Becky’s getting evicted “unless she comes out with some serious Johnnymac sh1t “

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 16-44-33-259_jpg

They’re doing a cooking competition tonight

James and Julia are one team Liz and Austin are the other team .
James and Liz have been it the hammock room talking about what they will make.
James – we’re going again the dream team were gotta bring the heat in the kitchen

I know one of the Judges is Meg.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 17-04-07-665_jpg

5:01pm James and Julia scrambling in the storage room trying to figure out what to make.
James – I’ve watched a lot of cupcake wars and this cupcake has won.. butter cream frosting.. put the kiwi on the cupcake
Julia- Cupcakes are out of the question
James- we can make cupcakes.. with the pancake batter.. THrow a kiwi on top..
Juli a- NO NO we do chocolate banana on top.. I like the cupcake Idea we’ll blow them out the water.
Julia – we’re going to make crepes
James – what’s creeps.. I don’t know creeps
Julia- Crepes it’s french..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 17-16-21-626_jpg

5:15pm HOH Steve, Liz and Julia
Talking about the cooking competition. Starting at 8 so it’s shown on After Dark.
Steve – why did you make me a have not this is my third time
Liz says everyone’s next turn is their third try she’s just following their plan. Liz points out this is the best have nots they get pork chops.

Liz – have you promised Johnymac your vote yet.. she’s gotta do it today
Steve – like 2 days ago.. ASAP
Liz yells at Julia who’s in the showers tells her to talk to Jmac ASAP
Liz – “She says it’s hard because Becky is always around.. she’s sleeping right now
Steve says even if Jamc is sleeping she needs to go tell Jmac soon.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 17-24-02-004_jpg

5:21pm Backyard Vanessa and Austin (Austin tells Vanessa what she wants to hear)
Austin likes Vanessa idea
says she has an idea “Stakes” where they have a final 2 and the winner pledges a certain amount and they split the winnings.
Vanessa – how much would you be willing to guarantee
Austin – 1/2, I’m nuts
Vanessa- I could do that
Vanessa – I’m pretty sure you’re OK financially outside of here
Austin says she’s not playing the Jace card
Vanessa – With that much money straight up with Gmailing I can make so much money you have no idea
“I’m telling you I did it profitably for a long time”
“I do some sports betting my most profitable game is poker by far”
“I’m telling you straight up we could do something with TV”
“The house takes on the house”

Vanessa goes on telling him how good she is at gambling with 1/2 the Big Brother Winnings she can make unbelievable amounts gamilbing.
Talking about how they’re in a really good spot. Nobody picked up steve as an ally and he is now
Austin says the house is thinking Checkers when they need to think of Chess.
Vanessa – Steve will become the king give him enough time
Austin – he’s 2 weeks away
Vanessa says Steve is really close to Jmac
Austin – he’s his shield

Austin – She (BeckY) did everything wrong in the HOH..
Vanessa says Becky made a big move and didn’t have any defensive plans.
They talk about getting rid of Audrey so soon was risky for them they could all be home right now.

Vanessa says they need to make deals with Jmac tell him they’ll give him their vote if he doesn’t nominated them.
Vanessa- that was the solution I thought of for him
AUstin – once he feels safe with us he might throw it again

Austin says Meg and James are good for their until someone come back. He thinks the goblins are hoping for Jackie to come back.
Vanessa asks if they should knock the goblins down another member so there’s no chance they’re three of them in the house.
Austin agrees says that is why they want Steve to win it he’s going after the goblins
Vanessa- what do you think of Julia winning
Austin – she needs to win she hasn’t done anything

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 17-49-49-688_jpg

5:38pm Liz and Julia

Liz says Julia needs to start winning and getting more into the game.
Liz – you really need to win one.. people are not threatened by you they’re threatened by me
Julia – I’m trying to be really cook with everyone
liz – me too, Chelli’s downfall they were too into themselves..
Julia – you guys weren’t obnoxious
Liz – Shelli put all her eggs in one basket with Clay.
Julia – I literally never had a conversation with im
Julia – someone needs to take out James
Liz – we can’t win against Meg..
They agree to split the winnings.

Julia is nervous about having Johnnymac win the HOH. Julia adds the only reason she wants to keep Meg and James is because they will go after Steve.
Julia is having fun with everyone in the house but Johnnymac, “Vanessa is also really annoying”

Liz – Becky is so Phony… I’m sorry I Can’t”
Julia – There’s sides on this house and you are on the losing side
Liz – that’s what happens when you play a floater
Julia – she royally f*** up her last HOH..

