“Right now Vanessa is a pretty Big Shield”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 14-34-07-015_jpg

2:28pm Jmac and Austin are working out
The twins and Becky are pool side. Liz is throwing stuffed whales at Austin. Austin is getting mad because he’s working out and could get hurt. Says if he’s doing a lift and gets off balanced he could “Slip a disc”
Austin – Liz, this is how I look good for you… you can’t disturb Work out time
Julia and Liz continue to throw stuffed whales at him between his sets.

Austin is all sweaty and hairy Julia tells him to give Liz a Hug. With Julia‘s help Austin conners Liz Julia pushes him into her. Austin hugs and kisses her Liz as she screams and squirms.
Liz – “Sweaty man sunscreen”
Austin – Some People think that’s an honour
Julia – You deserve to get hugged by sweat man
Austin “Now you know what it’s like to have a wrestling match.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 14-41-08-657_jpg

2:40pm Th twins molest the shark

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 15-20-31-923_jpg

3:18pm A real fun game they are playing…
Austin trying to guess a colour if he guesses wrong Liz dunks him in the pool..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 15-27-52-954_jpg

3:26pm Vanessa, Liz, Julia and Austin Hot Tub
Talking about Dreams. Vanessa asy in her Dream Becky freaked out after the Veto Ceremony. James started running around in the cat hat because he was fighting with Becky.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 15-42-21-330_jpg

3:36pm Julia and Steve
Julia asks him if he’s still thinking keeping Johnny Mac is the best play. Steve says by taking out Becky and Jackie they guarantee those two will not both be in the house together. Even after the buyback. Steve believes these two together are the most dangerous.
Julia asks Steve to give her some Chess lessons.
Steve – you like chess
Julia says she was on the chess team in grade one “I want some pointers.. I sucks it’s embarrassing”
Steve says he’s never played chess before coming into the game.

Julia- I don’t think Meg and JAmes are mad at you for what you did

Julia – Meg will know if anyone is up against Meg She’s not going anywhere.

Austin joins them they start talking about the construction that is going on in the yard beside them. They see Leaves blowing over the wall so they think the next competitions will involve Leaves.
Austin – I think it’ll be another question one.. or chance
Steve – we’ve had Chance

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 16-08-49-111_jpg

After some Chit chat Julia goes inside. Steve and start comparing notes. Austin says the whole house is against Vanessa.
Ausit – the biggest worry we know is Julia hasn’t done anything in the game..
Austin explains they are trying to help Julia play the game more. Austin adds Liz is worried people will want to take Julia over Liz because LIz has a better chance to win the HOH than Julia.
Steve says Julia needs to win HOH’s
Austin – Right now Vanessa is a pretty Big Shield..
Steve – I’m telling her everything she wants to hear
Austin says he’s doing the same thing
Steve – I think she’s going to throw HOH
Austin agrees says Vanessa mentioned throwing it to Julia

Steve again – Julia needs to win HOH
Austin wants Steve to talk to Julia about how important it is for her to build up her resume
Austin – She’s played in no Vetoes as Julia,
They agree they have the numbers as long as a threesome doesn’;t form again.
Steve asks if there’s something he can do about John so people aren’t sketched out so much

Austin says The goblins have bought the story that Vanessa is the reason Steve put up Jackie, “They bought it hook line and sinker”
Steve – Jmac doesn’t know about Scamper squad / Freaks N Geeks
Steve He’s suspicious because I didn’t back door you

Steve doesn’t want Ausitn to worry about him and Johnnymac being close.
Austin says he trusts Steve and has since very early in the season.
Austin and Steve are now talking over making a separate 5 person alliance with Johnnymnac.
Steve says they have to wait until after Becky leaves.

Austin says ideally Jmac puts up Vanessa and A gremlin.
Steve is worried people in their group will start throwing the HOH because they have the numbers.

