Ryan “If you and Jonathan are safe.. we are going straight for their jugulars.”

2:30pm Workout room. Joe, Ryan and Jonathan. Joe – who is here to vote? K? Tom.. Jonathan – the girls. That whole bedroom. Ricky, Tay. Ryan – can I vote? Jonathan – nope. Not unless there’s a tie. Joe – I am almost positive that Ricky and Lolo will vote for me. For sure. I haven’t had any bad words with Ricky.. but I don’t think Lolo likes me either. I don’t think she likes what I do for a living. Jonathan – she doesn’t seem to like a lot of things. Ricky goes in and out of it too.. the swings.

Joe – I think it would be Ricky, Dina… possibly Lolo for me. I think Natalie would go with Tamar. Probably and vote for Kandi. And it would be Tom and.. Jonathan – Natalie literally said we can’t get rid of Joey .. who is going to cook and clean all of our meals?! I’m living in heaven! Jokingly. He cooks me food, I love it.

3:30pm – 4pm Kitchen – Kato, Ricky, Joe, Kandi and Lolo are chatting. Ricky talks to Kato about social anxiety disorder and football.

7:30pm Ricky and Tom playing a game of chess.

8:05pm Bedroom. Natalie and Tamar. Natalie – so what you think he is running with Kandi? Tamar – yes! I know for a fact. And Tom and Kato .. like I said four days ago. Tom just sat up here and told y’all. I don’t like Kandi. Natalie – Tom told me that he wants to work with me and you and the girls. You realize he made another deal with Ricky? Tamar – because he wanted to say. Our alliance is f**ked up. There’s a crack in it. Of course he wants to stay. Lets not act like that’s abnormal. Natalie – but lets reel it back.. in the veto he didn’t pick one person in our alliance. One person in the alliance did not pick us. Tamar – yeah but they also didn’t pick any of us to go on the block. Natalie – because he would have been outed. That would have been crazy. Tamar – do you think that Jonathan and Ryan will be coming for any three of us? Natalie – yes. Tamar – you absolutely believe that? Natalie – they would put us up, yes! Tamar – they’re using us to get Jonathan out and I feel them. I have had this feeling all week. This is before the blow up. He ain’t right and everyone knows she’s not right. She conjured up this whole thing to put herself and him in a different position.

Tamar – That ain’t good for our game. That’s good for their game. Not our game. Natalie – I don’t know dude. I really don’t. We got to make a choice which one we’re going to go with. Tamar – the lesser of the two evils … are you asking me? Natalie – no .. I already know. Tamar – but that’s not personal. Natalie – it doesn’t matter. Tamar – on my kid its not. In the beginning I wanted to work with them. Natalie – I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Tamar – we’ve got to talk about it sometime.

9:47pm Bathroom. Kandi and Ryan. Kandi – what made you pick Joey? Ryan – Ummm… I don’t really know. I don’t know. I talked to Joey about and he knew before. Kandi – so are you planning to vote me off? Ryan – no, I think its a double elimination. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Joe joins them. Kandi leaves.

Ryan tells Joe about his conversation with Kandi. She asked are you going to vote me off? Joe – someone has to go! Ryan – I think I f**ked it up by picking Kato to play in the veto. Joe – there’s no strategy.. well there is but.. Ryan – Those girls are constantly whispering… so whatever they say about us. Joe – its all projection.. because they’re doing it. Ryan – If you and Jonathan are safe.. we are going straight for their jugulars. Joe – no doubt! Have to! Believe me, they will. Ryan – oh 100%!

12:05am – 12:20am Tom is alone in the kitchen talking to himself. He then does the “cereal box osprey”. Tom then continues to narrate everything he is doing to the cameras..

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I don’t know what any of you think, but I already like this season’s cast so much more than last season’s. It’s amazes me that I am almost 20 years older than I was when Tom was relevant and he still makes me laugh.


WAY better cast than last year..


I didn’t even bother logging in for a single second to the feeds last Celeb Season. This one I have/am. MUCHHH better rats in the cage this season.


i didn’t watch last season of celeb bb. i would’ve had omarosa been booted early but she came third. one season of her on the apprentice was enough (and i think she was on 3, skipped 2 of those and gave up on the show when annie duke was robbed). this season is interesting. no one really knows the game with the players who think they do making relatively significant mistakes. i generally prefer seasons when the players are at the same skill level going in (i.e. no returnees), so hopefully this is a good one.


my god… can you even imagine being in the house.. turning the corner.. and there’s Tom… being all cereal box osprey

Feeds Gold

Check out Tom playing an awesome keyboard tune 7.30am Thursday bb time

Feeds Gold

Tom on keyboard


Flashback moment: Tom/Cam1/7am The beginning of a potential, regular “BB Tom Green Show” for us live feeders? He discusses the tweets they have available to do, plays with production (successfully with no interruptions *clutches chest!*), Tamar & Kandi tensions, his BB history, prior Kato contact, random randomness, etc.