Julia says it was laughable that Becky backdoored Vanessa and her group never voted Vanessa out. (Gotta love those goblins)

The twins say they are disgusted that Becky tried to grab names out of AUstin’s hands while doing the POV competition.

Julia – Me you and Austin till the end..
She wonders who else.
Liz says Meg is great for the 4th person.
Julia now saying Johnnymac might be good for them to take to the end (ZOMGS!)

Austin comes up “I just had a long conversation with Vanessa outside”
Liz – I like you hair curly.. don’t’ straighten it
Austin says Vanessa is really good right now she. Vanessa was telling him she’s a professional gambler if she wins the jackpot with Austin she’ll take 1/2 the money game it and they will split the winnings.
Austin – you know me I love gambling.
They agree Vanessa is starting to be like her old self.

Julia says she doesn’t want to take Vanessa out next week.
Austin – Talking to Steve he doesn’t think she should go this week but next week. Steve is worried that the goblins will form up a threesome. (And we all know the juggernaut the goblins are in this game)
Liz and Julia agree
Austin tells them if they backdoor Vanessa next week then Jackie comes back..
Austin – I think the idea is she and Johnnymac are the shields.
Austin says Steve is convinced he can get Jamc to work with them by the end of the week. So if Jmac wins the Veto he’ll put up Vanessa.
Austin – Steve is super loyal to us he’s our final 4 he’s the guy
Austin says Vanessa has gambled millions she has no financial issues. “Maybe she doesn’t have money anymore.. she’s not playing for money she’s gambling she loves it”

Austin goes into the shower. The twins can see on the HOh screen Vanessa And James talking. They are both pissed that Vanessa is going around telling people she’s gambling 1/2 the money to split with the final 2.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 18-18-07-896_jpg

6:14pm Goblins and Austin
James – what is everyone deciding for Thursday?
Austin – Becky, unless she comes out with some serious Johnnymac sh1t
Austin warns them that Vanessa is starting to work the house again.
Austin says Jmac is ready to take Vanessa out.
Austin says Vanessa is always saying she doesn’t know where Megs head is at, “She only talks to James”
Meg – Oh my god
Austin – She wants to offer Jmac her vote so he won’t put her up next week
Meg – that’s what she always does
Julia joins them “I just thought of something.. It’s about the COOKING show”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 18-42-50-862_jpg

6:35pm Backyard Meg, James and Austin
Austin about Vanessa “Game Game Game Game Game”

James says he wants America’s favorite so bad
Austin – I think Steve will get it.. He’s the quirky underdog
Jame s- I have to go balls to the walls in the Diary room
Meg – James why not try to win
James – Right now, I just want to go for the small prize
Austin agree says winning the season doesn’t sink in until final 4
Austin and Meg tells james it’s really based on how the show portrays them whether or not they win America’s player.

They laugh that Jace will win America’s favorite.
Vanessa joins them they tell her about Jace winning America’s favorite because after the show his music became number one hit
Vanessa – “His number one hit Long hair don’t care”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 18-54-16-647_jpg

6:55pm Vanessa and Meg Chit chat
Vanessa tells her she’s guaranteeing Meg final 4.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Jesus, Simon! Why don’t you just take half my paycheck and buy brass tacks or Gremlins the movie and stake it or gamble it or whatever! You’re always talking game and Amazon and ZONKS and whatnot! Sssiiiiiiimmoonnnnnuuuhhhhhh!

I’ve been awake for 32hours 😐

Canadian Bacon

Hey Simon. Why do you keep giving me ads for


Everyone needs a little love.


Those Ads are auto generated based off of your browsing history – so stop googling romance with Filipinos, and you should see that take care of itself. Maybe try searching for puppies or something more suitable for the life you like lead in the open, and we can keep the creepy dating sites in the back corner of your internet.

Ms Retta

Simon, I thought there was a rule where they couldn’t split their winnings. Was is Vanessa doing. Thanks.

Don't Believe Steve!

I always cringe watching JMAC meetings with Steve. Steve never gives info, only interviews about targets and who he’s connected to. Then overacts playing stupid, “I’m astonished”, “I really had no idea”, “you’re really freaking me out right now”, all the while Steve considers himself F2 with Vanessa. Did you ever consider she’s pretending to be crazy? We can’t win comps by ourselves, let’s work with Vanessa.