Steve says the best people Jmaes, Becky, Jackie and Shelli
Austin – me, twins and you final 4
Steve – I’m not opposed to that
Steve – you know the twins are final 2
Austin – Yes I know that… I’m not coming between sisters
Austin says he’s fine with going out third, Still goign to fight hard to win that final HOH.
Austin “I won’t necessarily take them over you”

Steve – they will take each other
Austin – it will be a interesting Final 4

Steve says Meg and James will be goign after the HOH hard. He’s worried he’ll go up with Vanessa.

4:26pm Vanessa in the backyard resting in the sun. Twins, Austin, Steve (AKA boy) Chit chatting in the kitchen

James and Meg (Aka Grandma) are waking up, they join the rest in the kitchen. James jokes that him and “Grandma” spend so much time together their bowel movements are synchronized.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Steve is worried about another threesome forming when there is a power threesome right in front of him. AND this kid sucks he could beat Vanessa in the final 2. Oi vé


And this kid thinks*
Typing on mobile is a pain.


Omg that’s a lucky Shark.
OooooOoohhhHhh you lucky Shark.


He ‘sucks’ too!

Pinocchio Obama

I’m not really sure who Steve is loyal to. I do know that the jury member coming back into the house could shake up the entire game.

Me & Meg Synchronize Bowel Movements

Great Work James! You’re work is done! Now if there was a prize for talking so much scatalogical pervy horsesh*t you would actually win something. James has single-handedly blown every alliance he’s in with his Infighting with Shelli, Clay, Becky, Jackie. He sold out everyone. And thinks he & Meg are safe! Right.

Steve taking Final 4 as 4th with no prize, Genius! With JMac it’s a separate Final 5, they could call it the 5 Stooges. James and Meg can scheme against Becky for weeks, but Becky better not get plans of her own. Becky should sell herself and whoever is coming out of Jury to be assassins getting out James, Meg, Vanessa, & Steve. JMAC is short -sighted, pointing his depression straight at Vanessa but after that, has no plans for staying in game. It’s Vanessa TakeOver! She’s calling the shots, she’s winning HOH, she’s getting CBS to rewrite rules so she can Stake the game, Split winnings between Final 4, her and Austwits. Does everyone know this? Austin says okay, let’s split $500k, $50k and $25k, I’m not coming between sisters. Great! Vanessa is executive producer now.

So another horrible BB17 experiment is complete. A professional con artist, housed with horny ugly dudes, distracted by desparate hos with giant fake boobs, CAN take the whole thing! Especially with her meds, cheating on POV player selection, and rewriting BB rules to Staking bets, splitting the winnings among the Final 4, so CBS can get back to F*king, prostitution, sh*tting with & on each other and whatever else James favorite pornos taught him. Derrick Show where undercover detective runs house, followed by Vanessa Show, con artist vs. saline boobs. Great summer TV and CBS doesn’t have to pay for advertised Twists Takeovers or even luxury comps. The Nitwits throw them anyway cuz they can split winnings. We’re watching a Summer Camp Porn from Vegas. Correct the TV Guide CBS.


You could save your mental health and just quit watching. I try all the time and although most time I can NOT watch a train wreck( props to awful Becky), I keep coming back to this one. I call it TV I’m going to hell for. Anyone want me to save a seat?


Vanessa could redeem herself with me if she wins HOH and goes after Austin and the twins, everybody knows they’re taking each other to final 3 so what the hell are they doing by not targeting them? Rookies.


Simon or Dawg, what is this rule book/vanessa/staking the game thing i keep reading? Did i miss something in your recaps? I thought i was pretty thorough in my reading…


Thanks! Is it wrong that I think her new way of strategizing is ingenious? Money, power, and greed…the root of all evil, and she is capitalizing on theirs. Vanessa annoys me, but she even picked the right people…you know, the ones who are only their for some fame and a hopeful career boost. Two thumbs up for switching up her strategy and attempting to make them think she is valuable again. Am 8 wrong to think it’s a great manipulative strategy? Everyone else wants to call it cheating (which only seems to be blurt out when something happens they don’t like. Again….she annoys me, but if it is legal, fucking genius.


