well. JOn says god, maybe she’ll try out next year! Neda comments on how Andrew’s brother (Pete) audition this year. Jon comments on how many people they all beat out to get here. Jon and Neda head down to the kitchen to wash Jon’s hair in the sink.
BBCAn2-2014-05-04 07-36-19-294

10:50am – 11am Jon hugs Neda. Neda says I didn’t think I would get far in this game with one person but we did! Neda talks about past season that two people have gotten to the end before. Seasons 10 with Dan & Memphis but they made their alliance half way though. And Dick & Danielle. Jon says that is awesome. The conversation turns to talking about the 3 part HOH competition. Neda says for Jon to set off when Sabrina is out in the endurance and then Jon will compete against Sabrina in the physical competition. JOn says I am kind of nervous. Neda says there’s no way she can beat you. Jon says oh no I’m not worried about that. I just wonder what it is. Neda says like the wall with Velcro. Jon says okay I can do that! Neda says yeah I would be worried about that one. Neda says either way one of us would have won that veto (last night). She says if she would have rolled the dice first, I would have gotten another roll in the second round and possibly won. Neda comments on how she wishes she hadn’t thrown stuff in the beginning so that she could have won more stuff. Neda comments on how she wishes she hadn’t thrown stuff in the beginning so that she could have won more stuff.

BBCAn2-2014-05-04 07-48-19-142

11:15am – 11:35am In the kitchen – Neda jokingly tells Jon to not use the veto and stay on the block. Jon says nope! Neda says shows how much trust you have in me. Jon comments on how red heads are nuts! He asks Neda if she’s ever been with one. Neda says no but that her dream is to sleep with Rupert Grint (Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter) .. she says well not sleep with.. date. The conversation turns to talking about Jillian and Emmett from last season. Jon says that Jillian played a flawless game with never being on slop or being nominated.

BBCAN2-2014-05-04 08-14-11-167

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So sad if Heather goes! I want anyone but Neda to win but the odds aren’t looking so great at this point 🙁



Heres the thing an epic move would be Jon saying during his vote ” sorry Neda this is not only good for my game but my relationship I evict You Neda” now thats BBC.

Thanks for an amazing blog guys!!!


Thanks for the great season, Simon and Dawg! I think this season was better than last year, and definitely one of the better seasons compared to some of the US seasons. Now all that’s left is finale and then a short break before BBUS starts. Do you know yet if there are going to be feeds available in Canada?


All these people who don’t want Neda to win remind me of the same people who didn’t want Dan to win in season 14 BB US. You don’t have to necessarily like them but you have to admit Neda has played a superior game out of all 4 of them left. One may argue Jon has won more comps but Neda has literally used Jon for both his HoH’s in getting rid of his own allies and benefiting her own game more. Neda deserves to win hands down.


Exactly! Neda not only used her own HOHs to get rid of the two biggest threats, but she persuaded Jon to put out her biggest threats on his HOH, and both of them were supposed to be in an alliance with Jon. Arlie will probably vote for Neda, not because he is bitter, but because he recognizes Neda orchestrated his demise, and he will respect game play. Jon got lucky, if a gremlin or Allison had won Hoh instead of Neda, he probably would be in jury right now, but it worked out for him in the end because he won so many competitions or was safe because his allies kept him safe. The problem I see for Jon is that he had alliances with half of the jury, and all three went home because of him. Jon had a final 2 with Adel, Arlie and Heather, and they went home on his HOH or vote. The only person that is in jury because of a Neda HOH is Allison. Neda deserves the win more than Jon, but he will probably win it on personality and competition wins. Either way, they are a worthy final 2.


I don’t know Neda beyond what I’ve seen of her from this game……so it’s hard to tell what kind of person she would be outside of the house. In saying that, I really don’t like the type of person she has portrayed herself to be in the house. She reminds me of a snobby high school girl. HOWEVER…….. I must and will admit that Neda has played the best game by far. Hands down! I’d be blind if I couldn’t appreciate that. Kinda sucks when the person you like the least is playing the best game, but I’ve got to pay (game-related) respect where respect is due! 😛


I don’t think any contestant deserves to win. If Canada hadn’t put up and broken up the gang of first five the final three may have been very different people..

just an opinion

I truly would have liked Heather, Jon and Neda as F3, but it is what it is! As it stands now Jon and Neda will be (should be) in the F2. I am good with that. It is nice to hear that Jon is at least magnanimous enough to say he is happy they are final 2 and would be good with however it goes. I know Neda now agrees to the same feelings, but we know if she could’ve cut Jon, she would’ve. In a way I would have liked to see her be tested at that. Then we all would have seen what her true actions would be. If she had been in that position and had actually had the guts to stand by her alliance, I would have voted for her. Overcoming a natural selfish inclination is worth something to me. Then again. this game is not about who has the best character, but who can lie and manipulate the best (at least that ‘s what it is this year).


I think this season has been one of the worst seasons. I know many people who have stopped watching. I personally do not think that Canada should have been HOH, not that I really liked Andrew or Sabrina, but because they should have let the people play the game and it would have been a totally different game right now and there might have been someone to actually get excited about winning this season. Its really too bad that Jon is blinded by Neda. If she wins it will be a total waste of a season. I know shes played the game, but I can’t stand her.