Doesn’t Johnny get it??? Steves been her protecting BFF all along. You really think you’re the target, Steves syrupy voice drips with deceipt, you’re kidding? You think only Van is after you. Steve’s been working against JMAC all along, Rock Stars are an illusion. Steve’s what you call a hedge fund manager. Loyal to everyone means loyal to none. JMac, find a new friend, you’re a goner. And you’re only there to get the rest of your Goblins alliance out. You’ve been assigned the dirty work. And Steve calls you his minion.

Smart Guy

Staking someone in a cash game isn’t splitting the winnings. She’s agreeing the use her well documented expertise to turn someone else’s money into more money by taking cash from novice pokers players in Las Vegas. This is how professional poker players make their money. We all know Vanessa is top 5 in female money winner in tournaments, but there’s no telling how much she’s made in cash games. Cash games is where the money’s at, because when you play you only have showdowns with the people at the table that don’t know what they’re doing. If there’s no one at the table that doesn’t know what they are doing, you get up and find another table. This is known as Bum Hunting.

Bum Hunting

She’s asking BB to check rules on each splitting & staking. She’s taking advantage of the cast and production, at the least attempting to split winnings like twins plan to, but ensuring she multiplies her winnings in the likelihood she’s voted out before Final 3, and God knows she hasn’t a prayer for America’s Favorite. She’s got plenty of Bums to Hunt this season, she’s conned them this far and they’re here to get laid not paid.


I really do not want John to win next HOH, the HOH after the jury return is more important and John needs to win that one because John can regroup and get ready for the second DE after the jury return. I just want John to win POV next week.


usually 2 things happen on comebacks: they are safe from being nominated, and they cannot play in that week’s HOH. so they will be in for a week before they can be nominated or play HOH.

A fun twist on BBCAN3 was where Sindy-with-an-S won the Comeback challenge, so she was back in the house for sure, but she had to win a challenge in order to win herself safety for a week. She managed to find all the things she needed to unlock her safety, otherwise as everyone knows, anyone who comes back gets put up and evicted.

i think they should aim to get Johnnymac out next, if they want to work with him that is, he or James, they’d have good chances to win a comeback challenge, and least likely to hold a grudge over being evicted out, and most likely to have been put up by vanessa, so when coming back, she would be their target.


Ok Vanessa making a stakes deal. That’s a problem. Oh never mind Vanessa just said she would she didn’t promise or swear so it’s all good…or is it?

Plastic Pool Shark aka PPS

What does (ZOMGS!) even mean???


Zebras Own Many Golden Snitches.

Zoo Owls Make Great Sammiches.

Zorro Out Meeting Great Sasquach.

Zippers On Males Getting Sassy.

Zapping Our Many Glittery Shoes.

Ziplock Ousted Maker Gets Served.

Zany Orange Meets Gilded Socks.

Zilch Owned Must Get Set.


watching feeds a little while ago. Vanessa says she and her gf get scared so they have a shotgun in the house.
Vanessa. owns. a. loaded. weapon.
think about that when you think about gun control.



Another Scary Thought

Vanessa with shotguns, and she said Mel has probably already found someone else. Why would Mel have left her? Afraid she’s seen the feeds? She asked Production to send Mel flowers, but didn’t know her address because she’s moved every 2 months. Is she hotel hopping? Staying ahead of creditors? If Mel’s been watching the feeds she’s moved out of the country and taken the gun with her.

Can you imagine Vanessa mad at you because you want to break up?? She’s can’t handle a difference of opinion, anyone with any other friends, someone leaving a room or breaking eye contact, let alone a real issue. Can’t wait to see what happens when Austin breaks up! Is that why they’re pissing their pants, shoving it on JMAC or Julia? Julia says nooooouuuhh, I’m her F2! Get James & Meg to do ituuuhh! We’re too scareduuuhhh, let’s just split the winnings and play poker with Vanessa so she can take it from us on Pay Per View, yeahuuuhhh!


Vanessa with a shotgun is scary except for the fact that she can’t pull a trigger while she’s pointing her finger at you.

Team Vanessa

Do you guys realize how good Vanessa is at poker. She was a PokerStars top Pros. She doesn’t play online any longer because it is illegal in the USA. Regarding gun control another respectable poker player called Theo Jorgansen got shot in his Danish home because 2 young kids came into his home trying to steal money. It is a definite scare when you are a well known high stakes poker player let alone a woman.

Smart Guy

Online poker is legal in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. She lives in Las Vegas, so she can play online all she wants.

Valentina Corleone

So do I, what of it? I also have a Ruger .357 and a .38 S&W. I feel safe at night when I go to bed, why shouldn’t she?




