“I wore a bra on my head and was dancing on the bed .. I’m working a new character kinda a Gollum type”

Big Brother Spoilers for Today.. Ryan is the Head of Household, Kandi, Jon, and Joey. Smells like Jon is going home.

7:15am Tom asks us if we want to go goof around in the HOH room.. it’s a game.

Tom – I’m going to go jump on the bed”
Nobody is in the HOH room Ryan slept downstairs “being a good samaritan”

7:15am HOH Tom’s putting on costumes “from the dirty thirties”

I’m working a new character is kinda a gollum type character…
Tom – I got to play sensible.. I’m not goofing around the houseguests too much 10 years ago I would have been acting different in here/.. I don’t want to call it maturity..

Tom goes on to say 10 years ago he would not have lasted long in this game.. he’s playing to win,.
Tom I’m trying to play a team player.. make soup normal stuff..
He explains this is why he’s doing these early “walk about” to do weird things.

7:20am game Kato and Tom Green
Tom – I wore a bra on my head and was dancing on the bed
Kato – we’re shooting for the finals..
Tom – yeah.. welcome to Kato and Tom this morning..
kato wants to know if they win HOH who do they nominate..
Tom – you think Ricky, LOLO and Natalie are all going to do what they say they are going to do
Kato mmmmhhhmmm I think so
Tom – It’s you ,Ricky, Natalie and myself.. and we’re all doing what we said we’re going to do
Kato – mmmmhhmmm m
Tom says he’s going to try and do something that is difficult for him and not talk about a lot of stuff with their group.

Tom – I’m going to let Ricky “kinda Drive it Basically”

Kato mentioning that Ricky has the girls ear he’s sharing a room with them
Tom – he likes to be running things a little bit.. let let him do it until we feel he’s running it in a wrong direction.. but right now lets let them run things.. unless…
Kato has been watching them..

Tom – I know Tamar is working some angle to get Kandi out of here..
Kato – Tamar is not going to do it.. she knows there’s not way..
Tom – you don’t think Tamar is in the room convincing them all to vote Kandi out
Kato – I don’t think she has the power.. I think we’re closer..
Tom – you think the vote is going to be 5-2
Kato – yeah, I think so..
Tom – if the votes not 5-2 than someone is f****ing around
Kato – yeah

Tom – then what do we do.. how do we determine..
They agree if it’s 5-2 that is solid confirmation that their alliance is “strong”
Kato – Today, Jon and Ryan are going to petition LOLO and Natalie
Tom – do you think someone will change their mind
Kato – I think we’re ok
Tom mentions Ricky talking to ryan the other day
kato isn’t worried says Ricky is 150%
Tom – I believe it to
Tom wonders why jon hasn’t approached him.. mentions “those guys” (jon/Ryan/Joey Whoa) being off in the corner all the time. they never include Tom in their “Clique”
Kato says he’s got to go to the toilet “It’s going to be 10 minutes at least”
Tom suggests they continue their “talk show” with him in the toilet.. he then decides “that would be weird”

Tom green starts playing the keyboard.. “are you getting a feed of the audio from this.. no yo’re not … could we get someone ffrom audio”
Tom starts messing around with the back of the keyboard “there’s extra line outs.. do you think we can get engineering in here”
Tom puts his microphone next to the keyboard speaker… and starts playing “let’s have some fun folks”

“Here’s a new song I wrote.. ” Link

(HAHAHAh and he goes to town on the keyboard)

feeds cut…

7:42am HOH Kato and Tom
Kato – we have a power right now with kandi .. she doesn’t need to know we are voting for jon .. we can say Kandi you protect us you’re safe this week..
Tom – yeah
Kato – I don’t want her to assume she’s safe.. we have power right now so why not
Tom – I’ve told her I got her back.. she’s never told me.. I assumed she knew we were allies..
Kato – do you know who could be a trick player.. who is your gut telling you
Tom – a trick player?
Kato – playing the game without anyone knowing but wants to win
Tom – outside out alliance.. ….. …. …. Joey or Tamar
kato – Dina.. she’s made tons of hints she’s going to win this thing..
Tom – ohh yeah she’s playing a masterful… not getting caught up in the drama..
Tom says Dina would be the last person he would want to leave outside of their group
Kato – I think I’m connected with her..
Tom – maybe we should form a side alliance with Dina.. it would be fun to talk with her on this stuff…

Kato says probably Jon is leaving but.
Tom – what is the impact going to be on the mood of the house.. how jis Ryan and Joey going to respond.. they are going to be aware that all these attempts of alliance don’t exist . They’ll be mad..
Kato explains that Ryan and kato will be too weak Ryan can’t play for HOH only Joey against all of them.