If it is okay they need to change it next year. Imagine if frankie knew that he would of won.


Out of the 2 on the block, Becky needs to go. Then, Johnny needs to win so we can watch Vanessa squirm. I’m sure he has something up his sleeve but because he isn’t too positive on who to trust completely, he keeps it to himself. Just food for thought.


Becky would make Vanessa squirm also, but with delicious boobs


No, JM needs to go next and Jackie comes back (I can’t believe I just said that, never been a fan). Even up the house a little bit with the gremlins and Steve. Steve will sit back to see which way the wind blows and go to that side.

come agin

No more Liz and Austin Please … I guess its my fault im still watching ..Done watching

Nikki Graham's Rant

With all this talk by Austwits etc on throwing the next HOH to Julia, have they considered this would improve the chances of someone outside their alliance winning. I think it is a little too late to throw comps.


Doesn’t anyone notice Steve puts things off by saying “we have to until”? If I didn’t know better I would think he already has a final deal. Lol
Why are they building comp on Monday? Pandora’s box maybe? Or luxury comp?


I hope Steve runs and tells Vanessa everything Austin is saying and she leads the charge next week to get rid of him!


I can’t figure out what Steves real motives are. Is he just telling Vanessa what she wants to hear? Or Austwins? Or gremlins? Would he ever go after Vanessa?


I don’t think he knows what he’s doing.


According to his solo camera chat for the live feed at 5am he was “telling Vanessa what she wants to hear without giving her information” because he doesn’t trust her and that he was thinking of taking Austin to the final 2. Buuuut seeing as Austin is super cool with taking 3rd place, I dunno if he’d be up for it.

Pinocchio Obama

Steve is hard to read and seems to be a real wild card.

Min O'Pause

Yes. Yes. Yes. When monkeys fly outta his ass.


Steve wants a final 2 with Vanessa. Thinks he can beat her. Possibly maybe – it would be close. So basically he is hoping someone blows up the Austwins, but if not, he’ll just blow smoke up their asses.


It’s rather infuriating when someone is all about playing the game to not win because they’re basically pushing the Twinions to the final two and are totally fine with going out third. Seriously Austin? Not only is that incredibly sad and stupid, are you making a final 4 deal with Steve that basically says “stick with us and you’ll get 4th place. It will be interesting!!” FFS man, get it together.


HAHA I’ll admit that twin looks nice from behind.


That’s where the hickey could go


If Steve did win HoH, I think he would try to get Meg out since they are both playing for F2 goat. The only way Meg goes home is if she is up against Liz, because Austin and Julia would never vote her out, but even then I believe James Jmac and Vanessa would vote to evict Liz. He is probably just going to keep throwing things til the end.

Min O'Pause

Just sitting here wondering which is more sickening….. Austin wrapped around Liz like some sort of hairy squid or Christine wrapped around Cody like a suffocating python……or having your yoenails pulled out with pliers? That’s a tuffy.




Min. You make me chuckle–like when someone said poop in grammar school. I always laugh at your posts. Poop synchronicity! Ah James gotta love him too

Min O'Pause

Thanks. I meant toenail but yoenail works grammatically, ie. “Glad that’s yoenail what got ripped out and not mynail. “


Yoenail pulling is almost unheard of in this country. It’s right up there with waterboarding and having front row seats at a Frankie Grande musical on Broadway, on the list of most painful methods of torture, classified as cruel and unusual punishment and banned in 1954. Basically the furry Austin/Liz squid is worse and it’s infuriating that our government hasn’t seen fit to add this to the list of torture methods the U.S. constitution is supposed to protect us against.

Min O'Pause

How right you are Lilly. I believe Congress passed a special bill that not only made it illegal to force one to watch a Frankie Grande Broadway show it also outlawed Brady Bunch television marathon’s and limited the number of times Vince and his Slap Chop commercial could be aired in one day.