I’ve been infected with some sort of disease. Johnny mac and james are getting more and more attractive. But that may be because I have to look at disgusting Austin so much recently. Id actually go for steve at this point

Like...I'm Jackie

Vanessa is back to old self…because she has a new scam in the works.
Oh and Liz just did her dirty work for her…Vanessa got her way (again)…so of course she’s in a good mood.
HOH manipulated…check!

Smart Guy

How did she manipulate someone if no one has talked to her since Thursday?

Go Meg!

She seems to be the power player no one is taking seriously. This past few days she has shown exactly why she is leading the prediction boards. I heard Vegas has her 2 – 1

Plus she is the hottest chic EVER!

Her nip slip did it for me.


Of course Vanessa has gone from doubling down on deals and tears to splitting winnings me gmailing it or whatever. Of course she has.

I’m wondering exactly how much James’ mind will be blown when Jmac wins America’s Fave. And really, how everyone will feel about how they were all portrayed on the show, is something I look forward to more than the actual finale, as I’m 60% sure it’s going to be Twinion city :-/


My mind will be blown too. Because I don’t get it at all. Although I couldn’t tell you who I would vote for, it wouldn’t be jmack. I found his obsession with clelli a bit off putting and just down right weird.


There isn’t a person in that house that isn’t weird or off putting.


I’m almost now convinced the entire house is feeding Austin BS. None of these people are game to be his fourth and win nothing.


Perfect situation: jmac wins hoh, puts up Vanessa and a twin vanessa does not win POV. The winner wont use it cause jmac can say he just using the twins as a prawn to get Vanessa out(no one is gunna vote a twin out yet) STEVE STILL HOLDS IT DOWN CAUSE HE MY GUY or james lets too( also this season has been so bad it has taken me till now to have a favorite to win the whole game lmao) #teamsteve #teamjames

Is That You Mommy?

Steve’s Mommy, is that you? Someone has got to be on Steves side, it certainly isn’t his F2 Vanessa. Did you hear on feeds Vanessa forcing Steve playing Chess upstairs that he’s got to tell the rest of the house they both won the same number of games. And you better try your hardest because otherwise I’ll get bored. Is there anything she doesn’t demand total control? is that so she doesn’t appear to be getting her sh*t together? she doesn’t care if Steve just learned Chess, yeah right, sacrifice your Gane for mine or you’re out. Raise your hand if you wish you were Mel.

BB party

I won’t be happy until they go after the twins. You can’t let them sit there while everyone around them go. James should be thinking I have to get rid of Liz first, that will at least break up the three headed snake. Then, only after that, go after Steve or Vanessa..They both are smart and can win HOH’s. They have to win HOH next, ( James, jmac or yes I know long shot MEG) Or its going to be like shooting fish in a Barrell. don’t they know they’re slowly getting picked off?


Watching this show from the beginning never thought James would be the one I would be rooting for………he won me over!

Rooting for James

Rooting for James now says more about how horrible the other players are. What changed your mind? synchronizing bowel movements with Meg? his expertise in glory holes? or him giving up on the entire game to shoot for small money America’s Favorite $25k? That new bro-mance is really working for him. Can’t wait to hear how he’s gonna win us over in DR. Summer Camp in full swing, while Vanessa runs the house.


he was one of my favourites from the start (who can resist Beast Mode Asian Caleb, right?) but then he opened his mouth a few times, so no. then he just seems like a genuinely nice guy, with the pranks and bromancing with steve of all people, so won me over.

I have seen that he’s been playing for jury ever since he decided to put up Clelli. imo, he figured that would get him evicted the next week, which was first jury week, and he was ok with that. Everything after that i think is just him waiting to go, not playing for a final 2. not saying no to it, but definitely i don’t think he is expecting that anything he has right now is going to get him there. nor is there anything he could really do (in his mind i think this is what he thinks). He resolved himself to that and is quite relaxed about the whole thing, so the pranks happen. which are entertaining. (also i kind of get a feeling that steve is not used to being included in stuff, or treated like ‘one of the guys’, but James does that with him, i can see how it would bring Steve out of himself)


Asian Beastmode Cowboy = Peking- Duck Dynasty.


I still don’t get how not one of house guests recognize Vanessa. I bet she still has more tv time playing poker than her air time on this show. If you were into poker at all in the last ten years, you would know her face and name for sure. How did Day not recognize her?

Lookup Vanessa Rousso vs Tony G on Youtube. She plays a great hand against one of biggest ass at a poker table. Takes down $192,000 pot.

Vanessa is also a very good heads up player, man or woman.