Kato says if their side doesn’t win HOH one of them will be on the block if not both.
Tom asks who kato would rather win HOH himself or Ricky or LOLO and Kato.
Kato – that’s when you make a deal in midair..
Tom – do you make a deal in midair or do we think of it in advance.. you can throw it…
Tom – maybe we’re better off not winning head of household.. if we truly trust them
Kato – the perfect scenario is you winning it one week then I winning it one week
Tom – do you think we want that control right now
Kato – if it came to 4 and it’s you and I who would you want with us

Tom – I will have to gather a little more information.. I’m not 100% sure at this point.. there’s pros and cons.. Ricky is so hard to read.
Tom – Ricky is hard to read sometimes he snaps at me.. he’s got a intense energy.. I’ve had more intense game talks with Natalie than Ricky..

They are confident the vote will got their way 5-2 jon gone. Tom says if Kandi is evicted they are in trouble they will be next..
Kato mentions how they won’t be able to figure out who lied
Tom – If Kandi gets evicted everyone lied ..

9:41am Houseguests are waking up…

10:24am Jon and Ryan.. Tweeting

Jon – do you think everyone out there.. the world.. knows we’re best friends..

10:22am Dina, jon

Din a- the only thing I don’t understand is backdoor.
JOn – me, Ryan and Joey are protecting you
Jon – I know Kandi is probably saying vote for Jonathan.. thats fine
Din a- she knows I’m tight with you, We’ve known each other for years your my daughters … you made great movies together and you should make another one..
joey comes in Jon leaves..
Dina says she’s voting out Kandi, “she won’t be made she knows Jon and I …. ”
Dina – you guys beter have my back.. I’m friendly with them I hope they get friendlier..
Joey – if I end up going home that’s cool…

11:55am Jon, Ryan and Dina Workout room
Jon – Dina, we’re protecting you… tell her Ryan so she knows
Ryan – yeah..
Dina – alright .. I know what I have to do..
Dina – you guys better start watching
The guys interrupt “the girls”
Jon asks if she knows who everyone is voting. Dina doesn’t know. Ryan chimes in that he’s talked to “the girls” and they all told him Kandi.
Dina – because of Tamar
Jon – and she kinda runs that circle
Jon says he wants their to be good energy in the house.. (Tamar and kandi dislike each other)

Dina mentions that Tamar is really missing “her little guy”
Dina leaves..
Jon – worst case scenario it comes to a tie and you just break it
Ryan – if it’s between you and anyone I’m picking the other person
Jon – that’s how a ride or die works

Jon says that Joey really didn’t start playing the game until they were 5 days in. they started their ride or die from the beginning.

1:39pm Workout room Tamar LOLO and Natalie

Tamar – that dude lied yesterday.. point blank.. and it’s not all good

Natalie says it doesn’t matter that they are working together
Tamar – but he lied.. that’s not right
They mention how they need Ricky for physical competitions.
Tamar points out that Natalie is the female version of Tarzan and LOLO is “freaking She’ra” (LOL)

Tamar – my head game is strong because I am boarder line psychic .. (ohh dear)
Tamar asks them why they are asking for a week safety from Kato and Tom.. it should be the other way around
Tamar says they don’t need “their Safety”
LOLO – I never asked them for safety..
Tamar – I did ..
LOLO – pride before the fall.. I would rather be humble and ask for safety
Tamar brings up Ricky saying he was a master manipulator and how he can manipulate any women.
Natalie – who
Tamar – RICKY.. he was a ‘PLAYER’ he had a baby on his wife..
Tamar – he didn’t tell you he was a player
Natalie – that was then this is now..
Tamar – he has the ability to pull the wool over your eyes.,. I’m just saying . we’re real strong women we need to think.,
Tamar says she’s will to have another conversation with Kandi so they can all get together and “Play these dudes”

Natalie tells her she needs to get her shit sorted out with Kandi. mentions how she always says she’s going to talk to her but…
Tamar – listen
Natalie – no you listen .. . every time you come back .. my vote no matter what is against her
Tamar – listen every time I talk to her she tries some slick sh1t
T – I do humble myself..

Natalie – it’s us three all the way..
LOLO says the odd person out is Dina..

3:50pm Joey and Ryan
Joey – for someone who is spiritually connected his energy is terrible at time
Ryan – so weird
Joey – I can never figure him out.. that’s why I don’t trust him dude.. He’s so inconsistent
Ryan – you know how he brought up you’ll be safe… you never mentioned it
Joey – I know that’s what I mean
Joey – I don’t like the hot cold.. that would drive me insane. I like consistent people

Joey goes on about it being ok to be in a bad mood.. he hates having to wonder what version he’s going to get with Ricky .
Joey – he’ll (Ricky) will be engaged and cordial .. then he’ll be weird and cold
Joey – it makes me uncomfortable.. I don’t know if he’s doing it on purpose..
Ryan – I don’t know if he’s zoning out
Joey – you have to be aware of your behavior and how it affects others.. it comes across rude. You know..