Totally agree with you. I don’t think it was fair to let Canada take part in nominations (or to let them have the upcoming last jury vote). The whole point of Big Brother is to let these people play out a game inside a house where they have no idea what is going on outside of the house, and where they don’t know what’s being said behind their back, behind closed doors, in other conversations etc. Canada gets to see all of that, and then take part in completely shifting the game?!?! It completely takes away from the classic point of BB, and that’s a fact, whether you like that twist or not. I obviously don’t like it, but that’s just my point of view. Maybe some other people like that the classic form of the game is changing? Different strokes for different folks I suppose 😛 I didn’t participate in the nomination vote and I won’t be participating in the jury vote either. Let it play out naturally ppl!


I feel so sorry about Jon because if he gets evicted his demise will because of Neda.I see Jon’s loyalty to Neda like Sarah’s loyalty to Kenny, except for the fact that in the latter relationship the loyalty was mutual.Neda is so good at this game because Jon is so blind, to put it mildly.


Laura, I agree with your comment.
I thought the game play was a touch better than last year. I was disappointed by season one. I liked Gary but not the other guy on the after show. All he did as sit around and pretend to be playing last season. So never watched the after show..
I agree the Canada vote, this season, was a game changer I didn’t like. Nor do I agree with Canada being the seventh jury member.
I enjoyed the humour of many situations set up by BBC. Sort of covered up the boring high school BFF game play.
I don’t like Neda because it’s more her than game play. Heather showed promise and then faded into the BFF role with Neda and Sabrina. I liked Sabrina’s game the best. Jon is just a puppy following his mistress Neda around. If Neda or Jon were players, they would have taken each other out by now.


Did Sabrina HOH message really have hidden messages. If so she should be gone. The game would be better off. She could head straight to her photo shoot with maxim. Lmao!!!’


Congrats Jon! I think if he hadn’t won, Neda would have totally gotten rid of him. I don’t believe her that she wouldn’t have cut Jon. He is the only one that was ever truly sincere about the two of them. I hope he wins it. I do find it funny how Heather keeps bringing up “If we would of kept Deli..”. What’s done is done, and yeah Heather – you probably would of made it to final 3 at least. Had you and Adel compared notes, you both would of had the insight to know that they wanted to keep Sabrina (especially Neda). Had Heather voted to keep Adel, Jon would of been the tie breaker. This would of been your only chance at final 3 possibly Heather. Never know, Sabrina might somehow pull out a win and still be in the final 2. Game is not over yet.


Heather brings it up to remind Jon how ticked he was with neda.
You are correct game is NOT over yet and Heather very well could be in the final 3, neda is now on the block for one and secondly…. Sab should 100% be tossed out the door for her pre arranged cheat plan to get coded messages in her letters from home.


I can’t stand anyone in this house except for Jon. Neda is a vicious little bitch Sabrina – same except with an extra large dose of narcissism Heather is an idiot and for someone who knows big brother is so fucking naïve about people she deserves to be cut If you don’t expect to be treated badly sometimes in big brother then don’t audition. She doesn’t just automatically get rewarded for being treated badly. I think Heather brought a lot of in on herself by being such a fake little idiot jumping up and down like a 2-year-old and constantly giving people false compliments – alittle hard to take by a group of tough girls – she should have known that.


WOW!…. dorkapotamus, your name suits you well.
Based on your assessment (as wrong as it is) you’d fit right in.

Heather did nothing to bring on the bullied personal attacks such as the one you just made, that was shallow. There are some kind hearted and sensitive, trusting people in this world and she happens to be one, she has been the bigger person in majority of all situations in the house.


The reply to dork….
was from me… Bartender.




To Name…. : )

I lol-ed at me too, dork torqued me and I forgot to enter my name.


I understood you forgot to write your name.I’d just found your second message being very funny (lol again)


Heather is the most vindictive of the lot. When she is not being cutesy she spews hatred for others in the house. And she makes emotional moves based on indignation.


Jon should blindside Neda. If he does, he wins the $…That still could happen.
But if not, once those feeds go down and they are alone in the house, you know there’s going to be a kiss, and a conversation even though he has a girlfriend.


feeds are down but, they are still being taped and it could be shown on the show.


Finally that annoying voice cry baby is leaving. She is so obsessed with Rachelle give it a rest already. You have been with your bf for 3 weeks and planning the next steps ? Get a grip. Dude run far away from this creeper. She is pretty and all but crazy.


heather is super creepy




if Sabrina wins hoh she should take Neda cuz it was Always Nedas choice to keep keeping her safe & at one point Neda did say theres a chance she may bring Sabs to the Final over Jon…at the same time its a game of lies to win sooo who knowsss


sabrina keeps assuming that no matter wat neda will be in final 2 but neda cant beat jon at alll so it just depends if neda wants 100 g’s & a trip & A home-makover by the brick OR Just 20 G’s…The houseguests never talk about the $10,000 trip anywhere in the world or the Brick Prize, they only mention the moneyy


If jon wins hoh & really wants to win 100 g’s & the other prizes he’ll have to dump neda & If Neda wants to win first prizes she’ll have to dump Jon…If Sabs wins hoh or veto it changes & i think she’ll pick Jon