No one knows who she is due to the fact that, televised gambling tournaments have a market share of less 2%. In other words, not many people watch them, except for diehard casino games enthusiasts. And most of the house guests live in places where gambling is not prevalent and or there only few casinos within a 50-100 mile radius of their towns and cities.


Well Vanessa finally told Austin tonight that she is a poker player. She told him if they do a final 2 and she wins, she’ll split the winnings and take her half and double it by playing poker. He than told Liz she was a poker player. Waiting to see what they do with it and if they can put 2 and 2 together regarding her game…..nope I don’t think they are that smart…

Johnny has a twin

The Johnny in the house now is clearly not the same dude as yesterday.

I’m 100 % sure Johnny has a twin brother he has been switching in and out with all season.

This also explains the extra DR visits.

Canadian Gopher

James is Julie Chen’s love child from one of the Duck Dynasty guys.

johny's twin

someone the other day, said on here thaT Jmac DOESN’T HAVE A TWIN..they said it was just a joke, donny mac aka johnymac.he said you could look it up on twitter Donny mac I think he Does have an identical twin. been trying to get to the bottom of it.


How about he goes to the diary room b/c he’s the funniest one on the show. He’s not switching in and out with a twin


Rosie I’m sure you love Johnny and anything anyone says won’t change that but I think u will find that a lot of people here do not find Johnny funny. He is to some nothing more than a lazy annoying little ghost who blends into the scenery and is really irrelevant in the game. He says things like “I am Vanessa’s main target” because he knows he is irrelevant and trying to convince people otherwise. He isn’t even a target of Vanessa. She actually tries to help the poor sap but he swings from Beckys bra strap so he is anti Vanessa with every word out of his mouth. He talks about Vanessa so much to try and get more relevant in the game.

You may love Johnny but not everyone does. Some think he is a anmoying little wana be turd. A follower never a leader. Sleeps more than anyone and floats around hoping Becky likes his irrelevant ass.


That has crossed my mind too. Sometimes his expressions seem more serious than others and more wise. Either that or he’s faking his more goofy side just to keep a target off his back. I think He is a lot smarter than people give him credit for.


I really hope the Twins don’t end up winning this.


I really hope Beckie gets evicted over John and hear is a theory of what John should do If he can pull off a HOH win next week…..

John Should put Meg/Liz on the block; if he can pull it off and take Meg off the block and put vanessa up beside Liz, vanessa would for sure be toast….If by chance the the veto didn’t get used; get them to vote Meg out….Lie, have them believe u are against James/Meg, that way if Vanessa the next following week was to win HOH, she might not would come after u..Also if Meg got evicted, it would give Becky & Jackie(one of them) a better chance of coming back into the game over shelli. Both Becky & Jackie can win stuff; if it could all play out right, team up John,Becky or Jackie(depending on which one comes back) with James & bring Steve in(only would work, if one of them won HOH) and target Vanessa, Austin & Twins….

Why Did She Stop?

Why did she stop playing? She always uses past tense and stopped to go to sound engineering school to be a DJ, burnt out? burnt bridges? boredom? I remember her, then she disappeared. Another player said she had problems on the circuit. Why didn’t she host of she wants to be on TV, she’s prettier than Vince Van Patten?

Smart Guy

She didn’t stop, she plays cash games at Bellagio and Wynn. That’s where the fancy pants big money tourists go to give their cash away to the pros.

Bum Hunting

Like Phil Ivy? That’s why she doesn’t have a house or remember her own address, living on comps from hotels? Why dies she need a gun isn’t there security guards for her? How much are you betting on Vanessa? Why doesn’t she have good rep on the circuit? competition trash talk or more to it? Is her fatal flaw thinking she’s so much smarter than others, can’t relate socially?


I have been thinking about Clay and his muttering. I have come to the conclusion that he had Tourette’s!


After much thought, I’m convinced Clay had Tourette’s. Weird mumblings that make no sense.


Johnny Mac is a funny guy and I get why viewers like him but he has zero game play. Vanessa is not a funny gal and I get why viewers don’t like her but she has a ton of game play. If I had to choose between watching a houseful of JM’s play the game against each other or a houseful of Vanessas I would definitely choose the Vanessas. Probably get a brain cramp along the way but it would be more fun than listening to a bunch of JMacs blather on and never really do anything. Actually I just pictured Vanessa talking strategy with another Vanessa and it wasn’t very fun. Ignore above. Sheesh this is a hard season for me to find a favorite. Maybe ” I make inappropriate sexual comments” James or “I’m dumber than a bag of hammers” Meg but naw can’t do it. Gotta stick with neurotic Vanessa