Ricky’s been wearing shades the lights are too bright

4:47pm Tom and Kato
Tom is suggesting they double think getting rid of Jon this week.
Tom – lets think it through what happens next..
Kato – you worried about ricky? I don’t think Ricky is on board after this thing (get out jon)
Tom – that’s what I’m saying. We made an alliance with a guy who’ll knock us off
Tom – you know who we can get on our side.. Jon if we save him. They would owe us big time.. we would explain that to them..
Tom – he would know the only reason he was here was because us..
Tom – I’m just talking it through I don’t want to do it.. I’m just saying..
Tom – the vote is tomorrow we could steer
Kato NO .. NO..
tom – what?
Kato -… not saving Jon.. why save jonny? you’re dead after that
Tom – who would get us
Kato – them..
Tom – really if we save them
Kato – yeah
Tom – wouldn’t they have some gratitude..
Tom doesn’t think Ricky is on board with them.. “He’s a lone wolf”
Kato – he needs somebody..
Tom – I like Ricky sometimes I’m not sure .. I have a hard time talking to him every time I talk to him he starts yelling at me..
Kato – he doesn’t think negative when he calls you a prick
Tom – he kinda blew up on me there.. I’m afraid to have a conversation

Kato – do yo think the girls are with us
Tom – yes..

Tom mentions they need to get Ryan out next if Jon goes this week.
Tom mentions the Jury vote and how they need to make sure JOn is good with them .
Kato tells him that is not how the game works..
JOn walks in .. they ask him abotu the jury vote.
Tom – how does the jury vote work
Jon – they vote..

7:30pm LOLO and Natalie
Natalie – I love jon and I know we are going to be friends outside of this house
LOLO – no you’re not he’ is going to be so mad.. YES.. done.. you are already blocked on his Instagram.. she gone..

Joey and Jon come in..
Joey – not to get religious.. the religious side in me.. it is only one of our destiny according to his plan ..
Joey goes on and one about the man upstairs has “a plan” for everyone”
joey – You can ask.. you never tell but you can ask (god)
Joey – he gives you what he wants and it’s usually way more than you asked for..
Joey – I always give it up to him…

8:00pm Ricky, Tamar, lolo
Ricky – Ryan is Leo he’s got king energy ..
LOLO – where we’re at.. same thing..
Tamar – I’m staying where I’m staying
Ricky – I’m staying where I’m staying
Ricky even if she (tamar) votes for Kandi there’s still 5
Tamar goes on about how Kandi will put her up if she wins HOH, “I’m i’m going to be furious around here.. and that’s a fact.. everyone is going to be miserable around here”

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It’s a shame that Jonathan might be going home before Joey.
It least Jon wants to play the game.
And, what’s up with Joey anyway?
He looks strange.
Like he was just hatched, or something…


he looks like a magician, Whoa!


Does Joey even want to play. He’s all whateves….If I go home, cool. lol


There seems to be a variety of chaos this season. I’m not sure what the second veto thing was, is Ryan still HoH, what happened to the Mooch, most of these folks have no idea about the game and it’s actually not bad. I think most of them are flailing around trying to figure out how to play while at the same time production is not setting up exactly as they’ve done for the last 10 seasons so they are staying a little off balance anyway.

I have actually watched a bit of the televised shows mainly to see if they said anything about Mooch but those haven’t been total crap this season.


i feel like only ricky, jon, lolo, natalie, and tamar came in with specific strategies of how they wanted to play this game and with the exception of ricky i feel most of those strategies have already gone to hell with lolo and natalie kinda readjusting while jon and tamar are hopelessly lost. everyone else is kinda winging it, some for better, some for worse. but it creates an interesting dynamic. ricky is definitely a player to watch.


Hi Simon and Dawg,
I may be wrong, but it seems Ryan is not a favourite. I like him though. Also Tom and Ricky. Tamar makes me want to bite my arm off, but saying that, I realize that without her *drama* it’s pretty boring so far.
It’s a short show..and I think Diary room is going to work these players and things will get more intense soon.
Natalie is a gorgeous woman. She wasn’t wearing any make up and is stunning. I think she’s going far in this game. Out of the female players. I’m rooting for her. I think we’ll see her playing a smart game.
Joey. Whoa. That guy is out there. I met him around 20 years ago..and he has REALLY changed !

Joey's eyebrows

What is with Dina’s voice? Sounds like she cut back to two cartons of cigs a day.


Cigarettes and whiskey lol


Yawn. Yeah, sorry, but so far this is hard to get into. At this point..I think this CBB is going to be a fail. Nothing interesting AT ALL.
Anyone agree? Am I missing something?
I’m Finding BBC Planet REALLy exciting in comparison. (Well, I love it anyway).
I do like reading the comments in any event.
The comment that joey looks like he has been hatched was brilliant !
I am a BB fan…and sometimes it takes a bit of time to get into it.
But this time…ummm…it’s going to take a LOT for me to stick with it.

Like Literally

I like the cast and when they leaked the players I didn’t think I would. I’ve seen Dina be crazy but she’s much calmer. Our xfinity was screwy last night and we missed the live show. Mooch left???? I liked him too. Smart guy. I’ve watched the Braxton Family since season 1 & Tamar can’t get along with ANY one. I was over her before episode 1.