Please BB bring back 2 from the jury to play in a twist.


I’m not a fan of Steve. His deals and game talk is gonna get him once the houseguest realize what he’s up to. #JMacforthewin

Cassandra Hilson

At this rate Johnny Mac is going to be bigger than Austin. Anyone else think Kaysar and Janelle are finally gonna target Van next POV or is it gonna be another wasted HOH. Also Julie is lookin hella busted these days without a diamond power of veto


I really don’t know what Steve or JMac are doing. Are they just winging it from wk to wk. JMac has changed completely since Clelli left, and he’s is DR so much, even these nitwits have caught on. Steve says he’s doing something for BB? Like what???

Jmac's brither

I think jmac is a twin and the new twin came into the house a few weeks ago. He’s changed everything and I think he’s the twist. No one is suspecting a second set of twins. It’s the perfect crime. Vanessa’s many personalities do not count.

BJ Honeycutt

Becky really needs to go! But would live to see Steve john mac and Austin team up! I know it will never happen but that would be cool. If those 3 could make a final deal Austin could sit back and let those rwo target the twins and he could go after the gremlins


STeve thinks he can beat vanessa that is stupid because she will win she come up with the plans and is more vocal. Even ian looks better than steve. Steve was muttering to himself and look like a coward when he was hoh, ian stood up on why he nominated them and was still more vocal. He should take jmac to final 2 because he has a greater chance than with vanessa.


Honestly Austwins are seriously in such a good spot o_o. I seriously can’t believe NO ONE is targeting them, like they ARE the only power threesome there is right now
yet everyone’s like ‘who dat’
Liztin makes me sad man…

Meg is Hot

Could JMAC become America’s player this late in the game?


Never did America doesn’t like quitters.


Is it weird that out of everyone left, I actually find myself rooting for the twins to get to final two? I’m not even a fan of theirs, per se, but just the mere fact that the rest of the house is being sooooo STUPID to not target them/Austin makes me want to root for them.

James and Meg have made stupid, emotional decisions for weeks now. Can’t root for them. No way. No how.

I would love to root for Becky as she’s the only one who seems to know what’s going on and actually have a grasp on the game, but it seems she’s on her way out.

JM is fun and lovable, but the dude seems to have checked out.

Austin is just gross and apparently completely okay with 3rd place.

That leaves me with Steve, Vanessa, and the Twins to root for.

Steve is okay, but needs to shake some things up for me to be able to root for him. Plus, I feel like he puts on way too much for the cameras and I find him to be a bit disingenuous… Like he constantly wants us to notice how “quirky and weird and socially awkward” he is. We get it, Steve. You’re a weirdo. You don’t have to play it up.

Vanessa at least plays the game and has been since the beginning. And she’s a bit of an underdog now, which is fun to root for…..

So yeah. At this point I’m rooting for Vanessa (for game/strategic/entertainment reasons) and the Twins for “stick it to the rest of the house for being so dumb and letting them skate by” reasons.

Ugh. This season took a nosedive fast. Anyone else missing Audrey, Jason, Day, and Shelli?


Steve is this season’s floater. He can’t win even next to Meg in final two and he thinks he can win over Vanessa?! LOL


They should have evicted Liz right when they knew she had her twin coming if she makes it 5 weeks.

Jmac's brother

JohnnyMac is a twin and no one is looking for another set. His entire personality changed and he’s in DR a lot. No one is connecting the dots. This is a huge twist. So, shhhh

Misty Beethoven

At this point I want Liz gone before Vanessa. With Liz gone, Vanessa would be saddled with the Wookie who can’t win, a twin who can’t win, and Steve, who is capable of winning, but unreliable. For chrissake, JMac, please focus and win the next HOH! Oh, and bye Becky – after listening to your non-stop stories about Germany, I think I can cross a trip there off my bucket list.